Wolves 1 Sheff Wed 0 - match report

Wolves  barely stepped out of second gear as they made it four league wins in a row in some comfort against Sheffield Wednesday at sunny Molineux this afternoon.

Stale Solbakken stock 4

Wolves  barely stepped out of second gear as they made it four league wins in a row in some comfort against Sheffield Wednesday at sunny Molineux this afternoon.

Bakary Sako’s 43rd-minute retaken free kick proved the difference between the sides, but it was ultimately a much easier win for Stale Solbakken’s side than the scoreline suggests as Wolves made it three clean sheets in a row in the Championship.

The excellent Kevin Doyle, who was man of the match for the fourth league game in a row, went close twice in a fairly lively first half, as did Sako before his third goal for the club – all of which have been spectacular strikes.

Wolves however rode their luck a little early on in what was something of a slow start.

They survived a penalty shout when it appeared Stephen Ward had tripped Michai Antonio after just 84 seconds.

The referee waved play on and they were never really in any danger from there on.

Like last week against Peterborough, it was a highly controlled performance by Wolves, who looked to keep possession throughout a pretty uneventful second half only memorable for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake snapshot that fizzed narrowly wide.

Solbakken made 11 changes from the side that crashed 6-0 out of the Capital One Cup to Chelsea on Tuesday, but only one from the team that beat Peterborough 2-0 last Saturday.

That change saw Razak Boukari start in place of Slawomir Peszko on the right wing.

But there was a quick switch again between the two as Boukari lasted just 14 minutes of his home debut when he limped off following a tackle.

By then there had been chances at both ends, but Wednesday had the better of them and were unlucky not to have won a penalty after just 84 seconds.

Ward appeared to trip Antonio to send the winger flying just inside the box, but the referee waved play on.

The visitors had another opportunity in the fourth minute as Wolves made an edgy start, but Chris O’Grady fired an angled shot into the sidenetting from inside the area.

Wolves’ first opening arrived in the seventh minute when Kevin Doyle flashed a firm drive over the bar from 25 yards after Tongo Doumbia won the ball back and fed him.

But there was another scare for the home side in the 13th minute when O’Grady got free again but fractionally missed Antonio’s cross despite a full-length dive to reach the ball.

Sako gave notice of his intentions in the 26th minute when he rifled a tremendous drive a few inches over after a high-speed break.

And within a minute Doyle rolled a low left-footed effort just wide of the far post after cleverly skipping round Jose Semedo and sprinting towards goal.

Sako tried his luck again on 31, this time curling narrowly wide with his unfavoured right foot first time from 25 yards after Peszko’s square pass infield.

Wolves were now well on top and Ebanks-Blake won the decisive free kick when he was hauled down by Jermaine Johnson chasing a long ball from the back.

There was a long delay while the referee got the defensive wall back 10 yards, but Sako had other ideas and took it quickly, curling it inches wide.

However he earned a booking for taking the kick too quickly.

But from the retaken free kick, he made no mistake as he lashed a low left-foot drive into the far bottom corner of the net.

Ebanks-Blake lashed a foot wide after Doyle escaped Jermaine Johnson to latch onto Ward’s pass before squaring inside.

But that was about the sum of the attacks in a largely uneventful second half during which Wolves appeared happy to sit back and try to keep possession, rather than push for a second goal.

There was a Wolves League debut for former Wednesday loanee Danny Batth deep into injury time for the excellent Doyle as the home side shut up shop.

And Wolves had little trouble in reeling off their third successive shutout in the league to send the majority of the 23,591 crowd home happy.

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Comments for: "Wolves 1 Sheff Wed 0 - match report"



Mike Pearson

Four straight League wins, three consecutive shutouts, one point out of first place!!! I will take that every time!!! Stale must be doing something right so lets get behind him. Just need management to give him every support in building this side up with greater depth all round.

Come on you Wolves!!!!


Mike we are equal top mate not a point off, but i echo all the rest you said..!! Vie Va Le Solbaken Revolution..!!

jennifer harvey

well done wolves keep the good work up. great win.


we will win this league easy and next season we will take the premier apart in our rightful place bring on the albion


Steady on snoddy, too soon to be making predictions

We got solbakken the club

Hold on a bit Snoddy. I love a bit of confidence but let's climb down from the ceiling and get our feet on the floor. One game at a time,keep stacking those points up and improving each performance and we,ll see where we get. From what I'm watching every week it looks like Stale is the builder at the club never mind Steve Morgan and the possession football being served up is a pleasure to witness , just wanna see a bit more cutting edge up front and I think the stronger teams in this league will know they've been in a game. Be strong, be bold, the prem,s still on hold.

Au revoir our kid...


I am a "happy-clapper," but I believe you are delusional if this is really what you believe is going to happen.


Whilst I'm over the moon with the performances of late, we need to remember all three of our wins came at the expense of three sides in the bottom 6 of the league. If we can thump Palace in midweek away from home ill gladly say we can beat anyone in this division

Norway Wolf

We don't have to thump them, a 1-0 will do.

That's how manure have always worked under Lord Fergie.

A thumping is something you can enjoy if the opposition are really cr*p, otherwise be content with a win.

Andy Bolt

Hang on a bit snoddy....love the confidence, but we really have played only two desent teams so far...leeds and Cardiff, it will be a good test this week against Blackburn on Sat...always gold and black...!!


Super Stola - he's wonderful fella.

he thinks, he drinks his courage.

Super Stola is the man worth his dollar.

He care about the cups as they are footballs duck.

It is all about Winning and 3 points - points means promotion so let stop the commotion and bet up the heat so we win let celebrate with the team


Orlando Wolves

What is your tipple ? I need to get some !



Gornal wolf

3 points is all that really counts...... but we are dull as dishwater!

Nearly fell asleep in the second half !

Langholm nz wolf

I still remain worried given we are yet to face the top runners in this league and we seem to be winning games but a single goal with minimal shots on goal. In saying that I'm taking all I can get after a number of seasons not even doing that! GTW


The difference without TC at the club is remarkable. One can only wonder where we would be if he been given the Managers job.

Anyway, lets look forward........to getting rid of Moxey before its too late! Ha


If Mick had used some nous and sacked him years ago he might well still be here and we might still be in the PL. Something that seems to be almost universally forgotten is that the initial impetus of Mick's tenure was actually achieved in partnership with Taff Evans until Connor came out of the woodwork again to eventually see yet another Manager off. Thank goodness Stalle rumbled him straight away other wise he would soon have followed Connor's previous 5 bosses down the road.



Have a read of the other comments on here (particulaly the one by E11wolf. You are the only one making a negative comment....boring.


Up the Wolves - Support the Club, the Team, the Manager and the Board.


You Moxey huggers amaze me,

How can you credit JM for doing well to find SS when JM and the BOD failed to relieve MM and his staff at the right time.

JM fails again and again, but you lot cant see it for your laptops......


At the game today.Did enougfh to win against a poor Wenesday side.I'll take the three points.

Langholm nz wolf

Lucky you Auckland Kiwiwolf! I can see a down under trip coming up for the kiwi fan club if we can hold these games together against the front runners!

loyal wulfrian

3 clean sheets in a row, fantastic. Looks like Stale is addressing our problem from last year, or is it since Terry Connor left? UTW


Very comfortable win against a very poor side. Tougher matches lie ahead but a win is a win. Keep it up.


Calm down snoddy, here you go again win some games against lower end championship teams and now you're going to win the champions league. In fact the only teams that you have played who are in the top half are Cardiff and Leeds and they beat you. Lets see if the run keeps going when you play some good teams instead of Peterborough, Ipswich and Sheffield Wednesday. And snoddy if you we're to play the mighty baggies it might be a lot worse than 1-5 as quite simply you are not on our level

Lord Molineux

Make sure you make full use of your 15 minutes in the sunshine, and just remember the wheel turns.

We have always been more successful than WBA as the history books will confirm, and doubtless will be again in the not too distant future.

The Real Bully Hoo.

A reply along your lines might be enjoy your 15 seconds in the sun but not wanting to join in a 'my dad's bigger than your dad' tiff I wouldn't dream of it.

Pattingham Wolf

Fans need to understand that this is not gung ho football like before. Controled posession and keeping the team shape is the order of the day. Some were moaning today that we wern't all charging up the pitch to score 2,3 or 4 when more often than not we would have conceed in the past.

In Sale we trust!!


I agree, some around me were shouting for us to go gung ho, I found it very interesting, well controlled football.

Newark Wolves

At Peterborough last week we never looked like losing. Today we never looked like losing. Happy days. Wolves are back.


Pleased with the three points but would have liked our dominance in the game to have been reflected by a greater scoreline. Oh for another Steve Bull!


well done...great game Kevin Doyle.


Hold on there SNODDY.. Cool it tiger........... I like your enthusiasm but we've only played 8 games init! Lets hear from all the muggles and negatrons on here now!! Wolves ay we!


Starting to see the signs of a more patient passing game. We have played some poor teams and I couldn't believe WM on the way home talking about whether the squad was good enough for the Prem! However if we can be 3rd without playing well maybe there is hope.


well 4 on the counce carnt knock that keep it going boys and promotion looks like a maybe, still a long old championship season to go thogh.


Harder games on way but it does seem that no other team is going to walk this league thus far. Stale seems very much the man for the job and what he says and is doing does give me confidence that the lads could crack it this year. However I guess like always there will be ups and downs.

If Stale does succeed then his appointment will have to be seen as genius from Moxey and Morgan so hopefully they will get a lot of the credit. It is early days but things are looking good.


Very good point there E11. If this does work out Morgan & Moxey will certainly be due a lot of credit. But will the usual mob give them it...of course not.

Sir Billy Quite

Kevin Doyle man of the match? other than Foley, Johnson, Doumbia, Berra etc - great work rate but he needs to score goals.........


SHHH ! CAN YOU HEAR THAT! No me neither,It appears that all the fickle moaners from Tuesday night and every time wolves do lose,have indeed disapeared tonight,hopefully where the sun does not shine! This team is gelling and so IN SALLE WE MUST ALL TRUST!! Heres to our next game..Keep the faith wolves fans, AND DO STOP MOANING WHEN THINGS DO GO WRONG OK?

The Winslow Boy

Crackin result. Happy as Larry...... whoever he is!


wanderer in eire

SNODDY keep your hat on fella...Forget next season let Stale build a team and lets see what it brings.This could be the change we have so been wanting but Stale as to be given time.It is with caution but his signings seem to have a little more than what we have had before.Sako for instance loves shooting and with his shooting he has power also.

Like I keep writing keep up the good work.

Kiddy Wolf

Will the midweek 6-0 defeat to the champions of Europe damage the confidence of the squad?

Err… No.

Are the doubters starting to believe at long last or can some on here still find something to moan about?

Come on me babbies!



was unlikely to affect confidence when none of the players that lost against Chelsea were first team players.


Steady on snoddy...very promising start and the squad are adapting well, but those experienced fans know the Championship is a long tough haul. Very pleasing win and bit of form we have...lets hope we can keep it going and don't run into too many sticky patches.

Great start but long, long way to go. Maaan I love being a Wolves fan :)


Three more points, and yet another clean sheet, what more can you ask for, ok it wasn't the most excitng game, but i'll take three points any day. Arsenal won the league by winning 1-0, so if it was good enough for them its good enough for me. Their was some good performances again today,i thought Doyle played very well ,as did Peszko when he came on. Although Sheff Wed didnt offer much up front, you have to say our back 5 were excellent, again Johnson/Berra were excellent and won everything, and i thought Foley had an excellent game too, considering how little football he's played in the last year or so. And another top class goal from Sako, what power he as in that left foot. But i do like the young lad Doumbia, i wish we would sign him now, never mind having him on a season long loan.

Ivor Simpkins

Well it was a win, but very poorly played, no movement from the players walking pace all throu the game keep playing the ball back insted of going forward.

Orlando Wolves

It is called patient possession football. Wolves haven`t done this for years and it is a learning process - please be patient, this manager is a class act and he will get it right.


Shut up !! We were dominate we played the game at the pace we wanted ! We didn't have to have play a high tempo game because we were solid all through the game

Lord Molineux

Nonsense. If you can't see the change in style, possession football they call it, then you need some help. Playing the ball sideways, backwards...yes, and forwards. Most of the better side do it and now we start to see Stale's plan.

One bit of irony. Karl Henry, the original Mr Crab, took a potshot during the four minute injury time instead of laying out to Sako on the left touchline. The ironic bit was Solbakken's reaction to his captain giving a goal kick away. he was not a happy Norwegian !


Three more points, and another clean sheet, four wins on the trot,12pts, what more can you ask for. Yes it, wasn't the most exciting game you will ever see, but as long as we can keep winning, while still getting used to the new players/system SS wants them to play, you have to accept it wont always be exciting high tempo football. I thought Doyle had another excellent game yet again, and although SW didnt offer much,up front, you have to give credit to our back 5 ,yet again Johnson/Berra were excellent, and i thought Foley played well very well considering how little football, he's played in the last year or so, keeping another clean sheet. And i thought Peszko played very well when he came on, he was here there,and everywhere, and what about young Doumbia, why cant we get this lad signed n sealed, on a long term contract, never mine on a season long loan, he's a class act already. And what another top strike by Bako, when he shoots its like a bullet out of a gun. Id like to say what great away support Sheff Wed had today filling all the lower SBS about 3,500 fans and in the bottom 6. UTW:

We are Wolves

well said TomWolf, one thing wrong though the Steve Bull lower holds 2,900.


Always thought SB lower held 3100

tony singh

can't wait for the crystal palace game on tuesday hopefully we can keep this band wagon rolling up to next weekend when we will get out toughest test at Blackburn who by then will have Mick MCcARTHY Installed as there new manager !! ps get your tickets for that game now will be a sell out !!


One thing i would like to add is, i still feel we miss an experienced big strong target man. So please go and get Kenwyne Jones now, before someone else does. UTW:


another 3 points and another clean sheet, keep it up Wolves.

One for the future

Keep going Wolves this is a long term transformation, in STALE we trust, dont concede, and score the winner you win the league, I personally hope we dont go straight back up, lets build a formula for success!


I hope you are right Snoddy, but i think if we do go up we will need to let solbaken buy at least another 9 or 10 Sako's as this side would still struggle with the likes of SEB, Doyle, ward, Berra, Jhonson, Zubar, as they are all very good Championship players but not good enough for the prem.... but i would love to win the Championship again and go straight back up, but Stale would have a lot to do in the Summer if we do.!! Up the wolves..!!

Norway Wolf

RADWOLF - wait and pass judgement on SEB, Doyle, Ward, Berra, Johnson, and Zubar once Staale has finished coaching them. I think we will see a lot of improvement from them all.

Remember, we only had Connor coaching them before, but now they have one of the best young managers in the game teaching them new ideas.

The start of possession football has begun at Wolves, but lets wait until Christmas before we start passing real judgements.

We got solbakken the club

I posted a couple of weeks back bout squad strengthening mate and said then that we had no excuses at all to not add more quality. We MUST build on this start, no more talk of developments or players leaving, just squad improvement and tactics until the seasons end. If by then we have been lucky enough to be looking at a place in the prem ,then a proper structured investment is needed. I don't think there would be anywhere that the board could hide to not sanction most of Stales requests.At the end of the day every man and his dog knows what Fletch and Jarv cost and would expect that re-invested,minimum. I'll be honest with you tho Raddy, I ain't missin the prem one bit!

Au revoir our kid...


Great win, wasn't there today due to work, sounds like we still have some improvement to come and we are winning and keeping clean sheets!


Another 3 points well played lads but to the posters on here lets not get carried away , yes we have won 4 on the bounce and we all like that ! But remember the opposition has been for want of a better word abysmal , lets not count our chickens


top result

sad to hear about big George though


Only just read the news. Sounds horrendous, sure we all wish George all the best for his recovery, having already had to come back from a cruciate he knows it will be a tough road.


Remember we can only beat the team in front of us

Tipton Wolves

We got 4 wins on the trot now although I am concerned about wolves lack of goals from open play cos we got most of our goals from set pieces and Sako not gonna play every games to assist wolves on set pieces so let start scoring from open play.COYW.

chris hoggard

Tipton, You are right that is the concern.As far as I can recall we didn't have one effort on target ,during the entire second half,and we didn't have many in the first half. We have a match winner in Sako,and that is priceless,but we will need more penetration against the better sides.Still you cannot argue with 4 consecutive wins and three clean sheets.

Ashmore Wolves

Good win today ok atmosphere, after being spoiled last week at Peterborough it just wasnt the same today having to sit down to watch a match, BRING BACK TERRACING!


Let's get some perspective - we've played 4 of the bottom 5 clubs, so we expect our results to be good. The team is still a work in progress and will hopefully be in good shape by the time we face the stronger teams in this division.


These wins will breed confidence in the players but hopefully not arrogance as they may turn up and get slapped just like the game against Chelsea it puts a little perspective on the journey we are taking at the moment.

Farmer Ted

The fixtures have been kind to us. We've played some pretty average sides but at the same time you can see the team growing in confidence and not being frightened to keep possession.

Soon we should be able to hold our own against any side in this division but talk of promotion is foolish at this stage

Great to see Foley back and playing really well and disappointed to hear of Big George's injury


Whoa whoa whoa Snoddy. Look at the teams we've beaten recently, and let's not get ahead of ourselves. We need sensible expectations because at some point the wheels will come off, even if only for a short time. I think patience is required to let the team bed in.


well done lads there is belief back in the midlands. Proud of you




Super STALE -

I think after 10 games your pre-season is over!

so lets get down to real business and CARRY ON WINNING AND KEEP CALM.

Like a fine fine wine WOLVES will get better and better - we've got rid of MAD MICK and that out of date Terry.

So wake up WOLVES FANS we have a very good manager at WOLVES let respect him as he is a born winner just like that lad from Scotland - Sir Fergy!!!!!


great getting the 3 poiints but sitting on 1 goal is dangerous that what Macarthy did and lost points. Have Wolves not heard about goal difference. Score more goals and that will also give confidence to the players.



thing is with MM in charge when we took the lead we did'nt know whether to attack or defend as we were so poor at the back, so we either overloaded going forward leaving us open or we defended deeper and deeper inviting pressure. Stale is getting the team that balance so we look comfortable when leading a game, and the way to look comfortable is to keep possession.

chris hoggard

JR , Thing is with Mick we were for 3 seasons in the Premier.The Premier is an all together different proposition.The last time Mick was in the Championship,he won it. I hope Stale wins it for us this year,but please stop knocking our previous manager.On Saturday for example we started slowly,could easily have given away a penalty and one of their guys missed a decent chance with a header,in the Premier we would have been two down,with no way back.


2 words - Kevin Foley - where have the last 15 minute onslaughts on our goal gone?? Questions??


Improving with every game best performance of the season so far. Confidence high Crystal Palace and Blackburn games will be big test for us. Lets do it lads.


bakes...just wait till after you've played villa before bragging.

snoddy.....either your taking the proverbial or your too young to realise what is actually happening.

actually went to the game. top row new north bank....wow what a view, anyway enough about that wench two seats away......

wednesday fantastic following but shorn of confidence following 5 defeats in a row, offered little threat apart from the odd break.

boukari went off injured, peszko and siggurdarson looked up for it when they came on.

doumbia and sako running the show at the moment.

palace will be more of a threat, but stolle has wolves playing possesion football , therefore controlling most games.

but as someone has said , we need left back cover if ward gets injured and a new goal threat.


Scowling Joe

Great result!

As I said before, we will tear this division to pieces. I see a record points haul on the cards, promotion secured by march. All credit to Sticklebakken, Morgon and Moxbury.


Those who complain about the ones who complain should think again. Where would we be now if we had all kept quiet and kept Terry Connor. Would we have won 4 matches on the row. Was it wrong for supporters to complain as we fell out of the premier league without a fight. is it so wrong to wonder what will happen to the 20 million pounds that is stuffed in Jez Moxey's pockets.

Constructive criticism is healthy, those that rubbish others for having an opinion, are no better than the rest. Fans are bound to be worried with everything that has happened at Molineux in the last year. Allow them to speak there mind, people should be allowed to speak freely, or nothing ever gets changed for the better.

Out of Darkness

Well said Leon, many problems have been solved but the underlying problem of Moxey still remains, and until he's gone I don't think that we will ever compete with the best.


Constructive criticism is vital, but, at times the criticism was based upon pure ignorance and quite often abusive.

Do you really think the results since TC went are because he went ? No, it's because Stale's influence on the football is growing within the squad and would have done with or without TC. Fair enough he didn't comply with Stale's philosophy and had to go, but, get real !

"the £20 million that is stuffed in Jez Moxey's pockets". What are you implying ? WWFC is a public company and all incomes and outgoings are accountable. Also do you really believe that £30 million incoming transfer payments was paid upfront in cash and it's waiting to be spent immediately ? I don't think so !


You're right constructive criticism is healthy but it's when it's nothing but criticism that riles people...


Good sensible post Leon.


When I saw the result I was elated, 4 on the trot and more to come.

I am walking with a bounce in my stride again and like what I see, Well Done you Wolves.


Orlando Wolves

Excellent result. Keep up the good work lads.

Another clean sheet - isn`t it marvellous how `crap players` become good players when properly coached and motivated ?

The confidence is returning...bring on Crystal Palace !


Think the sooner everyone realises this is how Stale wants us to play the better, pass and move, if nothings on pass and move some more, it might be a liitle boring to watch, but while we have the ball the opposition isnt going to score, simple. look how many times in the past its been a long ball from the back or keeper and it has just come straight back at us, lets give it time to gel and then I think we will see more attacking to this new style, I for one are happy with the progression we are making.

On a different note I truely believe that while we are averaging 21,000 this is the perfect time to get the Steve Bull stand done, as we can still get roughly 23,000 with the 3 sides, and lets be honest it will never happen if we get promoted as they are not going to loose the 9,000 revenue then.


Totally agree with the Steve Bull stand comment, it should be done now. if we get promotion this year yes we will lose the revenue from that stand for 12 months at least but if we wait until we go up then start it we could lose the revenue for 2 years, it should be considered now while our attendances are down. Those fans could be re-housed easily within the other stands so no revenue would be lost this season.

chris hoggard

JR, Stands have to be paid for.What do you want us to do,spend all that money on more fancy brick work, to the detriment of the team? IF we ever get back to the Premier the greatest source of revenue comes from television rights not bums on seats. In our last accounts we made less than £10m in all ticket sales and sales of merchandise,whilst we got over £40m in television rights.From next season television rights increase by 70%.Depending on how allocated the minimum for TV rights next season,in the Premier, is likely to be in excess of£60m.We should be building a team to get us in the Premier and to keep us there.We lack the resources to build a team and a stadium ,look what happened last season. The current stadium is perfectly adequate .

English Exile

Well said.

The new guys have all adapted to Stale's way of playing but it is going to take a little longer to coach Mick's old brigade to pass AND move in a forwards motion.

The ''old guard'' still have this suicidal tendency to pass backwards when under pressure.

I also agree with you about the stand.

tamworth youth

joint top ,but still in first gear to early to get carried away its a long season,come on mi babbies


Our first run of four league wins on the bounce since November 2008. Clean sheets! Happy fans!

Wolves League Stats pre-Sept 3rd:


Wolves League Stats post-Sept 3rd:


I wonder what happened on September 3rd to bring about such a transformation in our performance?

Paul Norman

Great to see Zele being given a taste of the 1st Team also Danny Batth, This is the future of our club, give them the confidence and games, and watch them go.Winning games breeds confidence no matter how poor the opposition Blackburn will be the benchmark for the season.

raymond simms

Well done lads.Stale is showing he is a manager who has his own methods and intends to make them work.Confidence is coming within the team and we are getting better each week.Keep up the good work,well done.UTW.


Echo much of what's been written here, but lose on Tuesday or next Sat and the moaners and whingers will be back, just biding their time. Of course we've played some poor teams and struggled against Derby, Leeds and Cardiff, but the team's bedding in all the time and I doubt the results would all be the same against those teams now. Its not going to be the up and at 'em football of MM's championship winning team, but once they really gel we'll score goals - you can really see the patient, keeping the shape, build-up, not afraid to pass it back to retain possession, controlling the game, keep the opposition frustrated and chasing the ball. They need to avoid succumbing to fans impatient shouts of get it forward and panic into hoisting long balls forward. Its not just the players who need to be educated into a more sophisticated, economical brand of play.


Delighted for Wolves. Desperately sorry for George at Bristol City. What a terrible injury and what a terrible thing to happen to such a decent, enthusiastic fellow who was hoping to get his career back on track.

Creep in Wolves Clothing

Great to see this new style of play. No more heading the ball just anywhere, they were chesting it down, or heading it to a teammate's feet. The team showed greater control, which was impressive after the torture of last season. Well done, boys. Five in a row would be fantastic. UTMW.


Well done to Stale, Johan and all the team, The revolution is now well under way and the results are proof that Stales methods are the way forward. How refreshing it is to watch the team now, and also to hear such honest comments from Stale. This is all so different from what we have been used to! Let's give them all a rousing reception again against Palace, and try to kee the momentum going.

So sorry to hear of Georges injury. He is a great guy and always puts in 100 per cent effort. and has a great attitude.

Winchester Wolf

Ashmore Wolf - in the same month as the definitive report of the Hillsborough disaster and after playing SWFC, I would think again about wishing for the terraces back. I for one have no wish to go back to the primitive and sometimes terrifying afternoons where you knew you had escaped without being too badly injured (again). We all knew it at the time. That could have been any of us in those pens. Think back to Hillsborough 1981 - I was there. I saw the Spurs fans spilling out of the same pens. The police and SWFC learned nothing from that game. I appreciate the atmosphere's different, but we never want to go back to the bad old days of being herded into cramped spaces with little chance of escape.

Kev in Mallorca

I don't think a return to terracing would mean a return to the days you talk about,in Germany they have terracing divided into smaller pens a lot different to our old set up and it seems to work very well.

As for being herded into cramped spaces with little chance of escape I can just imagine the carnage of broken limbs if there was ever panic in the existing seats, do you think everybody would be forming an orderly queue to get out?



You have completely missed the point of the Hillsborough disaster independent report. Nobody was killed due to being on a terrace, and the Taylor report which has made Premiership and Championship grounds all seater while allowing people to stand in lower leagues and to watch other sports was part of the conspiracy of the authorities which was all about covering the backs of the FA and the police, both in general crowd management and the particular circumstances of the day. I stood on the Lepping's Lane terrace several times, but I would never go in the central pen which was always rammed full. There was no separate ticketing for the sides (always plenty of room) and the centre and no way of getting from the centre once you were in there. The police decision to open gates and allow fans to rush through the route which seems the obvious one straight under the stand crushing people who were already in there against fences which the FA should never have allowed was the problem.

chris hoggard

Noisy, It is true it was the poor design,the opening of the gates[which was crazy] and the pens{which were wrongly put up to control the crowd as recommended by the Police as a result of the problems at our 1981 semi}BUT if it had been an all seater stadium there would have been nowhere for the crowd to go,other than stay in that tunnel and in any event the seats would have acted as an effective barrier to protect all those fans at the front . I was in the South Bank in '72 for that Leeds game,I saw a barrier collapse, and felt the crush that night. It was bad in '76 against Liverpool,as well. Standing belongs to the 19 century,and all seater stadiums have greatly helped, plus CCTV , in fighting hooliganism.


I am not saying lets have 20,000 on the Southbank with crumbling steps and rusted barriers. I am saying that with proper controls and crowd densities there is nothing dangerous about terracing. Rugby fans seem to manage OK! I do agree to some extent that seating removed an undesirable element from the crowd, but they went with lots of decent people who can't afford £25.50 for a game. Nobody is going to have to stand on a terrace again, but those of us who prefer the atmosphere generated should have the option. In the same way that people manage to stand for most of the game in the SB now without any problem, despite the potential hazard of having a seat against their shins!


I was also there in 1981 and agree that bringing back terraces would be a very bad idea.

chris hoggard

Winchester, I agree with you,totally.Like you I saw the Spurs fans being let out of the gates to the outer railings of the Leppings Lane end at half time in that game in '81. But according to the latest report on Hillsborough, the individual pens were not put in until after our semi with Spurs .Evidently the Police thought the pens would be a better way of controlling the crowd! Again, according to the latest report,after the 81' game, the Chairman of Sheffield Wednesday accused the Police of making his stadium look untidy by allowing fans to sit on the track by the goals.When told there could have been fatalities evdently he replied' bollocks'.


Terracing is for tall people, not short arses like me! I think it also encourages the hooligan element.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I spent years on packed terraces in the 60's and 70's and never saw any serious injuries except from hooligans throwing things and one elderly man died from a heart attack but I think he was in the seats anyway.

Nobody is suggesting a return to vast terraces and there would still be seated areas for those that prefer watching football seated but why can't those of us that want to stand be allowed to? I'd sign a disclaimer if that's what they want.


good performance, kept the ball ,controlled the match, got away with a penalty shout from a ward error early on and another diving header from the same side.

hope boukari's injury is not too serious, crystal palace won at bolton and look far more dangerous than the last 4 teams we have played. glen murray and wilfred zaha are the danger men we have to shackle.

unlucky george elekobi out for the season.

hopefully siggy and peszko ,doyle,ebanks blake will have their shooting boots on against the eagles on tues night. utw.


C'mon, c'mon. C'mon, c'mon. C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!! UTW!!

kel bloko wolf

went to game. really enjoyed wachin lads keepin posession.never looked in trouble. things lookin good so far. utw


Any word from Anna on all this? Still smarting from our SHOCKING DISGRACEFUL OUTRAGEOUS defeat against the Champions League winner, presumably.

paul davo

well done lads 3 more in the bag now go and beat palace & blackburn then stol can go to the two m"s give me the money in jan to buy a top class forward and defender remember build from strength, do not wait till we get up then have to bed players in , a good two or three top players in now and we can start to lift the lid off the mol again, get your money out steve Morgan, the fans exspect ££££££££

ninepence in the kids pen

..pass and move is fine....provided you MOVE...

lost count of the number of times Henry/Doumbia interchanged passes

(v Sheff Wed) with neither having moved an inch.

Recruits show some good skills, but reserve judgement as to whether

we are a better team than MMs patched together crew in his first season?.


you aint got a clue av ya,you only move into space if you have to, if and when you pass the ball and your still in space without moving then stay there to recieve the ball back its up to others to move into space for you to pass somewhere else ok,and to let you know we are already a better team than mad micks hoofers we play better football slow and controlled the continental way more passing keep the ball and they actually look comfortable on the ball as well, mad mick was a dinasaur with his playing style and tactics and the prem proved it thats why were in the championship now so good riddence to him,this is a new wolves now and its only 8 games old and given time with staale in charge we will bring back the 50s when wolves were one of the top teams but this time we do in staale style i just hope the wolves board support the best manager we have had at wolves since cullis,if they do we will be playing european football within 3 years and champions league within 5 years you mark my words,IN STAALE WE TRUST,wwfc

paul davo

well said G&barmy finish the ground and start a new era in prem never a better time to build i am in the construction trade and wages have never been this low in my 35 years , go do it steve Morgan

dave lane

yes weve played mainly struggling teams but how many times have we lost to such teams in the past.this tme we have avoided the banana skins.we cant do more than win and have cleen sheets to boot.and by the way arnt leicester favourites for the league.


i agree dave fans keep saying we hav'nt played anyone yet but we beat peterborough and then they go and beat hull who were flying at the time and then birmingham beat brighton who won 5 on the bounce,in this league anyone can beat anyone all we can do is try and beat the teams in front of us we all know we aint gunna win every game but so long as we support our team every match and get behind them we have a better chance of winning more than we lose cheer not jeer,IN STAALE WE TRUST,wwfc


Well watching from row C upper North Bank, early in the second half it was suggested that maybe we are just a tiny bit, playing like Barcelona, or were we watching chess on the football field. Either way its good to watch, the team are improving, we will be caught out by better teams but the road were on is the future, and the futures bright.


Real good team performance, done just enough to win, never in any real trouble. It was good to see a midfield working so well and it is going to get better. Doyle won man of the match, it was a difficult decision so many good performances, even the player that a lot of you give alot of stick to, Ward, i thought he had a good game linked well with Sako. The defence played well as a unit that was because we were not playing the long ball all the while, we were keeping the ball higher up the field for longer. When we lost we nearly always won it straight back, the Owls aint the worst side we will play and i think they will finish comfortably. I thought they brought alot of fans with them filling their area which was good to see.COME ON YOU WOLVES.


Good first half. Not sure if the plan was to sit back so deep in the second but 3 points is 3 points. Good to see all those miserable owls going home up the A38 (and one or two happy Yorkshire Wolves). Makes up for all those miserable drives home last year. Feeling good about the 'work in progress'.


“he has no hair, but we don't care"


Never in trouble yesterday beat palace midweek and a repeat of the win at blackburn last season and the international break will be a happy one.

The Riddler

I copied and pasted the following, from the Leicester match report comments. I had a feeling it may come back to haunt the original poster. All i can say is, i was right and hope he's coughed up the 50 quid to charity, but i doubt it.


September 17, 2012 at 8:33 am

So lets assume for say at least 4-5 hours a day we have grown men whose profession is to pass a ball from one to another and they practice doing just that. A simple exercise really not too complicated with an added bonus if you can pass to a person with the same coloured shirt as yourself. Why do we find that so hard. Why do we luck like hopeless utd? FFS this was awful and woeful. We score of set pieces yet take a short corner and lose the ball. We have a free kick 30 yrds out and take a short free kick and lose the ball. Doyle in cloud cuckoo land. Although granted SEB for once spent more time on his feet than on the floor. How did Henry get man of the match? Dire and on the back of Cardiff just as bad. Yes a win is a win but that felt horrid and a shocker. Ipswich Wednesday Peterborough Sat. I predict we will get 0 points from those two games if we get any points I’ll donate £50 to charity. BTW WWFC please sort on the website the new design is a nightmare.


lol nice one i bet he/she wont appear on this site again or not until the dust blows over anyway,IN STAALE WE TRUST,wwfc

Dave O

Well Done lads

Dorset Wolf

Great win brilliant performance made the long journey home worth while, great to see other Wolves fans going home the same way as us down the M5.

Well done lads!!!


Glad to see the lads are getting to grips with SS methods,gonna take time to change after years of long ball kick and run tactics,but we getting there.

Your never gonna please all of the people all of the time,but so far so good,yes we will come unstuck against better teams,but we will win more than we lose this season which is so much better than losing 25 games a season in the prem.

This season needs to be taken for what it is,a consolidation season,let Stale rebuild the side in his style next summer then I think we will be a force to be reckoned with again.

For now take the good times accept the bad and look to the future ,it's all good IMO .

In Stale we trust


Well done lads. Good enough for this league but not good enough for the Prem.


Success breeds success and Wolves are heading in the right direction at last after their premiersdhip efforts of last season brought about relegation.

Yes the defence were shocking throughtout 2011-12 but against inferior opposition the same players, apart from Stearman, have recorded three successive shut-outs.

Amazing how time can.bring about such a change after Wolves fans had taunted Johnson, Berra and Ward and are now lauding their praise at them.

There is still a long way to go but at least the new manager appears to have knocked the back four into shape after most of us had trembled at his first team selection for the game at Leeds.

While one swallow doesn't make a summer, are Wolves on the march again?. I hope so,


Good result and excellent run which will boost confidence. I'm sure Solbaken will not get too carried away, unlike some on this site!

Still need reinforcements at leftback, centre half, creative midfielder and another forward. I'm thrilled we are stringing some results together but our real test will be when we play some of the better sides. The more I see of this league the more I'm convinced that is not a stand out team and one that will dominate. That means we have a chance of eithe top two or play offs. My money would be on th latter at the moment but that depends of course whether some of the new players are worth their salt. So far doumbia is the stand out signing IMHO. I guess time will tell about the others but there is always hope.

Our team is still nowhere near as good as the one we had in the PL based on what has gone out versus what has come in. If we beat Palace I will start to believe. For now, I'll enjoy it while I can.

Good wishes to big George on his recovery.


wednesbury wolves

well done wolves solbakken is making us a force again.can we please have thought for george elekobi who as broke is leg playing for bristol city get well soon george

Golden Wonder

Been off here for a while as old computer decided to give up on life and we go on a 4 game winning run.

Nothing spectacular at the moment but it's a case of learning to walk before we can run and chuffed at the clean sheets the side are starting to keep.

Confidence is getting better and although tougher games are to come, the league table is looking a lot healthier than when i last posted on here.


A post elsewhere said that Stales style of football is makes Micks style look ancient, and that is very true. Do not underestimate Stale. He is certainy putting in a shift with his efforts to transform Wolves. It cannot have been easy for him with the sorry state of the team he inherited. Important we keep up the support for Stale and the team, even when there may be some setbacks, as this is still early days. I have the feeling that Stale is the real deal,

Got to feel for George, so unlucky again. Always gives his best. Let's hope he can pull through.

Toronto Wolf

Congratulations once again to Stale and the lads. Very good performance once again.

Great idea rotating players with the close spacing of the games.


Toronto Wolf.


Nearly forgot to mention this Farmer Ted, Batth came on for the few minuites, put himself about very well got in a few tackles got in a thirty yarder that flew just over. I don't he suffered to much from the Chelsea game. Looks a real good un for the future, mind you he was on loan to the Owls all last season so he a few knock backs even though they won promotion. Oh by the way, are you Ted Farmer trying to confuse us, if you are i want your autograph, he was superb in his all to short career.COME ON YOU WOLVES.

loyal wolf


The Flying Winger

Another. 3 points and pleasing performance. Foley is making a big difference to the RH side. Please note MM and TC!

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Its all working out........slowly slowly catchy monkey!!! But doe forget...Goo steady past yer Granny's

Come on me Babbies




Yes, well done. But, two swallows do not make a summer. Many af the players were not good enough then and they will not improve. now. Let us see a few of the youngand up and coming players have more games .As for the manager, well done, but the Premeir League will test every oine.

Ye Olde South Bank

The much-needed changes that have radically (and rapidly) taken us away from the stagnant, archaic McCarthy/Connor era are finally showing signs of bearing fruit. It may not have been a gripping game and Wolves may have played at a relatively slow, deliberate pace...but there's structure, method and intent there. Perhaps 'organised' sums it up best. Now that's not something I've been able to say for a long time.

Personally, I quite enjoyed the match. The blue print for the future was clear to see and I think the fans acknowledged that. It was like watching a game of chess at times as Wolves professionally dealt with their opponents and emerged worthy winners. There's many ways to skin a cat and many ways of winning a Championship match. Boy, it's so nice to finally have an intelligent manager who not only appears to know what he's doing but inspires confidence in the fans, too. Absolutely no predictions from me for this season except one:

The future's bright; the future's Stale Solbakken.

Percy the Wolf

Great win on Saturday although I was a bit out on my prediction (still thought we would get the 3 points though!). Watched the highlights and apart from the early penalty shout, Wednesday looked poor.

Tougher test tomorrow night and I think we will need to have our wits about us to beat Palace - they look pretty useful. Berra, if you play watch the tackles in the box on young Wilfrid Zaha please!!



Great result, more importantly another clean sheet. Lads defended well from Doyle backwards. My only ask is that we get smarter with use of the ball going forward - we had plenty of possession on the flanks (particularly in 2nd half), but still find it difficult to carve out many chances for the front two. SEB didn't have a sniff apart from what he tried to create himself and players like him need chances. We need to know the balls to play when we break to get the strikers notching more and this will certainly be needed against the better sides in this division. Up The Wolves!

Millenium Man

This result must go out to all the doubting Thomas's. Vive Le Wolves!

Billy Wright's Biscuit TIn

Was at the game on Saturday and this was the first time I have seen Solbakken's Wolves. He has made a clear difference in a short space of time. Defensively we looked tighter, although Berra still does not inspire a lot of confidence. Give Johnson his due as well: he is making a real effort and looked comfortable. We have got better at keeping the ball and not giving it away needlessly. Sako looks to be a real find with a genuine injection of pace and a desire to beat people in front of him. We looked exposed at the back though as the two wide players did not track back. Stale was furious with them no a couple of occassions for leaving the left and right backs exposed. Doyle was excellent, worked his nuts off for the team. All in all, good progress but we need more of a cutting edge up front. SEB looks better at this level but where are the other goals going to come from if Doyle does not start converating?. Nouble? Pezko? We look a bit thin in that department still. But £2.10 for a cup of tea, Moxey? That's a bit steep.


SS is not just educating the players he has to educate the supporters as well. Clearly, he is telling them to keep the ball and if they can't find an opening going forward then go back and start again.This is very much how Swansea operate. As we getter better at it the chances will come, and remember, when we have the ball we can't concede.

Ok we didn't create a lot in the secoind half but we dominated possession and never gave Wednesday a sniff.

This has to be the way forward and, as fans, we have to be more patient.


good 3 points again but again i say lets be judges after 15 games we have played what i call garbage opposition in the last 4 games and before you all say ' we can only beat whats put in front of us ' i AGREE but the next 3 games are against better opposition, dont want tobe a doom and gloom merchant as im portrayed but lets not get carried away

solbakken fair play to you

morgan wheres the real money gone ? splash it in january please ! and not a birdseed amount !

moxey ...... i luv u lol

Ye Olde South Bank

I'm sure 'Benny The Ball' will appreciate your new-found 'love' for him, mate. Can't see it lasting though, hehe! ;-)

Old Golds vWorth More

Nothing to do with the match I'm afraid, but as this seems to be one of the few forums open to pass comments on, then I will use this one! Elokobi has fractured his ankle during his first game for Bristol City and is out for the season and Ward has an injury from Saturdays game, the only other recognised left back Reckord is on loan at Coventry. Why didn't we have somebody else coming in if Elokobi and Reckord were being loaned out? Sheer lunacy, now we have to move Foley to left back and bring in Zubar again, which will weaken our defence. I have said it (along with lots of others) in these forums for ages, WE NEED ANOTHER LEFT BACK. The capitol letters are for the benefit of the management (should they ever read these columns of course), how come numerous supporters know this and the management don't? Its not rocket science and has been glaringly obvious to countless fans for the last two seasons! After the excellent last four games, we now run the risk of losing again for the want of a left back, the stupidity of it all makes me furious!


You have to think that something is in the offing regarding a loan for the LB position, although obviously we have been caught on the hop for tonight's game. SS must have taken into consideration what might happen (and it has!) before sanctioning our outgoing loans.

Gimme some truth

When are we going to get to the bottom of the current situation re appointment of a new first team coach.According to Tim Nash on twitter ,Jez Moxey has said the decision is down to Stale and the two already interviewed were not suitable.Yet at the time of the interviews the Express and Star quoted Stale as saying an imminent appointment could be made and he had found two suitable candidates.This was changed after to a couple of days with Stale saying other considerations{ probablycontractual],had to be taken into account before an appointment could be made.Clearly they have to keep some things to themselves ,but why can't we have the truth,just once in a while.