George Elokobi on loan from Wolves to Bristol City

Wolves left-back George Elokobi has joined Championship rivals Bristol City on a three-month emergency loan.

George Elokobi
George Elokobi

The 26-year-old hasn’t figured in the league under boss Stale Solbakken and chose the Robins ahead of Nottingham Forest after being promised first-team football.

Elokobi will replace Greg Cunningham, who is out for two months with an ankle injury, and is set for a home debut against Leeds on Saturday. He is at Ashton Gate until December 27 but won’t be eligible to face Wolves on December 1. Elokobi’s exit leaves Wolves without specialist left-back cover, although Kevin Foley and Ronald Zubar can play there.

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Comments for: "George Elokobi on loan from Wolves to Bristol City"

the real bangkok wolf

no specialist left back cover, why?

Sir Lupi

Because we are about to sign another defender on loan.


Since when has Big G been a specialist left back? Lot of heart not good enough. In regards to no back up's blame MM!

Bricks and Mortar

We might have someone all ready lined up on loan????

Good luck george i will never slate you as you allways give 100%


Am I the only one thinking have we got another left back if Wardy gets injured ?

As the only other promising left back I know to that we have on the books is Reckford and He's on loan at Coventry isn't he ?

So Wolves now have one left back , errrr great lol !!!!


Wow - sure Stale won't have considered this, best phone the club and ask someone to let him know!

Old Golds Worth More

Well I hope to God that this signals the fact that we are about to sign on loan another left back! If so then its good to get someone of off the wage bill for 3 months, if not then I despair.


I've been a member of the "We need a good left back club" since it was founded, never having been convinced that what we have, including George, quite fitted the bill. But his love of the club has never been in question - and I hope he enjoys his time at Bristol City and that perhaps it will lead to something for him.

Vic Wolf

100% commitment....good luck George


ALSO a member of the we need a left back club,have been for the past four years. Its a shame the manager and the board have refused to join the club.

Sir Billy Quite

It would be more worrying if Stale considered Elokobi good enough for Wolves - obviously not!

Give the manager the time he needs to move on a few players and bring in his own players.


I see quotes of "no specialist left back cover...."

I don't think we have a specialist left back fullstop.

I won't slate Wardy, big effort, not bad footballer, but a first team left back he is not.......


I wouldn't worry too much chaps. We haven't had a LB for years


Now all we need is a real left back then we can loan out ward too


If you read the full report on the Wolves site, there is a 24 hr emergency recall in the contract, so don't build your hopes up of a new left back too soon!!

mr smug

ha ha ha ha... no specialist left back. that made me laugh.

George is barely a footballer, let alone has a specialist position.

There is no way in hell that Bristol will ever sign this guy - once wolves get rid of him, he will rapidly drop down the league's and turn up at accrington or somewhere.

Bye bye George, you shouldn't have been here in the first place.

Ilkeston wolf

What has Paul Cook done to deserve the suggestion that he would take George on at Accrington ?

As others have said, since MM allowed Naylor to join Celtic a few weeks after he took over we simply have not had a LB of the quality needed at Championship level let alone the BPL.

Mulgrew, Hill, Ward, Elokobi none of them up to it. Little wonder with that sort of management we are where we are.

. The likes of George have always given 100% but unfortunately you need skill as well as effort to succeed in football something SS is demonstrating and something MM will never learn.

We got solbakken the club

I often wondered how a player who had only turned out 9 times for Colchester could hack it in the wolves pressure cooker. I gotta agree with smuggy on this one and ask what the powers that be actually saw in this bloke and how he could possibly improve our team. We all love a tryer on the pitch but this bloke would've been better cage fightin.

Au revoir our kid...

Sir Lupi

Such kind comments.

He did help us win the Championship, or do you only remember the negatives?

Best of luck George, I love ya don't worry about the spotty nerds on here!


Still loved seeing his header hit the back of Man Utd's net though mr smug.


Bye George.

Has anyone noticed how quickly George fell out of favour?I wonder if it was anything to do with George's agent asking for a new improved contract while MM was manager and saying he could get a game in any premier league side.

Sorry George, Derek Parking for me any day - he was a footballer and loyal. Too much beating of the chest and not enough ability for me. Bye George.


Whatever you think about his ability George always gives 100% effort which is all any of us can do. He epitomised the McCarthy era but I'm guessing doesn't fit into the way Stalle wants to play. I hope the move works out for him - top bloke.


hurray, at last, changes at the back have started


Good luck George, I think all Wolves fans hope it works out for you. 100% player, 100% great bloke


George, as far as i am concerned did not let anybody down whenever he played, he gave his best for us and i will not slag him off either. He spent a lot of time out of the team, on the bench etc but never once did he rock the boat, proper team man. I hope he's a success at Bristol City. Bye George you are a top bloke.


Me too..perhaps not the best but I liked his attitude,


I've said it a million times - he may not have been the best getting forward, he may not have been the fastest, he may not have been the most skilful, but you still had to get around him first. Best of luck, G-Unit.

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