Wayne Hennessey clear to plan comeback

Wolves Player of the Year Wayne Hennessey this afternoon gave the club a huge boost with the news he should be playing again in six weeks’ time.

Wolves Player of the Year Wayne Hennessey this afternoon gave the club a huge boost with the news he should be playing again in six weeks’ time.

The Wales international received the all-clear to step up his training after a meeting with his surgeon about his ruptured cruciate ligament yesterday.

And the positive news means the 25-year-old could even be in action by the next international break, when Wales are in World Cup qualifying action again, or certainly after it.

Hennessey, who was injured in the 0-0 draw at Sunderland on April 14, is hoping to be available either when Wales host Scotland on Friday, October 12 and visit Croatia four days later, or for when Wolves travel to Huddersfield on October 20.

Manager Stale Solbakken told the Express & Star today: “I think if everything goes to plan, he should be able to play a game after the next international break.

“It’s going to plan and what he’s doing now is ahead of schedule. So when he trains for three or four more weeks, he can step up and play a game in five or six weeks from now.

“Wayne will need a bit of time until he’s match-fit because he can’t go in and play from day one.

“He can play reserve games and prepare himself for the first team – and maybe by playing for the national team with Wales!”

Carl Ikeme has excelled in Hennessey’s absence, occupying the No.1 jersey in all four Championship games this season, and, with Dorus De Vries still at the club, Solbakken is relishing the battle for places.

“That’s how it should be,” said the boss.

“For now, it’s all about taking the last step and then he can be ready.

“I don’t think he will go straight into the team – that would surprise me – but he can play at his maximum.

“It means that we will have three goalkeepers all competing with each other.”

Hennessey has been running for many weeks, catching crosses and making saves for the last few weeks.

But the latest bulletin means he can gradually step up to be involved in full training again.

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Comments for: "Wayne Hennessey clear to plan comeback"


See this is news that I want to hear about. Transfer news, injury updates, construction news, press releases. Not players constantly saying we must do better all the time.

Good to see Hennessey coming back. No doubt he'd have been sold if he didn't get injured so this may have been a blessing in disguise. Although I'd never wish an injury on a player for any gain.

He'll have to earn his place back from Ikeme who's doing ok though. Stale can't go along the Mick route of allowing certain players straight back into the team after injuries and not others. I know Henry will but we did actually miss him at Cardiff so that's fair enough.


Catching crosses is already an improvement from the last few seasons


its not a goalkeeper that we require for god sake !! we need a few more GOALSCORERS ! and defenders, for god sake express and star this was reported yesterday surely to god the sports desk isnt that quite that you haveto print a story about 'yesterdays news', WHY DONT YOU PRINT ABOUT ROTTEN APPLES AKA MORGAN AND MOXEY ? just a thought


I bet Chris Coleman is relishing this news. Certainly after the performance of the purported number 1 Welsh goalie (according to Jack) that comes from that lot just off junction 1 of the M5.


Its hardly a huge boost, goalkeeper is the least of our problems. However it is good news for Wayne. A huge boost would be a couple of class defenders and a forward on loan but its not going to happen with Moxey holding the purse strings.

Lord Molineux

Good luck, big man. I think Wales might need you more than Wolves in the immediate future, but, great to have you back.

John Burridge

Good news Wayne.

Don't suppose you can at fullback can you


Pleased for Wayne. Now all we need is for the planned comeback for Club Wolves to start rolling out.


Well done Wayne, one of my favourite (remaining) players. Come on Jez get that dusty wallet out and get some tried & tested loans in to strengthen and balance our squad!!

bangkok wolf

Can he play up front?


Can he play in defence or up front?

barry 57

good news,I just hope that Wayne doesn't use the club to get fit and then leave in January,then again the club will flog him if a reasonable offer comes in,still it is nice to have some positive output from the club .


Wayne as been running,catching crosses and making saves,,,WHY DIDNT HE DO THIS LAST SEASON..utw

Holly Hall

Take you time son and get it right. He was the ONLY WW player last season who played to his capacity. He deserves a brand new defense in front of him


3 sd

the report yesterday said he was having a scan. The report today contains the news that it had a good outcome. You could always celebrate this good news for Wayne and the club you claim to support. Mind you I'm assuming you actually read either article, please feel free to boycott the E&S if it is causing you stress.

We need two new full backs

Save him until the January sales and then buy a few more bricks, bags of cement and timber Mr Morgan like you did with the summer sales

Tipton Wolves

Take your time Hennessy get match fit first and also ikeme is doing well so you don't have to rush.


no 3 moaning about the E&S, and what do

you keep moaning about the mogan & moxey.

what a plonker you are

stafford pete

ikeme is streets better,we dont need a goalkeeper thats frightened of physical contact,dont rush back wayne if you really want to help the team.


Good News another £5m for the bank balance come January then, he'll be sold when he finds out he can't get back in the team.


Good news Wayne, my Player of the Year last season.

However I would have thought that the priority should be to play for the club and pay back some of the club sick pay that he's been on for the last five months. Does Solbakken think that international duty against Scotland and Croatia is comparable to Reserve games and a gentle run-in? How does he plan to use the 3 keepers, sitting on the bench will be soul destroying for any of them.

Still waiting for news of:

Director of Football

Assistant Manager

Sports Psychologist

Loan defenders

Loan Strikers


4th Generation Wolves Fan

The Eagle

Just saw Jonjo Shelvey in the cereal aisle at Wolverhampton Asda.. Potential new signing?


@ - The Eagle - I believe the expression is "in your dreams"!

Stato's Boring Brother

I agree with all the posts that say Ikeme is playing well but we also need Hennessy as in case he gets injured or loses his form. There is nothing like competition for places to keep players on their toes.

De Vries can then be relegated to third choice keeper or perhaps loaded up given that he clearly doesn't want to play for the club.

ps - I notice that Wales got hammered the other day with a player from Handsworth in goal.

Burton Wolves

So the moxey lovers still have their heads in the sand!

Tut tut!

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