Matt Jarvis tells Wolves he wants to leave

Matt Jarvis has become the latest Wolves player to tell the club he wants to leave to secure a Premier League move.

Matt Jarvis has become the latest Wolves player to tell the club he wants to leave to secure a Premier League move.

Tabloid stories today claimed the 26-year-old winger has submitted a transfer request, but unlike team-mate Steven Fletcher, he hasn’t put his request in writing.

Jarvis has made his position clear over the last few weeks that he wants to quit Molineux as the club have continued to reject bids for him, culminating in them turning down a £9m deal from West Ham yesterday.

The Hammers offered £6m up front plus a further £3m in unguaranteed add-ons, but it wasn’t enough to tempt Wolves.

Jarvis is due to play in this afternoon’s Capital One Cup first round tie against Aldershot at Molineux.

The one-capped England international is the latest player to express a desire to leave Wolves after Steven Fletcher submitted a written transfer request this week and Christophe Berra previously stated his intentions to leave, while Dorus De Vries wants to join Liverpool, who have had two bids rejected for him.

Michael Kightly joined Stoke in a £3m deal this week after rejecting a new deal, while the club is prepared to listen to offers for Adam Hammill.

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Comments for: "Matt Jarvis tells Wolves he wants to leave"


jez better get used to a championship budget ,cause at this rate its going to be a long stint in that division.


If prem clubs come knocking players will be interested loyalty doesnt come into it.All our players have taken a 50% paycut this season so if we want to keep our best players Moxey needs to renegotiate their terms and persuade them that our curent squad is good enough for an immediate return to the prem.


So these players want Premiership football? If they had done a better job last season they would already have it. It's not all the manager's fault,it's what happens for 90 minutes on the pitch.They did a bad job now they want to walk away from the mess they made! Shame footballers don't have the same ethics as our Olympians!

chris hoggard

I want to win the lottery.All Wolves fans want Premier League football.You signed a contract,now honour it.

wolves for ever

fletcher, jarvis, kightly-all money grabbers. ship out the other 2 as well, we dont want them at OUR club!

Waggies Left Peg

Yet another show of disloyalty, not as bad as Kightly, but still I expected better from Jarvis. With any luck he will sign for the Hammers, they will then get relegated and we will be promoted, that would be sweet. The rats really are leaving the sinking ship (in their eyes at least), the same ship that they helped to sink in the first place. The sooner we are rid of them the better, they are barely worthy of the support they have recieved.


These players who want to leave have had it cushy with their best mates connor & Mcarthy.

Now we have a manager who his not their best mate, they want to leave. some people are just scared of a bit of graft


Anyone think of a song for these rats deserting a sinking ship. The club should of got rid at start of pre season as this is hampering our preparations. Time to give the kids a go again. Cant see why we are getting rid of hammill though as we need some creativity. Also need to keep de vries as I don't think ikeme is good enough

Stu Preece.

Bottom line is Fletch, Jarvo, Kites n Berra all deserve Prem football & Prem wages, which we can't offer. Will fund a new stand too.

Raja with Lime

Can't fault you Matt,It's a short career,why waste it and get paid peanuts from a club run on a shoestring ?.

Would it be possible to take your mates Richard,Christophe,George and Roger with you ?

Craig F

Stale don't play him if he wants to leave. Losing 5-1 to them down the road I will never forget that but these players will the second they leave just get rid ASAP so we can move on and get some replacements before the Leeds game. Onwards and upwards. WWFC


WOW I didnt see that coming!!!!!!


Were has all the loyalty gone these are the players that took us down an now they all wanna jump ship im mad with it all i think these players should be willing to help the club back up especially players like jarvis who was playing league one football when we signed him and as for kites done us over well an truely

Sir Billy Quiet

Players come and go - get the best price available do the deal and move on.

Where would Fletcher and Jarvis rate in the Worlds top 500 footballers?

Neither player is of interest to the top 6 Clubs in the UK let alone Europe.

We can find adequate replacements within the lower leagues.

Fletchers attitude stinks - just like it has with the Scottish national team - who does he think he is??

Jarvis will remain committed to Wolves until he leaves.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Not one of them has the guts to show any loyalty. Not one of them is prepared to knuckle down and work hard to get the club back up. No, they'd rather look for the easy option. If that's the case good riddance to every one of them. If they don't want to wear the shirt then they're not fit to wear it.

Fozzy Bear

There's enough been said about the lack of loyalty by these badge kissing prima donnas.

Let's move on.

This is what I say Jez Moxey. Don't sell them yet, wait til the window closes, use them when needed and then unload them in the January window when prices are traditionally higher.

Remember Fletcher refuses to play for his country so don't be at all surprised if he's happy to play for the 'reserves'

Be like Tinkerbell, Jez, and help Stale grant his wish, even if it's only for a few months.


We should just get rid of him and fletcher get the best price we can and invest in players who want to come to wolves, i'm begining to hate fletcher and jarvis.have these players forget they were already in the premier league,the reason there not now is because they got relegated,i.e. Wern't good enough,

dennis wiser

Its a short career, I know they helped get us in this position, but I can't blame them if they want to leave.....its about the premier league and opportunities to play for england - goodluck matt. I just hope we invest the money on new players, who want to take us back up.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

3. Caz.............well said my friend.


He didn't do it for us last year and he must know he under-achieved. Thanks for the loyalty Matthew.I am sure we will give you a warm welcome if we meet up with you again.Whatever happened to professional pride with footballers


Another Judas! We give him a break and this is how he repays us. Like spoilt little kids. They should be told that they were part to blame for the club being in the fizzy and they should help it out.

Sorry but not fit or the shirt!


Roaring Boy

All these players bailing out which was not unexpected. I hope we have plans in place to replace them, players come and go fans remain. Just feel we are going to get more Moxey spin. Worry we are getting in to may loan players who don't have the same feel for the club.

Defence is the worry, same right back same left back, same centre halves and they were all rubbish last season.

£20 million in to pay for Steve Bull Stand to be knocked down and rebuilt. We have a builder that owns our club and that's what he does.

Northampton Wolves

Let him go for top dollar. He looks like Popeye the Sailor on that picture and it's getting on my nerves. Oh Olive.

Farmer Ted

Time for Marmite man to do his stuff. Love him or hate him you wouldn't want to play poker with Jez Moxey ( like Daniel Levy). We are better off getting rid of Fletcher, Jarvis and co., so trust Jez to screw the maximum out of any club wishing to be dealt in.

As somebody else posted recently even loan them out for the season, al a Camara.

We don't want these players at the club undermining what Stale is trying to rebuild.

Steve 'O`

We all know that once the prem minnow clubs come `a knockin, players are going to be tempted. Another years prem money in the kitty & probably end up back in the championship, to do the same thing again. Mercenaries, all you can say is i`m glad i`d never have to fight a war with them!

Jay jay

@3 bang on all footballers see now is ££££ at least doyle SEB o'hara henno n even Johnson are willing to give us another go

spanish ray

I can understand players wanting to better themselves but they can only do that if a top 6 club comes in for them,Stoke,Fulham,West-ham and even Sunderland are hardy ceareer moves so it just seems that money is the motive here.Wolves have only ever wanted to pay peanuts so obviously don`t get top players interested.This is one of Moxey`s crap ideas,when is Morgan going to learn?


The queue gets even bigger, makes me wander if they are less impressed with Solbakken? Most likely these players know there's only a few options to get a return to the Prem, although Jarvis may have the most choices. Take the money and rebuild, 12m for Fletcher, 9m for Jarvis, 3m we have for Kites, yes take out the monthly installments and we will have 17.5m quid to reinvest - better be for new players and not new bricks.

Interesting there's been no news on any such possible moves for Doyle and of course O'hara and Johnson but who will buy them? Plus Hunt, maybe these guys are the ones still getting premier league money in their wage packets?

steve bull wolf

let them go will morgan spend the money its a big no


Wolves aren't the club they used to be when it comes to buying new players. I couldn't believe it when I read that in order to bring that Polish bloke in on loan the club had to sell Kietly first!! What a shambles again!! Yet they are good at selling our best players and not ploughing profit back to buy new players!!

Mid-table finish is my prediction!!


the lot of them got us in this mess and they should be get us out of it!

Rowland Spalding

If thee so called star players wan PL football, why did they not try harderlast season, they were allplaying in that league then, so keep them to there contract, the days have gone when plaers stick to the contracs, and Loyalty like Steve Bull etc.

Make the clubs who wan them pay for this,


Not sure how much we would have to give Gillingham and Burnley when we sell Jarvis and Fletcher. It's a bit like what happened to Arsenal last season before season kicked off, alright huge difference in media interest and money but our preparations have been messed up with these want-away-players.


Maybe they don`t want to play in a lop-sided stadium! It looks a bit silly at the moment doesn`t it.

Percy the Wolf

Not sure if i'm surprised to hear this or not really, although I expected it from Fletcher (and fully agree with your thoughts on him SBQ #14).

Back to Jrvis,it might be that there really is no place for wingers in the new set-up, so there we are. Will take a lot of getting used to a new system, but i ill come. What is good though, is that we can hold out for a decent price for Jarvis and the others that want to leave (for the record, will not be sorry if Berra goes as have never rated him!!)

I think we all just need to accept its a brand new chapter in the life of the Wolves and of us supporting them. Whatever happans, I know I will stil support them as will every other fan.



When Birmingham went down the season before they sold

Craig Gardner

Scott Dann

Cameron Jerome

Roger Johnson

West Ham sold

Demba Ba

M Upson

T Hitzperger

Scott Parker

The point is when you go down your best players are targeted and many want to leave to stay in the premiership.

wolves dont need to sell and are trying to get the best fee for Jarvis 10 mill and Fletch 15 mill.

West ham have and the blues have shown that if you get good replacements you can still be competitive in this league as both finished in the top 6.


How could anyone blame these players?they want to be employed at a club where football is the number one priority.this clubs number one priority is ground development and property investment.The football remains a means to an end.Players will come and go.Ihave one gaurentee.Agood profit will be made which.eventually will be invested in ground development.This is Morgans main aim.He will then sell the club for a massive profit on his investment.Iwish this was not the case but it is and we better get used to it.


This isn't really a great surprise, albeit a little disappointing. It does not alter the situation much as Wolves have already indicated that they are willing to sell if the price is right.

The only thing it may do, is stimulate some more interest amongst the mid-table premiership clubs. That in turn could create a bidding war in which Wovles valuation would be met.

Harry L

What planet are you on Stu Preece with that comment? Berra deserves prem football? Good joke.

Filtonolf (Bristol)

14. SBQ....Jarvis will remain committed to Wolves until he leaves ? Are you for real ? If he wants to go he should never wear the Wolves shirt again. Why should we keep him fit for his new club. I'm sorry.....Jarvis should not play for us again if he insits on leaving.


let him leave, as someone has already said no point keeping players at wwfc if they dont want to play.

players come and go and the club and supporters remain. utw.


Jez can't knock what your doing tryin 2 get big money 4 average players apart from fletcher . players wolves brought in look good and got international experience keep good work up fans should stick togetherand !


let them go....fletcher jarvis berra.get the cash and get the replacements in.seems we will be the most unsettled side as kick off statrs.either with players in who dont want to be here or new ones who will take time to settle in.i hope they have the same season as the last one then we can wave to them on there way down as we go up.what goes around comes around.

Mr Ficklefan

Javis, Fletcher and co, Believe me if you were half as good as you think you are we wouldn't be in the championship now. The answer is simple if you don't want to play for us then you are not wanted in wolves shirts anymore. I am sick of badge kissing prima donnas with delusions of grandeur who show absolutely no loyalty to the club. If you had a bad injury i bet you would be happy to see out your 3 year contract with us i:e Judas Kightly

'stolla' artois

dissapointment is the only word


Very sad state of affairs, my opinion on these disloyal,moneygrabbing crybabys are that we should let them go for highest bidder, if we don't get the price they stay, if they refuse to play they should go before the F.A and be charged with breach of contract and professional. misconduct and should be banned from playing for any club until honouring the contract its seems that the bloated egos of players think they can just walk away from long-term contracts when it suits them , these players. knew their pay would half if relegated, they agreed to this and signed on the dotted line, like others have said too micks gone and the reign of stale is in, no doubt their having to earn their money on the training ground, and perhaps having to try and remember actual tactics and formations has been a shock to the system for them.


Quite simple really jez should just tell the players "you helped make the mess, you help tidy it up" disgraceful behaviour from players who think they better than they are! How many england caps did you get matt? And how many times did you get called up after that one?? Terrible attitude and application last season by quite a few players but this lack of respect from these players really is grating on me! You deserve to get boo'ed today matt thats if you aint caught fletchers "poorly ankle" syndrome!

Andy( manc wolves)

Remember u muppits relegated us !!!! Gr8 career moves lads W ham , stoke , S land , respectively


All this elevates Doyle into a true fans favorite.... Irish Hero.

Mike Pearson

Management has to weigh the obvious necessity to get the best deal for the Club against the potential disruption the uncertainty is bringing to our preparations for the season which is now upon us. This, coupled with a new Manager trying to bring in his own ideas is a potential banana skin in a Division where we cannot afford to have a poor start.

Fletcher has chosen to air his desires in public demonstrating a lack of professionalism and potentially disrupting the squads preparations. Jarvis appears to be going about it In a more appropriate manner. Either way, if players do not want to stay they need to be let go as soon as possible. And ALL of the players need to remember that they ALL contributed to our failure last season. Personally, I find it stunning that any of these people are worth the alleged sums being talked about.


I'm absolutely disgusted by this.

How dare the E&S use such an unflattering picture of Matt Jarvis.

He might have put in a transfer request, but he doesn't deserve this.


A new season, a new team time too reshape. A new manager new business. Time for new ideas. New player's, new faces. How could we ever look back. Gook luck Mr Stolle

Steve overt

Should have done more to try and stay up and this wouldn't happen poxey moxey to blame yet again !

Gold n Black on me back

I'd love to know whats going on behind the scenes at wolves. I dont think the players are clicking with solbakken. The reason i say this is because how often do we see the players talking to the E & S about how things are great and the mood in the camp is good, knowone is coming out saying solbakkens ideas are good or he's a nice guy or anything (apart from Henry the other week) Another thing is why are the players requesting to leave now a week or so before the season? I think they have waited to see what the new manager is like, there not keen and now want to leave. There are other reasons of course such as the pay cut and championship football but things are not all good at compton if you ask me!

Andy Ames

All these comments saying "no loyalty" you need to get a grip. These are not wolves fans, they are sportsman trying to have the best career they can in the short time they have at the top of their game.

I would like to thank Kightly, fletcher and Jarvis for their services and wish them all the best wherever they should choose to go

little nige

no surprise with fletch or jarvo wanting to leave - get max money and let them go - we'll be back in the premier soon with a better team; better manager and better coaching than the teams they end up at. UTW


the players that wont to go ,GET SHUT OFF THEM we wont player who are proud to put on the shirt, doyle we are proud of you have a great season

Gold n Black on me back

I think if we sell Jarvis and Fletcher wolves will announce within 3/4 months the plans for the steve bull stand are going ahead. Thats one of the reasons there holding out for big money


3-Caz....took the words right out my mouth

If this lot had put half as much effort to stay in the prem last season as they are now then we wouldn't be in this division, would quite happily see the lot of em sold and I really mean that, I'd rather see 11 players with bullys attitude rather than 11 players with kightlys ability, I wouldn't even care if we got relegated again, it don't matter what division we're in for me as long as we got 11 players fighting for the shirt!


Yet another rat leaving,get rid as soon as possible before they affect the rest of the squad.Lets get players in that want to play for the club and the shirt.

These guys have very short memories!

Bilbrook wolves

Let them all go . I hope they get all they deserve bunch of sharks


By selling Kightly, Wolves showed their intent to the other players.. It is like a domino effect, once one is allowed to go so easily, the others think they can do exactly the same. Also i question these same players who wanted to keep Terry Connor in a job last season.. The same players who want to leave now, wanted to keep Terry Connor as a manager. Why did they show him loyalty? When the rest of us knew we was heading for disaster, we all knew making Terry Connor would culminate in us being relegated.. So why are the same players who wanted to keep an incompetent manager at the club, complaining now that we have been relegated to the championship.. Surely if they cared so much about playing in the premier league, they should of spoke out last season, while we had a chance of holding our premier league place.

For me the whole thing is nonsensical.. The same players should be trying their hardest to amend a wrong.. Instead of jumping ship.


Take the money for any player who wants out. Let's spend it on a nice housing estate off Waterloo Road!

Realistic Wolf

Disappointed but what did we really expect. No doubt he will develop an ankle problem or something else to prevent him playing. Good riddance I say to him and Fletcher. Please will someone bid for Berra!!!!


Rant, moan, rave, never ceases to amaze me the tripe spouted some of our so called 'fans'! Contracts work both ways,it benefits the club as much as the player, giving the club scope to ask a larger fee. Players come & go from every club,even the big boys! The club do have a choice to let them rot in the reserves but, really, that benefits nobody & certainy not the club! Accept they're gonna go,thank them for all they've done, wish them well (unless it's against us) & move on. It's not going to be a quick return but we need to be behind the manager & team 100%, believe in what he's doing & show the support that can drive fear into opposing teams who come here.

fat boy jamie

loyalty has nothing to do with it...It's all about money and high wages,If we all had the offer of doubling our wages then we would all go and work else where.If my emploers gave me a 50% pay cut then i would be off looking for pastures knew...Good luck to you, get what you can...So if all you lot say they are being greedy then if you won tonights lottery you wouldn't accept the prize money!!! you need to get a life money makes the worl go round..


All this instability in the squad doesn't bode well for our chances of an immediate return to the Prem. Can't help thinking that the longer this goes on the less pressure Stale is under to deliver. It would be a pleasant surprise to see us fast out of the starting blocks, but it'll be easy to understand if we struggle. I'm sure Fletch and Jarvo would love to be with us next season, but I appreciate that football is a short career and both want to feather their nests and test themselves out at the highest level. It's somewhat different with Berra and Kightly. I don't think either are Prem quality and both would be better off staying with us and fighting for promotion. With the right blend of youth and experience, plus a sober RJ with something to prove, we may well be up to the task.

Mike Calvert

I also put this on the blog site

Lots of good points here.

It is a shame that all these players want to leave but on the other hand: Kevin Doyle and Sylvan Ebanks-Blake are proven goalscorers at this level and I think that they provide us with enough fire-power to overwhelm most Championship teams.

People shouldn’t be surprised by all this. Footballers are not loyal and it is down to Sky that this feature is the dominant one. Many of them are working class lads, like me, who will never see this sort of bg any other way but the worst features come out due to silly Sky money.

I think that it will all fly apart (the football bubble) at some point so our management are right to be prudent and run the club with little debt. I am not convinced we have NO debt though, as even I have a credit card!

Those who doubt our new manager are right to be scared that we may have a difficult time but we can’t say how things will pan out. I think he will be a huge success, but he has 5 years of “McCarthyism” to overcome and kick and rush tactics.

I am sorry to upset folk but these players were more like Mick's buddys than people he managed and I am sure that Stale has different idea's about how to coach them and the tactics that need employing.

Heaven to betsy! They may even have to earn their over inflated salaries!

Fletcher is worth at least £15 million (maybe £20 million) in my view given the value of comparable other strikers and Jarvis is worth £10 millions but these values are relative. My cat is probably worth £500K based on that, but the "market value" is what speaks volumes and Sunderland and other clubs are desperate for Fletcher.

It seems that at last three clubs: namely Fulham, West Ham and Everton, are interested in Jarvis.

If these clubs don’t take them we should make them both play until January and sell them then, both are contracted to us. If Fletcher stays and scores 20 goals upto the new year his value will go up even more.

Finally, remember that even if we sign nobody else we can still bring in loanees after the window closes.

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