Stale Solbakken: I would have got it right

Distraught Stale Solbakken today insisted he would have got it right at Wolves and admitted his dismissal had brought him to an all-time low.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Ipswich Town

Solbakken was told of his sacking by chief executive Jez Moxey during a phone call the manager had made to him about transfers shortly after his post-match press conference following Saturday’s 1-0 shock FA Cup exit to non-league Luton.

It’s understood the 44-year-old, who was on a one-year rolling contract, will receive his year’s salary, estimated at £750,000, as compensation.

But it hasn’t softened the blow of losing his job.

“I feel so sorry, I have never felt so bad, because I love working here, and because there will be much better times ahead and I will not be part of it,” Solbakken told the Express & Star.

“I’m very, very disappointed to have lost my job at this time.

“I feel down because Bjorn Sigurdarson, Tongo Doumbia, Georg Margreitter, Bakary Sako and Razak Boukari will be very good players in England, together with the established players.

“The signs now are beginning to look better with Jamie O’Hara and Slawomir Peszko returning, Dave Edwards not far from coming back and Georg Margreitter ready to fight it out with the two centre-backs, and, with two or three new faces in the January window, we could suddenly have been looking at half a new team.

“That would have helped the team progress and make the competition healthier.

“I never had that luxury of being able to pick my best players, and if we could have brought in three or four more to complement them, we’d have had a far better chance.

“Clubs and people who have success together come through these bad times and get better.

“I don’t think it’s fair but I understand this is an ‘easy fix’ and I’m trying to deal with that.”

Solbakken revealed how he discovered he had lost the faith of owner Steve Morgan.

“Jez had planned to speak to me directly but I called him because I wanted to have a meeting or two in the coming days about transfer activity,” he said.

“We talked a bit but I understood very quickly that we weren’t singing the same song and I was told the bad news by Jez.

“But I thought that was a fair way of doing it.”

Solbakken, however, admitted the conversation he had with owner Steve Morgan – the man who hired and fired him – was much more tense.

“That was a hard conversation – I very much disagreed with Steve, but it’s his club and I respect his decision because performances lately, especially the last four after Blackpool, haven’t been good enough,” he added.

“We disagreed very strongly on the way forward – he felt I couldn’t continue and thinks I’m not the right man, and I think I am.”

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Comments for: "Stale Solbakken: I would have got it right"


So SS wasn't a yes man and got the boot? Trouble is if you're stubborn you risk losing the dressing room (which he did) and then being stubborn with owner you risk losing your job (which he did).

Nothing seemed to go right with SS, wasn't entirely his fault.


Finchy, I don't think he lost the dressing room .... he lost the plot!!!

give it to doyler

He never had the dressing room with the you know who lot , bunch of overpaid pansies .

We Only Need One Half!

I did warn him, every manager who goes the Mol it ends in tears for them, every single one, its the graveyard of a managers career.

wembley 74

I dont see Megson, Gould, Smith, Little, Talbot, Robson, Buckley, Ardiles etc exactly walking out of the Hawthorns graveyard into work either. Even Howe, Wylie, Ashman, Giles, Burkinshaw & old Championship winner Ron Saunders had their careers go into terminal decline after being sacked from the Hawthorns. I'll give you Atkinson & DiMatteo going on to success & Hodgson being lucky enough to get the England job despite winning nowt... but the rest? Well...Pots, Kettles, Black etc. Short memories and all that!

Dan the Man

SS has gone now, so no need need for any further inquest. But interested in his quote about not singing the same song. Not surprising. SS is a Soprano, while Morgan (we know) is a 'Tenor'!

I have to add though that I am concerned for SS personally. I think he is a man in denial. Perhaps just a square peg in a round hole. But we shall only know after he manages another team with aspirations. And if he does fail again, I hope he will start asking himself serious questions about his own abilities.


You are at an all time low, trying being a wolves fan!!


Well, there you have it...hope that you "fans" and the so-called "players" read this!

WE got him sacked.

He is so dignified and frankly, WE deserve relegation under Morgan.

Forget blaming Moxey (he is only doing Morgan's bidding), it is all MORGAN (the jerry builder): He listened to us, the fans and sacked Mick, and he listened to us, the fans and then he sacked Stale.

He also listened to that overpaid bunch of one brain celled idiots that call themselves professional "players". if any of the members of my union branch who work for islington performed the way this bunch of players did, they would be put through the competency process and sacked!

The shambles begins with Morgan and passes through the players to us the fans

We are a miserable bunch of morons and deserve each other and Division one.

The players are an utter disgrace. They should all be fired or loaned out to clubs in the Isthmian league for the duration of their contracts and the new young players like Cassidy, Batth and Griffiths given a chance.

I hope that Deano does well but until we get a different set of players and the true fans stand up to Morgan nothing will change at all.

Someone said be careful what you wish for!

Aldridge Wolf

I couldn't agree more Mikey, spot on


Winning comment! Couldnt agree more. I'm ashamed to share a club with most of our fans.


Stale - a thoroughly decent man. Hope he can put this behind him swiftly.


Your comments echo the voice of many Wolves fans. If this is the way our great club are going to perform from now on, then, i'm sure it will be the end for many of us.


Mikey, everything you say here is true.

We have two fundamuntal problems at WWFC.

1. A Chairman / Owner who is only interested in the Club as a cash generator.

2. A cabale of players who think that they own the Club, gave up on Mick, then demanded the appointment of Connor to ensure the continuity of their comfort zone, then engineered the sacking of Stale. Nothing but a bunch of Luddites.

God help you Dean Saunders, because Morgan won't

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Mikey, how right you are my friend.


Mickey, If Moxey is only doing Morgan's bidding,how come he 'earned' £1,2m a year according to the last published accounts a mere £500,000 more than the football manager .If you were a busy Chairman with lots of other business interests,wouldn't you expect a bit more from a Chief Executive,especially the decisions on spending the money more wisely in the transfer market.We failed to sign two decent looking centre backs in the Summer for a start.Moxey has been at Wolves for 13 years,owners,players and managers come and go.The two constants at Wolves are underachievement and Jez Moxey.


Best comment I've read on here for a while, especially the comments about the morons who call themselves fans. Worst set of supporters in all four divisions and deserve Division 1!!!

Greg Christopher

I can't agree more. The rabble of imbeciles both in the stands and off the pitch have almost driven me away from Molineux, I just don't want to be around a crowd of people like them. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.

Exeter wolf

Couldn't agree more with Mikeybear77- a dignified and loyal man. At least a face to face meeting would have been better. Where were the two M's when Mccarthy returned to Molineux with Ispwich- convenienetly on holiday- cowards.

I was at Luton and witnessed that group of individuals on the pitch - they are a disgrace. I hope to see a lot of anti Morgan/Moxey banners on Friday evening- don't forget the cameras will be there and there is lots of hanging space at the front of the North bank top tier (for the banners that is - not Morgan)!


Great post Mickey, I believe the majority of the "real" supporters will agree with you!


TOTALLY and utterly disagree with you lot ,who think the problems lie with the fans.We lost to non league Luton and at home three nil to Peterborough? And some of you think the reason is down to the behaviour of loyal'long suffering'fans(Martin Swain's words}.Someone got the club for a tenner ,spent£20million on a new stand rather than the team,can pay the Chief Executive a fortune but not pay the going rate for players,make profits year on year but get relegated.And some of you lot think the problem lies with the fans.CRAZY.Owner,Chief Executive,the rest of the Board manager,players,yes.The fans who pay their hard earned money to support the club through thick and thin,no way to blame.

wembley 74

Spot on Chris. Nick Owen said on BBC TV tonight the Wolves fans were very sporting towards Luton & applauded them off the pitch even after such an embarassing defeat and also applauded a seriously injured Luton player off the pitch too and he will never forget them. Such a lot of total rubbish is written on here by uneducated, inexperienced fools the E&S should be embarrassed for publishing most of it. There's nothing constructive at all in a lot of the comments. I'm also convinced a large percentage just latch onto the club because they've nothing better to do & don't even attend the games. You can tell they have no knowledge of the game, the club or it's history.

Thetford bob

Chrish I totally agree with you, where are all the wingers that I read each week, saying he has got to go, we are heading for the lower divs, I am sure that he has done his best and no one likes to see people losing there jobs, but he was totally out of his depth and 99% of the people who are slating the man who got rid of him would have been saying why did he not go earlier, if we are in may and heading for div1. I for one want to see us playing in the best football we can but the players need to look at themselves thier the ones who have let this club, the king is dead long live the king, it's all about the wolves the club, the fans without that you have oblivion, ask Portsmouth, r Halifax and many more!

Old Golds Worth More

Managing this club must be one of the hardest jobs in football, those of us who are old enough remember,the glory days of the 50's and early 60's, yearn for a return to those times, but instead we saw a steady decline. Even after those bad old days, we managed, to once more reach the promised land of the top division, not once but twice in the last decade. The first time we failed to stay there due to an obvious lack of investment in the team. The second coming (!), lasted slightly longer, but again we failed once more, for exactly the same reason we failed the first time, a lack of investment in the team. We blamed this lack of investment on the owner, and also blamed (with some justification) some of the smaller investments in playing staff on the CEO and manager at that time. This club needs an experienced well respected Football manager, but unfortunately, lately, we always seem to go with people who would take the job no matter what, in the mistaken belief that it would bring them some sort of prestige!

MM, nice guy, but limited in management expertise at the very top, TC, ditto to MM but even more limited, same again with SS another Mr Nice Guy type, but with limited ability at this level. Now we have DS, who no matter which way you cut it (at the moment), has the same or even worse credentials then MM. DS is a sitting duck when it comes to our fans, they will demand an instant improvement in playing style and results, (he who pays the piper calls the tune) or else once again there will be more unrest on the terrace's. Like with SS, I sincerely hope DS does a great job, and gets this club moving once more in the right direction. He will know only to well, what a fickle business this is. Whether or not he makes a success of the job, is entirely down to him and his methods. All the hierarchy have to do is back his judgement, they are the one's who hired him, and they should be the one's who back him to the hilt, no half measures this time!

Good Luck Deano (you'll need it), I, and I'm sure every other supporter of this once great club, are behind you 100%, if will power alone were all that was needed, then you will have succeeded already!

Wolf at gate

maybe we should terminate some of the contracts of out so called players. Stolle had great integrity and knew what was behind our problems, over paid, under performing players, who knew they were just not good enough for the Premiership again !


Well said, pal. Spot on. You get what you deserve in this life. We get it big time because we still think we are big time. morgan is only a money man. End of.


Good luck Stale, maybe you weren't the one for us but you have held your dignity throughout and were stitched up by Moxey and Morgan.

spanish ray

Sorry to see anyone loose their job but this club was just too big for you Stale.You tried to change too much too quickly and obviously a lack of knowledge of the club and the the league we are in were a factor to you being fired.All managers say they could have put things right but in your case I think that that is an understatement,we would have been in the Blue Square before you got iy right.


Unlucky Stale. You may be right, it might have come good. The actual change in tactics did not make good viewing with slow build ups and lack of actual shots on target. Confidence had clearly completely gone in the team, compounded by the frustration with the fans, who then had a go at the team making confidence even lower. That's football! Results are all important.

I liked the experiment initially but it clearly didn't work at this level.

Good luck with your next job.

The Ing

This guy is delusional. He is crazy if he thinks things were picking up ! No style of play evident, no tactics ,no leadership skills and 3 wins in 16 !!!!!!!!!! I cant believe he got away with it for so long. Morgan and Moxey ultimately they are culpable for employing Stale bread in the 1st place, This club is rotten from the top down. However if deono can inspire quickly I think we can still avoid the drop and maybe even make the play offs!!!!!!!!!!!


Now who is delusional !

From the ridiculous to the sublime and back to ridiculous


You know what. Fair play to Solbakken, He probably wasn't the right man for the job but i have alot of respect for him because of the way he handles the media. He was on BBC Midlands today on Sunday just hours after being sacked and on BBC WM this morning chatting away and explaining the decision. Most Managers would have just buried their heads in the sand. Best of luck in the future Stale ! Now lets get behind Deano !

Realistic Wolf

Feel sorry for you Stale, the players let you down as they continually have let us supporters down. It was blatantly obvious new faces were needed but you never had a chance with this bunch of losers. Thanks and all the best for the future.




brilliant comment couldnt agree more.hope the fans who dont know their ass about football read this


There is a grain of truth in his comment that some of the returning players would have improved things. But I think most supporters could not see that his tactics were'nt working.

Trying to play Barcelona type football is fine if you have Barcelona quality players.

His assertion that he would have got it right is purely hypothethetical. It's exactly the same as McCarthy's recent comment that he would have kept Wolves in the premiership had he not been sacked. We will never know if either were right.

Mountain Wolf

Regardless of what anybody thinks of the situation, well done for handling your interview (You Tube) with such dignity. At least Morgan spoke to you, which is a greater courtesy than he offers the fans.


£750k did not soften the blow. Give me a break!

London Blackheath Wolf

So Scouser brings in one of the players he used to cheer on from his seat at Anfield. Back to long ball footy it is then. Our fourth manager in how many months now? We are the Chelsea of the Midlands.


No your not. Chelsea are a successful Premiership Club.


And they spend money on the team, oodles of it.

The Flying Winger

He disagreed with Curbishley as well, we know who the problem is.

4 Managers in 12 months.

Mind you £750000 pay off wouldn't mind that, neither I guess did McCarthy, or Connor,

Would have been better spent in the transfer market 2 years ago instead of the 2M's waisting money on second rate managers,

Taking the fans for a ride, Here we go again

wolves dave

£750k for losing your job. Not bad at all eh? Back in the real world, most people will have to work for between 10 & 20 years to earn that amount.....


I think this is a big shame, I honestly think that the football would have got better and more successful. The trouble is we are all too impatient. We can right off this season and probably next now.

Us fans have to understand that change for change sake does actually produce instability which has consequences for at least six months!

I hope you do well Stale.


yes i agree you did not have a fully fit squad to pick from but at this level championship surely you have enough experience in the squad to have at least put up a better fight ,for gods sake talking Luton here . once again a laughing stock cheers stale moxey and morgan . makes you wonder where Liverpool would have been now with Morgan at their helm .

Sir Billy Quiet

Its all history now............


Feel really sorry for Solbakken tbh... stands up for his ideas and gets the boot! With players coming back, and players coming in, I think Stale would have sorted it... is Steve Morgans way forward the right way?!


I am unsure about Morgan. Ultimately Wolves are his toy. A football club is the acoutrement of the rich. Morgan knows business but I would question his football judgement. I bet it is the recommendation of a Liverpool buddy or des he know Deano socially from some Liverpool connection? Mr Morgan, your reign at WW is alienating me with your arm-length way of running things. You do not speak directly to the fans. We are marketed to but you do not value us as stakeholders. Mr Morgan, you should be ashamed of the shameless treatment of Stale. You hand picked this guy. You knew he had no English management experience and failed to give him support from those who had. Then you hung him out to dry, when anyone can see we have a dreadfully inept, weak, spineless playing staff who need to be moved on. So there you will be this afternoon proudly unveiling Deano and making noises about getting back on track and then you will disappear to let him take the flack

Silver Wolf

I wish Ståle Solbakken every bit of good fortune for the future. He tried to move Wolves forward and failed - time will tell if the material he had to work with was up to the standard required. His judgement and timing may have been at fault, but had his wish to succeed been shared by everyone in the dressing room I believe Wolves would be much further up the Championship table than they are.

whitmore wolf

square pegs in round holes as far as most of the team were concerned, i think anyone who came in and wanted the team to play football would have been shocked by the limited abilities of the squad they've inherited. maybe a couple of more additions would have made a difference and allowed the team to play the one touch football that is required, but sadly Stale you won't find out. good luck for the future, you will succeed elsewhere


I feel deeply sorry for Stale. I accept, of course, that the team seemed to be losing its way and that results had been poor - but Morgan had spoken of a long-term project and Moxey had talked about things getting worse before they got better. They knew - or should have known - what we were getting. It seems that, yet again, we have sacked a decent human being who cared passionately about the club and this time without giving him the means or time to put his stamp on things . It may well be the right decision - we'll never know - but I can't help thinking that Steve Morgan doesn't know what he's doing. That said, welcome Deano - you will have my support. I hope that you are a great success. Onwards and upwards. But good luck for the future Stale, I, for one, am sorry that it came to this so quickly.


There's no doubting he had terrible luck with injuries. But the players that were still available to play should not be languishing towards the bottom of The Championship.

The style of football that he was serving up was every bit as sterile as those awful Glenn Hoddle days.

Too many of his signings seemed to 'hit the wall' physically, mentally or both.

That said, the players need to look at themselves in the mirror because they either didn't 'get' what he was trying to implement, or couldn't carry it out - or just didn't want to.


Stale made some quality signings for us in a very short time when he took over.I was looking forward to him making more this window having a lot longer time to do so.Alas the short term ism strategy of the two Ms won the day,

Do not get me started on the players they are a disgrace to the profession and not fit to wear the shirt so well done

Doyle,seb,ward,hunt,Henry,stearman,o-hara,Berra,and the rest of micks wasters you got a good manager the sack

Hail stale quality signings plus our great youth players the way forward is clear but will the Ms take it I think not!!!!!!


I think its unfair to put O'Hara's name in that list he's been injured and one of the only players in the last 2 games to show any sort of fighting spirit!

When Stale was appointed, I thought it was a brave decision and a dawning of a new era. The changes required were overdue and were going to take time. However football is not a patient game and supporters are fickle wanting instant success, this was never going to happen at Wolves. So we move on to another chapter, Goodbye Stale and thank you for your dignity and efforts but you were fighting a losing battle with the morons about you. I am uninspired by the latest hot seat occupant but wish him well as only the second Welshman to manage this club, but remember are greatest manager followed the last one, so roll on the next one, I cant see Mr Saunders lasting too long. no pedigree.

Interested Neutral

I feel sorry for the Wolves fans: it's obvious that the board/owner haven't a clue when it comes to the football side of the business, and are yet again unwilling to invest money in a good manager.

They've sold 3/4 of their quality players for a tidy sum, and currently receive parachute payments from the Premier League (which they'll receive for 3 years), but they STILL wont pay for a proven manager, or as in Curbishley's case, wont even listen to one!

Sorry guys, but Dean Saunders just sound's like a cheap option to me, and not one based from a football perspective - he only has part of a seasons experience in developing a successful squad, and that's in League 1 to boot.

fat boy jamie

One good tip for the new manager "Get rid of Kelvin Henry" while he's here, you wont do any good....

Show them who the boss is and accept Berras transfer request which he asked for in the summer.This was the start of Stales down fall and showed his weakness.He should have accepted the transfer request from Berra and let him rot in the reserves until a "BIG" club came in for him....

Golden Nugget

Nobody wants him


Isn't it strange that he was fired as soon as he started requesting money for transfers.

Well done Steve, the £20+ million is still on the bank.

Ye Olde South Bank

We'll never know if Stale was merely the 'right man' for Wolves at the 'wrong time'. Likewise, we'll never know if his downfall was merely of his own, blundering making. Maybe it was entirely the fault of those disgraceful, so-called 'professional players' that are simply not fit to wear the famous Gold and Black. Who can honestly tell? However, I do know one thing:

Mr. Solbakken's possesses more decency and honesty in his little finger than Morgan, Moxey and their boardroom colleagues put together.

Good luck for the future, Stale. You've retained your dignity even if others haven't.


Steve Morgan and Dean Saunders partners in a golfing complex.Nuff said.

Killarney Wolf


Enlighten us on this please.

Anyway. Give Deano a Chance.

1st job, Get rid of Back 4.

Ye Olde South Bank

We'll never know if Stale was merely the 'right man' for Wolves at the 'wrong time'. Likewise, we'll never know if his downfall was merely of his own, blundering making. Maybe it was entirely the fault of those disgraceful, so-called 'professional players' that are simply not fit to wear the famous Gold and Black. Who can honestly tell? However, I do know one thing:

Mr. Solbakken possesses more decency and honesty in his little finger than Morgan, Moxey and their boardroom colleagues put together.

Good luck for the future, Stale. You've retained your dignity even if others haven't.

Well Done Bob

Morgan is a disgrace


You had your chance, your style of play did not suit even with your signings tells the story.

little nige

Shame on you wolves players hold your heads in disgrace - it is shame you bunch of over paid not so good players were not sacked - you are really not fit to wear the famous gold and black shirts and if you gave half of what Bully gave in effort and commitment we would not be where we are now.

Shame on the board for making the appointment in the first palce; not backing him and deciding on a different footballing appraoch and bottling it when it mattered - the players are to blame not the manager when they cross the white lines of battle - or should i say bottle?

Wof at Gate

Totally agree


Have we been too hasty? Would he have turned it around given time ? Was it because the Macarthyites wouldn't play for him? Did he really have a master plan? Those things will either come out in the wash or we will never know? One thing for sure is that we all need to move on and get behind the new manager who I personally think CAN do a job to steady the ship in this division. Regardless of what you might think - Macarthy's barmy army can do a job in the championship if suitably motivated and have a set pattern of play to work to. The new lads and returning cripples can more than do a job in the championship and the addition of a goal poacher who is hungry enough to latch on to the chances we do create will not only appease the doom and gloom merchants but bring us back to where we should and have been for a while - a good championship team. Once that has been attained - only then we can move forward in building a team that will not only go up to the premiership but hold its head high. " OUT OF THE DARKNESS - COMETH LIGHT" Wolves ay we - stay calm and keep the faith! :)

Filthy Wolf

Unfortunately he has only repeated what he did at Cologne. After the comfy seat in built in Denmark a move was always a risk. He failed at Cologne and, yes, he failed at Molineux.

I felt he had promise but the talk if watching DVDs made me shudder. And it showed with the performances. Yes, the players need a kick but clearly he is not the person to do it.

Dan the Man

Suggestion to Stale.

If you want to win back some hearts and minds, then use some of your 3/4 million compo refunding the genuinely hard-working and devoted supporters holding season tickets who feel they have been swindled.

But not sure if you will be left with very much after paying out!


An interesting exercise is to look back at the published comments by Steve Morgan just 6 months ago when SS was appointed. No risk, an astute appoinment, legendary in Scandanavia ...... How quickly the tide has turned! With 4 managers inside 12 months Wolves are becoming a laughing stock. I sincerely wish Saunders well. He may well prove to be the right choice but my confidence in the Board leadership of this once great Club is at an all time low.


Morgan don't look a sacking man to me he looks like a bloke who would cry if you said Boo to him

That's why Moxey had to sack him but I don't think Stale was the right bloke for the job I Think he needs

to manage a team in the lower Divisions and Build the team from scratch Then see if his style works

Wolf at Gate

All this makes me sad to be a Wolves fan.

Only one person comes out of this with his intregrity in tact.

it's not Morgan, Moxey any of the players or who ever is advising but STOLLE, he

knew the problem and the answer, but Morgan bottled it !

Ashmore Wolves

Good move (for once!) to sack him now and not when we are in league 1. Ill give Saunders my support 100%, even though he wouldnt be my 1st choice I think he will at least keep us in this league. The termination of a few players contracts if we cant get rid of them this month would also get my 100% support.


The big mistake was that SS was appointed in the May and took up his appointment two months later.In between he was able to watch all 38 videos on 2011/2 Season.SS should have started work immediately.He made a mistake in not acting what he saw on the 38 videos.He should have got rid of the deadwood immediately and in the close season would give him time to rebuild and replace the deadwood.As the old saying goes HE WHO HESITATES IS LOST!


Well Stale i hope that you will learn from the experience of trying to manage the shambles that is Wolverhampton Wanderers.FC.GOOD LUCK TO YOU!


The saga continues ... I was really wanting Stale to succeed, really wanting the players to relish learning a new, more sophisticated style of play, really wanting plaudits at Molineux, and most of all really wanting M & M to have the courage of their convictions and Jez - if you're going to patronise the fanbase with you 'may get worse before it gets better' platitude then you should stick by it.

Stale may well have been the wrong man for the job, given the intransigence of the dressing room, but the way he's handled himself in the wake of his sacking shows he has more dignity and professionanlism in his little finger than the bloated egos of Morgan & Moxey.

Over to you Dean, and good luck!

Old Golds Worth More

Its never nice to see somebody get sacked, but Stale should have held his hands up and admitted he had got things wrong. All we ever got was he was unlucky or so and so was unlucky, even in this interview he says he never had the luxury of picking his best players. Well I'm sorry but one of the managers jobs is to motivate people especially if they are not normally in the first team, this I'm afraid he failed to do, no team just relegated from the premiership should lose to a conference side. Okay there have been instances of this happening in the past (not very often I might add), and the reason is always a combination of bad management, coupled with lack luster performances from the players. Well the manager has paid the price for his failure to motivate etc, now its time for the players to knuckle down, or they to should pay the price. I just hope that Mr Saunders is one of the get tough brigade when it comes to man management, I always thought of MM being a get tough manager, but I think NOT being one was his ultimate downfall!

Well its the dawn of a new era, welcome to the cauldron Mr Saunders, sort this lot out quickly (no friends and no favourite's) and you just might stand a chance. I wish you the best of luck, and sincerely hope you do a fantastic job.


Stale you said you needed three windows, you barely got one. The 3/4 mill compo will help but I understand your professional principles - your pride will be hurt but you will come good again.

Like finchy said above, (to us as fans anyway), you did loose the dressing room - whether you asked them to do something which they couldn't or perhaps more likely wouldn't do is almost immaterial. You were the boss and therefore you carried that can. In your favour I will say one thing, the senior cohort of players need to ask themselves some serious questions as to their contribution to the current situation. If the new man calls time on their tenure they should not expect an outcry.

Some interesting observations in this piece to put further perspective on things - chris h, silver wolf, south bank amongst others.

So Stale you're moving on, you probably won't be thinking this way but consider yourself lucky.

Complex club the Wolves not necessarily for its own good. We wish it well.


I have mixed views. Firstly, I really likes Stale. He was an honest man who I thought could do big things in the long run. Blaming the team is a bit much however, because this team has proven to beat bigger teams who are currently doing better than us.

The fact is this. We didn't give him enough time, because I honestly could see that big things COULD happen, but even I will admit that being 18th in the league and loosing 1-0 to non league Luton is simply not good enough.

But the thing that enrages me HUGELY at the moment is some of the fans who will not give Dean Saunders a chance. We did drive Mick McCarthy and Stale out. Mike is right on the money saying we need to be careful for what we say, or Dean could be out next week. It's a dark and depressing time to be a Wolves fan, but lets hope that we can pull ourselves out of this. Out of the darkness comes the light (Not a direct quote).


He done well to make 750k as compensation. I couldn't earn that in 50 years!


Chris h, if Wolves were successfull winning every thing, we would not care who the owner was and we would not be talking about him now. I reckon a vociferous, significant amount of fans have put the owner under pressure to sack Mick and now Staale, i don't want to see Dean go the same way because of a significant amount of vociferous impatient fans. Lets get behind Dean from the outset and not the give the players any excuse to give less than 100%, how about starting with a full house friday night.COME ON THE WOLVES.