Karl Henry sets Wolves a tough target

Captain Karl Henry today set Wolves a seven-point target from the next three games to continue their Championship push and banish the Chelsea blues.


Wolves return to league action on Saturday with the visit of Sheffield Wednesday after their run of three successive Championship wins – their best since April 2009 – was interrupted by Tuesday’s 6-0 thrashing at Stamford Bridge in the Capital One Cup.

Henry was one of 10 players rested, but returns for the Molineux clash with the Owls, whose 2-0 Capital One Cup loss to Southampton on Tuesday was their fifth in a row.

The game with Wednesday, which sees the return of former Wolves boss Dave Jones, launches three matches in eight days, with the visit of Crystal Palace next Tuesday followed by a trip to Blackburn a week on Saturday.

And Henry declared: “If we could maybe take six or seven points out of that possible nine, we’d go into the next international break on the back of another great week. The League is definitely our priority. We had a tough sequence last week and now we play Sheffield Wednesday, Crystal Palace and Blackburn – so it’s another huge week.”

Henry believes Wolves’ current run is vital to re-establishing the team after relegation.

“It means everything,” said the midfielder. “At the beginning of last week we were second-bottom and now we’re sixth. Had we had a rotten week, we’d be looking at the top teams thinking we’ve got a mountain to climb.”

Henry admitted there was nerves in the camp prior to the Leicester game, which kick-started the winning run before 2-0 victories against Ipswich and Peterborough.

“Definitely, because we went into the Leicester game on the back of a defeat and a draw, and the game before we lost to Cardiff,” he said.

Little wonder then that he insists there is no chance of Wolves’ players getting over-excited.

“Those three wins have given us a good start, but we’re not getting carried away,” he added. “We started appallingly against Leeds, we weren’t great against Derby and we were poor at Cardiff.

“There’s a long way to go.”

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Comments for: "Karl Henry sets Wolves a tough target"


The SCANDALOUS 'performance' at Stamford Bridge sums up which direction the club is heading; Too afraid to play the 'first' team in-case they had been hammered,thereby showing the absolute dross that is at the club, he picks a 'second' string who promptly were given a spanking, 3-0 down in 30 minutes! If Chelski hadn't took the foot off the pedal, it could have been 10 or 12; What Stolbakken and Moxey fail to realise is these sort of results, dilute the chances of future new fans by hundreds and hundreds,as they make the club a laughing stock; The decline of WWFC, a top ten rated club at the end of the 70's, to the shambles it is today is mind-boggling, being not a top division club in most peoples thoughts and results like Chelsea will further that decline, as did the Birmingham cup game last season; When will they learn? Never if recent events are anything to go by! Coventry, a club in an even worse state, on and off the pitch to WWFC, made a better fist of it in similar circumstances; Promotion, your av'in a laugh; Div1 far more likely; Sad days indeed;


We're not a big club anymore. I would point you to our decline to the lowest division in the football league and revival in the Steve Bull era. We simply do not have the money to compete with the clubs like Chelsea at the top of the league.

Ultimately Stale made the decision that barring outrageous luck we wouldn't beat Chelsea on their ground with our tired first team. I'd argue he was quite correct. I don't really think that the future of the club hinges on that.

The club, far from being a shambles, is very well run nowadays. We could always gamble with the money in the hopes of short term success. After all Portsmouth did and that worked out really well for them didn't it?

I also don't fully understand why you're suggesting Coventry are in a better state than us? Last time I checked we were in a play off spot in the Championship and they were bottom but one in league one. Yes they scored a goal against Arsenal reserves, does the fact we didn't against what was basically the Chelsea first team mean we're worse off?

Get some perspective. The last five years have been Wolves' best for a generation. I support Moxey, Morgan and Stale and before that I supported Mick. If this rebuilding goes well we could be onto a good thing here :-)

Sir Lupi


What the hell has anything you have just said got to do with a team losing 6-0 to another team.

Its got nothing to do with 're-building', 'the future', 'tired players' blah, blah, blah. It was a cop out and a shambles and an insult to the 1000 away fans who went.

If this is the mentality of football today then no wonder we are 'not a big club anymore' as you put it.


lupi! if you don't think we are a big club any more then why are you bothering, it's garbage like you that has dragged this club down over the last 30 odd years, we are on the way back! takes time but we are getting there.


Are you suggesting that a tired team would have done any better? I don't like it but being practical, we were never going to win that one. A win on Saturday and it was all worth it!


Firstly we are a BIG club..!!

A big club is not how many fans you have, its about heritage and history..!!

We are a founder member of THE FOOTBALL LEAGUE.......We have won ALL DOMESTIC TROPHIES...THAT'S ALL CUPS AND ALL FA LEAGUES....OH AND JUST A LITTLE ONE TO SHUT ANY MAN-WHO FANS UP.....WE HOLD THE RECORD GATE FOR A GAME AT OLD TRAFFORD....a cup game and man-who were not even playing... and that can never be broken as now its all seater they cant get over 100,00 in there any more..ha ha ha..!!

BIG CLUB... yes we are..!!


Percy the Wolf

I fully agree with pretty much all that you have said Ben and I am quite happy with how this season has got under way. After seeing them at Peterborough on Saturday, I think Wolves look pretty good so far!

However, the initial rebuilding was well under way only 12 months ago and of course it all went very very wrong. I think things will change for the better now that Solbakken is there, but I do have concerns over Moxey and Morgan and what their financial reaction would be if we get promoted at the end of this season.

I would hate to see us spiral into debt again and end up like Pompey, but there is need for more ambition when we finally get back to the Premier league - thing is, its a great feeling winning and if we did get promoted again, that could easily disappear if things didn't change!

Finally, I would like to say how sorry I am for the fans that spent money/time for ........ that on Tuesday!

3 1 to Wolves on Saturday!



I spent money going on Tuesday but don't feel sorry for me.

I bought a ticket knowing we would play a weakened side but was still happy to go. Don't think anyone quite expected Chelsea to put out such a strong side which made things worse.

We are work in progress and to be honest we got spanked by European championships who are a better side now with Hazard, Oscar etc.

If we can be near the top 6 by Xmas we'll fly second half of the season!


Don't be sorry, I went to Chelsea and had a great time in the away end, in fact best atmosphere wolves game i've attended for ages. We all knew we had no chance in this fixture and despite the score line, the reserves put in a great effort. There was no pressure on this fixture and the away support was in a carnival mood. For £25, we got to visit a top London ground, watch some top draw world class players and spend 90 minutes barracking the miserable as sin Chelsea home fans. A final bonus was witnessing Zeli Ismail' debut. Go on my son!!


Percy the wolf, thank god for some one who knows what they are talking about..!!


Agreed we are not a "big" club any more, but with a more positive approach in terms of ambition there is no reason why we can't compete with a whole host of clubs who are either currently in the PL or who have spent a lot more time there than we have.

How about - Stoke, WBA, Southampton, Reading, Norwich, Swansea, Norwich, Wigan, QPR and West Ham who all have current PL status and the likes of Bolton and Blackburn who have made a far better shot at PL consolidation than Wolves.

The reason we can't compete is that WWFC is not being run primarily as a football club but merely as a component part of Morgan's business empire.


What a load of garbage! so Morgan should run the club as a non business and make less profit! the teams you mention apart ferom Stoke and wigan have yet to spend a third year in the prem? when and only when they have been in as long has stoke and wigan would your comments stand up! as for bolton and blackburn were are they - remind me again, god you people put your mouth into action before your brain! if you have one.

chris hoggard

Ben , We beat Chelsea only 18 months or so, ago and lost narrowly and unluckily at the Molineux last season.That was competing . All the excuses in the world cannot mask that Tuesday's performance was woeful,made even worse by the fact that 5 out of 7 of Stale's signings actually played.The league is much more important,but it is worrying how ineffective those now recruits were against top flight opposition.


they have just arrived at the club and you expect them to compete with World Class players! at least 6 of those players that played + 4 of the subs have probably played less than a dozen matches between them, on the night it didn't happen for one reason or another, but still idiots like you chastise them now that's what I call support!

chris hoggard

John, Tuesday in terms of the result was one of our worst results in years.Tim Nash and others had barely a good word to say about the performance.To lose is one thing,we all expected that ,it is the manner of the defeat,which should set warning signs to fair minded people. You come across as being anything but fair minded,you are totally biased and seem blind to reason.Even worse you think such characteristics are a virtue.


With all due respect that was a different Chelsea. Chelsea then were in the doldrums with less motivated players. Or, on the first occasion, with a physical approach we were capable of dealing with. This new look side play more faster and much more intelligently with the ball. Without a gelled defence, which we certainly don't have yet, no amount of wishful thinking would see us through. The new recruits need time to adjust too, or at least I hope they do otherwise we've got issues!


Chris, we have lost the 3 best players we had from our prem side so you can not blame Stale for that and we put a side out that needed match practice to sharpen there skills and speed, so that they will be sharp enough to step in when we need them in the Championship when we have injuries and suspensions, and lets face it if your going to have to up your game and get better, its going to be against the best club side in Europe..!!

this was just a training game for them, it was not a side put out to beat Chelsea..!!

We need to concerntrate on the Championship and keep our selves within touching distance of the prem, and when Stale thinks we are ready, he will push the button, and bang we will hit the Prem Fitter, stronger, and Ready to Compete..!!

But dont think for a minute that the first 11 we have for the Championship is the first 11 we will have for the Prem.

You will find our best 11 now will be squad players in the Prem, and we will under Stale Solbaken attract the right kind of continental players we need to compete in the Prem, but Stale will of already got the club as a whole playing the kind of Anglo/European football that we need to play to compete in the Prem..!!


ben you mentioned a very important word -SUPPORT! it's something that so called "fans"????????? like anna fail to understand.


Oh it's Mr No-one-else can have an opinion again

You make me sick


its not about not having an opinion,but when people spout a load of rubbish on here,when they clearly no nothing about it them selfs.that what infuriates us real fans,all you get is these so called fans who think they know everything there is about football and how to manage a club. that is what johnwolf is trying to get at. leave the real supporting for the real fans and the so called fans go support albion a so called club


Ye but we reckon ANNA is a boggies fan, just here to try to wind us up.......Cuz she ay a wolves fan, or she would no something about football and she clearly dose not..!!

Come on mi babbies..!!

Farmer Ted

Most posters seem to be missing the point here. Wolves have SEVEN matches in 21 days. It's utter madness by the FA.

Surely the manager has to prioritise and use his squad.

Most of us expected to lose at Stamford Bridge, but, the capitulation was very disappointing. Something nobody connected with Wolves wanted.

Abusive rants and ridiculous comparisons don't help.


Agree with Anna...fully. and I really think our defence is awful whoever plays...Duh! We can't rely on 11 players, we must have 30+ players who are good enough. Love Wolves. Love to see changes. Love to see Stale do it...but have doubts about him. Mcarthy slated for changes - but it worked UTW


Typical Wolves fan mentality!

Sir Lupi

Agreed, disgraceful result.

I don't support a football team that waves the white flag before a ball is kicked. Leeds certainly didn't did they.

Not impressed with Stale on this one at all. I just hope it hi-lights (if ever it was needed further) how awful some of these players are at Wolves.

Edwards, Zubar, Stearman....all not good enough. Time to get rid rapid.

Can anybody tell me the last time we won a game with these three in the team, i'd love to know??


I think you made a spelling error. Your name should be "Cur Loopy."

Sir Lupi


And the punchline is??


"I don't support a football team that waves the white flag before a ball is kicked."

Kindly bugger off then.

Premier League = target, League Cup = who cares.

We played 3 games in 6 days and you'd prefer to put that same XI out to play the league leaders and EUROPEAN champions in a unnecessary game before 3 meaningful games in 7 days? I wonder why Moxey and Morgan didn't pick you to manage the team into exhaustion.

Sir Lupi

No I don't expect SS to play the whole first team, but I do expect us to put up more of a fight.

6-0! come on, stop defending a shocking thrashing.

You never heard of pride??


Totally agree that the white flag should not be raised because i was brought up in the way where you should always give your best at all times so disappointed with the attitude shown here and feel for the fans who actually put their hands in their pocket to go and witness that.

With regards to thinking we were going to lose anyway well i would like to draw attention to the fact that a couple of years ago Burnley went to Chelsea in the same competition with a lower standing in the division that we are in. Burnley won the tie and went all the way to the semi-final This run in this cup transferred itself to the league where the eventually got promoted through the play offs so a bit of effort and commitment does pay off in the end.


What utter bilge.

The Chelsea game was an irrelevant distraction, which quite frankly I'm glad went the way it did as the highlights were at least fun, and you no more understand football than you possess the ability to lay a Faberge egg. Anyone who is still het up about the Chelsea result, you need to recalibrate your priorities. The Coventry comparison is just... Well, it's not a comparison, their situation is completely unlike our own.

To be honest, there is literally nothing in your entire post that stands up to scrutiny, it is quite simply wrong from first word to last. You even end on a punctuation error!


PeteNuts I love your style. Spot on as usual


PeteNuts I just love your style. Spot on as usual.

Kevin Rowland circa 1980 Ohh Geno

Well said Petenuts, maybe the numptys should go down the road and support the boggies as nothing will ever be good enough for so called fans like you, and its boring.

Taxi for Anna and lupi


The Coventry comparison is purely about they putting up a better fight against a Strong Arsenal team than WWFC did against Chelski's 3rd team; But give it time and the current Coventry plight will be mirrored at Molineux when Moxey and Morgan have finished; Pete Nuts, still yapping like a demented moron I see;how do you do it, lick your own backside? As for the pro-Moxey,Morgan,Stale, laughably McCarthy sycophants, do you work at the club in some capacity or a paid troller by any chance; With you 'heads in the sand' attitude, you'd make an Ostrich blush; Ps, if people can get get A* at A level without either legibility or syntax, my alleged errors are pretty,pretty lame, just like......


Petenuts , I think you've rubbed her or him(called Grace her once for her to be an him, if you get what I mean) the wrong way.I'm with you though.

Peace in the Valley

Stop digging, that hole is just getting deeper. Both your posts are based upon ignorance of what happening, not just here at Molineux, but, across the world of football.

(Torres, Terry, Mata, etc., etc., Third team ???!!!)

I'll leave your atrocious grammar to our professor of punctuation.

jez moxey junior

If you're going to attempt to make an argument at least have some basis of fact - your comment in respect to Chelsea fielding a third string is so untrue as to be laughable, in reality the side fielded by Chelsea was relatively much stronger than that of our own side (seven of their starting line up have been involved in all of the games they've played this season as opposed to three in our starting eleven). Let's also get some perspective, we could have fielded our strongest side and still have been beaten comfortably by any side picked by Di Matteo on the night!

Also ridiculous is the Coventry analogy as they are a club in huge amounts of debt (the level of which is unconfirmed but estimated to be close to £50M - reportedly they cannot even pay the rent required to stay at the Ricoh each year) and, seemingly, in genuine danger of suffering a further relegation to League Two.

Ben is undisputedly correct in that the last five years have been the most successful for the club since 1980 and anyone who is unwilling to embrace and support the direction in which the club has now decided upon is little use as a supporter.

I'm in no way trying to excuse the serious errors of judgement (both on the pitch, in the dugout and in the boardroom) which saw the club implode spectacularly last season but we are where we are and continually rehashing the arguments about the rights and wrongs of this now serves no positive purpose moving forward.


Chelsea's 3rd team!! Are you having a laugh... I'm guessing you didn't actually pay any attention to the teams put out then...






All regular starters




All regular first team squad players.

Get a grip!


There is literally nothing you have said in two posts that has made a tuppenny flip of sense. How do you expect the likes of my good self to counter an argument, when there ain't an argument to counter. I mean, what does this...

"The Coventry comparison is purely about they putting up a better fight against a Strong Arsenal team than WWFC did against Chelski's 3rd team; But give it time and the current Coventry plight will be mirrored at Molineux when Moxey and Morgan have finished."

...even mean? Seriously, what does it mean? Chelski's third team? Chelsea's team was much stronger than Arsenal's. Moxey and Morgan have finished? Finished doing what? Explain yourself, damn your eyes!


Solbakken made exactly the right decision in resting the first team and using the rest of the squad for the cup game. It didnt matter who we were playing against, the same team would of played and it made perfect sense.

There was no point playing the "first" team and burning them out for the much more important league games, thats where our focus should be. Even if we did play the first team, we probably would not have got a result anyway, especially as Chelsea played first team players like Cahill, Terry, Ramires, Moses, Torres and Mata, then still brought on Hazard and Oscar. I would rather our first team players kept their winning mentality and stayed fresh to take it into the league games, rather then losing and being physically exhausted and having their confidence knocked by Chelsea.

Yes its sad that we are a Championship team again and we do all long for being a top team again, but doesn't every club? But I think we have a good young manager who is slowly building a good team and he needs time to do this and incorporate his new ideas and methods into the team. We are financially sound and need to be patient, which I'm afraid alot of Wolves fans do not have.


tim remember they were chelsea's third team players? according to anna, lol,lol,lol,lol,


TERRY-in the middle of a case that convicted him of being racist, a 'has been' that never was;

TORRES- Even Chelsea fans laugh at him;


CAHILL-not good enough even for Villa;

MOSES-Show pony, will be out on loan in January, never to be seen or heard of again;

BERTRAND-one game in the Champions League is no guarantee of first team football, especially when Roman buys another Johnny Foreigner to replace Cashley;

ROMEU-Belgium here I come;


This comment is a shambles and your mentality is flawed. A line under last season has rightly been drawn; lets concentrate on our league campaign and be realistic about the club as it is today - a strong, very well run business with all the ingredients for success moving forwards. Being good in the seventies means nothing now; why not support a brighter future than live in nostalgia? If you want that and want a shambles of a club, why not support Leeds, Blackburn or Coventry because such comments as these show a distinct lack of support for Wolves.


How little you understand. The reason he rested the players was not down to fear of them losing against Chelsea. It was down to realising that the Championship is his priority, and that following a match in a meaningless cup competition we have three games in eight days. The players only have a short space of time in which to recover between games. It is therefore far more intelligent to give the ten players a rest in a meaningless match, and then have them fit for three matches in short succession that all matter. (My guess is that the eleventh player would have been rested if Peszko had not had the Polish National Team coach coming to watch him.)

I wonder if you would like to lay your mortgage in a wager that Wolves are more likely to be relegated? I see NO CHANCE of that happening, and, if you are honest, neither do you.

Solbakken was up front with the fans, and allowed them to know the day before what he would be doing. It also gave some of our more promising youngsters a chance to play against the current European Champions. What a fantastic opportunity for them. If they are going to be ready for the Premier League when we do get promoted (maybe not this season, but we will get up again) we have to know whether they can be good enough. What better chance than a meaningless cup game. I hope he does the same in the FA Cup.



Thank you for putting that idiot right..!!


You are talking absolute nonsense, I am afraid and that is from someone who actually went to the game. We were not scared of putting our first team out but instead the manager used his common sense as 4 games in 9 games - 3 of them being away - is not possible in the modern game. We made 10 changes and all I will say is that if any of those players are playing to get back in the first team, they could have a long wait? Irrespective a £100m Chelsea side against a £10m Wolves side is no match.

6 points from the next 2 home games and I am happy!


Wow, what an embarassing comment!

Wolves did the right thing on tuesday, we dont care about that cup, we have to focus on the league. We dont want any of our first team players injured playing in the cup.

We play our full strength side in the league, and put all our resources into that.

3 wins on the bounce, lets build on that.

Wolves are probably the most healthiest club in the Championship, no debt, money in the bank, a good manager, and a brand new squad, which we have the resources to add to in January and the summer.

Wolves dont have the bank chasing us, just some stupid fans......


dont be so reiculous another fan who thinks we can take on the world stop fussing about cups that we wont win yet and focus on the championship dont even call yourself a fan were 5th in the league soz but when you know something about football come back to me (not sayin i no everything but what youve said is rubbish)


Aw C'mon...its scandalous we lost to one of the best teams in the world yet alone the prem, yes it was a bad result but look at how many games we have over the next week. SS was right to rest players so we can compete in the championship


Three matches in the week before Chelsea and three more in the week starting Saturday. Think Stale's got his priorities right.



You're boring

All you do is whinge, you never have anything any good to say about the team or club.


Either you are on drugs, or an albion wum


SENSIBLE, though, ANNA, to play your second string youngsters in a Cup Tie and leave the best players fresh for the three League games to come in the next week. It's promotion that counts this season and STS clearly knows what he's doing. The only thought can be of going UP next Season, not down! The Chelsea result was, of course, hugely disappointing, but many fans were really pleased to see the likes of young Zeli Ismail and Danny Batth having a go.


Firstly the way you go on, i think your a Boggies fan just on here to try to infest us with your doom, as you clearly know nothing about FOOTBALL. (would you like me to explain the off side rule to you).

Well let me tell you this... You have no idea about football and what it takes to build a team and to cut out 10 years of mediocrity, which we have had to put up with, under MM, DJ and GH.

We were playing at Chelsea in the week, against the Best Club side in Europe, who's bench was worth more than our complete staring 11, and to add to that we put out a side that was considered to be in the most cover for injuries and suspension to out main first team, we did not play our strongest side as our main objection is to build a Team to get back up into the prem.

If we had of put our best side out you would have probably seen a 1 or 2-0 defeat or even a 1-1 or 2-1 defeat!

If you are disgusted that we went down 6-0 to the best team in Europe who could buy our complete squad in the blink of an eye, YOU ARE DELUDED..!!!

Stale is there to build a squad that will get us up WHEN we are READY for it, and if by some amazing coaching and tactical decisions he dose it in the First season, you will see a lot of changes.

He is letting a few contracts run out and sending people out on loans to attract buyers so he can cut the dead wood out of the squad.

We need to go back up in a fit state or we will just get turned over every week again..!!

Stale Solbaken has managed in the Champions League on many occasions with FC Copenhagen and knows what it takes to compete at that level and he knew there was no point putting our best 11 out against Chelsea as they would have just got knocks and niggles that would put them out of the title race we seem to be in the running for at the moment, being top 6.

Stale had little time to attract and get the kind of player we need to get out of this Division and did not know what he had as a team until almost the start of the season, and to cobble together a side to be around top 6 after 8 games is just short of a MIRACLE.!!

When Stale dose take us back to the Prem it will be when we are ready and we can compete up there..!!

Do you think after his Success at the Highest level with FC Copenhagen for 5 or 6 seasons, he wants to go in to the best league on the planet and get spanked ever week..? NO WAY WILL HE..!!

Stale is not MM he will not go into the prem thinking "well its ok we are not expected to win here" NO WAY will he, that attitude is not in his mind set, he could not even comprehend being cannon fodder for the rest of the prem, as he is a WINNER and knows what we need to compete.!!

But to do that he needs to RE-BUILD not just a team but a Shell Shocked battered club, infested with mediocrity for far to long, and that is not just a team he needs to put right, but a whole way of thinking and that will not happen over night...!!



To all the Wolves fans at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday- Thanks for one of the most entertaining and amusing nights I have had in a long time- you guys are legend!

I think Stale is the real deal and the team of starting to gel, which all leads to a confident winning mentality. Keep up the good work and we are behind you guys all the way.


Not just the result, the game itself never mattered. This is not the 50's or even the 70's. Be realistic. The one aim is to get the Club out of the Championship, into the PL and establish the it there. These Cup games are distractions and constitute additional risks of injury to players. They are for clubs hovering below the top 5 or 6 in the PL. Let the Newcastles and the Evertons take them seriously, it gives them a reasonable chance of lifting some silverware come spring. Clubs like WW have to concentrate on one main objective; all else is a diversion that could undermine that objective, as in fact was the case, and on more than one occasion, in the Bully years. In the top two, then a 'fantastic Cup run' dissipates the energy of the team and promotion is missed again. STS has seen through this and fielded an inexperienced side. His talk about 'taking the responsibility' is all diplomatic nonsense. He must have forseen it. Away to a top 5 PL club in the 3rd round of FA Cup would be ideal.


Anna are you on a different planet ?

The team had 3 games in 6 days and two were long trips away from home so with Chelsea it would have been 4 in 9 with 3 away from home , it would have done our starting line up from the last 3 wins no good to have played Chelsea , Pescko should have scored twice , Davis nearly scored too , Chelsea had 9 attempts and scored 6 , Barnsley had 9 attempts on target against us and scored one , Chelsea including players on the bench had a squad of 18 players with combined transfer fees reaching £250m , personally the fact we had a few chances against a strong Chelsea side was promising and the bright new talent in Ismail is going to be one for the future , yes we are not in the league we want to be but aslong as the club is run right ( which it is ) and we have a good set up for youth then I'm happy , you seem to forget McCarthy had an extra £10m to spend if he wanted too but once he had Johnson n O'Hara he didn't want anyone else , another manager might have strengthened in areas that were needed , but then again McCarthy gave us the wins over City Liverpool United Chelsea Villa Spurs , where as before he took over the club did look like getting relegated to league one , so just be thankfull the club is in a great financial state , we have a big squad for the league we are in , a promising manager , a great youth structure , what more do you bloody want woman ?????????????


Just finished replying to Anna myself but your post is better! Said pretty much what i wanted to.

Son of Sue



touche! indeed..

chris hoggard

Will, We all know you must be on Plant Moxey if you really think it was the manager who decided not to spend that extra £10m on players.That decision would have been made by Morgan and Moxey,who wanted to maximise profits next season to make additional contributions to stage 2 ground redevelopment. We know for a start that Mick wanted to sign Craig Gardner last season[twice],but they failed to stump up the cash.


Will, i think ANNA needs the off side rule explaining to her...LOL

As she clearly knows nothing about football....i echo your comments mate..!!


I too was at Stamford Bridge Tues evening, Edwards isn't good enough to clean my boots!!

Stearman was poor & Zubar isn't a left back...

Nice for Batth to get 90mins & looked like he could be a player, as did Davis especially 2nd half, Forde showed some good touches as a sub & great to finally see Ismail make his debut, shame he didn't get a good half hour...

MOTM - all the Wolves fans, absolutely terrific!!

Now for 3 pts Sat UTW...

The magic wanderer

I'm not sure why people keep slagging off the management for the result against Chelsea. We could of played better but our hands were forced because of the championship fixtures. If we had fielded a full strength team against chelsea we would have probably lost anyway and been left with a weakened team going into the weekend on the back of a loss. What SS did was a no brainer. UTW.


I can help with this one: they're slagging off the management because they are idiots who don't know what they're talking about. Glad to help.


We would have lost against Chelski no matter what team we field. If you not test some fringe players in the cup when should you do it? Last time Mick rested players in the cup two seasons ago you could argue it saved our season. Beating Burnley big.


I can understand people's disappointment regarding our current status. The fact is we were the worst team in the PL last season by a country mile. We didn't just slip out of that league, we dropped out in free-fall. That being the case, were we ever likely to immediately impress in our new surroundings? I don't think so, and with all the comings and goings I personally couldn't see it happening. We are in amongst some hard-nosed, experienced Championship teams who will no doubt give us grief from time to time and set the whingers off when they do. What we learned against Chelsea was that we are not ready to return to the PL any time soon - not if we want to stay up when we get there. Sorry if it seems defeatist, but I still see this season as the launch pad for a successful promotion bid, 2013-14. If we then get up, look the part and stay up - I'll be happy and feel my patience (not easy when you're in your seventies!) will have been rewarded.

Waffle Wolf

Very sensible analysis.

The Chelsea game showed just how woefully lacking in depth and quality the squad is in terms of competing in the Premier League again. We should not be wishing for promotion too soon.

The recent victories have helped the team to shed its losing mentality but the performances have left a lot to be desired by and large. The "new" Wolves is very much a work in progress and the team will no doubt have its share of ups and downs as a result. A season threatening the play off places would be a good achievement in my view in a very competitive Champiosnship.

Then next season, perhaps a real tilt at promotion with a stronger and more experienced squad may be a distinct possibility.


ANNA - what planet are you on??

Firstly do you even know what you are talking about?? We were 3-0 down in 17 minutes.............

Secondly - we have played on a Sunday, then a Wednesday, then a Saturday, 3 games in 6 days. We have a cup competition which we have little chance of winning 3 days later and you cannot see why we would put out a second string??

We now have another 3 games in 7 days by the way. As Stale said its important to not only recoup but have some training in between matches!

Im sorry but as unfortunate as it is we were drubbed 6-0, anyone who can question why we sent out a reserves/youth team in these circumstances must be wind up merchants.

Unlike some who citicise on here I have actually been to all but 1 match this season and you can see steady progress. Why act like the wheels have come off because our makeshift reserves got thrashed. Pathetic.


Its strange, i want us to win every game we play and yet, i dont want us to get promoted this season. Last season i was convinced we were gonna let in ten goals every time we played one of the big boys (home or away), and tuesdays game at the dodgy Russians place brought back those horrible feelings again. Lets grow as a team for another season and then see whats what. What!

Wolves Fan

Apart from sensible and valid comments from Will.

Such ficklety from supposedly loyal Wolves fans ...... Why waste your time taking rubbish when you clearly do not have a clue what you are talking about. Pathetic !!!


ANNA -???? what the hell are you going on about?

Crikey why dont you all get off here and support some other team -

the championship is a competitive league 3 games in 8 days and then another 3 games in another 10 days - far more demanding

and dropping the 10 players for the chelsea game was the right thing to do - i want 3 pts in league not to get to anohter round in the cup and then get knocked out - picking up injuries along the way!

stale is doing well and we are in a good position - we havnt played particulary well yet so god knows what could possibly happen if and when the team starts to gell together -

lets see where we are in december and then hopefully be still in the playoff posiitons


It seems that by one means or another we find ourselves in a relatively good position after seven games. Some of it is due in no small measure to luck, but that's part and parcel of the game.

I still do not think all the new players are 100% fit and therefore there should be more to come from them. Added to that we will, in the coming weeks, have O'Hara back for selection. In the meantime the current first team players seem to be building up a better understanding between them.

I see no reason why we should'nt beat Wednesday or Palace, and in doing so we should be even higher in the table. The away game at Blackburn will be far more taxing. But, all in all we ain't doing too badly at this stage of the season.

If we can maintain this kind of form until the end of the Xmas programme, with a few more recruits in January, we should be in the mix for promotion.

should of got rid ov mick on the last day when we played blackbern


pathetic! still using the Mick card, Mick has gone and gone without insulting remarks towards our fans but with integratity - something some of our so called fans have very little of.


And achieved more as Wolves manager than any other man has in the past thirty years. When he was sacked we weren't in the relegation zone.

London Wolf

I dont think I see mood changes like this in my wife ! We win one week and the world smells of roses, we lose and its the end of the world ! Come on people lets lighten up and be positive about the future, we have a new team pretty much and you can see the remanants of Mics meddlings fading fast. Besides it could be much much worse after all you could have been born a baggies fan, now that really would be something to get upset about !


ok were out the cup sol need to look at the fringe players it was the ideal game to play them .

he was well and truly let down by them.lets hope he as learnt what all us wolves fans already know there are rubbish.

he knows now he as to buy if we want to be sucessful

i know 6 0 is enbarasing but a good lesson is learnt

i do fell sorry for the fans that have traveled but may be the club should refund some money, as there are our hardcore fans,

geting a win against shef w is our aim now come u wolves

Mike Pearson

To compete properly a Club today has to have two players for every position so that whatever combination of players are put out the quality does not drop. Wolves are simply not in that position and that is not the Managers fault - that is down to managements commitment to invest the resources. Stale has come into a situation where he has lost some of the so called better players and has had to bring in new players. All this has happened as we face a deluge of games in the League none of which we can afford to lose if we are to stay in touch with the top six.

Probably half of the teams in the Championship can expect to be challenging for promotion and , hopefully, we will be one of them. The priority has to be the League for a Club in our situation. If we do get promoted, management has a massive decision to make. We will need several Premiership level players to stay up and that will take huge amounts of money. If they think they can get by with this squad plus some Academy youngsters then they are delusional.


pretty much the same situation Mick found himself in!


Get a grip Anna.

Where you around in the 1980's?? THAT was a decline.

The trouble with most football fans is that they get things so out of proportion it's unreal.

Does the league cup REALLY matter this season?? Or would you rather pick up some serious points early on in the Championship season?

If Sako and Ebanks-Blake had broken their legs in the cup game - you would be saying how ridiculous it was that they played.

Come on, was your season's priority to win the league cup...?


Interesting comments on here. I was there on Tuesday and felt, along with many there, that it was a fore gone conclusion that we would lose. In saying that we were strifled by their quality. However, Zubar was up to his old tricks late tackles and goiving away fouls. Stearman and Edwards.....well what can you say?! It is puzzling to the comon fans why these very average players are still at the club. It begs the question what Stale sees in them. Also Why haven't we loaned at least two defenders and loaned out the afore mentioned with a view to a permanent sale in Jan 13?!!!

Foley played well so did the young ones. It was good to see them get a game against such an opponent. I agree with Stale on that one that it wouyld be fantastic experience, but, we should have had more spirit and fight. It's was as though they gave up after the second one went in. This is my point. The more experienced players were found wanting while the younger ones played well. It says it all really. I do hope that this situation changes in Jan 13 and we continue to change these inferior players. They have had more than enough time, ( three seasons in the prem) to improve but sadly they have not. Why this has not been done is anyones guess. The falling gates clearly shows how dispondent fans are and it will not improve unless we do more about the inferior players and make the Mol an exciting place to be. A few more wins may improve it but lets not be under any illusion.......

we have a hangover from relegation as well as the players. People are sick of Moxey and his policies and will not belive him if we do, and it is a big do, get promoted this season. Fickle we may be but no fools, not anymore. Gates at matches will be the main indicator. It is already taking its toll by the club offering concesions on tickets.

Will it be enough? We will see. We have a great fan base and attendances when we were in the prem were higher than most prem teams. But the rot has set in and it is a big ship to turn it back. I still have hope we will rise again but change still need to be made.

Looking forward to game on Sat.



Cant beleive that the opening comments by lupi are those of a sane person.

Correct decision made on Tuesday at Chelsea ( apart from the feelings of the travelling supportwho will probably have been disappointed in the decision but at the final whistle accepted and gave the lads a great reception) . There is no comparison with Wolves and Coventry at present - they languish in a lower division and have many problems. Wolves have none of Coventrys difficulties and are in good shape both on and off the pitch. If people have only critisism to proclaim then keep it you themselves. Well done Wolves. Well done Solbakken.


Id even take that Coventry comment further and ask why they have even been mentioned in this thread at all.......not even in the same league nor do we have anything in common with them.

Some people really do drag the barrel when they moan on here.

Cypriot Wolf

I think that we shoud all calm down and make a sensible assessment at Christmas. that way the team would have had time to really jell or not, as the case may be.

What does concerm me is that we have not replaced any of the so called defenders. (I use the word defenders loosly).

cape town wolf

relax guy, the wolves are on the move, back to the top,

Anna Karinina's Sugar Daddy

Anna, You've certainly taken some stick. Fully desrved too.

What annoys me is that you clearly were not at the match on Tuesday, otherwise you would not have posted " SCANDALOUS performance ". Yes we conceded 6 goals against a very talented side, but, at least two were blatant refereeing mistakes, particularly the first when he gave a free kick against Zubar, which WAS scandalous. We supporters clapped the team off at the end because they put effort into their performance. They just weren't good enough.

I suggest next time you post you get your facts right, as many posters have rightly pointed out.


Simply cannot afford to go to many games now but the local away match for me on Saturday was enjoyable in so many ways even if the game itself was not the best.

My 2 ten year old boys have not given in to the lure of the Champions League teams and instead are happy to join me in supporting the Wolves. They experienced standing in an away end for the first time and also joined me in singing to some familiar and new songs on the terraces.

In response to some of the ridiculous comments above it was so refreshing to enjoy an atmosphere again and see some positives. That alone is a massive improvement on last season even if we are a division below.

Yes Tuesday was disappointing but most of us would agree that it has only reinforced the idea that some of our more experienced players are now simply not good enough to back up the first team.

For those questionning Stale's signings, Tongo alone is as good a signing as we have made for a long time in my opinion and the others all show plenty of promise - we are only 7 games in to the league! The back up is clearly the issue when we get injuries and suspensions.

I like Forde's composure on the ball and would like to think that both he and Davis would now be ahead of some of the older internationals that prop up our bench when we have to make changes.

Great to see Foley back at right back where he belongs and Doyle looking like he is enjoying his football again like myself.

Dorset Wolf

Wolves are in great shape you cannot compare us with Coventry we have some of the most loyal fans in the country

Sol is rebuilding the team the way he thinks will be more affective, the club is run by a good English Chairman not somebody from abroad who does not understand the way supporters feel and how difficult it is to afford to attend matches, for the thousand who went to Stamford Bridge take a bow you were a different class.


Another fine example of The McCarthy Legacy Mr. Moxey, Memories of Laural and Hardy or the Keystone Cops. The Wolves Birmingham Combination side from the 1950 period would have walloped this lot This being the fourthline team

The only way team team will learn to play is by playing against the best. The Chelsea exercise was a waste of time . This is not Manchester Utd or Arsenal whose third team would beat the current Wolves XI The feeling of being mugged comes to mind?


Sue, the comment on my sex really does sum up the type of pillock that comes on here and Trolls; How could you possibly know anything about me? Are you one of those psycho mind 'seers' that lives with 20 odd cats and constantly bug the Police with 'information'? Or do you have access to confidential data from the website? Because if you claim to know that I was Grace or I am male, be sure what you get published as libel can be very costly indeed old dear; As for the majority on here, without a doubt they are false identities planted by those representing the club to diss dissenters; Bunch of clowns;


I didn't for one minute suggest you were Grace or that you were male! I said that I thought Grace was female until he said he wasn't, I respect Graces views I will say no more!


Why have a go at sue when there's a lot more you could have had a go at,What's libel about someone thinking you were male? beggars belief..you're the clown.


Cats ,police, libel you're a very weird person Anna,A star A level not in common sense then!!!!


Quite apart from knowing nothing about libel laws whatsoever, you are absolutely as dumb as a bag of bricks.

You are also a pansexual space trogolodyte from Neptune sent to Earth to scout our planet for resources and prepare landing pads for your mother ships when they come to steal our planet's water. There, now try suing me. Eejit.


Blimey 'perfect' Pete, is that a spelling error I see? I know 'Troglodyte' has a few spellings,(Troglodytae,Troglodyti), but I see you have 'invented' a new one! God's gift you ain't Bro'


Spellings which you had to look up in an online dictionary. Now if you want a "spelling mistake-off" then it just ain't fair - you will win every time. So many, so varied...


Commenting on Carl Henry's tough target - I think that the target should just be the next game - no point looking any further until 5pm on Saturday. No point looking back either.


anna the baggies fan full ov it

English Exile

I'm not too concerned by the Chelsea result but I am concerned about two things.

1) these fringe players should have been trying very hard to impress the new manager but they threw in the towel. Very disappointing.

2) Why hasn't Stale been able to appoint a new assistant? I believe he has told Moxey who he wants but Moxey won't cough up the money.

Hopefully Stale will get it right, eventually, BUT don't expect him to stay any longer than he has too.

He has already found out that what Jez sez and Jez doz aye the same thing.

MK Wolves

Now you lot can see why it's stupid to talk about promotion after being bitch slapped or even raped by Chelsea. hands up those of you who would rather see that all again or wait and rebuild a solid squad capable of justifying a place in the premier league . if we can finish in the top 8 it would have been a good season. It had taken MM 3yrs to get us there and it may take anouther 3 but you all must stop ya moaning and get behind the club and move forward together.


Chase Terrace Wolf

So basically what you happy clappers are saying is we would have lost against Chelsea despite what team we put out anyway. So what you are saying is we should concentrate on promotion in order for us to play teams like Chelsea next season. Whats the point as you and me know that we wont spend the money to stay in the Premiership as the board are to tight to part with the money to attract decent players. So we should have put a stronger team out against Chelsea as if we did manage to get promoted we would go straight back down anyway you just dont see it do you. New ground vs decent team i know which i would prefer Morgan should sell to someone who does not see this club as a hobbie and house building subsiduary.


You're not making any sense. We should put a strong team out now, because we'll only probably get relegated if we get promoted? The two things aren't related. I should put my leg in plaster now, as I'll probably break my finger playing cricket next year. Make sense? Nope - that's because the two things aren't remotely related either. Or maybe I "just don't see it." I suspect you see an awful lot of stuff after a couple too many Banks's Milds...


Lovin all the sensible comments (you know who you are),laughin my backside off at all the disappointed people that actually thought we'd beat chelsea.Even if we'd lost 1-0 you'd still be up there on your high horses. Jog on crazies !!


First of all, I support from afar these days being in my seventies. I did travel and support in the days of The Doog and John Richards, best striker weve had. Dont se a lot of point of abusing one another over the Chelsea game, even half the premiership want out. Its a competition that should have gone years ago.

We were always gonna lose, pitty it went the way it did but I have forgotten it already.

Mick did the same at Man u and that was in the league i believe. Stale is trying his best to get a team to gel and compete in this league. Lets judge him on that and its too soon to judge. If we are in the top 5 in january i reckon he would be on the right track.


I suppose I have symapthy for the fans that went down to Chelsea but what would we prefer to have lost 3-1 with a full strength team that would now be jaded. The recent results have been refreshing and I have some optimism for the future, eveyone wanted McCarthy out and a new ethos of football at the club; it wasn't going to happen overnight. Automatic promotion is unlikely this season and I too wouldn't mind spending a bit longer building a team that can play attractive football and become a long term resident in the top division. Those who draw comparisons between Wolves and Coventry must be very challenged.


I agree with the refreshingly philosophical outlook of Solent Wolves.

Let's not be too hasty to complain. It was a difficult decision for Stale, but we must back his judgement. At last we have a proper manager who is determined to get Wolves back where they belong. The signs are clearly there. Let's really give Stale and the team a rousing reception on saturday and we could be in for a good afternoon.

steve bull wolf

we will never move forwards with morgan 27 million in less then 7 million used still only one defender sorry can not plat got to bed in morgan/ moxley made us a joke and remember sir jack did not back dave jones few weeks in sir jack was off


Give Stale time, 3 premiership years of stagnation as reaped its rewardsNearly .everyone wanted a revolution and here it is.Give the manager time and im sure we will see the right result.Elokobi to Bristol is another player ont good enough moved on, it will take time to transform the club, be patient.

Albion were a yo yo club and look at them now looking comfortable in the premiership but it took time and patience.

old wulf

Must admit it was good to see Ismail finally getting a run out in the first team, even if it was too late in the game to form any opinion. He is 18 now and should be getting on the bench at least, he is by far the most talented young player at Molineux. The fact is use him or lose him, the big boys are waiting to pounce at the end of the season when he is out of contract.


Can't believe half of the comments given that Wolves have taken 9 points out of the last 3 games. Totally agree with Stale's philosophy. After all, playing most of his first team would have affected morale on Saturday, as we would have lost in any case. Give the lads a break! You give YAM YAM a new meamig - You're all moaners!

Toronto Wolf

Too much football!

We ore on the move, and I do back the manager, and his choice of team. Pile up the points in the Championship now, as we could be short some key players for the African Cup come early next year.

Up You Wolves,

Toronto Wolf.

Rons Flowers

Will there never be an end to the ridiculous bleating?

For goodness sake, this was the European Champions against the side just dismally relegated from the Prem. What do you idiots expect? We just picked up NINE.....9.....9.......9 points in 3 games over 7 days to raise ourselves from 2nd bottom to 5th top and still the whingers whinge. If we pick up 9 more over the next seven days and that still isn't good enough to represent some kind of progress, then IMO these whingeing people should seriously consider changing their allegiance. What more can a poor boy do...........?

Elokobi is gone, doesn't that encourage anybody?????????????


PeteNuts, mind your head when going under bridges, boy, do you have a high opinion of yourself; It seems the like's of Sue,Me,Forever are part of some sort of sect that you are the Grand Wizard, either that or your a talking boil on Jez's rear end; Or even you ARE Jez (bonusboy)Moxey; Anna, it's like talking to a politician, they ain't listening luv, give it up, for your own sanity!


A high opinion, Damien, forged in the fires of months of coming on here and having underlings like you, who still can't figure out the difference between "you're" and "your", trying to have a pop at me when the best material they can sum up involves talking bottom boils (zing!). Here's a tip, laddy: leave the smart material to those of us who have got smart material to share. You're coming down on the idiots' side of the fence - that would be Anna's side - and that speaks all the volumes that it needs to speak.


In my opinion the best ever bunch of players at Mol were these:- Finlayson, Stuart, Harris, Clamp, Wright, Slater, Deeley, Broadbent, Murray, Mason, Mullen. There were no subs in those days and they all "put a shift in" on usually muddy pitches!

Those glorious nights on our old B&W telly.............

Nobody argued back then, no away matches miles away on a Tuesday/Wednesday night, the Football league has alot to answer for in the manner these games mount up...............


Mornin' PLEBEIANS; Damien, I can fight my own battles, unlike the trollers on here!


And lose them.

(By the way, it's "trolls", not "trollers". Troll is the noun and the verb. You're welcome)


Like medal has become 'Medalled', keep up with the times you cretin! Go back to the pub and have you ham bap and fail to chat up the barmaid, as usual; Dear me Dork;


What times? The times where "eat you ham bap" means something? Illiterate trogolo.... Trogolo... Twerp.


agree with pete nuts.

lupi/anna...... get real.

chris hoggard.....carry on trying to change the board members....


distraction-league cup.

by the way how did the albion get on? lol.


Honved 1954, only 4 of them you said was the best played that season. You missed out Bert Williams possibly the best keeper ever certainly the best our great club as had, then there was Shorthouse, Flowers, Deeley only had a few games because he was called up, Hancocks played, Wilshaw and the would have been the greatest centre forward of all time Roy Swinbourne.


In my earlier response, I missed out Bert Williams. Unforgiveable. The man belongs in any Football Hall of Fame.

Farmer Ted

Think maybe like other posters you are mixing Honved1954's name with the team of just a few years later 1957-1960. Both very very good , but by terms of success the second bunch you named get the vote. You did of course miss out Ron Flowers and when Jimmy Mullen retired halfway through that period a number of wingers played, including Des Horne, Gerry Mannion, Mark Lazarus and of course Alan Hinton.

Must mention Colin Booth's and Johnny Kirkham's contributions and the amazing Ted Farmer who was surely destined for England Glory, but like Roy Swinbourne never overcame premature injury.


Modern era WWFC side of note was the late 60's into 70's; It had all the talent,flair, grit and characters to rule English football in that period, just lacked the right manager;


You missed out the two best wingers after Hancocks and Mullen, namely Harry Hooper and Dave Wagstaff. Also don't forget Peter Knowles, Bobby Thomson and Derek Parkin, the last two are probably the best full backs ever to play for Wolves.

Farmer Ted

Harry Hooper couldn't get on the side. Hancocks had retired and Deeley came thru to claim the right wing. HH drifted on to Birmingham.

Waggy and Knowles were from a later era.

Anna you didn't rate Bill McGarry then ?

No surprise there then


Sorry i didn't realise we were just talking 50s and 60s. Harry Hooper was top goalscorer in his first season at Molineux. You are right he faded after that and was sold to Brum after that but the rumour was he had personal problems while at Wolves. At his best he was one heck of a winger. Also around the same time Les Smith was not a bad left winger. I am very surprised Jimmy Murray is not mentioned.


Firstly any one on here who thinks wolves loosing 6-0 to Chelsea was a disgrace, You have no idea about football and what it takes to build a team and to cut out 10 years of mediocrity, which we have had to put up with, under MM, DJ and GH.

We were playing at Chelsea in the week, against the Best Club side in Europe, who's bench was worth more than our complete staring 11, and to add to that we put out a side that was considered to be in the most cover for injuries and suspension to out main first team, we did not play our strongest side as our main objection is to build a Team to get back up into the prem.

If we had of put our best side out you would have probably seen a 1 or 2-0 defeat or even a 1-1 or 2-1 defeat!

If you are disgusted that we went down 6-0 to the best team in Europe who could buy our complete squad in the blink of an eye, YOU ARE DELUDED..!!!

Stale is there to build a squad that will get us up WHEN we are READY for it, and if by some amazing coaching and tactical decisions he dose it in the First season, you will see a lot of changes.

He is letting a few contracts run out and sending people out on loans to attract buyers so he can cut the dead wood out of the squad.

We need to go back up in a fit state or we will just get turned over every week again..!!

Stale Solbaken has managed in the Champions League on many occasions with FC Copenhagen and knows what it takes to compete at that level and he knew there was no point putting our best 11 out against Chelsea as they would have just got knocks and niggles that would put them out of the title race we seem to be in the running for at the moment, being top 6.

Stale had little time to attract and get the kind of player we need to get out of this Division and did not know what he had as a team until almost the start of the season, and to cobble together a side to be around top 6 after 8 games is just short of a MIRACLE.!!

When Stale dose take us back to the Prem it will be when we are ready and we can compete up there..!!

Do you think after his Success at the Highest level with FC Copenhagen for 5 or 6 seasons, he wants to go in to the best league on the planet and get spanked ever week..? NO WAY WILL HE..!!

Stale is not MM he will not go into the prem thinking "well its ok we are not expected to win here" NO WAY will he, that attitude is not in his mind set, he could not even comprehend being cannon fodder for the rest of the prem, as he is a WINNER and knows what we need to compete.!!

But to do that he needs to RE-BUILD not just a team but a Shell Shocked battered club, infested with mediocrity for far to long, and that is not just a team he needs to put right, but a whole way of thinking and that will not happen over night...!!




We got solbakken the club

A fantastic post comrade Radwolf. I've done loads of homework on Stale with some European lads from work and they all second what you've written above. Our future does not lie in Chelsea, P,boro or Sheff Wed results but in the vision, hunger, determination and scouting skills of a progressive manager. I'm confident Stale Solbakken ticks all those boxes and will get us where we need to be. The law of averages says we're due a gud un.

Au revoir our kid...


"PeteNuts local Eejit, admired by fellow eejits everywhere"

Farmer Ted

As always we have extreme views from fans following the Chelsea defeat. Whilst certainly not agreeing with anything Anna has said in various missives on this thread (how can anybody make so many factual errors and expect to be taken seriously ?)I also am reluctant to smooth a 0-6 defeat over as though it doesn't matter. It cannot have done the players involved any good whatsoever and at some stage they will be needed to step up to the mark for the 'first team'. Johnson and transfer listed Berra are playing well, but, will Batth and our new Austrian signing be good enough when called upon ?

We've had our share of luck so far and we've also shown some resolve to climb into the top six. We all guessed it's not going to be easy with places like Middlesboro, Forest, Blackburn, Bolton and now it seems Brighton and Huddersfield on the fixture list.

There's money in the bank and I really feel we need to take some loan players on and spend a bit of it on wages. Theyre always a risk ( Frimpong great, Bassong awful) but, leaving things until the January window, which I feel is the plan, doesn't make sense to me.

No Elokobi, no left back cover. We can all see a problem there. Come on Stale, tell Jezza to put that pie down and open the war chest.


Radwolf, i agree with everything you have said, i could not have said it any better. Good to see there are quite a lot of us on this site who are behind Staale. He is the one i am sure that will make our famous old club GREAT again. COME ON YOU WOLVES.


If the Chelsea result didn't matter, explain David Edwards' unreserved 'apology' for the result and performance? Btw, all those that' played', those that 'chickened out',those that picked the side and those that 'trained' them, should all donate their weeks pay to a fund for away supporters travel; As many have commented, those who only go to support their team,in hostile environments,with a spanking the likely outcome, through thick and thin, are the real warriors and I don't mean the hooligan element, (are you listening Howie?);

chris hoggard

When I think of Sheffield Wednesday,I think of that semi final in 1981,when if responsible people had taken the appropriate action,following on from the crowd problems in the Leppings Lane end that day, the 1989 disaster surely would never have occurred.I also think of Aug 1968.Peter Knowles picked the ball up on the halfway line,glided past two Wednesday players and put the ball in the corner of the net from the edge of the penalty area. That was Peter's last goal. One of the guys I was with,not a Wolves fan ,asked who had just scored.I told him that was Peter Knowles and one day he was going to replace Bobby Charlton in the England team.Sadly it was not to be and in under a month he had gone forever. What a waste .


Farmer Ted, are you saying players cannot learn from heavy defeats, because i think they can and do. If we were winning all the time then they would learn bugger all. You name your favourite player who as played for Wolves go back to the fifties, who never suffered a heavy defeat, bet there aint one. COME ON YOU WOLVES.

Farmer Ted


I never said players cannot learn from heavy defeats of course they can. Have seen heavy defeats in the last seven decades, sometimes the team ethic coped, sometimes it didn't. Last season after losing at home to Villa and then getting hammered by Fulham the team fell apart.

The team that lost 0-6 to Chelsea contained quite a few 'first team' players. Time will tell whether that result helped or hindered them.

chris hoggard

1 Radwolf, Stale did well in Denmark and awful in the higher competitive league in Germany.Hope he does well,we will learn a liitle bit more today,but only a bit.You talk about 10 years of mediocrity,yet we beat Chelsea only two years or so ago,and Man Utd,Man City,Liverpool and Spurs. Everything was ready for us to establish ourselves in the Premier ,only our Owner aided and abetted by the Chief Executive decided to spend the money on infrastructure rather than the team.McCarthy has gone,but the Owner and Chief Executive are still here.If Stale is as good as you say he is[and I hope he is],what makes you think his football ambitions will be matched at Board level.History is not on his or our side.

2 Mardygit, Surely you can see the post by Farmer Ted is full of common sense. .Some players learn from defeats and some players have their confidence shot to pieces by big defeats.Basically it depends on how good the players are and whether or not they are likely to step up to the mark. Farmer Ted is pointing out a six nil defeat ,even against Chelsea and in a relatively unimportant game,is not encouraging.

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Graham Hughes is the cement between the bricks, wolves are fortunate to have this unassuming guy in their ranks. Happy days to you Graham from here on in.

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