Wolves handed a treble boost

Wolves were today handed a treble fitness boost for Sunday’s Midlands derby against Leicester – opening up a dilemma at right-back.

Wolves were today handed a treble fitness boost for Sunday’s Midlands derby against Leicester – opening up a dilemma at right-back.

Boss Stale Solbakken expects to have Kevin Foley, Razak Boukari and Bjorn Sigurdarson fit for the lunchtime televised visit of the Foxes. Foley hasn’t kicked a ball this season because of a knee injury, while new signings Boukari (hamstring) and Sigurdarson (back) were minor casualties who missed the 3-1 defeat at Cardiff before the international break.

The return of the trio comes hot on the heels of a positive bulletin on goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey, who has been given the all-clear to step up his training and should play in the next six weeks, as reported in later editions of yesterday’s Express & Star.

Solbakken said: “Foley’s 100 per cent. He came through the practice game and he can start fighting for his place.

“Sigurdarson is back in business, Razak completed half of yesterday’s training session at 100 per cent.

“He feels a bit insecure about it, but it’s going in the right direction. I think he’ll be OK for Sunday.”

Ronald Zubar endured an uncomfortable afternoon at the Cardiff City Stadium after giving away an early penalty, and Solbakken hinted he will rotate his right-backs with Wolves approaching a glut of fixtures.

“We’ve got seven games in 21 days and it won’t be the same right-back who plays in all of those,” he said. “We need competition there.

“The concern (about Zubar) was after the game, not before. He knows he made a stupid error with the penalty, but he must come back strongly.”

Asked if Zubar will keep his place, the Norwegian said: “You will know one hour before kick off.

“I haven’t decided on the team yet because players are coming back from internationals.”

Solbakken is relieved to have a virtually fully-fit squad after the upheaval of the transfer window. Now he wants the players to gel on the pitch.

“We need to strengthen our competition for places and make sure our most creative players are available,” he said. “We need to make relationships on the pitch between the players and make sure players understand each other better.”

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Comments for: "Wolves handed a treble boost"


Play all the new boys, Stale. Make the last season failures sweat it out and fight for a place in the team. They are not good enough, must try harder, but do they have the mental strength? We need players who are winners!


Lets stop trying to impress with how much we're not in the red and spend some.....get Ray Wilkins on the staff...start the new revolution now.

Willenhall Wolf

Dilemma? No dilemma for me. Foley straight back in. Best defensive right back at the club, and we need to defend better.

John De Wolf

Just sort out the defence.

Zubar/Berra/Ward dropped.

Foley/Doherty/Margrietter/Batth/Elokobi to come in.

I know Foley isn't fit yet so I'd go with the following on Sunday.

De Vries

Doherty Johnson Margrietter Elokobi

Pseko Henry Doumbia Sako

Doyle Ebanks



will be shaking!!


I think we desperatly need to start this game with a fresh defence.

Start Foley for Zubar and Batth for want away Berra.

Surely there is one way of stopping that losing mentality and that is starting with new fresh players, Batth would be great next to Johnson(nothing to lose!!)

I also think giving Elokobi a chance for complacent Ward would be worth a crack, he can lift the other lads because he plays with passion and drive and his heart on his sleeve.

Sir Billy Quiet

It's Foley for me everytime particularly if we want to retain possession - Zubar may be full of energy, powerful on the overlap but defensively he dives in too quickly and gets caught out of posistion plus he plays Hoof ball.

Elokobi in for Ward? don't make me laugh!

Doyle up front on his own in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Flood the midfield and play some football please......

gold n black on me back

Good news especially about foley. Looking forward to seeing weather boukari will be any good. Nice to see solbakken looking to bring someone in to help behind the scenes. 3 points on Sunday please lads u t w

Sir Billy Quite

Just wondering how Vindaloopi and sd got on with their interviews for the coaching post....

Doubt they could find their way to the Molineux.



How did you manage to do a post with five words in it, and still mess up the grammar / spelling?

We need Foley back in, as soon as. This is his level.


5) What do you know of Wolves new signings and other players? The answer is absolutely nothing. I would personally recommend that you focus on yourselves, as 7 points off 3 games is exactly the same as us last season and look what happened?

Foley, Margreitter/Batth, Boukari and most importantly Henry need to return and we will see a much improved Wolves team! Zubar and Edwards were dire at Cardiff.

gold n black on me back

Be interesting to see what happens in midfield once o'hara is fully fit. Well done to Doyle by the way for his goals for Ireland this week


lets hope they all put in a good SHIFT on sunday,,,utw

Fozzy Bear

4 John De Wolf

Interesting that you wish to drop Ikeme, our player of the match against Derby and Cardiff and put a keeper in who is clearly unhappy at the club. Expect a few other posters will call you on that one.

We have to look sharper up front. I'd judge SEB on the first half hour and have either Siggy or Nouble warmed up. We can't go on looking so punchless and then wasting the few chances we do create.

5 KEV R WBA Enjoy your moment in the sunshine, sunshine. The wheel turns. Our history is greater than yours and the chances are our future will be too. Just remember Wolves were top of the Premiership this time last season. You can't even match that !

Tipton Wolves

Stick foley straight back in and let see boukari in at right wing and get a decent assistant coach.


Agree with Fletchley, Wilkins would be a great appointment but doubt he will get the job. Please not Sammy Lee, because if it all goes t*ts up with Solbakken they would probably appoint him as Manager as another cheap option like Clipboard!

Sub 3 Ste


We had the same amount of points at this time last season. I wouldn't go blowing your horn just yet.


Well imo i think although not a quick as Zubar, Foley is a all round better defender,going forward Zubar is very good, and can cross a decent ball. But surely if he's going to rotate his RB's then why not his CH's, as Batth,Margrietter, deserve their chance too, we need to find out how good these players are, or could be in the Championship. You wont find out just in training or reserve matches? And why not the LB's too? UTW:


Regarding the coaching job - those asking (understandably) for Wilkins, Lee and Jordan ... You know that in reality, with their profiles, they would not see a role for themselves working under Solbakken and Lange. And as the E&S suggests, the salary on offer wouldn't meet their requrements. It will be very interesting to see who does get the job.


5 kev!! Bore off pal... Long season ahead and u've got the same points we had after 3 games and look where we am. Can't u tell when Albion have won a couple of games?? Lol.. Ur obsessed with how wolves do u Albion fans am, worry about ur own club cus we don't care about urs :)


Bottom 3 here we come, I do hope though that we start to turn it around, because if we lose to Leicester, we will definitely be in the bottom 3 and who can you blame but those in charge of our club. I know most fans will not accept this, so I do hope we pull through this rough period. As we have had nothing at all to cheer about in a year. In one year I have only been impressed by the form last season of Davis, the 2 goals by Sako and the form of Ikeme.. Not much for a whole years watching of your favourite team. They never listen to the fans, at all. There was a poll on the new look Wolves website the other week 70%+ said they preferred the old look, but nothing was ever done to change it. I know most football team use the same company, but not all have changed to the new look. We never get listened to, Moxey and Morgan do what they want regardless of anything the fans say.. Its our club after all, just because most of us are not millionaires, it does not mean we should not be listened to.

steve green

Ray Wilkins, Ray Wilkins, Ray Wilkins.Get him in.

Stale Bread

I keep looking at peoples potential line ups and they repeatedly choose Doyle and Blake up front. Why are we not looking at Doyle with Sako behind, and Pzeko and Boukari on the wings, this forward 4 could potentially destroy the Championship and we would then not be reliant on oour shocking defence.

The Flying Winger

We have only one true RB in the club, so if he is fit and able to play put him in, I hope we now stop messing about and keep him there.

Filthy Wolf

Just the words 'lunch time televised clash' mean we have no chance. Never seem to win a TV game. Too early or too much pressure?


Zubar has been a defensive liability long before the Cardiff game and I dont see that changing any time soon.

I would always choose the calm and dependable Kevin Foley over Zubar at right back but Foley may need some game time to get fully match fit so maybe bring him on and give him 45 minutes.


Foley should have been the only right back used for the last 5 years (aside from injuries). Playing him in midfield was not benefiting us at all. By far the best right back we have and when fit should be first choice. Zubar, like Stearman, has flashes of flair going forwards occasionally but they're matched by flashes of inability in defending and that's too dangerous.

If anything, Zubar should have been the make shift winger last year. He's a good sub to have and does respect the club/fans like big George, but first choice is not a wise decision when his mistakes can only be mopped up by Berra!


hey kev r wba dont count your chickens yet this time last year wolves were higher than you in the prem go and gloat somewere tesco warrier


Certainly good news regarding Foley, although he cannot be totally match fit. I rather doubt he will play 90 minutes, assuming he is selected to play. When he really is match fit he ought to be first choice every time.

For me, both Doherty and Stearman should be in front of Zubar, who has proved to be far too erratic.

luke skywalker

Vindalooni last seen lost in Sandwell Town!


now weve got a football manager at the club,im sure it wont take him long to realsie foley is the BEST RIGHT BACK at the club,has been for the last 5 years,but mad mick decided to play him in midfield. hopefully some time soon he will realise WARD is NOT A LEFT BACK.

Bak Sak & Cl4ck

I'd go christmas tree ...


Foley Johnson Margreiter Ward

Peszko Henry Boukari

Doumbia Sako


Mike Pearson

I am more interested in who gets to be the new Coach. We need a proven talent that is going to bring football back to the Club and not the bloody kick ball that we have endured for too long. Equally, we need a man who knows the British football scene and can help the Manager identify targets that can come in and help the team. Looking at our opposition in this division, it seems to me we have passed over a lot of really decent talent that could have helped us immediately especially in terms of loan players - McEachran is one that comes to mind.

If the aim is to return to the Premiership this season then we cannot afford to be waiting around for our new foreign players to "settle in" while we give away loads of points and bask in the basement with perennial relegation candidates like Barnsley.

One hopes that now Doyle has discovered with Ireland there are goals on the pitch that you can kick the ball into, he brings that thought back to our ground!!! He is way overdue producing for us and, along with Ebanks, needs to get his finger out!!!


Don't think your 7 points were against Liverpool , Spurs and Everton though.

Just saying like !


petenuts, legend.

kev r, i bet you did'nt even realise, lol .


Salty Dog

4 John De Wolf

Interesting that you wish to drop Ikeme, our player of the match against Derby and Cardiff and put a keeper in who is clearly unhappy at the club. Expect a few other posters will call you on that one.

We have to look sharper up front. I'd judge SEB on the first half hour and have either Siggy or Nouble warmed up. We can't go on looking so punchless and then wasting the few chances we do create.

5 KEV R WBA Enjoy your moment in the sunshine, sunshine. The wheel turns. Our history is greater than yours and the chances are our future will be too. Just remember Wolves were top of the Premiership this time last season. You can't even match that !


Would be a real statement of intent if we could get Ray Wilkins on board. Moxey will have to loosen the purse strings to get him in, but it should be a good investment.


Got my Peteborough ticket the other day. So will be at 4 of the next 5 games. I fully expect the team to get better as these next few progress.

And for those that were bad mouthing Siggy the other day after an article on here. Shame on you. Give the guy a chance. Who would want to come here with some of you around.

Psalm 23

The way things are going the only black country derby to look forward to will be Wolves v Walsall


Has anyone else noticed that all the TESCO dimwits are named KEV. Doh.


36 - Yeah we have the same number of points as you at the corresponding stage last season but we have better players than you had, a better manager than what you had and also a better infrastructure than you have. You might have the better past but to be frank if you have to bring up the past then it really does show just how low the Wolves have sunk. We are now in the present and looking into the future and with the team, manager and board that the two clubs have I'm sure that we will be above you and better than you for a long to come! COYB!

Black Spot.

34. Is albionade like lemonade, take the top off and the fizz goes leaving it a bit yuk like the team just off junction 1 of the M5

sir billy quiet

Yes you were top last year,you also seem to forget you were bottom, review the 3 teams you played and where you played them compared to the Albion.

Also check out our pages when you say you dont care about us and see how many Wolves fans post there....you maybe surprised. I bet you post in the Stoke Sentinel as well about your big Staffs derbies.

Man for Man look at the squad you went down with and what we have in place now.....nuff said


Agree with most of the sentiments here that Foley is our best right back by a mile and it would make a huge difference to have him back fit and in form. Hope they dont rush him in prematurely though and get him injured again. Look forward to seeing him back in the starting team when fully fit.

jodie baggie


You were at the top this time last year, so why sack MM shameful you hounded him out and you got what what you deserve well done, jelousy is a sign of inmaturity so grow up I bet you would like to change places just the same, go on and have a go at my spelling and my grammer cos you lot are so perfect.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Ray wilkins has joined QPR


RAY WILKINS Is the man get the deal done Wolves see ya all Sunday ;)


Why not Doherty if he is fit?

I'd like to see Margritter on the pitch, but please...De Vries as goalie? His role is on the bench, a comfortable bench...


London Bloke

9 Sir Billy- Vindaloopi, Jiwal and sd were seen outside Asda in Waterloo Road this morning. They had a map upside down, were scratching their heads and asking for directions to Molineux. True.

Leon and Psalm 23- are you getting any kind of medical treatment for your permanently negative attitudes?


Good call whoever said get in the likes of Josh McEachran (isn't he at Middlesbrough though?). Am I getting carried away in thinking we could stop the long diagonal balls over the top and start playing through midfield? The new foreign lads all seem like capable enough footballers to try this.

nick wolf

Psalm 23

Dont forget Wolves v Burton Albion or even Hednesford! Onwards and downwards!


34) Correct but we had 2 away games and not 2 homes. What you do is irrelevant as the facts are:-

We have more honours.

We have more support.

We have a better ground.

We do not sing pathetic songs in our ground.

Now jog on!


@39 Psalm 23. You don't expect your lot to drop through the leagues that quickly do you?

Sir Billy Quiet

43 sir billy quiet - who are you? you are not me so go away and play on the A41 - nothing like a bitter Baggies fan to spout this rubbish.


I find it funny that about 6-7 baggies fans have clicked on a headline saying wolves handed triple boost and read through 40 odd posts to say there bit. Ha seriously sad. There is a page on your team you know, maybe read it and you might find something out. The worst one number 45 jodie baggie a woman making a nothing statement. Do me a favour. And we ain't going to get wilkins, so let's get realistic


@ 43 - You're not SBQ. Why not post under your usual name? What surprises me about the Albion threads is that they rarely generate as many posts as those over here. Although some of my fellow Wolves' posters do not share/approve my views, they certainly turn out in huge numbers denoting their passion.

Golden Wonder

If the truth be known, i think the Baggies are missing us. That's why so many are posting on here. We've even got one pretending to be Sir Billy Quiet as he's too dim to come up with his own name.


I hope we can stick our teeth into the foxes on Sunday.Remember George N'dah's goal against them i was lucky enough to be level with him in the Steve Bull stand when he received the ball.I saw his every jink and turn on the way to that amazing goal,it would be great if we could do something similar on Sunday.COME ON YOU WOLVES.


@ 45 - Jodie Baggie. No we are not perfect, not at all. (Who is?) Some of us agree that the MM affair was handled badly - but we must all move on from what is now history. No point in raking over any of that now. As for you lot? Good luck to you, I say. One day we will be in the same league again and proper rivalry can resume. As for your grammar, etc. - I think too much is made of that. We all make mistakes. It doesn't bother me. However, since you made a point of it - I'll ignore the dodgy punctuation, or lack of it, and just draw your attention to the words: grammar, jealousy and immaturity. But you made your point, and that's all that matters. It's banter isn't it - as Kevin K said, "Love it!"


its not the RB position he needs to worry about the LB position.utw

Sir Billy Quiet

58 mardygit

Yes agree - seen so many Wolves goals but that one stays in the memory - George N'Dah a career cut short but what a player he would have been.

I thnk the North Bank will be louder than the South Bank this season (given time and a few goals!)!

The Billy Quiet might even start a chant - we are the Billy, Billy, Billy, Billy Wright, Billy Wright, Billy Wright - all together now.......