Stale Solbakken to start hunt for new recruits

Wolves boss Stale Solbakken will spend the next two weeks trying to recruit loan players and a new coach.

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The Molineux chief, who has now moved to a property in Wolverhampton, is to spend the international break wisely with Wolves depleted by injuries to three wingers and still without a replacement for assistant boss Terry Connor.

Slawomir Peszko is out for three months with torn medial knee ligaments, Razak Boukari four to five weeks with a torn calf and Stephen Hunt four months with a hernia problem.

Kevin Doyle missed today’s game at Blackburn with a thigh injury sustained in training yesterday.

Solbakken was due to meet an un-named German coach today, possibly with a view to the candidate being at Ewood Park to watch the game.

Solbakken said: “Maybe now we’re going into an international break, we can have time to see what we can do in the loan market and have some more concrete conversations with people (regarding a new coach).


“I can’t comment on other players at other clubs, but we have to see if there’s something we can do.

“With the games coming so thick and fast and gaps in the squad, we need to ensure we can always have a strong starting XI more or less playing in their normal positions, otherwise it will cost us too many points in the long run.

“We can always adapt for a short time. But hopefully some players will come in and do well.”

Asked if he was meeting a German coach today, Solbakken smiled and said: “There are so many rumours, but it’s a smart thing not to comment.

“We spoke to some people at the beginning and we’ve spoken to others since.

“That was important so they know how we work, but with games every third day, we’ve had to put it on hold a bit.

“Because of all the games we’ve had, it’s not as if I’ve had chance to speak to people every day and that’s why I’ve put it back a bit.”

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Comments for: "Stale Solbakken to start hunt for new recruits"

We got solbakken the club

The last German coach we had was a Mercedes with blacked out windows!!!

Au revoir our kid...

Karlir-Johanarnt Kristjanson

The loan players replaces the injured players in order to secure promotion (or at least try to). This is a transition season, but it doesn't mean that we can't secure promotion. And loan players have in the past, like O'Hara, ended up signing permanent contracts. Should we play youngsters if it goes on the expense of our promotion plans? no. Then they're not good enough. Let's loan the out to a div 1 club or one of the teams in championsship.


If they are good enough to loan out to another Championship club, then they should be good enough for our team!!

chris hoggard

Looks like Sako has got a better left foot than Waggy and a harder shot than Kenny Hibbitt.

chris hoggard

Good point,Michael Kightly came on loan as well.

psalm 23

What is wrong with the Coach, maybe it's not serious and just a simple thing like needing some petrol. Sort it out Stale!!

Sir Billy Quiet

Suggest Diesel rather than petrol for a coach?


Well we've got money to spend on loan players,so theirs no excuse in that department. I will keep saying it , get Kenwyne Jones in for a start, im not convinced that Frank Nouble is the answer, ive always believed you need four good strikers in any squad. I think we've got good cover in defence except for the LB position, and also in centre of midfield, but we need another decent winger in. Why not try and get Jermaine Pennant on loan or David Bentley if he's still at Spurs? Both would do a decent job. I do find it strange at times when Jez, says its hard bringing in players, yet we dont seem to have much trouble in loaning ours out. GOOD LUCK TODAY LADS. UTW:


We should ask AW to lend us Chamakh now and Frimpong as he has now come back!


Tom, we did warn you about Nouble. I agree, don't think he has what is needed

lee benton

Would we be far off the mark having Craddick as a coach even if he only wants to for it tempory


I think that's a great shout mate I believe he deserves this with all that he has done for the club over the past

Jack ♣ Hat.

I've heard it is the coach who was relegated with him in Germany.



Why do Tesco fans feel the need to comment on things goin on at Wolves, stick to your own sites oh if you have one. WFE


so your back, how long have you waited????? four wins..... waited untill palace beat us,eh? listen jack, come back on the wwfc page when you win something, untill then stay in the brummie end bakery. utw


Don't worry your simple little mind with who it is Jack, try worrying about who will replace Ashworth.

chris hoggard

Jack , Went to the FA Museum of Football yesterday.Plenty of Wolves stuff in there,didn't see much about your lot.


That's why it's a called museum and you expect it to be full of old relics!!

Millenium Man

If I were in Stales position Arsenal FC could ease our worries (with the help from Mr. Arsen). Arsenal have many quality players itching for a competitve game or two. Sign three players from the gooners and we could turn the corner.



Wenger is not willing to let any fringe players leave whilst they are still involved in the league cup, once they go out of that if they do then he may let us have Frimpong back

raymond simms

Well said Bertie.Whilst loan signings, in my opinion, cannot be the be-all and end-all we have no option until January but to keep the side going.If the two idiots,namely Moxey and Morgan, could show a bit of care and ambition by spending a bit then things could be very different.Having said that,I am quite pleased at the way things are going and I think that Frimpong would be a good addition,after all,he was playing well before his horrible injury,he certainly made a difference to the team.


Football is a business just like any other business it all revolves around money, money for the players and staff wages also for the day to day running of the club. This has to be kept in check as to avoid going bankrupt, on the other hand the people who contribute to the income of the club are the paying fans. All fans must have a voice if you pay your money you have the right to an opinion, some may not agree with it and they also have a right to have their say. This manager has come into this club to turn it’s fortunes around on the playing field, and must be given the time to carry this out. If He needs to look at loan players as a temporary solution to the problem it also gives him the chance to see what the player is like with the view to perhaps signing him on a permanent contract or releasing them at the end of the loan period. His record up to yet has been very favourable considering the state of the club at the end of last season, and I think he will continue to bring the kind of football that all Wolves fans deserve. Yes there are some positions that are in need of strengthening, and I’m sure he is all too aware of the situation and what he needs to do to remedy this. Wolverhampton is a Great City and before long will have a Great Team again at the Molineux, good luck Stale for the rest of the season.

Filthy Wolf

Given the impact of some of the new signings (Sako scoring again today) I think Stale has made some good choices. Why do we think we can spend the millions off Fletcher and Jarvis? Who will come to a Championship club? I think loan signings is the way to go. Third today. Given this early run what will he do IF he makes the Premiership?

Sir Lupi

Frimpong on loan again would be a good move.

Any other ideas??

wanderer in eire

This is when I dont understand fan's questioning Stale!!!

Stale so far has done and acheivied a minor miracle by having us in the league position we find ourselves in.

The two players he has brought in in Sako and Doumbio have proven to be gems.It as been long coming having a player of the quality of Sako with his terrific left.

The two remaining "M's" must give him the funds as Stale as shown that he can take us up this season given the tools he desires.Some of the football we played today at Blackburn we have not seen played by a wolves team for donkey years!

mk wolves

Talk about moaners you lot are like London buses. when the team was on a four winning streak you lot stayed away do us all a favor and go and support the Albion if you can't get behind the club then stay away its that simple.

John Richards

Nice win today! Ståle seem to have the team well organized. Good for him and good for Wolves. And a bit strange considering how Køln looked like last season. Their defense was like sh*t in the fan last season in the Bundesliga.

I guess the players the are listening to him here. (There). And I guess that Joe Kinnear are nowhere near. (Irrelevant? Yes. I just wanted to mention him.) That guy really doesn`t like Ståle Solbakken. Good luck Wolves!

For sånn løper Ståle og Ståle løper sånn...

jeff scriven wednesbury wolves

why don:t we get hammill back from is loan if we can he can:t do any worse than what we ave at the club in stale we believe


always have a strong starting XI more or less playing in their normal positions, otherwise it will cost us too many points in the long run.

So why do you persist with playing a striker at left back who has cost us an abundance of points in that posistion.


When are you going to realise that this left back is an international and incidentally has also saved us on numerous occasions


Yep he is an International....and proven to be a liability for club and country. Wake up and smell the coffee.

Christchurch Wolf

If its so hard to get loan players in and we're down 2 right midfielders, should we not be recalling Adam Hammill? He was inconsistent but had some good games for us in the prem. At this level I think he could do some damage.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Hibernian are sitting on top of the SPL this morning. Guess who has made a huge contribution? One Leigh Griffiths of WWFC. Would be a good move I reckon to have him back when his loan period expires in January. We DO need to score more goals.

Will the Wolf

Why waste the money on buying players with the money we had for Fletcher n Jarvo Kites etc ? , obviously Fletcher's goals would be nice but the others we have lost have been replaced with better in my eyes , Sako will have far more assists n goals than Jarvis could provide ( Liked Jarivs a lot so not knocking him ) , Doumbia far better than Guedioura , I also think Sigurdarson will be far better than Doyle in goalscoring terms once settled and injury/sickness free ! , Nouble CANNOT have been Solbakken's signing surely haha , Frimpong has tweeted Wolves are the only club he would come back too and it looks like its happening ! , one striker I'd like is Ameobi from Newcastle ( the older one ) , he never starts for them , come January slap a £3-4m offer in I say .. Also I think if Frimpong comes a midfield 3 of him Henry n Doumbia is very strong , Sako n Doyle off Blake in a 4-3-3 would be ideal tuntil the wingers are back ! WOLVES AY WE

Will the Wolf

4 clean sheets in 5 and only a premiership talent in Zaha has done Ward all ends up , get off the kids back , along with Sako n Henry the back 5 have done with great , once the midfield know each others game 100% they will get more protection when needed as whenever I have seen Ward get done in a one on one Sako is knowhere to be seen for cover , yet I bet you dream of making love to him !!!!!!!!!!!

paul davo

i had my grim head on when we got stale in but its looking good for us today, so far so good and i bet he has a few more sako"s lined up his sleeve so i am starting to get the feel good factor for the prem again, trust him morgan with the money and i think we will return to the prem 1st time, p.s we played good FOOTBALL with Glen Hoddle but you wanted long ball tactics then must have forgoten A.

E-The Norseman

Ståle Solbakken should borrow Morten Gamst Pedersen from Blackburn! He is a legend!