Kevin Doyle backed to hit Wolves goal trail

Wolves boss Stale Solbakken believes Kevin Doyle’s return to goalscoring form can see him fill his boots.

Bristol City 1 Wolves 4

Doyle’s brace in last week’s 4-1 win at Bristol City – including a career-best strike – took his club tally to five for the season.

Solbakken believes the 29-year-old striker can become more prolific as he prepares to face Birmingham tonight.

Challenged on whether the Ireland international could become a 25-goals-a-season striker, Solbakken countered: “You should never say never.

“Stranger things have happened than a player like him getting on a run.

“He suddenly scored two against Bolton then two at Bristol City, so you should never say never to that.

“The fact he’s scored a couple now hasn’t done him any harm at all.

“When you get into the situation where you have to make a split-second reaction, he’ll do that instinctively now, hopefully.

“Also the fact he scored two different types of goals will have done him good as well.

“First a tap-in and then a wonderful individual goal will benefit him.”

In putting the team first and doing lots of unselfish running, Doyle has been criticised for not scoring enough.

But Solbakken believes that Doyle needs to be working hard to get his goals, rather than being a ‘sniffer’.

“I think he plays best when he makes those extra runs – then he gets more chances,” said the boss.

“Maybe sometimes he could be less tired at times when he gets the chances if he didn’t do so much work.

“But I’ll never tell him to rest in a game because he gets chances with hard work, good runs in the penalty area and being a busy striker, not really a sniffing striker.

“Kevin is one of the players who will also always give something to the team because if he’s scoring goals or not, his work for the team is always his number one priority.

“He’s very unselfish with the way he is on the pitch.”

Solbakken added: “Doyle is one of the most sensible footballers around and I think he knows when he’s played badly and when he’s played well.

“At the start of the season he played well for a long period of time but he didn’t score goals.”

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