Promotion talk is stupid – Stale

Stale Solbakken this afternoon declared his players are closer than ever to “the new Wolves way” but insisted promotion talk is “stupid”.

Stale Solbakken

Wolves seek their third successive league win for the first time since April 2009 at Peterborough tomorrow after victories against Leicester and Ipswich.

And the manager is sufficiently encouraged to believe his players have bought into his ideas.

“Talking about promotion is stupid, especially for us because we have so much to do in trying to make a team out of what has happened (selling the best players),” said Solbakken.

“But that’s why I was so encouraged by what I saw against Ipswich.

“I saw, in the first 40 minutes, that we had the organisation in the defence.

“I saw that the distances between each department were right in the team, and although we lost the ball at times, the players tried to adapt to something new.

“So I can see we’re going in the right direction and we must also remember that Razak (Boukari) and Bjorn (Sigurdarson) had never started a game in the Championship.

“And to come away from a place like Ipswich with three points makes the whole squad feel stronger.”

Solbakken added: “I don’t know how close we are but the understanding is much better now. I don’t have to convince them this is the smart way – it’s being put into practice and they can see the benefits of it.”

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Comments for: "Promotion talk is stupid – Stale"


Totally agree, for gods sake stop all the garbage talk, particularly hear say reporting from the E&S.

Promotion is notimportant this year, what is important is changing the style of play & building the club & team.


Like I said before, he is OK by me. I have a hunch he is going to enhance his reputation with us.

English Exile

And then leave???


Spot on Stale this season is about rebuilding the team.

I'm sure we have the right man to do it so lets not moan and get behind the club.



patient man ride donkey !

Orlando Wolves

We all have to be patient and accept that the transformation from long ball tactics is going to take time. In addition to that new players not only have to have to be bedded into the team, but also into the English game.

What is not needed is getting onto the back of the team, or booing individuals within it, when things aren`t going our way.


Sorry Stale, I think that what you have done in a short time in very circumstances is admirable but I totally disagree that any talk of pronotion is "stupid". You have to have some sort of ambition and / or objectives and consolidation and mid table obscurity doesn't cut it. You only need to finish sixth to have a chance of promotion. It rather sounds as if you are endorsing Moxey's earlier hints that avoiding relegation is the real objective this season. If that is the case then the Club is going backwards even faster than I feared and just confirms the continued lack of direction from the top. Many clubs of similar standing to us have bounced back at the first attempt in recent years including WBA & West Ham so to be so dismissive of any serious intent smacks of negativity. Sorry, but such an attitude will breed more apathy amongst us fickle numpties who expect a more positive outlook.


Rest assure, Stale Solbakken is extremely ambitious.

To fulfill his ambitions he has to build a rock solid foundation. Without such foundation all you get is a happy go lucky promotion followed by a rapid demotion a year later.

It's about building a team that can stay in the Premier for years - it's not about getting there right away.



My point is more aimed at the upper echelons rather than Stale who I am sure is very committed and ambitious, but some of his recent statments echo Moxey a bit too closely for my liking. As I have stated I belive he has made good progress in a short time but I also think it is possible to have short term ambition in conjuncton with a longer term strategy. If we are to believe that there is no chance of promotion this season we may as well all pack it in as we all need to have somthing to hope for and a top six position is surely a realistic objective, at least it's something to aim for. To reinforce my point several Clubs in recent years have built PL stability on the back of a short term plan - Newcastle, Sundeland and Stoke are good examples and WBA are making a good shot at it.

Super Steve

To be fair i don't think Stale and Jez are ruling out promotion as you appear to be suggesting,but rather that talking about it after 6 games is stupid,and i think they're quite correct.Step one is to adapt to the new ,infinitely more attractive style of play whilst staying there or there abouts,so far so good as far as i can see !!


This kind of reaction won't help him, the club or the many of the moaning fan. You seem to have mistaken what he says publically for what he thinks privately. Remember Mancini saying last season the chance of the title had gone - do you really think he believed that? Four points to consider:

1)Stale wants to win every game of course so he wants promotion as much as anyone.

2) He's trying to keep expectations realistic amongst the fans so they're patient and get of the team's back.

3) He's indicating to his employers it may take time, educating them in the process.

4) He's publically taking pressure off the players, pressure often heaped on them by the fans, and daft comments like this.

, but of course promotion woudlbe a bonus, its not like not ogign to

He's taking pre


Short term ambitions are in place. Get the team coordinated and structured. Win every game. Optimal use of each player. Win every game. Improve player qualities. Win every game. Ambitions are there.

Making bold statements to the press is absolutely pointless as it will consume all energy. Waste. The press will be at it every minute of the day and you'll get hallelujah in the news every win, and crisis headlines with every loss.

Who on earth want that?

(Well, we all know spoiled immature kids like Ronaldo wants it - to keep cash flowing in from personal sponsor deals - but it's not for the football).

Jack ♣ Hat.


Well said, if only other fans had your wisdom. Building your club from this point has to be done the right way, i.e. slowly but surely, as it grows add good players who want to be part of the rebuild, then you will get where you want to be. Hope your club do well.



stale is a good manager, and he speaks sense. the only ones who are shouting from the roof tops about promotion or relegation after only 6 games, are the football manager playing armchair experts /ones too young to know any better/ones who keep harping on about the past and will never move on.

or just bored, cheeky tescos.

forever old gold and black. utw.

raymond simms

I agree with what has been said so far and am beginning to warm to our new manager,but the "selling our best players" seems to infer that he didn`t fully agree with selling. Morgan and Moxey didn`t want to payts their wages because it would "break their pay structure", that is quite obvious.They should have paid and kept them and thought of the club and its fans for a change.Instead they are prepared for us to stay in the Championship so that they can save money for Morgans Liverpool fund.Stale,try and get through to them that you have to pay for quality and success [to a degree] and you cannot run a club on loan deals alone.These two do not have a clue and they certainly do not have the club or its fans at heart.



The players who left wanted to stay in the Premiership ("I'll play in the reserves rather than the Championship" from a striker who refused to play for his country) You'll NEVER be successful with unhappy players in the dressing room. It was pretty clear to me Stale expected those players to go, it may even have been agreed when he took the job. Of course he'd be disappointed, but, realistic

The problem was that negotiations took so long that new players didn't have the proper time to integrate or get properly match fit. It probably also meant we missed out on a couple more signings.

Your comment about Morgan's Liverpool fund is childish. Grow up!


The truth is that we know that the quality of football in this league is poor and although we have only put in one decent performance this season (against the mighty Barnsley) we have got some points on the board. I understand that Stale wants to keep expectations low, but Blackburn are top of the league and we know how good they are, so if we are starting to make progress (I'll assume Stale can see something I can't) there is no reason why we can't finish top 2 and at the very least top 6 (oh how I miss those losing play-off semi-finals!)

Old Golds Worth More

Promotion talk certainly is stupid, especially with our defence, two wins and all of a sudden the defence is okay I suppose? Bolton who came down with us have just loaned the Villa full back Warnock for 3 months, not so long ago we were supposedly looking at him, is this another player who has been nicked from under our noses? The lack of loan activity or even a hint of someone coming in is a bit worrying.

1959 WOLF

I am obviously pleased with the previous results but, Stale, the fans have been patient for the past 20 years. Additionally, we eventually arrived in the Premiership only to be made a laughing stock by our previous incompetent management.

After such a long wait, coupled with the performances over the past decade, my patience is rock bottom. Only a swift return to the Premiership will do.


Playing bad and winning games can't be bad


Talking about promotion at this stage is a bit like saying England are going to win the world cup!


Not a fan of Stale or Mad Mick, Went to the home game against Leicester,And found them tactically all over the show,Just like under Mick they didn't have a clue, But under the new bloke the creaking awful defence busted a gut to try and put their wrongs right .Stale it tells me the players want to play for you m8 but just get them ruddy organized on the training ground and we could just be in with a shout ,From a Morgan & Moxey hater.


I said it before i'd be happy to finish in the top 6 this season considering the amount of change the club has gone through in such a short space of time.


Keep up the momentum, work hard and a belief in your ability to continue to progress forward, we'll get there.

Up The Wolves.......from darkness cometh light.


I think something may have been lost in translation. The whole point of the competition is to win promotion to the premiership.

We may well be in a transition phase and have to be patient while the team adapts to Solbakkens ideas, but that should not mean we settle for consolidation in the championship.


Yes, if promotion became a possibility, he'd go for it - obviously. But at this stage, as a new manager having to build a new team, he is being sensible and playing such talk down. He doesn't want anything he says (that we might want to hear) to come back and haunt him later. Sensibly, we shouldn't expect too much this year, just good progression.


I understand your point of view, but your first line contradicts the quoted headline. The headline infers that there is no possibility of promotion this season. It may not be exactly what he meant, but if we are to watch the players just going through the motions while they accustomise themselves to the new footballing philosphy, with the idea of promotion at sometime in future years, then I don't think so many supporters would have bothered to renew their season tickets.

The aim should first and foremost be promotion, however difficult that maybe. If in the event we fail, it should'nt be for the lack of trying. Dismissing talk of promotion smacks of defeatism.

Silver Fox

It was sound advice from Ståle. The evidence so far is that any team in this division, playing half good football and with a forward or two who can put the ball away, can overturn any other team. The games have been open, and there could have been many more goals. I'm sure Peterborough will be taking heart from that today. At the same time, if Wolves defence can get ever more solid and make us difficult to break down, it will help the rest to play the football that will offer hope for real progress.

Three points today would make it a great week, but I wouldn't bet on any outcome - as I see it, it's all in the lap of the gods.

Jonny D

When they employed Stale, I went on-line and purchased my first season ticket for 9 years. Stale is bringing Football to Molinuex for the first time for a long long time. We have Steve Morgan to thank, this is the start of something, its a long term plan, so have PATIENCE!!!

The Flying Winger

Sort the defence that is and always has been the priority, unfortunately they still cannot see it at the club.

If he thinks he saw organisation in the defence, then he is seriously deluded.

Never mind talking of promotion, we will be lucky to escape relegation.

Otherwise we are making progress and his buys so far are looking good.

I don't agree that it's ok playing poorly but winning games is ok and we are happy to take the points.

These are professional footballers, managed by a professional manager, they should be taking the opportunity to play well against the lower teams and sorting out the tactics before we meet the top teams, who have invested better in their squads.

At least until we can buy some defenders and a defensive midfielder.

Deluded ?

In case you haven't noticed it's the defence that's kept us afloat this season, so far. Goalkeeper, centre backs and, yes, even the full backs (apart from Zubar) have been good to outstanding.

Think it may be a flying winger who is deluded

The Flying Winger

Good to outstanding? we all have our opinions perhaps you didn't go to the Leicester game in particular.

The reason we are afloat as you put it is we have scored some goals, which is very welcome

The Goalkeeper saved us as he has done nearly every game so far this season.

Farmer Ted

Whilst agreeing that everything is not right yet, your criticism of the defence is unfair. Johnson and Berra have been mostly rock solid; Henry, Ward and Stearman, not, perfect, but, surely able to hold their own against teams in this division. Look instead at the unreasonable pressure they are put under because midfielders and forwards are giving the ball away. Is it a question of integration or fitness ?

Time will tell

I would like to see a couple of defenders come in on loan, although this can be risky, look at Bassong last season ! I get the feeling however that things will be reassessed in January.

The Flying Winger

I think that's a fair assessment, you always put thought into your posts, I have also commented previously that Johnson & Berra have played well.

I know Berra is a particular favourite of yours, however for me he gets caught for lack of pace and gives too many goals away down the centre of the park.

I also don't agree playing Berra when he wants to leave the club, we should have a settled defence by now and should have bought 2 new CB's plus a LB

Ward & Stearman leave too much of the wing space to the attackers which they have done for 2 seasons now.

I used to think Stearman would become a very good CB, but McCarthy & Connor put paid to that.

he is not a full back and never will be. (in my opinion)

Mega Gold

Well done Stale. Keep making progress and we'll be fine.

I support the approach (and always have done) of Mr Morgan as well. I guess it's about revenues, income streams, risk and depth of pockets. Are you a secret Sheik Mr Morgan? Some people seem to think so.

Dudley Buoy

Stale is quite right to play down our progress.We are fortunate to play the weaker teams whilst we are getting our new groove together and integrating players. It is LOVELY to win again. Let's forget the promotion talk as we are a work in progress> Let's see if we can keep the run going today at Posh. The old guard are saying SORRY for last season in the best way possible, with their performances on match day


I think Ståle have premier league in mind even if he call it stupid


He certaintly does, but knows better than any how far they are from playing his type of football yet...

Norway is there

Just watched Wolves play, there is still a long way to go. But trust in the Manger and the players is the first step to sucsses, Wolves have a big following in Norway we are proud of Stale and wish him luck.