Boost for Wolves as Karl Henry set to return

Captain Karl Henry is on track to hand Wolves a boost by returning to action against Leicester in eight days’ time.

Captain Karl Henry is on track to hand Wolves a boost by returning to action against Leicester in eight days’ time.

The 29-year-old midfielder has missed the last two Championship games against Derby and Cardiff as well as the Capital One Cup tie against Northampton with a hamstring injury.

But manager Stale Solbakken said Henry will rejoin full training when the majority of the squad return after the international break.

“He’ll be back in training next Tuesday so he can have a good few days’ training before the Leicester game,” said Solbakken.

“He’s been out for two or three weeks but he was nearly fit and he broke down. I think the medical team are afraid of him breaking down so they want to give him two or three extra days.

“But I think he will be in contention for Leicester.”

One of the players who has filled in Henry’s position, David Davis, has been backed to recover his form.

Davis has suffered a dip of late as he has struggled to reproduce his displays from his debut season.

Solbakken said: “He’s already played quite a lot this season and I hope he will come good again. We’ve been forced to use too many youngsters which isn’t good for their education.”

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Comments for: "Boost for Wolves as Karl Henry set to return"


Ikeme, Foley, Margreiter, Johnson, Elokobi, sako, Doumbia, Henry, Boukari, Doyle, Ebanks-Blake


Apart from sorting out the defence, one of the key areas for any kind of success this season will be the pairing of Henry and Doumbia.

If these two can build up a good understanding then it may well determine whether or not we will in the mix at towards the end of the season for promotion.


and not a second too soon! I've never been Karl's biggest fan but our defence has been left exposed while he has been injured. The team needs him at the moment, Davis isn't the finished article yet and can't offer the cover that KH affords our defence. Doumbia, Sako and Peszko can now attack without needing to have one eye over their shoulder.

Welcome back Karl.

Oh and can we see Sigurdarson get a game? He will only get better with games!


wether henry is back or not if fans are expecting promotion then I think they will be disappointed, I hope we go straight back up! but at the same time allow not to, the changes are going to take time.

MRL - Sigurdarson has been injured?


I for one think its great news,has ive said before on here,you either like him or hate him. Ive always liked him,we've proved without him,how exposed our defence is. He does the ugly things in the game,that some fans dont seem to see,or want to see. Yes at times he frustrates even me,with so many sideway's passes,but perhaps he's told to play that way by the manager/coach,or perhaps some of the players in front of him, dont take up the right positions to receive the ball in the first place? Anyway i think the team is far better with him,than without him. I see Stoke are looking to loan a few players out,why not inquire about Kenwynne Jones,and see what defenders their willing to loan out too? UTW:


Thank the lord our 'Iniesta' is back, nothing to worry about now!


Funny how people used to think we had better stats without KH on the field. Try this one for this season in the Championship.

With KH

154 minutes Wolves 3 Opponents 1

Without KH

206 minutes Wolves 2 Opponents 5

Not really a fan of this sort of thing, but think it shows how this season has started. For those of you who start the crab stuff (Flying) did you actually watch how well he played with Doumbia against (admittedly poor) Barnsley.


Great news,Captain Karl's back and chomping at the bit.You've been sorely missed mate,(by me at least).To all the moaning Minnies berating our new manager after only four league games need to get a reality check,you only need listen to comments he makes to realise he has more footballing knowledge in his little finger than Mick had in his whole body.Get a grip.UTW

colin from daventry

defence problem

How about looking at danny higginbottam available on loan from stoke

Tipton Wolves

I hope Henry will be fit to play against leicester and maybe we should try and play close to ball tactics.

ludlow lion

karl henry wont make a blind bit of difference,his simply not good enough! he's negative on the ball & always go's backwards & his tackling is terrible....we got money in the bank & this area with the defence is a area we needed 2 strengthen,we needed a enforcer in the midfield & karl aint it.....reo-cocker is available on a free we should offer him short term deal,surely better than henry....ebanks-blakes another 1 people going on his gonna bang in 25goals,people are living in the past,he aint the player he was 4,5 years ago he's slow & overweight cant believe we aint got rid.....we had money in the bank & haven't spent it,the players we have brought look like going 2 the african a manager myself & stale has not been ruthless enough,my motto is if there not good enough get rid....whats happened here is we have got rid of the talent & kept the's a reality check wolves fans this team simply aint good enough.....yours sincerely the LUDLOW LION!

paul davo

well said MRL sigurdarson cost to much money to warm the bench,and SS signed him so play him and lets see why he was he had Everton and other prem sides interested, attack attack the best way back to the prem, met a sunderland fan on holiday he said wolves belong in the prem Big club great fans, say no more.


well said ludlow lion.....henry's rubbish get rid.....on another point i have my sources from inside the club,who tell me kenweyne jones & a unamed midfielder we be signing for the club this week on loan....remember you heard it here first from the knowledge!


Stale seems a little subdued of late, which is hardly surprising, given the pressures upon him.

With TC gone it would be a good move to get Ray Wilkins in working alongside Stale.

Keep backing Stale, he's our man,

If he can't fix it, nobody can.



Brillant news cause we have missed him and davis is not quite good enough yet but he will give him time.


The article is inaccurate. He did not "miss" the Derby game. He left the field late on with the injury.

The Molineux Ghost

Karl's a very good player in the position and role he plays at Wolves. It will make a big difference to have him back in the team.

I hope Stale can inspire the Wolves back to winning ways. All of us fans are looking a bit glum and down in the mouth to say the least !!!


A much better player than given credit for and always influentional when he plays. Like every player occasionally has a bad game but overall he is very consistent.

Golden Wonder

Agree with other fans when they say that Henry has been missed.

Love him or hate him, Doumbia has been less effective since Karl has been out of the side.


Where do people get this idea from that Karl Henry is our saviour? In 2010/11 he missed 9 league games and we won 4 of them (we won 7 of the 29 he played in). Last season he missed 7 league games and we won 2 of them (we won 3 of the 31 he played in). We were woeful against Cardiff but Karl Henry is not the answer. When he first goes missing we struggle a bit with the shape of the team but that's symptomatic of the fact he's ever-present when fit. Karl Henry is holding us back, not taking us forward and the sooner people wake up to that the better.


Whatever it is that Karl brings to the table we have missed,and i am sure a lot more will realise this when he's back playing.S&Ss GOLD AND BLACK ARMY.


I see we still have some fools on about dropping Berra and Ward. These are International players so plase get real

Sir Lupi

I agree with your team selection except Id play Ward for Elokobi and id drop Ebanks for Siguardson.

Ebanks & Elokobi are not mobile enough, TC & Tony Daley both to blame. Ebanks weight is a disgrace.

When is Zele Ishmail gonna get a kick??


he comes from ashmore park, great to have him back

Adam wolf

I really hope Stale is going give Zele a crack of the whip. We seem to be pushing Davis and Forde but not looking at the jewel in the crown. It would be a travesty if we another team pops in and steals him away!!!!!!


Finally it seems the penny has dropped Henry does the most running and blocks and closes midfielders all day long that's his job. Win it and pass it to the ball players.

Maybe now the crowd will be with him



Got to play all the new signings regularly to bed them in even if it takes a while. The Doyle/Ebanks Blake partnership doesn't work. Play Sugurdarson up front, with Sako in the hole or with a free role. The old guard in general need to be eased out. They let us down and now they lack confidence because they discovered how poor they were last season. Let's lose the losers! Now is the time to cut out those we can't trust anymore.


Shows what a poor state we are in if we have to rely on Henry


sigurdarson injured ? check his past injury time at other club(s) very minimal is it the molinuex mystery illness again


Okay good news-

Lets see how we go now-Never a great fan but at least if he keeps his head- Things can get better-- CD--


A lot of Henry's critics have failed to see how badly we do when he does not play. Hopefully they realise that he is very important to the team.

Ebanks Blake is not going to score a lot so lets play Doyle alone up front with an extra midielder and give Sako licence to go forward as often as possible to support Doyle.

I prefer Ward to Elokobi as he is less inclined to be 'taken apart' although both make poor decisions.

Every year a team lying say 10th at Xmas goes on a great run and I expect Wolves will be similar so I'll still be catching the train every weekend I can and I have faith in the S and M's.

Manic Depressive Wolf

Given what we've got we need to play a 4-1-4-1 formation:


Foley, Margreiter, Johnson, Ward


Boukari,Doumbia,Sigurdarson, Sako,


Problem is, we have cover for all those slots except the most important one: Henry. When he is injured the central midfield falls to pieces. I'd be arranging a sequence of reserve games to give players like Davis experience at doing the job, and also to try others like Zubar who have the footballing attributes but have yet to show sufficient tactical awareness or self-discipline.

Note that the 'midfield 4' are all new to the club. That's deliberate: these are the people who need to keep the ball, and they should all have the confidence to work together and do that as they are untainted by last season's catastrophic failures.

In this pattern of play Henry and Doyle must always move laterally to provide the out-ball and ensre that there are always 6 (count them) triangles available.

That's the theory. What makes it work in practice is attitude: everybody has got to want the ball! When we are in possession it is every player's responsibility to move to make themselves available: the three closest to the man in possession for the next pass; the next three closest for the pass after that; the three furthest away for the pass after that. One (in possession) plus three plus three plus three equals ten outfield players All responsible for moving to retain possession - No hiding, not EVER! Anybody who hides is OUT!

Whe we lose possession, it is even simpler nine outfield players behind the ball. NO standing there watching the back four flap, the job is to protect them. A perfect performance is when the back four don't have to do anything and we have to knock back-passes in to them to keep them awake.

It's not rocket science, it's the least we can expect. Establish the pattern, enforce it throughout the club, and don't buy any more players until we are 100% certain they are better that the ones we have got - or at least much better than the one they will be replacing.

Sir Billy Quite

I think (and hope) we will see a different Wolves system of play and formation on Saturday - it may not win us the game but if Wolves fans see a clear change in direction then they will get behind the team 100% - we want to see change from the rigid 4-4-2 of the MM/TC era.

I am sure that defensively we have been over exposed because playing with only two in midfield (and two wide men) has been exploited by any team with 3 in midfield.

Cardiff played with one up front flooded the midfield and eventually over ran us in all areas.

Foley in for Zubar would help us keep the ball!