Wolves hunting chief scout as backroom rebuild starts

Wolves are set to appoint a chief scout to work with head of football development and recruitment Kevin Thelwell as the building of their new footballing structure gathers pace.

Bristol City 1 Wolves 4 - stale solbakken

The club are hoping to decide on a candidate before Christmas with a view to an announcement in the near future.

Wolves lost chief scout Dave Bowman and European scout Ian ‘Taff’ Evans to Ipswich when former Molineux boss Mick McCarthy was appointed as manager at Portman Road in November.

Thelwell has been promoted from academy manager to the newly-created post overseeing the club’s football operations.

He is also closely involved with the selection of successors to Bowman and Evans as the club look to replace and widen their scouting network.

“I think in the near future there will be another role beneath Kevin which will probably be chief scout,” said manager Stale Solbakken.

“So we’re on the way towards building a club that can stand on its own two feet and be more effective in the market, not only for my transfers but to the youngsters as well.

“We’re in the market for the right people and now the first appointment is ‘in the box’, maybe the second and the third will come along.”

It also emerged that Wolves’ board wanted to change the structure towards a European one like rivals Albion before Bowman and Evans left.

Solbakken added: “They want more people committed to the club and not to the manager. What’s important with the scouting is when I get the sack or go to another club, I won’t take everything or everyone with me.

“The club has to have its own culture so it can build a lasting structure.”

Solbakken stressed Wolves’ chances of strengthening in the transfer window won’t be weakened by a lack of scouts. “Kevin’s already started work on things,” he said.

He hinted that Wolves are likely to focus on midfield targets.

Tongo Doumbia’s possible exit to the Africa Cup of Nations and injuries in the middle and wide areas has forced the manager’s hand. Winger Razak Boukari will be out until at least mid-February with a calf injury.

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Comments for: "Wolves hunting chief scout as backroom rebuild starts"


How can Wolves consider if Tongo Doumbia is exiting to go to the African Cup of Nations, he has been in France with Tony Daley regarding a fitness programme etc, it was reported that he was suffering from physical and mental fatigue.

With the injuries piling up at Wolves l would have thought in the interests and priority of the football club it is necessary to keep Doumbia at Molineux and not the African Cup of Nations.

This fitness programme etc is it for the Wolves benefit?

Tipton Wolves

I hope the scouts continue looking for British talents as well European talents as the English talents pool looking short at the moment.

Dennis wiser

Great focus on midfield because we have a fantastic defence?


Half way through the season, and the backroom re-building STARTS!!!

You couldn't make this stuff up, the right season for a Pantomime


I'm afraid there seem to be cracks appearing in the ranks at Molineux and it appears to me that Solbakken's position is being undermined.

Interesting quote in the Birmingham Mail apparently not picked up by the E&S.

“We will work together but I will have the final word, especially with players who are going to go straight into the team,” he said. “It would be stupid to buy a player that you don’t want. That’s happened to me once or twice before and didn’t end very well!

“It is a little bit different if you decide to buy a 20-year-old on a five or six year deal.

“If we can afford that it is no problem, so it has to be about open discussions.”

Are they all singing from the same hymn sheet? I don't think so as this statement doesn't really seem to be entirely compatible with the above E&S article.

Watch this space!

Morgan's Conscience

Why not get Santa in as the chief scout. He can be in a thousand places at the same time, lives in Scandinavia, doesn't need visas to travel the world and it wouldn't cost Moxey a penny in airline tickets.

Morgan's Conscience

Well done Henry you plonker, if you don't get a red card then you will inevitably give away a penalty. The sooner Mad Mick spends a penny to take you back the sooner I will enjoy the New Year.

Blokko wulf

" when i get the sack or go to another club", emphasis on the word "when". Shouldnt it have been "if " Stale lmao.


We need someone Staale who knows where the old onion bag is, more urgent i would say than a midfielder. Our great clubs past is built on goal scorers, and we badly need another. COME ON THE WOLVES.

Bedford Bash



I would hope that the scouts are looking for competent defenders and getting rid of the deadwood in defence.