Ipswich 0 Wolves 2.

Wolves somehow picked up their second win in five days in a strange game at Portman Road.

Stale Solbakken stock 3

Wolves somehow picked up their second win in five days in a strange game at Portman Road.

A wretched first half was followed by a bizarre own goal from Tommy Smith to put Stale Solbakken’s side ahead in the 68th minute before substitute Tongo Doumbia’s 25-yard drive sealed Wolves’ first away win since QPR in February.

The impressive Kevin Doyle drilled against the base of the post in the 62nd minute to herald the start of a better second-half display from the visitors.

But Wolves’ first clean sheet of the season didn’t tell the whole story.

Their goal led a charmed life as Ipswich midfielder Lee Martin was denied by Carl Ikeme and missed a sitter in the first half, while Daryl Murphy, Massimo Luongo and Smith wasted chances after the break.

Solbakken made three changes from the side that beat Leicester 2-1 on Sunday.

Razak Boukari and Bjorn Sigurdarson made their first Championship starts and Dave Edwards was recalled to the line up in place of Slawomir Peszko, Doumbia and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake as Solbakken rotated his squad.

All three dropped to the bench, where there was a first appearance of the season for Stephen Hunt after illness, which meant no place for David Davis.

The game got off to a slow start – and it pretty much remained that way, until five minutes before the break.

Ipswich had the first real chance on 32 when Martin’s free kick forced a diving save from Ikeme at his near post.

Within seconds, Boukari’s snapshot at the other end whistled inches wide from 22 yards.

But Martin should have put the Tractor Boys ahead four minutes from the break when he was presented with a glorious chance from Michael Chopra’s cut back.

Fortunately for Wolves, Martin placed his shot straight at Ikeme from seven yards out when either side of the keeper and it surely would have resulted in a goal.

If the first half was uneventful and poor, the second was a vast improvement with a much improved tempo and chances at both ends.

Murphy lashed wide first time after Edwards executed a superb goalline clearance to keep the ball out when it hit Chopra from Aaron Cresswell’s free kick on 55 minutes.

Four minutes later, Sigurdarson missed Wolves’ first serious chance when he shovelled disappointingly wide from Boukari’s pull back from the left.

But Wolves had stepped up a gear and the industrious Doyle forced keeper Scott Loach into a diving save to parry away before he volleyed against the base of the post from Edwards’ excellent headed knock down from Boukari’s cross.

Wolves had to be alert though as substitute Jason Scotland’s cross squirted off Richard Stearman and Martin fired over from a good position.

Ipswich were made to rue their misses however as Wolves took the lead in bizarre fashion in keeping with a shoddy game.

Smith lost his balance trying to defend Sako’s free kick and ended up throwing the ball into the net under no real pressure.

Ipswich were their own worst enemies as they continued to create shooting chances, only to waste them.

The impressive Luongo, on loan from Tottenham, lashed wide and Smith lofted one over the bar after Martin beat Stearman in the air to head down a cross.

But Wolves made the game safe with a 25-yard drive from Doumbia, which Loach seemed slow to get down to before it nestled in the bottom corner.

The second visitors’ goal extinguished Ipswich’s fire and Wolves picked up their second win in five days.

It wasn’t pretty from Wolves – but three points was all that mattered.

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Comments for: "Ipswich 0 Wolves 2."

Stato's Boring Brother

Never mind the quality - feel the points


3 points is all that matters - the form and good play will follows when the squad gels together.

Another 3 points on Saturday and we'll be motoring!!!


Never mind the quality,feel the points! A welcome away win which can only breed more much-needed confidence for the games ahead.

Good to see Tongo scoring and a clean sheet being achieved (however fortunate).

Onward and upward - 3 more points on Saturday will be most welcome!



Creep in Wolves Clothing

A win's a win. And each win, scrambled or not, builds our confidence. All the best for Saturday, boys. UTW.

The Flying Winger

A very welcome 3 points, but woeful defending and passing again, a gift of an own goal we will not be so lucky in other games.

Defence, Defence.

No point in appointing a new coach until we get some new defenders.


As I said after Sundays win.

Right nonw these points are way more important than the performances that are yielding them.

A very welcome clean sheet is a big plus & of course so are the 3 points.

But the team is still finding its feet & getting used to different coaching techniques, and I expect performances to be indifferent for the first 10/12 games, but they will need to improve if we are to make a run for the promotion places.

It's a great sign if we can keep picking up points playing badly.




3 more points, keep em coming. Winning breeds confidence and a CLEAN SHEET! Well done lads

Filthy Raider

"Shoveled"? "Squirted"?

I think the strangest thing has to be the reporting.


lets not beat about the bush that was a terrible game but as the old saying goes if your winning when your playing bad thats the sign of a good team,i will say now i dont think we will get promotion this season we have changed to many things with more to come in january and for some reason i dont think the players can adjust to staales way of playing yet its all new to them after years of hoof ball under mad mick but what ever happens lets just stick behind the team and the management because they will get it right,,,in staale we trust,,,/wwfc/


Grateful for the 3 points but sounds like we could have lost 6-2 if they had possessed a potent finisher. I`m hoping that by winning games without performing, picking up points, we`ll gain the confidence required to take on and match the better teams. Reminds me of when we brought in the likes of Froggie, Daley, Thomas etc, and we thought we`d stroll it. We were not good, and then it was so annoying listening to Franksy on WM saying `what do you want Wolves fans, you`re winning`.......when it was so obvious that we flattered to deceive and we`d get caught out eventually.....and............. we got caught out !!!


We could have lost 6-2, but also we could have won by more, Doyle brought a great save from the keeper and then three minutes later hit the post.

I for one will take three points and hope that Lady Luck stays with us, rather than last season getting stuffed week in week out.


Happy with the result, a win is a win - concerned about the reports of our general play not being very stylish. Former Prem Club trying to get it together in the nPower.

Why do others succeed while we seem to flounder?

Maybe it has something to do with other clubs backing the manager with cash & support. Who would have thought the owners of Blackburn Rovers would have given Stev Kean 8m to spend on Jordan Rhodes - gamble? Maybe, but if it costs 8m to regain Prem status I say well done Blackburn.

Us - a net spend of 8m total on various.

Income from transfers - probable 30m if you include others besides Jarvis & Fletcher.

How is this being paid to our club through measly installments?

Will we ever know?

Come on Moxey & Morgan talk to the Fans. We dribble on about a DOF - nothing happens. We spout on about a new assistant manager to be told Wilkins & Jordan are out of our price range.

Do we want success?

Answers please?

Wise old Wolf

Why oh why do some people keep going on about this £30m and how we should have spent most, or all of it?

For a start the figure is probably far nearer to £20m when you consider what we were paid up front and any sell-on clauses we had to pay.

Secondly what sort of businesses get a nice cash injection and then go and spend the lot in 2 weeks and don't hold some back?? To have gone out and spent the lot would have been pure madness. As it is I think Jez, once again, as been fairly wise here in allowing Stale roughly 40% (ish) to spend in his first few weeks at the club.

If Jez had given Stale £20m - £30m to spend and it hadn't worked out then the same people would be on here slating him for it.

And exactly how are we floundering? we're 7th in the league at a very early stage in the season!!!!!

Who was it specifically that said Wilkins and Jordan were out of our price range? Has someone high up at the club actually said this? NO, E&S merely speculated that his MIGHT be the case, why take that as a reason to have a go at the club? Stale may have no interest in these 2 people, maybe he has his own ideas as apparently Stale does have a little experience in this football game already

Sir Billy Quite

Agree with you on this 'Wise Old Wolf' - Jordan Rhodes would not have even been on Stale's radar when he arrived in England - the players he has signed are the one's he has been tracking for some time.

£8M for Jordan Rhodes is reckless and Blackburn have gambled the future of the club on one signing - I would rather have Morgan and Moxey than the chicken farmers any day......

chris hoggard

Wise Old Wolf, Pleased with 3 points.But what is all this rubbish about Jez being fairly wise(again).If he had been wise we would still be in the Premier,he has wasted opportunity after opportunity ,trying to save money, signing duds rather than quality ,getting relegated and then losing massive income streams.If that is wise heaven help us.Mind his own bank manager thinks he is a pretty smart guy.

Sir Billy Quite

Chris my old friend you know that Jez has never picked a team at Wolves nor trained the players so why oh why is he responsible for the playing performance ofthe club?

He works to the agenda set by the owner (and Directors) of the club - he is doing a great job and you hate to admit it - it was MM that ultimately failed along with TC and a host of other managers.

chris hoggard

Sir Billy, Re your comment below , the way they have been playing of late I wouldn't rule out that Jez has not been doing the training.Maybe he is helping out on their levels of fitness.He don't need to pick the team to get us relegated,as you are well aware he messes up the negotiations and has done for years. What number on Stales list are we down to before he brings in a cheap enough coach?


As usual well said Chris Hoggard. How anyone thinks Moxey has done a good job baffles me. His fans seem to assume we will buy big in January, I will not be holding my breath!


Wise old Wolf - learn to read my old son. I said 30m - but under what repayment conditions. Deffo instalments for sure. Anyway if you read me properly I'm all for the mighty Wolves have been for 50yrs, its the uncertainty of our ambition.

Sir Billy Quite

Bilodave - why do we need to 'buy big' in January? did Reading, Southampton, West Ham buy big to get promoted, did Wolves buy big last time we were promoted? keep the money in the Bank.

The trouble with some fans is that they think the only way to succcess is to spend, spend, spend........great if you are Man City or Chelsea but we are Wolves.

Chris - You really don't like Jez do you?


So Sir Billy you know exactly where we will be in January do you? We may need to spend to push for promotion or heaven forbid survive relegation, who knows?

No those teams didn't but they hadn't lost their best three attacking players all at once had they neither had they such a proven appallingly bad defence as us either. No I've never believed in spend spend spend but I do believe in spending when you need to particularly in the absence of young players coming through, especially when you have the money and you stated publicly that you would do , as Moxey did.


P.S. For the record, the vast majority of transfer fees in football are paid through instalments. Transfers out in instalments will still be recorded as debtor on a balance sheet. As long as the cash flow of the football club is fairly fluid then it shouldn't make a whole lot of difference to the spending policy.


Albion fan in peace here.

To compare youselves to Blackburn is silly, what Blackburn are doing is wreckless and unsustainable. If they go up, then a lucky gamble's paid off, but paying out Premiership fees and wages can leave your club in a very dark place if you don't.

Looking at your accounts, what Morgan and Moxey are doing is building a sustainable model of gradual improvement, much like Albion have. That's comfortably the most sensible (and only viable)way to run a football club without a sugar daddy.

From the outside looking in, they deserve obvious criticism for the handling of the Mick sacking/TC appointment, a decision for which you paid the ultimate price but that aside I think the critcism's often without substance and unfair. You spent more on fees than Albion in summer 2011, you can't just pin the blame on them for the club going down.

You mention the fees received for Jarvis and Fletcher. What's to say that money's not available? It needs to be the right people coming in, not just anyone. I expect in 12/24 months time there will have been considerable investment in the playing staff at Wolves.


This has become quote a convoluted thread so I hope that my comment finishes up in the right place.

Firstly at last he results are starting to turn and at the moment it doesn't matter how we achieve them. Leeds under Revie and Arsenal under Graham won many titles winning ugly while playing badly.

However 2 swallows don't make a Summer and as usual I agree with the sentiments of Chris Hoggard.

1. All those who continually praise Moxey ignore the fact that (for the second time under his watch) we have lost our PL status and all the financial reward that goes with it due to lack of sufficient investmaent and indecisive management skills. You can't aspire to PL status ona League 1 budget.

2. Nobody would expect all the incoming transfer income immediately but to spend less than 25% but with so many glaring inadequecies in the squad (RB, CB, LB, central midfield and proven goalscorer) the lack of more investment demonstrates a distinct lack of ambition.

I think that many of us would feel a lot more comfortable if we were confident that the surplus funds remaining are to remain in WWFC rather than being manoevred into WWFC Holdings and other "associated" companies.


Nice one Warren

As usual you're talking sense.

Proper footy fan


Ugly Game ,yes,But we won,this is a new era,we suffered under Muckcarthy and Connedya,for gods sake MOANERS give Stale a break,he has a lot of work to do ,rebuilding confidence into existing players,whose brains were fried with MUCK and CON,S ideas on how to play FOOTBALL,he also has to get our new signings established into the Championship Style of football.We aint doing to bad so far.Scrappy yes ,but we are getting there.

Stale keep up the good work.

UPTW since 1954.

Pembrikeshire Wolf

Not sure we're sufficiently blessed to be able to rotate. I think we should decide on our best formation, pick the best players to play it - and stick to them.

Still, a win's a win - onwards and (hopefully) upwards......................


Have you ever heard the phrase 'Flogging a dead Horse'? You can't keep putting the same players out for each game, 1. the opposition will know how to play against you 2. the players starting will get complacent and not perform and 3. they'll will be knackered

and then what will you say? 'Oooh they looked tired today he should have rested so and so'


Happy with 3 points, Hope at last! Only because Leicester, and Ipswich are ? And sound worse than us.


A welcome win, not pretty but just what we need.

A clean sheet too.

Hope no one is getting carried away though. Ipswich have a had a terrible start to the season, and we couldnt have had a better time to play them.

We play peterborough on sat who are poor, lets hope we can get 3 points then.

But we wont beat better teams in this league on this form


By the time we meet the better teams, Simon, let's hope we have also improved. I agree with what you say - except, playing at home and playing against a team very much "in progress", you could argue that Ipswich also couldn't have had a better time to play us. I expected a draw, so a win was very welcome.

Wolfy from Down Under

The first and last line sums up the negative reports from E&S regarding the "new" Wolves. Hows about getting a decent reporter who does not seem to have a prblem with the club.


Not wishing to in any way denigrate the veracity of the writing contained herein but how is the match described "strange" or "bizarre"? Basically...

1) A team near the bottom of the league had the better of the table had a lot of chances, at home, in the first half, but didn't take them.

2) There was an own goal scored in the second half.

3) The team who benefited from the own goal scored again as the game got stretched as the team near the bottom struggled to come back, and missed a few more chances.

Chaps, if you need better writers then my rates are... well, actually, you can't afford me unless you want to give me an pretty extensive tab at the Newhampton.

gornal rik

totally agree...sometimes i wander if they go to the game or just listen on the radio, and then do a write up....e&s should find someone else

Kevin Rowland circa 1980 Ohh Geno

Listened to the game on wm. 3 points is 3 points, not the best of performances apparently but the lads got the job done. Ipswich away is always a tricky fixture and im sure we will only get better. The numptys will inevitably be posting the old 'moxey out' post or 'ive been a fan for a million years.....' or berating the manager after 3 months. Chill Winston we'll soon be climbing that championship ladder to the promised land. Lets just stamp out the negativity and get behind the club. We have a class manager and a very strong team for this league. It will come good.





O N ME BABBIES!!!¡¡!!!!!!!!!!


May I be the first to come on here and moan about how rubbish we are, even though we are a new side, and we've now won two games on the trot? Thanks.


Again the result is important.Another three points.Still room for a lot of improvment.


Listened on radio, didn't sound good but it's a win! If you can win when not playing well that's ok with me....

gold n black on me back

If we're playing badly and still winning then that's a good sign. Looking forward to Saturday now. U t w


Has anyone noticed how the tone of the E&S reporting has changed now that Mick McCarthy has gone?! There is no way Nash and co would be so scathing if they had to face McCarthy. Maybe if Nash had been more critical of McCarthy as was justified, he would have been under more pressure to go sooner and we wouldn't be in this mess.


Dan - now I can no longer make the journey to the Mol (after many dedicated years) I rely on the E&S a lot and people's posts - and yes, I agree, the tone has definitely changed as you say.

Sir Lupi

Really good point Dan.

I was listening to WM as I was when we played Cardiff and it strikes me the Wolves players are not the only ones lacking in confidence. WM seem to of written off Wolves before a ball is kicked and are itching to say 'told you so' should we conceed a goal.' Last night we won and kept a clean sheet, yet much like this report, still rambled on about the negatives of the play.

Wolves did a job last night.

Alot of comentators and reportors are still in the mind set of last season and are being over critical and pompous about Wolves.

The reality is the Championship is still a high level and a tough league. We have been used to losing yet we are turning a corner under some very professional guidance with Stale.

There are too many pundits, comentators & reportors who have never played or been involved with a professional football club to justify their comments.

Most are simply completely seduced by Premiership football and cannot relate to the real english football that is played in the other three divisions.

Laingholm nz wolf

Agree! Any other time ES would be all over a win but these days their reports are full of snide remarks and but downs of what is basically a new team and direction from last year. Not saying its all super and spice but a little early before we bring out the cane every time they mis kick, try a pass that doesn't come off or god forbid snatch a win!


I too have noticed that.

Maybe Mr Nash & co were just a tad intimerdated by Mick the maniac.


Can anyone tell me what's happened to Beacon???Much prefer them..as it gone bust?


Now called FREE RADIO, not sure they have the licence for commentating on the Football

Orlando Wolves

Great point Dan. It would seem that the good points of a Wolves performance are overlooked with the E & S reporter on a relentless search for the negatives. I also have to rely on `second hand` reports of Wolves matches now we have dropped into the Championship and I regularly visit this site.

Yesterday I looked at the BBC Sport web site and I saw that Wolves were reported as having 53% of the play at Ipswich - not bad for being away from home. Many players are still bedding in at Wolves and we have a vastly different managerial prophesy on how the game should be played. The players will take time to settle in to the team and the differing style of play, but we should welcome 3 points away from home and the opportunity for the team to gain in confidence.

Keep the points coming lads ! UTW


That is true, I think generally there was too much of E&S kissing Mick's backside, only Martin Swain was critical but that mostly came about when Mick was getting closer to the exit door.

Also we as fans have also expected too much too soon - I have, but also we have to get use to differences in the team. Like after we beat Leicester one fan in the pub was criticising Sako, I said to him Sako created the goals but he responded by saying 'does he ever run?'

Those days of players running around hopelessly are over, and a player like Sako is an example of new type of player the club are going for, a player who lets the ball do all of the hard work. Like WBA players.


Forget the performance, it's results that count. Well done.

Sir Billy Quite

Wolves 2 - Ipswich 0 - the only part of this report worth reading!

Much to my surprise we have another 3 points this will be a massive step forward but I won't get carried away - this squad need time to repair the lost confidence from relegation, adapt to a new manager and intergrate new signings - its a work in progress.

I remember the last time we won promotion, we battled and scraped our way out of this division and we will need to do that again this season.

Fair play to those that travelled to Ipswich - loyal supporters.


a poor attempt by express and star reporter, 1 out of 10.

wwfc are playing poorly ! who cares, i don't think anyone will care as long as we start hitting promotion form.

petenuts hit the nail on the head.

unbeaten at home, and a win at peterborough on saturday should improve the away form.

and we could be a point behind the leaders!!. so much for the doom and gloom merchants predictions of relegation after the leeds and cardiff games. utw.


THATS the differenve between the big league and the baby league !! finishing i have watched both your 2 last games and 1st half against leicester was ok but if a premier league striker would of been on the pitch you would have probs lost 6 both games

We got solbakken the club

Thanks for your contribution Kev , looks like the jobs still boring mate. When you state premier league strikers do you mean somebody like Berbatov. From what I gather he beat you on his own and at half - time the gaffa said you needed a kick up the backside. Peter Odemwingie obviously wasn't listening properly.

Au revoir our kid..

jacks mate.

KEV. Pop round when you have a minute we can the go through your comments before you submit them OK. No punctuation, no capitals and no sense. DOH


You watched our last two games!

You Tescos are obsessed with us.



We had 7 points this time last season.

I wouldn't get too far ahead of yourself just yet sunshine.

I believe you lot witnessed some decent finishing on Saturday.

Perhaps you should let us worry about Wolves & you worry about your lot!!!

jacks mate.

gornal. Point taken. Have you noticed also that they are all named KEV!


Posted at 8:43am ? early appointment at the Jobcentre Kev, is it with the fraud team by any chance. Guess they found out your continuing to talk out of your $%&£@

raymond simms

Keep the points coming and the team will grow in confidence then,hopefully ,start to gel.I am beginning to warm towards our new manager.Keep up the good work on Saturday against Posh and we will be getting somewhere.UTW.

Stafford DeWolf

Not getting carried away after "A wretched game, another unconvincing performance ". The fans were promised a footballing revolution by Moxey after the Managerial change. Just another false dawn that's all. Let's hope the new coach brings a magic wand with him.

Silver Fox

Delighted with the points and the improved league placing, and hope the confidence continues to improve due to the wins - regardless of how they come.

However, as one of those who would be happy to see a team playing good football and being able to go up in due course with good football to build on, I simply can't see any improvement at all in the way the team plays or gain any impression of what system it is aiming for. What's more I don't think the players have much idea either. It all looks a veritable shambles at times.

Still, to look at the table and see us nearer the top than the bottom is something to make me rub my eyes - and hope the luck lasts. C'mon lads, make hay while the sun shines.


We need points however we get them - we'll forget how we came by some of them as the months pass anyway. No one should expect anything like the finished article of a team so early into the campaign. New manager and new number 2, new players - and how long have they been here, two and a half months? This "journey" will take this season and a bit more.

Stato's Boring Brother

Quite a few comments here regarding Tim's reporting.

I don't think that its entirely his fault as his seniors at the E&S seem to have a massive downer on the Wolves.

The self acclaimed Midland's No 1 Sports Writer can't go a week without stirring something up about the MM & TC era and praising the Albion model of club management. He neglects to mention that Albion had 7 people in the manager's seat in the time that MM was Wolves manager. So I suppose what he is saying is that to run a modern club you have to change the manager every 15 months until you get lucky and finally appoint someone who is any good.

The E&S is a Wolverhampton paper and, as such, should have a reporting team that is supportive of the City's football club.

English Exile

You seem to have neglected to mention that Albion are STILL in the Premier and moving in the right direction.

As for Tim's reporting, I must say I normally find his reports clouded by his Gold Glasses (as is yours) so it is most refreshing and worrying to read his latest two reports.

I think you will find everyone on this site supports and wants the best for Wolves BUT the diatribe I am seeing on here, ( eg never mind the quality feel the result) is just insulting.

We were dire last season and we are even worse this season and that is why Albion are a model of club management...... well at least compared to us.

Colin Danks

English, I have to dissagree with you about us being worse this season than last. Last season saw our fighting spirit broken, probably by MM decicion to appoint RJ as captain and by whoevers to do away with the teams pyscologist (which i think plays an important part in todays game). Then to top it all the board appoint TC for the last 13 games when we were still in touch of staying up. However this new regime is forward thinking and is trying to coach the old MM boys how to play a different system whilst blending in the new boys. I personally think the signs are good but it will take time. I can understand what you are saying about the albion being run well but if you like it that much maybe you should take a trip to sandwell!!!

chris hoggard

If you cannot see how Albion have got things right whilst we have got things wrong,then there is no hope for you. E and S journalists are just stating facts and reporting on how they see things.The service Tim Nash provides us on twitter I think is first rate.He is also very supportive of the club[in my view too pro Moxey as is Martin Swain}.Both are in my opinion top notch local journalists,if only they had a top notch football team to report on.We don't want bias we want fair reporting and that is what we get.

Stato's Boring Brother

Just back from the coop

I'm not asking for bias, just a bit less negativity. Martin Swain was knocking MM in the season we got promoted (and were playing some good football at times).

I don't watch the match through gold and black glasses and I try not to turn a blind eye to our faults but continued moaning does nothing for the player's confidence.

I agree that it is worrying that we don't more (or should that be any) youngsters becoming established given the money spent on the academy. Also the handling of replacing MM was dreadful after the knee jerk reaction to sack him. It should have been done in the previous close season or at the end of the season but for the E&S to advocate going behind MM's back and talking to potential successors doesn't seem to be a decent way of doing things.

I think the Morgan is making the common mistake of treating WWFC as a normal business just like his other companies but Moxey seems to do a decent job given that he is there to keep the club on a sound financial footing (even if he does talk some rubbish at times). It would have been silly have spent all the windfall from Jarvis & Fletcher in one go (even if that level of player had wanted to join us) as there would then be nothing in the kitty to cover injuries, loss of form, suspensions or just to change things a little come the January.

The fall in attendances has a lot to do with the economic climate as we all can't afford to go to every match as much as we want to. Moxey also has a valid point about the match being shown in pubs keeping supporters away (yes - I will admit to watching in the pub occasionally as it is so much cheaper than going to the match). The fall in gate numbers is only to be expected this season and Sunday cannot be a surprise given that it was a Sunday lunchtime kick off shown live on Sky.

It may not have been pretty last night but the main thing is that we won last night and if we can do the same at the weekend we should be in the play off positions. All the new players need time to settle in and gel as a team so lets be positive and back the team.


chris hoggard

Stato, I respect your views.As perhaps you will be aware from my constant postings,I think the problem is in the Boardroom.Jez runs things ,sure the overall parameters are Steve Morgan's, but the overall penny pinching hard nose commercialism started well before Morgan arrived.There has been plenty of opportunities and numerous stacks of cash been available for us to progress.We have not been smart enough in our transfer dealings.Not enough football knowledge on the Board ,that is where the Baggies and Stoke etc have got it right and we have failed.WE NEED A DIRECTOR OF FOOTBALL>

Sir Billy Quiet

Recent history suggests that Albion are a Yo Yo club - this season may see them stop up for 3 seasons on the trot, we will see.

Wolves may bounce back this season making us a yo yo club so the difference between the two clubs is very slight.

I don't know how you measure success or over what time period but I can concede in the last 12 months Wolves have got it wrong and WBA have got it right. But since Morgan arrived we have got more right than wrong.

Robert Perry

I am sorry you are totally wrong on this. The job of the Express and Star is to report ACCURATELY on what is happening to our club and not continually suck up to Morgan and start asking some serious questions about how badly the club is run. For example:

1 How could the club justify buying only 1player(Johnson) when we were lucky to escape relegation the previous year..

2How do they explain in the 3 years we were in in the premiership we finished lower than the previous year.

3 Can they explain the steady decline in attendances during the period.

4 Please explain why no youngsters are coming through to the first team.

5How they justify a net spend on transfers of only £8,000,000 during the last 3 years.

6Extract an apology from Morgan for making the club a laughing stock in trying to replace Mick McCarthy.

7Most importantly try to find out where all the money is being spent!!!



1. They can't.

2. See 1 - lack of forward planning, strategy and ineadeqate investment.

3 Increasing lack of trust of owner and his sidekick.

4. Coaching (lack of) Coinnor & Weaver.

5, They can't justify it, but they keep trying. As we've said pretending to aspire to PL status but operating League 1 budgetary policies, particularly in competing with other clubs re- wages.

6. No chance. Too arrogant and no respect for day to day customers.

7. We can only make educated guesses but I believe WWFC Holdings, WWFC Property, WWFC Leisure and Bridgemere are probably prospering.

But history would indicate that traditionally E&S journalistic policy has been traditionally very reluctant to question the pincipals of WWFC so why would that change.


Why do you keep banging on about this NET spend of £8m in the last 3 years, show me where you have got this from. A full breakdown PLEASE!!

Robert Perry

The reason I keep banging on about it is because I believe it shows the real lack of ambition Morgan is showing in respect of the team. The website is transferleague.co.uk.The exact figures are as follows;

2012 profit 16,330,000

2011 deficit(10,650,000)

2010 deficit(14,200,000)


So you expect a club of our size to continue spending £10m+ each transfer window, you are deluded my friend. Also you can't count this season's spending yet as the financial year has not ended.

on transfers alone in the last 3 years the club have spent roughly £36m, then add the £10m we have spent so far this season minus the £26m we have bought in works out to around £20m spent in the last 3.5 years.


You're providing surplus and deficit figure at the bottom of a balance sheet, this is completely different to transfer net spend. I think if you tallied up Wolves outlay on transfers prior to recent sales, it'd be a lot higher than £8m.

I'm not a Wolves fan but Zubar, Johnson, O'Hara, Serbian fella whose name escapes me, Doyle, Fletcher, Hunt- you're talking over £20m there for starters. This is probably at least as much as the teams around you at the time.


happy days 3 points, part time fans still moaning,another normal day as a wolves supporter

We got solbakken the club

If you compare the Leicester game to this one you will notice one glaring fact. The last 15 minutes against Leicester we were blowing out of our darkstars, but due to some tactical nous and a couple of substitutions we finished this game not only scoring,but strong and well organised. We can all come on here havin a moan about not playing well but every time I have heard or read quotes from the gaffa he has pointed out problems or admitted there must be better to come. I'm telling every wolf out there that this bloke knows what is required and we will get there eventually. This is our time to try and gain a gradual momentum so if and when we do get to the prem we can start to compete and not just rely on 'puttin a shift in' to win the odd game or two. We don't have any distractions now (north bank,academy,Fletcher) so we can focus solely on the playing side.

Au revoir our kid..

Sir Billy Quiet

Glad you mentioned the North Bank. It was great to hear the NEW North Bank leading the South Bank in a chant of 'come on you Wolves' on Saturday..........maybe some of the 'no brain yobs' will get bored with the South Bank now that there are no away fans to goad.

Molineux (and travelling away) will be a better place without the foul mouthed anti social behaviour of some claiming to be Wolves fans.

If the memory of those that lost their lives at Hillsborough is to be truely honoured then the game has a responsibility to drive out the last of the yobs.


Sir Billy,

Trouble with the new North Bank, is at the front you will get wet, with the high roof and little overlap, and you need oxygen to climb all those stairs to the top tier.Still I suppose it is fine in the WV1.

We are Wolves

come on Chris you must admit though once you get to the top tier the view is breathtaking and if we can fill it and i believe if we carry on winning we will fill it, also it will be nice to have some banter with the away fans in the corner.

Sir Billy Quite

Lovely dry seats in the Billy Wright, great view just above the half way line but the catering is cr*p you can't have everything can you?

Rain never hurt anyone and a little exercise is good for you! enjoy......


Sounds like you need to lay of the pies Chris if your out of breath climbing a few steps


What is the Hillsborough remark about? Did you miss the last 23 years? To honour the Hillsborough dead they need justice by seeing the policemen responsible for the disaster, the people responsible for the erection of dangerous pens and those responsible for covering their backs by lying behind bars.


Listening to the match on the radio it sounded a very poor match. But as others have commented it's the result that matters.

I can't help feeling that the new recruits are still well below the fitness required. That in itself does not help with putting into practice Solbakken's new playing strategy (whatever that is).

Somehow we have managed after 6 games to reach 7th place in the league through a combination of good luck, good goalkeeping bt Ikeme and poor finishing by our opponents. Tougher times are ahead. But if the overall fitness of the team improves, along with better communication amongst the players, then hopefully our performances will also improve.

A few weeks ago I commented that if we can be in the top half of the league after the Xmas programme, then with some more additions in January we can achieve promotion. I still hold that view.

We got solbakken the club

I,m a million percent with ya on this one Dek. There's always a team in this league that comes steamrolling thru at the death, and with new quality additions in jan could that team be Wolves ? The thing is mate, I wouldn't want to go up and get battered every week, so as I said in an earlier post, all our energy and focus has got to be directed at the playing staff. This must be put right this season and solid foundations put down. No excuses, the cakes in the cupboard and we got a manager who can look worldwide for players instead of the outskirts of Dublin.

Au revoir our kid...


First day on the new Wolves (Leicester) = WIN

Second day of the new Wolves (Ipswich) = WIN

Third day of the new Wolves (Peterborough) = WIN

1066 wolf

3 points is 3 points, it matters not how well we played or how tht came about. Well done lads.


Another 3 points in the bag and we're on out way up the table with a winnable game at Peterborough to come at the weekend. To be fair to the defence, Wolves have only conceded once in the past two games and that was an unstoppable strike by Konchesky that nobody could do anything about. As the team continues to work together and grow, the performances will improve but in the first ten to fifteen games, it's all about grinding out results rather than dazzling football.

Come on you Wolves!


Well I for one am Glad to see us win no matter how it comes. All these people on here that think we should have spent 30mil in the championship just for many of those players to then get replaced when we go up to the premiership need to think more about the economics. Also the morronic Idiots on here that expected Stale to come in and get the team playing like barcelona over night need to get back to playing championship manager. If we continue to pick up points when playing poorly the performances will start getting better, we have the likes of o'hara to come back too who I think will be an awesome player in this league and add to our creativeness in the middle of the park.I would like to see a new defender in January because I agree our current defence isn't good enough. However I can see the positives and I'm looking forward to all the new players finding there feet and the press and fans getting off there backs!! UTW


english exile, you know what you can do with your" we are not as good as we were in the 50's" attitude, dont you, just get with the times and try to post something supportive for a change.

kev r. bit of a let down last weekend was'nt it, lol. if fulham can put 3 past you with their premier strikers, just wait till chelsea,spurs,man ure,man city get hold of ya. utw.

Truth hurts

True, we had a bad day Saturday, but considering on your last visit to the cottage they put FIVE past you, without Berbatov, not that bad in context, is it?


Yes and look how we ended up! Foolish talk from a fool who follows fools...enough said now jog on back to the rock you crawled from under!

Truth hurts

ooooo, truth really does hurt doesn't it!

"Mocked is the Man who Mocks the Man who Mocks the Mocker!'

jacks mate.

The Truth etc. Free verse then eh. Defined as

A device for making poetry easier to write.

Now get another book to quote from.


Thing is when we played Fulham and got spanked, we had recently lost 5-1 to you lot, sacked our manager then replaced him with a complete novice.

you went there on top of the world and came back to Sandwell with your tails between your legs.

Just keep banging on about how your still in the Premier League, it's a marathon not a sprint

English Exile

Forgive me for not replying earlier but I have only just stopped laughing at your comments KHS.

50's, 50's? I saw better football at Molineux in the dark days of the 3rd Division than we are getting now,when you were probably in nappies.

As for ''getting'' with the times, give me something to cheer because although we have scrapped 6 points I still can't work out how.

Keep the comments coming it's better than the football.


better football when we were in the 3rd division.....No sorry your totally incorrect...its a lot better now. back then it was hoofball up to bully and that was it...worked mind.



Spurs did get hold of us.........it finished 1-1.


"Yeah Grandad get with it"


Solber's talk of 'heaven and hell'; was this a case of 'victory in purgatory?' Next signing B.L. Zeebub?


I was at Portman Road last night, first time I have seen Wolves play under Stale.

A great result! OK, not an overwhelming performance, but what a breath of fresh air compared to the regime of MM/TC. The new players Stale has brought in are all comfortable on he ball and the rest of the team are adjusting to the new style. You could see Stale reacting angrily when the ball was just hoofed forward.

I thought the whole team worked hard, Ikeme very sound, RJ, Ward, Berra, Stearman did well, the team spirit seemed to be good. Siggy did OK, very skilful, he will take a little time to adjust to this level, but am convinced that as his confidence grows he will be a big player for us.

And Tongo is a gem!

Well done Stale and the whole team. Still work in progess, but I can see what you are trying to achieve.


Good for you - hats off to all that travelled to Portman Road. And your summing up reads like a breath of fresh air (if you understand me) and is very cheering.


well 3 pts at the game last night who is coaching this team ,no one knows what to do running around changing positions back four to far up field and for sigurdarson well this is only championship football and its 2.4 ml down the drain ,we will taking a beating against chelsea sorry to say


Do not underestimate Stale!

This is a manager to be reckoned with. He has taken on a massive challenge to sort out the debacle left by Mick and TC, but having seen Wolves at Ipswich last night I can see the welcome change he is bringing to Wolves. Yes of course it will take time, we must be patient, but if we all get behind Stale, embrace his philosophy and support the team he is building, then the future is very bright.

Proud of the whole team last night.

Farmer Ted

Stale is stating he will continue to ring the changes. Whilst we are in this period of "getting to know you, getting to know all about you" I suppose that is fair. There is also the old football cliche of match fitness as opposed to training ground fitness.

He has certainly surprised me with some of his selections and substitutions. He also uses his full quota from the bench and he doesn't wait until the 87th minute like his predecessor.

Despite all the criticism of our defending the defensive trio of Ikeme, Johnson and Berra have done well, but, don't be surpised if Margriette gets a start on Saturday. (Listening on WM last night I could have sworn the commentator said Wolves were bringing on Mark Wright...... a few years ago maybe !). I'll take the luck and the points and hope there is something positive in a few weeks time.

One last thing. We all know that Steve Kean has the Venky's sword of Damacles hanging over him, but, now I see Owen Coyle is on the brink. Wasn't a good year to get relegated !


The King and I, however you do not refer to anyone in the squad at present. Wolves have come a long way down since Matt Jarvis got his England call last season. i see no-one filling those shoes in current side indeed i ask my question again, which 2 strikers are going to get 15 goals each this season.

I suspect none, so on that note without the January Window Promotion is not for this season.

Old Golds Worth More

Well done the lads for not only a rare away win but an even rarer clean sheet! Okay we rode our luck, but it was about time we had the luck for a change. As to some of the comments in here about transfers etc, then to Sir Billy, I can't consider Blackburn recklessly gambling by paying £8 million for Rhodes, look at the table and tell me who is top? By the same yardstick It could have been considered a reckless gamble by us when we bought Fletcher for £7 million! As it turned out, Fletcher wasn't a bad purchase, and we made a handsome profit when we sold him. The time to tell whether or not Rhodes is a gamble will be the end of the season, but at least Blackburn have signalled their intent. As to our transfers, I just keep hoping that we can loan some decent fringe premiership defenders.

Sir Billy Quite

The gamble as I see it is that Blackburns finances are in tatters (unlike Wolves) they are risking all on a striker that may or may not deliver, they have falling income, falling attendances and if they lose a couple of games the crowd will be screaming for Kean's head. Top in September is nothing. If Rhodes flops and Blackburn don't go up will they ever recover? who knows but to me that's areckless gamble.

Fletcher was not a gamble by Wolves because we could afford it.

Blackburn (like Wolves) have lost some key players in the Summer and spent £8M on one player.

Stale has signed players he knows (from scouting) and brought in 5 players for £8M ish?


It seems a few listened last night on Radio WM, I did also but after 10 minutes I had to turn over, it was doing my head in listening to the poor commentary that just made things even more depressing. I switched it over to free radio with Tom Ross and Matt Murray, you would of thought it was another game they was commentating on, they was laughing and joking all the way, and at least they told you what was going on in the match, rather than the radio WM's pessimism.

I am not in agreeance with much that has happened this season at the Wolves, I just wish people would remember this is an entertainment industry, which I don't feel very entertained with..


Thanks for that I will try that next time,listened on WM ,all they kept on about was the Speedway and I hadn't a clue what was going on, When we scored the second goal they were talking about something else, did my head in!!!!!!

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Ok so its not been pretty so far, but for a team in transition, it aint been that bad and results if not performances are improving. It will take time! Lets not forget Stale has to coach MM's ways out of the old players and blend the new one's in. As for the people moaning about not spending the money from Fletch Kites and Jarvo, well really we have got a squad that (with the addition of a couple of quality defenders) are capable of challenging for promotion. Dont forget that this manager won 5 league titles in 6 seasons and took his team to to the last 16 of the champions league, clearly no mug. However the situation at Wolves is a little different and as he is working under financial restrictionshe has to get the best out of what we have. Come January we may have to spend a bit more, only time will tell but its pointless spending big in this div when the real test (for the manager AND the board) will be what happens WHEN we go back up. I for one will be bitterly dissapointed if we haven't learned by our mistakes and try to do it on the cheap again!!!!

Come on me Babbies


english exile, so your now your jumping to conclusions about the third division and nappies, i dont suppose you were in the old south bank when cambridge beat us with onliy 1500 in the ground? thought not, as for better football in the performances in the third division, well i suppose if your excited with that level of football, thats up to you. but i thought our performance against man utd in 2003 was more satisfying.

as for laughable comments i refer you to vindaloo and his doom and gloom mates, you know who they are.

and you want something to cheer? how about, not bieng a pompey supporter? no? what about coventry fc, thrashed by shrewsbury? utw.

English Exile

Just to finish this futile and childish conversation, no, I was not excited by the football in the 3rd division BUT, as I said earlier it was better than we have suffered during our last two games.

So this time, take your time reading it, and stop seeing things that weren't there.

ps I was there for Cambridge


Where are you actually exhiled ?

The Land That Time Forgot or Cloud Cuckoo Land ?

Give the pessimism a rest, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Even Stan Cullis eventually got it wrong and it had to be rebuilt.

English Exile

Exhiled??? new one that to me.

No, if I lived in cloud cuckoo land I'd be posting comments like yours.

Oh by the way, Cullis never rebuilt he had the bullet and went to Blues.


english exile, okay so the football was better in the third division. so kendall kicks it up to mutch who flicks it on for bull to score. fine.

but i prefer doumbia's goal against ipswich as it started with them attacking , losing the ball and wolves catching them on the counter which involved 8 passes. so yes lets end this futile and childish conversation. utw.

Little Lord Wolfinton

Well after sitting with the common people in the upper North Bank against Derby County I can only assume that I was misinformed (I found nothing UPPER about it at all) Firstly I had to sit very close to other people who i could not understand, how very broad!!! then there was no service to the seats and one had to que to get refreshments only to find that there were only pie's and beer available!!! Personally I prefer cuccumber sandwhiches and a glass of something cold and fizzy! I think I may have to try WWI next time! Really... its bad enough being in this second class league!!!!

Come on one's offsprings!!


I was worried about last nights game at Ipswich, we have not had much success there. However a win is a win no matter how we achieve it. For all you moaners out there we are improving steadily, afew more games and Staale will have you lot in the palm of his hand. He's the best thing that's happened to this club for years. COME ON YOU WOLVES, STAALES GOLD AND BLACK ARMY.

Little Lord Wolfinton

Oh i say spend spend spend!!!!!

Come on ones offsprings!!

jacks mate.

Lordy Lordy. Spring back down to the Poorthorns.


I was at Ipswich last night, among the home supporters. Understandably they were moaning about their team, their missed chances etc.

They were also envious, saying they wish they had some of our players as they could see the level of skill they had. I have to agree. Not a classic game but at this stage of Stales rebuilding programme, I think there are some very promising signs.

I firmly beleive that Stale will turn the tide for Wolves. There may well be a few setbacks, but get behind Stale and the team and he will give us a good team that actually play football. Siggy will be fine, some excellent touches, just a matter of time, so we must keep encouraging him (and all the team) at every opportunity.

Stale will deliver!


3 points on the bounce and still some fans complaining.Lets get real,the championship is Not the prem,so to win pretty or ugly it doesnt matter. Lets hopr the boys continue in this way,with 3 more points at peterborough.

chris hoggard

1 Sir Billy, Don't know him,but don't dislike him as a person from what I have heard.It is his role that is the problem,previously he has said he finds the decision making in buying and selling footballers,to be the most difficult management task he has ever encountered..He should have a football professional ,like Ashworth working with him on the Board,with both reporting directly to Steve Morgan.If you employ an accountant as a master brewer,don't expect good beer.

2Warren, The problem is when we spend money on players we do not ,in the main, spend it very well. This has been an ongoing problem at Wolves for years.We need an Ashworth.



Yep I'd agree with you there, not essentially just an issue with Morgan and to a lesser extent Moxey I wouldn't say.

I've read a few posts slating investment into the team, I believe Wolves' outlay on players was more than Albion's last summer and I expect our wage bills were very similar. It just seems that Wolves' gamble on two big signings didn't pay off and Albion did fantastically well with a bit of help from a few Ashworth specials.

I also get the impression, and I open myself to criticism here as I don't watch you every week, that Wolves tried too quickly under Mick to bridge the gap between hard-working and functional to expansive and free-flowing and got stuck in a bad place in the middle. It took Albion from 2002 to 2011 to find a balance that worked, it doesn't happen overnight (as I suspect Stoke may find out soon). Solbakken's clearly on a mission to transform this side he's inherited, it might not be pretty, but I've no doubt with a bit of support he'll leave the club in a better place than he found it.