Wolves reveal a £4m slump in turnover

The impact of Wolves’ relegation from the Premier League on the club’s bottom line was revealed today as chief executive Jez Moxey spoke of the “huge disappointment” that dominated the season.

Wolves midfielder Jamie O’Hara, pictured for the first time since his return to full training, at Compton today with academy graduate Michael Ihiekwe, left,, boss Stale Solbakken and Roger Johnson. O’Hara
Wolves midfielder Jamie O’Hara, pictured for the first time since his return to full training, at Compton today with academy graduate Michael Ihiekwe, left,, boss Stale Solbakken and Roger Johnson. O’Hara

Wolves released the headline financial information for the year ending May 31 earlier than usual in the season to comply with new Football League rules.

The first to see the results were supporters at a fans’ parliament meeting at Molineux last night.

Moxey said today: “The season under review was dominated by the huge disappointment of relegation from the Premier League, which impacted on everyone connected to Wolves.

“Since then, the club has been through a period of significant change with the appointment of a new manager and the arrival of seven new players. As we all know, the Championship is a very competitive league, both on and off the pitch, however, we all remain united behind the goal of trying to regain Premier League status as soon as possible. We recognise this will be a difficult challenge in a number of different ways but we are totally committed to it.”

Turnover last season was down to £60.6m, compared with £64.4m in 2011. The club blamed the drop in part on lower Premier League merit receipts and match revenues.

Attendances fell by more than 2,000 a game, from an average of 27,695 in the previous season to 25,670 during 2011/12. Wolves said this had only been “slightly affected” by the tight stadium capacity during the redevelopment of the new Stan Cullis Stand.

Pre-tax profits were also down at £2.16m, after player trading and net interest, compared to £2.24m for the previous financial year.

That doesn’t include any money made during the post-season transfer activity that saw the sale of Steven Fletcher, Matt Jarvis and Michael Kightly.

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Comments for: "Wolves reveal a £4m slump in turnover"

Same old same old

I bet Jez nearly fell over trying to get this out as fast as possible - we all know what we will be spending in the january window now (we did anyway).

To all those who defend his actions and lack of understaning regards football matters because he is a "good businessman" - tell me what he brings to the club now...... We have sold players worth millions and brought NOTHING - we have some new seats and a shiny stand - but the football is dire - we are a joke club being run badly - and thats the truth !!!!


Sako - £3m; Boukari - £3m, Sigurdardson -£2m, Doumbia £2.5m, Margreitter 500k. I make that £11m not "NOTHING". Plus the signing on fees, agents fees. Plus loan fee and wages to Pennant, Peszko.

Same old same old

Even if those figures are correct (and I'm not sure they are) its less than we got for Fletcher - but don't worry just keep clapping....... Jez will send you a xmas card (no stamp).


I don't know if you have noticed, but the players Stale has bought in are doing relatively well. Siggy is hitting form, Sako say no more, Doumbia will be awesome once fit, Peszko showed promise etc etc.

The players letting us down at the moment, are the ones left behind by Mick. Have faith.


the fact of the matter is, in 5 1/2 years, the NET spend on new players is £15 million. That's £3 million pounds a year and we were a premiership club for 3 of them!

Whichever way you look at it, that's an appalling statistic.

Drw Wolf

There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics. Anyone can produce stats to back up their arguments. Have a think about what you are saying before you embarrass yourself in future.


Just a thought about the ' Same old, same old' post. If you do attend the games and it is so bad, why bother, and if you don't attend, don't bother.

On a footballing note, if we get promoted playing the same football as we did under MM, we will be relegated. Football has moved on and the wolves must adapt and build for the future. UTW through thick and thin.

Old Man in Old Gold

Spot on, Same Old... you quite rightly stated that they have brought nothing to the Molineux. The football is drab. There doesn't appear to be a game plan that works with the players we have on the books and entertainment it isn't.

Ian you are right. They have bought players, see the difference, no (r) but they have not brought a change for the better to the club and it saddens me to watch our continued demise.


The comments by 'Same old, same old' are appropriate for someone with 'old' in his title. Even if he's not old, he sounds it. It must be really hard for him or her (no, most women would have more sense) being so miserable every day. I wonder if he ever thanks anyone or, heaven forbid, ever encourages them.

John De Wolf

A drop in attendances, due to an unsuccessful team begs the questions:

Was the new stand not just a total waste of time?

And If not, why did they stop building? Surely it would have made sense to knock down the Steve Bull stand this season if they are committed to this project?


They said they paused the redevelopment of the Steve Bull stand due to the Compton Park project, which included an academy and further training facilities I believe? To be inline with new Football League rules and the fact Wolves are now a Category 1 status. Something along those lines anyway... I think that is going to cost about £6m?


Just in time for the January transfer window eh..

My calculation is Wolves are sitting on £50 million which they should be looking to invest at least half of it on players, but, of course they won'.

Morgan has only spent net £15 million in 3 years on the team. A shocking statistic.

The sooner Moxey goes the better. The huge disappointment of relegation was down to his mis-management of the club. I'm confident Curbishley would of kept us up but of course Moxey wouldn't back him with hard cash.

Same old same old

To khs who was bleating on the SEB thread about how we are in the black and what an example we are to teams like albion - what say you now ??

Get your head out your backside and fight for your club.......


This report says our turnover has dropped. We are still in the black (we reported a profit). Turnover and profit are different things you numpty

Shropshire lad

Turnover isn't profit. Profit was £2.16 million, before taking into account the sales mentioned in the article.

Wolves ARE "in the black".


THE CLUB HAVE STILL MADE A PROFIT! MORON! this report is last season and being that we were relegated would show some sort of loss, but it just gives pathetic, cretinous parasites like you to have another knock at the club!

Wolves fan! in your dreams.


"Pre-tax profits were also down at £2.16m"

Profits of £2.16m dude. Thats in the black...

Sedgley Wolves

I dont think 'Same Old Same old' has got a clue about anything. 2 nonsense comments in 1 thread.


We have made a profit of £2.16 million what you have to take into consideration is there is a capital allowance set against the new stand of probaly £4million a year which can be claimed over the next 4 years so in real terms a profit of £6million would be more accurate .

shreks left foot

Looks like the plastic fans that plague all clubs have gone back to their glory hunting ways following other teams..............!!!

Dan the Man

We have reached something of a watershed and I'm still hoping and praying we emerge successfully. If not, we are at risk of going into free fall. If the latter, it will be a much bigger loss.

Either way, I wonder what the trading figures will be for the current financial year when they are published again in 2013? It could all be heavily influenced in the next 2 or 3 months.

Willenhall Kev

The "huge disappointment" was with Moxey, Morgan & the Board who showed their total incompetence by sacking MM without a back up plan and then appointing TC. Gates were down and are still going down as a reflection of the performances on the pitch.

I am a ST holder in the North Bank and have to say the new stand operationally doesn't work.

At halftime its takes ages in a queue to go to the Gents, you have no chance of getting anything to eat before the second half starts and if you do the quality of the food is so poor and expensive.

It's no wonder people are staying away but although profits are down I'm sure Mr Moxey's annual salary plus bonus hasn't gone the same way!!!


I am also a season ticket holder in the NB and as far has the queue for the gents + food, nothing has changed in the last 40 odd years unless of course you don't count the lower leagues, pity I couldn't say the same about our fans because that has definatly changed_ they moan more and support even less.

The gates will go back up has we go further up the league and even more when we get promoted - because the glory hunters will be back.

Mind you, you could always have the facilities that we had last week at Bristol - you would sodding moan then?

Dutch Wolf

John, what drivel. 40 years ago was 1972. Since then we have built a new stand at the North Bank, knocked it down and built another one - or hadn't you noticed? Facilities have improved just a touch.


You will never feed 000's of people in a fifteen minute break. The reality is you have relatively decent food compared to the ret of the ground and Banks's on draft.

We would love that in the BW!

willenhall kev

Johnwolf, service & queues before the new stand were actually better.

I too am an away season ticket holder and yes your correct about Bristol.

As for moaning, I, like you, support the team on the pitch but struggle when Moxey treats the fans with total contempt and then comes out with such statements just before a transfer window. If we were to go down to whatever division I would still have a ST because its in your blood, but behind the scenes and away from the playing side the club is taking the mick out the fans.

Keep the faith

out of the darkness

Err yes you can feed the masses at half time iv seen it done at The Emeraties . Now that the type of stadium that we should have the money and all the building skill Morgan has - and Aresnal are a team we should be playing every season .

chris h

John, You say nothing has changed in 40 years re queues for toilets etc in the North Bank.But they have built two new stands and just spent £18m quid and yet they get it wrong again.Before they designed the new stand I bet they never asked any of the season ticket holders what the problems were and what was wanted.


The slump isn't just in the turnover, Jez, look at the league table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well here it is, moxy all ready telling us that thiers know money for new players come jan!

perhaps if a little more was spent last seson we might not be in this division, But somebody thought 400.000 for our star player from hearts was enough in jan and johnson 4 mill in aug last year was going to make us into a top half prem team. didnt need hide sight to see that was never going to happen.

I have said for a long time a manager should sit high in the stand to see the game properly,

and know one should be picked because he trains hard, the best player should always play if fit,

how come a player can be bought in as a stricker lose his place but be placed on the wing lose his place, be placed at left back, two left backs bought into the club but neither picked instead of our stricker come winger come left back, What was that all about, it aint good,

i am not 1 of those who think we should be spending so much that we end up bankrupt again, but what we did spend should have been spent wiser,


London Bloke

Could someone translate this into English please?


Stop living in the past, history is history. Look to the future mate

English Exile

What bloody future????


If you want to have a go at Stphen Ward then do so. Plese do not insinuate like ou do

This player by the way does not pick himself and works hard for the team.

He as also, while at left back got a regular place in an International team and may I say been one of the better players we have.

Leave him alone as he would run through a wall for us

Northern Wolf

Squeaky Bum Time for the Board. Plenty of money in the bank and no shareholders to report to so they can do what they like with that position. I am behind Stale and anyone else who wants to bring quality modern football to Wolves - we really haven't seen that since the late 1970's. The problem they have is that the majority want to see tear-away counter attacks down the wings with fast diagonal balls into the box for a proper striker to play the percentages. The cries of "get it up there" in all the stands after the 2nd pass tell you that. Since most of them were brought up on (or as many on the stories of) The Great One scoring 306 times that way it is not unreasonable or surprising. Hell - it's fun to watch. Crowds of 18000 and a 15th place finish in the Championship will see more than a £2m drop in turnover. Mmmnn - if only we had £30m in cash to sure-up the business for the next 2 seasons whilst we pretend to be Premiership but operate like Preston.....

Brazil Wolf

Well, I have been saying it for a few weeks now. David Beckam wants a new challenge, ie a playing role back in the Champions League for one more year before he retires.

I would challenge, and offer him the possibility to buy Wolves from Mr Morgan. on the same lines as Mr Morgan bought from Sir Jack, of course there would have to be an increase for development costs and a 10% profit on capital.

The challenge for Mr Beckham would be far greater than looking at buying an American club with all the glitz and razamataz, he would be buying an historic institution, worth far more in cudos and footballing history, for him to pin his name and reputation too to make Wolves a once again serious force in World Football.

I say this because to my way of thinking Mr Morgan along with our CEO, do not have the drive, heart or courage to take the club to where the loyal and hard suffering supporters would like to see it go.

Wolves till I die, and at the current rate of results the heart attack could be sooner rather than later.


Not rocket science is it Jez, you mess the fans around & sell them short by placing TC in the managers Job, ensure relegation & fans get hacked off paying hard earned cash to see garbage performances.

To top it off, you then offer players like Berra (who didn't want to be at the club) new contract discussions ensuring we have the same players at the back who let in over 140 goals between 2010 -2012.

Then finally..........YOUR STILL AT THE CLUB!!!!!!




Everything about the club from top to bottom is rotten no real investment on the playing side, sell the better players and make do with what we have left .Even on the corporative side of things its all about ripping the customer off they charge the highest price for drinks its the first time i have ever been searched going in to a restaurant when people asked why, they where told in case you are trying to take your own drinks in. With moxey in charge i can not see the club moving forward on or off the pitch


Turnover isnt the important number, the net profit is. I guess the expenses have also gone down!


Hopefully Mr. Morgan will take heed of these figures and question his trust in the CEO.

Next years' accounts will make very interesting reading. No doubt the Moxey spin and manipulation machine will jump into full swing in a vain effort to cover the cracks to protect his position. The last sentence of the report possibly eludes to where that money is mostly destined, the balance sheet.

The poor decision making of the CEO has consistently failed Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and alienated thousands of fans along the way . His departure is surely long long overdue.

One more thing, will we be paying the appropriate tax on our profit this year?


DISAPPOINTED ! with the club being relegated, dont make me laugh. if you the fat controller and mr morgan were upset about being relegatged why didnt you both do more to stop it happening? why was mad mick aloud to continue as long as he did,when all the signs were there he wasnt good enough,liverpool and swansea at home.why oh why,did you promote terry the clown,when anybody on this planet,bar you two. could see he wasnt capable of doing a job. we all know that,all that matters to you two is the £££££ s, so long as they come rolling in the football doesnt matter,so wipe away your crocidle tears and dont for get to collect your bonus.

Old Golds Worth More

We Mr Moxley (and Morgan) I hate to say it, but I told you so!! I will repeat it again, what was the point of building a nice new stand, before building a decent Football team that would remain in the premiership for years to come? Now you have a nice stand, but hardly anyone wants to sit in it and watch second rate football, because second rate football is what you get in the second tier of football. Its a bit like buying a nice new cart, only to find that the horses you want to pull it, aren't up to the job! It would have been far better to get some dam good horses that could pull it first! But then who am I to point this simple fact out? Just a nobody of consequence, supporter of the club that's all.

Ye Olde South Bank

True to form, raise even the merest hint of cash and Moxey appears. Shame he rarely has anything to say about the poor product they're trying to sell (and I don't mean the vastly over-priced refreshments, either).

As RichWolf64 observed, it's "just in time for the January transfer window". Sorry, people, but it's getting ever-harder NOT to be cynical where WWFC are concerned. It's becoming their trademark.


If that was a disappoint Moxey then wait till the next ones come out, with any luck Morgan will sack you



Breaking News.....

Football Club continually fails to adequetly reinvest in its Core Assets.

Product quality falls, thus causing a drop in a Demand, and an inevitable reduction in Trading Profit

Football Club further reduces its investment in its Core Assets

Product quality falls, thus causing a drop in Demand ,and an inevitable further reduction in Trading Profits

Football Club further reduces its investment in its Core Assets

Product quality falls, thus causing a drop in Demand and the Company no longer makes a Trading Profit

...To be continued


Yes he's the George Osborne of the Football League and just as successful!

mr idiot

why dont we drop ticket prices , fill the ground , get a good atmosphere bak in the stadium !

old gold

this club will GO NO WHERE WITH MORGAN AND MOXEY, I AM SHURE OF THAT. they should be called money money,

because that all they are interested in. from may 2010 it has been a joke in every away. you only have to look at stoke in no

way are they bigger club than us but have invested in better players every season.

Mike Pearson

These numbers on turnover only tell the story of last season - the current picture will be much worse as attendances continue to plummet!!! A wafer thin profit of two million will quickly evaporate as we get through this season especially if our descent down the Championship is not arrested pretty damn quckly.

Nothing being said publicly suggests ownership is about to break out the checkbook in the coming transfer window - and let's face it what "quality" players are going to be available to a team resting in the wrong half of the Championship?

Stale has made a strategic error in not insisting that new defenders be brought in last summer as well as at least one new proven striker at this level.

steve bull wolf

yes we can all see how rotten morgan is all that money 16 million on players in 3 years mick needed sacking after the blackburn game if money had gone in we may have still been in the prem


Welcome to the real world Jez and understand that apathy is the most dangerous trait in any Football Club irrespective of who they are. There is an expectation from fans that Wolves will succeed and when they do not the fans keep away because its expensive and watching rubbish performances week in and week out year in and year out creates smaller gates. Its expensive to run a successful club but Steve Morgan knew that and up to yet has done alright out of it.


The spelling on here is shocking


Reading between the lines i sounds like transfer activity during the January Transfer Window is going to be minimal.More likely to be loan signings if any.We are told that football is a business.Watching Wolves doesn't come cheap.How do you expect consumers to pay good money for an inferior product.Wolves fans have been driven away from Molineux by the disgaceful way that they are treated by the club.The majority i would imagine just find other activities to do and few change allegiances.Wolves have been called many times a sleeping giant.The club has incredible potential if run properly.Unfortunately it isn't.

Welsh Wolf


Wolves are in the Black AND so are ALL FUNERALS.


Get used to it, under Jez this is only the beginning of the decline, expect much sharper decreases in future accounts! Never mind Jez will be alright, he'll continue to get his huge salary and fat bonuses! Meanwhile we will no doubt be served up the usual spin about signings, won't do an Albion, War chests et al, especially before early bird, when we will no doubt be making a serious promotion push.....it's all so familiar.............Moxey Out!!


Fans moaning about food and drink facilities whats the matter with eating before a match only 2 hrs approx till the end.


What is the measure of success at a football club ? It appears that running a "successful" business is more important than running a successful football club. The football this season has generally been dire, I`m praying that we turned the corner on Saturday, but I get the impression, that its not the 3pts that the powers that be would be pleased about, but the fact it may tempt a few more fans back to the stadium. I feel like I`m part of an income stream.


I never classed myself as middle class before but when I read the morons on here it is ridiculous.

Firstly - the turnover drop is irrelevant - profit is all that counts!

Secondly - having played a high standard of football it is good to see the route we are going. I loved what Mick did for the club but we were never going to push on. SS has the right ideas - give him time and he'll make us Premier League stalwarts. Unfortunately, he is not a miracle worker and that is the best we can expect.

For all those idiots who comment of the financials and know nothing - just realise that SM is a great owner. Don't wish for over spend because we'll end up like we were in the 80s!


chris h

There is direct link between turnover and profit.We have only made profits in recent years during each of our four years in the Premier,ie when we had a high turnover.Lower turnover equals less opportunity to improve the playing squad, equals greater likelihood of failure on the football pitch ,which will further reduce attendances which will further reduce turnover and on we go on sliding down the greasy pole. There is more than one way to run down a football club.


"There is more than one way to run down a football club."

Quite right Chris and Morgan is trying them all out and succeding with most.

Alan in Cyprus

At least we are saving money on "win bonus payments"!

Bad Back Wolves

We can fix some of this deficit by putting Jamie o' hara on £100 pw as he said on twitter he was happier then! alternatively Ill swap my sick pay £100 pw with his 35k pw. Fancy doing that for a challenge Jamie? for 1 week I have to live on your wages and for one week you have to live on mine, theres a TV program in there somewhere!


Looks like Jez is panicking because he will not get his big fat bonus at the end of the season. Club should have reduced prices so that people could afford to watch the football, if it's a choice between keeping the house or football there is only one winner. How can they justify us paying premiership prices for 2nd class football.

Proper Wolves

I rarely enter the fray but I get heartily sick of the whingers and moaners. 42 year ago when I got my first season ticket people supported the club, now they just moan. We have a profitable well run club. I don't agree with all the decisions and the choice of managers over the years has not been great but we will still have a club in 10 years time and if you asked Rangers, Coventry, Portsmouth et al to swap they would do so in a heartbeat. And, for those with short memories it has been much much worse than this in the past for us. Because we are well run we will get back to the PL but I am sure you boring whingers will still never be satisfied. I support the club because I was born in the town and its in the blood and in my estimation football is about dealing with defeat and disappointment just as much as winning.

Sir Billy Quiet

Don't worry most of the posters that moan on here are 'kids' that have not experienced a lifetime of Wolves supporting - they don't represent the vast majority that attended games.

Following Wolves is not like supporting Man Utd or Arsenal - with Wolves the guarantee is that the highs and lows will come in equal proportions.

Results are just part of the overall equation - Wolves are my club, your club, our club through thick and thin we can hold our heads up and say WE ARE WOLVES!


Well said.

Ive been coming here since 1949 and have sen ots of up ad downs.

BUT I STILL Support our club no matter what

chris h

Sir Billy, You did a fair bit of moaning last week.

Sir Billy Quiet

Chris H - anyone would have moaned after the Millwall game!


Proper Wolves

I don't agree that we have a profitable well run club.

The recent (alarmingly rapid) decline in status is a direct result of chronic lack of sufficient investment in the primary activity of the organization - FOOTBALL. Note the figure quoted above £15 million Net during Morgan's tenure including 3 PL years with all the associated financial rewards.

The headline figure above is for last season's fall in revenue so wiill only be the tip of the iceberg compared to the current figures. And for all those citing that turnover does not correlate with profit, it does. Falling revenue streams = less contribution to direct costs and overheads and once break even is breached losses increase exponentially. So don't be too quick to dismiss Coventry / Portsmouth scenarios.

I too was around in the eighties (and for quite a while before) and the diection in which we are currently heading is towards an action replay of the terminal downward spiral which took place then. Decreasing investment = falling standards on the pitch = falling attedances / revenue leads to even less invcestment and so the cycle becomes a self perpetuaing path towards collapse.

The only answer is to arrest the slide before it is completely out of control.

And it needs to be addressed in January Mr. Morgan. Players not unnecessary infrastructure (and houses).

chris h

They allowed the club to get relegated whilst according to the last full accounts the football club [1986 Ltd] published they had £25,474,000 cash in hand or at the bank. No doubt a large chunk of that has now paid for the new stand. They headline a loss of income of £4m last season,this season the loss in income will be more like £25m and if we don't get get back into the Premier by the time the parachute money runs out the annual loss in income will be at least £50m.OPPORTUNITY LOST BY A FAILED EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT.


wolfiefoz/properwolves, good sensible posts.........some of the posts on these pages are mind numbing......

why did'nt we sack mm? why did we build a new stand? i bet jez still gets his bonus!!!!!

when is morgan go back to his true love liverpool fc?

why have wwfc appointed a manager who has no experience of english football?

how dare jamie o'hara complain about his wages!!!!

complaining about half time facilities!!!!

for those of little faith and short memories remember this date 2ND JULY 1986.......it was when your/our club nearly folded.

any body can moan, you only have to read these or any clubs forums to know that, but you really dont know how lucky you are untill . the conference league and league 3 are full of clubs who thought they could spend spend spend.

no body ever said it was going to be easy following wwfc and as the visiting tescos on here will remind you whenever they can, it wont be for a few months yet. but have a little patience. utw.

chris h

KHS, I was around in 1986 like you,that was terrible of course it was.But how long must we have to be grateful we are no longer in that mess.Whilst opportunity after opportunity is wasted.Does Jez Moxey say he wont accept his £1.2m salary package,because Wolves nearly went under,no.He takes every penny,it is only reasonable that he and Steve Morgan,who got the club on the cheap,are held accountable for failures on the pitch.Sir Jack in gifting the club to Morgan gave us a wonderful opportunity ,an opportunity the Baggies for example have never been given.And yet the Baggies are doing well,whilst our lot have blown opportunity after opportunity.

Ye Olde South Bank

I totally agree with your sentiments, Chris. Yes, the 80's were terrible and anyone of a certain age knows that. However, 'gratitude' for what we have now should never be allowed to stifle or cloud the issue of progress. With due respect to yourself, khs, please remember that what appears to be a 'moan' to you is a genuine grievance to another, no matter how trivial or unjustified it may appear. After all, there's no 'Wolves FC Loyalty Handbook' that defines who's right or who's wrong -there's only opinion.

I don't doubt your loyalty to Wolves for one moment, but likewise don't doubt others' commitment, too. I call it as I see it; I always have and I always will. Whether it's praise or criticism, it's all the same to me. Fans being honest and open about their feelings is what really matters because feedback is the only currency that a club understands.


good post, agree with most of it. but what , really makes me angry is where are the 10,000 missing (premier wwfc fans?)

or were they just glory hunters?

we all know relegation and last season were depressing but thats the whole point of supporting any team, is it not?

of course we want exciting attacking football, better players, trophies, better manager, but as the history of football shows , it all takes time.

and those with no patience, really should take up another hobby.

and also i dissagree about stoke/wba as good examples of teams doing well without the financial backing of wwfc, everton would be a better example as they have won trophies more recently than both wba and stoke. utw.

Old Golds Worth More

Agree with Chris h, also I to remember the bad old days, the Bhatia brothers et al. It is precisely because I/we remember those bad old days that we get frustrated. We managed to reach the promised land (the Premiership) and almost as promptly threw away the opportunity of remaining there. Who was it who said we won't do a WBA? The Chairman himself that's who, and an ignominious relegation followed! We are now in decline again, and that is whats alarming me. Moxey stated that transfer fees we received would be invested in the team, well the time to invest was last Summer, so January should not be passed by without a very good level of activity. As has already been said in this forum, SS's signings haven't been to bad at all, most of the players left over from MM's time, are the problematic ones. Arrest the slump now (January's window), before its to late, and before we get into the same situation as we did last season.


proper wolves talks about the moaners

I keep repeating my message. I pay my money, ive supported Wolves since my first match in the back end of the 80's. That gives me the right to question how my club is being run. I am also born and bred and love Wolverhampton.

Moxey, Morgan and SS out.

Nough said


Has everyone forgot about the Profits made on Jarvis, Fletcher, Kightly, Guedioura.... i think you will find that will cover any loses this season and the next few. Also Parachute payments will help.

So financially we must have a small fortune to spend in the transfer window.

Surely the fat controller and Morgan can see gates will rise if we actually spend money on decent players who are household names and not these unheard of, injury prone, stress prone players. We seem to always operate on the cheap.

Look at stoke , they take a punt on decent players who we have all heard of and they are a developed premiership club.

Mr Morgan spent £10 to but this club, but he is a builder by trade and all he has done is build in bricks and mortar but not on the pitch. Wasn't he supposed to spend £30 million on the club for the tenner he bought it for. Can anyone tell me where that has gone (don't include the stand or the training grounds cos surely he making a big fat profit out of that ...cos thats what builders do)



I have repeatedly asked the question about the £30 million on these boards but no one seems able or willing to provide a satisfactory answer.


A rare post from me..........

Personally i couldn't give a flying monkeys about H/T refreshments?

I go to molineux to watch football and support my team, and hopefully be entertained along the way with a successfull side playing good football.

Currently i am feeling short changed on all fronts, taking into account the money that comes into the club...i see a board that are not investing and spending enough money to improve the situation, playing staff and results.

If the board do not have the same aspirations as our paying fans and not willing to spend more, then they should stand aside and sell the club on to someone who has and will.

Wolverhampton Wanderers has the potential to achieve lots more success than it does and has done for a very long time. As a fan of this once famous old club i think i and the fans deserve better than what we are currently being served up.

It's time for the owners and board to show that they want success just as much as the fans (i doubt this fact) If they do not and will not........then time to step aside please.


Rich Wolf 64, you reckon the club as 50 m and you want them to spend 25 m in the Jan window, in my estimation thats about 3/4s of a championship side. We don't need that many, unless of course you mean spend all that on one or two players. Only trouble with that is, the players at the high end of the market will be looking for a PL club and see our position in the league would not come, and we want to be very carefull we don't get ripped off. But i trust Staale will not waste money.COME ON THE WOLVES.

Drw Wolf

But Mardy you have applied thought and logic, a lot of posters on here just don't do that.

old gold and black

as a wolves supporter who remembers the 50/000 crowds and the wolves end was the north bank

Just take an overall view

football is dominated by 4/6 clubs that have the finance. the rest of us just make the numbers up

just stop moaning about a board that keeps us solvent with a team to support

Look at pompey ect

i would love us to be a force to be reckoned with but hey ho we tried two england managers and couldnt do it

just be patient


Mick was terrible and should have gone after Blackburn at home

so please stop praising him . always the same they turn great once sacked

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