Luton 1 Wolves 0 - match report

Stale Solbakken’s six-month reign ended with the sack after Wolves were knocked out of the FA Cup by non-league Luton.

Alex Lawless’s superb volley in the 46th minute was all that separated the sides in a game the visitors should have won as owner Steve Morgan and chief executive Jez Moxey watched on grim-faced.

The top brass acted after the result – Wolves’ fourth defeat in a row – which left angry fans feeling like they have had enough as they chanted ‘you are getting sacked in the morning’ and ‘what a load of rubbish’ at the final whistle.

Kevin Doyle missed a golden chance to have put Wolves ahead in the sixth minute while the Ireland international also hit the underside of the bar and Christophe Berra hit the woodwork after the break and the returning Jamie O’Hara had a chip tipped over.

But in yet another second-half fadeout, Wolves were found wanting again in another performance without the passion, craft and flair demanded by the long-suffering supporters.

Solbakken made two changes to the side beaten 3-1 at Crystal Palace on New Year’s Day.

O’Hara made his first start since March and Anthony Forde started on the right as Richard Stearman and David Davis stepped down.

A fast and frantic start saw Wolves carve the opening chance after six minutes and they should have taken the lead.

Clean-through Doyle fired wide from inside the area after being left in the clear when Sylvan Ebanks-Blake flicked on Carl Ikeme’s giant kick.

Doyle was presented with a more difficult chance in the 20th minute from Bakary Sako’s cross, and with his back to goal, he mis-hit an overhead kick which trickled wide after a superb crossfield ball with the outside of his foot from O’Hara.

Luton had the next chance two minutes later, and it took brilliant reflexes from Carl Ikeme to spring from his line and smother Wolverhampton-born Andre Gray’s shot after Roger Johnson inadvertedly headed on a long ball under heavy pressure from Jon Shaw.

Gray had another opportunity soon after after cutting inside former Luton man Kevin Foley far too easily, but the in-form striker could only blaze well over from a decent position.

Wolves returned to the attack and O’Hara’s craft created an opening in the 32nd minute for Forde but the youngster mis-kicked at the vital moment and the opportunity was lost.

The visitors ended the first half on a high and should have gone into the break in front after gaining a head of steam.

First Doyle’s near post shot cannoned down off the underside of the bar and was cleared from Sako’s corner.

Then Sako’s fierce shot was superbly saved by Luton keeper Mark Tyler after Ebanks-Blake’s run and cross from the left.

From the way they were suddenly playing, Wolves didn’t really want the half to end.

But if they knew what was to follow, they would definitely have wanted to stay out on the pitch.

Within a minute of the restart, Lawless had volleyed Luton’s winner, smashing home a superb volley from the edge of the box after Christophe Berra headed away a deflected cross that had looped up.

It was a massive body blow to Wolves, who never looked like recovering in another desperately poor second half.

Berra headed against the top of bar from Sako’s centre as the shellshocked visitors tried to muster a rally.

There were nine minutes of time added on at the end of the game after JJ O’Donnell was stretchered off after a long delay.

But Wolves’ only attempt on goal was a chip from O’Hara that was tipped over.

The final whistle saw furious Wolves fans chanting ‘what a load of rubbish.'


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Comments for: "Luton 1 Wolves 0 - match report"


That's it!! Enough is enough! No clear idea what the Plan is, and no desire to wait any longer to find out. SS has to go. End of the line.

Norwegian wolves

Agree with you. Send him on the first plane home. He is usless and make me sleep badley.

1966 Wanderer

Time for a wholesale clear-out. Not just the manager but Morgan, Moxey and the under-performing players. The fans want (and deserve) for Wolves to be a great club again, but I just can't see it happening with this lot in charge. I genuinely fear another relegation is looming now. Very unhappy.


Agree 100%. Solbakken was on a hiding to nothing with the owner CEO and especially that disgraceful group of players half of whom should now follow him out of the door.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Im inclined to agree. Problem is its a bit like Russian roulette now. Sack him and reappoint or stick and get some real players in. Time to step up Steve. UTW


I think SS is going to do very well with Wolves, but things take time and he probably needs some signings rid dævkjøttet of players who will not do as he wants. He's incredibly talented, and must Wolves take another season in the Championship so it's going to be worth it. Replaced the coach now would of course provide a boost, but in the long term there is no solution.

Two transfer windows have him judge him after that.

No pain go gain


It's broken and SS doesn't know how to fix it. The players don't want to play for him or play his style. Im not all for sacking the manager, however, this isn't working. In this case we need a new leader who can re stoke the fire in Wolves. I'm at a loss as to who we can fix this any other way. Come on board Morgan, get behind the team, act now!!

Matt Wolf

Morgan can put SS and today's result in hos museum.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Don't worry he will be gone after the transfer window closes.


send for alan sugar,sack ss and moxey


Bear in mind we were heavily outplayed by a very good Luton side-who could easily outplay many championship sides on this evidence. There ain't much difference, if truth be told, between the championship and the conference,.

We could usefully look at recruiting Gray-he made our defence look distinctly second rate with his pace and strength.

loyal wulfrian

Enough is enough. The joker has to go. No passion by the players again and again and again.


Sack SS with immediate effect.

We all know what happened the last time the clowns pondered on a decision like this.


keith curl next manager

paul reeve

yessssssss he has gone first good thing of the day now what will m and m least we might have a bit of time to change things,will more players leave than arrive i reckon we need a coach load in both directions




Stale sacked......hooray

Now sack moxey

J3 James

Get that clown out of my club! Who would trust him in the January transfer window with our hard earned cash? I am such a mug for paying my money to watch this rubbish!


I think Stale needs more time, Moxley n co have got it wrong again, another few months and things would come together. This team has real potential, re-instate him immediately before its too late and we risk plain premiership football again : )

Ivery wolves

Excellent trainer,bad players old bad players from MM Need transfer Windows to rebuild his own team This team with MM filosofi Will stay in Champ ship the next 10 years Amateurs


Oh dear....

Can see this page flooded with 100's of Solbakken out posts.

andrew in australia

And rightly so hit thread STALE,

Sir Lupi

I am going to get roasted here, but Wolves were really good first half, if the chances had gone in we would of been 3-0 up within the first 20 minutes.

I think wolves were unlucky today, I feel sorry for Solbakken, I truly believe he will turn it around.


You could write the script for this match, it is not fair on the


One more day with this man in charge is putting our club in danger of unrecoverable damage. Get rid now before it’s too late. Get someone in who knows what football is all about. 9 home games and only one lucky win, an own goal. Now losing at a non league club has put the tin hat on it. At any other club this would mean the sack for the manager.

Thinking about things, if they sack Stale they’ll probably appoint somebody worse. I’m so gutted I could pull my hair out.


Not Much longer now ... We can live in hope.. Also no pies at the Peterborough game... That make it oh so worse...

chris h

Owner,Chief Executive,Team Manager,Trainers,Fitness Coach and last but not least each and every player;hang your heads in shame.Worse than Chorley.At least Chorley needed three attempts to beat us.

Filthy Wolf

Chorley was different. We were down lower and Turner had not even begun to start to change things. Bull and Thompson sat on the sidelines cup tied. This is AFTER changes. And it is worse than anyone of us expected. Yes, we knew it would be tough, but this is beyond the pale. I have supported SS to turn things about, but it's not even like AVB at Chelsea with a player's revolt. This is simply a manager out of his depth and lost. Will Moxey and Morgan do the decent thing and pay him off? Will Morgan swallow his pride and actually hire someone who will manage a team rather than whatever he was aiming for?

Oh, it's never dull being a Wolves fan. Miserable, yes, but never dull.

loyal wulfrian

This is a lot worse than Chorley. Totally agree with you. There was hope then, there is none now, unless this guy goes.

Notts Wolves

Question is will Morgan swallow his pride and dump that pathetic excuse of a CEO Moxey? Until we get rid of the most hated man in Wolverhampton, we're going nowhere.

Somerset Wolf

I like that Line going to pinch it.

Feel I would like to see paul Ince given a chance can't see how he could do worse!


Not going to another game until he's gone. Sack him now.

Chillo Wolf

Hopefully you will be at the next home game then pal


Totally agree!

This manager has achieved something in that he is breaking my love affair with Wolves!

Where now

Big decisions need to be made. So..where now.. ? Plz vote SACK or STAY

Mark Beardsmore

sack sack sack sack sack sack does that count as 6 votes?

Wolf at Gate

STAY, but get rid of some of the poor performing players !

The Real Bangkok Wolf


Sack him and new players, they are a disgrace.



Sack moxey he is the real manager to replace mm, established players about to go for nothing, kids contracts running out as well and employs a manager who is going to change our style so late in summer we are stuck with the likes of Johnson who looks like a moaning stroke victim at the back

wordsley wolf

thats it ! just when you think it can`t get any worse. laughing stock of the midlands i hope your happy morgan and moxey. our local derby will be walsall next season


and what wrong with Walsall we would welcome you to bescote so why dont you give the next wolves game a miss and come and see the Saddlers

Get the Muppets out.

Wolfman Jack

Would that be the players or the owners ?


vacancy at molinuex..............manager wanted.........


what!!! just a manager chief exec.and team proud to wear the shirt also required....


Sack him! Enough is enough! Then we may at least have a chance of avoiding yet another relegation!


Wolves official website offering player sale @£18.99! Don't suppose we will get many offers until the price comes down.


yes i would buy this lot @ £18 .99 for the lot need some help digging the allotment all this lot are good for, vegetables working with vegetables

Chase Terrace Wolf

I am lost for words how low does this club have to sink before something is done,and i don't just mean sacking the manager.Moxey and Morgan must take the brunt of the blame by appointing this clown in the first place was he ever gonna turn down the chance of coming here after just getting his previous team relegated i bet he couldn't believe his luck.

So glad i didn't renew as i saw this coming and my heart goes out to the ones who forked out there hard earned to watch this rubbish.

Selly park wolf

Totally agree!

Morgan will ruin the club. He has not got a clue.

I want to know on what grounds did he get the job?

Relegation last words on his CV, no experience in English football but available on the cheap, and that's where moxey comes in!

Bunghoolioo Wolf

He got the 'job'because he bought the club. As someone might buy a car. It's his to do with as he pleases more or less. I actually think in terms of long term vision he's got it right. The problem seems to be moxey and his inability to choose the right decision at the time. I.e. to employ a proper manager instead of TC. Employ a manager who understands the championship.

Maybe us fans are guilty of always expecting miracles too. This season was always going to be tough. Never thought it would be this bad though. Quite fancied the trip to wembley in play offs. UTW.

mr idiot

yeah im one of them , [mr idiot], but I think all wolves loyal as we are should stay away from the Blackburn game to put our point across !

Cannock Wolf

We all understand our performances are not acceptable and yes Solbaken and the rest of his backroom staff need to go but your comments about not renewing your season ticket sum you and all the other stay away supporters up YOUR NOT TRUE WOLVES supporters so dont comment and dont bother coming back to the club True fans will be their Friday night

Wolves till i die


What a couple of days: I lose my job, I've got to move back into my parents house and Wolves lose to Luton. Cheers lads...

Happy New Year.


Worse manager Wolves have ever seen. Time to go, maybe even a few games ago, were going nowhere!

The legends who have worn the gold shirt in years gone by must be ashamed to watch this lot wearing the same jersey!

Wonder whether he'll jump or wait to be pushed?

If they decide to back him, I'm sure there'll be lots of empty seats at the next home game!

Matt Wolf

SS must go.

But what's the point when Morgan will make another cheap and poor decision?

Morgan is the problem!

kent mitch

well said.morgan is the root of our problems.we had 3 years in prem league and went backwards,not forwards!!! now we are going even further backwards doing cartwheels!!! we drag our heels over takes us ages to sort out getting a player in.and a manager!!! all down to penny pinching.look at forest.sacked boss n had another in place within days!!! we get rid of mick and we take weeks to appoint terry connor.then even longer to get stale.all comes back to morgan.he dosn't care in our club.only in himself!!!

The Truth Hurts

Completly agree with you. Morgan and Moxey have got to have lost the plot. What chairman in his right mind gives up a place in the premier league without a fight, Its hard enough to get there without being made to look the laughing stock of football. MORGAN SELL UP AND TAKE MOXEY WITH YOU.

darlo wolves



Totally agree 100% sure come the headlines Monday.



at least we can now concentrate on promotion in the league eh!

What have I done so bad that I have to put up with this tripe.

Wolves till I die (sigh)


Agree with 100 per cent, Born a Wolves supporter, born to suffer lifelong pain. Utw

Sir Reginald

No manager can get these lot to play with confidence. Most of them are over rated and over paid.


Sir Reginald well said, it was said that these players wer giving there all !! not on the pitch they aint.

rubbish its a pitty we got a chairman who doesnt like to spend when needed, because untill we get rid of this lot of lazy yousless bunch of fairies.

You lost to luton, you shouldnt be allowed to put on the shirt again.

O and all manager bashers, did he make doyle miss from inside the box with just the keeper to beat on six mins. you call yourselves fans just open your eyes and blame the right people for a change.

this club is run so badly, Do you realy xspect anything diferant?


Sir Lupi

Totally agree, Brian Clough would struggle with this lot. One thing is for sure, he'd get rid of the lot of em. SS can't be expected to make a purse out of a sow's ear. They stopped playing for mick, there is something rotten within this set of players.

It's the players not the manager.

Back Solbakken this January Morgan, or else wim going down mate.


utter rubbish!!, this has to be the final straw SS has to go, total embarrassment for us fans, this game was the perfect opportunity to play a few fresh faces who havnt got the losing mentality, but no SS goes with the same old rubbish apart from O'Hara starting and he isnt exactly match fit yet,...when we called all the young players back from loan i really thought they would be given a chance but no within a day they have nearly all been shipped back out on loan.

This has been more depressing than getting relegated last season as even the basic passion has gone, I have had a season ticket now for 25 years but as soon as that early bird comes through the door it will go straight back with a nice letter telling them what they can do with it,... until the show the same desire and passion as me i for one will keep away as I for one feel just like the club dont give a damn about its fans and we are just cash cows for them.

Matt Wolf

Surely there's no way Wolves would even go through the embarrasment of offering early bird?

WW Fan for LIfe

Just coming home from the game and can't believe what's happened, we looked poor.

My only consulation was that SS would now be sacked, come on JM, SM don't let me down.

Sack this clown and bring in a manager who understands our league before we drop to 1st division.

The Lord of Bradmore

Come on Morgan get rid of Stale.

How much more have we got to put up with this.

Fed up wolves fan

Not fit to wear the shirt.Morgan will do nothing till next month when it is to late div1 here we come

ding dong

how much longer are we going to put up with this manager, he just hasn,t got a clue, this was wolves more or less first team and couldn,t even score ,never mind win, they should make those players refund all the away fans their price for their tickets, embarassing


Can you hear Morgan sing? No no!

gold and black blood



you should stay in luton and go to the airport and get a plane home.

all you who shouted for micks head are now gonna be shouting for ss head now..mickS not looking so bad now is he !!!

ss is on the radio now saying that match was not an embrrassment and he still thinks hes doing a good job and is job is safe ...what planet is he on..


Realistic Wolf

Get real Mick was rubbish as are his team (the present bunch of no hopers who got us relegated) Get rid of the lot.


Moxley joined 2000 since then we have had 7 managers and 2 owners its clear to me who should be going


When mm was sacked because thats what some not all wanted I wrote be careful what you wished for those who wanted mm out. I was gutted then and i am even more gutted now. Do you think that since Patrick Weiser came in we have got worse or is that my imagination. I cannot believe how bad we are.

He's lost the plot

Please please please go now, get O'Driscoll in a.s.a.p


Gold and black blood, get O'Driscall in so we can be saying the same thing in six months time!! do you realy think this bunch of no hopers can play any better for some one els ? if you do your mad.

get of the Stale,s back and demand these so called footballers all P__s o__. ASAP

Doyle clean through and couldnt put his shot on target. Its a squad of players that Stale inherited in hind sight maybe he,s the one who should have turned the job down.

Your deluded if you think that this bunch will play better for somone els.



Why do we do that stupid huddle iswt

fat boy jamie

kelvin Henry is up for sale at pound land, but has not had any offers yet


This must be the pits.

Decision time for Steve Morgan.


How embarrassed I feel now,how much longer do we carry on with this trio of useless incompetent leaders.


Can things get any more depressing?

The manager has to take responsibility for performances and results - to say that neither have been good enough is an understatement. Not all his fault, but that's the nature of the job.

While undoubtedly the players have not been performing and some changes are required, I am afraid that I would find it difficult to have enough confidence in Solbakken being the one to make those changes. He seems to have run out of ideas and it is not unthinkable that the slump carries us closer and closer to a relegation fight.

His media performances are surprisingly open, probably too much so, and he does not inspire confidence in being able to get players playing for him.

The man responsible for this mess though is Steve Morgan - (1) kept MM too long after staying up for second season (2) did not invest enough in team (3) kept MM too long (4) appointed TC (5) appointed a manager with insufficient knowledge of British football.

Big decisions ahead for him now.

Blokko Wulf

Good lord, whatever next

Assume that by the time this makes the site Stale will have gone.

I found a handy list:

Alan Knill

Henning Berg

Mark Robson

Peter Reid

Alan Shearer

Iain Dowie

Mick Wadsworth

Phil Brown

Andy Scott

Jamie Pitman

Micky Mellon

Richard O'Kelly

Andy Thorn

Jim Magilton

Neale Cooper

Roberto Di Matteo

Avram Grant

John Barnes

Nick Barmby

Roy Keane

Billy Davies

John Sheridan

Owen Coyle

Sammy McIlroy

Brian Horton

Keith Hill

Paul Groves

Sean O'Driscoll

Carl Fletcher

Keith Millen

Paul Hart

Simon Davey

Dave Penney

Kenny Dalglish

Paul Ince

Steve Cotterill

Gary Megson

Lawrie Sanchez

Paul Jewell

Steve Kean

Gary Simpson

Lee Bradbury

Paul Peschisolido

Sven-G. Eriksson

Geraint Williams

Les Parry

Paul Simpson

Terry Brown

Gerard Houllier

Mark Hughes

Peter Jackson

Terry Connor

Gordon Strachan

Mark McGhee

My view would be Owen Coyle is a good manager in this division and the Prem (I can dream). He is a realistic choice.


Owen Coyle... Christ? Did you not notice what happened to Bolton?

mr idiot

billy davies


I looked down your list and one name caught my eye.

Strange my choice should be the same as yours...Owen Coyle.

Don't think he will want to wreck his CV by coming to Molineux...sigh.


In peace.. Di Canio? O Driscoll best choice I would say - Wolves man. Hope Wolves get sorted soon.


You forgot to mention Jose Mourinho and Jesus, the two Stale holds in great esteem.

tipton wolf

Paul ince i rekon he could do well he loves wolves he showed that wen he playd for us

The Wanderer

Don't even suggest Owen Coyle - worse than McCarthy


You could write the script for this match it is not fair on the people of Wolverhampton or those loyal supporters who pay hard earned money to attend the matches.

A total shambles l listened to Stale on WM post match you listen to it "plan a" did not work neither did "plan b".

To be honest he did not have a good explanation keeps saying they are all in it together, players are behind him and not worried about his job?

Carnage at the Molinuex


Embarrassed and humiliated again however the really sad thing is most Wolves fans probably were expecting a defeat today. Apathy is fast engulfing the very life blood of this great club the Fans. Apart from the happy clappers i would suggest that the majority of supporters can see that we are going backwards at an alarming rate and relegation is more than a real threat now. How can these 2 idiots at the top let this go on any longer. This experiment has failed and if we dont act now relegation will be more and more probable with every passing game. Good bye Stale bread take your philosophy elsewhere cause it certainly wont work in the Championship. Absolute disgrace !!!!!!!


Sorry to hear that Rancor. Hope things turn for You soon.

More important things than this shower at times

Mark Beardsmore

ah well.. what can you say about that then? feel ashamed to be a wolves fan at the minute. . its definitely time for a change now. just leave stale please and we will forget it ever happened.

Davies 1729

How much longer have fans got to put with such underperformance from whole team.

Morgan & moxey must sort or go, bring back Sir Jack


We are laughing stock of football,please sack stale please .

Alan in Cyprus

Decision time.

There is no future for our once great club with the current set-up.

Thank You for all that you have done, we wish you all the best for the future Mr Solbakken.


Soooooo Sad


So did Stale's new style of play take us to paradise? "No, Luton Airport!"

MM was sacked at the wrong time, SS needs to be sacked NOW.


If you think that M and M are going to admit their mistakes then you live in cloud cuckooo land. Did they when they got rid of MM? No

What manager admits their mistakes? BR

Listen, if you get a chance, to BBC WM Return of the Clangers skit (On Daz Hale today 12-2.00) with the two Ms.

I could hardly stop laughing. It brightens up the football negative that will soon pass. Moxey at least did say things would get worse. I now respect him but not Money bags builder.

We are in for the long haul and we have to make the best of the worst.

Things can only get better. Getting rid is not an option for the M and Ms for the above reason.

MM proved M and M and misguided fans wrong. That is the best way to get your own back. Actions not words.

Lets wait for the future actions until end of the season. then we can judge, not the manager but the mangers of the manager :)

UTW forever


Ooops I got that one wrong BUT so have the M and Ms

Yet another Knee jerk reaction to M and Ms mistake - that of trying to please fans and save their own embarassment.

Failed on bioth accounts

Will we see Mick coming through the front door again? or Brucie?

No one and I mean no one will want to be Wolves manager when the Mand Ms are here

Pathetic, mindless greed on behalf of the Morg.

New manager will be unable to buy new players, get new staff in before window closes. Oooooh, that saves Morg money.

Get the videos off Stale for the new person if they can get one.

Stale - you were different and as such you would never have fitted in here with the Morg,. Best regards for the future - You at least tried but you can not pick players up from a damn awful mess created by The MORG!

somerset exile.

when will this end,these muppets are spineless,it has now gone to far, changes from top to bottom are needed,before we join walsall.




A new low for Jez Moxey's band of duffers.

But the bets are it'll be the bald bloke from IKEA made the scapegoat, just like ever manager who has been kicked out under the Fat Controller.


rubbish,rubbish ,rubbish ,i tell you something if this carries on we will be playing luton in2to3years time.

Yorkshire Wolf

Pathetic. Can't see us winning another game whilst SS remains in charge.

A few signings in January won't put this right.

Moxey out.

Tyke wolf

Pay the compensation and get Gus poyet please

Em Wolf

Can't believe what I have seen today! Something seriously needs to be done!! We are just a laughing stock!!

London Wolf

There is a Ryanair flight from Stansted to Oslo tomorrow at 13.45, I offer to transport the manager there myself and happily pay the £108 one way fare.

old goldy grumpy numpty

boycott the blackburn game..........if you love the wolves!

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Please all wolves fans boycott the first half then shame Morgan and Moxley on the tv.

The media will be massive for this match sky, Al Jazeera ect,

Show the world what we are with this lot in charge.

Name and shame is the only thing that we can do to make a change,


Ikeme Foley Johnson Berra Ward, Forde Henry O'Hara Sako, Doyle, SEB,Salbaken,Morgan, Moxey hold your heads in shame..

A full strength first team today and still couldnt beat Luton, and all big nose mcarthy players apart from sako.Yes the manager has a responsibility but also the players should be blamed aswell....Just waiting to hear next weeks quotes...


This is a disgrace. Have supported WWFC since 1959 and have never seen such a clueless team put out in an old gold shirt. The Palace game was poor - no passion, no idea but today is the end. Get rid before it is too late.

Selly park wolf

Well thanks mr Morgan! Now there's a piece of history you can put in that pathetic over priced museum of yours!

Please sell our beloved club to someone that cares and go back to scouse land.

What happened to those dreams!

A new 50,000 stadium and competing in the PL????

You have made us the laughing stock of the league.

At least when we lost to chorley the club was almost bankrupt and we were in the old 4th division.

This is IMO the worst result in our history!


I agree wth your historical perspective, it probably is the worst result in the Club's history. Even more disturbingly I believe we are headed down the same financial route as Morgan must now be contemplating a cut and run strategy.


To moxey and Morgan, this is- our club not yours. You have made us a laughing stock, I was at the chorley game in 86, it didnt feel as bad as this does tonight,

Neil Collins agent

Wolves must give Stale a chance! Here is a man who is proven at this level in English hang is a man who is proven at the top flight of European hang on....the only hope is Blackburn try to poach him.


And the award for best joke of the year 2012/13 is


Thanks Morgan/moxey I blame you for poor appointments,poor decisions,poor transfer plans, inept in your abilities to develope a football team do you really think a new stand creates a better team?

Disgrace you should take a long hard look in the mirror and question your own role in wolves downfall


Can you hear Morgan sing? No no! Here's an idea Steve , let's play in all red! Then you might actually start to get interested !'!!!!!!

I feel sorry for Stale as he has been horribly let down by this bunch of losers.

I think he cant come back from this and has to go.

His big mistake when he came in was not to start a big clear out and get rid of the dead wood in the squad.

instead he gave henry an extended contract, and has offered Berra another.


Surely this has to be the end! It has been a truly shameful day to follow such horrendous performances over Christmas. Morgan & Moxey have to act before relegation follows. We need to give the new man the rest of the window and the twenty league games to rescue the shambolic season. Sean O`Driscoll knows the club/area and he plays football or Mark Bowen may be a good shout, he has a wealth of playing experience and lots of experience as a number two in the PL and Championship. Look at how well Hughton and Steve Clarke have done since stepping up.

Geoff Pardoe

Come back Mick, all is forgiven - after another pathetic shambles of a performance that has become the norm.

I cannot believe that we have gone so quickly to such mediocrity that we are now unable to beat a non-league side.

The Wanderer

Because it was so much better under McCarthy!! Please don't go there!



mick is mainly the reason for where we are. Not Stale but he is also to blame for the same thing.

they keep playing these bottlers and losers. remember after narrowly escaping relegation in our 2nd season .At the start of the 3 season Mick said he was happy with the squad. He had lost more games than the teams that went down with this squad but didnt think a big clear out was needed????

thats why he is a not a premiership manager like Rednapp who can see the QPR squad is full of journeymen and those only in it for a big pay day.He is quickly trying to change it to keep them up. Stale should have done the same

Just think Chelsea want to let go lampard and cole after years of winnings things, and we find it hard to get rid of doyle,berra,edwards,stearman, foley, ward.hunt after 2 and a half shambolic seasons and awful performances and getting relegated.

If you disagree and think these players are good, how is it that no one else wants them and is prepared to offer money???

Ex Wolf

Very very disappointing, I hear mr moxey was not very happy in the Luton directors box....but if you make your bed then you MUST lie in it! I hear it is nice at Ipswich, perhaps Jezebel could follow his brother in law there and give us all hope?

paul reeve

40 years as a fan ,how much more rubbish do we have to endure.If Solbakken is not gone by the next match the fans will have to boycott it .It cant continue like this, Mick Mccarthy is a good championship manager,should have gone when we went up .Tc is a cartoon character not a Wolves manager and Solbakken is a Danish LEGEND OR IS IT A LEG END.Did morgan and moxey not watch any danish football before they employed him,i have lots of danish friends and they are all laughing. They know how bad their football is,remember there are more pigs in denmark than people.Also when will someone in charge notice that as a premiership club we had an aweful defence and amazingly we still have. not suprisingly as we havent changed it at all. Berra SAID HE WANTED TO LEAVE LAST YEAR AS HE WANTED A NEW CHALLENGE,WHAT A LAUGH WHO WOULD WANT HIM. Johnson the blues wonder boy sent to relegate us i am sure, he certainly wont be a wolves great. Finally will people stop going on about super Doyle ,the striker who runs around like andy keogh puts in a shift but for a 6.5 million player has forgotton how to score a goal whats the point of harping on about how much he run from end to end when he just doesnt do the buisness .GOODBYE SOLBAKKEN OR GOODBYE M AND M AHHHHHHH

Wednesbury wolves

1 good thing to come out of today, Morgan is selling!!!!!!!!!! Hooray hooray, 2-3 bidders up for it, not builders or chicken farmers, so things looking up, just need to sack foley Berra Ohara Henry ward stearman Doyle, good luck to the next manager, you are going to need a miracle to work with moxey and these overpaid useless morons!!!!!!!!!!!!! My vote would be for mr Tata bid. Heard 50m is what it's going for, so not a bad return on £10, Morgan and moxey thank you for taking me for a fool, I did know deep down but wanted to believe, not any more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where have you read that morgan is selling?

mick mccarthy was sacked for less, should have kept him, wolves are getting what they deserve.

Bruce, Trinidad

Agree with all the above. Do the fans count Moxey? Or are you still waiting for the players to "understand the style"?

Benny Rolex

Should be pumped tonight...but as you all know we got morgan and moxey who will hold out till march when we are in the bottom 4 when its all too late too late like lemmy said.

Dont expect morgan and moxey to sign any players to help our manager stale or whoever comes in next to save our club from th drop.

Step grandad

Spent the dough on kids that weren't even his or he could of had one. Does Morgan need any electricians. I bin doing it 15 years and I ain't qualified.


Oh dear Morgan / Moxey this is all your fault.

We were in the Prem - after that 1st season it was obvious Mick had done all he could and fair play to him for doing a great job. He should have been given a proper golden handshake and thankyou and then we should have kicked on with a new manager and built the team up instead of building a stand. Those players who got us up OVER ACHIEVED for 2 years in the prem - they could not go on forever like that, they are now sadly devoid of any confidence, game plans or confidence in their own abilities (e. g Doyle - once a sharp goalscorer who got turned into a lone up front worker whose only aim in life was to hold up the ball). You got rid of Mick when it was far too late and made a right cock up of it - the rest is history which sadly puts us where we are today.

MORGAN please don't treat Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club like a plaything - if your construction company was run like this you would be living in a cardboard box on the ring road now.

Bricks and Mortar

Spot on m8 only problem now we will only attract a championship manager who aim will be to avoid relegation


spot on....i think any manager would struggle with what players we have...our only class players sold, some good buys all injured and we're left with micks dross who are just not good enough anymore


Solbakken hasn't got the players on his side and it's going to be too much money for the club to change the playing staff around in this transfer window. The way team is going we will be going down into League One, also I wouldn't trust Solbakken with the money to build his team, there's only Sako who's been a good buy so far. A good manager would pick and prepare the team to the strengths of the players, yes the players got to take their share of the blame and so does Moxey and Morgan, but we have spent over 10 million this season and look where we are. Sean O'Driscoll would do more with these players, or look at the job that Kenny Jacket is doing at Millwall with a team in all respect is pushing above their weight. But then would I trust Morgan to bring in the right manager? Well no! Someone at the club needs to sort this mess out.

The Molineux Ghost

Why oh why am I still a Wolves fan ??? What's even worse is that losing against Luton today comes as no surprise to me.


Not possible to just turn your back on them though is it?


wolves till we die why are we surprised we should be used to it by now


Back him with funds immediately or sack him. I personally, like many others, do not see a clear strategy from SS, and do not believe he is the man to take this club forward. I do however hope that Wolves had a contingency plan in place with targets in mind if SS didn't work out. If Moxey and Morgan genuinely believe he's our man they need to act with financial support. Unfortunately, my crystal ball tells me we'll be indecisive, wait till they transfer window closes, sack him, and faff about employing a novice after advertising that the job is not for a novice. Stop taking the cheapest option! Money talks in football!


This has to be the best result for all Wolves fans, because it MUST be the end of the line for a manager who has proven to be totally out of his depth in British football!

If the senior management will not listen, the only action left that will focus their minds is to boycott the games. It seems Mr Morgan only understands on thing..... Money, so we best voice our view in the way he will understand, with low attendances and zero early bird renewals.


Morgan has made this 'left field' decision to bring in the previously unknown Stale which has clearly not worked out. The question is will he be too stubborn to admit he's got it wrong and get rid, as well as suffering the potential financial loss of getting rid and looking a bit foolish along the way!!

Ted the Wolves

Players don't want play for him, he does not have any idea what's he doing. Morgan/Moxey need to spend to turn things around. We all have our views but nothing seems to happen.

This as got to be the lowest point as a supporter for over forty years for me, will someone in the club grow a pair and talk to the fans.

Things have to change, we have one of the best squads in the league. I am thinking about different managers all the time but they have all been employed then sacked give up!!

He goes - just an idea no need to respond. Alan Curbishley and Jody Craddock.

Come on Wolves sort this mess out!!!

Muzza's mumblings

Curbishly won't come now he would want to start in a job before pre season but also he would want a club that would back him on his choices financially and not interfere....moxey won't allow that!

S new

SACK HIM NOW !!! And get someone who can bring in players with passion to wear the shirt & someone who understands how english football is played. Lets forget this season for anything but staying in this division & build for a possitive challenge to the Premiership next season. Any true Wolves supporter can see Moxey & Morgan are lucky to be in such a job and they need to realise this and show us fans passion for our club we love so much and spend our hard earned cash with employing the right manager & players

Come on Wolves Fight On .........


Can understand the calls for the sacking of SS but, every week we keep hearing that Doyle missed a golden chance or SEB missed a sitter from 6 yards. If the players cannot hit the back of the net how is that the managers fault.

I say clear the lot out and get players from a Sunday League, they can't be any worse can they.

Sydney Wolf


loyal wulfrian

Doyle and SEB are missing chances beccause their confidence is low, we need a manager who is good at man management and get the players believing in themselves, then you will see the results improve, that is never going to happen with SS

Dan the Man

Today, the team had an opportunity to make a statement. It had the chance to establish a benchmark.

What happened? Well, neither of the above. So how bad is our team? In my Wolves Almanac 2013, I joked about playing in the West Midlands Regional League. After today's debacle, I think that could well be our level.

Now consider this: It is blatantly obvious the team are not happy playing the manager's system. And to be honest, that is at least in their defence. In fact, it is the only thing in their defence.

Tippy-tappy football cannot be played with a 4-4-2 formation. Either the formation changes, or the style of football changes. Add to the equation the fact the team are not good enough to play Solbakken's style, whether it be 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 (better) or even (jokingly) 10-0-0. So, the conclusion is we need to play a style of football our bunch of losers can actually get their heads around.

I don't see Solbakken backing down from his style of play. The obvious conclusion is that either he quit's the club, or he is asked to leave. This is not the end of our problems though.

The pound shop mentality of Moxey means we are unlikely to get a replacement manager of any quality, because the only people to want the job will be in it purely for the cash. That's because there will be no financial support for a new manager. We shall be trawling for cut-price players who will either go on the sick list after a few months (at the most), will fail to hold down a first team place, or just be loaned out to another club shortly after arriving. Our younger players will continue to be sidelined, or loaned out as well, and our new manager will have to just do the best of a very bad job.

My diagnosis of the club (if it's not already been seen coming), and in medical terms, is that this patient is very sick. There is a cancer which needs to be cut out and I think it starts with Moxey.

Let's hope major surgery is performed immediately, lest the patient dies an undignified death.


I don't agree.....The team DID make a statement and it DID establish a benchmark.........................


Give Luto Town credit. They deserved to win today. Wolves fans are suffering at the moment, Luton fans have had nothing but heatache for the past few years,so don't you dare begrudge them a bit of happiness.


We're Wolves fans on here and don't give a toss about other teams and what they may have been through.

Jack ♣ Hat.


They are up to their ears in their own troubles to have any sympathy for others.



Comments here will not change anything. If no positive moves this week boycott the next home game and watch it elsewhere. This will at least send a signal to the Wolves board that the fans have had enough.


enough is enough, stalle has got to go,but you just know morgan will make another cheap appointment.

Killarney Wolf

As I said last week get Sean O'Driscoll in pronto

and give him a free reign.

Watching Wolves since 1967 this really is the worst ever

Obvious at start of season major changes had to be made.

Seriously thinking of throwing in the towel this time.

Embarresed to say i support Wolves

We have become a laughing stock.

I spoke to Stale at start of season re changes

My words obviously went on deaf ears.

Wolf at Gate

I think he will go to Barnsley !



Fellow supporters, I suggest that we now boycott any further matches until they get the message. Sir Jack - we need you to buy the club back from Morgan and get proper management back in control of the club before Peterborough pass us by and we prop up the Championship.


Suspect Sir Jack would only buy back for the tenner he sold it for and the word is that Morgan is looking for £50 million . Nice profit of £49,999,990.


The only fault with your comment is that Sir Jack actively head hunted Jez Moxey while John Richards was at the club. From a business point of view i should imagine Moxey would be seen as have been doing a good job, from a football side of things we all know different.

I so wanted Stale to succeed but alas it seems not so. Perhaps it is a case of being the right manager/coach at the wrong time.

chris h

Stevepats, The football side is the business side and if the football side fails,as it currently is doing,the business fails.Money in the bank will soon be gone when revenues fall.And curently they are falling like a stone.


Having watched the gutless, clueless performance against Mick's Ipswich I wondered where the next goal was going to come from let alone the next point! Surprisingly SEB scored v Palace (albeit when game was over at 3-0). Today's result could be a blessing. SS hasn't got a clue. Tactics - what tactics! He clearly can't motivate the players. He has to go.

Whoever we appoint needs to have control over the team and players they bring in. Moxey needs to keep his nose and chins out of this and stick to what he's good at...sorting out players contracts etc. Come on Morgan...smell the coffee. Can't you see what's going on? Sort it out or the chants the other day - Que sera sera, we're going to Shrewsbury - will soon be so true

i feel really sorry for Stale as he has been let down by the biggest bunch of losers and bottlers I have even seen at this club.

But i feel he has made big errors of judgement and I dont think he will survive to the next game.

He should have started a big clear out of the dead wood when he came in, but didnt.

It's clear that Foley,Ward,Berra,stearman,Doyle,Edwards,Henry had given their all but most have had their day at the club and needed to go.

Instead he has give henry a big contract and has kept Berra,SEB, who are not committed to staying on at the club.

His biggest mistakes was not employing a coach with experience of english football.

Given time a passing style will work imo but not if you dont close down the opposition and put tackles in.

I have never seen any team win promotion in this league where you dont put pressure on the opposition, and

this is one reason why we have no control in the games and get overrun.


best comment i have read in ages, i feel its time for s to go as he wont be given a war chest to do what he needs, its shoestring time as mox and morg want to hold onto the money and do it all on the cheap

who ever is the manager will have a hard time with a board who wont spend and fans who want it now

Incandescent Wolf

Morgan and Moxey, speak to the fans as a matter of urgency. You are in for the biggest humiliation of your lives next Friday because if things continue as they are, I am predicting a massive walk-out and this will be on national television. How will your egos take this? Or don't you care? Answers on a pin-head.

Darriel Terry

time to go get him out while we here maybe the board need ask questions about how there going to get the clubs future back on track stale certainly isnt the answer and maybe the has been football players are passed it after there time under mick fresh team.

fresh tactics. maybe a fresh board I support this club through thick and thin however when the progress made in the past 9 years is being reversed and not financially then we have to ask questions about the running of the club and wheres 60million gone from transfers and premier league payments?


Everything will stay as it is and on Friday we will lose 1-0 to a Danny murphy late goal........... You wait and see

g wolf

be careful what you wish for. it takes two years on average for a new manager to stamp his own imprint on the club ask ferguson ,cullis and benitez at liverpool.

andrew in australia

This guy came to Wolves with a questionable managerial record and should leave on Monday morning knowing that he has brought our club to its knees.

Sean O'Driscoll for me, and bye bye. to a few players as well JOHNSON BERRA .SEB AND FOLEY to name a few

Tipton Wolves

Why didn't Solbakken use some young players like Cassidy and Batth instead of sticking the same old players week in, week out and also sticking players out of position.

Solbakken is clueless, sack him now.

Wolf at Gate

Keep Stole, and get rid of some of the underperforming players, Most are average at best, and know they will never hack it in the Premiership again . We need hungary players again. MM put a lot of these players on nice 3 & 4 year contracts !!!


Hungarians rarely hack it in the championship!!!

rowley wolf

after todays defeat,the top brass morgan & moxey have surely gotta sack stale! just hasnt got a clue about english game & is out of his depth,but i dont blame stale,he got offered a job at a big club & took it,but the fact is,he should never have been offered the job in first place.the blame go's to moxey & morgan,last year when they sacked mick,which i think was the right thing to do,he done a fantastic job but could take us no further & should have probably have gone earlier in season! but the problem with this was it was moxey & morgans job to replace him with a top manager but failed to do so & again in the summer after relegation,there was managers out there out of a job the likes of curbishley,bruce proven at this level but instead we went with a unknown who had just been sacked from his previous job! so instead of moving forward by getting rid of mick we have moved ten steps back & are in danger of playing lg1 if we dont stop rot now! but i believe if we sack stale the problem wont go away because i dont think morgan wants to put money in the club,he's all about how much money he can make out of wolves! so if stales sacked which i think he will be,i dont believe he will be replaced by a top manager,morgan & moxey will replace him with the cheap option,which seems to be the fans choice & the wrong choice o'drisscoll.ive been hearing fans bang on about it on this forum for weeks get in o'drisscoll! why because he's a wolves fan & from wolverhampton? look he was unlucky to get sack at forest,but whats he ever done in his career? nothing,apart from abit of sucess in the lower leagues! come on he even got the sack from doncaster & you fans want him at wolves,the ones who want him are deluded & this will be another backwards step for club,we might aswell have just kept mick for christs sake! so morgan if you care about this club one bit,stop listening to fat jez but your money in your pocket,get us a decent manager & give him some funds,otherwise it could be lg1 next season!

Polly Pentire

Spot on Rowley - we need a Hughes.


Lu-ton Town one, Wol-ver-hamp-ton Wan-der-ers nil. 12 knives through the heart. One for each syllable.


Yet another load of crap from this bunch of so called players, and the manager and his so called back up staff they all seam to have no answer to this, so Moxey and this shower is go now. I have been a Woles supporter for over 60 years now but enough is enough. I sad a few weeks ago that this bunch could not beat my local team Spalding United so loosing to Luton Town today is as bad as when we lost to Chorley, all thiose years ago. So do the fans a favour Moxey & SS go now so can perhaps get somebody in who can bring us some pride back to our famous club.




After his comments early in the week about players needing to be moved out did anyone really think they would perform against luton.The club is in a mess from top to bottom the manager was the cheap option after the mess moxey and morgan made giving connor the job .Who would want to manage the club when the manager as no real say in who they want to buy,

moxey as all the control .Who ever we have as manager as to make do with the players we have got .As long as moxey is here the club will never move on on the playing side

wolfo-sign the dinner l

Yep that's it enough is enough stale out, leave the bloody bus there in luton, What an utter disgrace shambles sick and tired of it now, What excuses shall we be reading tomorrow, we are sick of it just shut your mouths we don't want to hear it!

Has luton got an airport? Stale ? Can you figure that out?


Well done lads! Before today we were only the laughing stock of the midlands, now we have conquered the rest of the country, quite an achievement in one afternoon. perhaps jez can immortalize our heroes in an exhibit in our fairly priced museum, under the headline "the day we kept the mighty Luton down to one!"


Very Funny, still on the floor laughing!

Its true. We are a joke


O'Driscoll in! Now! before Barnsley get him!

Balham wolf

It's sadly not the manager it's the players. Solbakken has nothing to work with. A lot of the players have premiership experience they should be ashamed of themselves.

What a disaster - time to make some whole sale player changes as this current squad are not worthy of wearing the shirt.


if he stays he needs massive backing funds wise and we need 5-6 players and we need to move out anything from 5-10 players give them free's if we have too.

would like to see some of our young guys given more chances and see griffiths given a go


DROSS PURE DROSS surely the axeman cometh, abstaining from the MOL until changes. Supporter and fan since the mid 50.s.


The only thing that will bring about change is to stay away until the situation improves. The only thing Morgan, Moxey and the players? understand is cashflow. And when they don't have any we will see a different attitude.

You keep turning up and they will carry on as before. When they start playing to an empty stadium you will see a transformation.


It's time to go

Please go


Absolute disgrace, solbaken hasn't got a clue! Sat near the front against Ipswich and the players not even talking to each other! Got to make a change now or relegation is a real possibilityi

Cookley Wolf

I've noticed the same thing at Molineux, players not talking. No passion, anger, motivation coming from the captain. Total absence of leadership from the team, from the manager and coaching staff, from the CEO and from the owner. Does no-one care? Someone please do something!


Sell the hoofballers for any price.

Wednesbury wolves

Hang your heads in shame so called wolves players, I hope which ever cheap option of a manager comes in next( which it will be) he knows the reason why 3 managers before him were sacked, because not 1 single player after today should play again in a wolves shirt, 6th January should be, new manager new CEO and a new squad!!!! Thanks stale it was never going to happen with these useless overpaid morons!!!!!! All the best for the future!!!!!!! HAS MOXEY GONE YET????????????????!!!!!!

Mensa Wolves

Despite winning another bundle on the result it does NOT take the sting out of this abject failure.

We are five days in to the transfer window so I have a feeling these money-grabbing owners aren't bothered.

What can we do, Wolves fans? What can we do?? I for one can no longer sit on my hands and wish things better... we need action.


I must admot, I am now beginning to sense my unrealistic optimism has run its course with this set-up, from owner, CEO, manager, talent scouts, all the way down to the players themselves.

Goodness grief, just atrocious.

I feel Wolves have unceremoniously exhumed the remains of the decayed bones of the Chorely Town FA Cup debacle.

New low, same old Wolves!

Still love them, for sure, but this is becoming a relationship fraught with discord and disappointment.

Mr. Morgan, please grow a pair and step up and sort this out!



Well what a suprise being beten by Luton did any Wolves fan belive we were going to win.

This bunch of players? have got rid of three managers now ( fully expect SS to go) and still they are getting away with it. As I have said before put them all on the transfer list & play the youngsters plus a few new players and we might just keep us in the championship. Morgan & Moxey need to go, they are no good for the club and I would like to know where as all the money gone.

Lord Brewood

So where do we go now? The whole club is folding from top to bottom. This defeat ranks alongside Chorley November 1986 & no doubt about it we are now the laughing stock of football.

What concerns me most is that there is no apparent leadership from the owner downwards. Morgan appears paralysed, the C.E. is incapable of making rational football decisions because he can only see profit & does not possess the capabilities required to identify and appoint the right people for the right jobs - Director of Football, Manager & Coaches not to mention attracting & signing the right players.

The manager appears to be hopelessly out of his depth in English football without a clue to communicate how he wants the players to play & the players have clearly lost faith in the manager and have let the fans down in the worst possible way - by appearing not to care when they cross the white line.

Changes have to be made NOW! As the owner it is your duty Mr Morgan to make those changes starting with SS & his coaching staff followed very closely by Moxey who has to be held accountable for his lamentable decision making on the football side.

Finally the players who have dragged the Wolves famous name thru the mire in the last 2 sorry years must be shipped out.

We know who they are!! Bring new experienced blood in & be brave & give the young kids a go.

Whoever is brought in as manager has the most monumental job to turn our fortunes around to keep us in the Championship.



Waffle Wolf

The worst thing is that a lot of us are not remotely surprised at this result given Wolves current parlous state. It has been on the cards from the moment the draw was made. Even BBC News only mentioned Macclesfield and Brighton as shock results, the implication being that Luton winning was not entirely unexpected. How much more humiliation are we supposed to endure before Morgan and Moxey see the light?

I had serious reservations about the Solbakken appointment, but I did not think it would get as bad as this.

Newark Wolves

Call me all you like but this is the first time EVER that I have put a bet on the team playing Wolves to win. It was a foregone conclusion that we would lose. I was at the Ipswich game in my totally over-priced, soaking wet £28.00 seat with my wife watching a team that was clueless and totally devoid of idea's. I have followed Wolves for forty years and spent a small fortune travelling from Nottinghamshire, but, anyone on here who can still say give SS a chance is wrong. We are crap. He has not got a clue and his comments on the E&S website are now getting embarrassing. Get rid now before we come an even bigger laughing stock.................................PLEASE.


Timing is an important thing, All indications are that, as the many fans above have pointed out, many bad decisions have been made by Sir Jacks successor. For god sake Steve sort it out now otherwise you will make another massive mistake.The lifeblood of the club is heart broken.Act now before your beloved building project ends up being the envy of the 1st Division


Moxey has to go too, his constant negative input into the playing side has turned our club into a joke and created the divisive and poisonous atmosphere. Director of football and decent manger required. Moxey out!


Just listened to SS after match interview with radio WM. No wonder the players can not understand his team tactics, I could not understand what he was trying to say on the radio. Apparently we were the better team in the first half with 5 good attempts on goal, the pitch was poor and they (Luton) defended very well, we have no reason to panic if we continue to play in that manor.

How worrying is that, the man really believes that we were unlucky. Ultimately the Manager has to go and go now. The players should also be held responsible for this embarrassment, they can talk the talk at how disappointed they are with the standard of football and that they are making every effort to turn it around, Sorry we are sick of hearing it. What do they say in their customary huddle before kick off. It's certainly not motivational, nothing to do with blood, sweat and tears, nothing to do about giving every ounce of effort for the club, shirt or fans! PUT UP! SHUT UP! AND GET OUT!


I am beyond angry, i'm at a stage now where i'm losing interest. After 25 years as a season ticket holder, this is my last. One broken promise after another. come on you wolves!


Stale you have brought shame on this club along with overpaid pre madonna's you brought with that £10 million you were given, hope the M & M's have got the nuts to put the whole bunch up for sale, get Griffith's back for a start.


It has to be Owen Coyle

I was a season ticket holder for 30 years but decided after the first year back in the top flight all my appetite for the game had been kicked out of me by the shambles at this club. I now feel i was a lucky man. My sympathy goes out for all wolves fans.


I guess the kneejerk reaction may be to sack SS.However the problems will be still there.A playing staff that badly needs replacing and a management pair that are not genuinely committed to the playing side of the club.Things do not look good!

Canadian Wolf

Give SS a break, you doom sayers. The team is made up of professional players who, I assume, know how to play the game. Maybe you fans should spend more time cheering rather than analyzing. With all the injuries to the team I'm not surprised the team is not at it's peak. Winning will silence the sacking talk. Let's rally round team and generate some positive vibes.

ghost of mick

I must admit there seems to be evidence that stale doesn't have a grip on the situation. however, must give him a chance in the window.

doug bailey




Non league team..... Unbelievable!

Nice to see oHara back and attacking, our only shot on target...

The players obviously just don't want to play for him. He has to go....

Hurlstond Park Wanderer

Eric Morecambe was a Luton fan. It made me smile thinking of him. That's the only positive I can come up with.

More relevantly, as Eric used to say "What do you think of it so far?"

"Rubbish !"

Hartlebury Torch Man

Time to say goodbye! Would rather have TC back to be honest. Whatever the cost Mr Morgan, please get rid now. You left it too late last season, don't make the same mistake this season.


You can appoint whoever you like as Manager. A fish rots from the head down.


Non-league. Speechless.

I think the SS appointment was bold and imaginative, but the fact is it hasn't worked. Wouldn't surprise me if he's getting sacked right now.

Where are the Bruce bashers now!


Well here goes. WWFC v NFFC I had £10 on NF to win and £10 on Guerdioura to score :-) Next I had £10 on Millwall to win and £10 on Andy Keogh to score :-) Next I had £10 on Ipswich to win :-) Next I had £10 on Crystal Palace to win :-) Today I had £10 on Lton to win :-) Please dont sack Solbakken he is paying for my Holiday this year at this rate I will have a world cruise.... Moxey and Morgan I beg you not to sack him till end of the season I may have a few grand by then ... UTW

leicester wolf

Sick of wasting petrol for this rubbish. SS is trying to hokd ou because he knows he'll never work again giving how he destroyed his last club aswell. Bet the academy team would do a better job than these over rated rabble


I'm afraid we have reached the same level of that Chorley defeat.

On reflection Moxey and Morgan must take the blame for Stolle's initial appointment. No one knew anything about this fellow prior to his appointment and we took it on trust.

Unfortunately it was wrong to make him the manger. Therefore Moxwey and Morgan must bite the bullet, admit it was a mistake and get in a manager who knows this division and how to get out of it.

Curbishley, and/or Driscoll must be the two front runners, but whoever it is they make the manager he must be appointed now, which gives them the chance to evaluate the squad and buy the new recuritments where necessary

Woolfie 4371

Any of you deluded fans who think that the board ie JM or SM are going to sack this muppett your in for a very big disappointment. And he is too up himself to resign get used to it league 2 in 2 years at this rate.

A lost soul

Do something quick before all my love for this club finally gets kicked out of me.

very sad fan

If i took on a new job and was as clearly out of my depth as stale i would walk away with dignity before i was sacked so stale please resign as i dont think the board have the balls to sack you and if thats the case i dread to think how low our club can sink. i for one will not be attending anymore untill things have changed which breaks my heart to say.


Taxi for the bald Norwegian bloke!!!

Cookley Wolf

I heard the radio commentator say that this had been an embarrasing defeat for Wolves today. Wrong. It was not remotely embarassing. On current form, it was so predictable that the only thing embarrassing about it was listening to Solbakken's breathtaking complacency yet again afterwards. This man is not only painfully out of his depth but appears to be seriously deluded. Time after time this season we have seen numerous poor and stuttering performances heralded by him as matches that we have had firmly under our control.

No one has been convinced by our performances all season long, except him it seems. You have to measure a football manager by the progress his team makes. In my opinion he should have been sacked after the Ipswich game. Not because we lost to McCarthy's team; nor because it was the second absolutely dire performance on the trot, after Peterborough. He had to go after Ipswich because at that particular point it was proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he had completely lost the dressing room and had demonstrated no evidence whatsoever after 25 games of being able to turn it around. The Palace and Luton games prove me right, though I have no pleasure in saying so.

Given the mistake we made with McCarthy's dismissal, I seriously believed that the total lack of comment or action from Moxey and Morgan after the Ipswich game could only be because they were busily lining up Solbakken's replacement. I desparately hope that I am right, because if the 2 Ms fail to appoint a new manager in time to use the January transfer window, I will be at the bookies on Monday morning putting a months salary on us getting relegated. Actually, make that 6 months salary..

worcester wolf

had a tkt did not go not worth petrol money.think i saw odriscoll at kiddy this afternoon.

lee freeman

When will wolves fans realise that you can only point the finger at the man running the club, he made a complete mess of the macarthy replacement, and now a mess of the recent appoint. Steve morgan hasnt got a footballing brain and the players who on thirty thousand a week arent even trying for solbakken its a disgrace. They are a club who are happy taking money off its fans and proving very little entertainment value back for its loyal supporters. The crowds are dropping fast and the atmosphere is non existent, this board are doing a great job of ruining what should be with the right guidence a great club. ONE HEART BROKEN SEASON TICKET HOLDER.

Winchester Wolf

The players are not performing in order to get rid of SS. They are in charge. Either clear out the hardcore of this awful bunch and stick with SS or sack the manager. Sadly it will be neither. It will be more of the same and then a sacking in March, too late to do anything. How in God's name did Morgan succeed in business?

Danish Wolf

What fantasies await us in the E & S on Monday, Jackanory finished al ong time ago - GOOD GOD

Great Barr Wolves



Listened to the match, matt Murray couldn't believe what lack of desire we had too true, just a thought about solbakken, I actually think that the player's he brought in made a difference and at one stage we were up to 3rd then injuries crept in. He was then left will the old squad that underperformed and he's gone in and told them some home truths which they don't like and are both scared for their jobs and have had a big smash in confidence. I think he had good ideas and should be backed by the board so that he can get the squad HE wants and not been left .


In a way, i`m glad we never got a late equaliser, as its a pretty certain bang-on certainty that Luton would have turned us over at home.

I`d like the manager to be relieved of his position now, but i will not stoop to abusive name calling.


Although I agree with most posts on here that the manager should be replaced I do believe that the blame rests fairly and squarely on the shoulders of Morgan and Moxey and the whole of the team who have underachieved for most of the season so far.

Morgan and Moxey should hang their heads in shame for appointing a manager who was completely out of his depth in the German league,why did they think he would succeed in the championship?

Do something now Morgan or risk sending this once great football club into oblivion!!

Norman Bell's butler

As an avid Wolves fan, you learn to enjoy the victories and accept the defeats however much it hurts. When your team is defeated by the better team, a bad ref decision, an unlucky deflection or it wasn't their day, the pain of defeat wears off. But when your team is badly managed, has no fight, no team spirit, no idea what to do on the pitch and gives up too easily then I'm afraid that is totally unacceptable, Something has to change or the club is going to alienate all its wonderful fans.


this is my

I feel sorry for Stale as he has been let down by the biggest bunch of losers and bottlers i seen at this club.

I think he needs to go because of his poor judgement

1) He should have started a big clear up when he came in like Lambert at Villa and got rid of the dead wood.

The experienced pros like doyle,ward,foley,berra,edwards,stearman,SEB, have done well for the club, but after 5 plus years many are well past their best days here and needed moving on.

2) Why did he not employ a coach with experience of this league??

3) Passing football is great but you dont win many games in this league if you dont put any pressure on the opposition and you dont tackle.

If Morgan decides to keep Stale, that would surprise me, but he would have to come out of the shadows and say why.

Getting rid of Stale wont solve the problem alone as we still need to let some of these players go and money needs to be spent on new replacements

I think Ince would be my choice as he knows the club and the pressure here. He plays passing football and I think the players would respect him. He could be an interim appointment. Owen Coyle too.

Sean O driscoll maybe a wolves fan but this is a really tough job. not sure he is ready.

For pete sake Morgan learn from your mistakes and dont get rid of Stale if you havent got a replacement

The one North Bank singer

Time for Morgan to show us he knows what he is doing and that what happens on the pitch is more important than all the stuff off it. Didn't want a new stand, didn't need a new stand. Didn't want a restaurant, didn't need a restaurant. Needed a proper manager to come in when mick was sacked to give us an outside chance of staying up got a mick replica in TC which killed the end of last season and effectively took that chance away. Needed a decent appointment this season to try and get things back on track, got the Danish Dullmeister instead. If SS is the man for Morgan then he needs to invest heavily now in new personnel for this guy to bring his own players in. I wouldn't give him the spare change I throw in a jar each week but Morgan needs to either prove he believes in him or send him back to where he came from. My preference would be send him back and get someone like Owen Coyle, Phil Brown or Sean O'driscoll in. JUST DO SOMETHING MORGAN THAT SHOWS YOU CARE ABOUT THE FOOTBALL!!!!

Old Golds Worth More

Wonder which player is going to tell us, that they are still all behind the manager in Monday's E & S. If he gets the sack, then hopefully, they will still all be behind him, following him out the door! Six months in charge with a predominately premiership squad, and he still can't get his ideas across to them. What we need is a real man manager, someone who will stand for no nonsense, and who will sort this bunch of prima donna's out once and for all. MM could still come to our rescue, by buying up our dross, and unwanted out of contract players, in fact we'll pay him to take them off of our hands!

lye chris

Someone has to stick up for our manager! no sorry i'd love to but I can't see a way out of this. Wolves senior management! Listen to your fans we made this mistake last time round change now get COYLE in now !give him a transfer window to do something. Fresh face, fresh motivation we're only 9 points from playoffs we could nip something, I do however feel certain relegation looms with this manager. Rumours are rife he's not here, he's on holiday, he's unapproachable I have to say Ive seen little evidence to rebuff those comments. COYLE in NOW


At least we will be one of the first on MOTD it will be a long time before we do that again


Not a surprise result, I feel this shows how rapidly our beloved club is sinking. We are all emotive about the subject and plenty of mistakes have been made but we are making them at all levels of the running of the club.

No pies no programmes at the Peterborough game, if the pies are available they are of poor quality and overpriced sound like the players and value for money we get for our season tickets! Whilst a free ticket for the Ipswich game was a small gesture I could find no takers!

I think we have been conned into thinking Solbakken is a total football man but I see no evidence of this. The best club side on the planet Barcelona play attractive attacking football, but boy when they lose the ball do they work hard to get it back. Solbakken has tried (I am still trying to convince myself, as I personally see no evidence of change) to introduce a new style of play to our team, although he has still yet to realise and accept that this theory is not working, he is a one trick pony and is proving he is unable to react and find a solution to problems, this to me is a sign of a good manager in any walk of life you should not be constantly fire fighting.

His signings have flattered to deceive and in my opinion are not of higher quality than was already at the club. They have not shown any heart on the pitch or any desire to play through the niggles.Sako has been found out double up on him and he becomes ineffective. We need an experienced Championship manager and quick, the board cannot afford to sit on the fence otherwise I predict we will end up in div 1 next year,I am running out of space I won't bore you anymore! UTW

Golden Blood

As he gone yet.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Golden Blood,




Managers will come and managers will go but unfortunatley the real problem will remain.AKA MORGAN AND MOXEY.This has come at a bad time for both.The last thing they want is to employ a new manager during the transfer window.Imagine the possible expense.Would anybody out there trust either of them to empoly a suitable mamnager?Imust repeat myself please please boycott fridays game.This is the only way for us to protest in the only way it will hit home.


bring in gus poyet at least he knows what he is doing come on morgan wake up and smell the coffe


should of gone to spec savers.

Mick McCarthy

Hi fans it's me MM the bloke you got sacked, I see your at it with SS now. Well all I can say is be careful what you wish for, all the best for the remainder of the season yours faithfully, Mick McCarthy : Ipswich manager championship promotion material!

London wolves loyal

Just got home from the game .... Going to have to say we were well beaten by a none league side . If we had been playing a good team we would have been three down at half time . We are so easy to play against because when we have the ball we are not a threat , all luton had to do was put three players on sake and we were screwed , our wide players failed to clear the opposition player when crossing thre ball so any striker we play can't get the ball , on the odd occasion when the ball goes into the box there is no one there, jake Cassidy played , difficult to know if he s any good cause no one could find him with a cross or a pass , only good point was o hara s started to look good again the rest was total rubbish

Realistic Wolf

Realistically the players are simply not up to it. Overpaid and lazy. OK Stale makes it worse by taking the blame for their pathetic attempts. He should have swung the axe when he came, now it is too late because it will probably cost him his job. Any new manager will have the same problem unless they are strong and brave enough to get rid of most of this bunch. Foley, Berra, Ward, Edwards, Henry, the list worryingly is endless which proves what a mess we are in with Micks leftovers.



Flippin useless

Utterly inept

Calamatous display again

Keep making the same basic errors

Sorry excuse for a manager

Tottally out of his depth

Albion are laughing at us

Lifeless performance again

Lost !

Outplayed by a non league side

Frustrated that Stalle is still here

Feable displays over and over again

Not got a clue where he is going

Outplayed, outfought and outwihitted again

No more please Messers Moxey and Morgan !

#time to go Stalle


Now surely the position of the Manager is untenable.

I was on the playing staff (youth) when we had the Chorley debacle and it was not a surprise what happened at that time.

My uncle was a member of the late 50s and early 60s teams when people were inspired by the team moreover when I was asked to sign and then be given my first game ironically at Luton on the carpet it was an honour to play so much so I felt sick because Wolves were all I wanted to play for. The players of today don't care about Wolves and they are not bothered what happens as long as they draw their vast salaries, I played for £4 per game but would of played for nothing. The players who have been brought in by this Manager see the UK has a platform for them to move on elsewhere and its a coincidence that they are now all injured as the going got tough.

To lose to Luton today is beyond belief and is a far lower point in the history of this club than what had happened previously.

We should not be at this junction but established in the premier league with a full stadium because Wolverhampton most definitely have the supporters to fill the ground twice over but as long as the people at the top are in charge nothing will change.

Sadly if the Manager is sacked the people who have appointed him will have the job of replacing him and we now know where we are with this appointment and the previous interim manager. Clueless !!

The players do not want to play for the Manager that's a fact regardless what they may say ( 2 faced but not surprisingly) and most are not good enough anyway.

Very sad day!!!!


Early Bird anyone?????

Jez you are going to have to talk more BS than usual to get people to part with money this time.

SS my car is waiting and I can drop you at any airport for free!!!!

Anglian Wolf

Whilst his record warrant the sack I dont think they will and the reason is any new man will have precious little time to asses the current dross and identify suitable replacements . If the club have already identified transfer targets its unlikely they will want to change now,and secondly as M& M wanted a new style of play-which clearly isnt working-thety are unlikely to admit they were wrong and appoint someone with a totally different approach .


We are humiliated and embarrassed beyond belief.

Stale Solbakken was a huge mistake. Colossal blunder. I cannot possibly imagine the level of idiocy that could have made such a decision. This was banality beyond belief. Only an ignoramus rex in football could have made this appointment.

So please Mr Morgan, please, sell to an owner who knows what he is doing. I am sorry but I don't think I could ever get over the anger I have for what you have done over the past year. You have destroyed everything good about this club including everyone's spirit. If you have the least of regret about your mistakes, please put them right. And just go.


From his first day to now Stale has not had a great time. It has happened very quick the last six months so what does the club do. We have appointed new training staff who have a great pedigree like some of our players. But losing to Luton today was the epitome of how we play. I will say this in Stales defence, I think he has got a clue but like he said earlier most of the team have been here too long and need to move on. I know I will be shot down in the proverbial flames but

it is the team who fade out in the second half not Stale or the trainers and assistant manager. It is the team on the pitch

that are not functioning. There are some glimmers with O'Hara and Peszko back and over the next week who knows what new arrivals we may have.

It is crunch time for the owner and the board. How badly do they want success? How much are they willing to put in from the stash Moxey and Morgan have hoarded from the summer sales and possibly near future sales? Whe you are down

there is only one way..........and that is up. It will come good but a major reshuffle needs to be done and alas my vote is to keep Stale. He has not had a fair crack really only six months with mostly useless McArthy fodder who have been consistently poor for the last year or two. So standing back and looking at the bigger situational is turmoil but it will change. Sit back and wait over the next week or so.

Okay we lost but we can now concentrate on the league.

Gutted but UTW.

Stourbridge Wolf

Needs to be sent back to ' The Crystal Maze'. Although Morgan and Jez are probably already there playing in the large glass Crystal( using money made from sales that will never be reinvested)! The sad day for any fan is when he no longer cares about the outcome! I laughed today... Speaks volumes really !


3 forms ov cancer in our club stale moxey morgan get doctor wolves boy o driscol in t operate fast must have had player in mind t help forests hunt for prem before harsh sackin an as moxey wants t run the club on doncasters buget he has already had t do that must be purfect choice gold an black in his blood an likes t play good football what harm could he do at least he would have clubs best intrests at heart

bigwolf 552

museum 7 quid entrance fee says it all about our club Take Take Take!!!!! nice new stand though thanks Steve..................


We do not have a bad team, just a poor manager. Bottom kicking is needed.

Bring in Darren Ferguson.


Born 1959, at the age of 10 watched the Wolves with my grandfather seated in the Waterloo Rd end of the stand.... hooked. Saw the likes of Wagstaff, Dougan, Richards and had pride in my hometown football team. Having watched Wolves away at Aldershot back in the 80s and at Millwall too, cannot believe that now potentially, under the current regime, the same depths can be plumbed. The achievements of the past, whether high or low are now history. I trust that the current mistakes made at every single level of this once great club will not be repeated again this year and a new regime be installed at Molineux


Also, this is not going to do us any favors in the transfer window, with or without Stale at the helm; who would want to make an upward career move to Wolves?

Aim for this season: Somehow, some way, to stay in the Championship, and avoid the ignominious relegation that now seems to be creeping ever so scarily into the picture.



bring in ince and rae now'

oxley wolf




So this is Morgans vision.


Stale has to go, enough is enough hes simply not up to the task for a myriad of reasons but still not up to the job. please get him out b4 this season turns into a real disaster. HAS TO GO! WHAT A CLOWN!


get ince and rae now''

No Ambition

Please go now and take Morgan & Moxey with you.

Do not renew your early-birds, hit Morgan where it hurts.



I think Morgan is a baggies fan in disguise - it's the only plausible explanation!



Old wolf

This squad of players failed in the Premiership because of alack of talent and the same applies to the Championship. We stole 3poins at Blackpool and I cannot see us gaining many more with this shower of players and a manager who is out of his depth. We need O'Driscoll et al and two centre halves an a couple of full backs. We also need a strong midfield player. Morgan, you need to act on Monday morning!!


Quote -

"We won't do an Albion . Chief executive Jez Moxey insists Wolves will be better equipped to deal with the Premier League if they go up now – after hinting Albion haven’t spent enough".

What an insightful business man. 3 years on, bottom half of the Championship, kicked out of the FA cup in the 3rd round and probably managerless by tomorrow morning. You don't have to look too far to see the problems at Wolves.


Time to go, i'l club need's saving by sum1 that know's what they are doing...

............UP THE WOLVES............


what a pathetic choice of manager,go back and read up on the english game you muppet (ss) and while your at it,why dont you invite moxley and morgan too!! foreverwolves ....Roberto Di Matteo would be my i must be mad..who'd manage a team who r 18th and falling in the championship? lol


Is he still here????? OMG what a humiliation but sadly not a surprise. That we finally got a shot on target in injury time of the 2nd half after going behind in the 1st minute of the 2nd half says it all - Clueless and Passionless. - He has to go and go now.

Worcester Wolves

"Despite the 59 league places between the teams, Blue Square Bet Premier play-off hopefuls Luton always looked comfortable against a Wolves outfit with just three wins in 17 outings."

PLEASE ... JUST ... GO ...


MOXEY AND MORGAN. Read this PLEASE. Grow a pair between you ,ADMIT you were wrong and sack this clown NOW. WHY aint you listening to the FANS. WHAT a shambles this great club is in . THE BOARD AND THE PLAYERS ARE TO BLAME . ENOUGH SAID.I

Essex Wolf

We started the game as under-dogs and just carried on from there.

The most telling point of the game was when JJ O'Donnell was lying injured on the ground, most of the Luton players were crowding around their manager....everyone was animated and discussing things; lots of pointing and gesticulating, loads of passion. Our players? Standing around looking bored. Not once did a single player walk over to Solbakken to discuss anything, nor did Soolbakken look remotely interested in calling any of them over.

Sadly (and I was one of his biggest supporters early in the season), Solbakken just looks simply lost. While he did this evening's walk of shame with dignity, I was probably not alone in hoping he would keep on walking to Luton Airport and a plane to Oslo.

There was not a minute of the game where we looked strong. While we had a fair amount of possession, no player ever looked confident on the ball. It was like a game of pass the parcel. By the seventh minute, the defence was hoofing the ball forward to where Blakey and Doyle were being marked by a small tribe of giants. SEB and Forde were desperately trying to win their pre-match wager as to who would make the most astonishing miss (Blakey won because Forde's attempts were too feeble to count as shots).

Funnily enough, we moved the ball out of defence at glacial speed, allowing the mighty Luton to go out of the stadium, catch a movie, have a burger, and visit a sick aunt in Paignton before forming up ten deep in front of Sako's gobsmackingly inept step-overs. Step-overs, dude? Comb over, more like. His ponderous step-over are worthy of a Jane Fonda fitness video, but without the music. Like Saknam style. Hopeless.

In defence, Foley was constantly embarrassed at being the prodigal son come home while also simultaneously pretending unsuccessfully not to be the worst player on the pitch. "Defensively naive", The Guardian called him a month ago. Says it all really. Johnson and Berra didn't play bad but they just looked tired and jaded, like they wished they had gone to a lap-dancing club instead.

O'Hara looked half decent, as did Henry, but both were guilty of never knowingly passing the ball to someone on their own side. Karl twice faced the Luton goal, but he came over all funny and returned to facing Ikeme (who had a good game).

Doyle played OK, but you could see the look on his face...I don't want to be here. Wolves can expect to hear from his agent Monday, and he'll be gone before the Luton champagne has gone flat.

Cassidy came on to great cheers. He looks like a stretched O'Hara with some of the air let out. Quick, decisive, one for the future.

But Wolves are a team of individuals. There is no gel, no structure, no skeleton. No one works together. No-one runs into space, no-one runs anywhere. Sako was so immobile at times that he got a £60 Parking Charge Notice.

Credit to the Luton team (especially the injured J O'Donnell and former Wolves youth player Andre Gray) and to their very funny, very passionate support. We may have had a grim afternoon, but remember their team was in 10th position in the Championship just 5 years ago, and they have slid further and further. They deserve a good day out. We don't. We are a club with players on £25,000 per week who have won 3 of the last 17 matches. (And who didn't have a chuckle at the "S**t Ballotelli' chant?)

Today we had a Chorley moment. Except Chorley took 3 games to beat us.


Just seen this on sky says it all for me "Stale Solbakken says he is not embarrassed to have presided over an FA Cup third round loss to non-league Luton."

Greenie 5

Speak to Curbishley promise him the money and the backing. Sack So and all of his back room staffl when he agrees to take over. Please Morgan show us the fans that you know what you are doing or you will lose the fans forever. You will not get another chance.


Look guys, it is not Stale alone who is to blame its Morgan, Moxy and all the so called players.......... non of them are any good!!! I shudder to think of the consequequences......possibly in 5 years time Wolverhampton will have no team at all, it all reminds me of the Bahti years!!!!!!!!!and I've been a Wolves supporter for over 60 years now and I'm choked like most of you on this page...........


Thank you Wolverhampton Wanderers for yet more embarrassment!

I am afraid it has to be 'Bye Bye' to Mr Solbakken.

This Scandanavian adventure has not worked Mr Morgan.

Mr Morgan have you not noticed how well other Midland teams are doing!

Especially WBA and Stoke City (strange how much Stoke have improved since Mr Moxey left them).

Bring in a British manager who understands British football and the pride we have for our wonderful league and cup comnpetitions here in England.

Bring someone else in fast and don't stutter with your decision like you did last time.

Mr Morgan fix this wonderful and great football club while you still can!


The players are to blame just as much as Stale. That said he should go. We need a BIG personality to sort this as we aren't going to sign 11 new players. Get Ince and Wilkins in.... NOW!


Baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa baaa, thats how I feel we're being treated by ALL of the staff at Wolves.


We were poor-but we were also heavily outplayed. Could easily have been 2or3-0. Agreesolbakken hasto go though

Pembrokeshire Wolf

We need a manager who CARES about the club. We need a CEO who CARES about the club. We heed an owner who CARES about the club. Then we might have players who CARE about the club. Sadly we have none of the above.

I think the manager should go now (and I, like many others, would welcome O'Driscoll), but it's not as simple as that...........................

Da Rankin Dread

Steve Morgan u may know à ting or two bout building houses but when it come to running ma lovely club i tink u is à right eejit!

Dan the Man

As a postscript to what I said earlier, stay away from games until there is major changes at the club (see my last submission on the blog entitled: "Stale Solbakken expects to win Wolves fight". January 5, 2013 2:10 pm).

For those with season tickets and nothing to lose, still attend but make yourself heard by protesting. On the plus side, you will also not have to wait in a long queue for overpriced average food and drink at half-time.


Look if I was rubbish at my job they wouldn't sack my boss would they? no they would sack me. We've been rubbish way before the last managerial change. Sack the lot and start again or at least stick them on minimum wage till they get their acts together. Look if I could get paid a vast amount without pulling my weight I would, but the working man (or woman) can't so neither should they.

Vic Wolfe

Whilst tempting to blame SS, these are the same players who got first Mick and then TC the sack. If a third manager goes then who do we point the finger at. Oh yeah, Moxey and Morgan. But they never take responsibility. Should have invested some of the money Morgan, starting to look like a very bad business decision.


Surely that's the final nail in the coffin? We're 18th in the league and miles off first placed Cardiff who really don't have a much better squad than us. We are definitely in a relegation battle. To top it off we've just been knocked out of the third round of the FA cup by a side three divisions below us. Sack him now. Bring in someone who can actually manager and can bring in a few new players while he can. Moxey and Morgan act now you absolute muppets. You've once again got us in to this mess now get us out.


Get rid of the that useless manager get somebody in who knows the game all is signings have been a waste of time sako as 1 decent game in 10 tongo not fit enough to play in the english league get proper manager who knows how to buy proper players,defence is s--t so ha decides to send baath out on loan that makes sense NOT. SACK HIM NOW OR WALK


There is no excuse for even a div 6 Sunday League team not to be fit. well organised, and wanting to win! I have had the privilige of supporting Wolves for the past 57 years and never seen such an unfit, disorganised, and clueless bunch of players be given the honour of wearing the famous old gold. Yet can remember seeing many of the same platers beating Chelsea and Manchester City. Something is drastically wrong, I think we should appoint Paul Ince tomorrow and try to persuade Alex Rae to join him ASAP. We dont need personalities or trendy speakers we need to get the BASICS right first.

Weeping Wolf


Totally predictable result...the bottom line is that the team is paying the price for Sir Jack selling the club to an opportunist.

Morgan was never going to loosen the financial reigns enough for Wolves to be competetive in the Prem and his henchman Moxey followed the plan to the letter.

Morgan and Moxey are the root this club needs to dig up before laying much firmer foundations... a club without ambition is simply not worth supporting.

Solbakken - Out of his depth...out of time.


Having said that, we would certainly not have plumbed the current depths with him still in charge.


Most of these plkayers were playing in the premier league last year and for two years before. They suddenly can't go from below average to useless in this time.

The problem is Moxey needs to be told he is only in charge of the cash and nothing to do with football. Even then he must be TOLD that he has to pay the money to buy new players. Morgan should appoint a director of football and also a director to liase with our supporters.

The manager should be replaced by one who knows how to run a side. I wont say who but there are a lot about unemployed at the moment. The players and staff shoul all be made to work an 8 hour day until this situation is solved.

This is from what you on here call a happy clapper


It's not the fact we are losing but that we are losing without much of a fight. There doesn't look much of a plan to it all.


well at least we are finding our true level we bin a massive club

A Norwegian wolf

Solbakken hasn't got what it takes, BUT we're fooling ourselves if we think the players are good enough. A terrible season last year and the squad hasn't been strengtened. It's time the players show proffesional pride. Sack SS and get an English manager.


Has the nasty Norwegian man gone yet?


I will ask you again Steve Morgan, go on radio wm and speak to all wolves supporters, and explain what you n you alone are going to do to stop our club from going into freefall. Dont bring or ask Moxey to do it for you as most supporters are fed up to the back teeth of his constant spin. And if its true that you took advice from that adopted scouse idiot Jan Molby, about making SS our manager, then your a bigger novice of a footclub owner than I thought you was. As JM was useless as a manager. Paul Franks as invited you anytime you want to talk to him/us. So get on wm on Monday 6-7pm UTW:


Players are a disgrace, arguing with the manager.

Player power at wolves needs sorting.

Shocking display,Defense as been poor for years.

Watched Brightons foorball today,brilliant.

Get their manager.

Scunny wolf

Hang your heads in shame a 350 mile round trip to watch the drivel dished up by these over paid wasters.

At least my local team Scunthorpe are trying to make a fight of getting out of trouble. Why did my father have to be born in Wolverhampton? I would not be forced to endure the endless taunts of work mates from Grimsby that stuffed Luton the other month.

Sell the club back to Sir Jack Mr Morgan or get something sorted as we are a laughing stock

Can you not put the younger hungry players in can it get any worse?

No news

After what has already happened, I think you will find that there will be no comment from M and M until the announcement of SS's replacement. Having made a howler last time (generously interpreted as misplaced loyalty to one of our most successful managers in a business where there is no loyalty, followed by indecision and an emergency stopgap which was a disaster) I think/hope/pray that they are already working on a solution. Will the solution work? - who knows but it can't get any worse.

So I am hoping that no news is good news.

Dilemma for fans is whether to go to the next game or not - for those who can't stay away I suggest they all where their Wolves shirts inside out in protest (or maybe go for all wearing red). Let's decide what we are going to do.

dave hillman

Every single player should be put up for sale instantly,total disgrace if there tryin to get manager sacked which is obviously the case,every wolves fan should boo every player friday,these players dont give a damb about wolves fc.Morgan either back him to bring his own players in,or sack him.My first choice would be get rid of this shambles of a team,lets start afresh,if we do get rid of stale,my choice would be di matteo.Shrewsbury here we come.

South bank london wolf

What a load of tripe! The club should do the decent thing, they should offer the supporters who went to Luton free admission and travel to the next away game! I recall Our Black Country neighbours doing something similar a number of years ago!

Now sack SS the bl@@dy dim-wit!!!

StevieG Droitwichwolf

Here's an idea

Until they win 2 games on the bounce every wolves player including the bench & manager should donate their wages to Wolverhampton Hospital or another charitable cause !

As it seemsthat it's only money that motivates them , it's certainly not pride , passion or proffesionalism ,

I bet they would soon start winningthen , bumchof nohopers!

Abasing doing the. Pre- match huddle 'cause yourcertainly not in it together and we've stopes believing in u .


Well who made money on today's result? As I said after last weeks shambolic match the Manager needs to go along with Moxey who has done nothing for Wolves. How Stoke fans must have been glad to see the back of him.

Last week I called for all season ticket holders to stay away from next Friday's game. When there are only 2000 morons who will watch any old rubbish at the game which is being televised maybe the taxis will arrive. I cannot see how the club are going to shift the freeloaders who profess to be professional footballers. Play the youngsters in the league games and let the freeloaders rot in the reserves until they are out of contract and steam. We would not be able to sell any of them as the Trading Standard people would sue the club under the trades discription act.

GReEn niGEl

I went to the Chorley games,and was very upset.I was upset because i cared dearly for my close to death's door club.Losing today was easy to take,because i no longer have the same love for Wolves.Moregain and Poxey have seen to that.

Close the door on the way out

Only one man for the job and that is Curbishley.

Go and get him now!


Agree that Solbakken have made a mess of it, but I would like to make two comments. O' Driscoll? Give me a break. A 55 year old who have never got higher than the Championship. Talk about being from Wolverhampton, passion, guts, why not Bully? If one of you can give me an example where it's a manager being a success at his hometown club, please write to Santa. And say whatever you like about baldy, but that is 3 managers, and at least 2 different tactics in a year, which these pathetic losers haven't been able to cope with. They're a long way from being even decent footballers. And before those with rose tinted MM glasses start fantasying about what could or may have happened if MM wasn't fired, we were going absolutely nowhere at the time. These are MM's players, keeping Ikeme and Forde out of it, 8 of them were bought by MM, they can't cut it in the Championship, they can't cut it in the Conference, and he actually thought they were good enough for the premier. Solbakken made some big time errors when he started, the worst was that he didn't bring in more new players, that most of his players got injured right away, and that the ones at the club were able footballers with a brain, they're not, never will, which a new manager will find out too



When the appointment of stale was announced everybody said who is he,

That is still the case now,

The first major decision Morgan and moxey have made,

And they have got it so wrong,

You need a strong character and leader to manage in the championship,

On seeing him do interviews and hearing him from the dugout,don't think he has either,

If they don't get rid before Monday,I think that there must be something going on,

Does stale own some land that Morgan wants ?

Or is Morgan the only one who thinks he is still the man for the job ?

If he does we will be playing Walsall and the shrews next season,

No disrespect to Walsall or Shrewsbury intended.


Vote with ya feet or this pair of pig headed idiots will just keep making fools of the supporters . The club is nose diving rapidly and these players will not stop it under kojak , no desire, no effort, no passion, no quality, no brainer, all comes from the top and so many posters are right on here, the buck stops with Morgan , cheap cheap an more cheap , both never even had the bottle to be at he Ipswich game as mick would be in town and the writing was on the wall , as for the next manager ? Don't really matter as he too will be asked to get blood out of a stone , I'm off to hide now as I feel ashamed to be associated with a club run by dick turpin , remember feet vote with them


The embarrassment is going from strength to strength.

Stale loaf of bread should of had the bullet at the end of November.We are spiralling dangerously out of control now.

Badger Wolf

Rubbish - what have we descended to? Not one of our first team would get into an Albion second team - why are they so much better than us? :-(


There is no way M & M will allow this to continue . They could not sack SS without having a replacement ready in the wings, they have learned their lesson from last time. More importantly they cannot afford for the early bird income to dry up. New manager to be appointed by next home game, probably Owen Coyle.


After an embarassing defeat by "them" last season, messrs Morgan/Moxey panicked and sacked the best manager we've had since Dave Jones, and before that, probably, John Barnwell. (IMO) Now to me, it gets no more embarassing than this today. Not even Chorley back in the dark days, as we were old 4th Div at the time. I fully expect to wake up tomorrow morning and find out this Stale Chewbakka, whatever the name is, has been despatched back to where he came from, wherever that was, as 98% of supporters and even players had never heard of him! After that, maybe Morgan can check out the possibility of buying his beloved first choice Liverpool FC again, and take short arms, deep pockets (unless spending on the stadium for the benefit of Barnsley...Huddersfield....Charlton etc, and probably in future, Walsall....Gillingham....Cheltenham etc, with all respect) Moxey with him!


i hope i'm wrong but we will probably stumble from one crisis to another until this joke of a board finally decide to sack this looser with 2 days of the transfer window left and then wonder why nobody wants the job.

they will then appoint someone with no experience and we will head ever closer to div 1.

Morgan, Moxey, Solbakken - thanks for turning my club into a laughing stock!

Joe Wilsons stud marks;

pre match betting for todays FA cup matches;

Luton Town 2 / 1 to win; - Wolves 10 / 11 to win;

Middlesb'ro 1 /12 to win - Hastings 20 / 1 to win;

says it all about the situation at "The Mol". at present;

SS signed players who are capable of playing to his methods,but most injured so

SS having to play players who have been underperforming for last 2 years ,& who he had signed replacements for; SS should revert to McCarthy 's methods,until his signings are fit & available,then drop the dross; You can't teach OLD dogs NEW tricks.

O' Hara fit to start playing in January,transfer window open,how convenient.Hope that I'm wrong about Jamie,but who could blame him for trying to get out.

Bored Wolf

"I'm not embarrassed by the result and I can't fault the players' effort. First half we did well, but second half we didn't, because our physical presence in the box was not enough." - from Stale after the game. Well Mr Solbakken here are you shots on goal stats for the last 5 games:

Away team in brackets

Luton - 3 (4)

Palace - 3 (7)

Ipswich -2 (6)

Peterborough - 7 (7)

Blackpool - 2 (15)

Its not hard to see where the problem is, we play with 2 holding midfielders (except today - just a 70% fit o'hara) and most of the time our full backs dont push up. Couple this with our two 'wingers' who dont move into the box when the other winger is crossing and our prolific strike force who 'run the channels' (doyle especially - by the way I dont think in many years of watching football that i have witnessed 2 strikers in SEB & Doyle strike up such a poor striking partnership), we therefore only have 1-2 players in the box attacking....its not hard Stale - change your formation to make the team more adventurous.

I have been a season ticket holder for many years and this is as bad as the 'hoddle era' for entertainment. I feared at the end of last season we may get relegated again as i dont believe the players have the stomach for another relegation fight - I hope I am wrong.

Message to Owners & Directors - please either back him (money for transfer window) or sack him immediatly as we will go down if we are not careful. Here's hoping for a turnaround in fortunes on Friday - sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can start progressing again.

Willenhall Wolves

No clue whatsoever get Sean O'Driscoll in local lad who will get us playing with pride and passion as thats what we preached on the flags, he did wonders at Forest. Sack him now or experience even lower gates and season ticket sales in the future, stop the rot ASAP.




Morgan has to put this great club of ours up for sale now and go and build his houses somewhere else preferably with Moxey labouring for him.

However, let us not forget the player's part in all this. They are a disgrace and we should let them know on Friday. I suggest pants thrown at them when they come out of the tunnel ala Reading.

Tamworth Paul

I am a season ticket holder, and I am not going to Wolves again until he is sacked. Disgrace.

pughy wolf

Ashamed to be a fan at the minute what a shambles boycott all home games waste of everyones money feel sorry for us fans stale should not be there this is english football not pansy norwegion get poyet or ince boycott boycott boycott boycott

Dave W

Just read on skysports website Stale “not embarrassed to have presided over Luton defeat” Stale you should be embarrassed if not for yourself for the supporters of our great club.

Instead of all these nice comments that the poor players have lost belief and are scared and it is your job to sort it out - get a grip kick a few backsides up in the air, give them the hairdryer treatment, throw a few teacups but sort them out.

Read the article ‘after the Ipswich game we had a heated discussion and we all got angry’ - brilliant - bet up in Manchester after a defeat a certain manager gets angry and the players shut up, listen and do what they are told.

Never thought we could possibly get relegated again this season (although did not believe we would lose to Luton either) but not sure anymore.

59 wolves

What s going on,what a twelve months,we all know stale was a wrong appointment but i think the board is he main problem,s whats goin to happen next,had a season ticket for the past ten year but thats the last ,not even going to bother on friday until things change thats me DONE (I wonder what sir jack thinks)

Tividale Wolf

Well surely this has got to be end for Solbakken , and his brand of useless football, whatever it was????? A total disaster from start to finish, brought in on the cheap by the two clowns who run our beloved football club. Surely after this latest fiasco Moxey has to go too!! I still can't get my head around why they decided to appoint this guy who a lot of us questioned months ago with his no experience of Championship football. How on earth did M&M think this guy ( and his amazing brand of football which is worldly known ?????? and only second to Pep Guardiola ) was going to produce a style to stop us being a yo-yo team and keep us in the premier, I don't know. What I do know is you have to get promoted first and to do that you need players who are fit, ready to battle and fight for every ball, mixed with skill and a system everyone is comfortable with, which at the moment we haven't got!. Its obvious we have certain players who can't be bothered, and we'll get them out eventually but for know lets get someone with experience, who can make his ideas understood by everyone and get rid of some of the deadwood gradually.The number of times the managers taken the blame for a performance is quite staggering, whether its to take the focus off the players or quite simply he's just being honest about being out of his depth, may be nearer to the truth.

One final thought, with their record of making the wrong decisions at the wrong times for the wrong money, can we honestly believe the two clowns will get it right again. As a personal protest against them, i'm not going to the Blackburn game, i'll watch on telly knowing that if it gets too boring then I can turn it off!


Moxey -'we will not do an Albion' ? To be fair to the mange had kept his promise


Has anybody thought about Paul Ince. I know he's not proven but he's got more passion than this lot put together. Not sure about O'Driscoll.

If SS hasn't gone by Monday I'm parking my season ticket up or giving it to somebody I don't like.

Don't care anymore

The truly sad part is Steve Morgan does not care what happens to Wolves he still has his luxury homes to sell at Compton (loads a money). Jez Moxey does not care he is like a banker who gets a big fat bonus regrdless of results. The players do not care they still get their big fat pay packet no matter what the result. The time has come to join me and not go to watch them, i don't know about you but i really do NOT care anymore. As long as you hand over your hard earned money NOTHING will change. Bye Wolves RIP.


53 years as a Wolves supporter and never so ashamed. This is worse than when we went into freefall. Then we had no money and no backing. This time we are in the black, have the parachute fund and enough quality to compete in the Championship.

Manager and his staff have to go and Mr Moxey you should be king a resignation letter tonight.

You won't catch me at the ground until the changes happen and the best way to let Mr Morgan know how we all feel is to talk with our feet.


Dave Stone

He's gone! I reckon Uncle Mick may be making a return!


Almost unbelievable but what do you expect from a club that wNts to loan out a young defender Batth and yet keeps an idiot like Berra who would have walked away to any premier team except no one would be stupid enough to offer him a contract. Foley, Ward, Berra, SEB, Doyle, Henry, OHara, Johnson you are not fit to wear the shirt. As for Morgan he must be the most indecisive, hopeless owner of a football club that ever lived. None of you deserve to tarnish the name of WWFC. The one good thing is that Wanderers will never die and the club will still be there when this bunch of clowns are long gone.

Mr G

Keep Solbakken and sack at least 11 players. Even Ferguson could not save Themsen rubbish players.


I have been a massive wolves fan for years i have been mascot ran out with bully go to 3/4 games a season as i live in devon and after wolves poor display i put a bet on luton to win never backed another team befor what a joke sack ss jm and morgan can do 1 too


Go now Stale, Mr Morgan has seen the results over the weeks so surely this time he will have someone with experience in this league lined up, that won't have to watch some DVDs before he starts, the transfer window is still open, do it NOW !

dukinfield wolves

he's gone!!!!

bridgnorth wolf

he has gone blame the players

We Only Need One Half!

Well youve got him sacked, now what?????

black and gold blood

about time hes gone..told you to stay down luton airport for a plane home

now what hopeless case you got lined up morgan ???????


Wont be using mty Season Ticket Friday - and not using again this season without and change management together with Steve Morgan ending his silence and addressing the true supporters of Wolves. The fact that he has not done so already is a chronic indictment of this running of this once great club. Been going since 1947 but the silence from above is deafening and deserves to be acted on by suppor ters . Sadly thre only way to have a telling effect is to stay away from all matches..

Kinver wolf

Sacked just.

I am not going again

Stale has gone - who in the right mind would want that job?

Its a career dead ender - no money from the board and no ideas


He's got the sack

Let me buy the Wolves,Canadian Wolf

chris martin

hooray ,he as gone one of the worst managers we have ever had

Not keen on this manager

How thick skinned is this excuse for a football manager? His latest quote:- "I am NOT EMBARRASSED".

Come on Mr Morgan GET RID for goodness sake.


Didn't see the game but listened to various commentaries. Overall impression was an evenly matched game which we lost! So non league team and us are on the same plane! Please help us!!! What next???? Who can help us now?


I think M&M have been a combination of lacking in judgement but also unlucky.

I applaud their attempts to try a new manager and not one of the recycled journeymen. However,as much a I have warmed to SS and want him to succeed he does appear to be clueless.

Why keep playing a team that has proven time and time again to be inadequate ?

At least play your own team and be condemend for doing rather than get slaughtered for the same reasons as your two predecessors. Utterly, utterly bizarre.

I can't watch any football while this is going on........ nevermind the Wolves.



I cant believe its not better!!!

Players backing off the opposition, unable to thread more than 2 or 3 passes together when they do get possession. Defenders trying to hoof the ball when other players are free. Wingers unwilling to track back, not using their width, not trying to beat defenders and no quality coming into the penalty area. The manager and coaching staff are a joke, and some of their press conferences beggars belief. Please sack them now, and then maybe we can get a half decent manager in to do the job. Thank you.


Let's be realistic. Who's going to buy our failures and who wants to come and play for us? I'll say no more! UTW

Western Isles Scot Wolf

I joked on here last week about not having to travel so far next season to follow WWFC i.e. I could watch Wolves away games at Carlisle, Doncaster etc. Act now Messrs Morgan and Moxey, or that 'joke' will become a piece of reality. God help us!


calm down, hes whos next? o driscoll maybe, steve cotteril could be considered, always did well at clubs in crisis, deserves a fair chance and was popular with the forest fans before they sacked him for o driscol

Brian R Stanier

It strikes me that this rubbish team is playing to lose every match thats what they have achieved so far this season.They have no idea how to win a match proves it with the results.If I were in the team I would be ashamed to show my face at the club after todays episode.

Stafford wolf

Come Monday I want to see Solbakken sacked in the papers. Bring in Coyle. He got Burnley promoted and he knows the championship. Give him some money to bring in a couple of British players with bottle. I bet Bruce is laughing his head off.

Wombourne Wulf

I'll bet the Blackburn players are looking forward to a nice stroll around next Friday night, they won't even have to break sweat against this bunch of amateurs. Do they not have any pride in what they do ?

Grumpy wolf

Well he has gone just like our team spirit.

His principles would have been a success had the poor players left behind had an ounce of talent.

Many players need to go so the next man has a chance.

Go for o'driscol

London Wolf

I can not believe we have lost to a non league team but I knew it would happen...The players have to take some responsibility for this. I don't particularly blame the manager but I feel he has to go.

The Unhappy Wanderer

Just seen the news that Solbakken has gone, along with Lange and Weiser.

No chance of Moxey following them I suppose.

Now we have to hope that Morgan does a much better job of replacing him than last year's efforts.

I don't see experienced successful managers queueing up to come to Molineux.

I think people talking about the likes of Di Matteo and Poyet can forget it.

O'Driscoll would be a safe pair of hands (didn't deserve to get the sack at Forest), or if Morgan still has plans for the future Di Canio or Karl Robinson might be tempted.

Not as unhappy as I was now.














ON YA BIKE,capitals does my head in....


I think the team is full of rubbish. The only who has quality is SS's purchases ( unlucky they are now in sideline) and maybe R.Johnsons and o'hara. The rest get rid of them! If we change the manager now, there will be the same conversation (sacking manager) next April. And if SS get sacked now Moxey should hire him at least as scout. If we want to be some day a regular premiere league team we need some linear system and we need to learn it before promotion to premiere league as swansea and norwich did.

Steve Morgan's Wallet

Wolverhampton Wanderers-the rotten apple,nice and pristine from the outside,scratch the surface-rotten to the core on the inside.No amount of dressing up a team i have supported for years can hide the disappointment and anger every Wolves supporter feels tonight.Losing to Luton today is worse than losing to Chorley-at least we were in a lower league then.This club has now plumbed new depths in our headlong dive back to the bad old days,Stale,sorry mate but your time has surely come to go,you are well and truly out of your depth here,there is no way you are going to get a tune out of this team,they are totally bereft of confidence and direction,does it now need someone like Roy Keane to come in and ruffle a few feathers and get rid of the dead wood and introduce some passion and desire to wear the old gold and start winning games again,because losing is now a habit that has become a way of life at Wolves.

To Morgan and Moxey,you too are contributing to this once great club's demise,now is the time to take a good look at yourselves and stand up and be counted,you are in charge of a club that is going round in circles,do something about it now before Wolves are playing in league one or worse.

Hereford wolf

It was a full gone conclusion today with the under performing bunch of dross that we have. Clearly the players have no intention of playing as tactics, they are a disgrace to the club. Money and that scouse money grabbing idiot need to vacate before the mass demo next week. Totally fed up being embarrassed by this lot, having our noses rubbed in it. Pack your bags players and staff, you all deserve the sack.

Disheartened wolves fan.


he's for moxey to go and morgan to sell to a football supporter millionaire. utw.


What u lot on about! Talk about fickle! Stale just needs time to get the team used to a more cultured style of soccer. We are better off with morgan in charge than some forgeign owner who doesnt even support the club. Call yourselves loyal fans? In moxley we trust


DISGRACE! DISGRACE! DISGRACE! Has the penny finally dropped Morgan? Moxey? and Happy clappers? Stale can't blame you,You made a quick and easy penny by fooling two complete idiots who have not got a clue,{ Morgan & Moxey }On anything related to football and running a football club and not a business empire.ARE YOU BHATTI'S IN DISGUISE? Woefull Wolves one reporter said against a non league side First shot on target 93 minutes Jamie O'hara against a non league side another reporter said.Don't get excited Wolves fans with Stales sacking Morgan & Moxey are going to pick the next one.Shudder to think, Morgan Moxey Get out of town your not wanted here anymore.


Watched the Brighton v Newcastle game ,Enjoyed some football for a change Gus Poyett for me, They passed and attacked Newcastle of the park and won easily.


Well he's gone - and about time too. The only thing that worries me is who is available to replace him?


I hope they get a strong minded manager as some of these players seem to run the dressing room. I would like Owen Coyle he wouldnt suffer fools gladly. But if we want to keep a passing style of football then pay the money and get Gus Poyet in , which we should have done after the Blackburn match whilst still in the PL.UTW:



Andrew - Queensland Australia

Experiment clearly not a success BUT there are some positives.

1. By changing so radically Morgan was taking a punt on real progress

2 Change of sorts will now happen (even in a more conservative guise) and that can lead to hope

3 We hopefully wont have to be faced with the same names on the team sheet that are now proven to be failures

4 Surely now a new manager will recognise that players like Ward Henry Doyle and SEB have to go.

5 New manager with some passion will hopefully come in that Wolves fans can relate to and Wolves fans will get behind him and

the team will lift.

5. Ground Hog days can be stopped.

My real concern is with M and M. What will be the brief for the new manager and will he be backed to manage. Morgan clearly wants Moxey in place and it is that thinking that I believe inhibits the managers from managing. It happened with MM when he was clearly stopped from getting in the players he really wanted (due to wage demands) and it has clearly happened with SS. Morgan wont spend so Moxey tightens the purse strings so the manager cant make changes so the whole losing scenario continues.

Whoever has the ear of Morgan holds the future of the club in their hands in some respect. The next manager move will reveal more of Morgans thinking..

east stand reg

oh how we laughed. know your place in the pecking order dingle people

Old fogey Roger

This has been coming for a long while. Overpaid players who cannot pass a ball to each other. Defence that cannot defend & no sign of any new players to replace them.

Watched Brighton team on telly - no superstars on high wages - just a bunch of young players who Gus Poyet encourages to pass the ball & who work for each other.

We have a choice now a new manager with a new mentality - Wolves are still a big club with tremondous support & we need a manager who can galvanize the supporters by encouraging the team to pass the ball & attack.

Pains me to say it as he used to manage that lot up the road but the best candidate is Di Matteo .

Took the unmentionables to promotion & was then sacked for no good reason - then took an underachieving Chelsea side to win the European Cup & again sacked for no good reason.

Will he come - it's up to Morgan to get his cheque book out & break the bank - If we want the best we have to pay for it. That includes a new defence as well as the manager.

Could we go up this year - YES

Nine points can be made up & we can sneak into the play offs

However it needs action on Monday to install the new manager & a new defence by the end of the week

david dunn

just heard dean saunders is favorite i hope not get odriscle in hes a wolves fan we will see now if these players are good enough or didnt want 2 play 4 this manager time will tell


Funny how people has lots of opinions when things go bad ....... has any Wolves-article in E&S spakled more comments than Solbakkens exit? That said, the club had no option - he HAD to go! Back to the kick-and-run game with another manager in the-merry-manager-go-around circus!


Before we start getting overjoyed by the sacking of Stale let's look at the bigger picture and the two major players who should take all the blame and that is Mr Morgan amd Mr Moxey they are the main reason we are in such a state their decision making of late has been mind boggling to say the least after all they employed Stale in the first place in what in my view a knee jerk decision.

They have both been too worried about saving and making money for themselves that they have lost the bigger picture and that is to re-establish this great club in the Premier League but its not only the management that should take all the blame the players many of them from the Mick McCarthy's days should also be held responsible for our plight.These so called professionals seem to spend more time talking to the media than doing the talking on the field and many of them are not fit to wear the old gold shirt and to be honest wouldn't be good enough to play in league one.... they obviously have high opinions of themselves.

Now the search goes on again to find another manager and one I'm apprehensive about as Morgan and Moxey will obviously go for the cheaper option and obviously will have a major influence on the in coming manager's decisions.

I just hope these two have learnt from their past mistakes and do the right thing for all us long suffering fans and get in a decent manager but I won't be holding my breath as the old saying goes "A leopard never changes its spots".


I am a baggies fan who hasnt seen the Wolves play this season....but I hope for the area that you guys stay up. I think a relegation would be devastating for the Black Country both for morale and commerce.

I know we have banter but if you get the right appointment and you "Dingles";) get behind him then you will stay up.

The black country derby should be in the premiership. I would have you guys take Villas place any day.

Good luck for the rest of the season

Alan in Cyprus

Will this make the Luton Town programme as valuable as the Chorley one?

Sad, but inevitable.


So he's away. This is wrong. The top layer should go too. They are the ones that selected him. They made a dogs dinner with Connor. In fact they haven't picked a decent manager in years. Yes MM took the to the Premier but lets face it they were there by the skin of there teeth.

As picking SS was a board decision as was previous they should consider resigning their positions. If you lose the war its no good blaming a Captain for losing a battle.

As an HR professional who sits at board level I can tell you this these guys did not do their due diligence when selecting managers. I have no faith that they will have the competence to pick anyone who will lead the team to glory. And I think that any manager approached by wolves would be asking is it worth it. I have a team who cannot or will not take instructions. A team of supposed professionals that act like school boys who can't get their own way.

Lets start from scratch get rid of those that do not want to do as they are told. Get rid of those that don't have the ability to change. And get rid of the board.

Lets buy decent defenders and at least one or two good strikers.

To those on the board ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we hear the talk lets see the walk.

David Carter

Wolves fan for over 50 years,I was at Southampton when we lost 9-3 and hoped that I would never see another performence like that,will always be a Wolves fan but continual miss managment as always has cost us dearly,I hope that Mr Morgen takes advice and appoints a real Manager the Wolves deserve the best,your last man failed badly here in Germany with Koln and should not been put in charge,prove to us the fans that you are up to the job of Chairman Mr Morgen.Wolves Forever.


Who on earth will come here and manage this club with its bunch of reprobate players who are so stupid they cannot understand what the manager asks them to do, who answer to a different manager (even though they got him sacked) and the most fickle followers!

Answer: nobody

We are in a very deep dark hole with no way out!

fickle fans

great post mikey bear..........mrgan/moxey are not the only ones to blame.....idiot fans to blame also

Billy Wright's curls

- Glenn Hoddle, 2004

-Mick McCarthy, July 2006

- Terry Connor, February 2012

- Ståle Solbakken, July 2012

- ? ?, January 2012

With his poor record of appointing managers, Moxey again looks as though he will deserve his Mr Tuflon reputation as he again survives another travesty.

The underlying problem at the Wolves is Jezz Moxey, while he remains managing the Wolves franchise it will make oodles of dosh for the owners, but the playing side will go nowhere.

There has been nothing outstanding about the management career of Dean Saunders, and so he is seen as not being a challenge to Moxey.

I think that Saunders is a forgone conclusion, just as it is a forgone that I won't be buying a season ticket again while Moxey is running the Wolves franchise.

We used to think that Wolves was a football club, but nowadays the term used inside WWW is franchise. Says it all really!

Duncan from Sydney

Just to put the loss yesterday into perspective ... Luton Town are below Kidderminster Harriers in the table . Isn't Kiddiminster almost a suburb of Wolverhampton ? The average Luton player probably gets 200 pounds a week .. at best . Now how much does the the average Wolves player get per week to under-perform at even such a mediocre level and act like clowns in front of a bunch of part-timers?

There is a deep seated problem at the club. Attitudinal problems run deep and cant be solely blamed on the team manager alone. There is obviously no team spirit from top to bottom.... At least half the players team and the CEO M... Should go as well... Then we would start to re-build from a committed team which consist of those still proud to be at Wolves Football Club ... At present even with S gone there is still a bunch of individuals whom are obviously not motivated and certainly don't play as a team. This needs to be addressed too before we can once more be proud supporters of such a great club.

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