Wolves' Steven Mouyokolo hit by new setback

Wolves’ forgotten man Steven Mouyokolo’s comeback was today placed on hold after he suffered a setback.


The £2.5m defender has sustained a minor, unrelated problem to the cruciate ligament injury that cut short his season-long loan spell at FC Sochaux in February. Mouyokolo will be out for several more weeks as he battles back from the new injury.

Manager Stale Solbakken said: “Mouyokolo had a small setback with another injury which is 100 per cent expected when you come back from a long time out and have trained hard to take the next step.

“It’s just a minor thing. He trained with the reserves for a week or so before the small setback but I don’t think it’s too serious.”

“He’s been out for so long that he’ll need quite a few weeks to get back.”

Mouyokolo played just four league games for Wolves after being signed by Mick McCarthy from Hull in June 2010.

The last of seven appearances for the club came in January 2011 as he struggled to get a game behind Jody Craddock, Richard Stearman, Christophe Berra and Michael Mancienne.

Then after being farmed out on loan to his native France last season, injuries restricted him to just four games for Sochaux.

Fellow long-term victim Jamie O’Hara is about halfway through his rehabilitation after his latest hernia operation.

“Jamie is just the same, it’s all going to plan,” added Solbakken.

One player who is very much on the mend and on the road towards fill fitness is keeper Wayne Hennessey.

The Wales international is set to start taking part in five-a-sides as he battles back from the ruptured cruciate ligament he sustained on April 14 at Sunderland.

“Wayne is out there training now and that’s going to plan,” added Solbakken.

“It isn’t about playing a match for him yet – he needs to get into small-sided games in training before he can do that.

“I think it’s close to six months since it happened.”

Hennessey was voted Wolves Player of the Year before he was injured but now faces a battle to regain his No.1 spot because of the solid form of Carl Ikeme, who has kept four clean sheets in the last five games.

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Comments for: "Wolves' Steven Mouyokolo hit by new setback"


As far as football goes, Steven has had truly bad luck and never been able to show us what he really is all about. At something like 25 years of age, he still has time on his side and it is to be hoped that he can soon resume his career at a competitive level again.

Golden Nuggett

I think like a lot of others signed by that "manager" his bad luck started when he signed. He like others was never given a chance behind the useless favourites. Hope he gets fit and is given a chance.

shrewsbury wolf

what is it with some of you, 'that' manager was the most successful at wolves for many a year

maybe his outspoken but honest approach upset you and your ilke ?

short memories eh

golden nuggett

Rude, abusive, one dimensional and favourites. How many defenders did he buy - all useless. Craddock the best to this day and he tried to get rid of him. Went up with a bad defence and came down with a bad one. Homespun Yorkshire drivel supposed to be funny - just embarassing. In huge demand now. Bolton - perfect fit, small club, pub football.


yes 'That' manager........the one whom has the worst premiership record in history!


'That Manager' who is the most successul manager in recent years. Short Memories....Grow Up

Tamworth Wolf

"That" manager did get us up, agreed and I am grateful that he did but should have gone at the end of the second season. We should have had Fletch and Doyler playing together but MM didn't know how to play them. He couldn't find a defence, especially at LB, didn't seem to need one. Too many utility players, players out of position, need I go on? He may well get another promotion, but he will never keep them up.

Tasmanian wolf

Golden Nugget, you are truly a womble.

golden nuggett

If that's the opposite of blinkered happy clapper then thank you


Nugget by name, nugget by nature. Bet you were a Freddie Eastwood fan. "Moving on", is that you too ?

This was about Mouyokolo and O'Hara's injuries, but planks like you have to put the boot into our most successful manager since Bill McGarry.

Go and read the history books, nugget

kiddy wulf

mm our most successful manager lol where were you last season , granted he got us into the prem but just kept us up more by luck than any tactical nouse , u forget the last game of the 2010 season then not having learnt from that season he led us on a disastrous run the next season yeah mick was a great leader lol m8 u need to take those happy clapping gloves off and takethose rose tinted shades off too


Feel sorry for both who are injured. But it shows just how the muppet wasted £7.5 million on two crocks.

Every cloud has a silver lining....... they can both go to Bolton soon!!!!!!!!

shrewsbury wolf

'Muppet' happened to be the first manager in recent times to get us into the the premiership and kept us there

get a reality check will you

injuries happen to other players at other clubs as well

whinging idiots

Moving On

Oh my life let go of Mick will you Shrewsbury Wolf. Granted, he got us promoted and did well 2009-10, 10-11 and 11-12 were an unmitigated disaster with performances, results, his attitude towards the fans and his TRANSFER POLICY which TonyWolf is describing here.

Maybe it is you who should get a reality check, stop looking at Mad Mick's reign with such rose-tinted glasses - but I can help you with this.

Let me remind you of the MILLIONS of pounds he wasted on poor players, then we can all stop talking about him FOREVER!




Van Damme


Darren Ward








Jemal Johnson

Darren Potter

I'm bored of listening to people at the match STILL harp on about Mick McCarthy! You're probably the same sort of "supporter" who moans about the attractive football we're playing under Solbakken.


shrewsbury wolf

If he refers to MM as a muppet then that is very disrespectful considering what he has done for us

Solbakken is a good manager as well, the difference is 'Moving on' quite simple, you and your negative know it all attitude is really laughable, respect the managers for what they have achieved and grow up

interesting you only pick out the negatives what about the successful players he bought, what about the success we had, blinkered or what

time to fill up your half empty cup mate

stephen taylor

Since we're making lists,what about;

Jarvis 9.4 Million Profit

Kightly 2.5 Million Profit

Fletcher 5-7 Million Profit

Henry £150k,over 200 Apps

That's off the top of my head and by the way we didn't lose a penny on many of your listed flops.

We've moved on from MM now and rightly so,but never forget the job he did;he left us a better,stronger club than we were when he joined us


Even I am getting a bit bored with this debate now. However just one pennyworth. Look at the players you have listed and see if you can calculate the total loss we made on them (hard with undisclosed fees admittedly). Most went for pretty much what we had paid for them. I would agree that there was too much quantity over quality and in a way I always wondered if the success of Kites and Jarvis made Mick and Jez believe the lower divisions were full of diamonds to be picked up for less than a million quid - clearly this was not the case!

Every time I hear someone slagging off Mick I just assume that they didn't watch the previous 20 odd years where we would have given our right arms to be in a Premiership relegation fight!


What a good point you make.

However the £2,975,000 we made on Kightly, the badge kissing crock, wipes out the losses we made on your little list.

That's before we get onto to £14m net profit we made on Fletch & Jarvis.

Look, McCarthy stayed too long I think we all agree but don't be blinkered & remember he also did lots of thinks right while he was here

fat boy jamie

Mcarthy only won the old second division as it was then the same as what sammy chung achieved, so how is he the most successful since Bill McGarry!!!


Mouyokolo does seem to be cursed with regard to injuries. You have to wonder whether he'll ever be fit to play again for Wolves. I never saw enough of him in the odd few games he played in as to whether he was worth the money or not - and we may never know. Not sure how long he has left on his contract.

The problem for Mouyokolo now is, even if he does make a full recovery, will he be the kind of defender Solbakken wants in the team? Clearly our new manager has very definate ideas when it comes to what sort of players that he wants in his squad.

Still, I wish the guy well, and hopefully he will soon be fit enough to show Solbakken what he can do.

We got solbakken the club

Must be honest Dek and say that I wasn't that impressed with what I saw. Don't think MM was proud of this one either, from what I remember I don't think he got in the team for quite some time after his transfer. He couldn't have been doin it in training cos he was definitely needed at the time. Hope he can get back fit and prove me wrong but 2.5mil is a hell of a lot to live up to, not his fault I know, but I often wondered if Mouyokolo was the reason behind the boards lack of confidence in Mc,Carthys transfer dealings. You've gotta get the finished article for that many conkers, but after a few failed gambles he must've decided to stick with players he knew, part of the reason we have still got poor players on lengthy contracts and are playing in the Leccy league. Solbakken has a good eye for a player and our patience will be rewarded.

Au revoir our kid...


I don't think anybody including the player himself would have been impressed by the few matches he played in. But to be fair to Mouyokolo, I don't think ever played a game in which he was fully match fit. If my memory is correct, he got injured in training before the start of his first season. I'm keeping an open mind as to whether he will ever be part of Solbakken's long term plans. But, if he breaks down again after recovering from this latest setback, I think the club will just let his contract rundown.


Jamie was on soccer am last weekend saying he can run but it hurts when he kicks the ball due to tendonitis.

When you add up our injured players it really is frightening. We would have a very strong squad if they were all fit.









Hopefully we can get them all back raring to go before long but it shows how much backup we need this season.

Billy Rafferty

Unfortunateky I'm afraid it could be a case of "Neil Masters Mark 2"




What a surprise! Still, about 350k per appearance isn't that bad of a return!!

Gravedigger Nuneaton

Well said Shrewsbury Wolf can't say I agree with everything MM done but his record speaks for itself...short memories some have who put postings here, some of them even blame him for things that happened before he come.


Well said Shrewsbury Wolf ! People have VERY short memories , from Merlin to Muppet in weeks. Lets just hope he doesn't go to Blackburn and come back to haunt us. In fairness thinking about it he has proven he is useless with his CV, I won't go through it but I am sure he managed an "average at best" international team to a World Cup Finals. He MUST be a muppet !


I would just like to endorse, what Solentwolves / Albrightondek, both said, the lad just seems to be very unlucky with injuries, so we dont really know how good a player really is. But i want to say about people having a go at MM. I know i for one, was one who very much wanted him replaced after the Blackburn game. I felt he earned the right to be manager, after getting Wolves promoted, but imo, i dont think he's a Premier league manager. But at Championship level, you wont get a better manager, what he did at Wolves, after taking over the mess left by the useless/clueless GH, was nothing short of a miracle. He came in late, to a club with very few players, but turned it all around. And eventually got us promoted,so i dont think he deserves all of the criticism he got/gets. If he does get the Bolton job, then you watch the progress they will make under his leadership. Especially if he's got a good owner/ceo to work with. Again imo i dont think he was always backed 100% by our owner/ceo, when trying to sign certain players in the PL, who if signed may have kept us up? UTW:


Of course MM was a poor manager. what kind of manager signs a player who got Hulls player of the season and was one of the few bright points of a dire relegation season?

It would seem that in order to be a decent manager you need to be able to predict the future now as according to some for lack of a better word, 'Morons', MM shouldn't have signed him because he got injured afterwards? Makes so much sense doesn't it.

Moving on writes a list of so called poor players that he signed, and yet some of them did a decent job for us. Keogh and potter for example who were brought in as championship players to play in the championship. yes they weren't good enough for the prem, but they did an OK job of helping us gain promotion. He also listed Van Damne and Surman who were far from poor players but didn't work out, hardly MM's fault.

But more to the point all the players on the list were cheap options that didn't actually cost us much in the long term. In fact everyone of their transfers could have been paid off with the sale of 2 other players MM brought in, Fletch and Jarvis. but I suppose its easier to forget about all the players he brought in for peanuts that did a fantastic job for us in helping us get promoted and keep us there for 3 years.

With his poor signings and bad management he still built a team out of nothing and gave us 3 years in the prem, as well as earning us a hell of a lot more money than he cost us with some of his fantastic purchases. It was clearly time to move on, but its disgusting to see so called fans belittling all of his accomplishments at the club.

Filthy Wolf

I feel genuinely sorry for players like this. From Freddie Eastwood right through to Fletcher, Mick has a tendency to sign players then drop them at the first sign of poor form, or sometimes simply not even give them a chance. Fletcher spent ages on the bench, and only when he kept coming off to score did Mick play him. On the left wing..........

Look at Stefan Maierhofer. 31 goals in 49 games for Rapid Vienna. Came to Wolves, Mick sank him. Now at Red Bull Salzburg he's scored 14 in 29.

Best not to right anyone off at the moment, with a long season ahead.


Who's bothered about Steven Mouyokolo - patch him up, get him 'fit' and get him transfered. Now, if the great E&A have any worthwhile or positive news on Frimpong or Brady, I'll read it. As for MM, he is a solid part of Wolves history now so try and remember the best bits and forget the bad (strong and weak signings included). If you want to talk about him you can, but I guarantee you it won't help Wolves to get back to playing confident football and consolidating this current team. Wouldn't you be better off lending your thoughts to the here and the now?

Lord Molineux

E&A ? is that Emergency and Accident ? Seems to be like that at Compton at the moment.

Think you're being a bit harsh on Mouyokolo, let's get him fit and see if he can play ?

More concerned about current crop of injuries. With Henry suspended we certainly need Doumbia and Doyle fit 'cos Huddersfield away might be quite tricky and Bolton at home could also be difficult, especially with Merlin at the reins !


Shrewsbury. THAT MANAGER got us promoted as Champions by the failure of Birmingham to catch up when we were falling apart. That said we hung in the prem by the skin of our teeth until lack of all round quality finally showed. No short memory here pal, you call that success?


your talking rubbish. Birmingham failing to catch us is the only reason we were promoted? Maybe it was the fact we finished on 90 points which would have got us promoted from the championship almost every time in recent years.


There's some nincompoops posting on here today. This isn't '1984' you can't alter the facts and rewrite history to suit your small minded prejudices.

MM has gone and we've moved into another phase. He did what he did and he failed where he failed, but, he's still third most successful post war manager at The Mol.

Now shut up !

the mon from Luton


Mouyokolo as been hit by Bad Luck if he had gone to wigan or somewhere like that he might still be playing

loads of very good players have come to wolves and been hit by the BAD LUCK that hangs about waiting to latch

on to Players and for MM why slag him the bloke did a great job so he lost it last season so what wolves had gone STALE

we needed to go in a new direction but the way it was handled by the 2 muppets was nothing to do with Mick why didn't they get a manager lined up then sack Mick No they went knocking on peoples door begging people on their mobile phone trying to get a manager on the cheap and were getting turned down I tell you what I bet Mick had one of the Best laughs in ages watching wolves trying to get a Manager

O'hara Didn't he score a Brilliant goal against the Tesco lot that is good enough for me if he never plays again running round that toilet bowl with his thumb in his mouth



try reading my post again. Where did I say we would not have been promoted?


Valhalla is an enormous empty hall, like the heads of some posters on here. I took exception to Shrewsburys opinion about the "success" of Mick McCarthy while manager at Wolves.

It is not a "fact" that McCarthy was the third most successful post war manager at the Mol, as you have stated, it is merely your opinion. You are as entitled to it as I am to mine. It depends what one terms success and measures it by, Odin one. You may shut up likewise if you wish but I would not demand it of you. Debate and comment is healthy, bullying aggression merely shows ignorance. But then you perhaps reside in the hall of the dead, so it helps to understand your outburst.


Look at the record books, clown

It's INDISPUTABLE how ever you want to try and twist it

Capital Wolf

O Din one,

Calm down, It's DISPUTABLE how ever you want to try and twist it


you stated we only got promoted as champions because Birmingham failed to catch us during our blip. I stated 90 points is enough to win the league most seasons and has been for a very long time. My wording was incorrect as I just stated promoted which could have meant runner up or even play off's. What i meant was we would win the league with 90 points 9 times out of 10, so to claim our achievement of doing so was down to other teams failure is ridiculous.


REALIST, read Karl Wolves reply to Shrewsbury. (below) says it all.

wolfincheapclothing (club shop)

Come on boys and girls let's just agree that Mad Mick was a decent Championship manager with a reasonable eye for a player: some good some bad. He's gone so let's move on. MM was clueless in the Premiership, SS looks like he'll move us on once we get up.


Super Mick Mcarthy. In all the years I have been watching my beloved WOLVES. Super Mick gave me the most exiting times since we won the Sherpa van trophy final under Turner. I can honestly say, from all the support in the old 4th and 3rd, (aprox 2000 of us), I have never heard one of us moan about Mcarthy. New breed of supporters or Glory hunters please go back to Sandwell. Barmy Army !!


To be honest, the main problem with Stevie Moo was not the injuries, it was the fact that he was hopeless and couldn't hit a barn door with a banjo from six feet.

PeteNuts, as ever, saying the things that others do not dare.

Mills Wolf

In honest mode now...... not bothered in the slightest really about this "latest setback" you dont miss what you never had, and we've never had the 2.5 million potentialy good defender we forked out for, 4 games in almost 3 years is pathetic.

Most cant even spell his name and his been at the club longer than alot of the squad now, get fit or get rid.

Last chance saloon for me, if he has another "setback" then pay him off !


shrewsbury wolves, the only muppet is you. if you think getting promoted by the skin of your teeth( jody rescued the situation). and then spending 3 seasons fighting relegation,thenyou need to go to specksavers. mad mick wasted millions,never played them, and in some cases destroyed them,the classic being van dame, and dont come back with him being home sick.the bloke never played left back and when he did play got subtituted before or just after half time. the proof is in the pudding,his partner in crime, terry the clown gets sacked and wolves improve.


as one poster has already said, to turn an article about the injury to moyokolo in to a debate about mcarthy and his failures or successes is crazy.

its the past and thats where it should be left.

now to the future, doumbia was pulled out of the international to protect him, and have him ready for huddersfield, henry is banned so edwards/davies can step in.

o'hara should be back mid to late december.

a new signing this week , a wide player to replace peszko/boukari and to compliment our team should help us keep momentum.



Who cares? This is now. that was then!


Mouyokolo wasn't given a chance by MM, the lad probably did'nt like the training methods (wear your shinpads lads we're going to train like we're playing a match). Ridiculous method the cause of many injuries and friction between players if someone goes in a little too hard which from what i've seen posted and heard was the case between a few players that got shipped out on loan (Hammill being one)

he's had a bad injury that takes time and when you come back from such an injury other muscles, ligaments lose strength due to not using them as strenuously day in day out. he's now picked up a niggly injury which is not in the same area as the cruciate rupture. it was the same with O'Hara and Hunt they both had injuries tried to rush back and picked up more injuries linked to the original problem, it makes me wonder if the physios and medical team even have any qualifications

Manic Depressive Wolf

Pull yourselves together and face reality: if we are in the Championship then MM is a great manager for us; if we are in the top flight he is a miserable disaster. Everybody at Sunderland knows that, and so should we. It is the simple truth of the man's career to date. We should have sacked him as soon as we were promoted; everybody knew what was coming, and it came. We should be ruthless like the top continental clubs we used to be numbered amongst 50-60 years ago. If Real Madrid can sack a coach after winning the Spanish League, then we should have the guts to sack one after he has won the Championship - call it what it is, Division Two, and the decision is a lot easier to take!

There has been a sequence of football revolutions since the 1960s and we have missed out on every single one of them. To be honest, Cullis would have found MM tactically naive.

Let's hope SS can bring us up to date and proves to be a Premiership manager with European football potential after he has got us promoted. My guess is that he is better than M&M thought he was going to be, and their biggest headache is going to be keeping up with his ambition. Whether he is up to it I don't know yet, but I have the feeling he really fancies his chances of outwitting the Mourinhos, Fergusons, Wengers, and AVBs of this world.


im was never a big MM fan, but I agree he bought a few gems in jarvis,fletcher, henry,kites.

He also bought a load of average players who did not improve the squad and players he simply did not give a decent run in the team.

But whether you rate Mick or not, the results in the premiership show that the squad he assembled was simply not good enough for an increasingly competitive league.

Micks teams are about a high work rate, teamwork and a fighting spirit.

But the last 3 seasons have shown that to survive in the premiership you need to add a solid defence, good technical ability, and better ball possession to succeed.


McCarthy did well to get us into the premier league and i for one are truly grateful for that but the season that followed its only thanks to spurs and man u that we stayed up and as for last season no-one could help us so ...where does this most successfull stuff come from for a few bob more dave jones could have kept us there longer!!!loving the stollbaken reign long may it continue!!!


An article dealing with injuries related to Mouyokolo, O'Hara and Hennesey - and look what happens! The old debate resurfaces: the old arguments go round and round, grinding away getting nowhere. Folks, we really must let go of what happened last season, and even before, and concentrate on the here and now.


The defence is looking far better with Ikeme, I for one am glad that he got his chance due to Hennessey being injured, he is a far better goalkeeper in my books. It shows how a player can take his chance when others are injured, take note the rest of the team.


We do seem to have a habit of signing injury prone players.I wonder why?Good luck to you Steven and hope that you recover fully.Mick McCarthy did a good job in getting Wolves in the Premier and staying there.However after we hung on in 2010/1 thanks to other teams results,then McCarthy should have gone then.He certainly had his limitations that the higher management failed to see which ended up with last season's debacle.

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