Wolves 1 Nottingham Forest 2 - match report

Sorry Wolves were booed off as they made it eight games without a win after Adlene Guedioura returned to haunt his old club with a Molineux winner.

Stale Solbakken stock 2

Sorry Wolves were booed off as they made it eight games without a win after Adlene Guedioura returned to haunt his old club with a Molineux winner.

Man of the match Bjorn Sigurdarson scored his first home goal in his first Molineux start to put Stale Solbakken’s side ahead in the sixth minute.

But one-time Wolves target Billy Sharp (16) levelled before Guedioura smashed home from 25 yards in the 57th minute.

The Algeria international followed Bolton’s Mark Davies as the latest former Wolves player to score against his old club at Molineux this season.

It was no more than Forest deserved as Wolves failed to create a single chance in an awful second half, the hosts fading away again in front of their own fans in similar fashion to the Bolton and Charlton games.

That’s now six home matches out of nine where they have thrown away a lead, dropping 14 points in the process.

Solbakken has time on his side but knows his teams can’t keep producing performances as poor as this if his long-term project is to succeed.

There were no signs of what was to follow after an entertaining first period when Sigurdarson saw a shot blocked by keeper Lee Camp.

But Forest wasted two glorious shooting chances around the half hour mark through Sharp and former Albion striker Simon Cox, who was carried off in the second half after an innocuous challenge by Kevin Foley.

As expected, Solbakken made just one change from the side beaten 2-1 at Watford last week, with Foley replacing Richard Stearman at right back. Stearman dropped to the bench.

Foley has been preferred recently in home games, while Stearman has played the position in away matches.

Kevin Doyle was named captain with skipper Karl Henry serving the second of his three-match ban.

Wolves made the better start, and after Doyle fired a bouncing volley straight at keeper Lee Camp, the home side took the lead.

Sigurdarson was the scorer, sweeping home a first-time shot from 15 yards after Jermaine Pennant’s pass through the centre flicked off Simon Gillett.

It was the Icelandic striker’s second goal for Wolves after his strike at Peterborough.

But Wolves were soon rocked out of their stride as Forest equalised with the next serious attack.

The home side appealed in vain for an offside flag which never came as Sharp latched onto Henri Lansbury’s superb through ball and advanced forwards before finishing low past Carl Ikeme into the corner of the net.

The goal boosted Forest and led to an uncomfortable 10 or 15 minutes for Wolves, who struggled to rediscover their previous momentum.

Former Albion striker Simon Cox cut inside from the left and let fly with a skidding drive that flew a few feet wide before Lansbury swept just wide.

In an isolated attack, Bakary Sako chipped over the bar with his less favoured right foot at a time when Kevin Doyle, Dave Edwards and Sigurdarson were all well positioned in the box and primed for a pass.

But Forest returned to the attack and Wolves rode their luck as they were handed two let offs around the half-hour mark.

Sigurdarson was denied by Camp’s legs after Christophe Berra returned a Sako corner with a cross as Wolves returned to the attack before the break.

But Forest still had their opportunities as Lansbury danced through two flimsy tackles before Ikeme blocked with his legs.

Lansbury was booked for chopping down Sako to provoke the fans’ fury before half-time.

But if the supporters thought they were in for more in the second half, they were sadly mistaken.

Forest immediately pushed for a second goal as they settled better and Cox was denied by Ikeme with a fierce shot to the near post.

Worse was to follow as Forest broke up a Wolves attack and freed Guedioura, who got away from Edwards to lash home an unstoppable shot from 25 yards.

The only other chances were a rising drive from Sharp which was easily saved by Ikeme.

Sako wasted two free kicks from excellent positions and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and David Davis replaced the fading Pennant and Tongo Doumbia with 15 minutes left.

But the only on-target effort from Wolves was a weak header from Sigurdarson from Stephen Ward’s cross in the third minute of time added on as Wolves produced another second-half fade-out like they did against Bolton and Charlton.


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Comments for: "Wolves 1 Nottingham Forest 2 - match report"


Pack your bags Solbakken.You are not fit for purpose.


need some one to score goals

Old Golds Worth More

Looks like Gold is past its peak, and is now in freefall! Roll on January and the Transfer window!!!!!!!


You dont really expect this Board to spend any money do you. All Morgan can think about his his own pocket and not getting WWFC in the red.

On these performances fans are going to walk away.

Bring in a proper Manager.


big game tuesday.................... come on wolves, still time to turn the season round

Angry wolf

Clueless!!! So sorry we renewed season tickets, see you next season at Coventry.



#time to gonow stale

we are tottally inept, useless,pathetic,crap.lifeless.

chris h

It never rains,but it pours.Are we sleepwalking to another relegation ?

Bruce, Trinidad

I don't agree that time is on Solbakken's side. We are not going up; question is "are we going down?"


In Stale we trust

English Exile



Well Jez let's here from you because you have been very quiet lately.

Just let us know what it was that inspired you and the Owner to make this wonderful appointment.

Congratulations to Sean O'Driscoll, Wolverhampton born and bred, unlike our CEO or our Owner.



The Flying Winger

Hi Sue, Think that sums it up in one word.

Where we go from here is unknown even for the most avid fan


Well Surely the E&S sports desk can now no longer continue with their ridiculous reporting through rose tinted spectacles of

their beloved Morgan's Wolves.

This team, as I've stated several times already, is fighting a RELEGATION battle.

How anyone can praise Morgan for wasting money continuously on building projects that only serve to stroke the chairman's ego is beyond most level headed Wolves fans.

A new Museum? New training facilities ? A new bar and restaurant maybe ?

How about a new back four, new midfield pairing, and a new striker Morgan? And whilst you are at it a new director of

football and a new English manager wouldn't go amiss.

But please, until we've got to grip with the crisis engulfing this club, no more capital outlays on your vanity please Morgan.

What an absolute shambles this club is. And what a deep crisis we are now in.

Moxey out and Morgan out.


All in a nutshell well put mate.

Gornal wolf



we do not need to drag the club into financial dire strauts, just look at the mess that Pompey are in... is that what we really want? Like em or love em (Moxey specifically) have made this club at lot of money, we are a solvent stable club, from which we have to build, chasing the dream by throwing cash at players and short term dreams.

The only issue i have with Moxey is that it's his risk that we took this no hoper Solbakken on, time to cut our loss, and find a sensible UK manager who knows how the game is played here,

Good UK manger + existing management board WILL give us scuccess, and a steady platform to build from.


Wolves got what they deserved. This is relegation style football. Hang your heads in shame for you are inferior and need selling off. Dire absolutely dire. Deserved being booed off. We are not promotion challengers at all but bloody strugglers. Cannot believe that more than half of that useless lot played in the EPL! Disgusting.

No more!

Mark from Blackpool

Omg Wats happening with the wolves , looking down not up . Starting to worry we're on that slide.

Questions must be asked now. Does mr sol no what he is doin? Wasn't at the game but by the sounds wolves were dire. ?


this is all getting a bit predictable and solbakken tactics are lost on these players who obviously don't have a clue what he wants.

The defence is terrible, the midfield is not creating chances and the foward line can't score.

Berra and Johnson would be outpaced by an arthritic snail, Ebanks - Blake does not look fit, Doyle is a shadow of his former self and there are far too many players that simply are not good enough.

The chairman has two choices as i see it, either back the manager completely with major funds to buy the kind of player that can follow his tactics or get rid now.

Watching this team struggling with these tactics is like watching a slow death and will only end up with miserable failure!


Ebanks Blake only half fit? Well spotted, he came on for the last 15 minutes and I watched him. He did not touch the ball ONCE

Rafael Villazan

Disappointing - yes, but... this must make us realise that we are well off the pace for promotion for this season, so we must just look at it as a development season AND it must prove to Mr Morgan that if he's sticking with SS, he MUST back him properly in Jan when, unlike in August - with the late departures of Fletcher, Jarvis and Kightly, SS should have had the time (and the opportunities) to scout the players who will fit in to his system and go and get them. Phew, what a long sentence. Cheer up, I've felt much worse as a Wolves fan (1982, 1986,...)


Took Cologne down at first attempt looks like were in for the same fate based on the last eight performances,Morgan and Moxey have set us back 7years with their penny pinching ways at least when were in division one we will be debt free so more money can be filtered away to his pet projects.

English Exile

Don't forget most, if not all you, Wolves fans think Moxey is some sort of god.

After all you were forever reminding me that Jez has kept us ''solvent''.

He is the problem and the sooner you all wake up and smell the coffee the better off we will be.


... Congratulations to Adlene Guedioura , a classy man of the match performance. Compare his performance to Dave Edwards, a

man that can't pass, can't tackle, has no vision and no level of skill whatsoever.

Why did we keep this useless headless chicken and practically give away a player of Guedioura's quality?,

Wolves have no style, no quality, no confidence and no leadership.

Relegation looms I'm afraid. The sooner Moxey and Morgan go, the better. Let the protests begin I say!


The most depressing aspect of today was that Forest were the poorest team we have played this season.


predictable outcome, ex player scores as so many said he would, only true words to come out of molineux over the last years, "we won't do a albion", so bloody true, while people in charge have no idea, no way will we match their current achievement,off now to find the nearest highest ledge to jump off ( only joking,but feels like i should.)

The Flying Winger

I said last week that Adlene would break our hearts, it was always going to happen.

Another player that McCarthy messed around and he came back to steal the points, a midfielder who can score goals.

22000 fans let down by another inept performance from a team heading for relegation, sad to say.

Morgan & Moxey seem more interested in their museum than the actions on the pitch.

SS blame me for the slump: Yes we do.

Ismail sent on laon: Why

SS We can be Heroes: Not a chance

SW We still have time to do a Reading : We are, losing in week in week out,

SS We need pressure from the fans : You are about to get it: especially when very few turn up.

SS David Davis will get a chance: In the 75 min.

Too late subs again, same as McCarthy & Connor

We can not play to halves what is going on, the defence let us down again no surprise there.

3 more home home points dropped again, perhaps they were tired or just had enough of the rain.

Keogh next then

Where on earth do we go from here?


It was actually 20'000 fans let down, the 2000 Forest fans were probably very happy.


725 Albion fans at Sunderland when you are 3rd in the league. 2,500 Wolves fans at Sunderland after we were relegated.


I can live with that mate.

Tipton Baggie

...2500 making the most of premier league football they not going to see for a long time...


Of course, nothing to do with the mid day kick off and being live on the telly. Duh


For 5 years I have been on here preaching positivity. Well tonight I am positive that we have no idea what we are doing. In the first half we seemed to be trying to outscore Forest and it could have been 3 each. In the seconds half we looked like we wanted to keep the ball (which as usual involves passing it square until we lose it) until we went behind. After we went behind we had absolutely no idea how to break Forest down due to the complete lack of creativity in the side. If Jermaine Pennant ever pulls a Wolves shirt on again it will be too soon for me. For Guediora's goal he watched Doumbia run past him down to the right wing where you might imagine he would want to go and then stood and watched as Forest broke for the depressingly predictable goal. I heard Stale after the game and this seemed to be pretty much his analysis too, however he is supposed to have some answers and he doesn't seem to. Forget LB or CH what we need above all is a creative midfielder.


You actually saw Doumbia run, I am gutted I was there, and I missed that. LOL.

dennis fieldhouse

does anybody know the answer to the plight thats going on down the molinuex they say stale solbakkens as got time on his hands but we as wolves fans dont we need to see some favourable results coming our way does,nt stale realise that the format he as bought to the molinuex is,nt working


Yes the answer is that our club is run by two clowns

The first managed to loose Jack millions year after year and for some unknown reason he's still at the club

And the other just used our club to get money out of the premiership and into his own construction company by building a white elephant

Armenian Wolf

Of course, we can do a Reading. But we will do a Wolves........


no midfield creativity unless given to sako on small occasions.

tactics simply are not working.

best play for wolves - Sigurdarson - at least he tried and showed pace.

forest wasn't even a good team... if we cannot get points against teams like this - got no chance of progressing into playoffs.

middle table team wolves .



What a load of RUBBISH. No more shall I waist my hard earned money. I have given them enought chances.

Selly park wolf

So where are the doogooders today? I've been to Wolverhampton to have a beer with friends but refused to go into the match as a protest and won't spend another penny on my beloved gold and black until either solbaken or moxey and Morgan have gone.

How ironic that one of our former creative midfielders scores the winner!

To all the idiots that keep saying in stale we trust well done to you!

This is the worst football I've ever witnessed in 36 years!

Solbakken might get his wish of getting his name in that overpriced museum of ours unfortunately it will be as the worst manager in the clubs history.

To all the doogooders still reading this post hope you enjoy life in league 1 because that's where we are going but don't worry because we are a very run football club ain't we?

oxley wolf

rubbish. Stole OUT


what a load of rubbish,,,,,time for the sack............well done west brom today

big dave

well done the west brom r u really a wolves fan ???????


One word sums that performance up ............... Shambolic ......... Can't be even bothered to type anymore than that !

Filthy Wolf

So yet again a player not deemed good enough comes back and takes points off us. Guedioura was a shocking sale.

At this point what do we do?

My first reaction this afternoon was, okay, time up, sack him. He is not working.

Then I took the stance that we do need to wait. Now is not the time. But if we have not improved by Christmas.................

Then Bye Stale.

Sir Reginald is always roite

Rubbish. Another fans favorite that we let go. Players and coaches need a long, good look at themselves in the mirror. Bottom 3 by Christmas. Bah Humbag.


Stale loaf of bread out.

Bob Wolf

Another woeful performance and I'd like anyone to come on here and say that they have confidence in Solbakken taking us forward.

Same team picked yet again, same clueless tactics and same result. It's like a broken record, same as every Solbakken interview. The bloke doesn't learn and needs to be sacked.

Stale out.

Realistic Wolf

It has all been said before, yet Another Abysmal Performance. I think Stale deserves a chance but if this keeps up oh dear. The usual culprits in defence, Foley and Ward left a lot to be desired. As for Edwards, would just love to see him kick the ball for a change, cannot see what he brings to the team. In my view Pennant would be better off going back to Stoke now. Seems to me Stale is trying to make the right noises but wonder if he means what he says. It seems fairly obvious this team cannot do what is wanted, similar to the prem in fact. Question is why does he keep picking more or less the same players week in and week out. He sang the praises of Davis over Frimpong yet does not play him. Nouble was sitting on the bench and surely deserves a chance but no, same old same old on trots Blake. All supporters ask is honesty, why did we not get players in when we had the chance. After watching the videos Stale apparently identified we needed defenders, what happened on that front, well not much, but we did get a player who unfortunately we have yet to see because of injuries. In reality football is a business and balancing the books, on a positive ours are no doubt well balanced so why care about results and the fans.

mark burkes left boot

Totally agree this man cannot change a game it was not working against forest we needed a big striker on the pitch(nouble)but no on comes Blake and forde they will never change a game ,yet again we let a talented midfielder go and ignore frimpong sorry but Blake,Doyle henry, edwards,stearman ,Foley,Berea,and the dreadfully lovechild of mm ward get the taxi to Ipswich please,how is it fans can see it but stale,moxey and Morgan can't roll on January let's spend,bet we don't though,utw

Northern Wolf

Solbakken. The experiment has failed. Time to cut losses now.


Stunning first half display that gave way to an unbelievably inept second. Why? What happened? Pennant offers nothing to this team. Wards "attacking" play is at best hopeful but in reality, hopeless. There is nothing incisive about this team, except Sako, who continues to impress but cannot do it all by himself. I still have faith in Solbakken and hope the tide will turn after Christmas. We must buy a decent left back. Cassidy and Griffiths back in the frame?

Lord Molinuex

Sako continues to impress?

Exactly what are you watching?

Tipton Wolves

I'm starting to lose faith in solbakken, we should never had hired an unproven manager to wolves it was a bit of a gamble made by those boobs with money in their pockets. Stale tactics didn't work in Germany why should it work for wolves.








Moxey and half the playing squad should be out the door before Stale. He is having to play mediocre players from the previous regime. Foley plays at home (presumably because he offers more going forward) Stearman away (presumably because he is considered a better defender), all this says to me is that neither one is good enough and we need someone who is. Berra is rubbish and how we can think of offering him a contract is beyond me. There is absolutely NO leadership on the park. I could go on but whats the point we can all see whats wrong. The silence from the two M's remains deafening.


IF YOU ALL HATE MOXEY.......................!!!


Thnaks Adlene 7/1 to score and the winner. I'm a lifelong WWFC fan and we should not have sold him and how come all our released/sold players come back to haunt us. Work is needed on the defence me thinks. Same defence that got us relegated says it all.




Best we order a taxi, what a mess this is and we know who we have to blame for all of this, get shot now before its to late, this guy does not have a clue


we are now reaping the seeds that were sown three, perhaps two years ago. all the players mick m brought in for the prem were simply not good enough, apart of course for the ones we sold earlier this season. Mayakoulo, millilas, hunt, hammill, the list goes on and on, where are they now, were they worth the effort of a contract? we simply have no guts to the squad. and what about all those youngsters that were gonna come on? all out on loan......... I'm confused


Blimey... I bet this one's going to be busy........



Putza Shiftin

Well Stale said it was a marathon and not a sprint. We were out of the blocks slowly and made good ground in the early stages but we are now gradually slipping down the field and are likely to be lapped by the front runners around Christmas at this rate.

Listening to Stale is also a bit like listening to a certain politician playing down the lack of growth in the UK economy and the recession fuelled by his austerity measures. Lets hope we aren't also heading for a double dip recession.


This guy is taking us down, miffed and bewildered.


Obviously this style of play does not suit the players they are not good enough, we need a new manager sack Solbakken and get an experienced championship manager in! if not we need to spend all of the 17.5 mil we got for fletcher and jarvis on new players in the January window and NO foreign players who needs to take time to blend into the squad!


Desperate, clueless, boring, unimaginative, predictable are just a few adjectives that spring to mind. Eight without a win, defensive problems still clearly evident, lacking in goals I'm afraid the obvious pun cannot be avoided - It's all become very very Stale!

Dont' make the same mistake as before Morgan, get rid sooner rather than later because I have a feeling that this manager might get us out of this division, albeit in a southerly direction.

bingham wolf

We will be very lucky to stay in this division let alone make the play offs, lets get rid of the dead wood, including the blimin board and Moxey. They are the reasons that we are in this division and going backwards rather than forwards NO AMBITION CHEAP ,CHEAP, CHEAP, PAYING PEANUTS TO UNDER ACHIEVERS. LETS GET ON TOP OF THIS. BEFORE WE SINK WITH OUR NEW STAND.

ludlow lion

sick off hearing the excuses & people sayin give stale time & we can still go up,the only place we are going with stale in charge is DOWN! SACK HIM NOW & maybe we can still save our season!


Of course, you just knew it would be the old boy, a player many of us had hoped would have been retained. In a way, as much as it halls me to see Wolves lose another match they had all the potential to win, seeing Addy, so hard done by in his time at Molineux, if we were going to be put to the sword by any Forest player, the classy Algerian ( Morrocan?) would have been my choice. And, no celebrating or mocking; he played it down completely.

As to tactics and players, nobody on Wolves, from goalmouth to goalmouth, really impressed or strained themselves to be above average. Collectively we looked lost and rudderless.

Starting to get concerned about players' appetites to work hard for their Viking leader.



over the last few weeks people have been on here giving me abuse for saying we should have stuck with mick! well i tell those people somthing,you dont even have to have the KNOWLEDGE to know that mick would do a better job of this idiot in charge now.....morgan you aint got the KNOWLEDGE but if your reading listen 2 him,SACK STALE NOW B4 ITS BACK2BACK RELEGATIONS!


hey your entitled to your view, but did you watch the football under mick over the last 2 years??

Mick was wolves manager and got sacked bcos he couldnt win football games. Thats a fact you cant seem to recall.

He is now ipswich manager. Get over it or go to portman road and

become a blue nose.

Anyway these are mostly micks players who keep playing crap week in and week out. foley,doyle,edwards,ward,stearman.


lol,did mick take us down??? no he did not! he took us 2 prem & kept us there! no he isnt greatest manager out there,but 1 thing you can say about mick's team when he was here,is they always gave 110%,can you say same now,no! the players dont give 80% they dont look like they want to play for stale,& as for the players your banging on about foley,ward,stearman etc,stale doesn't have to pick them,,in fact he trying to get another 1 of micks so called rejects berra to sign new contract!

Realistic Wolf

As I recall it was Mick who got us into this mess with his inferior tactics and players better suited to hoof and hope rather than technical ability and skill.


In the town were I was born

Lived a man who built a stand

And he told us of his life

In a scouse wonderland

We all live in Steve Morgans new museum

Steve Morgans new museum

Steve Morgans new museum


Is anyone at Wolves man enough to put Stale and his cronies on the next flight back to Norway.


Was a fan of adele when he was at the wolves, don't think he had a fair crack of the whip, by all accounts a cracking goal, at this rate we will be playing Walsall and the tripe down the road will be playing Barcelona in champions league!!! All done on a budget and playing good footie, what have I done wrong to deserve this, I will still be a single though forever

U t w


I know it's pretty grim being a Wolves fan right now but that's a bit harsh on yourself..remaining single forever!

Colin McAuley

Has a manager from outside the UK ever won the championship ? Is SS any better than MM time will tell but one thing is for sure Mr SS has to start winning or another disastrous few years in the wilderness.


I give up. Until Moxey, Morgan and Solbakken are gone we will just get the same trash served up to us every match, and the same trash served to us in the media.

I have nothing against Solbakken bar he is the wrong man for the job. I am fed up of Moxey and Morgan and want rid!!


Clearly, a serious situation that needs immediate attention. It's obvious that our management team do not have the experience to successfully function in the Championship or for that matter in the Football League. The 'brave' decisions taken by Messrs. Morgan and Moxey are irresponsible and are unfair to to most of the true fans who in the main are hard working people who have great pride in the history of their team and deserve better.

Stourbridge Dodger

Oops Div 1 here we come haha :-)

another defeat

Surely if Wolves keep fading then Solbakken needs to work severly on the whole teams fitness.

rowley wolf

absolute joke 8games without a win now & i believe it will be 9 when we meet millwall in the week,the script been written for keogh to come & score the winner.....people are saying give stale time,but its 8games now without a win,i believe we got 2 sack him now,get someone in with knowledge of the english game 2 give us a shot at making play-offs,we made same mistake last season i not getting rid of mick earlier b4 transfer window,we left it 2 late & were punished,morgan just needs 2 get off his high horse realise he's made some mistake's,1.not sacking mick earlier 2.giving tc the job & 3.giving this numpty stale the job,rumours are he has now lost the dressing room with his coaching methods,he decided we didnt need frimpong,we clearly do on performance's,fans on ere are saying oh well he's injury prone,well it would only be on loan so if he got injured we would send he back 2 arsenal,so where's the problem? the problem is stale its 8games without a win,this is the championship not prem,with the squad we have we should be wiping the floor with most of these teams....we need 2 get someone in now who can motivate & get some confidence back in the players & give them some money 2 spend in january & we might just salvage somthing from this dreadful season...you only have 2 look at sunderland last season they looked dead & buried,martin o'neil came in & saved em with same bunch of players,he motivated em,installed confidence & made them think they were unbeatable & it worked....like 2 see proven manager at club someone like curbishley,i know he turned it down last year because morgan wouldnt meet his demands,but im sure if you begged he would take it!

Realistic Wolf

Squad should be wiping the floor with these teams. I think not because it is nowhere near good enough, never was and never will be. We need fresh blood, players with technical ability. Foley, Ward, Stearman, Edwards, Berra to name but a few seem to be totally at sea and lost, then again who bought them here in the first place ??

what are you talking about....no those players are not probably good enough for prem,but they should be good enough for this league,few seasons ago with same players you mentioned,we was beating man city,liverpool,man utd,chelsea....now there not good enough 2 beat the likes of burnley,hull,huddersfield just 2 mention a few.....get real m8,yes we should move em on if we went back up,but good enough for this league,we are all at sea because manager & clueless tactics,he got defence playing that high up the pitch,simple ball over the top,& opposition have a bit of pace & we are in trouble! also you can bang on there micks rejects but stale picks them every week,even offered berra new contract,keeps telling us how important henry is,so he must see something in them....or is he mick in disguise?????

rowley wolf

what are you talking about....no those players are not probably good enough for prem,but they should be good enough for this league,few seasons ago with same players you mentioned,we was beating man city,liverpool,man utd,chelsea....now there not good enough 2 beat the likes of burnley,hull,huddersfield just 2 mention a few.....get real m8,yes we should move em on if we went back up,but good enough for this league,we are all at sea because manager & clueless tactics,he got defence playing that high up the pitch,simple ball over the top,& opposition have a bit of pace & we are in trouble! also you can bang on there micks rejects but stale picks them every week,even offered berra new contract,keeps telling us how important henry is,so he must see something in them....or is he mick in disguise?????

italian dave

totally agree with rowley wolf ,this squad should be wiping floor with most these teams,could do with a goalscorer,attacking & ball winnig midfielder & a left back tho in january! realistic wolf your going on about micks signings but stale continues to pick them!


iam so fed up with this , it is the same every week same style of play ,no quality on the bench ,strikers not scoring enough. i think stale as not got plenty of time left, unless results improve tuesday last chance i think.


Well done Adelene, always rated you. Never given a chance by Muppet and sold by Stale....their mistake and at our cost, typical Wolves under Moxey and Morgan...clueless!!

Moxey Out!!

chillo Wolf

Why make a point about Adlene and then blame Moxey? Mick didn't play him and Stale sold him. Neither of which is the fault of Moxey



Indicative of how the Club is run, they ultimately run the show and hire and fire..... time for the hierarchy to take responsibility.......Clueless!

Chillo Wolf

They do not pick the team Brighton Wolf. Couldn't agree more with Noisy, he had his chance and didn't perform consistently.

Not keen on this manager

Stale sold him yes. However he NEVER saw him play!!!!!!

So perhaps Moxey could have been involved. Think about it!!


He had lots of chances and some awful games but was popular becuase he always wanted to make something happen. To read some people on here you would think we could play 20 players in a game - Guediora and Milijas? Would that make a midfield?


"Man of the match Bjorn Sigurdarson scored his first home goal in his first Molineux start to put Stale Solbakken’s side ahead in the sixth minute" thought he took his goal well but then disappeared for the rest of the game, man of the match? That's a bit of stretch. There's a lot of talk of giving time and backing, Solbakken has spent over 10 million, fair enough some of the new players are injured, but so far Sako is quality, Doumbia started well but now he's struggling, it's a tough call to back Solbakken. How much? 20 plus million? In the next two transfer windows? So what if doesn't work? Chris Hughton for example had to rebuild Blues on scraps so 10 million for any other manager in this league is still a lot of cash and other managers could do a lot more with such a budget. I.e a Ian Hollaway or Chris Hughton, but then Solbakken needs to make his team for us to make a full judgement, but the way things are going, I can't see much of a chance of seeing Solbakken's team been put-together if we don't start to pick up points. The transition of our football philosophy is going to take years of progression like West Brom or Swansea, so right now Stale is going to pick a team to the strengths of players for the short term.

Also, although I did agree that TC needed to move on, but now, are we worser without TC? The new coach doesn't seem to be making any kind of difference so far.

Alan in Cyprus

Mark Hughes' phone number is London 1212.

Please phone on Monday.

lost wolf

oh my god, how much worse can it get. it is so depressing to support this club. on a weekend when our neihbours go third in the prem, we self distruct in front of ever dwindling crowds with a performance that was so weak and disjointed its hard to know where the next points are going to come from. i fear division one awaits us


Sorry Stale I think you have to go mate. We are getting worse. It's not like we are unlucky and losing close games.....we are awful to watch.

Wrong choice M and M.






jimmy paige

...more worn out old artefacts for the museum. Put them in the heroes section.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

For 'Crown Prince of Denmark' read CLOWN Prince of Denmark.

I read in yesterday's Scottish edition of the Daily Express that Stale is determined to get rid of Leigh Griffiths (SPL's top scorer). Just watch you ain't out the door before him squire!

Isn't it obvious by now that having masterminded 22 points out of a possible 54 - and not having one won game in eight - Super Stale is pretty well clueless about the English game, especially in the maelstrom that is the Championship. Hanging on to an early lead is vital in these tightly contested matches, and he seems to be totally inept at organising things accordingly.

Patience level down plummeting downwards, just like my beloved Wolves league position.

Hilly Briere

Why are WW such wimps? Toothless Wolves

EDward Hitler

Get this idiot manager out of our club now Morgan.He is WAY out of his depth.If you don't want to pay him off,stick him in the Museum under the "epic disasters" section with Frankowski,Maierhoffer and the Bhatti Brothers. Phone call to Alan Curbishley and Ray Wilkins required without delay.

chris h

Pick another name mate.That one is in bad taste. Along with millions of others my old man shed some blood in a foreign field,helping to get rid of that monster.


UTTER DESPAIR! poor players, poor coaching , poor manager clueless boardroom, how some of these players are still at the club is a mystery. Edwards is the worst midfielder ive ever seen in a wolves shirt how does he get in the squad?. some players looked disinterested today,were not even playing the NEW STYLE anymore Ikieme is hoofing more than ever..nevermind we,ll have the best stand and museum in league 1.and thats no joke we are heading towards RELEGATION


Can someone tell me what is happening at our beloved club. After a promising start, albeit with some flattering results we look like the relegation team of last year. Poor defending, backing off, nil creativity and second rate forwards. Oh yes, we don't appear to be as fit. Too early to panic and we must keep supporting the manager but I don't mind admitting, I think he is out of his depth. If we haven't started to improve by the end of the year ( please do not think Jez and Steve will come on white chargers with a cheque book in the transfer window) then I think he will have had enough time. And before you believers start, I'm not talking about being promotion contenders, I mean a team playing like a team to a plan.

The Flying Winger

SS: I wasn't happy with the way we defended.

So say all of us 22000 !!!!!!!

Every Week.

tesco value

20'000 fans as Forest brought 2000 fans up.

Not keen on this manager

TESCO Value.

Not the Sandwell branch! Better value at Wolves ASDA

When in Rome

The team don't have the skill to play the type of football that SS wants. We need to be aggressive and faster on the attack. This league is all about scoring more goals than the opposition. Defence again is an issue. SS you need to think about another formation. 4-4-2 isn't working, what about Sako playing behind a lone striker with wingers?


"This league is all about scoring more goals than the opposition. " thanks for that, didn't realise.

When in Rome

Well done you

Wolves 1

OMG totally lost for words, what are Morgan and particularly Moxey doing to our club. Comparing these two guys with the chaps down at the Hawthorns is like comparing platinum with pig iron, they are so much better managed than us it defies belief.

Mr Morgan,you need to wake up and smell the coffee, while you can still afford it! cause the way Moxey is managing your empire it won't be long before your working for him, It would be interesting to compare how Mr Moxeys personal circumstances compare to the clubs during his time in charge, I warrant he has fared a lot better than the club!!. Compare what Moxey has done with what's happening down the road and at Stoke ( since he left) and we have probably spent more over 30yrs than either.

It hurts me to say this as a 3rd generation fan with over 50yrs supporting the club myself but if there were 2 choices and both were right this club would still manage to get it wrong.

It has consistently managed to get every key footballing decision wrong for the last 30 years while the Albion management consistently put us to shame.

It's a catalogue of disasters from start to finish for 30+ years, the club is an absolute embarassment.

I used to wear my Wolves shirt with pride all over the world, now I'm to ashamed to wear it around the house. Following your team through thick and thin is all well and good,but if we all accepted whatever we were served up without questionning it we would still be running around in loin clothes chasing dinosaurs.

Lonsdale Mingershoes

Complete shambles Stale,it's obvious you ain't got a clue,even T.C would have done better than you.In fact you are the worse manager in the last 30 years.I will not buy another match ticket until you are gone,as i am fed up of being ripped off week after week..

Mr Morgan,you need to sort out stuff on the pitch NOT off it.

Solbakken DVD Club

Simply Embarrassing

Cairo Wolf

I fear Solbakken maybe fired before he can really put his stamp on the team. You can't play attractive possession football with 'putting in a shift' players overnight. On this form we would be lucky to avoid relegation.


That's a performance perfect for the museum, sums Wolves up perfectly...


I have to agree.

Though I thought the overall performance was poor.

Edwards, Foley & Pennant were especially poor, personnally I'd stick with Forde over Pennant as Forde needs to prove himself, Pennant is 'pinching money' & should be sent back to Stoke ASAP.

Our Squad is woefully short of strength & more importantly, quality, even at this level!!!

Boukari is just getting himself fit for the African Nations Cup.

We need at least 3 good first team ready players in January & we need to push 1 or 2 of the so called senior pros out.

That's the harsh reality, our fullbacks are awful, dreadful & without Henry (thought he hasn't had the best start to the season) we are non existent in midfield.

I admire the way Doyle plays & his work ethic & ethics are superb, but at the end of the day he is a centre forward who doesn't look like scoring & thats a concern.

Doumbia & Sako are real finds & Sigourdson looks to have great potential.

Overall non of our departments are any where near good enough, poor fullbacks, non existent midfield & a forwards that don't score enough goals, all spell problems.

I think there are a few worse teams in this division & we should be concerning ourselves with what is happening below us before we start looking above, which is a major concern.

Struggling for positives at the moment.

Realistic Wolf

Well said Grace, totally agree with you. I actually thought it was just me who thinks the squad is not good enough. Like Stale or not I think he is on a hiding to nothing with this lot.

Farmer Ted

Doumbia and Sako flatter to deceive. Sako, despite his dead ball shooting ability, is a 45 minute player and yet his manager has stated he will leave him to do his thing despite 20k fans being able to see he's more like a Sack of spuds in the second half. ("his thing" does not include tackling back)

Doumbia looked good to begin with, but, he's started losing possession in mid field and not picking up. He was awful on saturday and along with Edwards was resposible for much of the pressure our back line was put under.

Siggedarson looks totally inept.

I am not impressed with any of Solbakken's signings.

Nouble must be live and extremely dangerous if he can't get in this side.

Pennant has created two of the best goals at home this season (v Charlton and v Forest)

Doyle was VERY lucky not to get sent off for two yellows. What the hell was that spat of petulance all about ?

The skill of management is getting the best out of what you have. We ain't Barcelona so why is Solbakken trying to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. MM should have gone long before he did, but, if he was still in charge we would not be in the position we find ourselves.


Only one good thing about today Sigurdarson, thought he played his best game for us.


Agreed. The only small crumb of comfort from the game.

Orlando Wolves

It was always on the cards that Adlene Guedioura would come back and bite us in the a**e. In my opinion he is a talented player who should not have left WWFC.

I do wish this booing would stop, it is so counter productive and it has a negative effect on the players. It discourages, rather than encourages players to do better. Yes, there are disappointed fans, but there are also disappointed players, or do the booing cretins believe they actually want to lose?




Orlando Wolves

At the moment in the 70`s - 80`s during the day....50`s at night.

I realise I am one of the few here today, but I still believe SS will get it right, but that will take time. Unfortunately he has been derailed temporarily by injuries to some key players.

At the moment though, doom and gloom rules after a disappointing result.



Couldn't agree more.


Well said! booing doesn't solve anything just makes things worse..It is frustrating but please don't boo or if you do wait till the end when it doesn't affect the match.

Ashmore Wolves

Mr Morgan Ive got £10 here with your name on it, all you got to do is go and take Mr Moxey with you, Ill get rid of Stale and his German jinx bloke and take all of the club runnings on myself. Ive got an excellent record of taking a poor championship team on, replacing all the players and going on to win the Champions league. If Fifa 13 was real life im your man (lets face it I couldnt do any worse!)

one wolf

These players dont deserve to wear the shirt they should be ashamed off themselves and as for stalebacon ........... Div 1 next season you just watch.


Where's the money gone????

Scott not a happy wolf!

Wot was that today bought 4 tickets for billy wright cost me £120 and had to watch that. Mr Morgan do you even care about this club. Wot can us fans do we turn up week in week out but the plAyers quite obviously don't!! We can not play how mr s wants us to need a big rethink and fast!!

Bloxwich Phil

Enough is enough ! Mr Morgan, you have made a monumental mistake in appointing this Norwegian gentleman as manager.

He could not cut it in Germany with Cologne, getting them relegated, and at this rate will take us to the third level of English football.

The type of football he is trying to play will not work, even in the championship, and soon the crowds will drift away because watching paint dry will be more entertaining, and at least you can be in the warm doing that !

Our Chairman, over the last 2 years, has lost credability. Keeping the previous manager far too long,(he should have gone immediately after the second premier season), finally sacking him at the wrong time. Appointing Terry Connor was comical, but this guy might talk a wonderful game and have all the theory in the world, but it is time to admit it is not working.

Time to face the facts, we are in serious trouble.

Mr. Morgan, do not repeat your mistake on the previous manager, you were far too kind to him. Act quickly or next season the supporters of Walsall and MK Dons will be admiring your new stand.


I think that the time has come to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!It is not just the results that are disappointing,it is the performances!While he has made some useful signings,I think that Stale is trying to change Wolves style of play with mainly the same old deadwood who failed miserably last season.IT IS A NON-STARTER!When he was appointed in May he took back to Norway the 38 videos of last season's matches.He failed to act on this and made the big mistake of trying to rely on those who failed last year.Some of these players should have been cut adrift during the close season.The supporters knew it,why didn't he see it?The time has come to make changes.ie.through the New Year transfer window and from the young players.This will entail spending money from the profits made by transfer sales at the beginning of the season and parachute money.THis should have been done at the beginning of the season.This is the time for Morgan and Moxey to prove that they are committed to this great club of ours.I must admit,i have my doubts.


How 2 men have destroyed an up and coming premiership football team

go help us please

Carolina Wolf


Nick Pearce

Too many ball watchers & the defence what can you say................................really no better than the MM days. I think the club owner has a lot to answer for and Jack Hayward must be regretting selling the club to Morgan


Please Jez, enough is enough and you have now damaged the club I love more than enough. Please, please go. Please show us the same kindness you showed Stoke and maybe we will have the same fortune they had when you left. Please Jez go, go now!


watched the dvds,then why is 50 % fo the defence still playing?????


....it is not working, get a real manager in! Get Moxey Out!


Afraid if this continues Stale doesn`t have that much time.Board may want it but lose fans than he will be gone

colehill wolf

I am fast running out of excuses for our new manager but at the end of the day apart from 3 of todays team the rest of them are so called super mick and clipboard Connor rubbish they left behind,and we are missing the suspended Henry thats not STS fault. Today I thought Doyle was a complete waste of space and was very lucky not to be a third red card in succession,come January money must be made available or I can see a game at my local club Bournemouth beckoning.

Mens Wolves

Those 'rubbish players' managed to win this poxy league last time round.

Knew in the summer when SS went on about Barcelona that we were stuffed.

Deluded talk, but just the sort of modern nonsense that would impress a non-football narcissist like Morgan.

Unfortunately, you can't just wave a wand and make a player something they're not so any chance of success would have required wholesale player changes.

If Morgan was prepared for that level of investment Curbishley wouldn't have turned us down and SS would be scratching around for a job back in the Norwegian back-waters.

The Championship is the fourth biggest league in Europe, ie the world.

This guy is so inept even if he took over at the Nou Camp he'd struggle to make Barcelona play like Barcelona.

Arkansas Wolf

Pathetic - team is in complete meltdown. No belief, passion or talent left in most of them. This shambles will take years to rebuild and we should hope for a relegation free few years and a lot of investment ON THE FIELD to get us back in contention.


Always going to happen - all ex-players score for fun against us. Next games Millwall 0-2 winners at Blackburn & Bristol City 1-3 winners at Middlesbrough - it sure bodes well


PLEASE just get rid of Edwards!!

Fozzy Bear

Solbakken has already raised the White flag. He says he cannot get the team playing to his style until next August. Abramovich wouldn't have given him until the end of this August, just gone.

He is a man totally without Championship nous and should be sent back to the Danish league division two ASAP

Tell Ipswich we made a mistake and can we have Mick back.

I travelled home on the train with a lot of

disgruntled Wolves supporters and it seemed many won't be at the Millwall game. Me neither.

Put that ridiculous north bank stand on EBay Morgan along with nincompoops like Sir Billy Tripe and Petenuts

Totally fed up

Mr Solbakken says he sold Guedioura even though he had never seen him play or spoken to him because he was getting Doumbia who is a better player. That just about says it all as far as this manager is concerned. As soon as the team is announced and you see a back line of Foley (or Stearman), Berra, Johnson and Ward you know the writing is on the wall. It is no secret that Wolves are diabolical defensively and have been for some time but still they persist with the same awful quartet, it really does beggar belief.

The whole team is not fit enough to last 90 minutes, but then again who is fitness coach, none other than the player who had the nickname Mr Sick-note in his playing days. By the way does anyone know where the new German coach hangs out, it is certainly not on the training ground.


TFU - I disagree. Our problems lie squarely with the midfield playing too deep which is why we create no chances for the forwards. How many shots on target did we have on Saturday?. Edwards did nothing but drag the central midfield deep all game and then Stale decides to bring on Davis and we had two of them playing in a corner with Ward. Our problems started this season when we lost Boukari and Peszko. Look at the options Stale has in midfield - nothing.


Hope Wolves are talking to Mark Hughes from Monday


i agree would be good as available, but we all know that that would cost club both in SS compensation and he would invest in decent expensive experienced players to replace those who have no heart in the club or just arn't good enough.

Can you really see M+M spending that extra money to satisfy the fans, when it reduces his investment.?

Also i would add if Wolves were changing, i would do what should have been done 2 years ago and appoint the Wolves Fan who did the business yesterday Shaun O'driscoll!

Allan Done

Managers have been sacked for better than this rubbish.

paul davo

Wake up steve morgan and smell the decay thats set in, big clubs like chelsea do not mess around sack him now and get somebody in before xmas dont make the same mistake as last year and let the transfer window pass for the new manager, eight games no wins, League 1 looks closer than the Prem take a look at Leeds, Forest,and Sheffields two clubs, it will happen if you put your head in the sand, We fans have been there before , RED ALERT MR MORGAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Think you might be missing a trick here. They will keep him until after the transfer window without sanctioning any expenditure, possibly sell Sako, and then sack him in February and appoint Tony Daley as Manager.

Looking forward to next season's relegation battle in League 1.

Bhattti Brothers would be envious of this sophisticated version of their attempted scam.


Dear Wolves Fans

What the hell are Morgan and Moxey doing with our football club?

It is unbelievable how these two are allowing the Wolves to plummet. I find it incredible that despite recouping incredible sums in Sky money, season ticket and player sales, only a small percentage of it has been reinvested in the playing side.

The bungling twosome have recruited a manager and coaching staff with no experience of the English game. They have compounded this by buying or loaning players who have never played in England before against a background of trying to play in some kind of 'new way'. The net result is visiting clubs cannot wait to come to Molineux as exhibited by Forest's carefree style today. After the McCarthy / Connor fiasco this really takes some believing.

They tried to survive in the Premiership on the cheap and now they are doing the same in the Championship, it's a disgrace.

Build a team not an asset base for God's sake !!!!

Contrast this with our friends in Sandwell who have also been building. The difference is the guy with his hand on the Sandwell tiller is making consistent, thoughtful football based decisions at every level of the club and guess what?, they are 4th in the Premiership and improving. Two years ago they were in the second tier and we were the premier club, it's shocking.

If the owner and CEO were to truly compare their performance against that of our once fierce local rivals they would surely hang their heads in shame. Whilst Peace has invested in footballing infrastructure, enlightened coaches, football development staff and an effective mix of overseas and domestic players our owner has built a white elephant stand, demolishing a perfectly good one in the process and shamefully neglected the team while he was at it.

Lord knows what Sir Jack thought during his recent return. Part of his legacy to the people of Wolverhampton ripped down and replaced by a Northern property developer at the expense of the team.

Sat watching the game today I felt disgusted at what I was witnessing.

Solbakken seems a decent enough guy who's doing his best but the bottom line is, he shouldn't be here. This is Wolverhampton Wanderers, the team has always resembled the fans, we are what we are, hard working, basic and proud. We are not some new footballing force destined to re-shape the way football is played. It's so pathetic, I can hardly believe it.

The real tragedy is that I can't see it changing or improving. It seems there is much more building to be done but sadly it appears none of it will be on the pitch.

The arrogance of the board and the senior managers is astounding. I really do believe that they think they have done a good job with our club. Moxey's recent 'it could get worse before it gets better' comment is indicative of the untouchable status he obviously has. Any other business leader would be out of a job now in the real world.

Finally, I watched Guedioura's 25 yarder fly in today and wondered why he had never been given a proper opportunity at our club before we cashed in rather than offer him a new contract. I then watched David Davis playing in our midfield and things became a lot clearer, hence this rather pointless letter.

Pathetic, just pathetic.


A Fantastic Level Headed Summary

'We wont do an Albion' boasted Moxey

Oh how they must envy us, with our CEO who is in the top 5 paid in Football!

Oh how Stoke have struggled since his Icelandic vison, left them marooned in Footballs no mans land

'Not for a Novice' gloated Moxey a few Hours after sacking MM.

More than a decade after Moxhito arrived,, he has proved time and time again, that HE is the real Novice..albeit a very expensive one.

Mullet Head

oh dear,it's a monz!! i would be very happy to be in the top half of the of the table come Jan 1st........poor old Wolves fans,is there any good news coming from the club at the minute? Will there ever be any good news??????????..........looking for sedatives at the minute,anyone who's on here that punts;lump on Keogh to score at any time in the Millwall game Tuesday night.


You stupid morons. It's your fault.

If it hadn't have been for your small minded ignorant rants, we would have had Steve Bruce , a manager with experience of the British game. Instead we have a Scandinavian root vegetable who can't spell Bisto

Thank you, thanks a lot

You know who you are


I know I'm not one! Think I said at the time couldn't see what was wrong with Bruce!


To be honest I think Moxey made something out of nothing on that one, a few did not want Steve Bruce, but a lot more would of took him over an unknown Solbakken. In a sense it is like someone saying have this nice cheesecake, and you say sorry I am a bit full, then you are force fed some stale brad pudding instead which makes you sick. We never had the option to moan over appointing Solbakken before, if we did there would of been a lot more complaints than there was for Steve Bruce.


What a load tosh.So the the fans make the decisions eh ?



Bertie, Like you I thought Bruce was the best available,but the decision not to appoint him was down to Morgan and Moxey,influenced by player power who wanted Connor.When you pay £1.2m a year for a Chief Executive you should expect the right judgement calls to be made.That is sadly lacking, and along with the owner ,the buck must stop with them.

York wolf

Totally agree


Stale first job on Monday is to gag the players from talking to the press. In days of old when Wolves were gold the captain talked to the press only. They need to use this time to train as obviously something is clearly not right.

Jermaine Pennant has he done anything worthwhile yet!

There is a sinking feeling happening


So, Wardy? Do you still think we can 'do a Reading'? Or are we on the way to doing a Portsmouth?

A shockingly bad second half after a very exciting first half. Where to now, Stale? You have your work cut out.


How can this joke carry on? What is the Chairman doing about it, or his ne more interested in building houses on training pitches.

The team need leadership and experience ,

Albrighton Wolfie

Solbakken is not the man, get rid of him he has no Idea about English football. Morgan and Moxey have put the wrong man in again.....just like Clipboard last season, who was the worst manager in premier history.

Sadly Harry Redknap is no longer available.

Luke Wolves Fan

The run of form is a massive worry for any Wolves fan, but I think most of the more intelligent amongst us (yes there are some) always knew this would be a transitional season, if we went straight back up this season I am guessing we would be immediately relegated again.

It will pain a lot of fans to admit but we have to follow Albion's blue print, playing good football staying true to those principals, not spending any money, I think £10m in 3 seasons? And sitting 3rd in the table, ok they wont stay there but they are already as good as safe and we haven't hit December yet.

There is so much dead wood at Wolves at present, in the close season a squad of approx 26 there were 6-8 I would have kept and 3 of those we sold. I would have transfer listed the entire squad to try and get rid of as much of the rubbish as possible or even released many on free transfers.

I am also disappointed Stale hasn't looked to play or involve more of the good youngster and seeing Zele loaned to MK I have mixed feelings, is this a view to him coming back into the first team squad or is it the start of a series of loans for the lad that eventually see him leave and come back to haunt us?

kel bloko wolf

Get cash out mr morgan.defense not got a clue.get striker back from.hibs


What a shambles.

Stalle is trying to turn it around with a new system which needs time.

At present it looks as if the players either can't or won' take it on board.

The fans should be patient as it will take time for him to bring in his own players.

If it goes another 2 games without a win, then the team is in real trouble .

What about a punt for Roberto Di Matteo

Taxi SS+Morgan

Daniel Rae Wwfc

Brill ad

spanish ray

I am getting a little concerned with this tendency to fade out of games.It has been happening too long now and puts a question mark in front of the management team and the players fitness both mentally and physically.Something has to be done and quickly.Moxey and Morgan have to wake up and put the money in place for,not one,but two or three new ,good players and we must get rid of players such as Berra,Stearman,Edwards and send Pennant back to Stoke,he in particular is only here for the money.Wake up you two M`s we are going down fast.


Stale didnt even bother speaking to Gedioura before selling him on ... once again, we're all asking what DVDs he supposedly watched. Ward and Berra getting new contracts, a clearly fit Frimpong allowed to go to our rivals, these are ALL big Stale errors.

Have heard talk from fans of "January recruitment" but if we've offered all the defence new contracts we clearly arent looking to bolster this dpt. Sure It take time to instill a new mentailty and style of play, but it will all be for nowt if we are trying to train donkeys. I can easily see us bringing in no one in Jan, or some cheap reject, and the same BS pumped out from Stale, Jez and Steve .... It's time for us all to start asking, where all the money has gone.

League 1 boys and girls, is not out of the question, and it certainly wont affect Morgans asset stripping of the club.

No commitment. No Talent. No Investment.

Orlando Wolves

".......Morgan asset stripping the club"

Really? A reality check needed here.

Were you around in the 80`s when the Bhatti brothers were in charge? If not, look it up, because that was asset stripping. Those days were the darkest moments in my 50+ years of supporting this club.

To suggest that Morgan is asset stripping is utter drivel.

North Norwegian Viking

Siggy had an OK apperance, Bakary also.

But i noticed Doumbia slows down all the rythm, he must speed up a bit and send the ball forward. To much sideways and everything stops.

When the window opens we have to spend - at least one class striker, one class midfielder - and i dont have to mention defence.

If not, relegation. And those of you that still talking about promotion - get real. Its time to build a squad now.


This is not good enough.

It is not good enough that those in charge of making the football decisions at the club have got in so badly wrong so many times in the last two years. Morgan inherited McCarthy as a manager and enjoyed early success as a result. But in terms of the decisions he has made (along with Jez) he has repeatedly got it wrong:

1. By keeping MM in the job when we had avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth after the second year in the Premier League. It was clear to many that we had reached a cross roads at that point. That was the time to say thanks to Mick for the excellent job you have done to get us out of the Championship, but we need to develop in a different way now we are here. We should have had evolution to better players / style rather than the revolution we need now.

2. Not investing enough in the first team squad in the following close season (and in other transfer windows).

3. Then, keeping MM too long a year ago (was it really only a year ago?) when our early start had led to an autumn slump.

4. Deciding to keep MM until after the January transfer window, and then the (still) unbelievable decision of appointing TC as a sign of panic. As a result (a) we went down meekly (b) we were not even building for the future as it was clear that TC was not the long term answer. The fact that we effectively surrendered in February has partly led, in my view, to the hangover of this season.

5. Then appointing a manager with no experience of English football. Keeping TC for a bit. And MM's scouts. It was obvious all of MM's backroom team would go at some point. Then, appointing a assistant manager (with no experience of English football) and a coach (with no experience of English football).

6. Signing players (with no experience of English football) who were, by and large, unlikely to contribute from day one. Query whether these were all spotted by the new management team or MM's scouts. As a consequence we have the same defence that played last season, and apart from Johnson, for the three years prior to that. We have a midfield then doesn't function as a unit and cannot control a game or create chances, and three forwards (with one - SEB - hardly having played for three years)

7. We now have a manager who preaches the mantra of possession football. Yes, it is good to have the football. But you need to create chances and score goals. There is no end product to our play.

The argument that people make is that the players we currently have are not good enough to play the Solbakken way. Well, (a) that should probably have been clear to anyone who saw us in the last few years (with experience of the English league) (b) if we had appointed the long term manager in February he would have had chance to assess the squad last season rather than now and bring in more players over the summer.

The issue of most concern now though is that Solbakken is not getting the most out of these players. If you compare our players, man for man, against most other teams in the Championship, you would probably choose more of our players than the opposition. Whereas MM often used to get every last drop out of his players, Solbakken does not. If they are not up to playing his way yet, then compromise and find a way that gets us results now.

The fact that we did not think it right (given our injuries and poor form) to bring in another loan player this week is troubling and may be indicates, again, a lack of knowledge of English leagues and contacts with other managers.

I am sure that within the next week or so Jez will come out and say (again) that things may get worse before they get better, and that both he and Morgan have faith in Solbakken. If so I really hope they are right and that they are backing the right man. Otherwise we will end up wasting the financial advantage we have over most other teams with the parachute payments on more 'maybe' players from Europe.

Given the number of bad decisions made in the last few years I am far from convinced.


what is going on at wolves we are putting money into aground that we dont need why not put the money into building a team first.the board dont no what they are doing the manger dosnt no what is doing sack im be for its to late again and get some one in who nows what hes doing


Why or why does this happens to wolves? Love the club to death. Somebody help!!. Fed up


We need a leader on the field. An inspirational figure such keen or Robson. Someone who can make the team tick and fight to the death. Currently we are leaderless and look lost. There's no gameplan it seems. The defense is too slow, midfield too lightweight and no cutting edge up front. There's a total lack of direction and creativity. Stearman,Edwards, Foley, ward, Doyle, ebanks Blake, Berra - are either for some reason genuinely STILL not up to speed or cannot cut it any more. Actually to most eyes, they are obviously not suited to the passing game. Either they improve drastically and quickly or we will get relegated because unfortunately, they are the best we've got. There's no- one else. It's no good thinking that we have great kds that can step in because surely stale is closer to them than the fans so can see if they are ready or not

george corbett devonshire

does mr M&M and you can now include SS know what they have done to me and possibly thousands of other fans BY RIPPING OUR HEARTS OUT,AND IT WON<T BE LONG BEFORE THEY TEAR OUT OUR GUTS ASWELL.

Weybourne Wanderer

I thought managers were supposed to earn their corn with the half-time team talk. Goodness only knows what Solbakken must be saying to the players during the interval. Once opposition managers realise that Sako is our only creative outlet and shut him out of the game, we have nothing to offer. Avoiding relegation must be our priority now, even at this stage of the season.

Tasmanian Wolf

It's all a bit dire at the moment innit?


This aint going to work..Need some drastic action!

Not keen on this manager

Another absolute classic comment from the illustrious manager of our GREAT CLUB.

I quote:- "We looked like a team that has not won for a while"

Just thought I would point out Mr Manager??? It is EIGHT MATCHES!!!!!!!!


stale out ,i did back him now time to go ,bring in mark hughes .

spanish ray

I was prepared to give this manager time to turn the club round but,once again,we seem to have a manager who can talk the talk but cannot fight the fight.This business about taking time to change is ok but is not working.The way we fade out of a match is happening too often and should have been sorted out by a proffessional manager by now.Sorry but I think it`s time for big changes at the Wolves starting with Morgan,Moxey and the manager.Morgan and Moxey just do not have a clue on how to run a football club and they do not give a toss about the fans which has been obvious for some considerable time.Sell the club Morgan and get out taking the club accountant with you,we really need someone who cares about this club as much as the fans do.


Sadly, it looks like SS is totally out of his depth.

We gave the same defence we went down with, only Foley has deteriorated.

Forest cut through our defence far too easily, there is next to no tackling, just backing off all the time.

We are very poor and could easily go down.

As poor as it is looking, I don't think there is anyone available that I would want!

Sir Billy Quite

Why is Stale out of his depth? when everyone agrees that the 'MM' players are not good enough? he has the task of rebuilding the squad, it won't happen overnight.

Or do the Wolves fans now think that these players are good enough?

You can't have it always........this season will be a right off whilst we rebuild. We need at least 5 new players in the next transfer window after which we can start to judge Stale and his new backroom team.

Orlando Wolves

Agreed, patience needed at this time, not wholesale changes and panic measures.

Row Spalding

Yet another clueless performance and and a load of Rubbish glad i did not go and saved myself around 90.00 including petrol.

At this rate we will be in League 1 next season which is looking the most we can get out of this shower of players, we need to get rid of most of them in January followed by our so called CEO Moxey what a wate of space he is he should have gone when MM went.

markie b

The most embarrassing pile of drivel I have ever witnessed.... Get solbakkken out now before its too late.. His tactics are not for the championship and neither were they for the bundesliga he needs to go now!! All you happy clapping morons can sing his praises when you are making an away trip to Carlisle United!!!!!!!!!!!'!


Today I witnessed the near death of wolves.We are on the brink of collapsing altogether.The Support this club gets is absolutely magnificent and they don't deserve it.West bromwich Albion charge far less and they are treated wonderfully well by there club and they may even get champions league football.Am I jealous too flipping right I am.I am a season ticket holder and an away season ticket holder and I don't want to come to games cos our boring inept style of football.Our chairman and chief executive have much to answer for and I mean much.It's killing me to right this cos I loves the bones of my club.Stale isn't innocent in all this.Again the fans deserve so much better in a manager,and he has to be English.So the damage to our club will be so bad that we may never recover.Now our chairman has stripped us of our dignity our right to watch decent football and more importantly of everything that was of value he will cast us aside and sell what is left.Us the fans

want our club back didn't they realise the best comedy duo are no longer with us (Eric and earnie) but these pair are trying their best to make wolves a joke.Morgan,MOXEY and sad to say it Stale out and wolves will start to breath again. Sir jack if your listening ths club anit the same without you and we will forever be in your debt.morgan has no ambition and backbone MOXEY well it's all about the money.more importantly these pair don't give a monkeys about the club or the fans where you sir jack YOU DID.

Norway Wolf

The same players who failed us last season are failing us again!

Until Ståle can buy a better quality of player we are stuck with the same failures, the hoof-ball players bought by McCarthy.

A manager should not have to teach players the basics of the game, but that is what is happening at Wolves

If the Wolves board don't release money in January to provide us with some players who don't need coaching for the basics, then I believe that Solbakken will resign, rather than be made the scape-goat for the mess that Moxey has made of our beloved Wolves. Moxey made a mess of Stoke as well, and they fired him. Look where they are now and no Stoke fan will say a good word for Moxey, other than they are glad to see him making a mess of Wolves as well!


positive for me is that Sue is finally waking up to the fact that Wolves are badly run. If it goes on like this we might just

have enough fan power to force some changes through.

The biggest handicap this club has is Moxey. This guy has to go.

The appointment of Stale is an absolute shocker. The only decision worse in Wolves recent history was the appointment of

Terry Connor.

The club needed to hold on to it's best players and re-build it's defence and it never happened.

In fact it got worst. We sold our best players and didn't do anything with our defence.

We need to get rid of Henry, Foley, Stearman, Ward and Berra in January . If we don't we will go down. I have said for years

that these players are league on quality and sadly, I was right.

We need to start protesting , there's millions sitting in bank accounts and now is the time to start spending otherwise the gap

between Wolves and the premiership will be unbridgeable and it will be another 30 years before we reach the prem again.


Glad I'm a positve for you, you're right of course I'm losing faith with everything, not much to say! what can be said, I was so disappointed on Saturday but it soon wore off, probably because I'm used to being disappointed, Another match tomorrow night it's like hell.......but I'll still be there like the fool I am.


Woe is us

As we miss the bus

Of promotion

How to mine

Our devotion

Mad love of

Gold and Black

Museum in place

Stimulus to look back

In anger

We feel

You Morgan

Must step forward

Stimulate our growth

Remove the sloth{fullness}

Of arthritic snails

Cologne that pails

Into decay

Soon time to crack{en}

The whip

4 Solbakken

Inject the cash

No excuses

No hash expected

As we struggle


Calm whilst dejected


Pretty terrible performance from the boys yesterday against what was an incredibly poor Forest side, in particular the Second Half where neither team looked like they were able to really do anything. I do not agree with the people calling for Solbakken's sack as this would only prove to be a complete waste of time as i cannot see many managers of real quality wanted to come to the Wolves with the obvious inability of a majority of our players. Central midfield in atrocious, Edwards is tripe and Doumbia who appeared early in the season to offer something interesting and a bit of drive and creativity looks like a player afraid to try anything other than shy away from challenges and pass the ball across the field and no real pace, slowing down all forward play. Defence is obviously a problem that has existed for some time and doesn't really make sense as to why it hasn't been properly addressed. In terms of upfront, Sigurdarson presents something of a hope i believe if he is given time and service and a strike partner with who he has some sort of rapport and who can similarly offer a threat.

To achieve this the key is a midfielder with a creative spark, something that we severely lack and desperately need if we want to get even a reasonable finish this season. Sako can be good but a majority of the time he is a disappointment maybe surrounded by some players with quality he can become a truly devastating player in a league plagued by relatively poor defences with little speed of which he has enough to threaten them with.

Plus whoever did truly believe we could be promoted was having a laugh, look how bad we were last season and now with a new manager and our 'best' players gone we never stood a chance. We also wont go down, Wolves are a team that need rebuilding and if that takes a few seasons then who cares, live with it so hopefully in the future we can what West Brom are doing now rather then just go up and embarrass ourselves even more than we did last season with a set of players who in all obviousness are obsolete to what we need


Oh well................at least Albion won..........again


yes you did, well done, when's the presentation?

Staales syrup

Can see some promising football when we play. Siggy is a very good striker and needs a decent partner. Sorry but come Jan 13 I would be offloading SEB Doyle as well as most of the defense. Foley is too light weight and go shoved off the ball more times than i can think. If SM and JM do not bring in better players then we are doomed.

It is desperate times now and we need to look at loans.

Cannot believe how well the tesco's are doin!!!!!!!

Compared to us we are the arse kicking numpties now. Why did they sell Adlene look what he did and can do!

If he was still here with Doumbia that would be a great midfiled but hey ho back to the real world.

Without a doubt this squad are NOT promotion challengers and i am sick of players like Ward and Edwards making stupid ridiculous claims in the E&S about what may come about. Asolute rubbish!

22,000 gate and dropping! Sorry but cannot afford to waste money any more and will opt to choose what games to go to from now on. Winter coming and am not on the inflated salaries of underperforming premaddonas.

Ta ta!


Something is seriously wrong at Wolves every excuse in the book has now been given as to reasons for failure at its best. No committment to bring in quality players in on loan Emmanuel Frimpong straight into Charlton line up, somebody must have thought he was fit enough to play. But not fit to play at Wolves according to someone at Molineux

Is this playing with the pounds shillings and pence at the Molineux, the lad wanted to come to the Wolves, time will tell look who scored the winner on Saturday, Wolves did not want Adelene and have turned away from Frimpong at the moment probably too late someone will snap him up.

Nobody in their right mind is going to consider a move to Wolves in its current position in the Championship league, a sorry state of affairs and completely not fair to those loyal supporters and people of Wolverhampton who spend hard earned money, a total sham?

Wolf Blast

Monday's E&S Headline - SS puts his hand up and says it was his fault.

Tuesday's E&S Headline - Players put their hands up and say it's our fault.

Wednesday's E&S Headline - Morgan meets with Wolf Blast

In an exclusive to E&S Steve Morgan assured Wolf Blast at a private meeting that by the end of January the back four will be replaced with a quality mix of youth and experience and that by the start of next season new midfield players - with ball skills - and two new quality strikers will be added to the squad. Morgan also gave reassurance that nobody else earning over £10,000 per week will ever put their hands up again. "They are well paid to do a job and will get a good bonus when we get promoted with the exception of those who consistently get sent off when it matters."

Morgan and Moxey both agreed to put their hands up and get off the bus if they don't deliver.


Time is running out. Stales priority must be to pick up some points or else we will be in freefall by the new year. In our current situation we will now really see if Stale is up to managing in the championship. I hope Stale can turn things around, but, if not, I think the board should sound out Ray Wilkins.


Hurting, like everyone else. I see Frimpong started for Charlton and got 65 minutes under his belt. Nothing else of interest to add.


Well, where to start, what made me realize their is no team spirit, and may be, just may be, players are not trusting STALE, was when Forest had a player stretchered off, 5-6 Forest players came over to there manager and was wanting instructions on the game arms were pointing Forest players nodding and LISTENING to instructions. However, WOLVES players were all stood in some shabby form of position HANDS ON HIPS, not even acknowledging STALE, Now that tells me something is wrong?


surely we will break a new record for the club on the worst run in this division in stale we trust


Bring back clipboard!!! Oh the aggro being a wolves fan, it's worse than a soap opera

U t w

Paget Arms

If SS isn't relieved this side of Xmas we could be In serious trouble , It's not Rocket science !

Gordon Bennett

Heroes? What heroes? Oh those that are in the museum, because I don't see any on the pitch. I don't see any ability from anyone to make a sensible decision on footballing matters. Stale never spoke to Adlene before he sold him, why not? Moxey whispering in his ear? We don't need Frimpong, why not? Moxey not prepared to take him and get him fit. Are Arsenal going to loan out an unfit player? An impressive debut for Charlton I hear. Zele goes out on loan when we keep the dummy Pennant who will never take a man on on the outside which is what a winger should do. Griffiths may be a nasty little chap but he knows where the goal is which is more than Doyle does. Oh I forgot Stale wants to sell him asap. Why buy Nouble and never play him? Hammill has gone off the rails but Mick and now Stale have derailed his career by not giving him a chance. Our only fit reserve left back is out on loan and Ward looks knackered already and it is only November. Edwards, oh don't get me started.

I do not know what the heck is going on but the focus should be on the pitch not off it. Morgan and Moxey you make my blood boil you are so inept. If we were mid table and competing we could be patient but we are heading south and there isn't going to be time for the Stale revolution unless we can get some quality in January and bin some of the rubbish.

Sir Billy Quiet

Given that so many posters (and most Wolves fans) have said that Wolves players such as Berra, Ward, SEB, Edwards etc etc are not good enough and that MM had lost the plot letting in players like Guedieora go out on loan is it any surprise that the team are struggling now?

SS has bought in some good players and has been unlucky with injuries but he is still stuck with those players that everyone agrees are short of the quality needed, is that his fault?

Could he have reasonably expected that Doyle and SEB would have made a strike force good enough for the Championship?

We are short of players in every position and as SS has had only one transfer window that was curtailed due to the drawn out transfers of Jarvis and Fletcher it is difficult to be over critical.

Unless he scraps 4-4-2 and starts playing 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 we will continue to struggle and if we do not make at least 5 signings in January SS, Jez and Mr Morgan will lose my support.

English Exile

5 signings hahahaha.

Doubt if you'll get any and even If we do it won't be until the last day of January when another month has been wasted.

Moxey's track record in the January transfer window is poor, very poor.

UNTIL YOUR BELOVED MOXEY leaves we will not move forwards.

( Never mind we are solvent)

Sir Billy Quite

English Exile - my beloved Moxey? or your knee jerk hate figure?

You are never happy, never have been, never will be - you moaned even when we won promotion to the Premiership and moaned throughout those seasons in the Premiership.

Every thing that you say on these posts is designed to undermine the club - maybe you prefer blue @ white strips....

English Exile

Sad boy...... never mind wait till January then tell me i'm wrong....


english exile, why is sbq sad, for supporting the club and defending them against negative hate filled people like you??

so if in january you are proved wrong, then what? are you going to admit you were wrong? probably not as thats not in your nature, is it?


Well, what can u say? I try to be positive and I played to semi-pro standard so I can sometimes see what the Mgr is doing BUT yesterday and Charlton game sreams to me we're in huge trouble. We have a slow, square Back 4 who press high up the pitch, meaning a Sunday morning ball over the top catches us out constantly. Only Foley is good enough and he's lost confidence over the past year. Johnson would be ok with a pacey CB alongside. Our midfield loses 70% of 50/50 ball and they cannot see a pass other than backward or sidewards. and our forwards are too deep, meaning no threat up front. I lost count of how many times Sako was higher up the pitch than our forwards. We need a CB, Left back, new CM next to Dumbia (who needs to be told just how good he is) and a CF who likes being in the 18 yard box. As we are, we're in huge trouble. Leeds, Man City, Forest, all been in Div 1, could be us next. Hope not


its not stales fault the fault lies with the morgan and moxey stale was appointed by the two ms and they are pulling the strings its a well known fact in football the chairman and chief ex does not get involved with the playing side of things and its clear that the two ms do and they do everything on the cheap wolves will never be a force in the top flight in the english premier league with morgan and moxey in charge its a waste of time spouting moxey out morgan out on this forum it needs protests outside the molineux and the attendances to go down before morgan will wake up and put this once massive club back were it belongs if he cant do that then he should step a side and let someone else but its only the above mentioned that will achieve that


Okay, here"s the deal Moxey. Your Mrs can keep supplying the pies for the fans at home games. (Mind you, the way things are going, there won"t be many pies to sell!!) You leave the club (which you should"ve done 5 years ago) and we bring in PROPER management and invest in the club with players rather than with bricks and mortar!! You"ll be able to go and watch your daughter play lacrosse in the knowledge that you are earning a crust (bad pun) through the wife's pies! Result!! We ALL end up happy and never have to see or hear from you again!!


Going to say sorry if I offend anyone, me, I have watched wolves for 43 years now home & away, in fact every game is an away game for me as I travel round trip 140 miles.................This is where it stops now, no-more Mr nice guy wasting my money from now on, it was the worst decision this club as ever made to appoint this guy & his sidekicks.................Morgan & Moxey if you have any idea on how the fans think you will address this sorry situation on Monday morning.....................Sort it! or you aint getting my money


from ashmore park...living in darwen.[blackburn]... went to watch millwall yesterday. keogh was very livley,,had 2 dissallowed,,was a right jack in the box,,with our shambolice defence ,,me thinks keogh to score first,,15/2 yesterday and very unlucky..gone have the days of playing good football..early seventies,,this team an'it going no-where..foley,,stearman,,ward,,berra,,match them to baily,,parkin,,mccall. to name a few,,hibbit,,waggy,,knowles,carr,doug,,richards,,,you could go on,,and on,,


Clearly at the moment the Solbakken way is not working.

Why is it not working? Beacuse he does not have the quality of players (with 4 or 5 exeptions) to play in his or any other system. As so many of us have said so often Berra, Ward, Henry, Edwards and Stearman have never been good enough for this league never mind PL, now Foley, Zubar and Ebanks Blake have joined them. Davis, Forde, Doherty, Cassidy, Reckford, Ismael etc are unproven and too inexperienced to throw into this shambles even if the do prove good enough in the long term. So it would appear that only Ikeme, RJ, Doumbia, Sako, possibly Doyle and Sigurdasson + injury absentees O'Hara, Peszko and Boukari are the only players up to the required standard and even when all fit do not give us a starting XI.

Why are we in this position?

1. Because we have not adequately replaced Fletcher, Gueardiora and Milijas. OK there was not a lot we could do about Fletcher but Milijas and Guadioura were moved on for penny pinching reasons as was the Frimpong. It has been proven in recent weeks this has left a massive vacuum in central midfield leaving the manager stuck with Edwards or Davis for central midfield.

2. Because although everyone knew that Fletcher, Jarvis and probably Kightly would depart Stale was not given funds to


Just complete my post - should end with

spend prior to their departures.


Agree with you PJB,just another point. If you were Moxey with a chairman you can continually con and on a huge salary,would you ever walk away ?,and has Morgan got the guts to sack him,somehow i doubt it Moxey and Morgan suit each others motives i suspect


They suit each other down to the ground lambwolf, mutual interest. Historically Moxey has taken most of the flak for Morgan but I think most of us have rumbled Morgan fo what he is, which being charitable is an opportunist.


I love stale,he is doing a great job taking Moxey and Morgan where they belong.

Jack Hayward must be having second thoughts now.


Roberto Di Matteo

ENY 1 ???????????.


for the first time in 30 years i walked out a good 15mins from the end,...I will not be going Tuesday, and it sums it up when ive offered my season ticket to 3 people and no one wants it for the game!!.

Every match has been so predictable its unreal, no fight, passion, quality the list goes on, as usual an ok first half followed by total collaspe in the second, I for one do not buy into Stoler or his beliefs, this bloke will take us down mark my words.



I am one of those morons as you say that didnt want Bruce, If we sack Stale tomorrow i still wouldnt want Bruce, It's the short sighted vision like yours thats the reason Wolves got relegated.

Yeah let's get Bruce,Curbs,MM,McCleish etc to manage our club? we be challanging maybe,hey we may even get promoted!! but then what? all the managers you wwant to run our club are decent championship managers and when promoted but get us relegated. We need a different direction and the squad is awful and will need major surgery to get right.

The Truth Hurts

Was at THe Game yesterday, first half was ok, if you were a neutral watching it would have been half decent to watch. The second half OH MY GOD it seemed to me he sent them out to keep a point. Anyway everybodys said it all on here already. All there is to say is ALAN CURBISHLEY


It's no good bleating now. Many of us recognised what was in store for us well over 2 years ago. The over-riding stagnant stench of Moxey and McCarthy was there for all to see yet our concerns were dismissed out of hand by the happy clapping brigade.

Well, now it's all unsurprisingly come to fruition...who are the numpties now?

English Exile

100% right.


Wolves will not go anywhere with Solbakken in charge, that is for sure so why not get rid now so new man can assess squad and deal with it accordingly in January. Have had season ticket for over 20 years but last 2 1/2 years have been soul destroying. We only have to look up the A41 to see what we could have won had the right decisions had been made at the right time.( getting rid of Mick at end of 2010/11 season) Am not looking forward to going to games any more. If Solbakken continues in office beyond Christmas then we should all vote with our feet and just not turn up. It;s the only language that will make them (Morgan and Moxey) or Crockett and Tubbs if you like, Besides, the team aint turned up to most games this season. OUT NOW OUT NOW OUT NOW. Why wait??????????????

The Real Bangkok Wolf

Who's idea was it to bring Stale in?



FEDUP Will not come again. 52 years old now sick and tried of hearing bull....


I cant believe that after falling for the over the top ball we havnt looked at how to cover it. We have fallen to this over the top ball time and time again, why play the offside trap game, I played centre half when i played and i made sure i was in a position to beat any forward to the ball should it be played long. Youve looked at the videos Stale and we are suckers for this ,move . Sort it .

Not keen on this manager

Next years Local Derbies. Coventry and Walsall. Mouth watering or what?????

Senior Wolf

I said some weeks ago that this team is not good enough.A poor set of results have followed. We have a manager who does not know English football,and a clueless owner and Chief Exec. Time for them to make a decision and get rid of Stale before we slip into the relegation zone and appoint a manager who knows what he is doing. But get some expert advice this time and get it right since neither of you appear to know one


Sorry Wolves fans, but you need to show the board that you are not going to put up with this rubbish football anymore. If you keep going to the games nothing will happen. Don't keep moaning do something positive. If you keep paying all you are doing is paying Moxey his big bonus every year. I love the Wolves and have been a supporter and season ticket holder for many years, but last season was my last because of the way they treated MM and then added insult by putting TC in charge. It became obvious that Moxey and Morgan know nothing about football


Bully 123

Fully agree Bill and Ben will only wake up when there is a mass exodus. I think they honestly believe that they can maintain 20,000+ crowds indefinitely whatever happens which ignores history if they were to look back to the eighties.

Like you I am, along term supporter mostly as a season ticket holder but now choose my matches to suit myself. I did not renew as a point of principle due to the way the Club is being run and will only reverse this decision if and when there is some serious intent shown by the owner.

As I have said before loyalty is a two way street Mr. Morgan.


what are they waiting for to sack stale its taken Di Mateo who won the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE cup and the FA cup his lost 2 games and gets the sack. we have not won in 8 now, are we waiting for the last 4 games of the seasonto sack him


I hope every post on here is read by Mr Morgan and Moxey. However, i doubt very much that this will happen as the genuine fans do not seem to have any say in matters nowadays. Feel too upset and angry at the moment to comment further as I think every post on here says it all. Even family and friends who support WBA are totally shocked and sympathetic, and NOT resorting to the mickey taking you would expect because it is quite clear that everyone in the Black country and beyond knows there is a major problem at Wolverhampton Wanderers FC. How a club that finally managed to secure promotion to the Premier and then have sufficient time to get established there, can mess things up so badly is beyond belief.

Museum - more like MORGUE!

Jack ♣ Hat.


The competition between our clubs has long gone "Sad to say" so the banter is replaced by sympathy. I for the life of me can't comprehend why Sir Jack's stadium needed altering; why wasn't that money used to build a stronger squad?. The Mekon looks like a drained force looking at his body language. He doesn't seem to know which way to turn. There is no point in the fans heckling and jeering at the matches because the powers that be remain uncommunicative, other ways to show resentment must be found to be efficacious.


Not keen on this manager

You cannot read body language from photos sunshine.

Oh sorry, it is sysick Jack. I keep forgetting he has a 3D computer.

69yr supp

new stand new training ground for sale (50+mil) 10pound outlay not bad profit

The Sheriff

Other than Sako and the occasional Sigurdason, the players are exactly the same ones that underperformed last season. The same players who can't keep possession, can't defend for their lives and have almost no flair or pace. We were not helped by some early injuries to the key new players who did give us a bright start to the season but Stale has been left to select a team from effectively last years failures. Worryingly, these players are used to losing and demonstrated no ability to get out of a slump before and now with no win in 8, the same old alarm bells are ringing.

This team needs to be broken up completely, the sooner the better. Stale needs to start finding hungry quick young players who want to learn and work their nuts off for the cause. The likes of Foley, Stearman, Berra, Edwards, Ward, Ebanks-Blake, Pennant, Davis - sorry, but if none of you pulled on a Wolves shirt again I don't think I'd miss you

We need to be really proactive come January transfer window or else I fear another relegation battle.

Barry Silkman

Seemingly devoid of a gameplan. I cannot see any tactics from the start, nevermind a plan b when the opposition on a weekly basis find us out. Not one player has been better since Solbakken's arrival, and instead they consistently looked lost, i cant see any partership that works. It is a team of individuals that rely heavily on Doyle and Sako, it very much reminds me of the Hoddle era. On occasions yesterday Forest ran from one end to the other without any of our players attempting a tackle, the defending is a joke, and whilst Guerdiora's strike was brilliant, the time he had to hit it summed Wolves up. We are in a relegation battle, we will stay up, because we actually have good players at this level, but they are individuals who cannot perform the basics of tackling, running and passing partly because the lack of a gameplan. On many occasions over the last few years the blame lay with the players, but i think the general management has been poor beyond belief.

king JRs right boot

wolves 0 millwall 1 keogh




wolves 0 millwall 1 keogh


Absolutely dire yesterday. 40 years as a Wolves fan and thats it, I wont set foot inside Molineux again until the bean counter has been sacked. He cab run a business, but he is ruining a football club! £28.00 to witness that! The players should be embarrased to accept their wages, some could not even pass the ball 10 yards! Act now Morgan or the ground will be as empty from the start of games as it was at the end yesterday, never seen that many fans leave early. Disgraceful and embarrasing!


Sorry Wolves fans, but you need to show the board that you are not going to put up with this rubbish football anymore. If you keep going to the games nothing will happen. Don't keep moaning do something positive. If you keep paying all you are doing is paying Moxey his big bonus every year. I love the Wolves and have been a supporter and season ticket holder for many years, but last season was my last because of the way they treated MM and then added insult by putting TC in charge. It became obvious that Moxey and Morgan know nothing about football or care about the supporters.

Tony t

Our once wonderful club is now becoming a somewhat joke amongst football fans, once this would have

hurt me but nowadays it does not seem to effect me, it is sad but that just shows how bad we are.

Even when results were going against us towards the end of MMs management I was always proud to

be a Wolves supporter, now I just keep a low profile

Old Man in Old Gold

If Stale is this master tactician, why at half time did he not instruct Carl Ikeme to stop punting the ball up the middle of the pitch at every opportunity. On loan from Norwich, Elliot Ward must have thought it was his birthday as he won every single headed contest from our long ball fiasco. There is just to much so very wrong on the pitch and it is sadly down to the manager and his tactics that don't work in this league. No win against Millwall and it will be time to pack your bag Stale. The experiment will be over, your CV will carry another black mark and we, the Wolves fans, will be left to resurrect ourselves from this awful start to the 2012/13 season. Finally, top tip for Tuesday night, put a fiver on Keogh to score. The winnings will brighten up a dreary December, because this boring Wolves football won't.



Newark Wolves

Roll on Tuesday......................................................................................................................and Andy Keogh !

Cambridge Wolf

So Steve, run that by me again.

You fire Mick McCarthy and then appoint his number number 2 who cannot possibly be part of the problem to avoid relegation.

Having been thwarted by bad luck with this astute decision you then bring in a Manager with no experience of the Championship.

The news breaks that the Prmier League TV contract is dramtically increasing together with the parachute payments for 2014/15 you sell our three best players for a total of £27m.

Armed with this war chest you invest £10m. on players who like, their Manager, have no experience of Championship football either in a calculated judgement to get promotion.

Steve, why did you think this would work?

Ted Farmer

Time to pay off the three foreign 'experts' Morgan and Moxey have employed to manage and coach out team - back to Norway, Dernmark and Germany you three!

Time to get a manager who can 'cut it' in the tough Championship.


If the clowns do get rid of him would anybody trust them to find a decent manager to replace him anyway

They had their chance to get a decent manager last season and cocked it up then they cocked it up in the summer again

Clueless CLOWNS


I'm seriously worried about this firefall. It looks like last season when noone understood what were happening in time.

In fact after a fluctuating but good start of season we can assist to a totally lack of self-confidence. It is due in a little part to various injuries (Peszko, Boukari over all). For the other part it is due to no aptitude to suffer from the team in general and this psychological deficiency was one the big two causes of recent relegation.

The other one (and I'm continuing to underline it) is a poor technical in the team as follows:

1) the 4 back are the same of last miserable season and we have not got a shadow of a right-back (Stearman is a centre-back, Foley is only a decent sub). At this time I think we can improve playing with 3 centre-back.

2) we have quantity but not enough quality in game vision in the middle, but we can get it from David Davis. It's only time to put him into the pitch instead of Edwards.

That is to say Davis+Henry+Tongo+2 wingers (Sako+Pennant at this moment).

3) please take a striker for the attack, someone throw it on the net (CHARLIE AUSTIN? > 16 GOALS IN 17 GAMES) or give some Weight Watchers to SEB in order to return the kind of forward he was.

Also in the mud UTW (and Stale for the time)


No midfield. Simple as. And how can players who have played with someone like Adlene stand off and allow him to shoot from 25yards plus? It's insanity of the highest order. We have numerous clueless and McCarthy/Connor brainwashed players at this club and Stale is starting to realise the enormity of the task in hand. The likes of Ward, Edwards, Davis etc only know how to play one way. And bringing Davis on was suicide. Edwards did nothing but drag the midfield deep and when Davis came on the two of them decided to play little passing triangles with Ward. And whoever made the decision not to sign Frimpong (I have a strong feeling it was Moxey unwilling to pay the wages, whatever was said "publicly" by Stale) needs the boot. Our only recent loan signing is Pennant who wouldn't get in a decent Sunday league at present. I have to admit we're in trouble and Millwall will be tough on Tuesday as they'll want to get established in the top six. Tough winter ahead.

Michigan Wolf

The players are the problem !!! Not Stale.

They turn up with their over inflated wages and again fail to show up for 90mins.

Stale's still left with a bunch of players that were not fit for the Premiership and are not fit for the Championship.

Doyle - Striker who can't strike.

Ward - Striker who plays in defense

Is it worth going on...

The best parts of the team were sold - Kightly, Jarvis, Fletcher.

Look at the scoring stats for last year - Its no wonder we can't score now.

Yes he's brought in players - but half of them are injured.

If you went to work and did a crappy half assed job - Should your manager get the boot. No you'd expect to.

Pity we can't sack half the players - or just not pay them - Then they might start trying a little harder...


Dr Thurso

Is Stole the man?

How long will the Wolves crowd suspend their discontent with recent performances in keeping faith with Solbakken’s “long-term project”? After another poor second-half performance against Forest signs of unrest are starting to surface. Throw in the prospect of something similar on Tuesday night against Millwall and his chances start to look less certain. What price the crowds’ favourite whipping boy Keogh returning to Molineux and scoring to seal another woeful performance? The Wolves old boys do have a habit of upping their game when they come back.

Let’s face facts: Division one looks far more likely than even a play-off place at the moment, let alone the Premiership. We’ve been softened up for some time with the rhetoric from Molineux that it will take time, and “maybe three transfer windows” to get the team right; but this will take us to January 2014. No one in football gets that kind of luxury these days and unless several key signings are delivered in January a fourth relegation battle in succession is a possibility.

Solbakken is close to losing the Molineux crowd and once that happens the spotlight becomes focussed on Mr Morgan, and no chairman will withstand the ensuing vitriol for very long. I said at the start of the season that by Christmas we would either be in the top six or be looking for a new manager; unfortunately it is starting to look more like the latter.

Come on Wolves we should be better than 17th in the Championship!

very very depressed wolves fan

Morgan moxey and SS ,why oh why are you ruining the club I love,will you please all leave and never darken the doors of t.he MOL ever again, shambolic,pathetic ,useless garbage is what I saw against Forest and it is disgraceful!!!

A once great english football club has been completely ruined by your incompetance

Golden Wonder

There's no doubt about it that this is getting worrying.

I'm all for giving this bloke time but we need to see some sort of improvement and at the moment this looks a long way off.

Might as well stick one of the kids in for the right wingers role and get shot of Pennant as soon as Boukari does become fit again.

Let's hope he can find a few gems in the January window to breathe some life into this team in what isn't usually the best time to buy. as players available are limited.


Wolves as a defensive unit have been poor for a few years now.Both goals were very poor to give away, defenders and midfield players not able to read the game at Championship level, full backs do not cover, midfielders who lose concentration,do not track back,have no strength or stamina.Why do wolves always fold in the second half, they looked shatterd.

Eltonjohnburger with lime x2000

Garbage.Worst Wolves side since 1985.Worst Wolves manager since 1885.This club is an embarrassment and I am now ashamed to be associated with it. Mr Morgan,you need to come down from your lofty perch and sort out this utter shambles.We are not interested in a Museum,a winebargastropub and a half empty new stand.We want a team that goes out to win.


For one I want Wolves to play in old gold again we just look like we sponsor Stabilo we get brighter each week and it's getting too far away from what we are about OLD GOLD!

Secondly we know we should've appointed curbishley its all too clear but too late. I want wolves to act like wolves not hi lighter pens!

Hugh's Currant

I read the Stephen Ward says we can do a "Reading" and push for promotion in the second half of the season. Oh really? Not with this defence, which has been sub standard for years.How many of the current team would even qualify in most Wolves fans opinoin for even a mention in the Hall of Fame in years to come?

Note to the managent of Wolves - it is not museums that provide success on the field. It is quite simply, quality players who want to play good football, and can actually play to a game plan for 90 + minutes every week. Not 45 or 50 minutes.

How many times do we have to put up with comments from the Manager like "we were good in the first half". Football matches are won or lost over 90 minutes Stale, and it is your job to ensure the players are "up for it" from the start - every game! Without that fighting spirit, Wolves are relegation fodder.

Can we now please appoint a manager who can actually understand the demands of a promotion challenge, and deliver success. It is plain to all that the Norwegian experiment does not pass the litmus test !!!

keith smith

I have followed Wolves since 1958 and I chose yesterday to make my first ever visit to Molineaux, what a mistake, they were awful and Forest were only a little better.

My biggest concern was the lack of guts in any of the challenges, and then their obvious lack of fitness. This is a team which is not MOTIVATED and for this I can only blame the manager and his coaching set up. As for a new system I have to say I couldn't see any system.

If you regular fans see this every week I tip my hat to you for your loyalty, in the mean time I shall return to watching my local team Lincoln City because at least you get 100% from these players.

I shall not return as my dreams for this team have been ruined.

PS nice stadium though.

Toronto Wolf

I will not lose faith as yet, as I am willing to give the manager, and players time to sort things out.

We are missing some key players, so, until then, I will keep the faith.

Toronto Wolf.


When will the chairman have the common decency to talk to the fans and tell them what he plans to do about rebuilding this mediocre team , the silence from him is deafening

quality counts

The problem is that Moxey and Morgan know so little about football that just don't know how to recognise a good manager from a bad one! McCarthy should have gone as soon as competant owner saw wolves were possibly going down, then they fired him with a nanosecond of the fat lady (Moxey good fit) cleared her/his throat. Then Connor? ya got to be joking! Same with Stale Bread, he will be ther until we are about to get relegated then we will move up the Mascot to lead the team to destruction...Its people running the club who have no idea, they work on the basis, if its cheap and looks like what we need, he will do...with a "hey check out new facilities! oh what a great museum!". Ya might have dough right now, but 15,000 possible ticket holders and over paid players will soon get you clowns into reality...


Moxey out! he's the one holding the purse strings and sells our best players just before start of the season.

The only decent players are the ones Solbakken's signed the rest need to go in January and as for Johnson redeeming himself..................... Dream on he is absolute garbage!


come back sir jack...............


Not sure what to make of it. I think if Stale was taking over with no existing players, he obviously wouldn't buy the likes of Ward, Berra, etc - but until January (at least) we are stuck with these poor players. The new signings he's made all look OK.

Board need to either back him in January, or sack him now. Personally I want him to stay & build a team & new style of football at Wolves. Just worry that by January we will be in a big relegation fight & i don't see any fighters (apart from Henry) in the current squad.

Orlando Wolves

I can`t disagree with your post, he has signed some useful players but unfortunately injuries have upset the apple cart.

Whilst agreeing that a re building job is needed after last seasons debacle, fans need to accept that this will not happen overnight and that there will be setbacks.

Unfortunately, we have the sack `em and boo `em brigade calling for widespread changes in the Boardroom, the Managerial and playing staff, and all of it to happen immediately. This is a recipe for disaster if ever I heard one.


to the tune of where did you get that hat

why did we sell that man why did we sell that man?

now we need another one just the same as that,

well then Mr Morgan now you,ve heard us shout

don't you think its time to get your cheque book out?

Strange world strange everything

DI Matteo for me.

It's the eighties repeating like I said. We will drop to the bottom tier then a Steve Bull type character will be signed and we will have back to back promotions to the championship where we will be for years again.

Not keen on this manager

And me!!

Percy the Wolf

Ok, this is getting a bit worrying now. What happened to the team that was doing so well just before the international break........did they just not come back to Molineux...?

Can't see us getting anything against Millwall on Tuesday either as they are looking pretty decent this season.

Still - WE ARE WOLVES!!!


as far away from the premier league as we have ever been, its already a long hard season and not half way through yet.

English Exile

Can you see where the next win is coming from??


Haven't and will not attend a single game this season, in the Championship, because we are only here due to poor management by the 3 Ms. West Brom are such a brilliant example of what you can achieve when you have a manager, owner, director, scouts and coaches who can actually do their jobs, for they are no richer than Wolves. Very sad to compare the two clubs in the current positions they occupy. Morgan needs to be taught how to run a club properly. Moxey needs to leave ASAP and once again it seems we have appointed another failure. Predicting a lower-mid table championship finish (embarrassing).

coppice wolves

Do what i did . i stopped going down . now i keep all my money and not give it to moxey

Unhappy Wanderer

Why are people raving over Sako, ok without his goals our position would be worse but his overall ability is poor! His first touch is shocking, he constantly gives stray passes can`t beat a man or defend, has no desire for a physical battle and like Tongo can`t last 70mins in the championship. Jarvis could do all those things and more and he`s half Sako`s size! As for Tongo what does he bring to the team exactly? Stale has been a disaster of an appointment and needs to go asap! It`s clear our strike force is woefully inadequate yet nothings been done during the loan window. Roll on January and a new manager.

ian clarke

Well what can I say all you got to do is keep ward Doyle And Henry in the team when he comes back seem certain to go down if you keep these three muppets get rid and bring some quality signings in January. and if we are still in the same position or lower come january get rid of Stale and bring back Ince has manager or Cardiffs manager, always said we should have kept Adlene shame Nouble and forde are being wasted now has for Johnson he should be captain again wheres the attacking ideas solbakken boring football to watch 1 goal specialists do we realise that we are the home team we need goals in this league well down to milllwall yesterday god help us I suppose Keogh will stick it up us, jusdt work on Ward my Gran would get past him has for Ikeme sign a new goalie quick and sign a decent left back has ward coudnt tie Parkins laces, sign top striker that scores week in week out.


dire game. the stadium was so quiet for long periods as there was little to cheer.

I have been to watch the last 2 games and cant see much improvement from last season.

Yes we have better posssesion and look better on the ball but thats it.

We still cant do the basics:

1) defend as a team. - foley was shocking. we had no one in midfield who could tackle or close people down.

2) we have no one upfront with any pace or who could hold the ball up. Doyle, SEB, siggardson

3) We created very few chances- no creativity, poor crosses and free kicks.

I cant see us winning many games . Stale must fix these areas. If he doesnt he wont last long imv.

Without Henry we must play davis, as doumbia,edwards are lightweight and cannot defend.

Pennant has made no impact. Sako makes him look like a novice at times.

Mike Calvert

We need to give Stale time to change the image of this team. They will not go down and in the summer he can recruit and regroup.

Incidentally, for all those of you frothing about how bad things are, why did we miss out on everyone who you all named as managers?

O'Neill, Bruce, Curbishley?

Because of YOU!

All this frothing about bad players are etc will make even Paul Ince think three times. Nobody will want to manage this club because of the fans who boo and bay week in and out!

You led to Mick and Terry getting the sack and it was down to you that Curbishley and Coppell and Bruce didn't come here...need I say more?

Loyal Wulfrian

Bruce was offered the job, but the players wanted TC to be manager so Moxey and Morgan changed their minds, so it was nothing to do with the fans, Curbishley turned the job down twice, because Morgan would not meet his demands, again nothing to do with the fans. All the fans want is not to be treated like idiots and the players to show commitment and passion on the field at least try to win a game and not this apathetic second half performance against Forest. Total Dross.


Having read these coments, its come to attension that a lot of you are so thick,

what did you think was going to happen? well ?

Did you realy think that the players that have been on the whole crap for so long would suddenly start playing like world beaters!! you make me larf, have we changed the defence and i havent noticed? No we havent so do you realy exspect anything els from this team.

Please shut up if you havent got anything good to say. when we get rid of mad micks crap then you can start blaming stole but untill then the blame stays with morgan & moxy and the team.



Shock shock horror horror. A man who was ignorantly overlooked by two regimes comes back for a better team in a higher position to haunt us with a cracking winning goal. Who would have seen that one coming?

Just sums up the blind faith and naivety at the club when you've got capable players in your squad and have no time for them in favour of players of such painstakingly less ability. It's not like we could even argue there was competition for his place, Henry and Edwards do not count as competition. Last seasons epic failures have been rewarded with a stay of execution whilst those less culpable for what went on have been shipped out. Thought Solbakken would not only bring a fresh approach but he would have no favourites and time for the foreigners unlike McCarthy, evidently not and very disappointing.

Saw it coming a mile away, it's a shame there are those still too thick skinned to see that they are being taken for a ride.

Stale Solbakken . . . Scandinavian for value!


We have two strikers that can't hit a barn door and two others out on loan that are tearing their respective leagues apart!

Typical inexplicable Wolves idiocy!

Regardless of the divisions they are playing in, Leigh Griffiths and Jake Cassidy can do no more than what they are doing, and can do no worse than Blake and Doyle that is a fact! Often you find the scoring knack transcends no matter what the level, get them back and get a grip

Ye Olde South Bank

I agree. That makes good sense to me, bud.

Trouble is, when did common sense and Wolves have anything in common?


Alas , while I am not a "knee jerk" type of supporter, I must now consider changing my disposition. If results and position don't change in an upwards direction, say by the beginning of the New Year, here's hoping Morgan truly - this time - gives Moxey the dish so SS can actually go out and purchase some class replacements, if available; we need to freshen up the squad and begin to ship out the dead wood.

Also, what about getting that Leigh Griffith lad, scoring goals for fun, up at Easter Road, back down to Wolvo?

Do something, Wolves!



Ward we know never had it ,but what the hell has happened to Foley If someone told me he had entered the world of the living dead I could well believe it .He just wandered around totally disinterested througout the game.


I hope Andy Keoh scores a hat trick against us on tuesday night........................................Just off to the bookies!

We are FINISHED, under this management.


Here we go again, i once thought that SS might just turn things around but sadly i now dont believe tha he can. We all know that the two Ms are incapable of ever running a successfull football club because their inbuilt instincts are just totally alien to what is needed. The players know this and as a result have developed a losing mentality and coupled with very average skills go onto the pitch with defeat already in their minds,and maybe thats why they just appear slow,lacking in imagination and very little enthusiasm. Their limited confidence has been shot to pieces by the terrible decisions constantly on parade by the men at the top.

As the two at the top just keep trousering the money,i wonder just what we can expect to come,pretty well next to nothing is my guess until its too late (again).


Well Mr Morgan/Moxley, I hope you have read the comments above and digested them. Your manager has no idea what it takes to play in the Championship or any other league, so now is the time to put up or shut up either get rid of Stale or make money available in January for a total clear out if not you will be looking at relegation come the summer. The Championship is not the place to give an untried manager at this level of football, thats of course if you want to suffer the fact that this will only lead to another relegation season. Time is not his side so a clear commitment to either sack him or back him and only then will we see if he can lead the club forward and back into the big time if given the cash to do so, if you think he cannot then now is the time to sack him or sell the club to someone who want Wolves to go forward and upward.

DXB Wolf

I wonder how Ipswich will get on at home to Forest tomorrow...

Loyal Wulfrian

I have tried to take the positives out of this game, errr no sorry, oh yes we scored a goal which wasn't an own goal or deflected in or palmed in by the goalkeeper, oh wait it was deflected to the goalscorer, for him to score so we didn't even create a goal. Trying to stay positive, this is hard.


Just as you think things can't get any worse they're offering a new contract to the slow, poor in the air, rugby tackling Christophe Berra who has always been a slightly less clumsy Neill Collins, Danny Batth should be playing, get this carthorse out.

I'm not sure about the Stalle thing, players such as Berra, Ward and Edwards are workhorse Mick Mc Carthy players and are not good enough. For the last 5 years we have needed a real left back, a commanding centre back,we have no wingers and our strikers don't score goals! David Davis and Doherty are not good enough for this level. We do have a lot of injuries so a team with Hennessey, Sako, O'Hara, Doumbia, Psezko, Henry, Doyle all playing together should do well.

If Stalle leaves who would come in? Not Mark Hughes or any other chequebook managers. I think we need to give Stalle a couple of transfer windows to move out Micks rubbish and bring in his own players because I have been impressed with his foreign signings so far.


Gave away Guad and Milijas , no clue whatsoever Mad Mick or Stale enough said.

Robert Perry

For the first time this season ,after watching us against Forest,I realised we have a realistic chance of getting relegated.The players are short of confidence and would appear to have no idea of what is expected of them.We have problems in defence,midfield and attack. The players we bought off the bench are just not good enough.I sat there thinking how did it all come to this?To an extent we are all to blame. The fans(me included) are apathetic and are letting Morgan and Moxey get away with murder. I am a loyal season ticket holder and yet I feel completely powerless in preventing Morgan destroying our great club.Protest? What good did that do last season? Stop away? Why should I? Wolves are my team and I will stick with them through thick and thin.My only hope is that Sir Jack still exerts some influence down there and things may change.I wouldnt bet on it!


Is it me, or have things gone belly up since the arrival of the new 1st team coach in October?

Sir Billy Quite

Things have gone 'belly up' since the players - Doyle, SEB, Berra, Henry, Ward etc have been found out at this level............

Sadly for Stale he has been left with some players that over achieved for MM and are now past their best. Rebuilding required throughout the squad.

Every position needs strengthening and a lot of players need off loading.

Can Stale buy and sell that many players in January?


But weren't most the players you list part of a championship wining team just a few years ago?


Oh no - don't you remember the dozens of posts pointing out how well we did as soon as TC left?

I agree the timing of this slump does coinside nicely with the arrival of the 1st team coach but in reality, we were bad before, even in the games we won. The writing was on the wall when we somehow beat Leicester and somehow drew against Derby who ripped us to bits lets face it.

Now we arnt getting that bit of luck and getting what we deserve each week.

Im really worried about the drop now as I cannot see where the next wins coming from. Maybe Peterbrough on Boxing day?

psalm 23

I knew it was a mistake, should have bought a Volvo. So so reliable!!!!


as opposed to a lada with tesco insurance

English Exile

Any manager want a job for 6 months???

No promise of further employment though???

It's frightening thinking about Moxey doing it again after last year.


Come on Wolves you can do better than this. We should be in the top half not the bottom half. At this rate we will be relegated into the next division.

give it to doyler

i think its time for jody craddock to come and save us ........again !


The facts are staring us in the face :

1) Since Pennant joined Wolves we haven't won a game.

2) Since the German coach joined we haven't won a game.

3) It's about time Doyle was moved on - he's been a great servant to the Club, but he's way way past his sell-by date, he plays in every game regardless, dosen't score - I think its definitely time he moved on any we got a decent traditional strong centre forward in who scores goals and then just shuffle the pack to see who plays along-side.

ps Anyone notice Frimpong star 8 - best player on the pitch for Charlton - nuff said !!


I said the day before the match, can anyone really see us beating Forest?

Im saying the same now, can anyone see us beating Milwall? A team thats 11 games unbeaten having just won 4-1 at Forrest, drawn away ay Watford and beaten Blackburn away 2-0 in the last 3 away games??

I maintain, if a new manager is set on introducing a new philosophy at all costs, then it only works if he deploys the right players to do so. Taking some of Micks old team and changing their game will never see us excel. He needs to get the right kind of players in to have any chance.

In the meantime, why try and re-invent the wheel? There is no point trying to make a silk purse from a sows ear.

I am not a doom monger, I am a season ticket holder who is watching his team slide towards the drop zone. Shocking stuff.

old gold

run by 2 clowns with about 30 od below average players. there is zero ambition other than making money we the fans are just

being mugged.


Sir Billy

Wow, this is radical stufff for you. Just goes to show how bad things have got.

For once I agree with a lot that you are saying. Stale's signings on the whole look to be good and he has been very unfortunate with injuries. Also as you say he has been left to struggle with the rump of Mick's underperforming / inadequate squad and without a proper replacement for Fletcher. Silk purse and sow's ear sums it up. However these are players that you have consistently defended and repeatedly backed for years. Ward, Henry, Stearman, Edwards and possibly Berra should have been moved on as soon as possible after promotion for starters as should Connor, but glad you seem to have seen the light at last.

Where we will almost certainly not agree is that, now along with many, many others, I hold Morgan and his henchman Moxey wholly responsible for this shambles with their penny pinching attitude to wages and transfers. This is not being run as a football Club but purely a commercial enterprise. Stale has to be backed financially in a big way and I sincerely hope you get your wish for a minimum of 5 signings in January but I suspect it is more likely to be a maximum of one.

The Club should of course be run with a mixture of prudence and enterprise, but at the moment it is merely being run into the ground.

Sir Billy Quite

I don't recall MM before or after he left complaining that he could not sign the players he wanted?

I always back Wolves players - I am a supporter!?

Take a look at the league table (Championship) and then let me know which of the clubs above us are out spending us in wages and transfer budget?


You can't have it both ways Sir Billy. You agree above that these (Mick's) players are not good enough and then claim to be backing them.

On the the expenditure front I am not aware of any club above or below us in this division that has received £30 milllion in transfer fees this year involving the loss of probably our 3 best players as well as showing Milijas and Guardioura the door (wages). The bulk of this money is still sitting in the bank.







At least we wont have too far to travel to Walsall, Coventry and Notts County next season. Preston away is always a good day out too.

Silver Wolf

It's difficult to find the words to express the right mixture of concern, disappointment and bafflement.

Concern at the alarmingly worsening league position, disappointment with the seeming lack of spirit in the side and bafflement at firstly the feeling that we do not appear to have the resources to shore up a far from competent defence, and secondly the second-half fade outs. Forget the Prem, this team would be out for the count after 30 minutes at the pace up there.

What on earth happens during the week at Molineux? I can't begin to imagine.

Ye Olde South Bank

So much for Wardy's pep talk in the Exp & Star, last week. As expected, yet more spin but no substance. Do us fans a favour and say nothing from now on, guys. You're utterly embarrassing.

Solbakken's footballing philosophies are simply beyond this lot, and that's abundantly clear. So, as one fan suggested recently, perhaps he should adapt our style to the type of squad he's got in order to arrest this alarming slide. If not, we may be doomed to a second successive relegation. There again, can we realistically expect this shower to do better? After all, Wolves spent 5 years years blindly endorsing McCarthy's obsessional, "put a shift in" mentality rather than acknowledging the extreme paucity of genuine talent we were acquiring. As you sow, so shall you reap -and that's why we are where we are.

It's all too easy to blame Solbakken. Changing the club's fabric was always going to take time, especially given his inexperience in English football and the huge, Molineux culture change needed. The truth is, look no further than Moxey and Morgan to see who the real culprits are for bringing this club down to its knees. Morgan's total inability to build upon Sir Jack Hayward's legacy is staggering in its enormity -bricks and mortar aside. Sure, SJH made plenty of mistakes (as he'd readily admit), but never did we doubt his genuine passion for this wonderful old club. Question is: who feels the same about Morgan? How much confidence do you have? Morgan's silence (except when there's a latest building project to unveil, of course) is fast becoming legendary. Well, we don't need silence. We need leadership. Taking centre stage at the unveiling of the new museum and boasting about its "value for money" is all well and good, but what about the damn 'product' you're selling?

As for Moxey, what can you say? The bloke's nothing but a pampered bean counter and is full of self-interest. What a shame he isn't professionally involved in his favourite sport of basketball rather than football. Stoke fans have always said Wolves would never prosper as long as the Fat Controller was running our show....and they're being proved 100% correct. Just look at how Stoke City have progressed since Moxey left, and then compare it to where where we are now. Says it all, methinks. He's presided over many of the most audacious events ever to ever hit WWFC (I'm sure fans can think of plenty!), yet he somehow always manages to deflect the blame and come up smelling of roses. Watch your back, Mr. Solbakken.

Finally, 'congratulations' to our superb fans for their extreme patience and understanding shown during what have been very trying times over the past few years. To be perfectly honest here, I think it's questionable whether the club actually deserves such undying loyalty and passion, given the shoddy way in which we've all been treated. Take note, Wolves.


Isn't there a bloke called Bowater on the board at Molineux who is a Wolves fan and a mate of Morgan's? Surely he would be pointing out the problems to Morgan....

1st - Moxey out.

2. If Solbakken doesn't get any defenders in the Jan transfer window then he should go.

This is common sense!

old codger

Don't dither try for Karl Robinson now. Anyone else agree?


not one of the above posters have offered to buy out morgan....... and yet they expect things to change......no wonder they call it fools gold. utw

no multi-millionaires 'ere son

not one of the above posters has even said they can afford to buy out morgan....so nobody expects anything to change....no wonder they call it illogical reasoning. utw.


illogical reasoning?........the whole world is illogical, if any of the posters on here had the money to buy out morgan and get rid of moxey, and install their own choice of manager, would they?


because running a football club is slightly harder than, making inane comments on newspaper forums.

just ask the venkys.

or if they did try , it might work for a few months, but when results start going wrong, then what? listen to the internet experts? or your trusted board members.


Are you saying that fans who have supported the club all their lives should not comment on the forune or illfortune of their football club,just because they lack the means to buy the football club? Are you saying 'trusted Board members ' are always right.especially when said Board members have very little experience in matters relating to professional football? Do you judge people by their status or by their abilities? Do you not consider that highly paid chief executives,players and managers should be held accountable for failure ? Do you not consider that an owner of a business should have responsibilities and accountablility to the long standing customers of that business ?


chris h , you make good points but your argument is flawed because those very long standing customers have no real loyalty, witness all the glory hunters who attached themselves to man utd just because they win things.

where were the 30,000 wwfc fans from the premier games when we were in the 4th division?

exactly, so much for loyalty.

and of course people can comment on the clubs results and fortunes , but they cannot demand change of owner if they are not willing to put up.

k wolf

its time to bring in MARK HUGHES , before its TO LATE .


I did tell you this bloke would be a flop, I did warn you that his acchievment at Colohne was laughable, and I did say his purchases were poor, and I did say we would be nearer the bottom six than promotion

Looks like the great JIWAL was right once again, yet all you happy clapper know nothings still refuse to apologise

Shame on you , how you have the audacity to call yourself Wolves fans


jiwal recent results would suggest that your right.

cant argue with that, but SS signings are the only good thing about the team. save for Ikeme and maybe Johnson, bako and doumbia have looked head and shoulders above the rest. Often its just bako who is doing the bizzness whilst the rest just watch

Black Country Forest

Interesting reading some of the posts on here after Saturday. Few points:

We are actually a better side than most on here give credit for (7th in the league tell you much). A tactical change by SOD at half time stopped the free for all football we saw in the 1st half and produced a much more controlled 2nd half from our perspective. Maybe if your manager was able to make such decisions the game might have gone your way?

We bought way more than 2,000. Probably more like 3,500. We were told by our ticket office that the away end was completely sold out. I couldn't even sit with a friend as we'd bought tickets at different times and weren't sat together. There were no spare seats anywhere!

Thank you for practically giving us Guedioura! Saved us last season and now driving us up the table this season!!

You Reds!


Please sack him now before its too late. The players don't understand him but every manager in this league knows how to beat us! He is out of his depth in the championship!

Go now, come on Morgan it is the only way forward.


The board should never have sacked McCarthy, we were always going to relegated from the Premier League last season, but McCarthy would have been the best bet for promotion this season, he understands what's is required of teams playing in the Championship. I hate to say but Albion were yo-yo team under Megson but he wasn't given time to consolidate and as much as it pains me to say it, are now the strongest team in the Midlands, albeit with influence from Hodgson and Clarke.


Its time for Wolves fans to admit defeat and Go and watch the baggies.If you are truly concerned for the well being of your fellow supporter buy him/her a lovely christmas present. Half season tickets can be had from the Albion ticket office.But be quick as strong sales are expected in the run up to Christmas.


Hell will freeze over first, never in a million years,

Not keen on this manager

" You CANNOT BE SERIOUS as John Mc said.

Hong Kong Pete


Thank you for riminding us about Emmanuel Frimpong great big mistake by Wolves not signing him on loan.

For weeks l have said he should have been bought in, straight into Charlton Line up on Satrurday fit enough at Charlton perhaps "the invironment at Molineux" (pounds, shillings and pence) that stopped him coming.