Wolves loan winger backed to silence jeers

Wolves manager Stale Solbakken today backed Jermaine Pennant to beat the Molineux boo-boys.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Peterborough United

The on-loan Stoke winger’s substitution was greeted by ironic cheers and then boos in yesterday’s 3-0 defeat by Peterborough.

Pennant was hauled off after being booked for a foul on former Wolves defender Mark Little in the setback, while playing left midfield after a switch to 3-4-3 at half-time of a game which ended in the biggest defeat under Solbakken.

The team has won just one of the 10 games Pennant has started during his stop-start loan, while the 29-year-old has come on in three more games during Wolves’ struggles to re-assert themselves in the second tier.

But Solbakken believes the former Liverpool and Birmingham wide man can come through this difficult period and claimed the reaction was borne out of fans’ frustration.

The Wolves boss said: “He’s strong enough to live with that. I don’t think he was the worst player on the pitch.

"It was borne from frustration – Jermaine tried his best. In some ways, he was successful and, in some, he wasn’t.

"But that wasn’t only him – there were a few others as well.”

The Norwegian is hoping to have Slawomir Peszko pressing for a place on the New Year’s Day trip to Crystal Palace, after the Poland international’s return to full training in the last few days.

Meanwhile, Solbakken warned Jamie O’Hara is “some way” from being fully match-fit yet. The £5m former Tottenham midfielder made his comeback from nine months out with hernia problems yesterday as an 86th-minute substitute.

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Comments for: "Wolves loan winger backed to silence jeers"


Solbakken,you need to zip your bug mouth shut,and move on mate.You don't know what you're doing,you don't have a clue.YOU WILL BE OUT OF WORK IN LESS THAN ONE WEEK.





"I don't think he was the worst player on the pitch."

You're right not to be entirely certain, you'd need to watch a full run-through of the game a good ten times before you could even single someone out.

Oh, wait, scratch that - Karl Henry.


How can you possibly single out Pennant and Henry? If you were there you would see, at least Pennant was trying to take people on, and Henry is what he is, and does the work the likes of Sako and Doumbia don't want to.

The worst players on the pitch by a million miles were Ward and Foley. Absolutely shocking, can't defend, can't pass or cross a ball and Foley's first touch was shocking. Please mick, take these jokers to Ipswich!!


these people never go and when they do they are constantly looking who to have a go at, that's about the scope of their tiny minds.

They will always knock Henry because he is something they will never be - a fan playing for the club he supports.

Has for Pennant he was the only one trying, did you hear the South Bank boo when Pennant only got a yellow card? these people are a disgrace to our club and the sooner we get rid of them the better the club will be for it.


Who cares who Karl Henry supports, really? I'd happily have had a middle four made up of West Brom and Leeds fanatics if they'd actually have turned up and looked interested.

If by "trying", you mean "trying ridiculous backheels and flips that never worked", then you are certainly right there though.

"Tiny minds." An ant has no quarrel with a boot, John, you shouldn't make statements like that about PeteNuts. Because I am a size 12 with steel toecaps.


john wolf

your exactly right! the so called supporters that come and continually moane and groan are the main reason why we're where we are now! they may come out in there numbers but are completely negative towards the players, the manager , the board etc untill they get behind them. we're going nowhere, much as i hate to say it, the strippey team down the road are benifiting by good close support and showing it on the pitch. right, i'm off to wash my mouth out with soap


You'd be better off taking spelling lessons.

So you're basically saying that people who complain about appalling mismanagement of a football club, are the reason why that football club is where it is, rather than the appalling mismanagement of the football club itself?

Tell you what, this country wouldn't be in the dreadful recession it's in, if people didn't moan so much about the recession, would it?


I didn't single Pennant out. And Henry was completely invisible apart from the odd inevitable short sideways pass. Johnson was particularly bad too.


I wonder why we are even bothering - surely he will be returning to Stoke next month

. . . . . . . . . won't he?

Old Golds Worth More

I hope so, but I've an awful feeling that Pennant will be staying on after his loan period is over. When his loan signing was announced I was delighted, but he hasn't performed anything like we know he can. What is it with players who come here, and then play badly, there have been so many that it can't be entirely down to them can it?

Roaring Boy

Why does everybody think we will be spending big in January? Bob the Builder and the Fat contoller have no past history of this why now.

He is only here for 1 reason only Wolverhampton is a City prime for Re-development Bob the Builder is the man make no mistake. Go and look at the area around the training ground and see the houses shooting up. Go to Great Park in Birmingham and see Redrow homes.

The North Bank who built that?

Feel sorry for Stale talks well want him to succeed but something tells me he wont.

Owen Coyle?


Fans let the club down again its like they can't wait to boo and jeer the players,totally agree with ss jp was not the worst player on the pitch. We seem to lack creativity from the middle of the park, rely to much on the wingers to create our chances.


well said tiptonwolf, the fans have to look at themselves and ask "could we support our team better" the answer is YES! remember when we lost 6.0 to Southampton? the support that day made you proud to be Wolves fan, since then we have gone backwards, the place is like a morgue, has ferguson said " I know what the fans here are like and they can make a lot of noise when the team are playing well, but it was a case of it going the other way because they get frustrated quickly" problem is every manager in the country knows this and you can bet that will be Micks team talk on Saturday, the Wolves fans are the twelth man -FOR THE OTHER TEAM!


I was one of those that boo'd Pennant and shouted out whilst he was being substituted. A bit harsh given that every player underperformed!

You look at teams like Swansea, Stoke, Norwich and West Brom! What do they have? Solid management structures that know what they are doing. They knew where they were and had a plan and framework in place to get to where they are now, and will have a plan in place to get them further.

Why is it that although a new manager has come at Swansea and West Brom the playing style (as positive results) have not changed? Yet again its the management, framework and plan! I seriously believe that Mr Moxey and Mr Morgan are excellent at what they do...but just not at a football club! They have not grasped that at an organisation like a football club. I realised this when they sacked MM and didnt have a clue who they wanted in!


Well said I couldn't have put it better myself, Morgan wants bricks n mortar so when he shows the next buyer around mol and training ground they can see what there buying

brizzle wolf

Yes I will second that. The two Muppets havent a clue - feel sorry for solbakken


Thats it, its the managers fault!! no its the fans fault!! get a grip you idiots,

The players on the pitch are at fault. They are not good enough full stop. i wouldnt pick henry to play in a pub team, any one can pass the ball back or side ways,

It wouldnt matter who we had as manager at this moment with this bunch of yousless bunch of over paid mules.

Shane you probably forgot that the teams you mentioned were winning games when the new managers came in!! we wernt,


Selly park wolf

To be fair I don't blame pennant.

On his day he's a good player but cuz of solbakkens tactics he don't play him in his natural wide role which is what he is.

Solbakken plays his wide men tucked in which is the reason why we never create anything.

Worst manager I can ever remember since I started attending wolves matches in 1976 including twoddle or tommy docherty!

Sack him now Morgan and moxey your time is up too!

Time to start voting with our feet!


Henning Berg sacked after 57 days...O'Drisscoll after winning 4-2 football has gone mad but I get the feeling the writing maybe on the wall for our Stale!

English Exile

Moxey won't sack him....no way.

McCarthy should have gone 12 months earlier but Golden Balls chickened out.

What makes you think this guy will be any different.

My big concern is we need to spend in January BUT will they trust this guy?


Nah.... no bottle and it would cost too much. M&M haven't a clue how to run a football club successfully. Morgan just thought that he could make a profit on a tenner.... and he has, at the expense of Sir Jack !

mr smug

not been all season (former season ticket holder since 1987) and i've not missed it at all.

Drw Wolf

So what? You want a congratulations badge or something?


Drw Wolf, if you want to be ripped off, carry on paying Morgan and Moxey. Im with Mr Smug and wont go until Moxey has gone.

Just as Smug

He doesn't want congratulating, he doesn't want a badge either, what is obvious though, to everyone but you is, he's protesting, like I am, like I would if I had a bad meal at a restaurant, I wouldn't go back there again, I'd spend my hard earned money on something else.

The football club we all love is being run shambolically and staying away is the only real way to protest.


I dont go either and not unti Morgan goes, and dont need a medal, just a good and honest owner of the club


and we ain't missed you! but I bet you will be moaning if we get to a final and you don't get a ticket? when the going gets tough - THE WEAK RUN!

Numptles dumptles

I wish some of the boo boys would do one as well


Stale you are just Moxey & Morgan's yes man there will be no signings this January and we all know it.Morgan Why don't you stand up and grow a pair sack Moxey and Stale but i know you won't do it because you don't have the balls or you just don't care,

You are suppose to be the leader of the wolf pack and yet when the going gets tough we never see or here from you unless you are opening a museum or a new stand so come on show us that this club means something to you or sod off back to scouseland.

chris h

There is a lot of talk of the players not wanting to play for the manager.These are the same players who interferred before Steve Bruce was about to be appointed,the same players who got us relegated,the same players who are vastly overpaid in a privileged profession .Saturday all Wolves fans should expect blood sweat and three points and nothing less.


To be honest Chris most of know where the blood and sweat will come from on Saturday and probably the tears.

Solbakken was looking for three transfer windows to reorganise the playing personnel (in view of your comments, understandably) - so let's see what he's given.

January will tell.

mark williams

solbakken surpossed to be a no nonesence manager with big hard repatation so why are players aload to go out drinking in puplic then perform like that 6 years since a win on boxing day and we give players the day of AGAIN before a game sort it know before its to late get rid of the players that dont want to stay and bring some of the kids through


Providing we get Peszko back, let him go back to Stoke. Not been a good player for us. I think we still need to give Solbakken his chance, no manager will be able to take us up this season and we need to bring some stability to the club. We need to invest in a centre back and full backs in January and push on up the table. This was an awful result but Peterborough are on good form and if we can have a good second half of the season, we can progress from that and win the Championship (get promoted) next season. Can't play 3 at the back though, always will be a poor formation. @PeteNuts, Karl Henry is the stability we need and he plays a very important role in front of a very below par defence. UTW


There's playing a role, fella, and then there's actually fulfilling it to a satisfactory extent in the real world. Henry's a great player in theory - when are we going to actually see him doing it on the pitch? At the moment he either goes missing in action or goes missing thanks to another of his "enthusiastic" challenges.

stratford wolves

Morgan / Moxey are lining their own pockets from us long suffering wolves fans . As for the managers tactics with the players we have its not working , to slow in the build up and predictable .


After the gesture made to the Southbank and such a pitiful performance he shoud never don a Wolves shirt again.

super dude

totally agree any player that shows contempt for the people that pay his wages should be gone end of!!

Selly park wolf

Does that include Roger Johnson?


@Bleydh do you mean Pennant or Karl Henry? Hopefully both.


I have NEVER and would NEVER boo a player or performance of my beloved Wolves, either during or after a game, if you want to do this go change your colours to Blue / White, Claret blue or Red, but dont stick with Gold n Black. HOWEVER, the performances of Pennant are a TOTAL DISGRACE, he is not fit to wear our great shirt... go back to the land of the clay heads, and underperform for them........where you wont get a place even warming your overpaid arse on the bench!



Hednesford Wolf

Pennant was only ever a stop gap, He is not good enough and we need to find someone better, he is third choice at Stoke behind Judas and Etherington He isn't rated there either, Failed big time wherever he has been


I'm not sure you can say who was the worst player on the pitch - they were all equally bad.

Bridgnorth Wolf

Most of our players lack consistency,they make one good header,

tackle or pass ( Pennant at Blackpool for our first goal ) and we here what

a great game they have had, good managers create good teams by knowing the difference between players who perform week in week out,

and the sort of players we have who can produce flashes of brilliance but not very often, our players consistency is more likely to be the frequency of misplaced passes,not being in the right place at the right time or forward momentum stopped in it's tracks by passing backwards,it's boring,it leads to panic at the back and displays a lack

of confidence and ability,most Wolves fans know the difference

I hope management do or we will continue to struggle.


No one at Wolves have got the balls to admit their mistake and get rid of Solbakken. They should take a leaf out of Blackburn's book!

We'll probably languish in mid-table for 2-3 seasons, all the parachute money will have gone and then they might decide to get rid of him then. Losing 0-3 at home to the bottom team is as bad as losing 1-5 to WBA!


The club is a complete joke, from top to bottom. I'm a season ticket holder who dreads match day due to the poor team we have to watch and the horrible poisonous atmosphere that has been created by Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey's awful decisions over the last 2-3 years.

The club have lost the paying public and I can't remember the fans and club being so detached at all in recent history. The fans are treated with contempt by this football club in 3 parts of the ground and like animals in certain stand behind the in goal in the southern region of Molineux.

I was talking to a guy and his son yesterday who hadn't been to a game for over 12 months and they were so disgusted with the experience, from the football to the catering, overall experience was so poor that he will never bring his little boy again. Incidentally, his son asked his Dad at half time if they could leave, this says it all.

You can go to any of the up and coming clubs, the Brightons of this world and the way you are treated by them even as an away fan puts our pathetic shambles of club to shame. It is so upsetting to see this club in the sorry state it is and I fear crowds next season down to the 14,000 - 15,000 mark as fans will continue to display there displeasure by not coming to Molineux.

Until the club re engage the fans and create something worthy of a product then this clubs decline will only accelerate.

Morgan and moxey should be ashamed of what they have done and continue to do to this club.



Totally agree, although I think we will struggle to get 14-15k per home game at this rate.


our mavellous fans also said the North Bank would empty every match! so why should we listen to morons with little or no respect for the club.

Solbakken DVD Club

Totally agree. Its 'bring a mate' on Saturday, trouble is nobody wants to go. The fans have been very patient and now it is wearing extremely thin. Stale is gone if we lose against Mick. Then back to square one with no plan B. The club has become a laughing stock thanks to mindless, egotistical leadership at director level.

Also no hot water in the Steve Bull stand, you cannot make it up. Can I have a refund?


I agree but it's nearly sold out for Saturday the Showdown, although I wasn't a big fan of Mick's he was better than his replacements...think many fans will vent their frustrations, probably be a lot of 'Super Mick' before kick off, let alone if they score!!

Drw Wolf

No prawn sandwiches or heated towel rails either, what an amateur club!

Drw Wolf

Shame it's about a club being a 'product experience' for you but then I guess that's a symptom of the modern game. Wot I think is a joke is someone who puts out their email address on a public forum, good luck with the spam!


the north bank where a disgrace!

They first of all chanted "OFF OFF OFF" when pennant got a yellow and cheered his departure! The Billy Wright may well be quiet but the gave him the proper reception off a wolves player deserves. He was playing for a top Liverpool team not that long ago but seems to be struggling with fitness and now confidence

He is another scapegoat after Keogh, ward, doyle, henry and countless others

Pennant was our best player against Blackpool and he did no worse or better than any other player on the pitch and he played far better than Doyle (who i forgot was playing) and Tongo to name but two!

What is the solution? sack Stale and get another Mick type manager who will get us up but then bring us down again? Stale has had one window to change a team and philosophy and his signings on the whole have been promising.

I doubt any players will want to join us given the abuse the players and the manager has had and if i was Steve Morgan i would have sold us months ago! who will buy us?? some far east pension company, hong kong business man?, chicken owners from India? or maybe a rich american like Villa.........



Not keen on this manager




planet normal!!!

who would be a better owner and what has he done wrong!! i dont get it at all.

Just because he does not put his own money into a bottomless pit like Sir Jack did does that make him a bad manager?

And manager? - it was Micks team pretty much yesterday - give him a chance


Planet normal! I'll have some of what your on.


hes a bad owner because he built a stand instead of investing in the team BIG MISTAKE that answers your question

Selly park wolf

A good manager? How did you get to that conclusion?

Was it because he once squared up to the former barca manager or maybe because he had a bit of success in a poor Scandinavian league?

And as for moxey I wouldn't trust him with my child's piggy bank!

Morgan should stick to building houses.

James Martindale

stop slagging Morgan off unless you can come up with a better person to but the club!!

and what is wrong with him building houses - HE IS A BUILDER!

Does Moxey but the players such as Eggert jonnson?? NO!! so what has he done wrong!

Stale has not been given a chance - they are trying to change to team from a kick and rush team that wont stay in the league to a team that plays football and can stop there such as Wigan, Swansea and event the Albion.

chris h

James, We have ,with a few notable exceptions,made numerous awful decisions when buying (and missing out on buying]players for the full 13 years Jez Moxey has been at the club.Managers come and go,but Jez Moxey is the common denominator in all this poor decision making. It started with him pulling out of a deal to sign Kuqi when he first arrived at the club.A cheap deal was set up but Jez pulled the deal when Kuqi's agent wanted a few extra thousand.Kuqi went on to have a good career and could have saved us millions.We have since wasted millions on the likes of Frankowski,Robert Taylor,the Hoff{a player personally watched by Moxey at Villa Park before we signed him].For all these signings we were linked with better players,but ended up with cheap alternatives.With Moxey doing the negotiating.In the case of the Hoff,Mick McCarthy wanted Andy Carroll. You say Jez Moxey will not have been reponsible for signing Jonsson,but the signing has all the hallmarks of a Jez Moxey acquisition,ie buying a player from a club in financial trouble,thinking we were getting a deal on the cheap.Jez Moxey has done lots of decent things at Wolves,but is involvement in the decision making for buying players has been awful and has been the prime reason our club has underperformed for the last decade.

Not keen on this manager

Jimmy. Oh aren't Wigan a skin of the teeth team then.

Re Moxey. What has he done RIGHT. You may anser on the back of a postage stamp.

Mick's Back

I dont know why, but im looking forward to Ipswich beating us at the weekend.

Solbakken out.

Moxey out

O'driscol IN.

If only it was that easy.


Gonna be interesting, SHOWDOWN TIME, nearly sold out!


What a top bloke you are, you must be a credit to any individual that has the bottle to say they know you.

You're not a Wolves fan surely but come from up the road.


There is only one person who could turn these players around...

... Super Mick

And sadly he is next on the agenda with a point to prove.

Realistic Wolf

Super Mick eh, who got us relegated I wonder


No, Mick who was sacked mid- Feb with a third of the season to go, but being a realist I'll let you figure out who got us relegated.


Not Mick anyway who do you think did


Super Mick?

A good man, but a very limited manager.

I think he got sacked after we shipped 5 against Albion, our team around that time looked even more chaotic than it is now.

Not keen on this manager, owner or CEO.

AFTER ANOTHER "stale" performance Mr Morgan just look at Nottingham Forest and Blackburn and LEARN!!!!!!


oh yes - give a manager a sack with out giving him a chance,

if we end up haveing owners like Blackburn or Forest have then you and you fellow fools will really have something to moan at!

Not keen on this manager

Jimmy. I suggest you see the answers made by others to my previous post on this topic. Then you might see who the fool is.


Seriously - you think Blackburn are a good example we could learn from?


I didn't attend yesterday as we are away on holiday. As far as SS is concerned, he needs to be able to buy a defence in the January window as he is still operating with Micks Muppets.

Lets see where we are after that. If not, we could do worse than O'Driscoll.


He doesn't want to change defence he has said they are good enough!thats one of the reasons he should go

Dan the Man

Failure, just like success, is contagious. When a team is down then it's difficult to motivate even the best of players.

Perhaps some of our team may preform much better if other aspects of our game were different. Having said that, I've not seen JP play. But I think he, like some others, would be better players if we were more positive, astute and tactically aware. But that is another can of worms I've previously opened and dealt with.

Mark B

This guy has talent but were not seeing it, maybe the way we are trying to play.

I cannot blame everything on the current team and management, I still believe in loyalty and Jarvo Kites and Fletch could have destroyed this league for us.

super dude

on saturday we will be able to see what has gone on.all the old school having a drink with mick and telling him what a soft touch stalle is.lets weed this minority out.i think if jamie ohara is fit our midfield will be better and our defence will have it easier .3-0 the wolves a sako hattrick and adios mick is my big day prediction.


Matt Murry was on Twitter a few days ago saying how much he was looking forward to "The gaffer" returning. I wonder how many of this squad feel the same way.

southern wolf

I think Pennant and the rest of the over paid under performers should be forced to watch the video of the Peterboro horror show over and over again to experience what their suffering fans endured. I made a 230 mile round trip on boxing day, battled with driving rain,road works and row with the wife to watch players who weren't interested. I shall stay at home next year.


Southern Wolf - respect. I used to do that but lost the committment after M&M got their claws into the club!

Chase Terrace Wolf

Cornish Wolf reckons Moxey and Morgan have booked holiday's , and won't be there on Saturday can anyone confirm this if so it's another kick in the teeth for the fans.

The Flying Winger

If only it was just about Pennant, Looks likes the board will make the same mistake as they did with McCarthy not replacing him now, it's obviously not going to work out.

It is Stales fault for accepting the squad he had and accepting limited funds for the replacement of had I watched the DVD's I would have demanded a major overhaul, would anyone want to start a new campaign with our defence and midfield?

It is the 2M's fault for appointing him and not reshaping the squad.

As for Super Mick etc, who do you think left us in this trouble, he couldn't organise the defence, midfield or attack.

Point to prove? After wasting most of the £50 Million he deserved the sack after the first season in the PL, and even more so in the 2nd.

We are in serious trouble have the owners the guts to get us out of it and make hard decisions probably not they won't want to come out of their comfort zone until the fans shake them out of it.

chris h

Flying Winger, Mick McCarthy will get my applause when he walks out on Saturday and I am sure the vast majority of Wolves fans will applaud him as well. Mick McCarthy turned our club round,another run of the mill manager appointment and we would have been relegated to the third division.Instead within 3 years we were promoted as Champions and then he gave us three seasons in the Premier.Beat most of the best teams in the land in the process.When he left we were still out of the bottom three and in our last 4 away games drew with Bolton,Spurs and Arsenal plus a victory at QPR.He earned the club something like £160million,if you include parachute and Sky money.After he left we sold 3 of his signings for another £23million.Mick McCarthy owes Wolverhampton Wanderers nothing.We owe him our gratitude.Are there better managers around than McCarthy,you bet,will they ever come to Wolves,highly unlikely.Mick's record sadly is probably as good as it gets for us lot and for the forseeable future it looks like things will only get worse.

The Flying Winger

Chris h, You are quite correct in your comments, however he was well paid for what he did, like many managers he had success and failures in the job.

His biggest failure was not sorting out the defence/midfield and buying injured players.

Sticking by Ward, Henry, Doyle to the exclusion of competition for places.

In your work if there was no opportunity for promotion would your business move forward? maybe but not to the heights it could achieve.

There is however a time to go and he had long lost the plot in the PL, it was the fault of the 2M's for not seeing this and taking action.

The danger now is sticking with Stale and not taking timely action.

We have to move on and ambition must remain with our club and supporters or we have nothing.


I wish most of the fans on here were as sensible as you, I too will clap Mick when he comes out but there again I am an happer clapper!!


For far too long now we have been found wanting. And to be honest i cannot see any let up with the current regime. The proof of the pudding and all that will be seen over the next two weeks or so when the calibre of the 3-4 targets is known. Without a shadow of a doubt this current squad needs disbanding quicker than it might be planned. If, as the so called rumours would like us to believe, that some over-rated and over paid players are at logger heads with the manager then it is very possible that they are not capable, have the skill or brain to adapt, then bye, bye.

A fresh start should mean exactly that and, as many of us have pondered why, are the likes of Stearman, Elokobi, Ward, Foley, Berra still at this club? Does anyone else find it greatly annoying that the likes of Mouyukolo, Margritter, Bukari, Hunt and of late O'hara are so susceptable to the tiniest twing and reacurring twing, a little knock in training, a little tap here, a little tap there and they are in a set back situation. Where do they get these crocks from? I am afraid that if things do not take a definate turn for the better, and i mean a significant swerve in a new positive direction then Bob the Builder and the Fat controller will not see a penny more of mine.

The service, price and quality of the food served by a der with half a bloody neuron is not only inexcusable but an insult, a total down right insult. I wonder if Morgan and Moxey dine on the remnants of a pigs arse at half time?

I think not. They are clearly disingenuous men!

Realistic Wolf

It's not the end of the world for gawds sake and we do not have a divine right to win matches. Give Stale chance and lets see what he does in the January transfer window, providing of course that deep pockets Jez manages to give him some money. Problem is the squad is too big and too full of ordinary run of the mill players who hopefully MM will want to sign again. Somehow I doubt it. UTW and keep the faith

Dutch Wolf

Lets face it, if he cannot get a game at Stoke and Kightly is preferred then what makes you think he will be good at Wolves?

You would think being on loan he would put in 200% per game to try to get a new contract, playing regular football, new chapter etc.... but what I have seen is a poor player with no motiviation.

I hope we get Frimpong and loan in the transfer market and really look the likes of Chris woods but doubt we will bid. Hope to see Stearman, Elokobi & Zubar leave to generate some cash as Morgan looks to do the usual nothing.



What a dire performance Hope Stale realisesso many of the old guard need to go.Ship them out and get a new team> They are moderately talented, can't change to Stale's way and are flawed mentally.What an awful state to be in. It wasn't only Pennant> The whole team was booed


all i can say is that stoke got ride of MOXEY and look where they are now.nothing else to say


An eloquent argument 'stu'.

fat boy jamie

You are all being taken for mugs in fact big mugs..Bob the builder has got what he wanted the building land and great possibility of getting more for development so his redrow company can move in...Did you honestly believe that his heart was in wolverhampton wanderers foot ball club !!! He has very little interest, otherwise the money would have gone into the team and not into a white elephant of a stand that wasnt needed at the time considering we couldnt fill the existing stand...This man hasd to be hit where it hurts and thats in his pocket, vot with your feet and stay away.I remember back in the 80's during the Bhattis era, and we all know there intentions, well this eveil morgan is going to do just that, but therse days days im sorry to say but wolves fans are all mouth and no action you will let anyone walk all over you , this owner is for real, he'll kill our club.!!!


Why does everybody thinks buy,buy,buy is the answere to our problems in the Jan transfer window.

Its the worst time to buy.Its when every other club wants to get rid of its riff-raff(including us)that been under performing for the first half of the season.

If were not careful,we are gonna be lumbered with a bigger load of junk than we have at present.

Afraid,weve all got to bite the bullet for this season,and see it for what it is,a total wipe out.

Lets all calm down,take stock of whats happened,and re-assess at the end of the season.

If that means getting rid of Stale and his european approach,so be it.

I dont think his foreign signings are the way forward,neither are his coaching staff.

So,keep your money in youre pocket Morgan,and lets hope next time its spent more wisely,with more purpose,and more gain.


Not happy the way things are going this season, far from it in fact, if Jez n Steve are happy not to go up this season I sincerely hope the season tickets are reduced next season

doug bailey


Drw Wolf

Maybe we should all go on Blackburn and Bolton's forums and tell them about Moxey and Morgan, then they can blame them for their clubs underperformances as well. I wonder if all their armchair 'I don't go to games anymore' so called 'supporters' are as miserable as you lot. Look at Leeds, Man City and other clubs - did their supporters abandon them in their hard times? The lack of understanding and common sense on this forum amazes me at times, the quickness of some to slate their own club so much and so often, even in the better times, disappoints me. Some of you lot don't deserve this club and i don't miss you not being there.


We all need a moan at times but some seem to thrive on it, can't help but think they like it when things go wrong, they can't wait to have a go. then they call us happy clappers as if that's a negative. Me I'll be a happy clapper any time rather then the alternative.


unfortunately stale is still trying to make the most of the mess mcarthy left behind, whilst he is not doing fantastically at the moment he should be judged when he can field his own team- not mcarthys, we have to get rid of a fair chunk of mcarthys buys and we have to upgrade defence, attack and become more creative in midfield- overhaul required and very soon!!!!


wernt chealsea trying to oust the old guard in favour of new and younger players ? but look at the form of lampard n droba they won the champions league, but still wish morgan would sell up to a footballing chairman ..even mandric looks better atm.


Please give the manager the time he needs to adapt to the english championship. Soccer is like chess, takes time to become a grand master.


Morgan and Moxey, you know your place, now sort things out. Moxey give some money from the sales you made in the summer to buy in new blood. Morgan Wolves is a football club thanks for rebuilding the ground how about letting the team be rebuilt too? Time to move forward with the bigger fish Wolverhamton Wanderers not your building projects. Or where will it stop.

Putza Shiftin

Pennant was promising in his day, but he isn't the player he was when he was young and hungry. I don't personally blame the player or his other under performing team mates. They are what they are and most genuinely do their best. The blame should sit with the people that bring the wrong players in and who don't seem to be able to find the right manager, coach and backroom staff that could take this club forwards.

This club is going in one direction unless something significant changes and it's not to the top of the charts.


People can moan and shout all they want....................MOXEY is the problem, ask any Stoke fan what they think of him.

There was supposed to be a Director of football at the club but Moxey has ensured that does not happen so he can keep interfearing in team affairs.

When Moxey left Stoke, they were in League 2..............after his departure Stoke progressed through the tables until 07-08 when they won promotion to the Premier league & have stayed there since!

Get rid of Moxey, he's the problem!


feel free to join my facebook page SACK STALE SOLBAKKEN.


Stale has not been given a chance - they are trying to change to team from a kick and rush team

But to do this you need players that can pass and trap and keep the ball, and we are a long way from that, in fact we are miles away. At 62 I have seen them all come and go but the team and team spirit has never been this low or the performances this bad. It makes me want to cry.


Well done POSH !


the only way pennant will shut up the boo boys is! TAXI FOR PENNANT, stoke bound.


Some of you are wanting Staale to be sacked, we should back him in the hope of when he as got the team on the field thats his, things will start to improve. If things then don't improve thats when we should start shouting for the managers head. Don't be surprised if we see a few Scandivanians in the Jan window players that Staale knows and trusts. COME ON THE WOLVES.


I have spent some time this evening reading the posts regarding Pennant, Moxey, Morgan and the whole load of them. Combine that with season ticket holders who won't renew and it goes on.

It costs about £200 for me and my son to come to a single game, by the time we have filled the tank up, tickets and a meal etc. In some ways after three seasons in the premiership and driving home with a draw if we were lucky, I must admit to looking forward to the Championship, just so I could watch us win and not be totally outclassed.

This season has been simply appalling. I have some sympathy with every comment on this page, good or bad, simply because this is our club, but I do fear that many of us are finding other things to do with our money: I haven't travelled to a game at all this Christmas, have I missed it? No not really, but I am pleased to have the money still in my pocket.

Personally I think that Wolves have a well run club (i have said enough about Moxey in the past which has not been complimentary) but at the end of the day, we have been at best an also ran for 50 years and the boo boys on the South Bank, having paid their money are entitled to their opinion, the players seem to have no spirit at all and sadly the one man who could have done something for us in this division we sacked. If Ipswich beat Wolves tomorrow it will the final straw for many, particularly after so many Wolves rejects this season have returned and done well.

I'm Wanderers till I die, but with harder times now, it is surprising how I like to keep my cash closer to me and it doesn't take long to get out of the habit of going to the match. Messrs Moxey and Morgan need to find a solution, it isn't all about the balance sheet, the museum, the restaurant, its about the belief in the club, the desire for the players in the team and most importantly not spending hard earned cash to walk away from the ground totally hacked off - once people move on, its hard to get them back.