Blog: Plan B? There was no Plan B for Wolves

Traditionally the standard ratio goes that you can find one idiot per village, writes Wolves blogger Tim Spiers.

Wolves 0 - Millwall 1

Wolverhampton might be a bit bigger than a village but this week you could find a fair few more per square mile around WV1 (ever more than usual in fact).

First up, the Wolves players are officially idiots according to their manager, who held nothing back in slamming them for their recent god-awful performances.

In turn, if reports are to be believed then the players think Mr Solbakken is a bit of an idiot as well for persisting with his current tactics and daring to keep out most creative player Bakary Sako on the pitch for more than an hour.

Anyway, in summary there are plenty of idiots knocking around, but name-calling aside it's a pretty sorry state of affairs for our club at the moment.

Tuesday night continued the recent status quo in more ways than one.

Again an old player came back to haunt us, with Andy Keogh following in the footsteps of Mark Davies and Adlene Guedioura to score a point(s) winning goal at Molineux.

In this respect it's worth putting a few bob on George Friend (Middlesbrough), Mark Little (Peterborough) and Carlos Edwards (Ipswich) repeating the feat in the next month.

But more worryingly the Millwall game yet again showed us up to be a team totally devoid of confidence, discipline and team spirit - three basic attributes which will actually get you quite far in this league if shown consistently.

And the football itself was pretty dreadful too.

Plan A seemed to be to get the ball wide and swing a cross into the box, although often this yielded merely a simple clearance or block, while when a decent ball did come in Messrs Doyle and Sigurdarson were nowhere near the six yard box.

This meant we had just two shots in the first off and six more after the break.

It’s not that we’re missing many chances, we’re just not creating them to begin with – in short, pitiful.

And Plan B? Well there was no Plan B.

Very rarely did we mix things up and try and play through the middle, although to be fair we lack quality in these areas to make a difference with Jamie O’Hara’s presence missed more sorely than ever.

And that’s the problem with Wolves at the moment – too predictable and too easy to play against.

Obviously injuries haven’t helped but the manager does need to try something different to drag us out of this barren run.

Personally I think a change of formation to 4-3-3 would be worth a short, with Sako and Sigurdarson – our two best and most creative players on Tuesday – slotting either side of Kevin Doyle, who improved on recent performances against Millwall by coming deep to good effect.

In midfield Karl Henry’s long-awaited return should add some steel and stability, but our defence is so shaky I’d be inclined to put Tongo Doumbia and David Davis alongside him to shore things up.

January’s transfer window looks more important than ever, not just for fresh blood for this season, but also for next year.

It’s getting to the stage where 2012/13 may have to be written off as a transitional year, so Solbakken needs to assemble a squad that’s raring to go next August and if he’s looking at the foreign market then players take months to settle in.

There’s a decent spine to a team in there somewhere with Johnson, Doubmia, Sako and Sigurdarson, but we badly need new full backs and creative midfielders, as well as a striker or two.

The players from Mick McCarthy’s regime look frustrated and often disinterested, so the quicker Solbakken can make it “his” squad the better.

Our manager must be wondering what on earth he’s let himself in for but the important thing for him is not to sacrifice his principles.

You can see what he’s trying to do and if he’s given time I still think he can get it right.

We’re not a hire-and-fire club and Solbakken is very much Steve Morgan’s man, so he’s not going anywhere for now.

But Solbakken does need to try and reconnect with our increasingly disillusioned supporters, who stayed away in their thousands on Tuesday.

He’s probably already got one eye on next season but in the short term results are important to keep the fans on side, as well of course as avoiding a soul-destroying relegation battle.

If he can’t manage that, then the biggest idiot in this particular village will be Mr Morgan.

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Comments for: "Blog: Plan B? There was no Plan B for Wolves"

Where to Now?

Until he's got the players to fit in comfortable with his experimental continental theories, he should play to the strengths of the personnel he does have at the club.

Whether you were for or against Mick McCarthy, it can't have gone unnoticed that he's inherited a struggling side, but won TEN points in the same number of games that Wolves have managed ONE.

December 29th is going to be interesting!

Wolf in Clontarf

Nail on head. We're a disaster currently. Solbakken needs to stick to one solid formation to grind out a few points and leave the fancy football until we're safe from relegation and have the confidence to make it pay off.

Dan the Man

Ironically, there is a place in Oregon, USA, called 'Idiotville' (check it out for yourself). I just wonder of we should be twinned with them? If not, I'm sure Moronville in France would accommodate us!

Wolf in da Hudd

"In midfield Karl Henry’s long-awaited return should add some steel and stability, but our defence is so shaky I’d be inclined to put Tongo Doumbia and David Davis alongside him to shore things up."

Or, we could send our new £3 million signing off on holiday.

Loyal Wulfrian



I hope the fans can see this season in a bigger perspective.

The team will not starting produce before next season.

But if Staale can bring in his own players, its hope for tomorrow.

If we want to go back to below 0 with ''kick and run'' fotball,

then sack him. I thought these days were gone.

Maybe Im totally wrong.

Old Man in Old Gold

With reference to the declining number of supporters at the game, the real figure is far worse than the one published. It was announced a couple of seasons back, that in-line with other clubs, the attendance figure would always include all season ticket holders, whether they were in the ground or not. On Tuesday night in the families enclosure there were dozens of empty seats which are normally filled by season ticket holders and I expect that was the case around the other 3 stands. Unless we produce a decent showing and get a result down at Bristol tomorrow, where the Baggies ex-captain is now plying his trade as Manager, I believe that the following week against Blues, on a Saturday tea-time, a couple of weeks before Christmas, may show some gaping holes in the crowd that even the manipulation of season ticket holders can't disguise.


Well, Tim, I think your blog sums the situation up quite effectively. I am in the camp that always felt this would be a year of transition, and that takes some of the pain out of recent results - though not by much. However, if I'd expected promotion, I really would be beside myself right now so I can understand how some folk are feeling. A piece of news I might have missed concerns our scouting system. Has anything been said regarding replacements for Taff Evans et al who decamped to Ipswich? I hope we are "wired up" scout-wise in readiness for the January window. I'm going to be optimistic and assume M&M will back the man they signed with money (self-fulfilling prophecy on my part?) - although I have a hunch that we won't easily ship out the players SS would like to lose.


If 2012/13 may have to be written off as a transitional year. May I have my season ticket refund now please?

Dan the Man

Perhaps the clubs could have sold 'transitional' season tickets. Ones you could sell back to the club and spend the money on something else - perhaps like leaving a deposit on a new house!


And so says the Village Idiot himself, The Wolves Blogger.

Usual drivel from someone who has little to no knowledge of football.


Somewhere in Norway, a village is missing it's idiot!!

Norway Wolf

Mange takk!

super dude

off for a rest.oh woe is me .another player unfit the mol is slowly becoming the embassy club to many jokers but havent got the quality of manning.cum on you wolves sort it out its getting hard to wear the colours just lately..!!


why does everybody think henry will make a difference on

e bad tackle and bhatt alongside johnson give nouble a chance play davis and what wedo with ward i dont know.then rumours in some dodgy scot paper sy if ss goes strachan fav sort out defence buy good striker charlie austin we have money.


some good points made.

i think january is all important, stale needs backing to buy some quality(not quantity like mm).....

also if we get guys back from injury that will make big difference.

and shift the deadwood...just get rid if we have too.

the board have some big decisions to they have the b*!!$


Agree completely with you about the transfer window. If not for this season it is vital for next season as players need time to adjust and bed in and get used to Stale's methods. As it looks like we will be well off the play off spots come January it is also time to ship a load out too, even if they go for next to nothing we will save on their wages. I said in a post about a month ago six out and three-four in. I now think ten out and six in. It looks like Griffiths doesn't want to play for us so he may have to go but it highlights yet again the shortsightedness of McCarthy and senior management. Even if we make a large profit he won't be scoring for us and we need help and performance on the pitch not in the bank!

mr idiot bak again

break the bank and get OLE GUNNER IN !


Wolves are as disjointed as your article Tim. No style, no end product.. Just a waste of time.. Solbakken might be your manager, but he is not mine. As far as I am concerned Wolverhampton Wanderers is now run like a dictatorship. With Moxey dictating whats what to everyone else. You cannot see where Solbakken is going with this, we have played poorly virtually all season.. We are 18th place.. Wake up!!


Wait til the African Cup in January......we are doomed

Wolves fan

Now Tim, what exactly were the teams that you played for and coached?


If Morgan is going to stick with SS then he needs to give him about 15 million to spend in January so he can get at least half a new team in then get rid of the crap MM left behind

These players are lower league over paid crap, no one else has come in to sign any of them so we give them long contracts on money no one else would pay them

Numptles Dumptles

I think we need to do everything to not get relegated now, focus on that maybe

Old Golds Worth More

Plan B there was no plan B, scream the headlines, followed by an in depth review of why things are going wrong.

Quotes from above:-

"Our manager must be wondering what on earth he’s let himself in for but the important thing for him is not to sacrifice his principles." (So that means no plan B doesn't it?)

"You can see what he’s trying to do and if he’s given time I still think he can get it right." (support or what for no plan B?)

Why was this article written? If its a critique, the above quotes are out of place, and if its a message of support, the Headline is out of place!

geof palmer's mo stash

"In midfield Karl Henry’s long-awaited return.................."

Please tell me you are joking. Karl Henry must be 1 of the most over rated players of all time. I don't buy into this theory that Wolves never win when he doesn't play. You can use statistics to back up any point of view...but we don't win many when he does play either.

steve bull stand

You can see what he’s trying to do and if he’s given time I still think he can get it right.

You can? Please let me know. We are turning into a passing team? Maybe in our own half and I hear it mentioned in press conferences but I dont see it. There is absolutely nothing this manager has improved. We are conceding two goals virtually every game. We are not scoring many but not missing many chances either cause we rarely create anything. We play the most boring football seen at the club since Hoddle was manager. And we are now down to 18th in the league.

I can see what he's trying to do too. Rip the heart our of this football club and take them back to where they were the day McCarthy walked into the club. The appointment of Solbakken is looking like a massive mistake, how long will we need to wait before he is shown the door - hopefully before we are relegated


Quote from above - "The players from Mick McCarthy’s regime look frustrated and often disinterested, so the quicker Solbakken can make it “his” squad the better."

Sorry they don't just look disinterested most of them are disinterested, their only motivation being to perpetuate their massive bank balances, but remain in their comfort zone for as long as they can. And some of them have a long way to go on their contracts.

And as far as reconnecting with the supporters goes, whatever the rights and wrongs of his team management, I think this is something he actually tries very hard to do. He tells it as it is eg. proper valuation of Margreitte, dressing room disputes and yes a lot of the players are idiots.

The people who need to connect with the suppporters are Morgan & Moxey whose joint silence remains a constant negative factor in the Club's relationship with it's rank and file customers. The main reason for the missing masses is that more and more of us are now seeing through the sham that this institution is being run as a football club. Clearly it is not.


Personally i'd play Sako behind a loan striker, if he's not got the fitness to track back and support his full back then give him a free role. he'd be harder to mark and could find space more often to either get a shot off or supply the striker


The bottom line is that for a long as we are stuck with the same incompetent defenders who failed so disastrously last season, we are going to continue to lose games.. Play whatever system you like, the fact is that if the personnel are not up to the task we`ve had it. Why Mr. Solbakken cannot see the dire need for some pace in the middle and a couple of specialist full backs is very difficult to comprehend.


Talk of Stale being replaced by Alex McLeish is surely not going to happen, is it? There will be a massive exodus of support if this is true. I don't like our current situation but chucking paint over Stale car has to be a moronic thing to do. Nearly as bad as confronting O'Hara last season with his babe in arms. Are we that sick - passion it is not!


Remember Sir Jack also had to put up with excessive abuse years ago. Sadly our Club seems to attract a minority core of mindless thugs who in days gone by would probably have been Moseley's fellow travellers.


Henry coming back in the side WILL toughen up the midfield. But when he gets frustrated he puts a stupid tackle and gets booked or sent off. That's no good for the team. He needs to think more before commiting to those (usually) needless challenges.

As for the players fitness, Micks teams were the fitest in the country. What's happened? Tony Daley is still there, he IS an expert on fitness and diet. Has Stale curtailed his training periods? Seems like he has.


Lets play our best style hoof and chase worked in the 50s

Not keen on this manager

Snotty. The more you post the thicker you make yourself look!!!

Lanesfield Wolf

Ah, you'm right. Just break Lionel Messi's leg an' 'e ay much use after that!

Alternatively you can go and watch Worcester Warriors.

Gordon Bennett

Every morning you could choke on your cornflakes over the drivel coming out of our club. Was Doumbia tired when we signed him up? When things aren't working don't sensible people do something different. Every week same players same formation, same result. What is the problem with Margreiter. You cannot say Stoles purchases have worked any more than Mick's, a gem amongst a load of rubbish. Where are our scouts?

Morgan you are the boss of this club your silence is deafening and we want answers. What is the plan. Did Moxey pennypinch Frimpong out of the picture when we have no competent midfielders? If Berra is going then Danny Baath needs a run in the team. It is simply not good enough to sit in silence if you don't want an empty stadium. We pay our money for entertainment and I am so glad that I do not have to go to the Mol today and suffer 3 games in a week

Simon Oxford Baggie

After weeks of taking the mick out you poor guys,i am finding this all a bit boring now.Time for Mr Morgan to make a BIG CHANGE. Get rid of Moxey and this so-called manager.It seems to me the dressing room is not a happy place,neither is the training ground.Come on Wolfies we need competition.


What a load of unitelligent waffle..............

The only problem at Wolves is Jez Moxey, yes he knows how to run a business shrewdly and make money for himself and Steve Morgan short term.

Fact: Mick McCarthy not backed financially to sign players he wanted due to Jez's wage policy costing us our premiership status and the Sky Money.

Fact: Solbakken left in limbo just before start of season not knowing which players would be sold by Moxey and no time to sourse replacements.

Fact: Stoke City were in same position as Wolves under Moxey, Look at them now playing to full houses.

Please note Mr Morgan parachute payments won't last forever and your it would be nice to hear from you......... the silence is deafening.


Crisis. What crisis?