Wolves players 'in the Army' under Saunders

New manager Dean Saunders today declared Wolves are ‘in the Army now’ with a strict new disciplinary code for players.


Previous boss Stale Solbakken had a more relaxed, European attitude to discipline, dress code and timekeeping.

However, the new Molineux chief wants a return to strict discipline to make players respect each other more so they are a more together unit on the pitch.

Players must not be late for training, eat properly at all times with more care paid to nutrition and avoid leaving dirty kit around.

Saunders said: “Football is a watered-down version of the Army, discipline-wise. In the Army, you clean your shoes, tidy your bed and do things you don’t want to do, you must obey orders.

“When a manager tells you to do something, you do it. The overall thinking is when we go to battle, you get instructions you must comply with and you get used to obeying instructions and respecting authority.

“It keeps everyone together on the same sheet. If you go into a war and two soldiers do their own thing, they get the rest killed. We are not in the Army, but there have to be rules players must adhere to.

“Such things as not being late for training, not leaving their training kit on the floor, being in for treatment on time, living their lives properly and not going to McDonald’s.

“You take all that on the pitch with you. They should eat like athletes – I don’t think Jessica Ennis stops at McDonald’s.

“That’s discipline – as is being able to say ‘no’ to things that might make you play badly, respecting your team-mates and authority.”

Solbakken’s more relaxed attitude to discipline may have contributed to the feeling that not everyone was pulling their weight.

Saunders believes the players will respond positively to the changes.

He said: "Most proper professionals like discipline. They like to know where the line is and they don’t want to see other people not adhering to it, because those people lose the respect of the group.

"If you are the manager and you don’t do something about that, the rest of them don’t respect you, so you lose the group. So the rules are there and if people break the rules, you have to act.

“Fining them and disciplining them gets the team right on the pitch.”

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Comments for: "Wolves players 'in the Army' under Saunders"

Tommy Tippee

Wise words Deano,but please dom't sign Mick's rejects-he's supposed to take ours.


Just seen wardy, Stearman, berra and Henry in McDonald's again! Only this time they were after jobs after being found out in five minutes by Saunders as being poor excuses for footballers!


It's like we've returned to the days of Major Frank Buckley - good on ya Dean!


Well said! More good things coming from Deano, lets hope the football is as impressive come friday! Fingers crossed!!



The picture of a smiling Deano belies the man with an attitude underneath. Kick the players a**es boss but also stand up tall to Moxey & Morgan, thy need licking into shape too.

OK E & S, you can find another picture, the feel good factor will only go on if we get three points tomorrow.

gold guvnor

oh rahhh!.....

Dan the Man

Hope he's right. Wolves have major problems. Perhaps corporal punishment for those not obeying orders. Or perhaps just a kick in the private parts.

Of course, it is also the duty of the team captain to keep order on the field.

Hopefully, everyone will get the general idea.

Norway Wolf

Corporal punishment for persistent offenders?

Dan the Man

More like inconsistent defenders, I think.

Old Golds Worth More

Not forgetting of course, that we don't want any Major hiccups either!

We Only Need One Half!

Well its the kernel of an idea I suppose!

Jack ♣ Hat.

Looks like Mr. Morgan has a new build on the way, a glasshouse and don't forget the ball and chains also manacles. wo1-Ves will be done in the transfer market yet, for slave trading. Ychy Da Taffy.



Baxter, you know I don't speak Spanish. In English please.


i wonder who will , desert ,the army and go awol .


Any that go AWOL don't deserve to wear the shirt


This guy Dean is my Man. Way to Go, I like it. Happy Days are coming back to the Mol...



Calm down.

Why dont you review after you have watched the match on the telly first.

Scowling Joe

Sticklebrikken OUT!!

voice of reason

Are you alright ?


Comic in his own mind, no one elses! Bet he has great fun in front of the mirror.

yorkie wolf

"Most proper professionals like discipline. They like to know where the line is and they don’t want to see other people not adhering to it, because those people lose the respect of the group.

Kind of says it all really if you want to be successful you look after yourself and your team mates. Something sadly lacking in modern footballer and not just at Molineux. Get a grip and grow up you lazy bunch of over paid losers.

Black Forest Wolf

Good on you Deano! Are you going to bring in vats of cawl to training instead of letting them go to McDonalds?


You mean these guys haven't been doing these basic things? I am shocked. The relegated players all have let us down for over 12 months with poor form, lack of confidence and bottle and being unable to adapt to new playing styles. If they can't even do the basics then they should be bombed out of our club. They are all tainted by failure. Please get rid of them and let Dean bring in his own guys.

Balham Wolf

Just shows you the mentality of these guys. Solbakken obviously gave them too much slack and they abused it. What a bunch of wasters. DS please try and off load most of this useless bunch of MM rejects.

Like the way you have started out pity you have to treat these mugs like a bunch of naughty school boys.


If your boss were to say take your time then I'm sure you would do the same.

Old Golds Worth More

The boss who says take your time would also expect you to do a good job, not amble around aimlessly1

Jonny D

And they were not last year under MM and TC...........wait and see what happens next.........A little less conversation a little more action!!!

Who ate all the pies

Does this included Blakey, if so we are going to have a new man with speed and stamina.

Look forward to some Steve Kindon types sprints, ending half way up the South bank.

Dean is making the right noises lets see what happens in say 4 weeks. We needs points.

Selly park wolf

Im liking what DS says more and more each day!

Hope that whichever 11 he picks on Friday night that they will show us the fans that they do care about our great club!

Some of these so called professionals have had it so easy the last 12 months and now it's time to finally stop moaning, giving us excuses and blaming others and start putting in performances that we deserve!

Come on you wolves!!!!


I am glad to see Mr Saunders is cracking the whip, it appears that a regime of indiscipline was carrying on.

Lets see what happens on the pitch on Friday night and see if the players performance improves.

The most important thing is to get three points, l just have a feeling it may be different against blackburn and a win.

Also l hope the loyal supporters on the night and people of Wolverhampton are rewarded which they thoroughly deserve.

The Flying Winger

I agree I am fed up hearing about Henry and Ward bleating about a hangover from the Pl, Ward was at it again yesterday. Just get on with it


"Most proper professionals like discipline."

Yeah, but sadly, most professional footballers aren't proper professionals.

Sounds like an already demoralised squad are in for a right old giggle under Deano, then.


I usually like your comments PeteNuts, but....

I recon the Wolves players will knuckle down and get themselves fit physically and mentally with a strict regime. Anyone not complying will, I'm sure, find themselves one of the 16 or so being shown the door. All the cards are with Dean Saunders.

Yes, I know it's all talk right now, but I'm liking what Saunders is said to be doing right now. UTW

Lord Molineux

Most professional footballers ARE professional. At Wolves a weak manager with high- falutin' ideas let standards slip, but, apart from a tiny minority of players who hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons most Professionals around Europe live up to their name.

Forget being grossly overpaid, that's supply and demand, a totally different dynamic.

Now get back to the quiz machine Peenuts and stop commenting on things you don't understand.


^^^ Get a load of this guy.

Chillo Wolf

I think Pete has it spot on actually


Don't mind Lord Molineux, Chillo - he's just got a mard on because I must have made him look silly elsewhere in these forums, and now has a pop every time I post. Technically, that's stalking, but I'm willing to let it slide.


Totally agree, there have been too many there for the well paid ride. Follow it through with a sacrificial lamb or two (or 9) Mr Manager and you will get an improvement.

Mrs Wolf

How fabulous is that! Its wonderful to hear that somebody is going to kick their backsides into proper action. Good Luck Mr Saunders. 'm right behind you If no-one else is!

Chris White

About time.

Finlays Son

Spot on Dean. Didn't take you long to see the cause of Stales demise. Things can only get better now. Look where discipline took Stan Cullis and his team!

The Flying Winger

Have to agree with him, wonder if Ward, Berra, & Henry have read their Job Descriptions yet?

How to stop a winger from crossing a ball, how to defend. and not chase the player into our penalty area to affect a rugby tackle, how to pass the ball forward as quickly as possible.

Interesting times at the Mol!


glad to see you warming to dean saunders. your comment on 6th jan showed your anger, but i am sure you will become more supportive as hopefully results pick up.

lord chips

Kick Ass Dean... About time a manager with some guts at this club.... I knew all along that player power was ruling here... Fatty Blanks, Fatty sick note O'hara now now the score... Work for Wolves or work for Mcdonalds.... No way should the players had that extra day off for Christmas.... Results didn't deserve it.... Cannock Mongie...


I like the sounds coming out of deano but it will all come to nothing if the players don't respond out on the pitch.


Seem to remember you saying the same about Stale


Trouble is,

" They dont like it up em".


Loved Dad's Army.


Under Solbakken there was no discipline at all, this also enabled the arrival of certain players who shall remain nameless who are not team players and lack a professional approach to their jobs. It was the same at Cologne where some of their players ran riot on a regular basis. What Saunders is referring to here is basic requirements for a professional club like Wolves, and it should not be considered rocket science to follow.


I don't think the players arrived, they were there already!

Part Timers

He's right You're wrong

Just take two of the arrivals

Sako neglecting his team duties and not fit

Tongo not fit and playing half a game


Gr8 work DS - I recall hearing Matt Murray during radio commentary commentary during the early days of SS's reign saying how much the players were enjoying training - No wonder if they could turn up when they want an have someone following them round picking up their dirty clothes. Keep it up we might even have em playing some football we like!!!!

Weybourne Wanderer

Let's hope that this more regimented approach manifests itself in better performances and results.


these are the things wolves fans want to hear deano, now all we want you to do is break up karl herys little click, and clear out all the rubbish, good luck

Saunders Foot

Gawd, I'm so glad I never made it as a pro on 20 grand a week......No Mc'Donalds!!

I rather stay a dosser than miss my Big Mac meal with extra large vanilla shake and sweet chilli dip. If he's banned it altogether , what will Ebanks-Blake have for Sunday dinner? I bet he's already got his solicitors checking if it covers KFC aswel. I do love a salad though, yeast,hops,barley and water...yep you can't beat a gallon of salad before a match.

Just a thought regarding the transfer rumours, is Jason Scotland an ambitious clubs best option ?


33 years old and can't get a game at Ipswich - what's not to love?

Eddie Clamps bootlace

Saw the bit about Scotland - scary stuff. Can't get in an Ipswich side we've just sold Nouble to. Nouble - younger, quicker, more potential. Its not adding up for me fella. What next - Steven Ireland, Mike England or Josey Wales.


Not sure about the army analogy. Don't think Helmand and the Mol have quite the same level of risk.


If we lose friday it might have

We Only Need One Half!

True, I mean your given a weapon, armoured vehicle, and protective gear in Helmand, round the Mol you just have to wing it, far more dodgy!

Actually, speaking as a former soldier, I don't think these modern players, coming from their pampered lifestyles, could hack Military discipline.


I'd like to hear less talk and see more action if I'm honest. Before declaring him the messiah, let's see what kind of football he has to offer on Friday.


Lets hope he practices what he preaches, somehow can't imagine him asking Henry to pick up his dirty pants...


One, this is what amazes me about the two faced-ness of some fans, and hopefully gets Roger Johnson moved out. Bloke is a joke, and has no inner discipline, how folks call his name after last season, drinks, henessy et all is amazing.

Two, hopefully, the fitness of a few individuals that only have 40 mins of fitness capability will hopefully get sorted out, how many times have we burnt out and been punished by "smaller" clubs this year.

Three, would like to give some of our promising youngsters a chance, along with hopefully a British style of coaching that brings back elements to some of these experienced players, that has been lacking. They may not be the best, but they should be good enough, (as per 4 seasons ago) to get us to mid table safety, then the clear out can start.

Good luck Dean, get us safe, then start plans for the future, this season has gone now


Spot on Decca. I feel the demise of Wolves and probably MM/TC was when Johnson signed and was made captain. Although I have to say I thought at the time he was the missing piece in the jigsaw and was going to make a big difference and possibly lead us to PL mid table obscurity. How wrong I was......I bet MM rues the day he went near this bloke. However that's all in the past now, lets hope Deano is the answer, but we have to accept at this late stage of the season it's all about avoiding relegation now and try and build from there. There will be no revolution in the January transfer window because any decent players will not want to come to this sinking ship at the moment, unless of course silly wages are offered which ain't going to happen. So I am afraid we are going to have to rely on Deano motivating this lot in the short term.


This is absolutely correct. The fact it needs saying at all goes a long way to explaining why the club was doing do badly under SS


I am liking everything Dean Saunders is saying.. He said somewhere else that you are only as good as your strikers, and that he is looking to improve in that department.. He is saying all the right things, I had become bored with watching Wolves and the way they were going.. I like this back to basics talk.. It was so much more fun watching the Wolves in the 90's. We were not in the premier league but players had more charisma back then and back further in time.. All in all, Dean Saunders is the right man for the job.. Morgan got something right for a change.


Jason Scotland on loan ?


he was pretty decent up here years ago....not good enough for wolves now.

my mantra for past 2-3 seasons has been we need quality over quantity, i.e we buy too many average players who add nothing to the squad, hardly/never play, move on at a loss after picking up wages for nothing.

if whoever we bring in is not better than we have already then why bother....i'd rather see our kids getting a chance


He ain't as good as SEB


Lets see what the field is like six to eight games from now. Am not impressed with the rumour we are thinking of loaning

a 33yr old from bloody Ipswich who is out of favour! THAT is a step backwards! If this is investment and progress and the way forward then my money will stay with me!

Young and hungry? More like old, told and unbold!

Positive is the discipline issue. New manager, new broom. Its what happens on the pitch, the quality of the players and the training that counts.

We'll see!


Cheshire Old Gold

Glad the first match is away from home - probably a bit less pressure and an extra week's preparation before the first home match. Good luck boys


Err, the first game is at home, against blackburn on Friday.


hey, what team are you following? Which league?

Old Golds Worth More

Obviously a Blackburn supporter, who hopes the new manager they hope to have, does well, away from the pressure of playing in front of a home crowd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know another team with a new manager, who hopes to do well, and will have all the pressure of playing in front of a home crowd!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow I fancy the home manager to have the better start.

Selly park wolf

The first game is at home this Friday night pal!


Big Wolves fan I see. I think you'll find the first match is at home!


Good to hear about the new discipline regime. Not sure about the striker he may be signing on loan!! From IPSWICH. Cant we do better than that.

Dan the Man


Nouble, who couldn't get into the first team, is sold to Ipswich. In return, we may get Scotland, who also cannot get into the Ipswich first team.

We'll have to wait and see if this is a forward (no pun intended), sideways or backward move.

Hope it doesn't set a trend though if it doesn't work out.

Capital Wolf

You guys crack me up. MM wants two of our players who can't get in the team, we want one of his. Maybe it's a man management thing. Ever heard of that? How to get the best out of a player? You guys live in cloud cuckoo land, you only dream of the real world.

Norway Wolf

Stolbakken had experience of Scandinavia and Germany, where professional footballers can be relied on to act professionally. Here in England they do not have that mentality, and this was the down-fall of Ståle who treated the team as though they were professionals.

There is also a small clique who were responsible for Bruce not being appointed and Solbakken being sacked. They have no place in any football club and need disposing of ASAP.

Venabu Fan

Can't disagree with you, mate. Have spent many a happy holiday in your beautiful country and there seems to be a totally different mind set. What a terrible thing to which to have to admit.

steve hill

i tend to agree.. You only need rigid discipline for people who are nt mature,responsible and professiona enough to get on with things without being asked or told..Solbakken s only mistake is that he perhaps expected more self discipline and integrity from his players.. his reign came too soon for Wolves.. Im sure he ll eventually find the right club and do well..

dean saunders has clearly sussed out that he needs to come down hard on players.. Theyve got what they deserve..you wouldnt need to motivate kenny hibbitt or mike bailey before a match...

John P

I entirely agree with this comment. The difference between discipline and self-discipline seems to be ignored by so many. I have worked as a teacher in both Europe and in the UK, and am amazed at how much I need to crack the whip over here. It obstructs creativity and means you have to play more of a role of a father than an educator.

Stale was a nice guy. He never expected the level of immaturity he was confronted with. Your first reaction is you think it arises from these people being given a lack of respect, so you give them more space and react in a conciliatory and progressive manner. This is then abused by people perceiving it as weak, and they run riot. The problem here is cultural, not personal.

We now have a 'military man' in place who talks the language of the players. He is a good fit for the team, and will help them progress, but this will do nothing to address the bigger problem which remains the immense lack of self-discipline. I repeat, the issue was cultural. Even with the noblest intentions, Stale was walking into a minefield.


Carry the calories, then carry a fine. mmmmmm sounds good to me.

Realistic Wolf

Like it but wonder how long before we hear about player dissent and moaning. Then the knives will appear like they did for Stale. Get rid of Micks lot and start again I say. Please not another loan signing ie Jason Scotland.

Winchester Wolf

Realistically, most young footballers are lads with more skill in their feet than their heads, which means they're going to make the same life mistakes we all made as youngsters, ie drink too much now and again, go out when we shouldn't, wake up in last night's clothes. The difference is, they're also highly paid professionals who need to switch on very quickly to the fact that they can't behave like the rest of us and hope to get away with it. Saunders is making the right noises but he needs to be careful - one or two transgressions that aren't punished will tell the others they might be able to get away with it. I hope he does jump on them early - show them their responsibilities and get them earning back the respect of the paying public with some graft and effort.

Joe Wilson's stud marks.

So far so good Mr.Saunders,saying all the right things,all we need now is for the playing staff to realise who the Gaffer is,do it his way or clear off to East Anglia.I would also like the town crest to be printed on the front of the shirts,as it always was,with the motto "out of darkness cometh light"on display. If ever the motto was relevant & needed ,no more than now surely applies;

Keep the faith; C. O. Y. W.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Best of luck Dean'o

Really happy that you came to us.

Sack the lot of them and Morgan back your man.


Are you REALLY in Bangkok?

Jonny D

Sack the lot of them and replace them......I think that is what Stale wanted to do, Mr Moxley would not let him!!!


So it was down to poor discipline that these player do not try and just lie down in games?

Does this mean that Mick and Stale were not disciplined enough??

I dont think so. What I can see is that we have some players in the squad, who have gotten

stale (excuse the pun) and have not been pulling their weight for sometime. No boot camp will change that!

The simple solution is to let these players go.

super dude

big words but can you make it stick deano.i for one will stay away tomoz and see if the players have taken any heed of this new borstal training.if they look like they are making an effort then i shall return.personally i think he is stuck with 9-10 lazy overpaid underskilled slackers.i cannot see mandm funding much new talent.and as for wanting to sign a third rate striker from ipswich well not the greatest news. but CUYW get it sorted.


Yep stay away. Please.


I am afraid that the manager is going to conned by some of this group of players, after all the last 18 months we have seen some of the worst football I have seen at Wolves.

Dont be fooled Deano they might win a couple of games but will soon go backwards when the transfer window closes, get rid of the dead wood and bring in some players who care about Wolves & the supporters and want to play for the club.

Sussex Wolves

I served 34 years in the Armed Forces and I understand exactly what DS means. It was only too apparant that this bunch of players had lost any respect for their club and supporters. It sounds as though a lot was wrong and this will not be all of it.

Without discipline you have nothing, perhaps a few new faces in the team would also give them a kick up the arse,which they obviously require.


Discipline breeds self belief breeds confidence breeds respect. Way to go........



Sad for Stalle, too much to take on for too little experience,

but he had begun to make comments that didn`t sit right,

and didn`t have a happy face or personality... yes it matters !!

Deano is just the opposite, bright, happy and enthusiastic, but

most of all wants to `keep things simple`, but disciplined.

Players are better off without complicated tactics and strategies.

Just select them in their natural positions and let them play.

Give them a little time to adjust to the management change,

and above all, TOTAL CROWD SUPPORT, then watch`em go !!

I still say, wait till March before judging, and see what these

players are really capable of.



Just as long as we don't hear the words "retreat" or "tactical withdrawal" from the new chief in command. Lets have a bit more they don't like it up em, and a bit more target practice. Also get some live ammunition, stop firing blanks on the pitch. Those players that overdo the camouflage by appearing invisible for 90 minutes, your discharge papers are ready. Lets march onwards and upwards. Come on Wolves.


Well my prediction is a return to the 80's for Wolves. That is, the wilderness years.

Where, we have a succession of very average managers all of which eventually get sacked and then go on to do nothing in Football.

We will buy numerous less than average players for over inflated fees all of which fail to address our basic problems.

Eventually, we'll run out of cash allowing the chairman to slip out the back door and then club is in crisis and we desperately

search for someone with a local connection to bail us out of the mess we are in.

Call me old fashioned but I suspect there might be a bit of a 'Deano' bounce before it all goes flat again. The very worst case scenario for me is we string 2 or 3 decent performances together because it will totally mask the failings of this team and then the transfer window will be shut and it will be too late.

Call me pessimistic and hey, I'm looking forward to all the abuse I get from the Numb Skulls but if you lot think Dean Saunders can take this club forward and get us promoted then I'm Mick McCarthy!

Come on Wolves

Hello Mr McCarthy.........................................

Haling wolf

Where's your evidence this will happen he hasn't even picked a side

or moved into the transfer market yet

If you don't give the fella a chance even before he's started you'll never

Know will ya ...!

Walthamstow Wolf

As a player, Saunders was always a good talker but he always backed it up with goals and 100% effort. Let's hope that, as a manager who talks a good fight, he is capable of climbing into the ring and seeing it through.

If he really is going to crack the whip then there are going to be some of the squad who just won't shape up. He needs to identify the shirkers quickly and M&M need to back him to get people in straight away who will toe the line and deliver.

It's worth noting that all the great managers of the past were also strong disciplinarians. Some of them like Busby and Mercer operated as an iron fist in a velvet glove, others like Clough and Shankly were rather more upfront. Whatever the actual style, however, if players didn't conform to the team ethic they were gone.

Supa mick

Well said mr Saunders!! The more I hear from him the more I like him! They had it to easy under stale bacon and it was obvious not everyone was pulling there weight. Maybe dean Saunders wasn't people's first choice but to be fair to Morgan he acted quickly. Let's get behind dean and the team on Friday .. Up the wolves

Molineux Max

At last a litle respect for the new manager. His name is not Deano, it's Mr Dean Saunders.

spanish rayr

It seems like Dean Saunders has started on the right lines but,Let McCarthy keep his rejects ,we don`t want anything to don with them in fact,let him have some of ours.


scotland on loan be real,cheap,cheap,cheap,on fitness what a about mr Daly? run run run,and thats a fitness coach.hope Deano hasnt found MM book of excuses.utw



Ye Olde South Bank

Strewth! Dean aint been in the job 5 minutes, yet he's already calling the shots; telling it like it is; laying the law down. -and, of course, he's giving us fans some real insight into just how sloppy, molly-coddled and unprofessional that lazy, overpaid lot really are. Most of us had already worked that out for ourselves via some truly shocking, disgraceful 'performances', of course -but it's nice to have it confirmed by the gaffer.

Not only do I approve of Dean's attitude but, more importantly, I'd wager the likes of greats Billy Wright and Stanley Cullis would, too. Oh, and just think of how much extra cash Moxey can bank when all those Manager-imposed fines start rolling in. Don't even think of treating us fans to a pie 'n' a pint though, Jez ;-)


Very impressive attitude coming from Saunders. If he follows through it will be very interesting to see which players put in transfer requests before the end of January because they can't hack the pace. Then we'll know who the ringleaders were who encouraged the rest of the players to loaf around.


I am bewildered by these comments. Have we really been shelling out hard-earned money for months now, to watch players who can't even be bothered to keep properly fit, or haven't been taken to task for laziness or poor work conduct? Absolutely shameful. We all deserve our money back.


This lot of players are going to be peeling a whole lot of potatoes because they ain't fit and they are not worthy to pull on a Wolves shirt.

Bernard NuTteR

Is Solbakken home yet?


We can`t expect miracles tomorow but what we should expect is an improvement in attitude and so performance.It will take a while so lets get behind our manager and the team if they deserve it.

Francis Parfitt

I'm glad the tune now playing is "In The Army Now" and not "Down Down"


I don't like the analogy with the army at all - there is no comparison between our lads in Helmund and these guys. I tend to see some of our footballers as overgrown school kids at times, when I read about their likes and dislikes in the programme. But there are exceptions of course - Jody Craddock has always been an exceptional role model at our club. When our lads do the business, we can make all sorts of allowances I guess, like parents do with their kids. Of course Dean is right in his expectations and we will back him all the way. We knew Stale had a different approach on the training ground, but are we to understand from the article that things had slipped as far as suggested? If that was so, it is a shocking disclosure and makes a mockery of all those promises we were being given by players and indeed management. The fans were being let down big time and I hope that now it is indeed payback time. I reckon tomorrow night's game will prove to be significant, one way or another.


The army comparison comment was general (no pun).

Helmond is an extreme for our guys and really should not be used in this contex.

There are dozens of areas, world wide, where our army boys are stationed, where they do not come under this intense action. Still, the fitness regime is army standard, AT LEAST.

Move into a specialist area e.g. Marines, Special forces then the standards are astronomically higher.


I'm all for discipline. Solbaken did well in Scandinavia with that approach but lost it with two groups of players, Cologne and Wolves, who simply took advantage of the lesser approach to discipline. DS is making all the right noises with what needs to be put right first at the Mol and if players don't like it, they can play in the reserves or leave. There are a few players at Wolves who have felt for a while now they are bigger than the club and this is where all our problems have stemmed from. And we all know who they are. I'm happy to give DS his chance - he just needs Moxey to keep his oar out of the football decisions.


People please don't expect miracles on Friday. They may surprise up and run around but give Dean time to form a style. He has spent the week getting the players back in love with the game. And implementing tactics and discipline , but 3 points wouldn't go a miss utw

nigel wolfnut

Can I urge you all read what others say in their comments, particularly thOSE of Norway Wolf above. He is right. SS exp-ected the players to act professionally, to know their job and responsibilities.. If they do that a more relaxed approach can work but DS has obviously detected a lack of discipline here else why would he be making theSe views public. I think most of us believed the players weren't playing for SS. Let's hope they will for DS.


I'm beginning to get excited which is not easy for a Wolves fan to do these days!

sedgley slayer

Back to basics and I like it. As Stale found out though its about actions and not words so we will see.

I agree with most of above, signing Jason Scotland is very uninspiring! Is he any better than SEB, Doyle or Siggy? I doubt it.

I'm no expert but I thought that if we are trying to get rid of players, why the hell are we bringing in a squad player at best??? Lets try and swap quantity with quality shall we?

I.e. lose 3 or 4 fringe players bring in 1 QUALITY player.



Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but...... why are we talking about players' fitness and lifestyle choices?

What has Tony Daley been doing for the last 12-months?

Isn't that his area of responsibility?

I'm staggered that so-called professionals need to have the most basic and simple facts explained, or are we being sold a bit of a yarn to improve DS's PR?

Whatever happens, it will be the results that matter. TALK IS CHEAP, IT TAKES MONEY TO BUY BEER!!!!!


Colonel Saunders

So Colonel Sa(u)nders is banning trips to McDonalds! Excellent. Am a bit worried about SE-B though - he could waste away.....maybe even end up the weight of a professional sportsman!

Seriously though, the Colonel is saying all the right things - let's hope everyone is listening.


Loyal Wulfrian

I like what I am hearing. Wise words, Deano is speaking a lot of sense. It may take time to get properly fit, but things are looking on the way up. We may make the play offs after all. UTW

Paddy down under

Nice to see such a turnaround in the volume of positivity from the so called Wolves faithful over the past few days.

I for one shall be ever present for this season in setting my alarm for 3.30am local time in Perth, Western Australia to SUPPORT the lads as I have done for close to 40 years.

It will not only be refreshing to see a change in style of play, but also a change of mentality. Those who get a game on Friday who are not necessarily worthy should stick out like a sore thumb.


I find this article slightly depressing. There's very little substance to the story. Which players have been turning up late? Whose been eating the wrong food? Are we talking about all the players at the club including the academy players, or just maybe one or two (if any at all)?

It appears to me, that he's playing to the gallery to curry favour with supporters at the players expense. A dangerous game when he will need most of the senior players presently at the club to help make Wolves, and consequently himself, a success.


I usually respect your comments, but I'm a little disappointed this time.

Dean Saunders is bringing his style to our club and it is being reported by E&S to be radically different from that of Solbakken. Hurrah!

Unless we have insider knowledge, we all make our conclusions from what is reported and my conclusions, to date, is a "Back to basics" regime, Hurrah again.

But, as I've commented previously, to now, it's all talk, and I like it and am excited by it. BUT, 'The proof of the pudding etc....'

It seems that Tony Daly & Mal Purchase have been empowered (a corporate word) to tighten up on training.

I do not care who, in the past, turned up late, drunk, not at all, for training. I AM very interested who is responding to the new regime and knuckling down to inprove themselves. UTW


Much more perceptive than most comments on here. At the end of the day these are not his judgements, they are impressions he has been given by others - probably Morgan, who is annoyed that the players did not respond to his choice of manager in the way he hoped. Sure they are not blameless, but blaming them publicly is a dangerous strategy.

Farmer Ted

It became more and more evident that standards had slipped under Solbakken, even our Micks mob who had thrived upon fitness and discipline looked jaded.

However, looking back, the most telling statement SS made was that Sako should not worry about defensive duties and concentrate on setting up and scoring goals. How do you expect the rest of the team to react to THAT, especially when the goals dried up and he gave goals away through lapses of concentration AND was kept on the pitch despite looking totally spent whilst others got the hook ?

It's very early days and Dean Saunders has to prove the doubters wrong, but, his fitness regime will improve Sako 100% and Wolves will benefit, big time.

Tongo too !


This may be true in the long run, but everyone knows that the most important thing to maintaining fitness through this time of the season is a good pre-season and coming into the season with good core strength. He can't get this during the season.


I was very optimistic about Dean Saunders, until I read he thinks Doyle and Hunt will be part of the way forward.

If all we can do is get other clubs (championship clubs) rejects, I do not feel we will make much progress. We are going backwards.


What do you expect him to say? "they`re both useless and i don`t want them in my team"

I don`t expect much to happen in Jan. Over the summer he`ll offload and reload.


Only a rumour I know, but good professional that he has been, should we be looking to bring Jason Scotland in? He's 33 now apparently and obviously out of favour with MM - seems strange to send a striker to Ipswich and then get one back whose place he is clearly going to take. Surely this won't happen.

Left back required

You do keep banging on about Scotland being an MM reject, have you forgotten than Steven Fletcher was also an MM reject for the best part of a season? Hey, take chances, why not? It's only a rumoured loan deal, after all. He could end up being our Kevin Philips. Now wouldn't you all like that?

Burntwood Boy

Well said Dean, NOW make sure the players who DO NOT come in to line are hit hard and quick, they really need a good slapping, the one's that drop by the wayside need to be ousted from the club. Stan Cullis was a GREAT Manager who would NOT have allowed players to get to this stage of under performing. MM's old guard need to go ASAP, they are rubbish, let's get some good players IN and give kids a chance, we have a ACADEMY system and so let's see what it as produced. The way the Army work is the ideal light to show the players what they should be aiming for as pro's. Let's be honest Chelsea are booting out their older players ie., Ashley Cole and Frank Lampard, although you see the likes of Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes still doing a fair job for Man Utd, football wise these players are good role models, I don't think our players have anybody like them at the club to look up to, players that can be good football pro's.

manc andy

Sounds like they have been on a good jolly for the last 6-12mth,Stick the mug shots up in the local MacDs,name and shame em. No more of that mental fatiuge nonsens and no more weekends in france,send em to Rhly if they need special one on ones with Daley,,,their soon be back. UTW

lord chips

Jason Scotland?.... Somebody is having a laugh.... Rather give Giffiths a proper chance....

Sean Doyle

Wolves were called "the army team" under Cullis and Buckley. That's what my dad's mate in Dublin Mick Meagan (Everton and Ireland) still calls them. "Oh Wolves, the army team"


Good to hear all this. What ws happening before? These comments are bread and butter management approaches and should be there. Who ran this club before? I am liking what I am hearing and have gone from being cynical about the appointment to fully supportive in 5 days!!

the eternal optomist

we might struggle for a few more games as the players struggle to actually do some work for a change but, i will probably get abuse for this but, hey all the numbskulls will eventually realise that discipline is everything and swansea although have some talented players, showed last night that they worked harder than chelski and were rewarded with a 0-2 win.

on another day, chelski might have won 6-2, but the luck was with the swans.

jason scotland is just a rumour as it is silly season regarding intended targets,

roll on august. utw.

Hugh's Currant

All I can say is "Welcome Dean" - your comments are like a breath of fresh air at Molineux, and can only bring stability and ultimately success.

To all the Wolves fans with negative comments - give Dean a chance - we haven't even played a match yet under his tenure, so please don't pre judge.


are you having a laugh? the man is full of hot air and has won nothing at management level.did you give stale a chance?

Impatient Ivor

This manager worse than Stale bin here 4 days haven"t moved up the league can't score etc etc

Come back Stale

Vincent Cagliostro

"Football is a watered-down version of the Army...."

Just what variety of puerile nonsense does this represent?

Has our new manager really been listening to Status Quo singles or does this banal statement instead indicate that, in common with an overwhelming majority of recycled football managers, there is actually surprisingly little between one ear and the next?

I want to be positive but this certainly does not bode well for the future!

Chillo Wolf

Oh do shut up ... It's obviously an attempt to unify fans, board and players alike.

We haven't even kicked a ball in earnest yet under Deanos management and the negativity is already up in force.


Talking of players being Hungry Cassidy is starving for a go in the first team he's been munching on goals in

the same division as Deano been Manager in & Griffiths been scoring for fun come on DS give these Lads a go


Cassidy scored a load early in the season but how many goals has he got in the last 11 games....................... the answer is 1.


Dean has done the talk can he do the walk . sounds good certainly the players need motivating or was it Stale hadnt got a clue . as on the field players seem to be at a loss what to was expected ?? . Hope Dean can give us something to cheer about and restore a bit of faith

North Norwegian Viking

In the situation right now I really think Deano is spot on. We have to think simple and harvest point's, starting Friday.

Now we have to give DS time , patience. The important thing now is not getting relegated and riddance of deadwood. Then over time build a new squad. Get behind the new gaffer!



Let's see if he can get Mr Morgan to set an example and wear a tie.


I hope Deano rescues the team Irish Kim well.

However the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

We have had fine words from .

The team as a whole

The " management "

Individual players.

We need actions not words Good players do their talking on the pitch

chris h

We have not kicked a ball in anger yet,but things look promising with a new manager installed.This should help restore the faith,but he needs to be backed properly in the transfer market.Not a 33 year old has been who cannot get in Ipswich's side for a start.I read on a Blues website( an analysis of their accounts} that the last year Karen Brady was Chief Executive at Blues her annual salary was £179,000.Yet according to our accounts Jez Moxey was paid over one million pounds for each of the last two fully published financial years.This is for doing a similar job as Brady.How come we can afford to pay a five times greater salary for our chief executive,and yet time and again we fail to sign quality footballers due to financial considerations.Something to think about before renewing season tickets,I suggest, unless of course they demonstrate some real ambition in the next few weeks..


Dean's words are a breath of fresh air. The players (and us fans) know exactly what's expected right from the start. He's made his expectations quite clear. I like his style. Keep it up Dean (oops - Mr Saunders)



His emphasis in many of his utterances is on team work and he uses different metaphors to make his point, the military ones seem apt at this time. He seems to fundementally understand the nature of whats needed to develop a successful Team ethic. The notion of each member working off the same hymm sheet, being disciplined in how they apply themselves both on and off the pitch, working for each other, understanding there role both on and off the ball et al. The simplication and implementation of these values is whats needed because dont ask a footballer to think too much - perhaps a fault of Stale as they just get confused !! There performances were so uncohesive and fragmented under Stale we need to get back to basic's. Keep it simple stupid my old lecturer used to say - good advice in any language. Lets hope we begin to see the attitude of all for one and one for all - we cannot ask for anything less !!! Maybe I will be £650 better off at the end of the season after all ?


Sounds great!!! But please, get rid of Christof Berra!!! He's useless


We had no trouble going forward, it was keeping the ball out of our own net that's the problem and that spreads through the rest of the team like syphilis.

Same players across the back four as November 2011.



I can't believe a player like Ebanks-Blake would neglect his diet.

Lool at his physique - there is no way that he goes through the KFC drive-through on his way to and from training.


And i wonder what the great fitness coach (tony sick note daley) has got to say about whats been going on then.Obviously hes not been doing his job either, and another on who should be shipped out ASAP.

Hard Wolf

Looks like the first player in for Jan is going to be a striker according to dean we are in need, what do we want defenders! what do we want defenders! what do we want defenders! Oh boy here we go again.

wanderer i ie

Good man yourself.........Likes of Berra Ward Johnson Doyle Zubar all need a good kicking up the old holes........These guys are lame excuses for Men and footballers. They think they are in HOLLYWOOD for gods sake it is a job and in majority of the cases a job they love so come on and do what your paid to do.

We dont have time for the likes of ward who suggest they are getting over relegation because if he does not get his head out of his hole he will find having to get over another relegation!FOOL!

He should have performed better along with his other mates and we may still be in the premeirship!!!!No one is to blame apart

from themselves they got themselves in this mess yet the ones who have sufferred are the fans and the employees at the club who are not footballers.


i'm curious where the squad-trimming will be done. we have 23 players who ostensibly have been our "1st" team (22 if you assume that jody craddock won't be putting on a jersey again, unfortunately), then 6 "1st" teamers on long-term injuries, then give-or-take 16 youth/reserve players who are either nowhere near the 1st team from what we can tell, possible loan candidates, or regulars on the U-21 team. we also have 4 players (as of right now) out on loan. so is the "trimming" going to be from our 22 "senior" players? or the youngsters? or both? i'm not going to be pleased if we do business such as losing liam mcalinden and other promising youngsters, and gaining jason scotland in on loan who will then sit on the bench and watch SEB and Doyle play. i'm not full of faith that the people making our transfer decisions are the people we should trust in these matters.

DS so far has sounded good, said all the right things, but I'm not convinced that our 22 senior players are capable of winning games consistently, no matter the tactics and team philosophy. these players have a lot of work to do to win the fans back on their side. most fans right now i think would be happy if most of the squad was simply let go. they need to earn our faith back at this point after so long (going back about 3 seasons now) of horrid performances.


The discipline had clearly gone under Solbaken ,both Dave Edwards and Wayne. Hennessy appeared on the pitch at half time against Ipswich for a presentation and were both wearing track suits ,last year they would have been in a suit, so well done DS for bringing discipline back.


As always the comments are more interesting than what was said ......mostly I think this is intended to be read by the players and be a public rather than just a private warning. They can also see the fans support this. I also hope he shuts the players up, and warns E and S against approaching them for comments.

Like many comments, why the Ipswich player, Scotland? I find that disturbing.

Even more though is Saunders comment that he might need the money from sales of players to help fund players coming in. This suggests that he does not have much of a war chest for transfers. I suspect he has been told, make do with what you've got and keep us up, and then you might get some money.

Sad if this surmise is correct.


Ah, so this is grind-your-teath_Saunders! Is he going to scare the players to play good football? Maybe hand out hand granades and high powered rifles to the players before the game? Come on, this goes much deeper than bording school disipline. It may work for a few matches, then back to old sins.

paul davo

Just more bull , lets see what team he puts out tomorrow, i bet its the same as the last time , and if it is and they win then hang your heads in shame, because you will have proved you got stolle the sack, and knock the white elephant down it looks totally out of place, good job Sir jack never took ten years to build his new ground , A true Wolves fan, Put his money ware his mouth was, those were the days my friends.


Who's our new manager? Dean Saunders or Guy Whittingham???

Jonny D

Cutting the squad, in the Army Now, Back to Mick's playing ways......................We have turned the clock back to last year.............There was a new vision, and the board bottled it.

Cut the squad to 25, buy a stricker.............the club just went backwards 1 year.

Empty seat North Bank upper row C.....!!!


Oh well if your hearts not in it.

Wanderer Will

Words mean nothing to me at the moment

Saunders can talk as much as he likes, its performances and results I want to be impressed by


well from the conversation with SM and SS he wasnt happy and i totally agree if we where losing games 4.3. but playing good us wolves fans wouldnt mind but we werent we were poor and in the second half we were poorer!now these players arent poor but we need a fresh english approach.I glad SM took the decision I agree !!!we as wolves fans werent going to wait til march to get relagated were we!!!!!!!!!!I dont mind losing as long as we tried and all the wolves players did but IT DIDNT WORK THANKS SM for bollocking SS and sacking him,Because lets be honest we at work would get the same treatment if we didnt perform,stop blaming JEZ as he always gets a good deal when it comes to selling... thats his job !lets just move forward .SS was a nice guy but his previous team werent fit and we arent 442 and lets have someone in the box when we cross


Blimey what common sense you talk.well said.