Crystal Palace 3 Wolves 1 - match report

Wolves’ crisis deepened and the pressure mounted on boss Stale Solbakken as his side crashed to their third successive defeat at Crystal Palace.

Wolves’ crisis deepened and the pressure mounted on boss Stale Solbakken as his side crashed to their third successive defeat at Crystal Palace.

A miserable festive period has seen Wolves lose to then bottom side Peterborough, Ipswich and Palace, conceding eight and scoring just once.

A free kick from Andre Moritz on 31 and a toe poke from Yannick Bolasie eight minutes later meant there was no way back for Wolves.

Another Moritz free kick seven minutes after the break clinched the points for Ian Holloway’s side.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake’s customary goal against Palace and his 10th of the season reduced the arrears 15 minutes from time and at least ensured a competitive end to the game.

But it was another thoroughly unconvincing display from Wolves, devoid of creativity and chances, apart from David Davis’ eighth-minute drive against the post.

Solbakken promised changes but made just one from Saturday’s 2-0 defeat to Ipswich.

And that was enforced as Richard Stearman replaced Bjorn Sigurdarson, who was ruled out with a recurrence of his thigh injury.

Tongo Doumbia was the other casualty from the 18 from Saturday, out with a tight hamstring.

Stearman, making his first start in nine, was at right back while Kevin Foley was pushed up to right midfield as Solbakken attempted to become more solid.

Palace started on the front foot with Glenn Murray flicking a header over from Moritz’s free kick.

Wolves held their own for the opening minutes and went desperately close to taking the lead when Davis’ rising drive crashed off the outside of the post after bursting through two players, Bakary Sako firing wide from the rebound.

But Palace soon began to take control, and they seemed quicker all over the pitch and able to play at a higher tempo than Wolves, while harrying their lethargic-looking opponents out of their stride.

Bolasie’s 30-yarder bounced dangerously wide and Murray sent a skidding shot the same way after great trickery and a cross from Wilfried Zaha left Wolves in a tangle.

Palace continually led the visitors a merry dance down the flanks and

Zaha was next to try his luck, curling over from Jonathan Parr’s cross.

Roger Johnson came to Wolves’ rescue when he hacked Zaha’s shot off the line from Parr’s centre.

Palace had built up a head of steam and it came as no surprise when they took a deserved lead, even if the trip by Sako that resulted in the free kick they scored from wasn’t convincing.

The finish was however, as Moritz curled the ball into Carl Ikeme’s left-hand corner of the net from 25 yards.

Soon it was 2-0 and Wolves could have no complaints.

Again Palace showed more pace and liveliness to open up the visitors far too easily.

Zaha managed to emerge with the ball despite Stearman lunging in on him in the centre circle, and raced upfield before finding Bolasie with a short pass with a toe-poked finish to Ikeme’s near post.

Little changed after the break as Palace scored their third goal in the first attack of the half.

Stephen Ward tripped Moritz 25 yards out as he tried to dribble across the D and the Brazilian midfielder picked himself up and curled the ball into Ikeme’s top right-hand corner.

The 61st-minute arrival of Jamie O’Hara and Anthony Forde for Davis and the ineffective Sako improved Wolves slightly as they showed signs of at least competing.

Ebanks-Blake rattled one fierce, angled effort into the sidenetting on 69 minutes and six minutes later, grabbed a consolation with a smart turn and shot from 15 yards after turning onto Stearman’s free kick.

But although there was a rarely seen edge to Wolves for the closing quarter of an hour – principally in defence, as Roger Johnson was booked for a set-to with Murray, and Stearman, who buffeting of Bolasie put the Palace winger over the advertising hoardings, they failed to create any chances.

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Comments for: "Crystal Palace 3 Wolves 1 - match report"

Jonny D

All I will say after this defeat is. Mr Moxley please let the manager decide which players are up to it, and which players are not. Let the manager buy new players he wants now, not when you sell the player he doesn’t want. Because if we hold out to sell before we buy. The Manager has no chance, it has been the same since Mr Moxley came to this club, and the only way to change it is to let the manager get who he feels is needed, and not worry about the players who are not good enough. Mr Moxley please keep your opinion of the playing staff to yourself. Your not qualified to have an opinion on how good players are. You need coaching badges to do that.

Dan Wolves

Some people just have no clue. Like everyone I can't believe how we are playing but how can we just buy buy buy? We would end up with loads of players in the books and in financial free fall.

And apart from Sako you can't exactly say the signing have set the world on fire.

The players we have should be enough to be much higher up the league.


is moxey and morgan interested in playing man utd,chelsea etc or walsall and shrewsbury

Terry King

It is not the lack of players, having watched all 4 of the xmas matches we have a manager who has players like Sako who do not put the work rate in, and yet get rolled out week after week, we have had 2/3 players up front the best in the air is pushed onto the wing when he is given a game. As a result the ball is not being won in the other half, because we lack height and even when lost on the ground Sako fails to attempt to recover it. With the squad we have any decent manager should be able to form a Championship squad that can win from them. Perhaps a whip round at Luton for a Ryanair ticket to Oslo would be the best move. In the absence of MM, Wolverhampton born and bred Sean O'Driscoll would inspire and he knows the Championship.

Calling Courchevel !!!

I don't really know the luxury ski resort that Messers Moxey and Morgan are likely holed up in, but I do know that the slippery slope the club is on is not going to be fixed quickly. Like so many I'm disillusioned, it needs sorting. Hang up your ski poles and get back to Blighty gentlemen please!!!! Either that or fly O'Driscoll out to you to sign on the line!!

Jersey Wolf

anyone who can't even get Moxey's name right shouldn't be qualified to give an opinion obviously know very little about the Wolves

Guernsey is nicer

Does it matter ? Get a life.

Chillo Wolf

Yes it does matter. It's called common courtesy.


well said jonny D, but you should have gone on a bit further and said the same about the fans! too many think they know better and they don't and never will do.

Lets wait until we get our injured players back and see who we get in this transfer window.

If we "all" stick together we can get out of this mess, the club needs us now is the time to prove just how much we support our club - over to you boo boys.

Golden Blood

Is he still here?

oxley wolf

joke joke joke. get bully in

chillo wolf

Oh god! Please tell me that was a joke?


last one out turn the lights off


Joke! Get rid now before we go down.

Newark Wolves

Don't know what to say anymore.

Ted the Wolves

What's the point!!!


Wolves supporters and Steve Morgan there is an opportunity............

We now have a little time to make a positive change and bring in a manager that can:

a) Manage & Inspire

b) Win football matches

c) Get the best out of players

and say ‘Thanks and we wish you all the best” to the current manager that:

a) Doesn’t inspire and can't lead

b) Loses football matches

c) Drains players confidence

The away trip to Luton is irrelevant, let’s wheel in someone who can get average players to excel.

“Ciao!” Paulo Di Canio......please

Solbakken in the eagle's shadow

Agree Paulo will bring passion. Something that is lacking at the moment.



I'm with you on that one, Paolo Di Canio would be a very interesting signing, a chap who it would seem can summon up the the powers of self confidence, belief and passion, something he was never short of on the pitch.

Di Canio's got to be better bet than this turgid set of performances from Solbakken. The only question I would ask is whether he would want to come to Wolves... We're struggling at the low end of the table with a set of supporters who are notoriously fickle, as opposed to his Swindon's lofty placing in League 1 and his already established high popularity with the club's supporters.

Solbakken's tenure with Wolves is already moribund and only a set of steadying performances followed by a resurgence will bring this manager's short career back to life. [puns on Solbakken and 'bringing back to life' are intended]


No surprise here. Doesn't change things

The board have to decide if the back Stale Solbakken or sack him.

The next few days are critical which ever route they decide to take.

Bet Luton are shaking in their Nikes

Upset Wolves Fan

Not surprised as well that we are shipping in goals . If stale was smart enough after watching all 38 dvd games last season he would have put most of our defenders up for sale in the summer, they are all rubbish. Need to build a team from the back going forward . Sell stearman, berra johnson, ward !

Golden blood

As he gone yet?


The word is 'Has'.....

Dave Woodfield ate all the cocktail sausages

So what's new!?


Pussycats, seemingly!

Matt Wolf

Great start to 2013 under Morgan's leadership!

Norman Bell's Banjo String

There's room for Tomas Frankowski in this side. Anybody remember him? And remember who the manager was too?


New Year same old story. I'm desperate to see some success at my club but with the incumbent regime (from top to bottom) I see no light appearing from the darkness.


When did you buy Morgan out

Who cares anymore?

Solbakken please stay, as i no longer care.

I'm finished with club after 47 years.

Tasmanian wolf

Such maturity


says it all really.... S.S. said he needed to make changes for this game, so what does he do, make only one and that was forced through injury,.... and then push a defender into the midfield, seems a lot like MM's square peg round hole tactic's but i honestly dont think this manager has any tactics, need a change now in my opinion


totally aree with you

Realistic Wolf

This team are a bunch of losers, like Stale they need to be tougher. As far as the invisible Morgan and deep pockets Moxey are concerned they either need to back or sack the manager now January is here. My guess is probably nothing will happen apart from from the anticipated Zubar move. Life is certainly rough being a wolves supporter, oh Sir Jack why let this guy have the club for £10.

Stato's Boring Brother

This is not an attack on Sir Jack who did great things for the club as we were recovering from the darkest days but in 17 years under his ownership we spent just one year in the Premiership when Dave Jones wasn't allowed to invest to stay up.

In 5 years under Steve Morgan we have spent 3 seasons in the Premiership (plus one winning the championship) - not a bad record.

I just hope he backs the manager and allows him to spend early in the window without having to sell players first. However, don't forget that over half of the Jarvis/Fletcher/Kightly windfall has already been spend with £12m going out in August from a net £20m after VAT.

Stafford wolf

Another lacklustre performance by the sound of it on the radio. At least we have a couple of players nearly fit again and who knows what will happen this month. I still keep thinking that the board should have got Houghton from blues last season and paid compensation but they were too tight. He would have done a lot better. Now we are in a relegation battle. Thanks Mr Morgan.

Ashma Wolves

Wolves have spent too much effort focusing on a long-term 'plan' and completely lost sight of the short-term..


That performance was pathetic.

Stale needs to go, he hasn't got a clue

Even with the poor excuse for players we got, we shouldn't be as bad as this.

If something doesn't change we will get relegated.

The Truth Hurts

Not going to comment on another loss. We need morgan and moxey to come out of hiding and tell the long suffering wolves fans what the hell is going on. Moxey , morgan hang your heads in shame you are a disgrace to the club

Vince Warrington

Time to go Mr Stale!

Even with a couple of decent buys and a lucky push up the table this would still be an awful season. Simply this manager does not have the skills to operate in this division, no chance what so ever of ever competing in the Premireship,so why not act now.

Personally I would like to see Paul Ince! Reasons we will not be a massive premiership team. However, as fans we have a right to want to watch a committed team. Ince could achieve promotion within two seasons of that I am confident. Moreover, he would not let his team lay down and die. Ince could elvolve into our Moyes, subsequently seeing us watching a team that may not win a lot of trophies, but will not get licked by anyone. When MM got the wolves job just a head of Ince. Paul Ince made some poor decisions in taking troubled clubs over, but you talk to any of the fans watching his teams,they all performed with passion and I feel he always only wanted one job!!!!!


Talk of a troubled club


I totally agree, Paul Ince is th man to lead Wolves back to winning ways even back to th premier. He is True Grit through and through a hands on man who knows his game. So come on Morgan and Moxey give him a ring he'll sort the team out. Cnt say anything about current situation under SS as the results speak for themselves!

Canadian Baggie

Real sense here - Albion are no different in size or potential. At best a mid table low budget club with maybe a cup run now and then. But way more enjoyable than the chaos we used to have.

Ince loves the Wolves but the board has no plan and no brains. Great club but could be a long way back to stability.


Ince would be a great choice at this point. A passionate Wolves man who will bring us all together. Would be good if he could bring another Wolves man with him Rae,Cammeron or O'Drisscoll to. Won't happen though they would know a good decisions if it came and slapped them in the face.

The Flying Winger

Once Upon A Time:

There were 2 men who sit in the Ivory Tower of a once famous football club.

They presided over the worst decisions made in the history of the football club, and vowed that things would get better.

However they decided once again to make the same mistakes they made before and hoped that things would get better.

One of them came out of the Tower to make a statement that "The team is good enough to be doing much better and everyone knows that", that left the long suffering Wolves fans wondering who everyone is?

This deluded person then stated that January will not be the answer to our problems, as the current players have to drag us out of the mess.

The other deluded person is still in the Ivory Tower counting his money from the sale of players, parachute payments and is said to be very happy how healthy everything is.

The fans meanwhile are expected to continue to add to the coffers of these 2 deluded individuals, and the players who have very good packages etc, well they may give them a big shock very soon.

Meanwhile back in the real world the latest Manager of the Club says we are in crisis in every department of the team, the team that McCarthy built that failed for two and a half years.

I guess "everyone" thinks he is right except for the 2 in the Ivory Tower.

Happy New Year to "Everyone"

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Erm bhattis made some poor choices, so did Glenn Hoddle as manager. So did the board back in the 60s when they sacked Stanley cullis. Then sir jack decided he had had enough just when we made it to the prem. I'm 32 and the 6 years under mm were the best I've ever seen here. But we cocked up by knee jerk sacking after being humiliated by WBA. That decision was the worst in recent memory. Get some perspective. UTW

The Flying Winger

Yes we did, but this board ranks along side those of yesteryear, it is the here and now that matters too many live in the far distant past

Having the knee jerk sacking wasn't the worst in recent memory, it was not sacking him the previous Christmas, and not replacing him with a top line manager, looks like that decision is going to be repeated, as there is no ambition within the club, but they will keep taking your money.

Make no mistake we are heading for relegation unless something happens soon.


surley he as got to now

i do not want to loses any game but would except defeat if i thought the team was making progress

At the moment we are playing the worse football i have seen in my 53 years .

the manager lost the dressing room,and under mm the players always put a shift in .

moxey and morgon need to hold there hands up and say there have made a mistake and sack him now .

the next season will hurt this club when attendance will be less than10000 we have lost around 8000 fans this season due


Stearman's Hairdresser

Fair play, at least they tried their best.


if the board let him stay we will go down no dought about it ,palace made us look like a non league side they were better than us all over pitch, he has had enough time to at least make some kind improvement but there isnt any at all, look at steve bruce at hull he has had the same amount of time .i feel so let down this season and last season idont think morgan cares either which makes it worse.


well done stale you really showed them whos boss glad to see you "wield the axe".i really wanted you to succeed but it seems you are badly out of your depth m totally incapable of changing things.after faililng to be decisive today and making the big decisions you have lost all credibility ,so GET LOST

Oxley Wolf.

We are going down.

Only the fans can hold their head ups hgoin


The fans hold their heads up,that's a joke in it's self.On Sat at the Ipswich game i witnessed a 40+Yr old have a go at a lad aged 8ish because the lad was singing Doyle's name when he was subbed,then attacked the lads dad when he told him to stop.You find this behaviour exceptable? because i don't.This goes on in the South bank all the while round by me and i'm sick and tired of it


Solbakken out what a load of garbage, Moxey millions out no motivation.


I wish all Wolves fans a happy New Year 2013.

But I don't think it will be for our team.

Welcome back O'Hara and to Anthony Forde who at least sparked a bit of life out of the rest of the team on Tuesday, but too late.

The transfer window is not the answer to our teams problems.

The answer is a manager who understands what is needed to succeed in this league.

SS is not that man, never was. His assistant and coach are not those men, never were.

Remember, SS, as manager of FC Cologne, saw them relegated from the German Premier league with record goals against. AND they had the top German international striker in their side.

Wolves do not have a chance of success with SS and his assistants, short term or long term.

If we're fortunate, Martin O'Neil may soon part company with Sunderland. Now that would be a good signing!


There's a good reason O'Neil may soon be out of Sunderland.........his team is rubbish! So you would like another failed manager to castigate after half a dozen games would you........?


Very unlikely O'Neil will be sacked and even less likely he would come to Wolves if he was. This sort of 'sack the manager and get Mourinho' thinking was half the problem in the first place.

Sir Lupi

We had the chance to get O'Neil before Sunderland nabbed him, but the board stuck with Mick despite the horror shows on view at Molineux.

I wonder what life would be like at Wolves now had Morgan/Moxey invested in a coach like O'Neil rather than a pointless new stand??

We Only Need One Half!

Yes M.O.N. may well be the answer for you, if you are willing to give him multi millions to spend, is that going to happen with Moxey there?

I dont think so!

surrey wolves

Oh dear. Still only 30 minutes and I am home. Desperate times to be a Wolves fan. In 34 years its hard to think of it being worse with no end in sight. 2013 must improve? Luton here we come!




He will be sacked in feb when the new manager has no chance to spend money , fact

He won't be given any funds to spend this jan , fact

He is the worst manager we have ever had . Fact

We're going nowhere with him . Fact

Nothing else to say apart from my total disgust at how this club us being run

Hartlebury Torch Man

Last one to leave, please turn off the lights!


Dare I say this is worse than the Hoddle era? I don't remember a time since the mid eighties that we've been so unconvincing and so uncompetitive!

The club has been completely knocked out of kilter since the removal of MM without a decent replacement lined up and the blame for that debacle and the current laughing stock sits firmly with Morgan and Moxey!

Unless there are wholesale changes I firmly predict a pitiful drop into league 1 without so much as a wimper!

Do M and M have the courage to do something about this?..........I doubt it!

Not keen on this manager

Well Mr Manager what excuse this time? Fatigue? Scared? Tired? blah blah blah.

I have one it is spelt CRAP.

Why don't you do the decent thing and admit you have not got a clue and RESIGN.

Dan the Man

Being aggressive is no substitute for skill and ability. So, while it's good to see some fight in the team, the way they went about it suggests it is more the result of pressure and stress than simple hard graft.

If we continue in this vein, then we'll have players sent off in games. There's too much pent-up anger which is going to spill over into more than one nasty incident. Until the team learn how to play football again, this will become more and more likely.

The conclusion is that we shall continue to play on without any real pattern or rhythm, and just end-up 'bruising' the opposition. Solbakken has to get a grip and get the team playing a different way, lest we get relegated in an ignominious fashion.

The coming weeks should be very interesting, if not disconcerting.

Supa mick

Solbakken out. Simple as that. We need a manager now who knows this division and can get us out of trouble. Foreign experiment over Morgan! I'd say Sean o'driscoll.... Up the wolves!


this is without doubt the worst wolves side i,ve seen in over 30yrs.fair to say me and my son won,t be going again this passion no ideas .a chairman and ceo who can,t be bothered to turn up for home games.a manager who has lost the dressing room and a team which is just not good enough.MORGAN OUT.MOXEY OUT.i am back at work tommorow to earn hard earned money for my family.WILL NOT BE WASTING IT AT THE MOLINEUX.DI MATTEO AND WILKINS IN.But hey that would mean we would have to spend some money.very unhappy wolves fan.

Stato's Boring Brother

You say that you've been going to Molineux for 30 years and this is the worst you have ever seen. Have you forgotten what it was like under Docherty, McGarry (second time) and Chapman when we tumbled from top to bottom and nearly went bust in the process?

Morgan can't splash all the cash at one go or we could end up back where we were in 1986.

Wednesbury wolves

Solbakken walk away now, go before ur sacked and then let's see who Morgan and moxey will bring in, another cheap manager, FACT, we have to face it until Morgan and moxey vacate positions at molineux this club is heading to league 1, after watching us lose with ease today, I'm afraid if Morgan wants us back on side from this evening, he has to do 1 thing terminate contracts, 1st up moxey, then Daley then foley ward Henry stearman Doyle wot a joke 109 games 23 goals, Berra, these players have showed no interest this season and no interest in playing for solbakken, 2013 is going to be a terrible year I fear.


moxey out stale out morgan out we dont want you here


Bye Bye Stale. You're BROWN BREAD


The manager is going nowhere. Get used to it, and prepare for more dire experiences as fans of WWFC. Luton on Saturday springs to mind.....

Selly park wolf

When we lose against Luton over the weekend that will be the result that gets this clueless bafoon the sack!

Enough is enough its decision time Morgan?

Do you give him even more money that he will no doubt waste on other foreign dross who have no passion for the game other than lining their pockets or do you sack him and give a new man a chance to stop the inevitable slide into league1?

Hopefully the latter.

Bout time Morgan grew a pair and admitted they got it dreadfully wrong in appointing someone with no experience of the English league who's last job ended in relegation.

This could only happen at wolves!

Please get someone in with knowledge of the game that can assemble a team that will roll up their sleeves and fight for the cause because this team have not got the stomach for it.

I really fear the worst and can't see where the next point is coming from.

On a positive note heard that we are trying to sign dorrans?

Happy new year all.

It could be a long one

Stato's Boring Brother

It happened at Blackburn as well.

Mark Beardsmore

absolutely tosh!!!!! thats it im afraid. . 30 years of supporting wolves and ive had enough.


Surprise surprise

st Jase

Do you go back and check the drawing board when the plan goes right? Seems the Wolves board do not have a lessons learned folder on the shelf next to 'how to run a football club for dummies'.

There is no clear strategy at the Molineux and hasn't been one for years. 2 promotions and 2 relegations, both at the bottom of the table, doesn't look good on a CV if you're the CEO.

The way forward is to stop whats happening NOW, because we've been down this road before and all we keep doing is the wrong thing righter! Need to stop and set off in a new direction wth the right people on board with the right attitude and the right vision.

mr idiot

cannot take this anymore , work hard for my money and going to support this lot is getting to be a joke , so I ask all wolves fans [I know were loyal fans ]but we got to stop going till something is done .

cotty cape town

why why are you doing this to my club

m m out


Dear OH !! dear another lack luster display again what,s going on ? Our team seem to be 1/2 a yard too slow, bereft of any ideas totally perplexed with tactics i saw us against Ipswich with the ball in the final 3rd and then whoosh back in our own half to start another attack when were having a rare sniff around goal. Square back square back across the park back to GK hoof up field oh we lost possession again. With a 200 mile round trip nowadays i must be a fantical supporter or mad. UTW.

Manchester Wolf

No idea. No commitment. No shape. No organisation. No skill. No loyalty. No chance.

We need changes now or no future. Luton on Saturday. HELP


no matter who is in charge or what tactics are implemented the players are showing the manager and fans NO respect they arnt trying arnt doing the basics or even passing to a gold shirt, im vastly getting tired of there excuses and am beging to think no matter who was manager these crop of over ratted over paid mediocre championship players dont deserve to play in the famous old shirt or represent a great club, players are to blame first and foremost.sort yourselves out.

scott kerr

Time for a change at the top and out with a good few players and in with some fresh hungry ones...


After giving this guy ample chance to proove himself at the helm,it is now evident that this has turned into a major crises! WE MUST CHANGE THIS MANAGER NOW BEFORE HE TAKES US DOWN!! There is no stylish play,hardly any attempts at goal against any team in this league,its my bet that we will be beaten by luton in the FA Cup before the ball is even kicked!! IT REALLY IS THAT POOR!...MY WISH IS, I HOPE MR MOXEY READS ALL THIS THAT EVERYONE IS SAYING ON THIS WEBSITE, BECOUSE IF HE REALLY CARES,HE WOULD ACT RIGHT NOW AND LISTEN TO WHAT THE GENERAL CONCLUSION OF MR SOLBAKKEN IS!!! HOWEVER I DOUBT IF HE EVER READS THIS AS MR MOXEY SMACKS OF PURE ARROGANCE...AND ONCE AGAIN MR MOXEY DIPS HIS TOES IN THE WATERS OF REASON...AND THEN RETURNS TO FROLIC ON INSANITY BEACH!!!!

little nige

new years resolution - stop losing


get this joker gone jez he dont understand the english game.

jimmy paige

I have to say that with the festive season upon us the refuse collection days can change - but with Wolves, the rubbish is still carried out each time they play. Time to re-cycle. Something I found in my cracker:-Thought for Morgan - why didn't you buy a club more your level - a Port Vale sort of team? More affordable. You're out of your league and dragging Wolves supporters with you. Abandon ship now please.


The results, performances and position in the table are unacceptable. There are few signs of optimism.

We clearly won't now figure in the play offs this season, and at present we are more likely to be fighting to stay up.

There is little money around to buy players, and frankly buying some European players who will take ages to settle is not what we need.

The squad we have should be doing better. The manager is not getting the best out of them and from his comments he seems to be short of ideas on how we can improve.

I strongly suspect that Morgan will stand by Solbakken though unless we really look like going down.

It's an absolute tragedy that bad footballing decisions by one man have messed up the future of the club so badly. If the club thought it hard to sell early bird tickets last season...

essex uni wolf

Without stating the blinding obvious SS is out of his depth and the board have to take the responsibility for giving him the job ahead of Steve Bruce who has Hull sitting in second place and as for people slating MM the guy gave wolves their best success for many years certainly giving better memories than we are getting under this new management.

Winchester Wolf

I'm sad to say it as I've supported the SS experiment so far, but this group of players are quite obviously not playing for him or his ideas. He has lost the changing room. Now, we either ship 'em all out and give him the chance to build his own squad of players who can and will play to his methods, or we get rid of SS, accept player power and get in a manager such as O'Driscoll who can fight our way up and out of this division.

I think we're going to be in a relegation scrap by February.

Over to you, Mr Morgan. PS how's the sun tan coming along?


This can not go on any longer! The football being played by Wolves is that bad Plymouth would be a hand full for us to beat .SS must get the players together and sort out what is going wrong. I have been a Wolves supporter now for 50 years,not since the days of the Battie Bos have I seen so bad a team. They play together like strangers,OK we got religated but we were a prem team ,what has gone wrong ??? We should have a team that should more than hold its own in this division. Even if we get 3 or 4 players in they have still got to jell together as a team,how long would that take? The way its looking I carnt see where the next points are coming from. Please please get it together NOW NOW,I mean everyone NOW !!

Worcester Wolves

I keep coming back here .... hoping that .... he's gone ....

Get Sean O'Driscoll before someone else does.........


Time for kojack to go. Clueless.

Wolf Blast

Awful. The BBC stats say the possession was almost 70% Palace. The only bright light was O'Hara's return.

I set out a target of 11 pts from our Christmas games and we've ended up with 3 pts.

Everyones lost confidence and some aren't putting in enough effort.

Morgan must do something. I don't care now whether he does the wrong thing but doing nothing is now not an option. Buy somebody or sack somebody whatever but do something and tell us what you are going to do.

What I don't want is another Stale headline in the E&S saying my fault. I want a statement from Morgan saying I am behind Stale or I am going to fire him or we have negotiations under way with several clubs regarding new additions.


More rubbish


No spirit

No heart

No passion

No chance.


There can only be one out come from todays result........time to say goodbye.


I just wish that useless no nothing Moxey would go . Then we can get someone in who knows something about football and he can get rid of this clown we are calling our manager.

Moxey must go , he proves over and over again what an incompetent fool he is. Accountant, Yes. Running a football club? No chance, he's been a disaster for Wolves and continues to be.

loyal wulfrian

Lost again, toothless in attack, no surprise there then. When will SS realise that his tactics are not and never will work in this league. Pig Headed comes to mind. Happy New Year to everyone. UTW

The Real Bangkok Wolf




Time to go now I think for this boss.totally out of his depth resulting in a team completely devoid of attacking impetus and belief,I went to both home games over the Christmas period and was "treated" to a grand total of three shots on target in 180 minutes of play.Ive followed the Wolves home and away now since the late 70's and rarely have I seen a team so abject,once they go behind you just know its game up.Let's try and get Paolo Di Canio in during January,if nothing else he'll shake them up and ship out the likes of Berra the Scottish wrestling champion and Ward who can run faster backwards than forwards.Bye,bye Stalle and take Poxey with you too


Its time Morgan went together with Moxey and the Manager

Hard Wolf

Another 4 games like this & 1st division football will be looming large, if apoxy moxy thinks we do not need to buy fresh blood in the jan transfer window especially 3 new defenders then he needs to go period & if stale watched the tapes of last season then i a monkeys uncle.

Stop the ROT stop it now!!!!!

Weeping Wolf

Dictionary definition of INCOMPETENT - MORGAN & MOXEY

All those that think Stale will stop this ship from sinking...... WAKEY WAKEY!!!!


What a great tactical change!Stearman in for Sigarduson.Still play him in attack rather in defence is a safer bet defensively.Things are looking desperate!While i like to feel that i am an optimist,i must also consider the reality of it all.People keep saying we are nine points out of a play-off spot.However we are now only six points clear of the bottom three and sinking fast.Avoiding relegation is the PRIORITY!It is going to be hard grinding out results with players who have failed us before and over the holiday period have lost two relegation 'six-pointers' at home.Once and for all we must get rid of the deadwood/trouble-makers in the team.We have been told that we have a good crop of young players.Now is the time to blood them along with signings that will probably be loans rather than transfers.Can it get worse?A potential 'banana skin' in the FA Cup third Round?

Mountain Wolf

Moxey and Morgan. In the next few weeks you will be sending out your Early Bird letters full of the usual trite phrases such as 'great value'. Moxey, I presume you use those words in monetary terms because value is missing from all other aspects of being a Wolves fan at the moment. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


i do not think the fans can take any more something has to give

Branston Wolf

If all these supporters of so called " many years" think this is the worst wolves team ever. They obviously did not see the few seasons before Turner arrived...................

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Oh well, at least my travelling time and expense will be cut to away games at Carlisle etc


Same old story, same result. Like most, I believe they have to back him or sack him this week. But also like most others I don't think either will happen. Most likely scenario is they bring 1 or 2 in players on the cheap.(Probably only after we've got rid of 2 or 3) Then they'll be sending out the early bird form for next season. This club is an absolute joke from top to bottom. Absolutely no leadership or direction. If Steve Morgan thinks he can just build a new stand and then disappear into the shadows to concentrate on his property port folio he needs to think again. After holding season for around the last 25 years, for only the second time in that period am I seriously considering not renewing. I M O best way to bring about change is to vote with your feet and don't go. Defeat against Luton should be the end. If not, the home game with Blackburn should be boycotted by all. It's on TV anyway. As for Moxey, he's just a puppet that does and says what he's told to. WE NEED LEADERSHIP NOW and it has to come from the top. Are going to step up Steve Morgan??? I doubt it.


A fish rots from the head downwards.

All for the proposed boycott which seems to be gathering some momentum, but just waiting for the inane "we don't want your support" / "you must be a baggie" / "take your support elewhere2 etc. comments.

Sorry but it's the only way to get the message accross to (wantaway?) owner.


No point in commenting on the game - a very predictable outcome.

Now Morgan needs to make a decision (if he can be bothered to take enough interest in the club - wasn't he skiing the last time we were in this much of a mess?).

Either that the path we are on is leading somewhere (albeit via a very difficult route that nobody is enjoying) and move at least half a dozen players in (and therefore an equal number out) in January. We might need to pay a bit over the odds and take a bit less for the sales but that it not beyond the budget of the club.

Or that the appointment of Solbakken was a mistake and sack him before the end of the week, having considered the available managers (there should be some handy files from the two short-lists made in 2012). I doubt the new manager would be able to make real substantial signings but at least he could start looking around and bring in a couple e.g. a new creative CM and a new CH if Berra is leaving.

What we absolutely MUST NOT DO is fail to back or sack Solbakken (as last January with Mick) and then decide in Feb/March to start all over again (for the 3rd time in a year). However I suspect that this is the most likely.


All of our problems stem from our beloved chairman. He may well be able to run a building company but is totally clueless when it comes to running OUR football club. He was quick to get on the pitch and take applause at the season finale when we stayed in the prem but was nowhere to be seen when we were relegated because he didnt invest in the team.This is not a playtoy Mr Morgan this is a massive part of fans lives. We put in our own money every year in season tickets and merchandise it is now time you started to invest some of your OWN personal money into the team and club. Please do not build any more stands or houses just invest all your time and effort into building a football team. You have spent £10 of your money so far it is now time to act and invest and actually be a chairman that we can be proud of like Sir Jack who although sometimes misguided always had our club wolves in his heart. Act now Mr Morgan or put us up for sale !!!! (I will even pay you back the tenner you paid myself)


its january 1st 2013 and the players still dont want to play for Ståle? the balls firmly in your court now steve morgan and jez moxey do you back him or sack him,my advice is to back him but he's going to need plenty of money to turn this one around so get that cheque book out and spend spend spend,but if you don't want to spend millions then get rid of him and admit to all us fans that you was wrong in your choice of manager and make Ståle the scape goat so there you go steve its up to you now BACK or sack,,,,IN STAALE Ståle WE TRUST,,,,/\/\ wwfc /\/\,,,,


Not sticking up for the manager, however lets not forget that if he does go, this will be the third manager these players, or a majority of, who have been responsible for their demise.

Lets play the youngsters who can adapt to a different style and put those in the reserves, unless of course we can sell them. Doubtful of course, who would want them. Time for Foley, Berra, Henry and Ward to move on and anyone else who thinks this is acceptable. The managers can only do south, and lets not forget he has also his back room staff that would have to be moved out also. It's not going to happen, sorry guys.

Filthy Wolf

Unfortunately it is hard to see the wood for the trees. Are the players soooo bad that Stale cannot get them to play, or have we got a bad manager out of his league?

In effect we are the same as last year. On the way down, with the fans confidence in manager and team gone but the board backing the manager to play out the January transfer window.

Play offs? This is a relegation battle.


I've now reached the point where the board don't care the players don't care you can tell that for most of this season so now after 34years I don't care what happens now. I now believe no matter what happens this season JM & SM WILL NOT SACK SS. I now hope everybody starts to show what we really ALL FEEL BY BOYCOTTING THE GAMES FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON. I really hope LUTON GIVE US A GOOD BEATING ON SATURDAY I REALLY DON'T CARE ANYMORE WHY SHOULD I THOSE LOT BEHIND CLOSED DOORS AT MOLINEUX OBVIOUSLY DON'T ANYMORE.

jimmy paige

Come the time...

Come forth the man....


Shambolic...............Morgan & Moxey, you are destroying our football club, now grow a set and act now! You aint having any more of my money until you sort it.

The Wanderer

Steve Morgan surely has to act on the current situation.

Personally, my view is that the players won't play for Solbakken - so either get rid of the players who aren't doing what the manager needs or bring in a new manager.

If not, we could be relegation candidates this year...

Not keen on this manager

I think your last line should read "we ARE relegation candidates this year"

With this clueless manager an Owner that doesn't care and a CEO that is NOT a Dan Ashworth!!


Everyone is missing the one consistant thread that runs through all the tale of woes over the last 10 year-and please do not be confused by the small measures of success that we have had through short term existance in the premier league,


The CEO is just not good enough - he has the basics for saving money and making a profit (small) but what would success have bought the club over the last 6 year of missed chances to build on success and take the right decision - because when we have needed to make the big decision we have missed the Bus...everytime.

Until he can be got rid off nothing will change - we will just repeat the same old rubbish over and over again,

he's a coward - when the going gets tough - he's not at the ground


Morgan is sunning himself in florid keys I believe and moxley is on the piste somewhere in europe they aren't bothered what's going on at the club this all fits in with the time of year transfer window springs to mind it will be carry on regardless business as usual the time they get back it will be to late to do anything. I'm sorry for all the paying fans.


I t does seem like they couldn't give a damn! it's only us loyal supporters who do and a lot of them are losing faith and you can't really blame them, such a mess.!


having managed to land the man on the moon,clone a sheep and split the atom,

why on this earth can,t we get a manager down here getting us playing football again. HAPPY NEWYEAR


Another defeat,with the team looking every bit a League One side,lacklustre,feeble,uninterested,careless,pitiful performances that just repeat themselves with every match played,iam getting ready for life in league one next season,or the old third division as it used to be called,we have been there before,and we are on our way back again!history has a nasty habit of repeating itself,and 2013 will be no different,the club needs sorting out once and for all,from the very top,downwards!

Wolf Blast

Awful. According to BBC stats Palace had almost 70% possession.

Morgan - you have to do something. Back Stale, given him some money and buy some defenders - four to be precise.

Doing and saying nothing is not an option you are the Chairman and you owe to Sir jack.

Not keen on this manager

Wolfblast. This man you call Chairman is I am afraid to arrogant to admit he owes anyone anything.

Wednesbury wolves

Anybody seen any happy clappers on here after the last 3 games, no thought not they have all been on holiday with moxey and Morgan!!!!!!!! Any contracts been terminated yet? Still hoping moxey Daley ward foley Henry Berra stearman have contracts terminated along with 109 games and 23 goal hero Kevin the dud Doyle, it's amazing Peterborough can do it and look how there doing after getting rid of 3 players that were disruptive, just do one thing Morgan TERMINATE all aboves contracts this evening, then may be may be we have a chance of staying in this division!!!!!!!!


Great depth of thought there. On what grounds are you terminating these contracts? Presumably you are paying them up in full? Did you notice the crowd's response to Doyle being substituted on Saturday?

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Industrial sabotage could be used for the lot of them

Look it up on the net


Think this is a bit harsh on Doyle who I don't see as a troublemaker.

Let Berra go after spending the rest of the season in the reserves or on gardening leave.

You missed Edwards from the Gang of 4 (5 if you are including Foley) who have been causing disruption ever since the artrival of RJ and the rightful withdrawal of Kelvin's armband.

But above all I fully agree - PUT A STOP TO PLAYER POWER AT WWFC NOW!

chris martin

Football is easy tackle ,pass and move. score simple. these players can,t do it .I am seriously thinking of giving my season ticket back,i have had it for now years now but i am just so sick of the rubbish i have to watch here.


sorry Mr Morgan but your term as chairman is becomming a joke. When a club of the size of Wolves cannot push on after 3 seasons of premiership money you have to ask questions.

Look at other clubs that have recently been promoted - Norwich, Swansea, Newcastle, West Ham even Southampton are making a decent fist of it and playing some good football.

Instead, we had Mick McCarthy's miserable football for too long then panicked and gave the job to TC who was like a frightened rabbit in headlights and then you have given the job to a man who has no idea of english football and who's recent track record shows that he destroyed player moral at one of Germany's leading clubs and it looks like he is doing the same here.

Morgan/Moxey you are worse than the Bhatti's!!!!


does anyone know what that little german fella does?.


Due to ill health and fed up of watching the lads getting stuffed most matches, i decided to stop going to matches in the second season of the PL. But when we got relegated i thought the same as Kevin Doyle had said, that being back in the Championship, with the squad of players we had, and a few new signings we would win far more than we lost, and be in the top six, all season. But i have to say the club seems to be at a new all time low, and in freefall at present. No one seems to be showing any leadership from the very top, down to the players themselves. I just sensed when we was in the PL, that Steve Morgan was clueless as a football club owner, i accept he was a novice, but when a man who like him owns/runs a major building company, who employs top managers, and advisers, you would have thought he would have some nounce on how to run a football club. Im Sorry but i feel he lets Moxey have far to much say in how his/our club is run, and he should be involved far more on a daily basis. Ive listened to Stale talk many times now, and i have to say i like him, but im not sure if he's the man to take this club forward. I cant accept these players cannot play any system you ask them to play, they've played in the PL for three seasons, against some of the best players in the world, and didnt perform as badly as their playing now. Their seems to be major unrest within the squad yet again. I think certain players are stirring it and are performing well below their own standards to get the manager sacked. But its us the supporters who are suffering the most, we've paid good hard earned money to be entertained, but ive seen little entertainment so far this season at home, with about 4 wins out of 13 matches!!! When Jack Hayward was our owner the one thing he never did was HIDE unlike Steve Morgan tends to do when the going gets tough, and he would ALWAYS go on radio WM and anwser questions to the best of his ability with honest answers. Its time Morgan did the same asap, as we need to be told whats going on inside OUR club. He said he was told by a very good friend that SS was a excellent manager in the making, and would be a top manager, well i havent seen much to suggest he will. I think if the players wont/cant adapt to system whatever it is, then Morgan should bite the bullet and get rid of him now, and employ an English manager, like Owen Coyle or a foreign manager who's played and managed over like Gus Poyet, P. Di Cano. UTW:


All that is gold does not glitter

Not all those who wander are lost

The old that is strong does not wither

Deep roots are not reached by the frost

From the ashes a fire shall be woken

A light from the shadows shall spring

Renewed shall be tooth that is broken

The crown less again shall be king

Apologies to Tolkien.

Mountain Wolf

Love the extended metaphor. Fits perfectly. Trouble is, Wolves do not have the eons afforded to Tolkien's epics. Still, nice to see the hope of a chink of light in these dire times.


I would also like to wish ALL Wolves supporters OLD/NEW A HAPPY NEW YEAR, especially Solentwolves

Dudley Buoy

I was at the game. I felt so sorry for all those who travelled to witness such tosh. The last 3 defeats have beeen amongst the worst performances in 51 years following Wolves. One thing is now clear as a bell. The old guard who got us relegated have all lost it.They are all failures. Get rid of all of them in transfer window and in the summer.Use this season to blood youngsters and new players and do buy a couple of leaders soon. Last season's players are letting us down again ......... get rid of them all. They are nor fit to wear the shirt. We are all fearing embarrasment at Luton. Don't sack Stalle. Give him 2 years at least.It is not his fault he inherit such dross.

Solbakken goo on in!!

This really is the eighties all over again. New stand and porr form, only this time I doubt we'll have a Steve Bull to save us.

Emergency meeting and get this sorted...NOW.

We Only Need One Half!

Your a day to late mate, he's called Chris Wood.


chris wood , the new steve bull????? wonoh, i think those last 2 defeats for the baggies have made you delusional


This may be a first but I find myself agreeing with Jez Moxey. This underperforming is not new to Stale. Elements of the team have done this when Mick was managing the club and we saw it large and proud when Conner took over.

There was only one of the starting outfield players that has not played in the Premiership last season and they should not be making such a hash of this.

Stale needs to be brutal this transfer window and start shipping out those that can not or will not perform.


Just got back from sell hurst park,what a pleasure to see a team full of running,ideas and willing to fight for the cause,that's crystal palace.the ground is a dump but what a team.

We at the mol have a superb ground and that is the only difference.

What can you expect when moxey and Morgan couldn't even be bothered to turn up for the Ipswich game,worried about meeting mad mick I bet!

I won't be wasting any more money watching this bunch of losers anymore.

Taxi for moxey,Morgan and solbakken.


This is a total shambles, reminds me of the 1984-1985 debacle and we all know what happened then. Only by the skin of our teeth did we survive that and this is very quickly going in the same direction! Luton on Saturday could well be another Chorley, if it is the whole bunch should resign. Clueless owner clueless CEO clueless manager and a fair few clueless players. Not the club I first went to in 1954, everyone had some pride back then. SOMEBODY name one person who has any pride in our club and don't say "bully" he is getting as bad as the other dross! Sorry Steve but that how it looks, they tell you what to say and hope that it goes down well. It don't

Lindsay KiwiWolf

happy 2013 to all wolves fans, i do feel sorry for all of you long suffering wolves fans, what has gone wrong, who do you blame, it was only a few months ago the majority of these players were playing premiership league, now they are in the championship league and are on a free fall to relegation. my observation is most of the players don't appear to be interested anymore. the manager has promised to make changes but appears reluctant to do so, players perform poorly week in week out yet still retain their staring places. get rid of the players that don't wont to play and bring in some who are prepared to do more than a shift. getting rid of the manager is not the answer, the buck should stop with the players.


Time for him to go. Bring in Paulo DiCanio, everyone wants him at a big club so bring him in. It will be good for football just like McCarthey. Entertaining.




He's lost the plot

Get Sean O'Driscoll NOW!!!! he would be able to sort out this mess we find ourselves in. Forget about him being a Wolves fan, he knows this division and would take us forward.

fat boy jamie

I dont care who the manager would be, even sir alex ferguson, couldnt make these players any good with the likes of Kelvin Henry, who has to be the most over rated mid fielder and leader of men in the division,i mean when was the last time Kelvin Henry scored a goal, eerrrrrrrrrrrrrr lets think , charlton away absolutely useless, what other manager could work with this clown. Hunt injured when we signed him, Ohara injured when we signed.Foley headless chicken, Berra never scored a goal even though he allegedly thinks hes a centre half !!!! Stearman waste of space, Ward, rather have Mr Bean. Ebanks blake or should i say ebanks chocolate cake never sen such a fat footballer , how much training does he do a week Mr sick note daley..!!!! The rest i just a waste of space......Boycott the blackburn game


Sorry but who,s kelvin henry


Whats wronge with fan power why not stay away don't give them your money.I'll bet they will do something positive then,why pay to watch this rubbish


Dont get bully in, the guys a clown you might aswell get andy mutch in. Big SAM for wolves.


Please sack the fool Solbakken now and make sure Moxey goes as well.. I am sick and tired of the whole thing.. This is not our club anymore.. I know how Wimbledon fans felt... It is pointless arguing anymore, just get this fool out and get someone in who knows what he is doing.. I would go for Di Matteo, but to be honest, the old woman next door could do better than this lot.

Essex Keith

As a season ticket holder for many years and supporter about 54 years when at school you picked a team to support I suppose It was glory hunting but then again my nearest teams were Southend and West Ham, both being small teams at the time so I picked the mighty gold and black I have never changed and never will I have been lucky all my three boys are dedicated to Wolves , they are the ones I fill sorry for them and all the other fans who will always support Wolves. 100% effort Is what must happen from now with some big decisions by Mr Morgan because we are WOLVES.

Wednesbury wolves

Fellow wolves fans, as much as I would love to vote with my feet, and make a stance against moxey and Morgan, this would really be a waste of time as I payed upfront in June, I know ur all calling me deluded now, but the only way to do it, and this has to be done next Friday v Blackburn, wolves fans we have to not buy programmes and also boycott refreshments, I hope u all know the catering company is owned by non other than mrs moxey!!!!!!!!!!!!! This will definitely hit em hard. Come on wolves lets make a stance for this wonderful club of ours before its too late.

Putza Shiftin

Today is the last straw for me, I'm not spending another penny on this club until the people at the top show they know how to run a football club. Stale is clearly a gamble that didn't pay off. Will Morgan admit he has made a mistake? If he doesn't, he is not the right man to be at the helm at this club.

Enough is enough!


As long as we still have the nucleus of MM's team, then we are doomed. I would not keep any one of them. However the only problem with that is if SS is to carry on as manager, the only players we will buy is second rate Scandanavians or unpronounceable French/Africans and we have all seen what they are capable of haven't we?


Don't agree with you. Sako is easy to pronounce unless you are ... MM players got us up as champs and beat funny teams called ManYou, ManCity, Chelski, Spurs, Liverpool ... and you name it.

This manager simply cannot make the players play with their hearts and there is a lack of confidence as the Molineux syndrome comes back slowly.

The players need our support and patience. Remember the crowd when we were loosing 0-6 vs saints under MM. That's what they need right now; not written or verbal abuse!


Sorry but I don't agree with you either. History means nothing. You never win anything on history. Yes I remember the Southampton game, I was there like I have been since 1963. That particular season we over achieved and you have to agree with that. Wolves fans are known to be fickle but we are very passionate and deserve a lot better. Confidence comes with victories and unfortunately we are not capable of winning at the moment. If we buy sensibly in "the window" and get rid of a lot of MM's lot, then perhaps we may be able to turn our season around and finish in the top half of the league. Surely you aren't one of the deluded who actually think we will make the play offs.


I agree

It is the players

They are professionals and do NOTHING but play footy

They are a privileged clique led by Karl Henry...he and his gang run this bunch of Molly coddled overpaid idiots.

They should hang their heads in shame!!!!!'

ronniebangor nireland wolf

at the weekend my family and i flew over from n ireland to watch the wolves. in all my days i have never seen a more lackluster effort from the team. on friday i met mick and tc at the nova hotel and felt like draging them back to at least give the team some passion! please give sol some money or sck him now!

Sir Reginald is always roite

Looks like they had the New Year's Day off as well as Christmas Day. Play some young guns and give them a chance. This lot will take us down. We do have plenty of money in the bank though, unless of course it's being siphoned off into Morgans other assets. Can't see us beating non league Luton either


When will Morgan get it that Moxey should be thrown out.........there was supposed to be a Director of football in place but Moxey soon ensured that would not be the case.

FOR GOD SAKE MORGAN, GET RID OF MOXEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Old Golds Worth More

I am beginning to feel sorry for Stale, he is trying to get a bunch of no hoper's to play together. Something MM and then TC tried and failed to do over the past two seasons. With the current crop, even Sir Alex Ferguson would give up on them and retire. Time to get shot of most of them over the next 31 days, and start again from scratch I'm afraid. I was advocating sacking Solbakkan, but unless the playing staff are changed as well it will be a futile exercise, because no matter who comes in, the problems will remain. A truly sad state of affairs, no wonder Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly didn't fancy staying on for another season to get us back up, they knew it wouldn't happen!

sydney wolves

These players that everybody seems to be knocking have not turned bad overnight. In the last few season whether it the prem or not we have never served this kind of poor perfomances up, it tells me one thing, that whatever the manager and coaching staff are doing is totally draining the players from playing their natural game. Since the new oach came in we have gone downhill fast, not saying its all his fault, but something they are doing in training is not working. Their fitness has alot to do with it also, too many stray passes and losing simple possesion comes down to fitness, they can't make the right decision as they are knackered after 25 minutes. The mangers game plan does not suit Championship football, nor premier league. Sorry Mr Morgan, you have got the decision wrong again, have the honesty to admit it and put it right, as i for one don't think the fans are gona forgive you again after the last mess you caused by sacking MM.

Where to Now?

I've followed Wolves since the mid 1970s and never felt so low. In fact, I'm almost past caring now.

A complete disaster in every way since February's ridiculous knee-jerk reaction to the WBA defeat.

Stale doesn't have a clue.

Steve Brown

Time is up Stale. If you're still in a job tomorrow we are doomed. The club's still a mess from top to bottom.


Can things get any worse?So embarassed to be a wolf.My seven yr old son has just started going to matches and even he can see how CRAP we are.I think ipswich has to be one of the worst performance,s i have ever seen.NO SHOTS second half.Ward and foley useless Henry is just a thug.If i was morgan i would be getting worried because i know of lots of people who have had enough and won,t be going back down the MOL until egghead has gone.

Uncle Herbert

Worst manager in our entire history.

Winsley Wolves

This will not stop until the supporters walk away, we need positive action now to stop this continued abuse of the fans loyalty. The only way Morgan and Moxey will do anything is if the fans organise a mass protest. I'm not suggesting anything like the unjustifiable treatment that MM was subject to, but a real boycott of home games or at least a mass walkout. The way the club, or should I say business, treats the supporters is entirely disrespectful. What does it say about the planning at the club when they sack the most successful manager we have had for years without an experienced replacement ready to take over. They are clueless as far as football is concerned, they gave us Connor then Stale. Never mind the balance sheet looks good, at least for a few years yet. The good times will roll, financially, for a few years yet even with the club being driven towards oblivion. The two M's or the current players have no respect for the fans, why would they on their millionaire pay, they must be laughing everyday at the apparent stupidity of the fans who pay for this. I'm at a loss to understand why we the fans continue to support the current structure at the club by turning up week after week. Mass boycott now otherwise we will only have ourselves to blame, we need to take back control of our once great club before it's gone for good.


SOLBAKKEN FOLLOW THE ARROWS ---------> ---------> -----------> ------------> ----------> ----------> -----------> NORWAY


Would always go to this fixture, glad I didn't bother!

Well BIG STEVE you've appointed 2 managers now, great job mate!!!

As for you Moxey...I can't believe you are still in your overpaid job.......!!!


steve bull stand

Never looked like winning this one and was anyone really surprised. After two games at home where we never troubled the opponent's keeper Stale decided to go more defensive! He is not the man for Wolves. He has improved absolutely nothing. And although the club might get some stick for only giving him half a season, they will get credit from most Wolves fans for admitting they got this appointment wrong - better get it right next time though!


No positives by anyone and very cleary correct in expressing their personal views.

It is a fact that Wolves were third in the championship after a few games after Stale implemented his so called style of play the fall of Wolves started and has continued other than a few lucky results.

He admits that players who have been at the club for a number of years have been struggling to adapt to his style, we all know who they are and there is a few, so in the position Wolves are why is Stale insisting to continue with implementing his so called style

Players have to go in the transfer market before any come in if they do not know the style of play stale wants its a no brainerand its back to square one.

On his post match interview he says lacking in cover midfield if he sells before buying still no extra cover if injuries occur all you are doing is replacing the outgoing players no extra players etc

His post match interview on Radio WM to be honest l do not think he knew what he was on about you listen to it

Stale style is completely to the detrement of Wolves the facts and figures of Stale being a manager elswere and at Wolves tell the truth any othermanager would have been bought to book by now.


At least we finally had a shot on goal in 3 matches and scored one, yippee

U t w

Walsall he we come, our new regular league derbies from now on

I'm sure your beloved Liverpool would be run like this mr Morgan of you managed to buy it eh.

Sean O'Driscoll

Give me the job!


well that has made my mind up after 20 years of having a season ticket i will not be having another one whilst these bafoons are destroying my club, breaks my heart it really does hang your heads in shame then get stuffed

Chase Terrace Wolf

The next kick in the teeth will be to sell our top scorer SEB to Ipswich you heard it here first we are a laughing stock i am embaressed to be a Wolves fan after over 40yrs RIP WWFCi am so glad i gave up my season ticket ,and not missing going i never thought i would say that.


2013 - supposed to be a Happy New Year! New start!

Same old same old!

My resolution will be to be true to myself. So no more 500 mile round trips until YOU SORT THIS MESS OUT MORGAN. I'm sure I'm not the only one, how many do you need to do that before you realise what's going on?

Let's hope our proud city motto rings true SOON....


Vote with ya feet

The only way we can force a change of manager is by not attending. Guess what, I will not be there next Friday. And this club won't see me till Stale has gone!

gold and black blood

history lesson time

time july 2006 ""following Ince's failure to get the manager's job at Wolves in July 2006 on Hoddle's resignation, the newly appointed manager, Mick McCarthy, decided not to offer Ince a new contract. Upon leaving, Ince declared his intention to return, at some point in the future, as manager of Wolves.""

now thats a man with the passion and drive to do the moxey or morgan nows the time to put your hands up and admit you was wrong (again) and go phone ince and and put us fans part way on the road to trusting you again !!!

stone cross wolfsta

Don't start that Di matteo/Wilkins malarkey again, DM has a champions league on his cv he ain't gonna be coming down the mol, he can take his time and pick a more decent job than following SS!

Odriscoll kept a mid table team mid table

Strachans been out for yonks

Ince...dear oh dear

Ferguson.....see ince

Curbishley, now if we ask him very nicely for the fifteenth

London Wolf

As a supporter of 55 years standing, my heart goes out to my fellow fans. Feeling the pain and hurt we are all going through for what? Our patience and loyalty is being tested to beyond the limit and I fear worst to come. It would be good to see equal efforts from management and team. But dont hold our collective breaths!


Why has It been left this long again ?

Get Stale out now It's gone Belly up.

Balham Wolf

What is the point of the huddle before the match as it does not seem to galvanise the team in any way. In fact straight from the kick-off we send the ball all the way back to the goalkeeper who hoofs it aimlessly up field. Now that's what I call brainless, dead football, and how much do I pay to watch this dross?

I had high hopes that a foreign manager would be a breath of fresh air that we so desperately needed after MM, however this seems to have backfired.

The stats tell the storey for me, way too negative with no end product. Everything is going backwards and sideways there is no forward inventiveness. Hopefully, O'hara will help in this department. Sako had a shocker today as did a lot of the players. Ward thinks he is better than he is and was too arrogant to chase a ball a full tilt against one of the countries bright young players who I thought was outstanding. Certainly put Ward in his place time after time.

Where does this team go from here- do we need a new manager? do we stick with Stale in the hope we stay up, and then have a proper clear out in the summer? My main concern is the players we currently have are not worth much so we really are in trouble either way!

Bottom line after today's performance is that we are in a relegation struggle and will do well to stay up.

Its amazing what we put up with as Wolves fans, but another good turn out so keep smiling as surely it can't get much worse.


I thought Terry Connor was useless!!!!


Forget the manager, Sir ALEX could not get this bunch of losers to play. I have said it before this bunch have no pride or show any passion when playing for wolves.

I offer some advise to SS, bring in some of our telented youngsters and put all the fist team squad on the transfer list and bring in a centre half an attacking midfield player and a striker and if Moxey & Morgan allow you to spend some of the money they are holding onto a left back ould be nice.

50 years a Wolves fan and this is without doubt the worst set of players I have seen but will not be watching anymore.


Bring in Cherie Lunghi I say. She's our only hope.


ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as the song said



You are pillaging hard working people of hard earned money

Supporters expect to see some effort and creativity from there team

W.W.F.C players have NONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unless You Mr Morgan instigate some TOP to Bottom Changes


are DOOMED,no doubt about it DOOMED





Filthy Wolf

It will be unpopular, even I am screaming Sack Him, but we probably should expect to see Stale through the January window. Sell off the dross, buy in some better players. Trouble is a year ago we were in exactly this position but in the Premiership. It was too late to sack Mick, which is what they did two months later, and then it was a farce to replace him.

Some are talking of Bowen - the former assistant to Hughes at QPR. Personally I would think Jim Bowen would be better.

It is a case of can't see the wood for the trees - is it the manager or the players or both? Don't expect a quick fix. We are liable to be struggling to stop being relegated this season with changes in the summer.


Where's the happy clappers on here tonight?

Sir Billy Quite

Smithy - we are all Wolves supporters - moronic comments trying to split the fans helped undermine the club last season. What do you want to do slag off the clubs supporters as well ???


Agreed, Club is in crisis so the less of the bile and poison characterised by Moxey & Morgan's regime the better!!

fed up

BOYCOTT THE NEXT HOME GAME , and before you have a go at me about how will this help the team , well turning up at the moment isn't helping the team but it is helping moxey and morgan counting there profits , hit them where it hurts and BOYCOTT THE NEXT HOME GAME , just think of all the money they will miss out on , gate receipts , match day club shop takings , programmes , pies pop beer crisps etc etc etc , they will have to sit up and listen to the wolves fans if no one bothers to go in





The Real Bangkok Wolf

Totally agree mate, now is the time for all wolves fans to show Morgan and the world what a mess we are.


The whole charade at wolves reminds me of a badly written medieval comedy with Steve Morgan as the fat bloated king sucking on turkey drumsticks and moxey playing the role of the evil right hand man forever whispering in morgans ear to steer his decisions.

Que the benny hill music and enter solbakken as the court jester with a cap with bells on his head pursued by a throng of angry wolves fans


Sacking SS and his back room would be so expensive they must at least give him the equivalent sum in the form of a transfer kitty and the the proceeds from some of the summer transfers. Then take whatever happens after that on the chin.

Moxey Out

Morgan and Moxey you are disgrace


Whilst SS is clearly not the man for the job let's not pretend that the demise of this club is recent. It has been many years since the supporters have been entertained consistently with effort, skill and loyalty. The loyal professionals in recent years can be counted on one hand and we all know who they are. There has been a succession of poor players signed in the last decade most of whom have disappeared without trace and others who are well past their prime and seeking a final pay packet. The skills(?) of last seasons players got us relegated and is it too much to expect a degree of loyalty to help us to return to the premier league? I think that this club has a fantastic fan base, the city has little to offer in recent years but depite the poor fare offered by the ream the fans continually turn up and spend their paltry income on what can only be described as dubious entertainment. I would imagine that any board worth it's salt would view the club as a serious investment however unless some drastic, positve action is taken I fear a recurrence of the 1980s and a further betrayal of the club's lifeblood-namely the fans!


Wolves are not the team that we expected to see at selhurst today, they have the players but seem not to have ideas or direction. You compete but not 100% of the time, your players are skilled but do not play for each other! You need leadership on the pitch as well as off it. But most of all you need to get behind your team as we have for the past years of horror and also appoint someone who knows about the club and its players, someone from within who will get the backing of the fans.

Freedman did that for us before moving on to another club (you witnessed what he left behind on Saturday - a team not 11 players "a team") - Your last two managers knew what made you tick and needed everyone's help and backing, but sadly the need for results has overtaken normal thinking and rational thought - forget pretty football - you need to battle for everything! Or you may find out how harsh and unforgiving the Championship really is when you forget what league you are now in - forget the premiership that’s gone, you are battling for your survival in this league, not promotion! Good luck.


As a lifelong supporter and season ticket holder i have always tried to keep my negative views of the Old Gold and Black to my self and support the lads all the way. Love is unconditional and i truly love this club. Moxey and Morgan have to own up THEY GOT IT WRONG. It was a suck it and see appointment and now its time to spit it out


... a lot of complaining again, but a goal scored is improvement. Agreed? There's no point being negative.


Something has to give, either in the player's change room, the manager's office or in the boardroom, if the owner is actually there! No, truly, ALL have to put this right, or at least get the club headed in the right direction.

Something has to give, and the bursting point to that end is happening g right now. Somebody step up, be a lynchpin in getting our club off the carpet, with our tails up, to strike out and AWAY from Division One.

Forget all the absent minded talk about promotion and the playoffs, even the "heads in the cloud" banter about automatic promotion...

Sort yourselves out, Wolves, from the owner all the way down to the tea lady (No disrespect, mind!), and examine every fibre of your character...

Something has to give!


aussie wolf

Has there ever being a good bald manager?????not .sack him and get di matteo in now before its to late


I am under contract at work here in Aussie - if I perform poorly in my contracted duties I receive 3 written warnings & then it's goodbye! If I behave in an unreasonable manner & don't represent my company in a manner befitting my contract & salary I am instantly dismissed...... Mmmmmmm these pathetic specimens of footballers are well protected as well as pampered & overpaid!

Stale - drop the lot against Luton & play the academy side with Liam McAlinden etc in the team.

What happens if we end up in League 1 are their salaries halved again?

manc andy

If we end up in league 1 they will all want out claiming to be too good for that standard of football.


Getting worried, I have checked to see how many points we need to stay up........50 will probably do it?


sack the lot of them ,morgan stale ,moxey get out of are wondeful club were going down


Hi Jez, we are ONLY 9 points from play-off, that must look good to you!!! But we are ONLY 6 points from league 1 grrr. Hoped that 2013 would be better but no sign of it yet.

nigel wolfnut

If memory serves me correctly wasn't SM on holiday when we played Tesco United last season and sacked MM after the game?Didn't JM urge caution before taking such a course of action?However SM acted emotionally and I have to say there were a fair few in the crowd who seemed to be egging him on. Yet we were in the Premier League and struggled to attract a Manager. Why? There are only 20 Managers jobs in the Premier League. A few are immovable {Sir Alex, Wenger, Moyes) so the vacancies when they occur are attractive to a select few, but for heavens sake what terms were being offered that seemed to put so many off? If we can't attract someone when we were in the Premier League, who will we attract in this mess? The stewardship of this club has been nothing short of appalling. Has SM taken this club forward? Answers on a postcard please or should I say a stamp?


How bad do the 1st team have to get before any younger hungrier players are tried, forget bringing in new players how about the other ones who dont get a look in

The Molineux Ghost

If our poor league position and this run of defeats doesn't get Stale sacked. Then it will be down to Morgan' pride and him not wanting to admit he made a mistake.


What has this mug done to the team? First 8 games we won 5, lost 2 and drew 1 - if we had done that across the season that would be 88 points. Same players in the team then as now.

Solbakken needs to sort it out or pack his bags.

I guess in League 1 we might at least win some games.

Sir Billy Quite

The BIG question is: Are Wolves up for sale? can Morgan or Moxey deny the rumours????

Dan the Man

Yes, up for sale in August.

Read my Almanac (Part 2) in the blog entitled ""Jez Moxey says Wolves fans are right to be angry".

Martin (West Auckland)

Morgan please wake up, it is evident by looking at the results since Stale's been in charge that he is not the man for the job.

CURBISHLEY should have been our manager, sort it out now before we drop another tier down the League.


Reality check!!!

I keep hearing statistics that state we're 9 points from the 'Play-off's' and 6 points from a relegations what!!

Under MM we were top of the league at this time with Birmingham chasing us for the entire season.

We are 25 points from the top position!!!

The worst Wolves team for over 20 years!

Steve, you're a smart business man, make the smart decision now and bring in the changes!


Sensible Question,

Can Someone tell me who is advising M+M on the Footballing side of Wolves?

It would appear that the MM sacking/ TC appointment, and the SS appointment and buy in to a long term plan have all been made by none footballing people.

It mirrors Blackburn and Villa as not having Director of Football roll.?


Taxi SS and Moron


Happy New Year to everyone,

No matter what is written on here it will not make any difference at this club, by all means vent your anger at the manager and players after all you have a right to, you pay their wages. But it's all down to Mr Morgan and his side kick Mr Moxley to sort this mess out, will the manager go or will he stay it appears that neither the owner or his side kick care, as long as money keeps coming in from the gates. When Mr Morgan said money would be available for rebuilding the side, did he mean the north or south bank side, because that's all he seems to be interested in. What good is a beautiful football ground that will seat 35000 when you are playing in the first division, unless of course you want to sell it ?. So sorry for those faithful fans who follow this club through thick and thin, time Mr Morgan/Moxley you gave these people something back for their loyalty so start now or get out and let somebody else have the chance to.

spanish ray

Morgan and Moxey,due to your obvious uncaring,incompetent running of our great football club,we are once again in danger of making another descent into a lower league.The way for you to stop this decline is 1.get rid of this manager,I`m sorry but he just does not have the ability that is needed for the league we are in and certainly not for getting us need a manager who can get the best out of players,who can play to their strengths and not marking a piece of turf.3.Morgan,you need Moxey out.Stoke got rid of him,then got in a decent manager and look at them now.We need the likes of DeMatteo with such as Ray Wikins as assistant,or Alan Curbishley,why did he turn it down before? Even Benitez,he`s only an interim manager at the moment and I`m sure that he would love to start from scratch and build a club.Yes ,this might sound ambitious and would cost but would be worth it to everyone in the long term.I have supported this club for nearly 60yrs.and have never known anyone like you who did not care passionately for the club,[except the Bhattis],then came Sir Jack who worked wonders for us then along came you who bought the club for £10 and doesn`t give a dam.Sell, Morgan make your profit and dissappear.


Last yr.

Que Sera, Sera

What ever will be will be,

Were going to Barnsley

Que Sera Sera.

This yr

Que Sera Sera

What ever will be will be,

Were going to Coventry

Que Sera Sera!!!


Welsh Wolf

Earwig ho AGAIN Lovely ground. No Manager. No Board and NO TEAM

Eric Pollard

We did have a nice ground,until some idiot ruined it with a stand that doesn't fit properly.

Fair Oak Wolf

This "footballing revolution" of Stale's requires, at a basic level, players who are (1) comfortable on the ball, (2) know how to use and move into space and (3) can actually pass a ball properly with both feet. I am struggling to think of a single player at Wolves that can do those three things. As a result we are static, slow and incapble of either keeping or distributing the ball. The style of football MM played was in keeping with the capability of the players we had. It relied on quick movement of the ball to the flanks and then getting the ball into the opposition's penalty box as fast and as often as possible. This worked well at this level but has it's limitations in the top flight.

It is clear from watching the games that the players either have no idea, or don't accept, the new "style". The results are there for everyone to see. It is AWFUL. Morgan and Moxey, you have once again appointed the wrong man for the job, or failed to give him the funds to implement it. This January transfer window is the only chance you have to get it right or, on current form, we will be lucky to survive this season. Several weeks ago I believed that, as poor as we were, that at least we had Barnsley, Peterborough, Sheffield Wednesday and Bristol City to ensure our survival. Now I am not so sure.

The time to back or sack SS is now. We need a new manager or a completely new set of players - those are the only options available. This group of players are similar to the ones who won the championship three seasons ago. With a different manager they will at least survive. With SS we are going down.



Just spotted Stale arriving at Molineux. He has his underpants on his head, a pencil up each nostril and all he can say is "Wibble." I reckon he has formulated a big plan for a big problem.

Golden Wonder

THE sad thing is that when we went 3-0 down i didn't feel angry, upset or wanting to kick the dog. Just a mood of resignation.

Hugh's Currant

Well, - How long do the suffering Wolves fans have to wait for our illustrious owner to speak up and tell us what his glorious plan for success is? Was there a blueprint for this last summer? Perhaps it is time for Mr. Morgan to give a true progress report on the progress of Wolverhampton Wanderers so far.

If this was a business, the responsible Managers would be summonsed to board meetings, to give a report on why things have gone wrong, and what is being done to turn matters around, whith an action plan to follow.

Football is a results based business in very similar fashion to the commercial world. I know that if I do not get results and meet targets, I would be out of my job.

It is very notable that apparently, Mr Morgan, and Mr Moxey have not attended the last 2 matches (perhaps it would have been too embarrasing to shake Mick's hand).

No leadership, no direction, no ambition - that sums up this shocking situation.

Remember - success starts at the top of any organisation.

paul davo

Well its 9.45 and waiting for news on sky, come on SM do your job and sack SS and JM , get in a new man or men to stop the rot that has set in , GET big sam in now, give him 20m and we will make the prem this year

Alan in Cyprus

No-one has mentioned...........Kenny Dalgleish, you heard it here first.

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Kev Keegan?


There's a reason for that Alan. Guardiola is also available, but I'd be surprised if he fancies it either.

Stafford DeWolf

Well the first 10 minutes were good. Thereafter home side Palace dominated with 70% possession and 3 poorly defended goals. The game was over. 2 ineffective walls after clumsy "forward" tackles by Sako and Ward either side of the customary stroll beyond our central defenders.

How badly do some of these Wolves' players have to perform before others are given a run in this team? This wretched defending, so heavily criticized by pundits throughout a disastrous Premiership season, continues under Solbakken, despite hours of video evidence suggesting that herein lies the root of Wolves' ills. The same old faces makes the same old mistakes. There's not even the occasional squad rotation these days to offer glimmers of hope of progress.

Solbakken's lately bleats "we are a bad Championship team."

Right on. Time to step aside and let the club bring in someone who will actually do something about it.

Note to Bob the builder - to make chairs that'll last, you need good, strong pieces of wood. No more cheap foreign imports please.

Sir Billy Quite

Where is the Director of Football we were told about when Stale was appointed? the only way a foreign manager with NO experience of managing in English football could have adjusted would have been to either appoint experienced (English football) coaches or a Director of Football with a sound knowledge of English football - the club has done neither. Stale has been left to hang out to dry - he has little or no chance of turning this squad around.

Moxey may have had a good record up until 2012 but since then we have been relegated and turnover has dived - he is the CEO he is responsible. All staff at Wolves answer to Jez, he is the man in charge at the Molineux.

Why did Bob Laslett resign from the Wolves board - word from Molineux is that he had enough of Jez Moxey and the direction the club was heading, what does John Gough do other than attend matches? The Molineux board really only consists of two members Morgan and Moxey.

For me it is Jez Moxey that should be answering these questions PLUS he should be challenged on the BIG question regarding the rumour that Wolves are up for sale. This rumour is more than just gossip some people within the club are also suggest Morgan has had enough?

Answers please - whats going on?

We are a football club but we don't have a Director of Football?? we don't even have a board member with any footballing experience? How can we expect to develop the footballing side when the club is being run by an accountant?

Looking forward to going to Luton on Saturday - we may play some youngsters so I won't have to watch players that are not trying for the manager or fans. As MM would say we only ask that they 'put a shift in'........

chris h

Sir Billy, See you have come round to my way of thinking re Moxey and lack of football expertise on the Board.Your comments on Bob Laslett are interesting ,I suspect you are correct.Personally, I don't see Steve Morgan walking away from this.As you have told me on here many rimes ,when I was telling you we needed footballers not bricks,he is a successful businessman ,with more than one eye on a knighthood,I think he will try and turn things round.Enjoy the game on Saturday.I remember catching the train to Bolton for the first Chorley cup tie and thinking we might well drop out of the league that season.Things are not that bad this time round.Let us all hope they get at least a couple of decent players in and we start to turn the corner.

Tomwolf - Happy New Year To You and Every Wolves Fan



10 38 am watching sky sports news ,still no news ,come on moxey ,morgan ,grow a pair between you and sack the numpty


From all the reports I've read, this was more of the same dross that I witnessed in the last two homes games. We were promised that the axe would be wielded? One change (which was due to a minor injury) was more like a wave of the butter knife.

We may now be reaching the tipping point with regard to Solbakken's continued tenure as the Wolves manager; some may say we've already gone past it. The results and so called performances are simply not acceptable, for whatever reason.

I commented sometime ago that Solbakken should be given no more or less time to improve things at Molineux than any other manager at any other football club. Well things ain't improving. I think most supporters were fairly open minded about Solbakken's appointment and the change regarding footballing stratergy. But with half the season gone there does not seem to be much in the way of improvement, and worse still, much in the way of any likelyhood it will.

The dilemma now for Steve Morgan is, should he stick with this man, who he alone chose to bring to the club, or sack him and take a risk with appointing another manager at short notice. I'm beginning to think that the three wins in December which were touted as a turning point, were nothing more than a dead cat bounce (i.e. a blip). If so we maybe staring a further relagation situation in a few months time.

I fully respect the views of others who have said previously that Solbakken needs time to rebuild the squad for a promotion push next season, although I did'nt particularly agree with it. But it's questionable to say the least, that even if more new players are bought this January, that he can inspire them to success. On our present course we maybe having to do a rebuilding job from League one.

Wherever Steve Morgan is in the world, he needs to get on a plane back to Wolverhampton and sort out now what has become a full blown crisis.


Morgan... OUT!

Moxey... OUT! OUT! OUT!

Solbakken... OUT!

Mick's trash players... OUT! OUT! OUT!

Awful, the lot of them.


We are not the only team to play the way Staale wants them to play. Teams in the prem play fast passing and moving and tracking back etc. Having seen the last three games it is obvious that they cannot and will not play it. They are not pulling together. When they step onto the pitch it is up to them they know the game plan but seem unable to impliment it. It is so frustrating to watch. Most of the team are Mcarthy fops so should be sold. We will see what happens the next week or two. Okay we have some players coming back from injury, Great! But new blood is needed. If not then the same old rubbish will continue, so what will the fans do? Moan and suffer or not turn up like the team? It's a poser but we seem to be long long suffering and nowt is being done about it. We were calling for root and branch changes some months ago but they have fell on deaf ears. It is now at the point where i feel i am wasting money now so will many of you out there. We want to be entertained by our team, not the opposition. We want successs and pride, not for the opposition. We want the owner and the CEO to put there money (mostly our money) where their mouths are. As predicted that new stand is not as full as they would like, a white elephant! Staale has only been here a short time and needs financial backing, i think mid to higher mid finish this season.


nigel wolfnut

Would that be the same Kenny Dalglish who paid £35m for Andy Carroll and £20m for Jordan Henderson? If you analyse his tenures anywhere you will see he spent BIG. He did it a Blackburn and in his first time at Liverpool, well he took over an established team. He may have a link with SM via Liverpool but who knows? I've just realised SM also stands for Sado - Masochism. Wolves keep dishing out the pain and I and many others keep taking it. Let's do a poll shall we?

1} Should SS be given money in the transfer window to improve the team?


2} Should we wait until the window shuts and then sack him {there's a precedent for that}

Wolfman Jack

Solbakken has not gone from being one of the most highly rated coaches in Europe to a complete idiot in 18 months.

Those calling for him to make changes should look at who was on our bench on Saturday. What options does he have ?

The players either don't want to or can't play the style of football he wants. Those of you claiming they were doing alright in the Premiership need to remember that we had 3 years of battling against relegation playing 'put a shift in' football or 'headless chicken' football as Emmanuel Petit correctly called it. We haven't been in contention for any major honour since 1980 and that is not going to change unless we learn how to pay a modern style of football. Solbakken can bring that given time, but sadly it appears that Morgan and Moxey's desire to bleed the club of cash and re-direct it into their personal directions is going to scupper that. NOTHING WILL CHANGE for the better until Morgan and Moxey are gone.

Don't belive the spin

When was he ever one of the top rated coaches in Europe ?? So he won the league in his home country - big deal...its pretty much a one horse race to start with.

Other than that he failed in germany where he baffled his players with tactics that made no sense and was eventually sacked...... he has no track record to speak of and his ideas here are a joke,


Don't really know what to say anymore. I live in London but couldn't face going yesterday. This is embarrassing. I love this club so much and always think manager should be given time. He's had time and isn't good enough, so tired now, there's no pleasure in this.

Vote with your wallets folks.Boycott the shop and Jez's pie stand.




As a few of you have already suggested regarding staying away for next home games. Yes this would send a clear message to M &M to act but can't really see it as there was 28,000+ there for Ipswich game which couldn't have been all happy clappers suerly!!

Sort it out guys before this club ends up in Div 1!


The honest reason why our club is in decline lies firmly in the hands of our owner.Here is a man whose clear and only priority is to make as much return on his investment as possible.The football club and its progression is a mere by product of that aim.Our ceos contract is also an issue.His bonus has little incentive for the team to progress only to make a profit year in year out.Combine these two issues with an inept attitude towards providing the club with a suitable experianced managerial team and we have a football club in decline.We as fans have little say in this process and only by staying away from certain games will provide some sort of protest against Morgan and moxey.Please no matter how hard it may feel stay away from next friday evenings game against Blackburn.

Sam Wolf

Agree, if you want them out then stay away let them fund their own destiny, Moxey is only interested in profit and the supporters add about 15 percent to the pre-tax profits.


Best thing to for all the fans to have a letter at the next match to hand to Morgan if they play really badly.

Of course if you can get his email address and let him know your displeasure - would be quicker.

merry hill wolf

when will people realise wolves are a business now not a football club and until attendances really start to drop 16 /17000 these pair in charge will keep taking your money and laugh at you yes laugh they dont give a jot about this once great club its all about the balance sheet the last 2 managers have brought some truley awful players henry plays week in week out why ? does not give us anything going forward our back four are pitiful lets get a hungry man in charge who can inspire and pick us up of the floor i actually think we may go down this season i hope we dont but we need to improve now ditch the free loaders get club back on track before its too late

Ye Olde South Bank

Jeez, I've seen some slumps during my 50+ years as a fan (over 45 of 'em as a paying customer), but this self-inflicted disgrace takes the absolute biscuit -with the rare exception of the simply incomparable Bhatti era, of course. Granted, the club's not in dire straights to that 'near-death' degree, but the feeling of helplessness, despair and (most dangerous of all) apathy, is tangible and real. I know I'm feeling apathetic because losses are becoming less painful. In its place, I feel resignation and acceptance of the joke state of my club. I've no confidence in the owner; the CEO; the manager; the players or, indeed, the Board as a whole (though as SBQ wisely observed, WHAT damn Board?)

When you consider the relative position of Molineux strength that Morgan inherited (as opposed to where we are now); when you reflect on the golden (but ultimately spurned) Premier League opportunity the club had to re-establish itself; when you peruse the lengthy list of broken promises made to our loyal, long-suffering fans....well, our fall from grace is nothing short of catastrophic. Quite how our Chief Executive can look himself in the mirror (whilst still collecting his unbelievably huge pay packet, of course) is beyond me. In fact, quite how he's still in the job after half-destroying the very fabric of the club, beggars belief.

Solbakken's lost the dressing room; the players couldn't give a damn for the fans or the club that employs them -yet they, like Moxey, continue to greedily collect their undeserved, OTT pay packets. Morgan and Moxey have rarely addressed the ailing fanbase over the years -except when it suits them, of course. And not a single word of genuine apology has been issued to the Wolverhampton public, no matter how many times this club has been dragged through the mud and embarrassed on national TV. Nobody, it appears, has been big enough or man enough to assume full responsibility -so the club's nosedive is obviously all down to sheer 'bad luck' rather than gross mismanagement. What a disdainful way to treat supporters who, it just so happens, are the very lifeblood of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC.

Sorry, but if nobody at the club gives a damn, I have to question if we fans should, too. Losing with pride and dignity is one thing, but utter capitulation and sheer disinterest is quite another. Sorry, but I'll have to think deeply before financially committing myself next year. After all, I have to question whether WWFC actually deserve to empty my pockets and enjoy my continued support given the amateurish running of the club that I'm expected to tolerate in return. After all these years, it comes down to this. How very sad.

A very 'Happy New Year' to each and every Wolves fan. I've a feeling you're going to need it, my friends.


I can't disagree with anything you say, It's very sad can't even be bothered to disagree with anyone!

Happy New Year to you.

Sir Reginald

Top post. Spot on.

Hard Wolf

Canceled My Wolves Account Have a nice day!!!.


I’m a regular reader of Molinuexmix and there’s quite a few on there who believe the current problems are short term pain which will be worth it for long term gain. The argument being that we’re at the start of a long term transition. As much as I’d like to believe this and think we can emulate others clubs of similar size (Stoke/Albion) in becoming established premiership clubs, I can’t help thinking they’re simply putting a positive spin on a bad situation. SS/Morgan/Moxey and these Molmix ‘optimists’ seem to be selling an ‘emperors new clothes’ vision whilst ignoring the plain truth. We do need long term vision/strategy, but we also need short term ‘tactical’ planning and decisions to keep the fans on board and us attractive to potential recruits. The transfer window will provide a good insight into the clubs vision/strategy. I think just two or three signings in the £5m bracket, who can play the SS way, could still turn us into play-off contenders. So come on Morgan/Moxey, either back him or sack him.

Hurley Wolf

Rough calculation but I reckon I have driven 1,000 miles and spent about £300 on tickets and petrol to watch Wolves score one goal and achieve no points during the holiday period ! Wasn't really expecting anything at Selhurst Park but two home wins over poor Peterborough and Ipswich teams would have seen us on the fringes of the play-offs. What a shambles. Luton is only about 40 miles away but I can't risk the embarassment! Says it all !

kenny hibbitt scorcher 78

look at all the , WE ARE SUPPORTERS, AND WE PAY YOUR WAGES, SO WE CAN DICTATE WHO SHOULD BUY AND MANAGE OUR CLUB,brigade..............perfect example........luton town fc, blue square premier league last home game dorchester town, attendance


imagine if they, boycotted the next game?

that would really hurt them, would'nt it?

or the other extreme.........real madrid, 480 million income last they care about every single supporter wether they have been going for 40 years or one season?

entertainment, winning trophies........i hear you all cry and plead.......but apart from a hand full of the usual teams from every country the rest have got no chance.........unless you count the league/f.a.cup.

so carry on with your inane, sack the manager, get rid of the accountant, get rid of the owner........comments..........and you can bet your last dollar that wwfc/wba/stoke/vile/brummies......etc wont be winning a major trophy for a long time.........


I have some sympathy with your views, but Blues won the League Cup and Stoke made the FA Cup final recently. Villa have a chairman just like ours, never seen or heard from,puts none of his money into the club, wants to make a profit from the club, doesn't believe in investing for long term gain. The only real positive is that we are not likely to actually go into administration, which is a definite possibility for Blues.

We got solbakken the club

Well I like him - much better than that idiot they hired down the road who never managed a club before.

Au revoir our kid

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