Kevin Thelwell handed Wolves promotion

Wolves today announced academy manager Kevin Thelwell has been promoted to the new role of head of football development and recruitment.

Academy chief Kevin Thelwell, manager Stale Solbakken and the Premier League’s Mark Robins

Reporting to chief executive Jez Moxey and the board, Thelwell will take responsibility for football operations, including helping manager Stale Solbakken with first-team player recruitment.

The appointment bridges the gap left by chief scout Dave Bowman and European scout Ian ‘Taff’ Evans, who joined former boss Mick McCarthy at Ipswich.

Thelwell, who will start immediately in his new role, will lead player recruitment, coach education across the club and encourage key players to develop at all levels.

Wolves chief executive Jez Moxey said: “Kevin’s appointment will help the club’s football activities in many ways.

“For some time the board has felt this was a necessary step to take but we wanted Stale and the new coaches to acclimatise.

“Having interviewed some excellent candidates for the post we felt Kevin had the necessary qualifications and track record to do a very good job.”

Thelwell said: “From a first-team perspective we’re very clear about what the club needs, but we need to recruit well at all levels.

“The manager will have final say on first-team players we wish to sign but hopefully this will also give our scholars a real lift to know they will have another person fighting their corner.”

Solbakken said: “The aim is to implement a consistent football philosophy and togetherness on and off the pitch, and Kevin will help us achieve this.

“Kevin and I have developed a very good working relationship and I look forward to working with him even more closely.”

Thelwell, who arrived at Molineux in April 2008, was the youngest academy manager in the country when he took over at Derby at the age of just 32.

In his first season with Derby he worked with the first team and played an important role in the club’s promotion to the Premier League.

A holder and tutor of the UEFA pro licence, he has a degree in sports science and a business management diploma through the highly acclaimed Warwick Business School.

He also served as interim first-team manager for Derby in 2006-07 and successfully led Wolves to become a category one academy.

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Comments for: "Kevin Thelwell handed Wolves promotion"


How very underwhelming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This guy has been instrumental in getting is class I status, the only club in West Mids to do so.

He is part of the team that is creating a worldwide scouting network. Wolves have club affiliations right here in Atlanta, his coaches teach here, the kids wear Wolves shirts, it is a very impressive set up. The only other clubs I see scouting metro Atlanta are Arsenal and Chelsea.




A big contingent of Wolves fans live in Atlanta from the Stourbridge area. Do you know Ally, Bucko, Adder etc?

Dutch Wolf

Compared to Cheslynwolf what a great posting Charlie, positive and informative. An academy group with players were over in the Netherlands some time ago - think it was to Alkmaar - to look at training methods.

Wolves are moving forward Cheslynwolf.

With supporters like these.....

What a pathetic comment, how proud you must be...


Reporting to Jez Moxey I'm afraid is where it all falls down. We've seen time and time again the guys just isn't prepared to pay the going rate on either a transfer fee or a wage. As a consequence , we end up with players who are 4th or 5th on our 'want' list and invariably, this means rubbish.

Also, on the basis that so little comes through our acadmey, it doesn't exactly set the pulses racing does it?


richwolf64, your right about moxey , but wrong again about the academy......ikeme,forde, davies ,zele ismail ,aaron mcarey,matt doherty, jamie rekord have all been in the first team squad and would grace any league 2/3 team. utw.


The whole point in the academy is to bring them through to the first team and only Ikeme is a regular , so to me that spells abject failure.

We don't spend millions to produce league 2/3 players for other teams!

Look at Villa as an example of a team with an academy that actually works.

Caribbean Wolves

For goodness sake! Congratulations Kevin, all sounds to me like you have worked hard to get where you are and I look forward to seeing the signings we need to move forward.


Give the bloke a chance we have excellent U18 and U21 teams - punching well above the current first team in terms of standing with other teams in England. I'm sure we will see young players coming through soon.

English Exile

Under 18's.........

Under 21's...........

If they were any good they would be in our first team NOW at those ages, never mind ''punching well above the current first team''.


“Having interviewed some excellent candidates for the post we felt Kevin had the necessary qualifications and track record to do a very good job.” Translastes to: We have looked around and this is the cheapest option. Smacks of the Connor appointment


Thelwell has gone down exactly the same route as Dan Ashworth did down the road. I think you may actually need to go and research Thelwell's current job and discover why he is the best option to fulfill this role.

I'm sure you wouldn't turn down a promotion in your day job because you consider yourself to be a cheap option.


No Graham, I wouldnt turn dowm a promotion. Where in my post did I say he should have turned the position down? I have read it again and cant see it.

What I actually said was it was the cheapest option for the club (something we as supporters have been used too over the years).

He may well be suited to the role, who knows. His talent wasnt something I was questioning, it was the reluctance for the club to put their hand in their pocket. Please read the post properly before commenting.


There are some right idiots on here! This could be a great appointment. Firstly, who had ever heard of Ashworth at the Albion? Secondly, surely this gives our better youngsters the chance to play for the first team!


By all accounts, Thelwell has been an excellant Academy Manager. The fruits of his work are beginning show: Davies, Forde, Batth, Ismail, Cassidy.

The timing maybe significant. I wonder if the Wolves higher management were'nt a little worried that McCarthy might have tried to poach him.

Sir Lupi

Good comment.


Don't know enough about the guy to make a real jusdgment however:

“Having interviewed some excellent candidates for the post we felt Kevin had the necessary qualifications and track record to do a very good job.”

Sounds a little like the quote that came out when Terry Connor was appointed.

Jez Moxey you are still the weakest link........


Good to see the usual crowd are out an about again complaining becuase Jose Mourinho isn't our new DoF. Who'd heard of Dan Ashworth before he worked wonder at the Albion? Nobody. Now he's in a top role in the International set up. Whenever the club tries to move with the times, people ignore it and make the news negative. Whenever theres something negative, the moaners and groaners are in their element. Seems like people won't be happy until we're languishing in League 1 with the threat of extinction hanging over us all because we pursued the big bucks and the big players (Thats Portsmouth for those of you who are wondering).

Kevin Thelwell has the right Qualifications and experience to do the job and has knowledge of the club inside and out. Not the most inspiring of appointments, but, going forward, its great the club have now changed approach and are starting to move in to the modern approach to the game. Give the guy a chance.

Good Luck Kevin!

chris h

I agree on one point ,good luck to Kevin and from what I understand he did a good job at Derby. Perhaps you are the Derby guy who is on the Fans Parliament.If so instead of spouting forth with Jez Moxey's mantra,why don't you represent the fans and the many concerns expressed ,in some cases expressed by lifelong fans, at the executive failures and lack of accountability that has resulted in the decline of our football club. A decline that many of us predicted,but certainly did not want.And some of us have been travelling over 40 years on the A38 to follow our club .so maybe we have a right to freely express our views.


Alas, you are now shouting at the wrong guy. I am not on the Fans Parliament

I also wouldn't call dropping out of the Premier League a "Decline". Pompey Suffered a Decline. Leeds suffered a Decline. Plymouth suffered a decline. Wolves are still a financially healthy outfit.

Do i like Jez? No. Do I like his speel? No. Do I like that me and my Family have paid £8 a match to park on the new car park when people can turn up on the day and pay £5? No. Do i think that without Jez and a spendthrift CEO in place we might be in trouble. Yes.

I too am a lifelong fan (Albeit only for 27 years), my location in Derby doesn't effect anything, indeed I've only been in the East Midlands 8 years. YamYam born and bred.

Can you also enlighten me as to the other concerns raised? I know the club "Not spending any money" (Despite spending £10m plus in the summer) is raised regularly. I'd like to know the other issues?

Also, at no point in my previous post have I ever said nobody is allowed their opinion. If you think this is a decline, great. Thats what its all about. I just feel that people are VERY quick to criticise the club in ANYTHING they do. It's all about Money. Of course it is, WWFC is a BUSINESS as well as a football club. But for just ONE second has anyone stopped to think that KT might REALLY be the best guy for the job? No. We're all too busy wanting a big name, a big brand.

Let him get on with it. If it doesn't work, then shout from the rooftops.

chris h

League status down to second division and not expected to gain promotion equals decline

Season ticket holders down by 4/5000,since last year equals decline .

Loss of revenue of £25m since last season equals decline.

Attendances down and still falling equals decline

Selling 3 best players equals decline

Failure to gain promotion next season will result in a loss of revenue of at least £45m which will result in further decline

I do not want ,and do not enjoy the fact that our football club has been in decline,almost from the day they started putting in the foundations for that £20m new stand. But I did predict it on here before they had even laid the first brick.You say we have money in the bank,but what happens when the parachute money runs out and we than start talking about a loss of revenue of £60m each season. The money in the bank will be stretched to breaking point and no viable business can sustain such losses ,and we will not have Sir Jack to bail us out next time.So let us hope they spend what money is currently available wisely,something they clearly did not do,other than a couple of exceptions,in our 3 years in the Premier.My reference to the A38 was made because,like you I am exiled in the East Mids.


Why do so many people who support the unacceptable lack of investment at WWFC subjectively cite Portsmouth as the example not to follow.

Portsmouth is an exception rather than the rule; it was owned by a series of shadowy overseas characters who clearly had agendas well away from football (ring any bells?) when running the Club and to exacerbate the situation was managed by the notoriousy profligate Harry Redknapp (see also Bournemouth, West Ham and Southampton).

It is quite possible to run a football club properly (ie. investing in players as a priority) without "doing a Portsmouth."


More pr bull from our beloved ceo just clear off !


It doesn't matter what the story is, you know 50% of the posts that follow it will be moaning about it. If the E&S report that Santa has signed up a new reindeer, you can guarantee that half of the posters on here will reckon that it's going to prove to be a donkey.


For god sake solentwolves wake up and stop being brainwashed by moxey's pr bull , this cub is rotten to the core,from the chairman dwn, little will happen in January mark my words, Morgan and moxey are laughing all the way to the bank , trust me wwfc is their toy and they couldn't give a hoot about the fans and the good people of wolverhampton, the sooner they leave the better,dont be fooled by a new stand,and peanuts spent on players together with all the pr bull , its about time the truth was told !

Bak Sak & Cl4ck

The sooner that red nosed idiot starts pulling McCarthy's sledge at Ipswich the better. He's just not good enough at this level.

Why can't we give some of the young calves a go?! Prancer was never given a chance under this Santa now he's banging them in for fun in the Lapland second division.

Makes me sick, the money they're on and they only have to work one night a year.

Well that's the last time I celebrate Christmas. They're not getting any more of my money ... HUMBUG!!!


Bunghoolioo Wolf

Hilarious bravo monsieur! :-)

Think before you speak

Ive never posted on here before, ive always looked on with horror at some of the drivel people write but I cannot resist any longer. This guy is highly respected within the game, I work closely with Derby County and they cannot speak highly enough of him, they were devastated when we poached him off them. For any nupties writing uninformed dross like "done it on the cheap agen ay they" stop watching Jeremy Kyle and have a little look on the internet about what this guy has already achieved for our club. This is a major step forward for our club and for all their mistakes over the last 12 months which there are many, Moxey / Morgan have made a good decision here. Rant over.


Obviously aimed at my previous post. Was this not the cheapest option available or am I missing something? Was I just merely stating a fact?

I dont know enough to comment on the talent of KT. He may well be the right choice. I was just saying that the club have (again) gone down the cheapest route available

We got solbakken the club

Don't let it get you down old pal, at the end of the day it's just words. If you ever browse the boggies site you'l see em over there aswell, and they been punchin above they're weight for weeks. I sincerely hope that what you say comes true and Kevin Thelwell can lay foundations for a solid future.. Enjoy crimbo and come back on here again.

Au revoir our kid...

chris h

The thinker, If you are close to Derby,how about getting them to sell us Will Hughes in Jan ! I agree Kevin has a good reputation and like all Wolves' fans ,I wish him well. I also welcome the introduction of this new post and I have said on here many times,this is what is needed.But it will only be any use if Kevin's player recommendations are acted upon and we prioritise on signing quality. With Jez Moxey still in control ,I do not think that much will change and we will end up signing Kevin's third or fourth ranked choices and we will miss out on the priority top targets,due to wage restaints and Moxey's long winded negotiating tactics,which will mean the better players will go elsewhere.That is what happened a lot under Mick eg Moses and McCarthy went to Wigan instead of us,and I have no reason to believe things will change . It would have been better in my opinion to have a Director of Football on the Board reporting directly to Steve Morgan.


Seems to be another cheapest option 'in house' appointment. As for success at Derby, their tenure of the Premier League was less than two minutes compared to Wolves five minutes! Regarding the Academy, it's no use having an outstanding one if you off load the best prospects on the cheap as seems to be the case. Why are the current ones out on loan when they seem good enough to be in the first team squad and why was Davies and Gleeson allowed to leave so cheaply? Since the days of Keane, Wolves seems to be Club that develops it's kids for other clubs to cream off!



chris h

One assumes this is in lieu of appointing a Director of Football. A good idea but a cheap option and Jez Moxey keeps control of everything,as is his want.Control without responsibilty,that is the name of the game for Jez.Let us hope Kevin is a good judge of a footballer,if he is and Steve Morgan,Jez Moxey and the manager supports him, he will be worth his weight in gold.More likely ,he will end up being another stooge for Moxey and the problems of player recruitment that have dogged us for years,will sadly continue.How many players did we sign in the 3 seasons in the Premier,[ lots]and how did we lose money on [lots]and how many were worth their original transfer fees,[not many ].Not only did we do things on the cheap,we did things badly on the cheap.


Bsd. I think you mean badly and expensive. Hahahah


I wish that all the moaners would clear off and find something else to do on matchdays, we don't need you at this club. I agree with Solentwolf ( must be the south coast air) whatever news comes out of our club half of the posts will find fault with it. We knew this season would be hard, we know that some players should be cleared out but we all need to get behind our team regardless and with all of us on and off the field pulling in the same direction things will get better. I love my club and although some of the recent events have left me bewildered I could never boo my team or pour paint over the managers car. WTID

Sarky Marky

Congratulations on your promotion! His Curriculum Vitae speaks volumes which means, I’m sure, that he can express himself without resorting to multiple explanation marks, upper case, poor English, etc., etc.


Wolves Promotion! Great News. I wasnt expecting this.

If he can pass it on to everyone else at the club we can really start believing.

.......If Only.


Again, possibly one for a circular email from Human Resources to employees at Molineux, rather than a story the Express And Star.

"We'd like to congratulate Kevin Thelwell, who has been promoted from academy manager to the new role of head of football development and recruitment. To celebrate Kevin's promotion we will be having drinks and nibbles in the Royal London on Friday after work. In other news, can the person who managed to block trap three of the men's toilets please take a long hard look at their diet with a view to perhaps getting more roughage in it."


What a waste of ink....


Sd. Sorry mate your a clown our manager has spent 10 million this season already and there is more to come in january,trouble is you excpect success overnight and think wd have some right to be in the premier league we do not but we will get there eventually but we have to stick together behind ss,also the new stand is fantastic and when the ground is finished it will be up there with the best.trouble is some wolves fans don't remember early to mid eighties or maybe they wern't fans then but i do remember them welland i think were heading in the right direction. Fwaw


Another mug who's been brainwashed by moxey and co wake up and smell the coffee pal before its too late they may have pulled the wool ova your eyes but some of us know the truth !


I cannot believe the negativity in all the forums. How about supporting the team and the staff instead? How easy do you think their jobs are when all they hear and read is negative - even before they start in a new job. Crazy!


Ted why shud we support the staff aka moxey and co when it is evident they dont 'support' the fans ! Get real pal !

Mr G

Stale Only needs someone to work with getting in promising talents. He wil buy the players he needs to bring wolves forward Him self, BUT spreds the risk so Only buys for 1-4 mill pr player and will not be stressed to make the wrong decision. Wolves will kick ass in 2013/14! I still think you should push for Forren. He played brilliant against Stuttgart in the last EL match (Stuttgart-Molde 0-1). If not you can sign Hangeland for free butt 100k a week;) POINT - CENTRAL DEFENDER!!!!!


Congratulations and good luck kevin.However,I can't help but feel that it is another move that has been made on the cheap.

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