Wayne Hennessey lines up speedy return for Wolves

Wolves today received a rare injury boost with confirmation of Player of the Year Wayne Hennessey’s return to full fitness ahead of schedule.

Soccer - Barclays Premier League - Wolverhampton Wanderers v Liverpool

The Wales international will return to contention immediately following the international break after battling back from a ruptured cruciate ligament suffered at Sunderland on April 14.

Hennessey, 25, will be stepping up his workload and returning to full training some time after Saturday’s trip to Blackburn, with a view to challenging Carl Ikeme and Dorus De Vries for the away game at Huddersfield on October 20.

The news is a boost for the club at a time when three wingers – Razak Boukari, Slawomir Peszko and Stephen Hunt – face injury lay-offs and boss Stale Solbakken is weighing up a move into the loan market for a replacement, while George Elokobi’s season is over.

“Wayne should be fully fit and ready to rejoin full training with the team when the international break has finished, provided he has no setbacks,” said Solbakken.

“He’s doing all his work with (goalkeeping coach) Pat Mountain at the moment, but everything is going the way it should be and if that’s still the case, he’ll be back with us when the international break is over.

“He’s worked hard and got his reward by being back a few weeks ahead of schedule.”

Solbakken believes Hennessey’s imminent return is reward for his positive attitude.

“It’s a good thing to have all three keepers fit but it’s also a reward for Wayne too because every day I’ve been here, he’s always come in with a big smile and worked hard,” said the boss.

“That’s something he should be proud of because he’s dealt with this setback so well mentally.”

Forgotten defender Steven Mouyokolo is also well down the road on his way back to full fitness from a cruciate ligament injury, while midfielder Jamie O’Hara is halfway through rehabilitation from his latest hernia operation.

“Steven is training more and more with the reserves at the moment,” said Solbakken.

“O’Hara is doing fine, but that was also the case last time and then he had a setback.

“Hopefully this operation has gone well because it’s very important for his mental state that there are no setbacks again.

“It’s about four weeks since his operation so he should be about halfway through his rehabilitation.”

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Comments for: "Wayne Hennessey lines up speedy return for Wolves"

Kevin Rowland circa 1980 Ohh Geno

Some welcome news, I hope he dosnt walk straight into the team as Ikeme has been awesome so far this season. He also seems more vocal than Hennesey and seems to have a better control of his area. That said I've got a lot if time for Wayne, he's a talented keeper for sure and has a good attitude and always gives 100%.

Lupine Nick

Glad to hear that Wayne is on the way back, although Carl Ikeme has been playing well, in my view, and deserves to keep his place.

I doubt whether O'Hara will ever play for Wolves again after the disgraceful way some cretinous so called Wolves fan abused him and his child last season. I hope that they have seen the error of their ways and send him messages of apology and support- or perhaps they are too self absorbed and too thick to even be able to do that.

Sedgley Slayer

Couldn't agree more! Really hope that O'Hara does get back soon, he has the class to push us on a level.


They'll have trouble stringing two words together and probably still proud of themselves spitting at Sir Jack


If you follow his Twitter you'll know that he wants nothing more but to be playing for Wolves again. He's settled in and gets on well with the management and players. He's not going to throw that all away just because of 1 drunken idiot having a go at him.

You'd think Roger Johnson had less of a chance and he's still playing.


Sadly, it's probably the latter, Lupine Nick.


O'harass is a disgrace to be even called a wolves player, too busy driving round in flash cars with a 'look at me im better than you ' attitude,together with his so called 'wag' , wag my backside, where was he last game of the season ? Oh yeah tweeting he was stunning himself on a beach in Portugal , good ridance to him, hunt, berra who all want 'out' but are happy to pick up £££


O'Hara has ALWAYS given 100% when he has played for Wolves. No evidence to support your emotive comments.


No evidence ? Its on his twittering account you berk , plus who is his so called 'wag' , and all the flash cars he drives and has brought his wife, so get your head from up your backside u mug , the same can be said for hunt,berra etc...... Picking up Wong for nout !


To be away from Molineux while he was injured and following the abuse he got from some moronic 'Wolves' fans' was very sensible.

He may tweet about his wife and top of the range cars, but that does NOT alter the fact that he has always given 100% in a Wolves shirt. Get things into perspective old chap, much better than having a myopic rant..

N.B: if my head is up my arse, at least I can't talk out of it.


Another deluded response from one of the 'goody2shoes' wolves fans that is holding back the real truth about wwfc and its so called stars, get real mate bet u sit in the billywright with all the other cucumber sandwich 'yes' sheep don't you


"...the real truth about WWFC..."! This I have to hear, from someone who cannot back up his angry and abusive statements with anything of substance (and, no, I don't sit in BW).

It is not deluded to state that O'Hara gives 100% for Wolves. Badly managed emotions can stop people seeing the truth.


I can't believe O'Hara doesn't appreciate that it was only a couple of mindless morons. He owes the club an extended run of good performances and I am sure will not use that incident as an excuse to flee the club. I think he is better than that and I think you should stop going on about it.


Ive alaways been a huge admirer of Wayne, and still believe he's our best gk. But i dont see any need for him to rush back, as Carl as more than earned the shirt, and as waited patiently for his chance between the sticks, plus he's been one, if not our best player so far this season. Therefore i would sooner Wayne ease himself back to full fitness, and make sure he's 100% fully fit and play a few reserve games first. As ive said i think he's our best gk, but NO player should be guaranteed a first team place, they must earn it, that goes for Wayne too. UTW:




Golden Nuggett

For me Ikeme is by far the better keeper. Wayne doesn't command his box, is not vocal and shrinks from the physical challenges.

For a guy his size his dislike of the physical is ridiculous. Guess i'm saying he is far from brave.

I will never forget him being backed into the net with the ball in his hands clutched to his chest by cameron jerome at Brum

Sir Lupi

Totally agree. The Albion game was his worst for me.

Good shot stopper (like most professional keepers are), but far to error prone and shy.

Im sorry but Wayne is not as good as some Wolves fans think he is.

Its no coinsidence we have had 3 consecutive clean sheets since he has been out injured and Ikeme has come in.

How he got player of the season over Jarvis and Fletcher I will never know.

Maybe it is the same people who voted for Wayne who also happy clapped Mick and Terry Connor. Im just glad this clique as been dismantled.

Both MM & WH should of been dropped 12 months ago.

This team is far better at defending without Hennessey in the net.


Of course defending against bottom of the league Peterborough and strugglers Ipswich and Sheff Wed is just as comparable as defending against Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Man United isn't it? We have played 9 and conceded 9 you know...

Not taking anything away from Ikeme. I thought he could be our number 1 from when I saw him at the pre-season Scotland tour a few seasons back. Really impressive player.

But to say the team is better at defending with Hennessey out of it is ridiculous when we haven't seen Ikeme in the PL. Wayne did get us promoted remember?

We are blessed with 2 goalkeepers which would both make the top 5 of the league IMO.

If you think we're better without Wayne than with him then you are as clueless as you think MM is.

Sir Lupi

It was Hannaman who kept us in the Prem, remember??

Sorry Ox, your not right on this one, Wayne is no better than Scott Carson was for the Albion.

A good manager can see a keepers strengths and weaknesses, hense the first thing Hodgeson did was ship Carson out for Foster and immediately the Albion defence tightened. Am I right Albion fans??

Hennesey is ok in the Championship, but as far as being a top five premiership keeper, i think your hero worshipping a bit there mate.

He was the Premierships worst keeper last year by far.

There are much better keepers out there, Ikeme is one of them.

Golden Nuggett

We have let in 9 because the back 4 are a joke! MM's back 4. How many have they been responsible for? I've got one down to Ikeme



Just for clarification and not to re-ignite the argument, but I was referring to the Championship when saying we have two of the top keepers in the league, definitely not the PL.

But to defend him again - worst in PL last season isn't fair when he had the men in front of him falling over themselves to allow the opposition to score (God I just remembered the Newcastle game at Molineux).

We can't go wrong with Ikeme or Henners in goal at this level IMO and that's an enviable position to be in.

We got solbakken the club

Can he play up front ? Sako on the left , Zeli on the right and chuck it in the mixer. Sorry folks, I'm still brainwashed by McCarthy,s tactics, he must still haunt me. Thinking bout it though, Mick wouldn't play Zeli would he !

Au revoir our kid...

Ox Wolf

Ikeme is doing fine so as many say, no rush - but maybe we could use his height and play him upfront!




I have been delighted with Ikeme's form and he has really taken his chance well. He should certainly stay in the team for a while, but for my money Wayne is a better keeper. I spent years watching Mike Stowell getting slagged off for not 'commanding his box', but he was still a fine keeper.

WW have a habit of buying injury prone players.Sadly O'Hara is one of them. When fit he can play, but he should not play unless fully fit as he wasn't tracking back so well in games he played last season. FITNESS is an issue with the new signings also. Sako is a fine player with much potential buy he does fade after 60 minutes and here is no viable substitution and change of plan to cope with him. David Edwards really should be contributing more as an international with World Cup experience.He should be more of a leader. Also WW MUST resolve being a team that only functions when Henry is there. We are a mid table side, a work in progress, there are green shoots of positive play. We still have a lot of duds in the side who showed they are not good enough last season. Fair play and big respect to Kevin Doyle for staying to say sorry. Don't get above yourselves, fans.We will have other days like Tuesday when we get mugged.....but we might just do it to a few teams also


If Wayne wants his place back he his going to have play better than he as played before. Carl i don't think will just roll over and let Wayne have it back, Carl as had a good run in the team and is enjoying himself, and i wonder how much the defence as improved is because of Carl playing so well. Several times during the Owls game i saw Johnson and Berra pat him on the back, and what a good pro he his, like big George never once as he rocked the boat, i think you are in for one hell of a battle Wayne, i hope it will be that and not injury. COME ON YOU WOLVES.

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