Michael Kightly backs Jermaine Pennant Wolves move

Jermaine Pennant was today backed to be a “great” signing for Wolves – by the man who replaced him at Stoke, Michael Kightly.

Jermaine Pennant

Pennant, 29, signed a three-month agreement with Stale Solbakken’s side yesterday, as reported in later editions of yesterday’s Express & Star.

The former Liverpool and Birmingham star’s arrival will fill the gap left by injured wingers Razak Boukari, Slawomir Peszko and Stephen Hunt.

And Kightly, who left Wolves for Stoke in a £3m deal in the summer, believes his old club have made an excellent capture.

“He’ll be a great signing for Wolves because he’s a top player,” said Kightly, who returned to Molineux recently to watch the Leicester game.

“He’s played for top clubs and he’ll show that quality to the Wolves fans.

“From dead-ball situations and crossing, he’s one of the best there is and he’ll create goals and score a few as well.”

Pennant was forced to wear an electronic tag playing for Birmingham in 2005 but Kightly believes the player is misunderstood.

“A lot of people are concerned about his reputation off the pitch and think he’s a troublemaker, but if you meet the guy you soon find out it’s totally the opposite,” he said.

“He’s good for the dressing room and will add something to it.”

Pennant has played most of his career in the Premier League but Kightly believes the former Arsenal wideman will relish playing in the Championship.

“It’s a tough league but his quality will shine through – he will stand out for Wolves,” he said.

Pennant has only played twice this season and Kightly believes the rival for his shirt has been unlucky.

“Jon Walters has been playing wide so Jermaine hasn’t been involved as much as he’d like,” said Kightly.

Meanwhile, Hunt has now had his hip operation and is expected to be sidelined for four months.

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Comments for: "Michael Kightly backs Jermaine Pennant Wolves move"

raymond simms

Shut up Kightly.You couldn`t wait to go for the money showing no loyalty to a club who paid your wages for two years while yo u were injured,the same club who took you from non-league football to the top.How can anyone show you respect.

Luke skywalker

Tend to agree with you Raymond. And, £3m & Pennant (albeit on loan) is an excellent live of business all round!


So, someone offers you the chance to double your salary, fulfil a dream and risk that it may only be very short-term due to unforeseen injuries, you would turn it down? Get real. We all know we would do what he did. It's his PROFESSION. We are Wolves fans, and so we feel differently. He is a professional footballer, who wants to guarantee his dream of playing in the Premier league. He might have stayed with us, got injured, and lost his chance.

Laingholmnz wolf

Hmmm sort o agree with this!


Can't help but agree..

bristol wolf

exactly what I camr on here to say...

Kites can go kiss my......



Not keen on Kightly making any comments as he is history but why do people single him out for villification when he has behaved no differently to Jarvis and Fletcher; additionally I believe he has a good defence regarding his departure from WWFC as it seems clear that Moxey stalled on a new contract for him last year - so yes the Club looked after him whilst injured but they didn't have any choice as he was under contract anyway (and he didn't get injured on purpose). Loyalty is a two way street and I don't think the Club covered itself in glory on this occasion with a guy who was instrumental in our last promotion and eventually yielded a transfer profit of £3million less the £25k for which he was originally purchased. And in contrast players of far less ability were being offered extended contracts lef right and centre (Ward, Henry etc.).

Mike Gough

Who cares what MK thinks!


Well said !


Sorry, but I'm a little fed up of the 'loyalty' argument. The lad went because he wanted premiership football, yes he was injured for nearly two years, so all the more reason for him to want to play at the top while he has the chance, after being out for so long I would wonder when the next injury was coming. He always gave it all when he wore the shirt & I was sorry to see him go but wish him all the best, I'm more disgusted with so called fans who preach loyalty & support, then slag off current players who wear the old gold shirt.....

Sir Lupi

Kightly trippled his wages moving to Stoke and is playing Premiership football week in week out.

I didn't like but don't blame Kightly for leaving to play for Stoke considering his career, I blame the management and directors of Wolves for steering us into relegation.

If we'd of stayed up, Fletcher, Kightly and Jarvis would still be at Wolves.

The blame for players leaving to improve there careers lies firmly with Moxey, Morgan & McCarthy.

Kightly was one of the few who didn't conceed to relegation and always gave 100% in a Wolves shirt.


this makes me laugh!, kightly needs to remember where he came from, he soon jumped ship and ran off to the clayheads, how can anyone take him seriously, he seems to forget the number of fans who chanted his name even when he was out for almost 2 years, and he has the nerve to say pennant will be a hit at wolves, how the hell would he know, he has been with the clayheads for 3 months! not long enough to know anyone, kightly is glad he has gone coz he knows pennant is a rival for his startin spot, and in my opinion a far better winger, kighlty should shut his mouth and look after himself instead of runnin his mouth off about stuff he doesnt know! get real kightly and thanks for nothin you traitor


AGREE ALSO, , , , , , this whole thing just is cringeworthy

The Wolf

If I'm honest I think pennant is a far better winger than kightley. Kightley has a lot of luck with balls bouncing nicely for him. Pennant is a far better crosser and dribbler. In kightleys defence he is a good finisher bet I think pennant isn't bad. Lets hope we sign him. I think when he sees the place he'll be far more impressed with our place.

We got solbakken the club

Since when has this self styled pin-up boy been qualified to comment. He must be feelin so lost at the moment he keeps returning to the familiar surroundings of the fatherland ,cos he certainly ain't settin clay head land alight. If players were rated on self opinions, this one trick pony would be at the Nou camp. He wants to be careful how much he actually backs Pennants loan, after 3 months of training under Solbakken and Lange, Pennant could be havin Kightly,s appearance money and helpin him get the splinters out his backside. A stint on the bench keeps him out the papers....nearly as much as Sako would keep him out our team. Same money, but twice the player. When Pulis leaves ,Kightly will drop back in the Leccy league and back in the paper every night ....watch this space.

Au revoir our kid...


Raymond Simms get over it, life's too short to hold grudges. Bet you would turn down the opportunity for a better job and more money as well, won't you?!!!

Anyway, I think Pennant will be a great signing for us. Him and Sako will anilliate fullbacks in this division!

Up the Wolves!!!


In most cases I would tend to agree, if a company came in and offered to double my wages to do the same job then yes most of US would jump ship.

But I can say in all honesty if I worked for a great company that had taken me from obscurity and had given me the high life and huge wages and had then stuck by me through 2 years of serious injury even extending my contract, would I then leave them at the first chance ABSOLUTELY 100% NOt.

Anyone with even a shred of decency would have said I'm going to at least see this season out with you Wolves and we will take it from there.



Everyone is entitled to their views mate, and I agree with him, I also agree with what your saying but the big difference is Kightly ASKED for a transfer, and then Stoke came after him,...he wasnt asking for one for 2 years while he was injured and we were paying him thousands a week,..I have lost all respect for him.


When we next play against Stoke, you will get booed Kightly.


Sure some will boo him, and I have some sympathy with those who are bitter that having supported him so well through an injury that would have finished him but for the latest surgical techniques, he left at the first chance. However, since I never saw him play a game for Wolves where he didn't give absolutely everything I will not be one of them.


By the time you next play us, Kightly will be long retired.


retired ==== probably by mid january 2013 due to injury


yeah hopefully retired prematurely early.


He always gave 110% for the shirt. He played through his contract and we got back more than what we paid for him by a vast amount. He was instrumental in getting us into the Premiership and can bear no blame for us getting relegated. He has injury problems and is likely to have to end his career sooner than he would like. He got an offer to pay in the Premier League, an opportunity he never got with us, and took it.

Shame on anyone who doesn't wish the lad well. Terrific player and his endorsement of Pennant means a fair amount to me. Stop being bitter and grow up. You would have done nothing different in his place.

carl wolves

How come mate? I know you've not started brilliantly but I didn't think you were looking like getting relegated!


Yeah cus his injurys will be back.


LOL your style of football is more akin to rugby and volleyball !

andy wightwolf

Clever folk those Potters.

Being able to predict F.A. cup draw.


Given kightlys injury record that is likely to be sooner than you think!!

You wont get half a season out of him mark my words.

As the other post says he was very close to quitting.

Very good business for wolves to be honest.


Thats a good point, Stoke don't play football.


and maybe you'll have put something in your trophy cabinet if one's been built by then.

3rd generation Wolves fan

Fair comment Proudpotter. You are fortunate to have Kightly in your squad because he is a top professional and there is a lot to be said for the way he has climbed his way up the divisions. Michael Kightly gave 110% to Wolves, shame the supporters refuse to acknowledge that fact.


Next season then cause his 90 year old knees wont last much longer


Not so sure about that proudpotter - I don't think Stoke will be relegated this year!


Enjoy your 15 minutes. Wolves have always been a far more successful club than Stoke, and that's how it will work out in the not too distant future. We've always been able to sign some of your better players because of our tradition.

Kightly ? he played quite well for us when he wasn't injured.

Pennant ? too much football skill for a Pulis team.


Yes, but not because is taken us long to get back up to the Prem. The reason will be because the guys an injury waiting to happen so will inevitably break down again this season and be forced to retire.

So we get rid of a crock and get a far better winger while still pocketing £3m, no wonder you're bitter!!!


Pulis the other one. Even Harry Potter is not capable of getting your lot to play anything other than hoofball.


The same as Robbie Keene got booed?


or looking at it another way ray - i come to you and offer you more money to work for a bigger company that is operating in a more profitable environment and you would turn it down out of loyalty?

kites never gave less than his all and we made nearly £3m profit on him plus the vital contribution he made in getting us promoted. the guy had 2 years injured and may never have had the chance to play in the Prem again

so whilst i understand your point, i think its a little harsh on one of the better guys we have had at the club

feel free to rip into berra, halford, etc etc :D


I`am bit confused here who`s this bigger company we are talking about.

Michaek McIndoe

I think it's Bristol City.


Stoke FC. I hate to point this out but they got promoted before us and have been in the top flight ever since. Meaning they have more cash making them a bigger company. Unfortunate but true.


I do see were Raymond, is coming from, i too felt very dissapointed with MK, walking away from us especially after we've looked after so well for two years. But hey he's a footballer, not many these days show loyalty. Their only real desire is to earn as much money as possible and play in the PL. But on the other side of it, Michael was a class player for us in his time here, he created many goals for other players, and more than chipped in with his own goals, plus he was a excellent team player, who worked his socks off in every match, when he was fully fit. But its strange we've sign Jermaine Pennant, i only this time last Saturday, i said why dont we sign JP or David Bentley, as both players are class, and in this league would do a very good job for us. So im very pleased SS has got him in, the only thing im a little worried about, is his workrate, when he's not got the ball, as MK and Peszko both work their socks off, without it. Just wished we had signed a big strong striker( KJ ) to get on the end of the quality crosses that will come off Sako and Pennant. As i feel both Doyle and SEB are very good on the floor in/around the penalty area, but both lack that bit of height. UTW:


KJ being Kenwynne Jones?

Blimey we don't want him.

To quote a Times journalist a coupla years back; "He's the exact point at which laid back becomes laziness"


Pennant is over-rated why do you think he get's shipped about so much,but maybe he could get his head down and work hard for you so we can have a proper derby again...........!! goodluck lad's and see you next season !


Kites was a good player for us in the Championship but did not figure much in the Prem and could not wait to leave for the Money and the Prem again, but at the end of the day Grays fans could say the same about him, but he is a self employed guy and has to get the best contract he can to ply his trade, so while i do share the thoughts of some others on here about his lack of commitment to wolves after we stood by him through his injuries, at the same time it was just good business for him and there is no sentiment in Business..!!

Do we blame Sako for leaving St Etienne to further his Career with us...?? NO

So we cant really nock Kites and Jarvo and Fletch.....its just Business..!!

Mick Malick

Yeah,get lost glory hunter.

Hope you enjoy life on the Potteries' Riviera lol.


Think the express and star should stop printing anything that kightly says. Wolves fans just not interested! The player has made his choice and giving him column space to voice his opinion is a joke. I don't know who's worse kightly or the star!


I have mixed views about the signing of Pennant. The player in my opinion has never fully realised his potential. He tends to blow hot and cold. On his day he can be a match winner.

Leaving aside Kightly's comments, who may have his own agenda for backing Pennant's move, Wolves will be getting the services of an experienced winger for three months, by which time Peszko, Boukari and O'Hara should be fit again. On that basis, this is probably the best solution for a short term problem.

As for Hunt, I wish him well in his recovery, but rather fancy he may have already played his last game for Wolves. By the time he gets match fit others will be established in the team on the right side.


Why is anyone wasting their time talking to Kightly, he is the past. I prefer to hear words from someone more current, and involved with Wolves. For me it shows that Jermaine Pennant is far better a man, willing to drop down a division to play regular. Rather than the stab you in the back antics of kightly, which reminds me of Davies, who did just the same and went to Bolton. you will not be remembered well kightly..



I seem to remember the same thing being said about several troublesome players who have moved clubs over the last 18 months. I hope that Moxey or Solbakken have told him that breaking club curfews and driving while disqualified are out for the next 3 months and he might just be worth it. He'll need a firm hand on the reins though,

As for Kightly, I'll stand by what I said in August. £3M for a guy with glass ankles, and 15 months of injury tme in 3 years, was great business.

I do wonder about all these current Wolves injuries though. Players playing with leather boots and heavy leather balls did not seem to suffer these frequent and persistent injuries. The occasional broken leg and early retirement maybe, but not half the squad out of action at a time..

Does anybody know how Manny Frimpong's injury is doing and if he's seriously being targeted for another loan move?


4th Generation Wolves STH


well said R kid someone who knows a thing or to about football and business..... too many plonkers on here making silly comments..... up the wolves

Angie WWFC

Kights was a fantastic player for the Wolves, i was gutted when he left as he was a true Wolf through n through, half of the team have gone its wrong to keep singling him out, leaving the Wolves wasnt easy for him, All The Best Kights xx

nash wolf

He'll get injured easily due to the demands of the PL before you know it & he wo get any sympathy this side of the pit.

london wolves loyal

very funny proud potter ... i was a bit hurt when kites went too, but to be fair when he played he always gave his all for us and to see him coming to the games when he can , speaks volumes(and proves he misses football) . players carears are short and when you re as injury prone as kites you ve got to take any chance to play at the highest level, especially as his time at wolves was his second chance having already been told at spurs as a youngster that he had nt got what it takes . if we had nt got relegated he would still be with us ..I will not be booing him . at least he never went to a big club .eh

Wolfman Jack

Clearly a short-term stop-gap signing.

I doubt that Pennant's well-documented disciplinary problems will go down well with Solbakken.

He'll be gone again in January, probably after contributing little.


we al know mk done well at wolves however he was rarely fit and he was well looked after by the club i for one was very dissapointed he did not give us one more season, lets just see how many games he plays up there ?

Streetly Wolf

Proud Potter, the day your meatheads start playing football you will get relegated.

dave lane

kightlys gone forget him.pennant will do well for us in this division,i for was was chuffed to see we had got him.he will add more quality.i can only see good things at the moment unlike the doom merchants who see the dark side of everything we do.no doubt they will be at the forefront of all the media action when we go back up


Agree with Jim. Don't give these patrionising ex WWFC players column space. Kights made his decision to go, maybe who wouldn't, all these guys are money motivated. To kiss their badge on his debut was pretty disrespectful to Wolves after all the club did for him during his two years of injury, along with the support he also received from the fans. He like all modern day footballers also lives in 'cliche city' proved by the tripe he has just spouted off about Jermaine Pennant. I think we should now 'push on' 'to be fair' forget these ex players, get behind the boys who are doing a top job for us, support SS, JM, MM and make sure with our vocal backing we get promotion this season.




Once again bring in an older player instead of giving a youngster a chance. Tha signing of Pennant will probably see the departure of Ismail at the end of the season when his contract expires. Goodness knows why Wolves have an under 21 side they never stand a chance of making the first team. There is only one way to gain experience!!

Wanderer Will

Whats the point in us signing wingers when our forwards are usually 2 yards away from them when they cross the ball into the box where the forwards should be , Blake will do ok in this league but He is not great in the air so whats the point crossing for him and Doyle oooooooooh that bloke annoys me so much , gets all the plaudits for running around for 90 minutes but couldn't hit a barn door , get a bloody striker in Stale , the rest is fine ! , as for Kightly , I hope Shawcross does him in training the judas parasite !

raymond simms

Wolfamaniac,if you can read then read what everyone here is saying.I think you will find they are all in agreement with my opinion.With your comments you are either a boing boing or you live next door to the traitor.

richie dingle

as if we can believe anything kightly says, his limp reasons for leaving us really make me laugh, if i remember right, he said, " i'm leaving wolves because i might not get the chance to play in the prem again, and signing for stoke was too good an opportunity to turn down"..... now i could well have understood this comment if he was in his 30's or indeed if a big team had come in for him, such as any one of the top 6, or indeed newcastle, everton, sunderland, but at 26 years of age, and going to stoke??? you know he's talking tosh, i know there can be no sentiment in business or football, but in my opinion he owed us a season, maybe even until january, to try and help us back up, if my employer had payed my wages in full for 2 or 3 years, flown me halfway round the world and back (i bet he didnt fly economy) and put up in hotels, (i bet he wasnt stopping in travellodges either) i'd have the common decency to think i owed them a little...

Golden Wonder


Are you saying that you are going to get relegated this season?

Not very positive of you, is it.


Who cares what 'JUDAS' thinks!

corby wolfe

good luck to you kights,i dont blame you for wanting to play premiership football with premiership wages ,at the end of the day its a short career and you contributed greatly to getting us up to the premiership.I am retired now but i wish i could have doubled my wages.utw.


Why this venom over Kites. he did the businness for us when not injured, we got him for nothing and sold him for £3m - which is more than he was worth. Pennent is a better player and could be very good for us.

No one can blame Kites for staying in the premiere and not having his wages cut. he's got a familey to look after. It's all very well expecting loyalty from players but how loyal are some fans to a lot of the players. how loyal were those fans who abuse players on the pitch and in some cases, when they are taking their familiey home via the carpark?

I find it remarkable that players still talk positively about fans when asked. Ward is a case in point. That guy bleeds for us every Saturday and how many posts on here have a go at him. Look at Henry, consider the way we play when he's not playing ( which is normally poor) and look at the posts he gets on here.

I appreciate that the players do understand that most fans are FANS and want the best for the club and for them to do well. But with the attitude of a significant minority of so called fans I would never blame any player for wanting out.....

But don't expect a lot of them not to take advantage of an opportunity for advancement. We could have kept Kites by giving him prem wages but didn't want to. How many fans would do differently.

K,ford Wolf

Thank god at last someone talking sense. Kites worked his but off in a Wolves shirt and was good with supporters of all ages. Like any of you If someone offers you a dream job your gonna seriously consider it and probably take it. Sure we treated him well while he was Injured but just imagine if he had stayed and we didn't go up then his dream job might not be available and we wouldn't get a bean. So all of you out there leave him alone and welcome Pennant with open arms.

One for the future

Great signing, nuff said, Kitely got told to go as he was in his last year and £3 million was on offer, thats Moxey all over, hope kites does well for them, nuff said Man up Wolves, andf get behind who's here, not who's gone, we cant get points talking about the past!!!!

Moxey's Hair Dye

This looks a decent deal, as for Kightly,he's got to say nice things about Pennant but underneath he's thinking Yes!!! one less competitor for his place at Stoke.

dave h

Kightly needs to conentrate on his new career and keep his thought regarding Wolves to himself. If ever a played owed Wolves another season after what was done for him it was Kightly, Im afraid he has no interset to Wolves fans anymore.


Kightly ay even that good, was good in the Championship, but as Stoke are going to see, he will be average and then get an ankle injury and get paid to do nothing, like at us!


Were you not there when he destroyed the Villa at our place? Crackin' player.

And I'd suggest most people know that. At least looking at the bile when he moved on...

Toronto Wolf

I do not care what Kightly has to say.

We carried this bum for so long, and then he jumps ship when we needed him.

Good riddance............

Toronto Wolf

Manic Depressive Wolf

So what's the consensus here then? Happy to swap Kightly for Pennant because the latter will set a much better example to the academy kids?

Orlando Wolves

Wolves fans need to get a reality check when it comes to Kightly. His transfer was a positive piece of business for Wolves and for Michael.

Let`s face it, with Michael`s past injury record, one tackle could end his career at any moment, and there are players out there who will provide that tackle. If it happens, let Stoke City take the hit.

Michael got a more lucrative contract by playing and being paid at a Premier League level, and we have made a hell of a profit on him since he was signed.

Let it go. UTW

Bangkok Wolf

Anyone questioning Kightly's loyalty should consider this..if loyalty existed in football he'd still be playing for Grays. Everyone would play for their local club. Don't be unrealistic. He was a great servant for the club and I wish him well.

are you sure

proudpotter - I think you're being a bit harsh on your own team there - I don't think they'll be relegated next year!


A lot of work to be done in training this week on corners and set pieces with

crosses coming in from both sides from Sako and Pennant,will they argue

over who is taking the corners?

up the Wolves.

Farmer Ted

Blimey, some bitterness being spat out here !

Can't understand it really, surely we've all seen and heard enough of badge kissing footballers over the last few years to understand there is very little loyalty. I just get the feeling that if Stale can get Pennant playing his part he could be better for us than Kightly. We shall see. Pennant has been a high maintenance player since he moved to Arsenal (and onwards) and his influence in the dressing room must also be watched carefully. Again, we shall see.

Nevertheless, as one or two have said, Kightly really grafted whenever he put on a Wolves shirt, suggesting he should be booed if he returns to play at Molineux is, to me, silly and very small minded.


I will boo himif he ever come back to molinux dont call me smallminded keep your rubbish opinoins to yorself hes a trator and must never be alowed to wear a goldshirt again

moxy out morgan out ward out hery out dolye out

Wow !

Best post of the day. Masterful, intelligent and forward thinking. Wish we had a couple more fans like this. Unfortunately we seem to have a few hundred.


I think you need a new keyboard.................


Wow,ain't you an angry fellow.Your angers blinded your ability to see the keys on the keyboard.Would hate to meet you down a dark alley if Kightly ever joined Hull City.


any loyalty left english football with michael owen....that man is all that is bad about football...dont be so hard on kitely, yeah hes got no loyalty but you lot were moaning about how rubbish doyle has been this season, how we should sell him etc...then when he shows a bit of loyalty you all lord and praise him...i think the team deserves more loyal fans myself.


It's in the past - let it go for goodness sake. Kightly served a purpose to good effect until his long term injury and, whilst playing, did well for us. What's to be gained by slating him now? He's gone. Pennant will plug a gap until our own come back, then he will return to Stoke - to challenge Kitely. I hope Pennant does well for us and returns to the Potteries buzzing and gives Pulis a selection problem. Let's concentrate on us and our existing players. UTW


I loved Kites and don't wish him any ill but I do feel let down by him..


Yippee! Signings like this, such as a well known commodity as Pennant is, to get snapped up by Wolves, even as a loanee, well, that's quite a nice change! Usually, not always, we miss out on top players like this. Hoping that he comes to us with no hidden injuries and has a keen desire to play to his highest potential.

Well done, Stale and Jez. A couple more, please!



this makes excellent business sense. Sell kites for 3 mill - well kites has been mainly injured for over the last 3 seasons and hasnt had the chance to prove whether he can play prem football.

Dont get me wrong cos he was one of the reasons we got promoted.

Pennant for me is technically superior to kites in dribbling, crossing etc. but a bit workshy when it comes to tracking back and teamworking.

He is a better player. Lets see if he's fit and up for it or not.


funny how so many fans are moaning because he left for a premier league club, when most the fans on here claimed they wouldn't renew their season ticket when we were relegated. Stop moaning about modern day players loyalty when most modern day fans are glory hunting cretins who don't know how to show support.


Couldn't have put it better myself mate.FW

Wanderer Will

I think Wolves fans have every dam right to vent their anger towards a player of which they paid for his 2-3 years worth of hospital/doctor/physio bills ! , People saying typical Moxey for getting £3m in his final year errrrr Kightly was offered fresh terms you idiots so its not typical Moxey at all ................. We need a striker though bigtime , I'd like someone like Shola Ameobi from Geordieland , Velios from Everton , Macheda on loan from Utd any of those 3 would suit me fine , Doyle seriously needs to start scoring more , I just hope Solbakken isn't a fan of all work and no end product , I finally hope Sigurdarson will be the new Doyle in terms of working etc because He's got far more of an eye for goal !

chris hoggard

Will, I agree with you, we need a striker and things otherwise are looking up. But I do not agree with you about Kightly and the late offering of a new contract to him by Jez Moxey.In 2009 after a couple of years out injured Kightly was offered a one year extension to his existing contract,which would then terminate in 2013.If at the time Moxey had covered himself, he would have also offered an option on the club's side to extend for a further period.This would have given us a greater opportunity to keep Kightly or get a better fee for him.Jez's hard nose commercialism ,not for the first time , has rebounded on the club. Although ,Moxey has done some good deals as well.As for blaming Kightly;f every professional club spends money trying to get their players fit,this was nothing out of the ordinary.Kightly would have faced a situation at Wolves, if he had not recovered ,of having his career finished and out of contract next seasom.According to some he has trebled his salary and with the Stoke contract has set himself and his family up for life. Who can really blame him.This is a guy who was given free transfers at Spurs and Southend and whilst injured faced an uncertain future at Wolves.He always gave his best for us and we got £3m for him ,rather than him walking out for free next year.

Kightly is rubbish can't cross no pace terrible touch.3 mill was great for him.won't be in that stoke side for long mark my words.


Please you guys who criticise MK wake up and smell the roses. He is no different from you or anyone else. If he gets a better job offer he will go. Just because it's football it makes no difference. I have been supporting wolves long before many of you were born. I've seen them go up and down and down and down. It's a GAME.

As for paying hospital bills etc I would suggest that wolves did not pay but the insurance plan did. That is why companies have medical insurance so they don't pay when you get ill or need hospital treatment as a result of your work.

Wolves are doing fine now, they will lose and they will win. At the moment they are in the grove and its great. They do need your support.


It takes a emergency so Solbakken can bring in a player on loan, I think left back is an emergency as well, will Stale get another player from the loan market? Probably not. We need some cover and competition there, we only have Ward with Elokobi out for the season and Jamie Reckord out on loan.

As for Kites, he's still got a lot too prove in the premier league, he's apparently playing a more defensive role with Stoke this season. He might find the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

Tipton Wolf

Never mind Kites and wingers lets get a spine at our club ie. Centre Forward ( Goal scorer) Central Midfielder ( Who can Tackle and distribute) and a Centre Half ( With pace) and then we can start thinking Premier League. UTW

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