Solbakken feels pressure of McCarthy return

Wolves boss Stale Solbakken today admitted Mick McCarthy’s return to Molineux has cranked up the pressure on him.


But the Norwegian doesn’t feel his own position is under any threat as Solbakken leads his side into battle against McCarthy's Ipswich.

Solbakken is hoping to erase the memory of a season-worst collapse against Peterborough on Boxing Day that has again had some fans questioning whether he is the right man to take the club forward.

But as McCarthy prepares to return to Molineux in charge of a buoyant Ipswich outfit with six wins in 11 games since he took charge, Solbakken confessed the arrival of his predecessor turns the heat up on him.

He said: “If there is any extra pressure on anyone with Mick coming back, it must be on the manager who has replaced him.

"He did very well for a long period of time here and hopefully he will be given a good welcome by the spectators.”

Solbakken has seen his friend Henning Berg sacked by Blackburn after just 57 days in charge, while Wolverhampton-born Sean O’Driscoll was dismissed by Forest on Boxing Day with the team eighth in the Championship.

Asked if he feared for his own position, the Wolves boss insisted he is at the club for the long term.

He said: “No, I do not see that I should – I am here to make something happen. I am at the start of it. I’m not daft – I don’t think I should still be here if I lose the next 15 games – but I think we’re going the right way.

"Given that we are trying to change some of the football and building the club in another direction, it takes time.”

Solbakken has warned his under-achieving players that they will be axed if they produce another performance like Peterborough.

He said: “We analyse the games and they have been told that was unacceptable - there can’t be a repeat of that in future."

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Comments for: "Solbakken feels pressure of McCarthy return"


Solbakken has warned his under-achieving players that they will be axed if they produce another performance like Peterborough.

He said: “We analyse the games and they have been told that was unacceptable - there can’t be a repeat of that in future."

Who exactly are we gong to replace them with?? The transfer window might bring in 4 new faces at a push, but are they going to be up to the job? All our other potential replacements are out on loan doing good things for other clubs.

I'd like Solbakken to succeed, but it's looking less likely with every game.

Cliff In Wales

Well Stale, I hope you can pull it off against Ipswich as HR of QPR said some players are overpaid and under achievers sounds like our back three dont you think??


I hope STALE has his preparations right for this one because Mick Mc Carthy knows most of these players well and knows their weakness.

Stale was totally not prepared for Peterborough and should have been watching them after they beat Cradiff and especially at the Bolton game, l would have thought someboby from Wolves has been watching Ipswich to find their weakness etc time will tell tommorrow.

Stale will not only have the heat and pressure from Mick Mc Carthy returning but from all those Loyal Wolves Supporter who do not deserve whats happening to their great and famouse club

Stale says he will axe those players who under achieve, on Boxing day he said up to "Nine players had a bad day for long periods"

I ask the question who are you going to replace them with, lets see if Stale is good as his word and gets the axe out.


Clearly it's waiting to happen. There has been a resurgence at Ipswich under Mick. That had to happen and often does under a new general. Wolves are on a downwards spiral. It would seem that the players are apathetic, confused, disillusioned and definitely lack motivation. There's no joy, no sense of freedom.Ipswich will romp home. Stale will leave. The owner and CEO will take no responsibility for their appointment.


Step 1. Lose match.

Step 2. Boot Norwegian.

Step 3: Bring in Sean O'Driscoll.

Step 4: Climb table.

Step 5: Riojas on me.

Wenger's waterbottle

Steps 1-5 never ever gonner happen

Old Golds Worth More

Soon as I saw O'Driscoll had been sacked, my thoughts matched yours (except I'm to tight to buy the

The last three steps sound like....Three steps to Heaven!!

We couldn't do any worse then we already are could we?

O'Driscoll is a local lad as well.

Send Stale to Blackburn, they like Scandinavians up there.

Wednesbury wolves

Did u get your £30 back!!!!! Muppet


I like this 5 step plan, simple yet decisive. Especially step 5.

Bottom line is he has not solved the issues at the back. As I stated before it cannot be him and McCarthy not able to see the defensive problems, it must be contractual issues that are preventing us offloading Stearman, Berra and Johnson.

Roll on January.




What Tosh.

Are Wolves going to invest in Transfer Window?

No because they may Sack SS after the Transfer Window has shut.

Moron should act now, as the perfect man is available- Sean O Driscoll, excellent at Doncaster, taken Forest to edge of Play offs , unreasonable sacked, and he is a Wolves Fan. Come On why wait.

Taxi SS+Moron.


what tosh most wolves fans say on here,when we sacked mad mick the first name i said on here to take over was sean o'driscoll and i was shot down by fans saying he's no good whats he ever done and he's been sacked from doncaster,well we know what he can do now at a bigger club but its to late now we got staale Ståle and like it or not he's staying,,,,IN STAALE(Ståle)WE TRUST,,,,/\wwfc/\,,,,the real pride of the midlands,,,,


wonder what he can do at our massive club

A wolf in CR

Rome wasnt built in a day nor can a new modern look Wolves. I firmly belief that SS will come good once he gets rid of the slackers and brings in his own players. Moxey said months ago that it could get worse before it gets better and we should all remember his words when the pessimists are crying for the managers head to role.

i have been a Wolves fan since i was knee high to a grasshopper some 66 years ago and have seen the rough and the good times.

Lets start the new year supporting the manager and praying that he can get rid of some of the dross and sign some good players.


A wolf in CR,well said m8 a good positive post amongst all the dross we normally see

darren coseley

This is the massive problem. The dross should have gone 3 years ago but they are all still here. It doesn't matter at all who comes in, its all about getting rid of the conference standard players ALL 12 OF THEM!!!!! So i wouldnt get too excited because it aint gonna happen. Until we get an owner who puts our beloved club first then we will have to endure this pathetic excuse of football for the forseable future.

Gornal Baggie

Just who is going to take all the dross off your hands (possibly 8 or 9 players) ANSWER - No one, and who do you think will want to sign for you in the transfer window ANSWER - probably 1 or 2 z-list players who will add nothing to your squad if past history is anything to go on. You are in freefall at the moment with a manager who has no idea what English football is all about, especially the blood and guts of the Championship. What Wolves should have done was when relegation was inevitale last season was to make sure you kept your top players for the fight, not flog them off for a good profit to your potential competitors next season. Just look what we have achieved over the last few seasons, we kept nearly all our squad and ok so we yo-yo'd a couple of times but gathered a few million quid on the way. We spent wisely and brought players that improved our squad and now we can hold our own in the Premiership, probably going to have the best season in the top flight for quite a few years. As a true Midlands fan I fear for the Wolves fans, I think your managment team has got it all wrong and are far more interested in how much money they can make their other companies off the back of the Wolves.

ps have heard from a few of my Wolves friends that Mr Morgan & Mr Moxey will not be there tomorrow as they have gone on holiday, if this is true then that's an absolute disgrace and only proves what they actually think of Wolves and their fans. - Shocking !!!


Wow. You really have all the answers. Except for these questions.

1. How are we supposed to "make sure we keep our top players" in the modern game? Every team that goes down gets asset-stripped of its best players, without exception. To hope otherwise is just pipe dreaming.

2. Who are "the dross" that we couldn't offload to other clubs? Name names. I doubt if you honestly can.

3. Who are these miraculous Wolves fans who have the inside track on M&M's holiday plans? If they know so much, what else can they tell us?

Otherwise, there's a few good point in there, among the various sillinesses.

Gornal Baggie

I am not a Wolves supporter as Ihave stated before but,

1. Wasn't Stephen Fletcher and Matt Jarvis on long contracts and that's why they went for a small fortune. Thats how you keep top players at your club by tying them down on long contracts and hopefully they will honour them.

2. The so called dross - as often quoted by your own fans by the way, bring up names like Berra, Ward, Henry, Doyle, SEB, Stearman, Mouyokolo, Edwards, Hunt, Nouble, do I need to quote anymore?

3. I wasn't at the match yesterday but was Mr Morgan & Mr Moxey there? I dont know as I said I wasn't there, and I doubt if you were there either.

And finally Mr Petenuts reading alot of your previous blogs on here there seems to be no-one more negative aout their team than you. You play devils advocate on most subjects on here so before you reply to other peoples opinions I suggest you take time to consider what the true content of the message is because there's none so blind as they that won't see.(Jonathan Swift 1667-1745). Is that enough silliness for you

Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

Well said - quite agree - SS needs time & his intelligence is obvious (how many languages does he speak?- His c.v. is SO impressive & I think his appointment is the most exciting in our history) . Let's embrace this guy's philosophy & say bye bye to overpaid, overvalued. prissy players & to MM's 3rd rate ' hoof it & hope one of me Oirish pals will get latch onto it' style (altho' I salute MM for restoring some of our battered pride & hauling us back into the top divi 'cos the memory of plummeting thro' all the divisions & almost into non-league oblivion will never leave me). I hope MM is well received tomorrow( saw him & Mrs MM on BBC Sports Personality of the Year prog TWICE but OMG I hope we stuff them . Hat trick required from one of luverly Oirish boys PLEASE

rugeley wolves

so hes standing by that shower that played boxing day just shows how gutless he is


Another typical load of garbage spouted by a man who doesn't have a clue.Mick will show you tomorrow.

Graham Martin

Show us what? How to build a Championship winning side and then melt down in the Premiership? MM hadn't got a clue either, certainly in the Prem and yet we'll welcome him home on Saturday like a long lost son.

Wolves till I die.

I must agree, what a complete shambles, this type of football was tried by Glen Hodle, it did not work in the Championship, it's wrong type of football. We can play like this for ever and today we wil never get promotion. Sack the manager and bring in someone who understands the championship and the fighting football that is required to get promotion.

Golden Nuggett

Why not?? It's been repeated many times in the past. What part of the defence is garbage don't you understand Mr Solbakken?


In general, the average tenure of managers is, what, around 2 years? On that basis, Stale knows that it is probably best to be philosophical about such things. If he can turn the corner, then he might rival Mick's 5 and a half. Let's hope he can. Narrow win tomorrow, boys, I'll settle for that. UTW


Keep ya eye on the 'situations vacant' page as the Ipswich match might be your nemesis - just as the Baggies match was Mick's....


not going to happen - if hr goes it will be after the window closes. We know from last time that the board only acts when it is too late,,,,


thats all we hear of solbakken is not worrying and sorry most the time how can forest sack o'driscoll when there 8th in league were nearly fighting relagation and he does not go under threat : / wolves need to get rid of solbakken, moxey & morgan and start from strach because those three and most of the wolves players are useless. like morgan he spends money on a bigger stadium when we can't fill the stadium we have got now he should invest in some players instead of caring more about his redrow housing business !!!

Not keen on this manager

Let's hope there is sufficient pressure to ensure Mr Morgan observes that the appointment of this manager was ANOTHER one of his and his cohort's clangers.

Angry Allan

Why don't you change your name to 'Not Keen On This Club', because you obviously hate Wolverhampton Wanderers, and will take any excuse to rubbish the club?

Eric Pollard

Mr Angry,

This fan cares about his club, and is perfectly entitled to voice his displeasure at the INEPT way this club us being run.If you don't like it,tough.

Not keen on this manager

Thank you Eric. I notice his response is prominent by it's absence? A bit like the OWNER at the Ipswich match!!!!!

Not keen on this manager

I do not hate nor never will hate Wolves. What I do hate is the way this once great club of ours is disappearing in to oblivion due to an owner and a CEO have no interest other than lining their pockets. God knows what Sir Jack thinks.

Not keen on this manager

Angry Allen. Would you like to comment on the result against Ipswich. Also the prominence by their absence of the 2 M's

Realistic Wolf

Stale you are too generous to this bunch of losers. Many should have been axed a long time ago, they will probably lose you your job if you stick with them. Threats are a waste of time, just do it and give the kids a chance until you can get reinforcements in, can't do any worse and will even try.

Lanesfield Wolf

The problem is when you have axed the rubbish, who have you got left to play?


well said staale or Ståle (and not stale) you are at the start of a long term project and believe it or not some of us fans know that and understand that it will take time and patience before you can get the team playing your style of football,theres to many of mad micks underskilled underperforming hoofers still at this club the ones that can't get it into there thick heads that you can play the passing game at pace aswell as slowing it down when needed and they can play the long ball but passes and not just hoofing it upfield,the same players that got us relegated and promised us good things this season the same players that are still on a good wage every week the same players that were not good enough then and they aint good enough now and the same players that look like they dont want to play for you Ståle? so let mad mick buy as many players back as he wants and fill the team with your own players, january is just around the corner so i hope morgan and moxey are going to back you to the hilt and give you and us what we want a team to be proud of i for one still believe you can and will succeed given time and i hope theres a few more out there that feels the same,,,,IN STAALE(Ståle)WE TRUST,,,,/\wwfc/\,,,,the real pride of the midlands,,,,


But this bloke was appointed in May not last week! He's already been here 8 months and there is no evidence of a slick, quick, incisive passing game anywhere! Quite the opposite - it's dire. Get rid.

Taxi For Johnson

Well said mate.

As you say too many of Mick's signings under performing. Didn't perform for him, didn't even perform for TC, who they all loved apparently. No surprise then that Solbakken is struggling to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

Quite telling the fans turned on the players with chants of "you're not fit to wear the shirt" rather than "we want Solbakken out".

Most of the negative posts are Boggies numpties anyway.

Not keen on this manager

Can I have something that you are either smoking or drinking.

Are you not aware that everything that this club is about is cheap cheap.

There WILL NOT be much, if anything, being spent in January mark my words. IF anyone is bought they will be either carrying an injury, fatigued, cast off's or of similar quality to the existing players.

The team being played tomorrow comprises of EIGHT of McCarthy's lot. Plus THREE more on the bench.

May I therefore respectfully suggest that you come out of the cupboard and smell the coffee.


Wol1877ves you are dillusional if you believe this joker has any clue as to what he is doing !!!!!! Are you part of the M&M payroll ???


I so hope that "mad mick" and ipswich stuff the words right down your throat

Not keen on this manager

Tescobaggie. They did didn't they! Proving this manager has not got it nor never will have it.


We've got real problems if Solbakken thinks "we're going the right way".

The football dished up by his side has been some of the worse I've ever seen.

Either the players can't play his way or don't wont to play for him (or both).

He'd better sort it out quickly otherwise he'll be down the road.

Starting to look like a terrible appoinment.

Stale Solsakken

Your days am numbered,pal.Start looking at travel websites..


I've been a Wolves fan for 40years and for 40years all I've heard from Wolves fans is negativity. When a player is not playing well instead of encouragement all you hear is boos. We play into the hands of the other teams at home. We blame the manager. We blame the chairman. Its about time we looked at ourselves as fans and changed our attitudes and encouraged the players not discouraged them to put on the gold shirt. So lets cheer the team tomorrow for the whole 90min. Win or lose.

The Flying Winger

They have been under-achieving for 2 & half seasons perhaps he didn't watch the DVD's after all, we have had many displays like Peterborough along with the comments we have seen today about bouncing back etc, etc,

All we want is some consistency of effort, skill, enthusiasm,professionalism. Is it really too much to ask?

Going back to basics, not scoring at home but keeping a clean sheet, one way to lose fans what is he on about?

Score goals defend well win games, Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who will he replace them with if they are axed?

Who does he think he is kidding, this is the problem and they know it, we are paying the price for no investment in the team with the 2M's fooling them selves that we didn't have to.

We are probably seeing why Curbishley wasn't appointed

Until somne serious investment is made stand by for more of the same , sad to say.

English Exile

Tomorrow, when things go pear shaped don't vent your anger at Stale, all he did was took the job on offer.

It is about time you let the CEO know what you think of his running of the club.

Look at the facts.

He has made no progress at all in 12 years as leader of OUR club but he has been very well paid.

He breezed in with mouth a blazing saying Wolves isn't just a football club, it is a business 24/7 and we will be run as a business and will include things like concerts etc.

So what have you changed then Jez in 12 years??

The main priority of the club is football.

As for concerts....... well we have had one..... congratulations.


If we lose tomorrow then stale should get the sack.....sorry wolves fans but i hope we lose.....


yes i agree

Alan in Cyprus

Tomorrow is possibly your last game in charge of our once great team. A defeat tomorrow is going to put him under too much pressure and he will have to go. Will the Management act though?

I hate to say this, but I want Ipswich to win so that SS has no choice but to go.



Do the powers that be read the thoughts of the supporters?

I hope so...

Dear Mr. Morgan

We lost to Liverpool 3-0 at home -you apparently stormed into the dressing room and told the players what you thought!

We lost 5-1 at home to the tesco bags - you didn't storm into the dressing room and tell the players what you thought

We lost 3-0 at home to bottom of the league Peterborough (and we've heard nothing) we can only assume that- you didn't storm into the dressing room and tell the players what you thought!

Am I the only one who thinks that you only care about beating Liverpool?

We are the South bank we’ll sing on our own

Carolina Wolf.

This could be it although I believe Moxey & Morgan are the biggest problems. I agree it has to be run as a business but

you have to speculate.

As for the Norwegian.................jury is still out. But he has to buy and buy wisely. We already have some wannabees at the club.

Wolf Boy

what is all this rubbish about sean o driscoll hes done nothing even when given money he couldnt get forest in the top six,come on,oh i know lets give him the job as hes a wolves fan,derrrrr,

English Exile

Sean is good at getting the best out of sub standard players as he proved at Doncaster and Forest.

I would have thought he would suit Moxey's requirements a treat.

I actually do rate Sean O'Driscoll and the fact that he is a good footballing manager.

The added addition of him being local and knowing Wolves traditions and the fans requirements, is an extra bonus.

They could do worse than give him a try.

What was Moxey's thinking behind appointing Stale?

Relegated at Cologne with a worse record than McCarthy's at Wolves, so what was the thinking??


Stale, until you get your own players in, the team will always be McCarthy's, that's why Connor could not improve. We need a complete new team. Players not good enough for a great club.

Farnham Wolf

Mr. Morgan should offer Mr. Josep Guardiola a chance to repeat the Stan Cullis era. 50,000 inside Molineux will be worth living for.

Come on, man! It's only a phone call. Show him your vision (and ours).

colehill wolf

Our club has been in worse situations than the current mess but has always survived mainly because of the great supporters it has Stale has got to be given time he inherited apart from a few probably the worse group of players in my long lifetime and has replaced some with better ones and given time the team you are slagging off now will be unrecognisable believe me we need to become as one on the terraces and get behind them dont forget managers in the past here took over a mis match and that includes Cullis and McGarry but look what they did up the Wolves


I fear that SS will pick the same 10 or 11 players who started the last match, more by necessity than choice. Maybe O'Hara will start but I'll be intrigued to see the formation. The 10 outfield players were all over the place throughout the second half against Posh. I'd drop Foley but afraid that that both Zubar and Stearman are already on their way out, regardless of whether we have suitable replacements. There is no back up for left back and if SS starts with three at the back we'll be torn to shreds because we have a certain lack of?.... pace amongst other skills.

This squad is very much MM's but it is performing at less than 50% and the real quality we had, Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly have long gone. All we're left with is a bunch of players who either do not understand what SS wants or are unwilling, or even maybe cannot follow his instructions. Not that I have any idea what they are. All we seem to do is pass the ball laterally at the back then just punt it aimlessly down field. If anyone knows what changes he is trying to impart, please let me know. I'm sure he's doing his best with a very poor team and to be honest, I think he's out of his league.

The real culprits are Jez Moxey and Steve Morgan, aka, Mr "we're in the black" and "bob the builder". Constant poor decision making and doing things on the cheap have led us to where we are. As fans we've known since promotion to the PL that we needed a left back, another centre half (to accompany what we thought was a good purchase in RJ) and midfielder who could anchor the midfield and pass (Karl, you can do the former but not the latter) and a goal scorer who would lead the line, score 20 goals and stay fit. It was also clear at the beginning of last season that MM had probably taken the team as far as he could and we needed to bring someone in to progress. We all know what happened next.

Now my fear is that as things get worse, both JM and SM will sack SS in order to deflect the criticism from themselves and of course claim the Scandinavian project a success. Even if we manage to beat Ipswich tomorrow (I think we will by the way, even though I had Peterborough to win 3-1 at 33/1) it will not mean things are progressing.

And whilst I'm pretty disheartened at the moment, I think that the booing of Pennant was out of order. He was not the worst Wolves player on the pitch. Okay, he did stick a leg out in the poorest attempt at a tackle I've seen prior to the second goal on Boxing day but I would say, Foley, Doumbia, Sako, Ward and Henry were no better.

Farmer Ted

I refuse to join the Solbakken out club, feeling that he has to be given the chance to fulfil his plans.

However he had made some suspect decisions. His tactics do not suit this squad of players who are definately not fit enough for 90 minutes of Championship football and his substitutions sometimes defy belief . The January window is THE opportunity for him to start to put things right, provided Steve Morgan backs him. The Ipswich game is more or less irrelevant. Of course we want to win it, but, clearly this squad is not good enough and needs to be strengthened. For what it's worth I'd play O'Hara and Davis from the start have Doumbia on the bench and Pennant in the stands.

Happy New Year Wolves fans, lets hope it is!


gonna be a fun 2013 for the wolves boys. i can feel change all over the club. we will be back!


Could be very interesting on the terraces tomorrow! Hope for Solbakken's sake that the team actually delivers tomorrow otherwise we all know how certain sections of the crowd can turn.


Stale wants the club to play pretty football but most of the payers just can not do it, and though it worked for Swansea you have to have talented people. This is still mostly MMs team. They put a shift in but couldn't hit a bar door with a beachball, and lets face it, marking a zone and ignoring the players in it leaves too many gaps. From what I saw boxing day one of our best defenders was Doyle. And lets face it he's not shinning as a striker is he? Give the odd 17 year old a go, nothing to loose and we may find a Rooney you never k ow.

I am beginning to wonder if Stale is right for the championship, many of the team are not.

doug bailey



DJ Cambell first goal scorer and Ipswich to win ............ get your bets on now!


Ha ha ha ha - sorry i shouldn't laugh but Wolves are just so crap it's hard not to - COYB!!!!!!!

Not keen on this manager

Mike. What are Birmingham doing better than the Wolves then????


Stale - you are going to 'give them another chance before weilding the axe'

How many chances have they had already? Who can replace them, apart from maybe Danny Baath, and Forde. Siggy and Ikeme are the only rays of sunshine, but they cannot do it all on their own.

You are starting to sound desperate and confused, which is understandable given the mess you are in. YOU are the manager, be bold and sort it out sharpish or tomorrow could be your last game. As for you giving yourself, staff, and players Xmas day off, well I am absolutely speechless.

Up to now I have been patient and backed you, but another disaster tomorrow and that will be enough and time to call Ray Wilkins (should have been here already) or Sean O'Driscoll.


Difficult to blame Solbakken because a lot of the problems had started before he arrived. Morgan has made massive errors of judgement in the last two years:

1. Not sacking McCarthy after the Blackburn game!

2. Building a new stand when the old one was perfectly suitable for our current situation!

3. Not allowing McCarthy to sign more than just Johnson after we stayed up. We had spent over 90% in the bottom three and just Johnson wasn't going to make all the difference. (O'Hara was already there from January)!

4. Not sacking McCarthy in November of the relegation season.

5. Sacking McCarthy in February and not having a suitable replacement lined up beforehand - that two-week interview process was an embarrassment! Football people should know the credentials of other managers (just look at how the stripey lot down the road act).

6. Giving the job to Connor!

7. Giving the job to an unknown foreigner in a tough league like the Championship!

8. Making Solbakken and Connor work together when everyone could see it wouldn't work!

How much more are we supposed to take?!


Give the manager a fair chance, let him bring in his own players,then we can judge him.

Some of the players are looking elsewhere not focusing on the job with wolves.

Would be good if WWFC could employ Mr Driscoll on the footballing side .

geof palmer's mo stash

"Solbakken has warned his under-achieving players that they will be axed if they produce another performance like Peterborough."

We know you had a hard job on when you inherited Muppet Mick's squad of headless chickens whose best quality is "to put a shift in". You are a different animal to Mick and are unable to (and don't want to play that way anyway) squeeze the same work rate out of this poor bunch of players.

You are not doing yourself any favours by sticking by this bunch. The only player you have dropped for poor performance is Zubar. Get the kids in, they can't do any worse a nd will be more receptive to your ideas of how to play.

Fair Oak Wolf

For me the jury is still out on this manager as he has had to deal with the dispirited bunch who were relegated. Whatever happens tomorrow it is time to draw a line under 2012, possibly the worst year to be a Wolves fan for several decades, and move on. None of this mess is Stale's fault - it belongs at the feet of Morgan and Moxey. My New Years' wish for 2013 is:


(1) Morgan and Moxey publicly apologise for the disaster that was 2012, largely brought about by their abysmal footballing decisions - although to be fair the die was cast in the summer of 2011 when they looked at the teams coming up and decided (wrongly) that we could be better than at least three other teams in 2011/12 without spending any money. Back the manager in January and spend some of that Sky and transfer kitty money to bring in the players he wants. In other words, show the level of ambition you TALK about but have not DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!!


(2) You can both SOD OFF and let someone else have a go. I and and many others are sick to the back teeth of the BS about ambition spouted by Moxey. 2013 is your big year, pal. You better get it right this time - treat the fans to another 2012 and even the happy clappers will desert you.........

Golden Wonder

Why do some fans want Mick back when most were screaming for him to be sacked this time last year.

Get O'Driscoll in or any other available manager out there and it will be the same after a few months.

January isn't the best of times to get players on board as nobody wants to lose their better players half way through the season so i doubt if there will be massive changes then.

This window and the summer will give us a better idea of if we can move forward in the long term.


i said in july and august, that stale talks a great game but i was worried that was all he does, now 6 months later i am more convinced than ever that he talks a great game but thats all he does. seems a nice bloke and hope he sorts it out but looking very very unlikely day by day, fancy a manager who actually supports wolves managing wolves, ie sam at west ham or sean ex forest.


Dear mr mug em and mocking em, please send a new years apology to sir Jack!

steve bull stand

The problem is the manager not the players. Here is an article written in Germany last season about his time in Koln;

The Norwegian even made slight changes after realising that players struggle with the strategy. That being said, it’s been almost a year and the Stale Solbakken system still isn’t working. Do his methods not work in Germany? Or is it the team’s fault?

Maybe when its all too late people will realise that this guy who was a big success in the low standard leagues of Scandinavia just aint going to cut it in real football countries


I wonder if Stale reads these columns. He must so love his adopted home and its gentle folk.



Get O'Drisscol now before he gets snapped up


Sacking Stale is not the solution to the problem.The problem lies in the deadwood in the club which needs to be removed ASAP and replaced with players that can contribute to Wolves' progress.The club is "sick" and needs to have the diseased parts removed ASAP.

paul davo

Well SS i see you cannot even have a shave, and i think that lazy attitude shows in your team, I think the players are not playing for you, they look lazy and don:t know what to do, WE all know most of the team are micks players but these players got us to the prem with ease last time, so come on you players show us your still good enough, still only six points off a play off place, with plenty of games left, Lets do our job tomorrow lads get right behind the players, SINGSING, all for one just like stoke.

Evesham Wolves

Alternative view......6 points away from the play offs. Plenty of games left. Get behind the lads. We might go up. Just a thought.

Filthy Wolf

I wanted him to do well, and hoped he'd do well, but the most convincing performance of the season was 4-0 in the First Half against Bristol City. Second Half was 'lost' 1-0 basically. There never seems to be a major change and when we do win it's a scrape, when we lose it's just reward.

He said it would take two or three transfer windows to sort things out and the second is coming. This season already looks a right off, and so we can only hope he builds up for a spring summer run shot at the Play Offs and maybe after that 'his' team will go somewhere.

Berg and O'Driscoll were sacked by the Blackburn and Forest equivalent's of the Bhatti Brothers - we went there, so let's NOT follow.

Prince in Minehead

That's it Stale,time's up.Get yerself off Pal.

loyal wulfrian

If the players are with Stale then they will turn out a performance to prove they are, against Mick's side, if not then we will get stuffed and at least we will then know Stale's time at our great club is going to be sooner than later. We will know at 5:00 tomorrow.


I agree in the sence it is not his team but with players currently at wolves we should be doing better. The problem is his style of football don't match the players st the club, but he should be doing better! Henning Burg had the players at Blackburn who were underachieveing so why can't solbaken.

Sean O'driscal has had a harsh sacking and has succeded at previous clubs, from wolves, great manager and needs to be approached by the fat controller quickly


Luke - I think anyone who doesn't care about our club would just collapse in laughter at our antics if we were to change our manager now. Stick with him.


Super super mick

Super super mick

Super super mick

Super mick McCarthy

Wish you were still at the wolves mick!


Likely to be heard in the Ipswich dressing room at 2.50pm today will be MM saying, 'Now lads, remember what they did to me here. Just keep attacking down the right side....'

Millenium Man

This game of football is a confidence game; its my belief the stuffing been knocked from these players - a case of history repeating itself. People, react to how they are treated, no matter who they are. Lets give the whole club a lift today.

No organisation should be ruled by fear, discipline is a different animal and people often mis-understand the nature of both.


If all you loony tunes who think SS will be sacked after we lose to Ipswich your mental he"ll be here for a while yet they won't want to admit they made a mistake in hiring this muppet by sacking him. I'm afraid that a hell of a lot of wolves fans are living in cloud cuckoo land if you other one who think SS will still get us into the play offs not a hope in hell. We are going to still have him come the end of the season and the transfer window will be full of excuses of its not a good time to sign players or we couldn't agree a deal or get the right players. Get used to it wolves fans we are now a mediocre championship team and will be for a long time to come under SS and and a board with no ambition . 1:0 down at half time what a suprise NOT.



Sandy Gray ( a King is born to-day-ay-ay..... )

SACK the players NOT the manager (the majority of players are MM's boys after all) & see if our CEO /Owner back their man with cash otherwise Wulfrunians vote with your feet & don't part with hard earned cash to keep the aforementioned bosses in the styles to which they have become accustomed..... It surely is time Messrs M&M to bite the bullet & get rid of underperforming, overpaid players & cut 'our' losses & back YOUR man .


Sack him Today before he can spend any more Money on Players that cant last the season who need a holiday 12 weeks into the season if he was a manager at a factory or bus or train Co he would of been sacked by now he says he's here for long term not short term but Wolves need somebody who is going to hit the road running & get the best out of what MM left behind till they can be moved on at this rate they will be still at Wolves until their contract runs out or they retire


Well Done MM