Wolves take early promotion challenge to Huddersfield

Wolves take their early promotion challenge to Huddersfield on Saturday aiming to make history with a unique club milestone.

Football - nPower Football League Championship - Peterborough United v Wolverhampton Wanderers

Stale Solbakken’s side return from the international break seeking to become the first Wolves team in the club’s 135-year history to record four successive league away wins without conceding a goal.

Unchallenged victories at Ipswich, Peterborough and Blackburn have put Wolves in with a chance of an unprecedented club first.

Wolves last won four consecutive trips on the road in November 2008, while the following April, they recorded three clean sheets in three straight away wins before Birmingham beat them 2-0. But they have never done it without conceding a goal.

In 1982-83 and 1992-93, Wolves started the season with five successive away shutouts, but not all the games were won.

The last time Solbakken’s side leaked an away goal in the Championship was 295 minutes of playing time ago – Peter Whittingham’s hat-trick-clincher in the 3-1 defeat at Cardiff on September 2.

David Davis is expected to keep his place in the side with captain Karl Henry suspended for the trip north.

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Comments for: "Wolves take early promotion challenge to Huddersfield"

Sir Billy Quite

Funny how you can go from the worst team in Wolves history to getting close to breaking a 135 year record - maybe relegation and a change of manager are no bad thing, at least Wolves fans are now seeing our team winning and playing well.

SS still needs time and I fully expect us to lose at Huddersfield, a draw would be great and another away win would be amazing - lets not get carried away yet!

Away support has been great this season if only we could recreate the same level of passion and noise at Molineux.............


We are playing well at the minute, should of won against Palace. How can you say you expect us to lose against Huddersfield, we are in good form and i expect us to beat Huddersfield by a couple of goals at least. Southbank at Molinuex is always a good atmosphere, so i take it you dont sit in that stand


Greg-maybe there is a good atmosphere in the Southbank but only when things are going well they can turn very easily..

sugy hudds terrier

no chance

Sir Billy Quite

Greg - I sit in the Billy Quite on the half way line so my judgement on atmosphere is better balanced than yours.

The new North Bank are slowly finding their voices, the South Bank is as usual noisy but we need the whole ground roaring the team on - Portsmouth (a few seasons ago) and Stoke are good examples.

In respect of expecting us to lose - we have players that are injured, been away on international duty and an unsteady defence? expectation should be managed based on our current point in the SS revolution not on the 'we are a big club syndrome' give them time..........


We must have been neighbours, Sir Billy. We sat in that area also - best seats in the house we thought. Always wondered if there was any danger the directors might "invade". Sad we had to call time after umpteen years in 2010 - age, health, distance .....

The atmosphere in the south bank this season has been poor, It was almost silent against Crystal Palace. Just hope it's a hangover from last seasons disaster and our good form this season will help create a better atmosphere soon


should have . . should have !!

areley wof

the southbank have been really poor overall considering their reputation. As the noisiest stand they should be especially noisy when the game is flat or we're losing but instead they are silent. TURN UP THE VOLUME


Have faith Sir Billy Quite..... We will smash em'!!!! =)

Sir Billy Quiet

Hope and Faith - lovely girls.....


I expect us to win....but then again, I always do.


Now, now, Sir Billy, you were rather negative regarding our away games at Ipswich and Peterborough - and we won those. Then we won at Blackburn. You are however a true Wolves' man, and I assume that this is a new approach from you - say you expect us to lose when really you expect otherwise. It's a bit like wearing your lucky socks or whatever, you don't want to change anything in case it takes away the luck. Keep it up if it gets us a win or a draw!

You are right about SS needing time, of course - that's why I've always had my sights set on next season.

Andrew Worthington

40 quid to see a championship match and you wonder where the crowds have gone. I could get into the Wallabies All Blacks Blediloe Cup Match for less than that. Have you ever considered that at that price you are being royally ripped off by someone????


Away support has been great? Yes it has vocally as usual but numbers wise, not so. In the Championship we usually either sell out or are very close to selling out, whereas this season this hasn't been the case. For example, Leeds away sold around 1,500 from an allocation of 3,000 which tbf is decent considering it was on TV, a 12:45pm kick-off, tickets were £40 and trains up there are expensive. But Cardiff away which was on a Sunday YES, we sold around 1,500 from 1,900 allocation which is again decent. But Ipswich away, sold 700 which is very poor. Peterborough away 2,700 is decent for a Saturday kick-off, but clubs like Leeds and Forest took between 3-4,000 there. And then again Blackburn away allocation of 2,100 and we took 1,300.

I just wonder where the support has gone? Yes it's expensive nowadays but it has been for the last 5-6 years or so.


I just wish the premierleague would close itself off so we didn't have to fret about getting there! We can carry on playing in a competitive league and our championships won't be bought!

Gerry Mannion

Quite right. The Champioship is as near as you could get to the excitment of the old 1st division, where the teams, throughout that division were more evenly matched on infrastructure and entertainment value.

The absence of over-paid prima donnas but the appearance of players who held the club for which they played with respect and honour, gave the success or failure of a season more emphasis and feeling for the fans.


Well said Gerry. I get sick and tired of big Premier league fans belittling lower league supporters and forgetting it's pure cash that makes them better. And when FIFA introduce financial rules to ensure clubs don't outlay more than a certain percentage of their income then the owners friends come in with ludicrous sponsorship deals to get them out the mire. I'm happy to watch Wolves play well with the resources at hand in the Championship although I know the big money is in the league above.

Wolves ay we


Yeah thats the spirit!

Get real for goodness sake, when WWFC were high flying after 3 games last season you were harping on about how amazing the Premier league was, and how great the expensive players you bought were. Fastforward 12 months and you want the Premiership abolished. Pure comedy that!

Stato's Boring Brother

Astlelosttheworldcup - I can see both sides of this argument but over the last 10 years I think that the championship has been far more competitive as a league because there is no big 4/5/6 (insert relevant number here as another foreign multimillionaire comes along) .

However, I would prefer to be in the Premiership purely because the longer we aren't there, the bigger the gap grows.

To be fair, the comments about the silly money do not apply to Wet Brom as they are on a sound financial footing and will remain so as long as Peace is in charge.


The facts speak for themselves. The defence is far more solid this season without any significant changes, with only Foley and Stearman vying for the right back position. Johnson's much improved form and attitude has been a telling factor.

The result on Saturday may revolve around just how quickly Pennant settles into the side. If he performs as well as he talks, then we may come away with all three points.

Silver Fox

It's at times like this the habit some players have of picking up almost casual yellow cards can be seen as a serious matter, not something to be shrugged off as a minor issue. I trust pay packets suffer significantly, after all it's a legitimate income generation opportunity for Jez, and I'd be surprised if he's not onto it already in a big way.

Nevertheless, the team will travel with hope to Huddersfield and I for one will be happier with good footballing performances than any points won against the run of play against sides playing better football. There is little future in the Prem for teams adopting backs to the wall/ kick and hope tactics. It's good to see Swansea still making a fist of things up there and I hope they continue to flourish. Similarly, I hope for Wolves to be back in the Prem asap, and also playing football that is good to watch.

Best of luck Ståle, keep the good show on the road.

Bak Sak & Cl4ck

Step by step, game by game; lets just get better and better ... I'm not really fussed about records but considering our club's history and the players we've had since 1877; to achieve something that no other Wolves side has achieved is no mean feat.

Unfortunately I worry about our cohesion when Henry is missing ... An extremely underrated player.

DD ... Step up to the plate son.



Agreed about Henry don't tell the flying winger....I liked the look of Davies last year hasn't really lived up to it yet but I for one will give him a chance.


After last season's debacle many supporters felt betrayed by the club.There's a long way to go yet and i am still not convinced with the defence.Zaha got past the Wolves defence with such ease.I wonder how long it will be before other teams find a way past the defence..Should we get promoted at the end of the seson,Stale is going to have to address the defence or we'll be straight back down.Still so far so good.


Unbelievable^^^ try enjoying the good times mate....


At Last someone with a sensible Comment and 100% on the mark.

The Left Back is weak, most teams seem to Know this and continue to constantly attack this Area.

Zaha made Ward Look like a statue, I see my home nation even Won a game with Ward Dropped.

you must ignor SBQ he will soon be supporting Bolton or Blackburn when his Hero gets a Job, and Ward will be joining Dad again.

We are Wolves

AucklandWolf, i think you will find that Zaha gets past most defenders with ease in this division and it wont be long before he goes on to play in the Premier league. But your spot on about our defence if and when we get promoted will need to be improved.


@Sir Billy Quite:

I'm pretty sure the worst team in Wolves history would have been in division 4 - not losing to the international superstars of last years premier league.

Get some perspective.

Sir Billy Quite

Elgar - you are of course correct - my comment was a simple 'mickey take' based on the ridiculous postings of last seasons (and this) claiming that the team and players are the worst in Wolves history.........

My humour is often buried too deep to be visible at first glance - sorry!


I think he was being ironic about some of the moaning muppets we have to be fair to him


We'll win at Huddersfield. Quite comfortably, I imagine. I think 3-0 Wolves. Yes, that sounds about right.


Every day a little better. Luck is proportionate to level of effort. Stale seems to be rather lucky as does the Wolves team. Teams playing well jell better obviously with players being suspended and injured its not the same team. But it is the same manager. So lets hope that Stale's luck continues eh!


Strange isn't it?

With the exception of the goalkeeper, the same defensive players are being used and have become a more effective unit than under the previous two managers.

Our new manager has seen something in these players that, with tactical adjustments with that McCarthy, who brought these players in, could not get them to play as effectively.

This change in the defensive way of playing has again highlighted McCarthy's lack of tactical nous.

OK we are now playing in a lower division than the past three years and maybe this is the level which suits them all but nevertheless the hoof and hope football is gradually disappearing from our game and we are now playing through the midfield.

It would appear that this new managers philosophy, as to how the game should be played, is filtering down to the Academy lads and to me the outlook is a lot better and more positive than I have felt for years.

As a result I now feel sorry in a way for the likes of either Bolton, Blackburn or Burnley, all of which, I read, want McCarthy to be their next new manager.

Sorry in the fact that, if he is appointed as a manager to one of these clubs, they have not protected themselves from going the same way as Wolves and Sunderland

His record shows that he cannot hack it at the higher level but he can get a team to hoof it through the Championship to get promotion.

Only hope that we can play football to get the same result in May.


Magic Mick won the Championship with Wolves and Sunderland.

SS has never done this.

Magic Mick delivered us 3 seasons in the prem and was denied the chance to make it 4.

SS has never managed in the Prem

All I'm saying is don't knock MM's record when SS does not yet have one. I love the progress and would not want MM back, but let's not jump the gun & celebrate too soon!

Chillo Wolf

The step down in quality is massive. The defence simply has more time on the ball and hoofing it is no longer the first option at this level.

It's not strange at all really Lesterwolf

chris hoggard

1 Sir Billy, Nothing as fickle as damned statistics.

2 Albrighton,

Our defence is better this season,because we are not in the Premier League.Period.The defenders are good quality Championship players,but sadly not good enough for the Premier league.

3 Elgar, Clearly you were not there and must have been busy composing at the time.Our worst side ever would have been the one that finished bottom of the third division the year before we graced the 4th division. In the 4th division we were on the long road back, especially when Bully arrived..


Certainly of defence is better in part due to the fact we are no longer playing in the Premiership. But I also believe that individually and collectively they are playing better.

This maybe for a number of reasons. Foley did'nt play enough games last season through injury and is in my opinion our best right back. Johnson seems to have sorted out his differences with his fellow players, beeb relieved of the captaincy, and is now fully focused on his defences duties. Solbakken has changed the style of play more akin to a continental style. The moral of the team also seems to have improved.

As to whether they are good enough for the Premier league is a matter of conjecture. At the moment, we are where we are, and you can only judge the players on the games that they are involved in - i.e. the Championship. The defence seems far more stable, which means the defenders are actually doing what's required of them. And that's all you can ask.

Long term, irrespective of whether we win promotion this season or not, I daresay that there will be changes - some may come in January, and some next summer. But any new personnel have to be better than what you already have, and as you rightly point out, our current defenders are are good quality Championship players.


I fully endorse the comment Albrightondek made . But im still concerned whenever Karl Henry isn't in the team. As he does the ugly side of things very well, plus he's a good leader on the pitch, and whenever he's missing or subbed the team seems to go to pieces, without him on the pitch. If Doyle isn't fit it wouldn't surprise me to see SS play Kevin Foley in Karl's position, and play the same system as the Blackburn game, with hopefully Jermaine Pennant on the RW. Any news yet on a big striker coming in and cover for LB, and hopefully Frimpong on loan too. UTW:


Agree with you regarding the comment you made about Henry. I have previously commented that his partnership with Doumbia has been one of the most important features of our good start. However I would disagree about moving Foley into that position, as I believe he is our best right back. Davis has been a little inconsistant this season in the few games he's played in, but perhaps the better option.

sugy huddersfield terrier

Dont think you are going to have an easy game as Huddersfield town are on fire with the deadly partnership of Beckford and Vaughan. We also have won 3 away games on the trot at blackpool, birm and sheff w and only lost 2 at home because of injury problems which have now cleared . Expect a great atmosphere at the newly named john smiths stadium with our best gate of the season providing you bring 3,000 and have a pint before the match at our very posh training ground CANAL COMPLEX which is close to the ground. Predict score 2-0 to town and beckford/vaughan wil both be there or there abouts as blake will be man marked out of the game and must admit that pennant was a good signing but will he gell in ??


sugs terrier, yes you are playing well, so should be a good game, but as you said you won 3 games away and as the home team the pressure will be on you, and depending on our formation pennant might not start, and as for ebanks bieng marked out of the game, sako and doumbia are the real danger men. utw.

Chris White

Only time will tell if we are Promoted at the end of this season, but the facts point to the upsurge of our form arriving on the day when we removed a former long term Employee from our Club !


Most people thought we would struggle at Blackburn too but....................

steve hiscox

w orst team or best team means not a jot..... always wolves!! just enjoy the ride whatever..WTID

old gold

great start by wolves ,but i do worry when karl Henry is missing from the team. He is our most under estimated player.?


Saturday's game will be a real test of our defence and recent form. The likelihood is we will concede, so let's not worry about records - they don't matter and just bring unwanted pressure. One thing I do worry about is Karl Henry missing so we'll have to see how we adapt to that loss.

Game at a time, remember the total mess we started from and keep a check on any big expectations for now I reckon. No-one expected much from us this season, there's no big pressure on us.


I have just got back from B and Q in Bilston and I didn't see Emmanuel Frimpong in there. Is this significant ?

Sir Billy Quite

No his a Wickes man through and through - have you checked Lidl?

vespa wolf

just spotted him at Carvers!

The Eagle

Your all wrong.. I've just spotted him in Wolverhampton Asda..

Golden Wonder

Frimpong was in PC World. Saw him after taking my bag of bits of my old computer after trying to fix it with the old method of hitting it with a hammer.


It's good to see that the coaching team have improved our defending, however fans should not get too excited we are in the Championship. If we want to progress to the Premiership, we still need quality central defenders and full backs.

You only need to look at the records of Southampton and Reading, both had good defensive records last season. But in the Premiership both are leaking goals alarmingly.

We have promising young central defenders and full backs, blended together with Premier quality purchases has to be the way forward for promotion and ultimately stability when back in the Premership.

Staffs Wolf

See the Villa are after a 23 year old defender from Cologne. surprised we aren't really. Oh and Frimpong as soon as possible please!


Can I make a point here, relating to matters other than the one discussed here?

The managerial choices of Mick McCarthy this week, are not Wolves transfer gossip. They're irrelevant. Don't get our hopes up!


We are who we are,we play how we play with the players we have, an we have won more than we have lost. Cut out the deep analysis and ENJOY yourselves. SBQ your humour is subterranean and your back peddling skills when challenged are noted. 1-0 to the boys on the morrow.

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