Wolves 0 Peterborough 3 - match report

Sorry Wolves crashed to their heaviest Championship defeat of the season in a laboured performance against resurgent Peterborough at Molineux.

Sorry Wolves crashed to their heaviest Championship defeat of the season in a laboured performance against resurgent Peterborough at Molineux.

Lee Tomlin (17), Tommy Rowe (43) and Dwight Gayle (69) sentenced Stale Solbakken’s side to their biggest Championship loss under the Norwegian.

Jamie O’Hara’s return from the bench for the last 14 minutes after nine months out was welcome but there was little else to cheer as Wolves produced arguably their worst performance of the season.

But while O’Hara watched on, there was little to cheer for Wolves fans as their team looked sluggish right from the start.

Gayle served notice of Peterborough’s intentions in the fourth minute with a rising shot that flew over after a strong run and pass from George Boyd.

Six minutes later Posh went even closer and it took a superb save from in-form keeper Carl Ikeme to prevent the visitors taking the lead after the busy Lee Tomlin left Gayle clean through for a clean-through chance.

And with Wolves looking well below par, it was hardly a shock when Peterborough took the lead.

Ikeme made a brilliant flying save to tip Tomlin’s piledriver on to the bar after a fine unchallenged run and pass by Joe Newell, but the ball bounced down over the line.

Wolves recovered to force their best spell of the game until just before half time, sparked by Bakary Sako’s free kick which was tipped away by keeper Robert Olejnik.

Kevin Foley had to produce a superb challenge on dangerman Newell deep inside the area to put him off as he shaped to shoot.

But Wolves quickly returned to the attack and Pennant curled a free kick disappointingly over the bar from 30 yards.

Sylvan Ebanks-Blake went much closer five minutes before the break when he crashed a rising drive inches over the bar after a driving run from Kevin Doyle.

Seconds later, Stephen Ward’s shot on the turn was parried by Olejnik after the former Villa youth keeper pushed away a corner.

And Wolves’ attacking spree reached its height in the 41st minute when Sako’s fierce angled shot was turned around the post.

But just before the break, Posh doubled their lead against the run of play when left wing back Rowe cut inside a flimsy challenge from Pennant and rolled a right-foot shot into the far corner of the net from the edge of the area.

Solbakken tried to get Wolves moving when he gambled at the break by sending on fit-again Bjorn Sigurdarson for Stephen Ward, who failed to finish a league game for the first time since April 2011.

It left Wolves matching up Posh’s 3-5-2 formation with Pennant switching to the left.

But instead of inspiring Wolves, things just got worse as the side failed to spark or display any spark of imagination.

Chances were thin on the ground, although Pennant drilled woefully wide after the ball sat up for him invitingly after Sako’s cross was blocked.

So instead of a comeback, Wolves’ fate in defeat was sealed – and after Adlene Guedioura and Mark Davies scored against them at Molineux, Mark Little became the latest old boy to haunt his former team when Gayle stabbed home from his cross to punish woeful defending.

Pennant was booked for hacking down Little in the 75th minute, and that proved to be his last action as he was substituted a minute later to ironic cheers as David Davis replaced him.

O’Hara joined Davis in a joint substitution, but the midfielder couldn’t inspire Wolves to rescue this game.

And they will have to be a lot better than this if they are to get anything against Mick McCarthy’s Ipswich on Saturday.

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Comments for: "Wolves 0 Peterborough 3 - match report"


Bad luck today lads we can still win the league


... agreed. No point settling for 2nd place or the play-offs, this is a team of Champions.


Personally id settle for second, if ward, Stearman and the prolific Doyle and ebanks cake leave we may have to settle for third and going up through the playoffs. thanks to jez and Steve for making us the pride of the midlands!

Alan in Cyprus

Sorry, but the Managerial team are not up to the task in hand.

They must go now.



Neither are the players

Not keen on this manager. Owner or CEO

Neither are the OWNER or the CEO.


Utter rubbish.....cheque book time Moxey! We would not have accepted this position this time last year, we are a club in manged decline by Moxey and Morgan. !!! Moxey out!! They don't know or care how to run a club.


What planet are you on?

MOXEY out.... do you want our club to become another Pompey?

The manager is the inept one..... not Moxey... who has consistantly shown great business sense, who else could have sold the some of the Donkies we purchased in the past at a profit!??

Dave Peate

Speak to the Stoke fans and they will tell you that Wolves will achieve nothing while Moxey is with them. since he left Stoke they have gone from strength to strength. They have not stopped laughing not only did they sell us Carl Henry they gave us Moxey.


Come on you happy clappers lets have something to laugh about and cheer us up!


Wolf. When we win the league, will you be happy? Will you be clapping then? ANSWER ME.

Stato's Boring Brother

It could be worse, we could be Villa fans



When you told the players,they could have Christmas day off,did you mean to say BOXING DAY ?


Switch off the lights on your way out loser.

Broseleywood Wolf

Well just waiting for all the negative comments. Poor performance, bad result but its not the end of the world. It also has nothing to do with Jez and Steve.


Agreed, although lose the next 2 and you'd think O'Driscoll would be worth a look.


well said that man


Cheers and happy new year.


Why is it nothing to do with Jez and Steve. Gross under investment in playing staff over 3+ years despite PL financial advantages, £20 million profit during Summer transfer window but insufficient time allowed for Stale to strenthen a very pooor squad, little attempt to bring in quality loan signings since etc. etc. Everything down to Jez and Steve I'd say.

And expect more of the same in January.


Nothing to do with Jez and Steve? What planet are you living on? Yesterday's result may strictly not be their fault as the players on the pitch and the useless tactics of a useless manager were to blame for that. But why are we in this position, who retained McCarthy when he should have been sacked after the Blackburn (must win) game, who invested £18m on a new stand rather than investing in the team, who appointed Connor as manager, who appointed Solbakken as manager, who refused to invest real funding into team rebuilding to keep us in the PL and will almost certainly restrict future funding to ensure we never get back there? Its everything to do with those two jokers why we're where we are right now.

Tividale Wolf

Spot on mate!!!!!

Cuddly Dudley

Sorry Broseley Wolf but it has EVERYTHING to do with Jez and Steve.

They are the ones who selected the new manager after the farce of sacking MM either too late or too early and appointing TC after changing their minds about Steve Bruce. They are the ones who invested in just Roger Johnson and later the mighty Eggert Jonsson in a season that became a total embarrassment.

They are the ones who now have the power and funds to put things right starting next Tuesday.


Poor deluded soul.

But hey, I dont want to be too harsh, lets asses their performance over the last 18 months

1, Invest way too little in a squad that scaped survival by adding only 2 out-field players to the squad, 1 of which was already at the club - Failure

2, Embark on a ground redevelopment program that was niether required or wanted by the paying public instead of investing in the playing staff, which should be our core business - Failure

3, Retain the services of a failing manager for at least 6 months too long & then sack him after the transfer windows has closed & all of the fight had left the playing staff, apart from when they were in their own dressing room that is. - Failure

4, Then force his much critisised assistant into taking the job, claiming he was always first choice for the job after publicly approaching every coach in football that wasn't working & a couple that was, offering them a joke 13 week contract - Embarrassing Failure

5, Relegation, en route to setting a new premier league record for the most goals conceded in a season - Failure

6, Sack to poor sod who they bullied into taking the managers job - Failure

7, Announce they are postponing the ground redevelopment that they started & probably will never finish. - Embarrassing Failure

8, Recuit a relatively unknown manager, who throughout his whole playing & managerial career has spent only half a season in British football & who admitted himself he knew very little about the championship. - Probable Failure

9, Spent the whole summer trying to off-load our best players to the highest bidder, finally doing so with a week left of the transfer window, leaving no time to source suitable replacements. - Financial success, Footballing Failure.

10, Funding the recruitment of a load of foreign players, 3 of which, if had been fit would missing 2 months of the season to go off and play in the African Nations Cup, leaving an already threadbare squad paper thin. - Failure

11, Announcing that the club need a director of football & then deciding you actually can't be bothered to appoint one. - Failure

12, Not allowing the funds for the 'unknown manager' to appoint a british based assistant, which he publicly stated he wanted to do. - Failure

BW wolf, these are the points that us, the fans know about & I think its fair to say that if any of us had performed this badly at our job, we would be looking, but struggling to get another one.

Yesterday, before half time in the SB stand, you couldn't get a hot drink or any hot food, the fella next to me asked for a whisky (for obvious reasons!!!), no whisky?!?!?!?

The club is being run so badly its a joke, its embarrassing, I've seen better run corner shops.

The 2 people you mention, in my opinion, have another agenda at this football club, which is to keep it in the black, redevelop the ground & traing ground (sorry housing estate) & sell it for a huge profit.



Very good summary of the Morgan (supported by Lieutenant Moxey) conspiracy. The only difference when compared to the Bhatti Brothers is that they were amateurs; this a very slick, professional operation more in the Weinstok or Maxwell style.

The Flying Winger

V good summary Grace.

Not keen on this manager or CEO

Broseleywood. Oh really. Who appointed this bloke then??


Well, honestly boys and girls, did you REALLY expect anything else. Just wait for the next match!

Tipton Wolves

I knew we got our work cut out but I didn't expect to get beaten by a margin, new defenders in January Solbakken.

Sheffield wolf

What a shambles, I'm not one of the usual doom and gloomers, however enough is enough. surely we have a team that should be playing a lot better that we are at present. Clearly the team is not gelling for one reason or another. I'm seriously thinking its time to change the manager. We were lucky against Blackpool, a draw probably a fairer result, loosing is not a problem but the manner in which we are playing is terrible.

Pint Of Raja

What a load of rubbish.This is the worst Wolves side in over 20 years,managed by a complete clueless numpty.Morgan,Moxey,Solbakken you are destroying this club.

Mick will have the last laugh next game.




does anyone think the ss cheepo fix has now gone far enough. Ilike to think im a glass half full person, but surely this cant continue, what an abysmal letdown ,especially as Mick won at Charlton. More ridicule im sorry to say

Old Golds Worth More

What ever you say about Blackburn Rovers,one things for sure, they have acted promptly to put right what they conceived to be wrong. They have sacked Henning Berg after just two months in charge. Wonder if they fancy having another Scandinavian manager? As I've a feeling, that one could be heading for the exit door any time soon!


Rubbish! No excuse for this performance. If they can't get a result against Ipswich then Stale should be sacked and the players moved on and Moxey needs to retired.


From what I heard, we played poorly and deserved to be beaten by a "in-form" Posh, who may have their sights on passing us up in a few weeks!

Come on Wolves, keep your dauber up! Re-focus and give it your all!



Now roll over for McCarthy.


So stale , we're back on track are we ??? Not a hope as long as your in charge mate , no one is coming in and can we blame them , what's the excuse this time , to tired again ???

It's going to be fun on Saturday when Ipswich come to town , ant comments Jez and Steve ?????

Totally disalusiomef with the whole club


The two clowns have gone really quiet, perhaps it's just sinking in and they are realising what a couple of idiots they are.

On the other hand I don't think the fat controller gives a dam as long as he's in a job getting over paid


Time to sack Sol sorry to say it but it aint good enough.

super dude

PASSION-PRIDE-FITNESS-SKILL all the things i did not see today if things arent better saturday i will hang up my shirt (gutted)


Good job they were given Xmas day off. It could've been even worse!! The only plus is that even Morgan and Moxey might now see that we are in dire straits, and might.....just might release the 30 million we made for selling our best players. Only problem is who would want to come to us in the current circumstances!

The Flying Winger

Wolves are back on track -Stale

Oh no they are not The Fans.

The important players are here -Stale

Oh no they are not the fans.

In Jan you can do some small changes -Stale

Oh no you can't The Fans.

I am seriously concerned about the manager, most of us knew we were lucky not to get a hiding last week he did not apparently.

Ward was completely destroyed by Ince last week.

I think he gave therm time off Yesterday, well there you go.

What a shambles today and midfield / defence was there again, of course according to some we don't lose and we look better when Henry is playing. That was dispelled again today.

The same McCarthy failures did the same old things today, who is really to blame, the 2M's for the shambles of the last two seasons and now this one.

Never mind they picked up their money again this week.

Another CB who is sitting the season out injured after being bought by a new manager, who described him as one for the future.

Think McCarthy will probably keep his cheque book closed if he watches that lot.


Shambles all through the team.

Manager has lost the plot,players are not chasing down the ball and applying pressure. January needs to be a mass overhaul from top to bottom. No father forward fro when connor was managing us....League 1 here we ome


wolves and stale need to get real the deadwood mCcarthy bought are bringing us down ipswich can have 11 or 12 players they all need to be gone ASAP


Well where do we go from here? It's clear these players aren't good enough. To be honest I'm losing faith rapidly. I was thrilled with the appointment of SS but I wonder if he is good enough to get us out of the mire of Championship football. The really sad thing is I don't feel angry, hurt or bothered. I'm getting to the point where I just don't care anymore. Apathy is a poison that is spreading around the Molineux and it starts in the board room and filters down through the management, the players and now us as fans. I wonder where we go from here? And having spent four hours watching 'Gone with the Wind' yesterday maybe I'm getting to the point where I say "Quite frankly, I don't give a damn!!"

Harrow Wolf

Completely agree with you. My gutted'ness (no such word i know) has gone and now just feel numb with it and am not willing to invest anymore emotion. We need total change from the top. The only good thing about this club at the mo is the supporters, who are second to none. Moxey & Morgan need to pipe up and give theier view, fat chance.


Merry Christmas Stale,i thought i heard sleigh bells,has he been ? Also a very merry Christmas to all Stale fans,i hope you enjoyed your Boxing Day feast of football.

It seems some Xmas turkeys are still alive and well.

In Stale we trust.



So much for giving the players Christmas Day off!

The players are still capable of not performing to their ability - they need to prove that they are 'up for it' on Saturday

By my calculation 10 league wins only in 2012 - has anyone worked out whether we have had a calendar year with fewer wins?

We Only Need One Half!

I did say Ikeme must have played out of his skin against Blackpool, and you couldn't expect him to do it every game!

Chase Terrace Wolf

A club in turmoil which needs a clear out from top to bottom so come on Morgan stick to houses and let someone have a go who doesn't want our once great club as just a hobby.


Oh dead

Not good

Really trying to stay positive for stale

But performances like this dont help

We seem to be aimlessly drifting

Without any direction or improvement

For the last two / three years

Come on Morgan give us a sign

Talk to us where r we going

wembley 74

Poor management is killing my football club. My team are clearly not focused or even fit. Send this clown & his coaches back to the crystal maze. For heavens sake Morgan how do you run Redrow so well yet run Wolves so badly? Have you compared our resources to those of Peterboro? Are you ashamed, disgraced & embarrassed? Well you should be. As I've said before...go get DiMatteo & Eddie Newton before it's too late. But you don't have the guts or the ambition do you?


You must be Morgan if it's your team


what a pathetic thing to say


So Stale thinks we are back on track? On track for anything but promotion and consolidating our place in the Championship! What have we got to look forward to?

Terry King

Those who thought that Mick Mcarthy was not the man to get. Wolves out of the Championship and who called for him and Terry to be shown the door may live to regret it, the chant from the South Bank will soon be Solbakken Uit, and no one who went on Boxing day with will need a translator to understand what Uit means.


What does it mean?


It means numpty doh

Terry King

UIT in Norwegian is out which is what FC Koln wisely said.


During that utterly woeful afternoon, a clear issue raised itself. There are several Wolves players who obviously do not respect the manager's ideas and are only going through the motions on the pitch. They know they aren't good enough for the Premier League, so what's the point in trying too hard? Foley is the biggest example, closely followed by Doyle, Ward and even Henry. Either the manager needs to go in January, or they do.

Realistic Wolf

Spot on Jersey

Stalebacon bakkontrak

Solbakken out you don't have a clue time to go we've had enough. No tactics no clue no hope. Wolves are doomed new manager required before window opens. Rubbish absolute rubbish. Wait for the Stale fan club to stick up for him again.

Dan the Man

SS; "... we are back on track again." Yes, correct. Trouble is, the wrong track.

I was hoping for 6 points this post-Christmas season, but I woke up this morning with one of those strange feelings you sometimes get in your stomach when you know the day will not go well.

No, it wasn't too much turkey the day before (we did not have turkey), and it wasn't the drink (3/4 can of Guinness will not do that). What came over me was that feeling you get when someone has just walked over your grave.

I suddenly felt it may be 3-1 to Peterborough today. But we couldn't even get one - not even close to getting one either. I'm apprehensive about the Ipswich game as well. I think this game will be one with it's fair share of controversy. The result - who knows?

I'm really looking forward to the transfer window. But it will not be enough to sign better players. There is something seriously amiss about the way we play some of our games. I've banged on enough about changing the playing formation, but we still stick with 4-4-2. OK, we switched our formation at half-time today, but to no avail. We still (according to Tim Nash) played with 3 lines across the pitch.

Our failing is one which is ages old with this club. That is the inability to adapt to playing football against diverse opponents. They aren't all going to get rolled over like Bristol City. We need a manager who can read the game as well as attempt to play pretty football.

I remember from many years ago how they said West Ham used to play nice football, but they got beat on a regular basis. Tippy-tappy football is OK if you are good enough to play it, but we are not. While we are poor in squad, have a manager who's trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear, we need to grind out results. I don't care how we win, as long as win.

Let's not forget the year (sometime in the 90's, I think) we were well-placed for automatic promotion, yet the Baggies came from a distance back and took our spot. I watched a few of their games and they just ground out results. They were not that good, but they knew how to get results. At that time, I could see rough seas ahead for the Wolves in the closing months of that season and I was projecting a close-fought finish. I'll be honest and say I thought we may pip the Baggies by a single point, but we failed with just a few games to go.

So, my advice to SS is this: Forget the theories, just focus on each game individually as though it is a cup final. Look at your opponents and think how you will nullify their tactics before assuming that all is well and we can outplay anyone using just one style of football and a rigid team formation. This is because football is like chess. Your opponent may not be the best player in the league, but if he plays a system you are not familiar with, he may just trounce you and make you look a fool.

In 2013 I want to see not just some decent transfer activity, I want to see some real intelligence from SS. If we do not sort out all of our problems, then it'll be a pretty grim year.

English Exile

Solbakken declares Wolves are back on track............

We've just lost 3 - 0 at HOME to the team who were bottom of the league.

Think again Stale....

Bricks and Mortar

Back him or Sack him

Allardyce will be available at the end of the season.

essex uni wolf

Oh dear Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey what a great decision makers you are !

I need say no more as this season seems to get worse and with Mick McCarthy back on Saturday it could be rubbing salt into an open wound.

But i sit and wait more spell bounding history changes but what seems a very inept board of directors.

ps there's no point in moaning about individual players as it seems the blind are leading the blind.

Jack ♣ Hat.

Don't run Morgan down, he has enough on his plate"ALBION being above Diverpool.


Bruce, Trinidad

By now even Jez Moxley must realize that we are not going to be back in the Premier League next year whatever happens in the transfer window. And unless there is a change of manager we can forget promotion next year as well.


God help the mighty wolves when Ipswich come a calling .They couldnt beat tipton town ladies.

Mike T

We lurch between a good set and a bad set of results and still this manager keeps the same defence and pays no heed towards the youngsters in the Club. The January transfer window will result in another crop of foreigners and still Davis, Forde, Batth and others will be frozen out of the starting line up. Does the manager wish to see these lads leave?

Given that there is no chance of, and indeed no sensible supporter will wish for promotion, surely Mr Morgan should be insisting that the whole point of the academy is to bring youngsters into the first team. If this manager is not going to do that then Mr Morgan should close the academy as it is only benefitting other clubs.

We are in difficult economic times and I am full of admiration to those who support home and away week in week out - something I enjoyed doing in the 1970's - but to watch players on £30k a week playing so badly hurts very much. I would much prefer to see youngsters playing for the shirt.

Gates will soon drop well below 19,000 and probably nearer 15,000 and I do not blame people for voting with their feet.

Happy New Year !

oxley wolf

Worse than the Albion.


By a country mile


joint 4th in prem we are a million miles infront of wolves



Burton Albion!! lol,

You Muppets.

" We know what we are"

Stale Bacon

Yes you definitely are, imagine how well we would be doing if our annual 6 points off you clowns was still available.

At least the proper derby against Villa is back... Enjoy the Staffs derby with Port Vale.


your having a laff an'it ya,,,


Well 12 months on Boys ( M an M ) will the same happen again !! no change and transfer window finishes then ?? whoops, no WBA this time round or will it be Ipswich,

From a 20 year season ticket holder and life long supporter ( sorry i know we dont count any more)

What a mess

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Is this not enough? Come on Mr Morgan, don't dither and get someone with a bit of knowledge about the English football game to run our beloved team. Season now midway, and absolutely no sign of Wolves having the remotest chance of promotion. The Premier League is where WWFC should be, not languishing in 14th position in the championship. If you want to put punters' backsides on empty stand seats Mr Morgan, ACT NOW and in the January transfer window. Get a manager who knows what players can get us out of this mess. For mess it is.


For me, after following the Wolves since 1961, this is defeat is on a par with Chorley...

fat boy jamie

And remember we have a non league team to play in the FA cup is this history repeating itself again.!!!!

Bob Wolf

That was the worst performance I've seen in over 25 years of watching Wolves.

Shapeless, spineless, gutless and useless. Take your pick.

The sooner this idiot is sacked the better. Club being run into the ground by Morgan and Moxey.

Solbakken out. Moxey out. Morgan out.

Realistic Wolf

Bob Wolf, remember most of the team are Micks hence useless.


Hopefully mic wil come n buy the entire team waste of time wiv useless management aswell Ipswich wil finish above us

Yea, Stale is once again 100% correct - "Wolves are back on track!" Time to think about serious changes if we are to recover this season

Staffs Wolf

This result/performance against a team who are punching above their weight is nothing short of sheer embarrassment! There is something seriously wrong with our club that runs much deeper as we all know than the playing or coaching staff. What is needed is a total overhaul of the backrooom. I believe Rob Plant should play a more prominent and visible role at the club to attract vital, additional investment. Other clubs in the Championship are far more ambitious than us and that is completely wrong. We are going precisely nowhere, in fact, we are regressing and will be overtaken by more and more clubs and First division football for a few seasons is a distinct possibility.

For God's sake someone/anyone sort out this bloody dismal mess we're in!


hopeless team going nowhere ???.....

fat boy jamie


Wednesbury wolves

I have been saying this now for 2 seasons, foley, ward, Berra, stearman, zubar, Henry, dud Doyle, they are simply league 1 players at best, thank goodness for sako's goals and ebanks goals, cos without them, we would be in bottom 3 FACT, if we're going to back stale, then we must get rid of Berra stearman zubar Henry ward dud Doyle, give ebanks another 2years and get a decent striker in to partner preferably 6 ft plus, I'm hoping the rumour is true that mr Morgan has put the club up for sale, and that he goes back up the A41 to where he lives, cos everything he and moxey says are lies, if transfers aren't forth coming in a weeks time, ie left back right back centre half creative midfielder, and a striker, then I'm afraid I will be calling for mr Morgan to go with immediate effect, I will be waiting for the Morgan and moxey lovers to come on here now, to say look what they have done for the wolves, WHAT, made a huge profit on players, made millions from tv revenue and all for mr Morgan's holdings company, I really really hope I'm wrong about Morgan, but I think not!!!!!! Only the next four weeks we will tell if Morgan loves wolves or he's just milking Wolverhampton wanderers.


Is Stale the super coach, the one who advocates that from the kick-off we pass back to our goalkeeper, who then hoofs it up to their goalkeeper? Gosh!!! How exciting, I must get to understand this super new move.

When I used to watch the SUPER WOLVES in the fifties, they relied on skill, the will to win, super fitness, never, never give up, run through a brick wall for the cause. All this played on a pitch like a paddy field. If we played anybody, we were the favourites to win. Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, you name them. As well as beating the TOP foreign teams.

The players of today are nothing more than overpaid diving ninnies. Most of them would do better partnering ……….. than playing football.

I remember …..charging into Bert Trautman, the Manchester goalkeeper and breaking his neck in a Cup Final. He put the ball, Trautman and himself in the back of the net. The referee gave a goal and nobody argued. Trautman brushed himself down and played on, going for treatment at the end of the match. If you were injured in those days you played on the wing and tried to make a nuisance of yourself. Not get carried off if an opponent pulls your shirt like today’s players.

I just cannot bring myself to watch this CRAP any longer. Please do not say I will be the loser. I know I will not.

Bye-Bye football

The Grassy Knoll

Pity the 'famous' victories were won on, as you accurately describe "a paddy field". All of the opposition would have beaten WWFC on a fair, properly prepared pitch.

Perhaps it's time to get out the hosepipes and buckets again.


Everybody got carried away with the Blackpool score but when you analysed the performance, it was awful & Ikeme's outstanding performance hid the real performance by the team.

Wolves fans can accept losing, it's the performances lacking effort & no passion that we cannot accept when paying hard earned cash for tickets.

Dave O

Typical give them Christmas day off and they eat too much turkey and christmas pudding and sink a few too many ales total amatuers from top to bottom Happy Christmas to all who still keep putting up with the crap. Wolves are a spent force while

Mr Moxey is there


I can see that Morgan's plans to make us a top six premier league side are well on track!

Russ Shelton

We traveled 6000 miles to watch this load of rubbish. If they had simply tried hard, made mistakes or were unlucky, that would be understandable .. but the unwillingness to work for each other, move to create passing opportunities, lack of communication, and literally standing around and watching .. professional footballers?!! Got to be kidding .. they should all be fined a week's wages .. and Solbakken two weeks also .. just for playing 3 across the back and continuing to trust in Henry who personifies what is wrong with Wolves .. 2 steps sideways, 1 step back.. They came out in the second half as flat as they went in .. what did he do, whisper in their ear? It was a digrace that Wolves took hard earned wages from people for this pitiful display .. they should issue a refund and publish a full-page apology in the E&S.

The only bright spots were Ikeme, Sako and Tennant

Peterborough ran their hearts out, when Wolves were on the offence got players back in a tight cohesive line, and created and took their chances when Wolves froze at the feint whiff of an attack. They well desrved the win.


Bright spots Sako and Tennant(sic) ???

Just what were you drinking before the game ?

That is certainly the worst game Sako has played for us and Pennant was one of the main reasons we got overrun in midfield.

You slag off Karl Henry, but when the DH of a manager decided to go three at the back our captain was the only one who looked as though he cared

Go to Specsavers, pal.

Devon Wolf

Sack him.

He hasn't got a clue, he hasn't got a plan, he can't get results.


"Back on track" by all accounts! Bunch of clowns! SS is taking us backwards, there is no progress, no development and no hope! The bloke just doesn't seem to have a clue! Boo hiss boo!!!!

loyal wulfrian

So much for giving them Christmas day off, this is how they repay Stale's kindness. I bet Peterbrough didn't get the day off.

We did, Fergy said that'we deserved the day off with 2 back to back much needed wins'

notts posh

They did


...oh, and I forgot to say yes, we are back on track!!!!


This cannot be allowed to go on. The players that we have need guidance and have none. Time for urgent management changes. Get on with it Mr Morgan.

Realistic Wolf

Sorry GBull not guidance. Sacking!!


So we're back on track are we?

Yet another dire performance to match the fortunate result we got at Blackpool. Beaten 3 -0 at home by a team in the bottom 3 - hardly promotion form but sadly this sort of showing is becoming the norm. There doesn't seem to be a plan. I don't see our style of play evolving into something better. We continue to give it away far too easily and a lot of players simply lack fight.

Mick up next. At the end I was one of his fiercest critics but I doubt we would be in this position with him at the helm. Hand on heart, It's hard to argue that we have moved forward under SS.

Barbados Ben

Absolutely disgraceful performance, cannot see how we are trying to play.looks to me like the players are trying to get stale the boot.

So a big thank you to morgan and moxey for turning WWFC into a non-entertainment business

23 000 for a boxing day game! P


Bloody massive clearout needed too-sweet. This is disgraceful after the Blackpool win, absolutely disgraceful and they deserved the boo's. No fight! What is wrong with this team? 3 or 4 targets?!!!!*&%%!

They need more than that to get this labouring, lumbering pile of underperformers moving.

If we lose to Mcarthy then it will be worse than the 5-1 drumming we goit from the tesco's!


WOEFUL!!!! Enough said, George Boyd sign him up quickly in January be,st 'footballer' on the pitch. And whoever the prat was who designed the new stand, tel lhim the roof is supposed to cover the entire stand, not just the back part, got soaked useless idiot. UTW:

Oily Monster

I pity the poor folk who buy houses from SM.I hope he builds them better than football clubs.


I said "remember Peterborough had beaten Cardiff" replying to an article in the week, Stale said they were back on track obviously now the loyal supporters are asking which track and where is its final destination.

A serious reality Check for Stale who should now be wondering whos going to be looking into the transfer market in January for Wolves if they fail against Ipswich on Saturday, Mick McCarthy is no idiot and he will have it all worked out.

You cannot blame bad decisons for this loss, balls in the back of the net are what counts and not conceeding wins matches

Virgin Trains and Trainline.com do a very good advanced train ticket, after Saturday somebody might need one.

I feel very sorry for those loyal Wolves supporters who paid good hard earned money and those who had high expectations which were quickly evaporated with this dismal performance once again.


Absolutely disgusting performance, all of them except the odd player was sulking and lifting hands in the air whenever things didn't go their way, we are the worlds best at crab football, left left left, stop, right right right, I think stale has been playing to much space invaders for his tatics!

I am a wolves till I die, but Christ jez and Morgan u are really trying me patience.


quite simply - rubbish!!

Barbados Ben

Absolutely disgraceful performance, cannot see how we are trying to play.looks to me like the players are trying to get stale the boot.

So a big thank you to morgan and moxey for turning WWFC into a non-entertainment business.

23 000 for a boxing day game! P*** poor but the club should count itself lucky there are still people paying to watch this crap who don't have season tickets

derek westwood

it is about time this team was all let go get the young ones in thay will play for there shirts and get rid of moxley as long as is here we will end up in the 3rd tier please will wolves ever be a team we all can be proud of .


need change of board management players etc people who are ambitious for football not business


Worst performance of the season by far mm will come back to haunt us

Dutch Wolf

Absolute Disgrace!

I give up and no longer care!


Well we will see the boards ambition soon in the transfer market, still think sm is bankrolling the training ground and stadium rebuilds off player and sky money, if they have so much faith in the manager and his footballing idea's and tactics why a 12month contract, what are they thinking he can achieve in this time span, a 3yr deal would show faith in a man they said is the ONE, but like most things money is king and no payout will be required in the summer, were further back as a club than when handle was sacked.


ABJECT..... This manager has no idea of how to motive our players, at BEST Peterboro are a second rate championship side, but they outplayed us for much of the game. Their passing and movement was crisp clean and clinic, whilst ours was slow and cumbersome. STALE has got to go !


Afraid we are going to see lots more of this with the two incompetent clowns in charge

man who spent £30-10p

Forget the result, ive come to expect it , more importantly £2-10p for a cup of Bovril......good lord.


What a joke of a team


forest thump leeds we get smacked by posh ,,forest sack o'driscol, ashma lad,,get him in at molinuex...


same old, same old, one would hope that Mick can put the final nail in the coffin

Mick from Ipswich

Merry Christmas and happy new year in the third division to all Wolves fans.Hope you're enjoying life at the Mol with your new manager.Congrats to Mr Mogwai and Mr Moxmoney on their appointment of a man taking Wolves into the footballing wilderness.


Lets spend ,spend, spend, that's the way forward..

What defence???

Gutted I got the Wolves 2013 calendar for Christmas...!!


Hope u kept the receipt, take it back for false advertising, it says on the calendar we are a team, liers!!!


Take a look in the mirror Solbakken and tell yourself it's time to go before Super Mick turns up and humiliates us even more, it was obvious what was going to happen today after last weeks miracle win at Blackpool. how many more times do you need the fans to tell you about the non existent defence that has appeared on the team sheet for the last 5 years.


How much worse will it get Moxey? You continue to do well despite overseeing the humiliation and decline of our Club!!

colehill wolf

It just seems to get worse and I cannot for the life of me see it getting any better everybody has been hoping for the Jan window so there can be signings but if we are truthful to ourselves who in the name of god who is any good is going to come to us!!! All the moaners will blame the two MM,s but it goes deeper than that I honestly think we are in this league for a very long time. Happy New Year to all Wolves fans everywhere you are the best it gets

Putza Shiftin

On the face of it, this was actually worse than losing to WBA at home which resulted in Mick's sacking. Just how long should we persevere with the Stale gamble? In my opinion, not beyond this week. Enough is enough. Cue Ipswich to bang the final nail in the coffin of our season and Stale's stay as Manager.

Old Golds Worth More

Stale's last comment was Wolves are back on track (after the fortunate win over Blackpool!), well his next comment should be "Wolves are back off track again". How a recent premiership team can lose at home to a bottom three team (despite their recent run of two wins) by such a margin, is beyond me, did our lot think they only had to turn up to win? They should have taken notice of the Posh's last away game, a win at the league leaders no less!! I'm afraid there is only two words to describe our team at the moment "A Disgrace". Roll on the January transfer window, time to ship out a lot of has been's and dead wood I'm afraid, and just for once sign some quality (that is if any club is willing to part with such players). Doyle can go, Ward can go, Zubar can go, Henry or Doumbia or Davis can go (we don't need three defensive midfielders, we need attacking midfielders), Pennant can be returned to Stoke, Edwards can go, Hunt can go, perm any two from four of the centre backs who can go. Cassidy is coming back from Tranmere, so lets see what he can do, sign a left back, a centre back, at least one attacking midfielder (for when O'Hara inevitably gets injured again), and a proven striker (oh why, oh why, did Fletcher not show some loyalty and stay, as he would have run amok in this division). Should we actually sign these players (I must admit that I'm not holding my breath), then lets hope to God that decent coaching ensues, as its becoming very annoying to see former players do so much better at their new clubs then they ever did here!


Well this just adds insult to injury!

And yea sure Stale 'we are back on track' back to loosing!!!

We need to spend big in the transfer market on defenders!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111


The interest of Wolves and Solbakken are great amongst norwegian supporters at the moment - i must say Morgan have to find something new, this cao not go on anymore.

London Wolf2

Another woeful display after Solbakken anounces we are back on track! At the start of the season I was fully behind the new boss but I am sorry to say that he is no better than Mick McCarthy. I appreciate that he has a number of injuries to his squad but I would still expect us to be in the top half of the table at least. Why do we always go for the cheap option? Where has all the money gone Mr Morgan? Don't expect any major signings in January, it will be the same old PR spin by Mr Moxey!

Another defeat looms at the Mol with MM's Ipswich.

One disapointed wolves fan!1

Filthy Wolf

Cheers for the Christmas Present Stale!

Just what we didn't want.

And a few hours before he dares to say we are back on track........................

rowley wolf

result say's it all,3-0 against bottom of the league,absolute joke,&i fear it's only gonna get worse when mick & tc roll back into town on saturday,we lose that & its gonna be the ultimate humiliation for this football! im sick of the happy clappers saying in stale we trust & we have turned a corner after the blackpool win! we have been poor all season & half the games we have won we have been lucky & only ikeme's heroic's saved us from a heavy defeat at blackpool! & now this today but you happy clappers will make same excuses,oh its mick mccarthy signings,give stale funds....well if you haven't noticed out of all players stale's signed only 1 has made a impact sako,the rest are either injury prone or fatiqued & the players you are blaming 4 a bad season micks deadwood,stale has praised & called them outstanding & even given em new contracts....sick of you happy clappers blaming mick,he's gone,move on,you cant blame him for our shortcomings this season,the blame rest on the players,the manager & most of all the board....you sacked mick & never replaced him 2 give us a fighting chance of stopping up & now you have made sure we aint going back 2 prem by employing this numpty,would have rather had brucie than this guy....soon even the happy clappers will turn on him but by that time it will be 2 late!


me & mick looking forward to game on saturday & another 3pts....up the IPSWICH.....oh p.s can anyone tell me if the museum is open on saturday? only i want my clipboard back!

Old Golds Worth More

Museum TC? There you go getting all delusional again, just like when you managed here! Try phoning the local council, someone working at the tip may have picked it up out of curiosity.


Absolutely pathetic. Nobody can hold their head up above medium height after a game in which we let a bunch of cheaply-assembled no-marks boss us around as if we were children playing adults. This new regime isn't working, the "in Stale we trust" brigade need to hush their yaps and spend five minutes in the real world. We took a punt on a slightly different type of manager rather than an established Britisher and it is JUST. NOT. WORKING. Solbakken needs to be Sentpakken to Norway. This is Wolverhampton.

Wednesbury wolves

Petenuts, who are the players on the pitch mate, most of mucks useless idiots, how can u blame ss when the useless clowns, that got us relegated last season bottom at that, continue to play a role wk in wk out when they are simply only league 1 players at best, the buck stops with Morgan and moxey and the next 4 weeks we will see if there interested or not!!!! If minimum of 5 players aren't bought in, then we know Morgan is just using wolves for bridgemere group, so think about laying off as for a while, cos if u don't remember it's ss who bought in sako and without his goals and ikeme heroics we would be heading for league 1 FACT, ps been watching wolves since 1978 so hope I know a little!!!!!!!!


You should have spent a little bit less time watching Wolves and bit more learning how to spell and construct sentences properly. At any point between 1978 and now, were you a professional footballer, manager, scout, coach, physio or groundskeeper? No? Then you know exactly as much as the rest of us.

Solbakken is trying to play a style of football that doesn't work at this level, and he has let the squad get lazy and complacent and operate according to reduced expectations that none of us want to hear. He's not the right man for the job. How do I know? Because I was there yesterday and so I know at least as much as you do.

Old Golds Worth More

Couldn't agree with you more Pete, any coach worth his salt should be able to get a team of mainly premiership players, properly prepared to take on a bottom three club. This guy got his last team FC Cologne relegated in Germany, so his style of play is obviously not suited to anybody other then Barcelona!! I was against Steve Bruce coming here, but I must admit he's done a fantastic job at Hull (look where they are), and with the minimum of fuss....sigh.

wolves boo-boy



now the board know that they have got to back the manager in january,we need to start shipping out mad micks rubbish and getting staales players in now b4 its to late we need at least 4 new players i just hope staales got them lined up ready to sign early january because the longer this goes on the more irrate sections of the fans will get,so cmon board make your mind up BACK him or sack him but believe me if you sack him we will get relegated unless you bring in SEAN O'DRISCOLL who for some reason was sacked by the forrest owners just after beating leeds,,,,in staale we trust,,,,/\wwfc/\,,,,the real pride of the midlands,,,,

Realistic Wolf

Like your comment, well said, good to read a bit of sanity and common sense

fat boy jamie

You begin your sentence mentioning the board, is this the same board that includes a Liverpool fan and a washed up old rock star? If so, then it doesn't take much to work out why we are in such a mess...

john payne

They could be a lot better than this and still lose to Ipswich on Saturday. Hopefully Stale will leave out some of the underperforming players and give the likes of Forde and Bhatt a chance to show what they can do.


Season ticket holder for two years and going for 35years ,this is the worst style of football i have seen down wolves since i can remember,these players car,nt do what is asked of them,and if they do not change this manager we will be in big bother.There is no style or passion in the way we are playing and its so sad to see this great club being turned over by bottom team peterborough utd shocking!

Mike T

SS out - O'Driscoll in - asap


Solbakken you are the worst Wolves manager in a generation, you've had enough time now to sort out this team and you have failed MISERABLY. You don*t have a clue and you need go.

Mick McCarthy will make sure your last game ends in another defeat.

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Dont really agree that he's had much ome to sort it out. He had a month before season started nd new window doesn't open for a week. The same old McCarthy players don't seem to want to change (or are unable) to a new system. Don't really care who's in charge but it's got to be better. This season was always going to be a struggle though. The players seem depressed or disinterested. Could be either. We won't go down but think a 14th position finish is on the cards. UTW




Wolves soon came back down to earth after the Blackpool win.Stale says that we are back on track.we certainly are now.


Oh dear..Just when you think it might get better, soaked, freezing, crap performance.

manc andy

Whoops,,are we now back off track ? I carnt keep up,,Have we been derailed ? when will we be back on track ? Im not worried about our recent performances, how ever i am concerned,dazed and slightly confused.I thought the idea was that we would start to see glimpses of Barcalona in the Wolves play , not make the opposition look like world beaters.Is Stale the mountain of strenght needed to drag an old historic , famous club like wolves back to the dizzy heights of the premiership. I fear if by magic it happens this season we will be straight back down.He must make some shrude buys this january and send the defence back down the motorway with Mad Mick.Its a tough league and these foreigners take time to man up,the way things are going the two year plans going to be a three year plan.In words of our great leader[jez] ITS GOING TO GET ALOT WORSE BEFORE IT GETS BETTER for us loyal fans.Meanwhile back at the ranch Jez and buddy Morgan chatt about how they get through another transfer window makin out nobody wants to come and theres know money in the kitty anyway.On the brightside iv got my Luton ticket and carnt wait for a good cup run. UTW and happy newyear


Dismal, embarrassing, shameful... I live near Peterborough and have to face Posh fans next week - thanks, Stale, for wrecking Christmas!!Bloody marvelous!!!!!

Neil NZ

"BACK ON TRACK" what a joke. We need some one who know's what they are doing quickly or we will be in a relegation battle.

Lanesfield Wolf

Letting the team off training on Christmas day was plain stupid.

They were filled with turkey and pudding and had no zip in them.


Western Isles Scot Wolf

Back on again: Just heard Sean O'Driscoll has been sacked by Notts Forest (unbelievably). Go get him Moxey!!


I've just gotten home in time to watch the last few minutes of the Stoke v L'pool game and regardless of what the detractors say about Stoke, they are everything Wolves are not. I can see passion, committment, determination, effort and at times skill. Today I witnessed the worst Wolves performance for many years. We were outplayed in every department for most of the match by the team at the bottom of the league. Can anyone tell me what the starting 11 opposition get paid, as it would surprise me if they get less combined than RJ or J O'H.

The players, coaching team and club management should be ashamed of themselves because today wasn't about being outplayed by a top team, it was about 11 players who showed no interest or committment from the whistle. I was one of the idiots in the 23000 crowd getting soaked having given up my Boxing Day and whilst I didn't boo or sing "you're not fit to wear the shirt" I do agree with those dissatisfied fans. So please, all you bleeding heart liberals do not condemn the fans who chose to voice their views. They are entitled to, especially after such an abject performance. Mr Moxey, you should write and apologise on behalf of the club, management and players to all the paying fans.

Stale, I've now come to the conclusion that you and your coaching team are way out of your depth and haven't a bloody clue. If anyone thinks that Foley is a better right back than Stearman or Zubar you' re having a laugh. What was the halftime substitutions about? Someone please tell me and so much for our new style. The emperors new clothes spring to mind. The tactics and performances are worse than MM or TC.

Of course, our beloved owner and CEO will say nothing and do nothing respectively. I urge all fans to vote with their feet because unless you do so, this shambles will get worse. I stated a couple of months ago we were in a relegation fight.


i think mcCarthys ipswich will beat us saturday as well ,we can forget about promotion this year, are main aim is to stay up beacause the bottom teams are picking up points now ,i think out of the worst five teams in the championship we are one of them .stale as been at the club six months and over now ,i do not see any improvement what so ever, iam not looking forward to next year with no transfer funds available.

WW Fan for Life

Quote from last week after Blackpool taught us a footballing lesson; 'we've turned the corner'!

Next game we get a thrashing by the worse team in the league, this guys deluded.....get him out while there is still time!

Orlando Wolves

A disappointing result, I think everyone will agree.

But, I have said it before, and I will say it again, this is a pig of a Division to be in, the teams at the very bottom are capable of going to the top club`s ground and beating them. Peterborough did it with Cardiff City, who are arguably the best team in this Division, so what makes us immune from this happening to us also? The answer is nothing. That happens to be football - ask Arsenal fans about their recent results against `inferior teams`.

We had a day when we didn`t turn up and provide the goods and lost. It isn`t the first time, and it won`t be the last. You have bad days and good days, lucky days and unlucky days. We are still within the first 6 months of transitional period at WWFC, and `bumps in the road` will happen. We will not be in the play off`s this year, but certainly when Stale infuses more creative, intelligent players into the team, next year we will be a force to be reckoned with. (A little note here: Get Griffiths back from Hibernian, his performances there this season have been outstanding.)

Another point, when we play Ipswich Town, please give Mick McCarthy the welcome he deserves, he had this club at his heart when he was here and certainly does not deserve anything less that the utmost respect from Wolves fans.

When the posts come in today, the knockers and doom and gloom merchants will yet again have a field day, sack `em and sell`em all, useless etc will all be out in great force. (we all know how it goes). (Yawn - having a nap now) zzzzzzz

Oh sorry!- back now...To all my fellow Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club supporters, do not lose faith, and I hope you all have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Hugh's Currant

Quite agree ! In Stale I trust - he will lead us back to the PL no problem. In fact I believe that he will lead the Wolves to the title and win the league with the most points ever in a season. After all, his tactics are sublime, such a joy to watch, as the players emulate Barcelona with a game of skill and passing. No team will be able to beat us at home - "fortress wolves".

And it will all come to end when Manchester United poach the manager - to replace Fergie.

No problem.

If you think that this season is anything other than a rebuilding job, you are delusional.

Eric Pollard

Morgan,you need to get rid of this incompetant BUFFOON and replace him with another Circus Clown.THIS CLUB HAS GONE BACK 25 YEARS since he came.Enough is enough,the 8,000 plus invisible fans on those empty plastic seats were the lucky ones.There will be even more empty seats if this numpty from Norway isn't dispatched soon.

Right, this latest shambles of a performance has got me seething.Particularly when our numpty manager tells us we are back on track. What little faith i had in him, and i was willing to give him a chance, has now entirely disappeared. Quite honestly i don't think he is the man to take us forward. In fact i think we're going backwards. One shot on goal in the first half, and not much more in the second.Total lack of creativity, and understanding in the team. Devoid of any ideas and players wasting energy running around like headless chickens.Take Doumbia and Henry for instance, they are supposed to be defensive midfield players who protect the centre halfs and should break up the opponents attacking play, yet most of the goals we concede are coming straight through the middle. I don't believe this zonal marking is helping us, as we looked likely to concede a goal every time P'boro attacked us. Solbakken has been here now 6 months now and i would love to say i can see some improvement, but i can't.Theres just no style or method to our play and its not because of the players Mick left behind. I wasn't a big fan of Mad Mick's style of football, but getting the ball out wide to two attacking wingers who pump the ball into the box to a centre forward who could compete in the box and score goals was a lot more exciting than what we are currently being served. I think Solbakken is out of his depth and does not understand football in the Championship. I'm beginning to hate watching us play, i never thought i'd say that, but, it really is boring!!!!!!! So get him out now, write off this season, most of us had anyway , and get an English manager or someone who has experience in this league, in to pick up the pieces, ie Steve Coppell or Roberto de Mateo, both winning managers.


"get an English manager or someone who has experience in this league, in to pick up the pieces, ie Steve Coppell or Roberto de Mateo,"

Roberto Di Matteo is Swiss-Italian.

Steve Coppell is retired and shows no interest in coming back to the game.

The Grassy Knoll

Sounds like Coppell would be a perfect fit for WWFC.


well, we were well and truly demolished by peterboro..........struggling posh, who have recently beat leaders cardiff (at the time) 1-2 away

bolton were dispatched 5-4 last week so this was a banana skin waiting to happen.

so now stalle will have to pick up the players, for mm's return on saturday, another tough game as ipswich won 1-2 away at charlton today.

all we can do is move on. utw.


Do you remember the "bubble has burst" comments aimed at the baggies recently?

Well what about the loud crash heard at the custard bowl yesterday, yes it was the sound of the "back on track" train being derailed by a banana skin.


dont get too cocky shep, there are plaenty of sandwell bubbles waiting to burst. utw


A Cheery Christmas message for Wolves....take note Moxey & Morgan!!!!

'Its hard to think of many more ineffective and uninspiring Wolves performances at Molineux for many years. This was a team that didn’t defend well, lacked creativity, never seriously looked like scoring and did not look as good a team as their opponents who are favourite for relegation. We have been saying for some time that the jury is still out for Solbakken but much more of this and they will be making a judgement he will not like. Wolves have only once finished in the bottom half of the second tier of English football since they were promoted to that level in 1989 but there will be few who saw this display that would confidently predict they can make the top half this season'

Happy New Year??? We are REALLY moving forward......Moxey Out!!!


Paul Trevor

Here's a window of opportunity for Wolves.

Appoint O'Driscoll a man who loves Wolves & knows what he's doing.

Get rid of all the current management team including the 'lack of fitness' coach & let Mick but as many of the squad as he wants!


paul davo

well o well, i have been told SS gave the players! xmas day off, and thats what we get, utter, utter dross, i have been on the positive side up until today, but SM must get rid of this lot asap SS and his coaching team have not got a clue about football in this country, its getting worse by the match, I said we were lucky at blackpool and today proved it, If mick beats us , we will be maid to look what most fans know complete idiots, The club we love is been run by a builder and his accountant , So we now have a lot of money, a very poor team and a odd looking ground, PROGRESS A, PS just seen stoke on sky, it makes me weep, i have a mate who is a stoke fan again he tells me get rid of JM


We have been spanked 3-0 by what was the bottom club and according to the manager we have turned the corner.This guy is delusional we have made zero progess in his 24 games and are worse than last year and still going backwards.

Northampton Wolves

Stale you are so out of your comfort zone it's unreal. How many times has it been in this league that managers like Bruce, holloway, McCleish and McCarthy and even Warnock make this league there own. It will never happen with you and if you blame fagigue in this game I will smash my iPad !

Golden Blood

The only news I want to hear is that this uninspiring useless waste of Hoddle sorry Stale. Has been sacked!


Super super Mick McCarthy

Selly park wolf

This has to be the final straw!

Only 3 days after solbaken claims'we are back track' then our biggest defeat at home to the bottom side.

The writing was on the wall against Blackpool who should have battered us.

This team cannot be motivated by someone is clueless. We just don't create anything and I really fear after McCarthys Ipswich beat us we will be in a second succesive relegation battle.

To all the idiots that keep shouting 'in stale we trust' time to take your blinkers off


What now! Dismal reckless performance.

Tasmanian wolf

OK. I'm normally a bit of a "Happy Clapper", but this has broken me. What a disgraceful result. Get some players into the squad with some ticker.


What crap. be glad when mad micks crap players are gone, henry first.

Arkansas Wolf

Losing by 3 to Peterborough says it all really. Mid season it sums up our ability and ambition. The former being mediocre the latter being to stay in the Championship and avoid a relegation fight. I can't really blame Stale as we are reaping what was mostly sown last season including some dreadful leadership from the board room. Sets the stage for McCarthy to come in and stick it to the very leadership that stuck it to him. How about a 5-1 drubbing anyone?

So, will they give Stale the money in January and next summer to make this side his own and then be judged on it or are we getting ready for another managerial comedy?

When the potential for entertainment off the field is more intreguing than that we play on the field it is a bad sign.

WWFC Forever

Muggle wolf

Total and utter garbage from start to finish , the games won apart from Bristol have all been Lucky in my opinion . Just papering over the cracks .

another M &M cock up , the club has gone backwards 10 years in two.

Angry to see the lack of effort fom the players today , body language " not bothered today" stood out after the first goal .

Shambles .

Lindsay KiwiWolf

mr s, you cant sub ward, he's your only experienced left back, several other players must be running out of time, this result really is a setback. what chance now of beating ipswich ?

Sad wolf

Given a free ticket for Boxing Day feel sorry for paying supporters if that's the standard of football they have to watch if this is the managers idea of a team back on track don't expect any success in the near future just hope i am proved wrong .


Morgan ! Moxey ! Why the hell ! Don't you go and dress up has the football Pantomime dames that you are ,And take this damn farce you now call a football club ,15 minutes walk down the road to the Grand Theatre where it surely belongs,Pied Piper all those dopey happy clappers, and that new manager Widow Twanky with you. Missing the capital T would have been more of a better description of him. Sell up ! And hopefully let all us Wolves fans, see some decent football back in our the town .Can see and hear it now at the Grand, The away fans would have hours of fun shouting at the Wolves defenders HE'S BEHIND YOU! The happy clappers would shout OH NO HE ISN'T! Then a shout of GOAL! in the away end would go up, While the two ugly sisters are counting the takings and seeking planning permission on another upper circle and tittering to themselves on serving up another load of kiddy entertainment,You have to laugh or you would cry on the state of this once my great club at the present with these to in charge Happy new year to all who wear the shirt with pride.

Farmer Ted

How can our manager justify the craziest of his crazy substitutions. We had enough of a problem defending with a four man back line, then he decides to try and come back from 0-2 with a three man back line. Putting on Sigudarsen only congested Peterborough penalty area and helped them with their 5 man back line. Ironically Ward was the only player who got a shot on target .

Sako and Pennant were just awful. Foley, Doumbia, Doyle, Blakes not much better.

This cannot be right, Morgan and Moxey, don't shirk that window, we all know we were very lucky at Blackpool and very poor today.

mr idiot

thinks its time to stop moaning about how bad we are , and start walking with our feet , out the ground and not coming back till this lot[sm,jm ] wake up !!!!!!!


Something drastic is needed to breathe some life into this team & club - passion would be a start followed by ambition. It's more than fairly evident that the team that Mick built is now stale (no pun intended). Stearman, Ward, Foley, Ebanks, Berra possibly Henry all need a fresh challenge. Steve Morgan, Stale is your appointed choice so either back him or sack him, it's a no brainer really - the Wolf is currently limping to obscurity which is sad. Lets hope something happens in the transfer window in Jan will change my perspective. Before anyone picks up on Johnson, Doyle & O'Hara not on my list I believe these have quality just needs to be used.

Might be a good time to bring in Sean O'Driscoll in some kind of role at the club since he has been dismissed by Notts Forest - what is that all about!


see we didnt stay back on track for long. as ive said before with most of the defence still the same,we aint going anywhere. didnt see the game today,but against blackpool,ward took his usual roastings,how many more times have we got to see this. the fans can see it,so why cant the manager. berra despite being sent of for holding (was squashed on appeal), still continues the same stupid tatics. lets see danny bath get a decent run in the team along side roger, sheff wedns wanted to have him on loan again this season, and dave jones aint no mug.


i was at that game and i thought it was rubbish that was the worst preformance of the season and as a wolves fan i am ashamed it was bad

Bedford wolf

Morgan GO, Moxey GO, Solbakken GO. Morgan's pathetic knee jerk reaction last season in sacking McCarthy makes him culpable and his and Moxey's bandwagon jumping by going for the 'Swansea/foreign/tippy-tappy' approach does not work at this level. I feel some sympathy for Solbakken but his in inept and inadequate at this level. And any manager who only bolsters the midfield - Doumbia, Sako, Peszko, Boukari, Pennant - and attack - Sigurdason, Nouble - without scarcely touching the blatantly obvious deficiency that has dogged us since 2009 I.e. THE DEFENCE is seriously lacking. The likes of Berra& Ward are simply sub standard and Johnson not much better. Strengthen the centre of defence and buy a left back or mid table mediocrity, at best, awaits.

Mike Pearson

Lets be honest, we are going nowhere this season and it will be touch and go,if we manage to stay away from relegation. The Club is in dire straits - there has been no consistency whatsoever. The Forest Manager just got fired after beating Leeds 4-2!!! Stale had better start looking for his options as all bets are off with this regime. I have followed this Club for more than 50 years and the last few years have been more than embarassing - we have no talent, skill or desire. It has been totally dismal and the ownership needs to get active or sell out to someone that can bring belief to this great Club.


Friends came today with a view to purchase half season ticket, left at half time convinced they made the right decision in March, it was me who was wrong. In the words of a famous band" won't get fooled again"

Northampton Wolves

Get O' Driscoll in before its too late. He plays great football and he is Wolves man through and through. Sorry Stale but you are out of your depth fella..


That was a dire performance and t9otally unacceptable. Every Wolves move yesterday was a carbon copy replay of the previous one - no idea - no flare and little effort. fear that crowds will dwindle. I for one cant stand this style of play and will although a home andaway ST holder I will choose games from hereon it - its not worth the effort time and cost to journey to the ground. Come on Wolves hierarchy - get from behind those roswe tinted glasses and acknowledge we are nowhere near Championship standard and a lot of work needs to be done bringing in fresh and interested players. We are totally stale ( not meant to be a pun)

I foresee a similar result agaanst Ipswich and cheated of my outlay for a ST.


did we really expect anything else?, I cant think of one game this season where we have torn the opposition apart and won convincingly, thought the tactical change at half time was comical, we are struggling to defend with 4 defenders!, really think its time for some serious changes at the club as at the moment we are only going one way and thats backwards, can you imagine the attendances next season at this rate. really poor performance again.

Andrew Hosking

Solbakken should be sacked. How many times have we heard " back on track" etc after one or two wins. Of course the owner has no balls so we are stuck with mid table mediocrity whilst the teams with ambition progress towards the promised land.

Laingholm nz Wolf

Gee. Glad we turned the corner Stale! Lets now be honest. We need new blood and fast. Defenders who can ...defend and a target man who can score! Maybe Wolves fans can be a wee bit fickle and in a way I'm glad I'm half way around the world in NZ but every weekend your ruining our weekend with results like this! At home, against Posh and again a performance that doesn't do justice to the shirt. Just my thoughts! Other kiwi fans? Painful isn't it with the heap of other club fans trolling around



I'm sorry but the excuses have run out he has got most of a championship winning side with 3 seasons worth of prem experience, whether they are micks dross or not this is not good enough!


wot a load of crap, I was talking about how great it will be when we beat Peterborough and Ipswich who are down and maybe out, HOW WRONG I WILL BE


Losses are easy to explain...................performances lacking passion & effort are not!

Now how many of those who played yesterday are prepared to forgo their wages for the week having turned in a garbage performance like that............NONE i'd like to bet!!!!!!!!!!!

old codger

I say again, get rid NOW. Young and hungry was the mantra. Lets remember that.

Give Karl Robinson The opportunity before we miss out on yet another promising young manager.

Windsor Wolf

Yet another footballing lesson from a team at the bottom of the league. Apart from Barnsley and Bristol City every team has given us a football lesson, we have just been fortunate to have had some lucky wins.

Tippy tappy football is alright provided there is some movement and quick penetration resulting in an end product.

Bet we get another lesson on Saturday

Billy Wiseman

DAN THE MAN- Great intro lets have more and you are right.

It aint working- Will be there again to welcome Mick back

but STAL you need to get some sort of rapor going

with your players- Body language says a lot and I

I am sorry but we look jaded and out of ideas-

Crazy Dave

Dan the Man

Thank's Billy Wiseman / Crazy Dave.

I've also contributed to the blog on SS taking the blame for our latest defeat. Hope you like that one too!


Does anyone think Wolves were properly prepared for this game? Wolves players were given Christmas day off, why?

The clue is in the article it gives the manger and coaches an opportuinity to spend Christmas day with their families, difficult to have training with no coaches!!!!

Do a number of the players want to play for this manager? Watch the games and judge yourself.

There remain obvious weaknesses in the team that amy amateur coach could analyse. I am no great fan of Ward as a left back but Ashley Cole, Baines anyone you would like to name would look poor playing behind Sako he is excellent offensively but is a liability in a defensive capacity. No better on right handside of midfield at present but I accept injuries are a problem there.

Will anything change? Very unlikely. Posts on here just make some of us feel better. Letters to chairman just ignored. Fan's parliament another venue for letting off steam!

Will anything get through? If everyone declined to renew season tickets it might but I fear club is in a period of decline again.


Morgan, Moxey and Solbakken, between them have no foot ball brain. Do one the lot of you, time to vote with our feet in the new year. I for one will certainly not be renewing my ST's next year. Sick of being treated like a fool. Sorry Morgan, youa re the WORST thing to ever happen to this club. You have no idea. CLEAR OFF !!


Are the happy clappers still clapping? I even heard a bloke telling his mate that we were unlucky. Unlucky? that was the worst perfomance ive ever had to witness at the Mol. We are moving backwards at an alarming pace and with no one with a brain to steady the ship.

Stale bacon out

Poxey out

Morgan out

and finally for the bloke who designed the new stand p45 then OUT

We need to take our club back before its to late

John O'Bloxwich

Facts are simple. We are playing to a certain system which remains alien to most of the players we have. Now sometimes we get it right and it works,usually against teams who are also trying to play the same way,that is retain possession,show patience and restraint,keep the tempo of the game at a comfortable pace. When we come up against opposition which plays 'up and at 'em' football (75% of teams in the Championship) we are not good enough at our newly imposed system to combat it and end up passing the ball around for the sake of it. The trick is not to let yourselves be confined by the opposition of course but the players,or most of them have no idea how to go about that as they showed again yesterday. Sticking with it is the only option however. If we go back to McCarthy type football we may finish higher,we may even make the play-offs but we will come back down again. These are early days. It will take three or four years but at the end of it we might just have a team capable of staying in the top flight. There is no other way,if foundations are not properly laid the consequences are inevitable.

Realistic Wolf

Thank goodness well said and at last someone looking at the bigger picture. UTW


What a dreamer we are going backwards and downwards under solbakken fact.


In all seriousness, which is not something I get to say very often, tomorrow I am going to march on the Wolves ticket office and demand the £30 that I paid for a matchday ticket back. When I handed over my thirty quid for a comfortable seat up in the rafters, I did so on the understanding that the players of Wolverhampton Wanderers were going to show up, play and attempt to win. Since no such endeavours were undertaken by the team - anyone in the team - then I must come to the conclusion that Wolves have not satisfied their part of the customer-organisation interaction and I am therefore owed £30.

Tomorrow, march with me on the ticket office and demand what is rightfully yours, a full refund. If you went to B&Q to buy a paintbrush, only to find the staff vanishing for ninety minutes, periodically picking up the wrong item or falling over, you wouldn't expect to pay for the paintbrush, now would you? It's time to start demanding a minimum level of performance, and if that level isn't reached (i.e. yesterday) then you refund us. I could have spent that thirty quid on wine.

Wall Heath Baggie

Who decides what is acceptable and what is not for your refund ??? . I am dying to know.


Well, it can't be a Baggies fan as we work with post-decimalisation currency over this way.


You would be better buying the paint brush........ watching paint dry is much more exciting than watching the wulfies.

The Wise One

Maybe Molineux should now be re-named as that famous D.I.Y. store ' Homebashed '?


you admit you don't go very often so why should you have your money back,it's a chance you take when you buy a ticket! go and get drunk if that's what you's rather do but don't come on here asking for your money back! We who go all the time are more entitled too but we take the good with the bad,

Stafford DeWolf

Time to pull the plug on this Continental experiment. Not an unreasonable idea to introduce some Continental ideas to the club but things have been taken too far, and yesterday's train wreck was an accident waiting to happen.

The tactics are naive and 10 years out of date; the football is dull and boring; the signings have been uninspiring.

Anyone watching last season's match DVDs, and concluding that all was well with the back 4 should have been certified before setting foot on the club premises.

Another fine mess delivered by Stan and Oliver.

Realistic Wolf

Negative negative negative and that is just from the so called fans. Bottom line the team is not good enough and never was (thanks Mick) Until we clear out the deadwood we are not going anywhere. Foley, Ward, Berra, Stearman and Edwards get rid. Pennant back to Stoke the sooner the better. Then we can move on with fresh blood. UTW


A team with a days more rest Than posh and still got beat easily, sorry but it looks like a huge mistake by moxey and morgan in stales appointment, what an utter embarrassement for the fans i feel so let down.

wolves ay we?



Hugh's Currant

This utterly shambolic performance just proves what many thought last Friday - Wolves were VERY lucky to beat Blackpool. How many more poor performances do long suffering Wolves fans have to put up with? It appears to me that these players are just not interested in playing in the famous Gold Jersey anymore.

I have been reading a book entitled "100 Greatest Wolves Games" - I wonder in years to come how many of this season will feature. It shakes me to the core to read and remember such great performances, and then compare them to today's performances.

There is something VERY wrong at Wolves, and there is no ambition from the top to address it & put it right, or at least attempt to. I have been watching Wolves since the 60's and am very thankful that I have witnessed many great games and times, but fear that the club is just slipping backwards into oblivion.

I do not believe a massive spending spree in January will help either (any self respecting player with an ounce of talent would be well advised to steer clear) as the club is clearly badly managed from top to bottom on the playing side.

I am just pondering what "media" spin will be issued from the management today. Never mind - I could do with a good laugh after that performance, and I can guarantee the Wolves will not disappoint me on that front.

The club is in a shocking state.


sorry Stale isnt the man took cologne down says it all . how many shots at goal 1st half ...1... more than once when defending was there any 1 player up front for a breakaway . NO . . Sako should stay up front he cannot defend ..broom stale got more idea than than our stale


Been attending and supporting Wolves since 1947 and a season ticket holder for past 20 years - but I will not buy another season ticket at Wolves. I am tired of being taken for granted and turning out in all weathers to watch what has no comparison to the Wolves I know in their hayday - on terirble pitches with a wet soggy leather ball and snopw and ice. Yesterday was abyssmal and see my affair with Wolves ending. I think all Wolves fans have to get wise and find another interest until such times as people with the Club at heart arrive to take over. I have no faith whatsoever that the current set up have Wolves at heart and I see no immediate chance of a change of strategy at the club. I go to football to see a decent game and not balance the Clubs accounts.

Without a decent team on the fiels all else becomes irrelevant and does not deserve our interest and expenditure.

Yours Taken for a Ride for ther last time

Sad wolf

I think loyal season ticket holders are finally getting the message i counted at least 10 empty seats at the kick off for the second half which were occupied at 3 pm .just in the area were I was sitting .


2 managers sacked now in the championship over the last couple of days... really feel that a third could be coming up soon if solbakken doesn't start picking up results with convincing performances!


From Italy I'm very disappointed of this season. Time to look around for a new manager, but who?? Di Canio?


Normally I don't criticise a team in which I have supported 100 percent from the age of five. But enough is enough.

This team lacks passion, motivation and commitment. In a usual work place the management would be sacked for such lack of leadership.

I agree. This is as bad as the Chorley result and big and decisive changes are needed and quickly.


Felt this unfortunate result would ignite a firestorm of vitriol!

All I am going to say is: Don't sack a "new" man just half-way through the campaign, if safe, and we are, of going down, and showing signs we can compete near the top of the League.

He needs at least one full year, or season, where he gets one or two transfer windows, and some suitable funds...

Then you can judge him! For now, get behind Jim and the lads, hoping we make Mick's return a tough one!



Are you crazy ? Yes,you are.Do you really think 20,000 are going to have the patience to watch this idiot for a full year ? No. 10,000 might,but that won't pay the wages.


Please wake up guys Solbakken will never lead us forwards, it will always be stop start at best.. The only way we will get a positive change, is by making your view heard loud and clear.

Wolf Blast

SS and the players can all be accused of being complacent. Blackpool was a lucky game for us and I think SS thought that things had a turned a corner and as a reward gave the players Christmas Day off. I heard on Radio Five Live that Reading turn up every year as I am sure other teams do. Routine keeps the mind and body focused at an important time in the season.

Morgan now needs to make some decisive moves. His options as far as I can see are:

1. Sack SS and his team now and quickly appoint a replacement. We learnt form the MM situation last year that doing anything after the transfer window is too late and unless you have made your mind up before Christmas it will take time to find the right candidate. Our reputation is now one of a messers so I think we have to forget about changing managers now.

2. Back SS and provide him with some loot for some key acquisitions.

Personally, I think we have to stick with SS otherwise we will be floundering around the relegation zone if we sack him as I don't think Pep or anyone else will come and rescue us. Plus Morgan can't lose face by having made the appointment that was positioned for a long term play.

As I have said before our defence has been our greatest weakness for the last few seasons so for me it is revolution time and that SS should start to changing the squad with a new defensive line up as the priority and work his way through the team. I will accept mid table mediocrity this season in order to achieve such a change in the interests of the long term. If we don't do this we will continue winning the odd game against inferior opposition but wilting in front of the top half of the division which based upon the last month will include Ipswich and Peterborough.

Finally, I think John of Bloxwich is right. The team has found it difficult to adapt to Stale's system and when we play against teams that won't let us play our new game there is no Plan B or if there is we can change quickly enough. I remain optimistic but realistic to know that we have reached a watershed and if we don't act now then our long term position will be under threat. Hopefully Morgan will see it the same way and do some business over the next month that lays the foundation for next season.


WolfBlast - when I read your post - I had this vision of a goose flapping around waiting to go in the oven. Let me tell you my friend our fate is secured - as is a flapping goose. Welcome to League 1 ... as I forecast two years ago. The whole lot have to go or we just keep spiralling down.

Orlando Wolves

I have to agree with your constructive assessment, and that Option 2 should apply.

However, I feel that with the current situation, M & M may again take the knee jerk option.


The Real Bangkok Wolf

Why did they not train on Christmas day?

I'm only talking about 2 hours not 12 hours like some people work.

The reason is because Stale and this staff wanted to go home for Christmas.

How many of our army boy's and girl's would have liked to go home for Christmas from over sea's?

The club is run like a joke.

Get rid of them all.

1 last thing what does Robert Plant do at the club?

He's wolves through and through and I cant believe that he would let our club be run like this.

Paignton wolf

Nothing works anymore wolves player does not update sound keeps going off,tried to get a ticket from website non available ????? but i am happy saved myself £38.00 grandson WBA supporter he thinks my plan to convert him,Good job no ticket available WBA won Premier team WWFC lost 3-0 to bottom club championship

Alan in Cyprus

I wonder which player will be in the newspaper soon saying "we can get 20 points in the next 5 games and challenge for a place in the play-offs"?

Some very good comments on this thread, I'm very disappointed with the Management and players.



Hands up !! thought the appointment of Solbakkan was very imaginative and sound. In retrospect it as become obvious that his success at Copenhagan was probably due to a Rangers/Celtic situation where he was very lucky to be at a club with massive resources compared to his rivals.His tenure at Wolves appears to be devoid of enthusiasm and drive. keeping him may become an even bigger disaster than it is at the moment


100% correct. Great post

Golden Wonder

Iv'e been scratching my head trying to think of something positive to say but i can't.

That was absolute dross and even if you are going to lose at least show some fight.

What did the players do on Xmas day, get bladdered because they appeared to have some sort of hangover.

Still behind this manager to build a squad that is capable of getting us out of this division (yeah i know deluded fool) but performances like this just won't give him that time.

Roll on Mick and the tractor boys. (Oh gawd).

Mr J Peace

How nice to see such bonhomie and goodwill being shown towards the WWFC owner, CEO, Manager, coaches and players at this festive time of year.

I for my part will be nominating Jez Moxey for the title of, 'Midlands Businessman of the Year'.


Would the author of this report kindly look up and define for us all the word 'irony/ironic' and then explain how the cheers for Pennant's departure were ironic? Do journalism courses not make use of dictionaries?

I counted one time during the whole game that the ball was passed across the back four (latterly, three) when the ball didn't go via both centre backs. The first people Berra and Johnson looked for when they got the ball was not a forward pass, rather they looked left or right.


Once again, defense not behind attackers or miles away from them, not challenging them up field, and suckers for the over the top ball. Also not together when moving up for offsides, they cant play offside game so ditch it. First goal 3 defenders on one man and free one scores, rubbish defense, crying out for some organising from a man of experiense. Check book required here.


Morgan doesn't care.

Moxey doesn't care.

Players don't care.

Suspect SS does care, if only for the sake of his own reputation.

So why should we care. Molineux is becoming a morgue.

Try to sell your Early Birds this time Steve and Jez.

Not keen on this manager

All I hope is that Mr. Morgan's selection of a building site MANAGER is better than his selection of FOOTBALL team MANAGER!!!!!!!

Jonny D

Well, if Moxey still thinks the defence is good, then..................We need to get rid of the MM guys, and replace with SS guys............trouble is Moxey will hold out as in the summer and SS won't get the players he wants...................Keep the faith


i take it from these comments that the wolves lost yesterday......................

jimmy paige

"Hello Walsall....."


Well done Posh ! for showing Wolves how to play football !! UTP !

Not keen on this manager

I wonder if, after another debacle with a defeat at the hands of Ipswich the owner will storm in to the home dressing room and sack Stale. Immediately afterwards, stroll into the visitors dressing room and apologise to McCarthy and offer him his job back?

Just wondered that's all!!!!!


try changing the diet