Kightly close to move from Wolves to Stoke

Wolves winger Michael Kightly was today closing in on a £3m move to Stoke while Sunderland prepared a final £12m bid for Steven Fletcher.

Wolves winger Michael Kightly was today closing in on a £3m move to Stoke while Sunderland prepared a final £12m bid for Steven Fletcher.

Kightly was due to report for his final training session as a Wolves player today before tying up loose ends on the deal for him with a medical in the Potteries tomorrow.

A fee believed to be £1.5m up front with a further £1m payable after 12 months and the rest in guaranteed add-ons was agreed with the Potteries club over the weekend.

But it isunderstood there are small matters to be tied up between the player – who cost Wolves £25,000 from Grays in January 2007 – and Stoke before the clubs announce the deal as completed.

It is believed Wolves rejected a straight cash offer of £2m, but a compromise has been agreed where they receive more money over a longer period.

His departure is bound to lead to an angry reaction from fans, who have watched Wolves stand by the former England Under-21 international through two years of injury torment before he regained fitness and form in the second half of last season.

But with Kightly into the final year on his contract and seeking Premier League football now, Wolves felt they had no alternative but to cash in on the 26-year-old wideman, who scored 22 goals in 127 appearances at Molineux, now.

The exit of Kightly will take the number of departures under boss Stale Solbakken to four after Adlene Guedioura, Sam Vokes and Nathaniel Mendez-Laing left on a permanent basis and Leigh Griffiths was loaned to Hibernian until January, while Christophe Berra and Adam Hammill are available for transfer.

Kightly could make his debut for Tony Pulis’ side at Yeovil tomorrow evening.

Wolves are also braced for a £12m offer from Sunderland for Fletcher. They rejected the Black Cats’ £10m bid a week ago but it’s understood there is ongoing dialogue.

And Sunderland are believed to be preparing a final, take-it-or-leave-it offer for the 25-year-old striker.

Solbakken left Saturday’s 2-0 friendly defeat at Southampton five minutes early to scout another game.

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Comments for: "Kightly close to move from Wolves to Stoke"


He wants Premier League football does he?

I'm sure we wanted to include him in our side between April 2009 and January 2012.

It didn't stop us paying his wages.

Cheers Mike.

hedge end wolves

Bad times. After watching the game saturday against saints we so badly need wide men


Have so much hate for the board right now! Wish i didnt renew my season ticket! There is no way were getting promoted this season

alan hill

to let kites go is madness this is a big mistake MOXY STOP THIS CRAZY MOVE

Bewdley Wolf

Shame if its true, always gave his all and on his day was unplayable, but sadly his days were few and far between because of injury. Will be interesting to see what happens re his medical at Stoke, but the fee won't allow us to buy much of a replacement. If Fletcher and Jarvis go we are going to have tp spend a huge amount of money to replace them as well if we go up.

Perhaps the club isn't expecting to get promoted.

Lupine Nick

It makes no sense to me to put Hammill on the transfer list when it is likely that both Jarvis and Kightly will leave before the beginning of the season. I know that Hammill is reputed to have fallen out with Mick after an altercation with Hunt, but surely any ill will between Hunt and Hammill can be patched up after all this time. I would see it as part of the manager's role to maintain harmony among the players. Can someone explain the logic of Hammill being allowed to leave to me?


If Kightly goes he has no morals.

He owes us...weve waited ages and ages to see him have a good run after standing by him during injuries.

Very very dissapointed with the player and club.

cash wolves

I really cant believe this!! The one player I really wanted to stay...kightly going, hammel transfer listed, jarvis having where are the wingers!!! Disapointed is not the word... If he goes I just he will be replaced...




Very sad to see Kites go. At the end of the day £2M will just about pay back his wages for the 2 years he spent injured. The attitude seems to be that we have to let players with short contracts go rather than offering them new deals with improvements if we get promoted.

Also sounds like Fletch will be going, there is a world of difference between 'desperately trying to hold on to star players' and 'ongoing dialogue'. If we had any faith in the money being reinvested on the playing side this would be much easier to take. Once Fletch goes there will be less incentive for Jarvo to stay and then we will have sold 3 of our best players and virtually none of the ones we actually can do without.


This no doubt means edwards on the right wing! grrr wolves stand out pre-season best player. If we keep henry, jonnson (Egbert) and Edwards and let kites, hammel and Jarvis go we have no chance.

Why cash in let him go for free if he wants or tie him up. As with article angry wolves fan.


I hope that stale can now see that we have the most pathetic defence in the league


Im not happy with this, he handed a notice to leave, and this is after we waited 2 years for the skat to recover from injuries, and then he walks of after six games, cheers mate :D

Bully till I die

Conpletely understand why we have sold kightly. He has one season left on his contract he's injury prone and if the money on the table why would we turn it down!

In my opinion it's good business from wolves. Why would we lose out on 3 million just because he's a half decent player. Would much rather keep Jarvis and lose kightly.

Fletcher on the other hand is different as moxey has said all pre season we don't need to sell our best players so even if it is a take it or leave it offer we should reject and be looking at fletcher getting us the goals to get back up. He has 3 years left on his contract and we should be lookin for more then 12m in today's money market. If bent is worth 18 and Carrol worth 35 we should be looking for 15m+. If nobody willing to offer that he stays!! Simples


How this reads to me is that Kites has told the club he doesnt want to sign a new contract and wants to leave. I am really disappointed if this is true as he gave the impression he wanted to stay at the end of last season. Maybe he and Stale have different views and a parting of the ways was inevitable.

Andy C

2 and a half years of injuries and this is the thanks the club gets.


That's loyalty for you, there are not many Steve Bulls left in the football world these days.

It's all about money.


Disgrace, I guess there really is no loyalty in football.


Stale doesn't play wingers. He has already gone on public record stating that he likes to play a narrow midfield.

So, expect Jarvo to go next!!

I don't think this shows a lack of ambition. This is more about what style of play the manager wants his team to play and playing with two wingers is NOT the Stale way.


Im glad I never re-newed my season ticket!


Gutted... and very angry!!!

chris hoggard

Yet more mismanagement of our football club.Most Wolves fans have worked out Moxey,how long before the penny drops with the rest of them?Why on earth was Kighlty not offered a new contract at least 12 months ago.OK he was injured,but this never stopped them looking after Matt Murray with decent contracts. Moxey has done the same with Kightly as he did with Mark Davies.Due to injuries he failed to offer extensions in their contracts until it was too late.Both are very talented footballers who will have been sold by Wolves on the cheap,due to Moxey's mismanagement.Now we have the small matter of trying to replace Kightly,how much money will be wasted trying to do that.I have said on here for years,we need someone on the Board who actually knows something about football.


I'll b gutted if Kightly leaves. Id rather Wolves let him go for free at end of the season and if we did get promoted he may sign a new contract or even in January if we are doing well. Think this is an important decision to make. If Kightly leaves and Jarvis that'll leave us with Hunt who's on his last year and Hammill who is transfer listed. Is it really worth letting him go??


Nice on Mr Moxey, losing one of our best players for peanuts, dosn't seem to me to be a very clever business situation to end up in.

Best run club financially, what a laugh, why did we not have players on contracts that protected our interests, why did we not invest in the team to stay in the Prem and avoid this situation.

How can the club claim that they are well run financially, this is a basic error.

It is never any consolution to anyone to be the richest man in the cemetary.

Running a football club is about success on the pitch.

Mr Moxey could not arrange for a goup of thirsty young men to become intoxicated in a place that produces alcohol.

Angry Wolf

No option, why not give him a new contract that’s an option.


I am right behind the club turning our fortunes around but this has to surely be a HUGE mistake and will send out the wrong signals to the other players we want to keep.

A really good championship player with the ability to win us a game. He cost us next to nothing so why all the stress about going into the last year of his contract? Surely its better to keep him go up and lose him for nothing than for 1.5 - 2 million that i have read in a few places.

If we lose Kightly, Fletcher and Jarvis i think we are in BIG trouble.

i love wolves

i hope he's a complete flop this to me ranks of one of the worst cases of disloyaty i can recall

SS Army - I cant see it catching on

No loyalty in football any more. Don't worry Kites, we'll rehabilitate you through a career ending injury and let you leave for a Prem club at the end of it.

Hamill leaving as well leaves us with Hunt and Forde as wingers, and I know Stale's way of playing is more compact but I keep getting flash backs of a 'diamond formation' and its a little unnerving.

Has anyone else ever seen us play well in a formation other than 4-4-2 with 2 wingers?


If we take the details in the above article as correct, then it is Kightly who has instigated the move. That being the case, then Wolves are correct in selling him, with only 12 months left on his current contract.

Kightly only showed glimpses of his talent in the latter stages of last season. Whether he can maintain his form over a full season in the premiership is still questionable.

There were always going to be outgoings from last seasons squad. In certain instances such as Kightly's case the club has to take a pragmatic view. Take the money now or lose him for nothing in a years time.

Loyal Wulfrian

Well that's it, so much for loyalty. I am very disappointed that Kightly didn't give us another year.

If he doesn't want to stay then good riddance.


The result at Southmpton is what happens when you take all the Prem quality from the team,this management is only interested in one thing and that is making a profit no matter what the results are on the pitch.Sollbaken stated at the begining of his Wolves career that the team would not secure promotion if the stars were sold.I dont trust a single word Moxey says he promised the stars would not be sold and now it seems as a season ticket holder I have to endure another season of rubbish football well if that is the case its the last.


Have always been a massive fan of Kightly but am bitterly disappointed by what appears to be immense disloyalty to a club that plucked him from non-league obscurity, helped develop him into an England U21 international and then stood by him throughout almost 2 years of continual injury. Thought he was better than that. Also feel Wolves, as we always seem to do, have allowed a quality player to leave for relative peanuts. Expect him to move on from Stoke in a year or so's time for £8m+.


I'll be sad to see Kights go, and appreciate what he has done here. I had hoped that despite the lure of premiership football that he might show us some loyalty after sticking by him through his injuries.

dough bake

Well there's loyalty for you, the others, Jarvis,Fletcher etc I can understand wanting a move, they deserve it but Kightly??? He was a nothing player in a nothing league, we put him in the limelight and pay him for 2 years of injuries and then he does the off at the first possible opportunity, see ya kightly, you now go into the mark davies and greg halford bracket

Jez (not Moxey !!)

We've nursed and supported this guy through the last 2 years, finally got him fit and then sell him. Another masterstroke. Surely we could have come up with an offer to extend his contract. If he wants to leave then what price loyalty ?

Balham Wolf

The football merry go round - don't you love it?

I for one would take the money for kites as he obviously does not want to stay and help us get back to the prem. Ditto, Berra, and anyone else who would rather play for another team.

Fletcher is a quality player who I would like us to keep, even if 12 million seems like a hell of a lot of money. He guarantees goals and would be hard to replace.

SS will hopefully have players who want to fight for him and the Wolves. We want players who are committed and ready to die for the cause.

Isle of Wight Wolves

Bad move. Too little price tag following his recent form

Geoff Palmers Tosh

No wingers, a little worried as we do not seem to be linked with anyone at the moment. Berra's departure a blessing in disguise however Stearman / Johnson partnership will be like to return of the Chuckle Brothers. Still need a LEFT BACK!!!!!!!!


Another pure business decision instead of a footballing decision well done Moxey you have excelled yourself this time.

If you think we can possibly replace someone like him on our shoe string budget you are more deluded than i thought you were.

Kightly is the exact type of player we required to get out of that league as was proven in the season before promotion when he carried the whole team and also the promotion year.

Its now a complete given that Jarvis and Fletcher will be sold along with De Vries so there is the best part of 20million so you can pay yourself another juicy bonus just like in the past.

Very worried the way this is now going

Brummie roader Ryan

Im Albion fan but this is strange, you nurse him through injuries for 2 years then sell his to stoke, but I suppose 3 million is good as he is in his last year of his contract


I think this is almost as sad as the day Bully retired. Gutted to lose Kights. :(


Think Stoke getting a bargain there.

neilo M'borowolf

This is BANG out of order after everything WOLVES have done 4 u Kightly were is your loyalty.


Is this some sort of joke? He was he oly ray of hope towards the nd of the season.

This will be unpopular, keeping the likes of Henry, ward, johnnson and getting rid of Kighly?!?! I thought we were meant to be strengthening, well this is BIG mistake.

Look out for Jarvis leaving next. It looks like we're going to be playing a narrow system with no direct wingers. It will be interesting to see how we break teams down. I remember 10 years of Molineux difficulty in doing this until we started to use expansive wide men which stretched opponents and created space.

I'm sure SS knows what he is doing, I just hope it works. We were awful at Southampton by all accounts, lacking ideas and sharpness and a paltry shots at goal return doesn't bode well for a flying start to the season.

It will be Christmas at the earliest before we are used to the'new' way. I just hope the fans are prepared to wait......?


Which one is it ?

1.Wolves Board have lost it big time.

2.Wolves know something about Kightlys long term fitness that Stoke don't.

3.Kightly has NO loyalty values.

Time will tell


Really bad bit of business for us, I can appreciate he's in the last year of his contract but he's actually one of the players who seems semi interested in fighting and playing for wolves.

To let him go for £3m is the one of the worst pieces of business we have done over the past decade.

If he goes that is a clear signal to ev1 else that most of our players are available and will do anything but convince other teams that we want to keep our best.

Gutted, think its going to be a long few seasons rueing what could have been...


My comments in connection with the Southampton game are on the previous thread - as I stated there, it did nothing to stir the blood. Along with everyone else, I was ready to see the departure of those players we know can't cut it for us even at championship level, but I feel a sadness to see quality ones like Kights going - and we know Fletcher and Jarvis will go at some point. These are players we will sorely miss and after Saturday, I can't see them being adequately replaced. There is still a deal of deadwood to shift and I'll feel happier when that happens. We are very much a "work in progress" - all over again. UTW.


this is a shame!

i understand the logic of it given his current contract status and a desire to continue Premiership football, but i cant help feel agrieved as i belive he would make so much of an impact for us in this division.

Kites himself probably feels he has unfinshed business the the top flight given his lack of appearances in the last 3 years but maybe he could've fought tooth and nail more the club who stood by him during his near 2yr injury nightmare.

i just hope that we dont miss him in the team next year.


New season new hope

Well this is disappointing but no real surprise. Lets hope Stoke don't benefit too much !

Given that Hammill also looks like he is on the way out and Jarvis is likely to go too, does this mean that Stale doesn't like wing play?

If these deals (including Fletcher) are going to happen get them done now and get replacements in quick so that the team and fans don't suffer from a poor start to the campagn.


You traitor, after nursing you through all of your injuries.

How about paying back the loyalty shown to you by the club.

Very FICKLE are the players of today.


Get promoted and spank all of the jumpers next season

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Terrible news. I thought Moxey had said we would fight to keep our best players.

What a let-down!

Now watch the floodgates open........

Darlo Wolf

Well that's ruined my Monday morning.

Kent Wolf

Instead of slagging the bloke off, blame Jezza, Clipboard & MM for not tying him to a longer contract when they had the opportunity.

They could also have offered him a cash incentive to re-sign, instead of the 10% of the transfer fee he's going to be pocketing.

I love the bones of the bloke, but this IS football & players do occasionally move on.

At least he's conducted himself with dignity & not held the club to ransom with crazy demands.


@ 24 - Dan. Totally agree.


Bring back mad Mick!!!!!! Stale ain't exactly filling everyone with confidence. Kightly was just getting back to his best at the end of last season, and now he's on the way out of the club? Much rather get rid of Hunt instead. Surely i'm not the only one concerned with Solbakkens tenure so far??


This is a joke and probably sets the precedent for other players following suit.. Thanks Moxey, you could of sorted this out and put him on a longer deal.. He surely is worth offering a deal even after injury, considering Stoke want him..


This is a big mistake. If Jarvis were to leave too we will have no widemen worthy of the name. Guediora, Hammel, Kightly we are getting rid of our better players and keeping the dross. If Fletcher goes too we have three weeks to find replacements. Come September I don't want money in the bank with big gaps in the squad where our decent players used to be. I guess we just have to trust Stale and hope Moxey doesn't let him down.


I must admit Im starting to get concerned. Fair enough if he has purchased players to replace these people, but he hasnt.

We can cover for the loss of Fletcher, but not the others.

I just dont see where the service is going to come from now we are having a wild fire sale on our wingers and Guedioura has gone.

Im worried that Solbakken is going to push forward his zone marking system and that our players are just not good enough for it.

The wingers system is simple and it worked. Its better to do something simple well than something complex badly.


Kightly started 28 matches last season (17 for wolves, 11 for watford). He was fit all season, we should have offered him a contract sooner. Those mentioning loyalty - it's a 2 way street, he's played all last season, and played well, but been offered nothing until now.


Why do so many of you on here think that Wolves can make anyone sign something they don’t want to?

Give him a new contract you say, but if he won’t sign how do we make him? Buy Mr X you say, and then blame Moxey if Mr X won’t sign! Get real! Even Man Utd couldn’t keep Ronaldo when he wanted to go. It’s called PLAYER POWER, and money will always rule with some.

Kevin Rowland c.1980 Ohhhhhh Geeennnooo

Bitterly dissapointed. 3 million for him is an insult to the club he is worth way more than that. I really thought he would stay.

With Jarvis and Fletcher inevitably off, who is going to come in? I dont think the club is showing enough ambition and the fact we havnt signed one defender so close to the start of the season is very unsettling. Midtable obscurity awaits

The magic wanderer

I am surprised kightly will walk away so easily after we have supported him so well over the last 3 years. He might always be plagued by injury which might make the sale a good option, if however he does stay fit for stoke I can see it looking like we let him go for peanuts.


You're a disgrace Kightly. We took you from non league to the Premier League and you had two years without kicking a ball and taking the money and you jump ship at the first opportunity. I wish you zero success in your future career.


I'm sitting at my desk at work ompletely gutted. Honestly I feel as if my love one has just left me!

Please dont go Kites, you owe us a season at least.


This is the only transfer I thought/hoped wouldn't happen. The reason is that we plucked Kites from relative obscurity and have given him this stage to play on and have stuck by him through months/years of injury problems. Wolves, as a club, could not have done more for Kites, and now at the first opportunity it looks like he's off.

Kite's is one player that I would genuinely expect to show some Wolves at least some loyalty. Even if it's to sign a 1 year extension with us, see where we are at the end of the season and then think about a move to the prem.

I'll genuinely be disgusted if this transfer 'rumour' is true

Kites, we stuck by you, stick by us

Benny wolf

Good riddance I say!!! Sick note!!! Love our club my a***!! Up the wolves!!!

Spirite Wolf

All you going on about the lad being dis-loyal i believe Stale Shortbread has not offered him a new contract. Sell all the wingers except Hunt who was the worst of the lot last season.

Dissapointed, good luck lad i think the loyalty is the other way round. Oh did he score both our goals against Telford the other night not very commited is he!!!!!!!

Waggies Left Peg

Seriously unhappy about this, we have virtually no creativity as it is, so selling Kites just makes that even worse. I realise that Stale does not like playing wingers, but if we go down that route then we need creative midfielders and at present we do not have any.

Since it has already been stated that replacements will be lined up before players are allowed to leave, we can look forward to news of at least one guaranteed new arrival within the next 36 hours. With fletcher and jarvis no doubt heading for the exit soon, we could do with some positive moves into the club and they need to be strong, fast and creative. A quality centerhalf would be nice too.


If Kightly wants to leave then let him we only need players that are 100% committed to Wolves at the club. I don't think any other club would have stuck with Kightly through his injury problems so I thought Kightly at least owed us half a season but like others have previously said there is no loyalty in football any more its all about the money. With stoke having got Etherington and Pennant as well as other wingers wouldn't it be ironic if he ends up sitting on the bench - in my opinion it would serve him right as the grass isent always greener on the other side.

Dave Webb

Just tweeted him


@MichaelKightly7 Hope you don't go to North Staffordshire, but if you do, good luck for the future & thanks for the memories.

Don't knock him, he gave good service ( when fully fit ) & should have been offered a new contract by Moxey, MM or Clipboard, instead of being sold for a good profit.


Its quite obvious that after 3 years of injury and 1 year left on his contract with no contract talks on the horizon Kightly could see his career on the edge of a cliff. No wonder he's been looking for a move away.

Wolves should really have tied his contract up before the season finished. Then he'd be worth 3 times as much and they wouldn't have been forced to do this. Perhaps if we'd have hired a real manager last season and not TC then that would have been sorted out.

With Kightly going and Hammill transfer listed all I'm hoping for now is that this means Jarvis is staying.

The only thing Wolves have going for them this season is our strong forward 4-5 because we have certainly made sure were not improving on our pathetic defence. If we break up the forwards too then it's league 1 next season and not premiership.


Frankly, very disappointed in Kightly after the club has supported him through MORE than two years of injury troubles, paying him handsomely in the process.

I know there's no loyalty in football but for somebody like Kightly who has always professed in interviews to love the club and the fans, it leaves a slightly bitter taste in the mouth.

The deal hasn't been done yet, but on the assumption that it will be, I thank Kightly for his electrifying contribution to our Championship years under McCarthy... and for the first half against Villa at home last season. And not a lot else.

For me, the club is doing the right thing in letting him go. £3m is good value for a player in the last year of his contract with such a shocking injury record.

In Stale I trust.

Kevin Rowland c.1980 Ohhhhhh Geeennnooo

one more point, Kightly has been a crock, but what about HUNT? He seems forever unfit lets hope were not relying on him as our first choice right winger next season

Les Grossman

The three big departures this week will pay for a new Steve Bull, no not player, but stand.

Morgan Out!

Sedgley Wolf

Why all the disappointment? These are the players that got us relegated!

Kights is injury prone, Jarvis got 1 England cap and was found out as being average! We must all stand by the club and back them 100% and I'm sure we will see improvent.

I for 1 am not bothered who goes as long as we can replace them with the players Stale wants!

In Stale we must trust


Yorkshire Wolf

Disappointed with Kightly's lack of loyalty after being nursed through injuries for so long. I guess if he spends most of his time at Stoke in the treatment room then this will suddenly look like a really shrewd move by Stale and co.


Absolutely gutted at this sale - one of my favourite Wolves players in recent years and one of the main squad members who truly helped to lift the gloom following the awful Hoddle years.

He's the one player I didn't want us to sell this summer, but he knows his injury record better than all of us, he's just started a family, so why shouldn't he take another shot at the Premier League while he has the chance on a good Premier contract which will give security to his new family...?

Good luck to you Kights, I'll always appreciate your efforts for the Wolves during your time here.


Kites cost 25K no loss on wolves part if his contact runs out Problem is the whole team now has a losing mentality get shot of the lot of the losers give the kids a chance at least they will play with their hearts on their sleeves for the club


17. We WILL lose all 3 which means we ARE going to be in big trouble.

It's becoming abundantly clear that, just as last season when relegation was an acceptable option, this time around Morgan / Moxey are going to settle for cash in the bank and an extended stay outside the top level of English football.

The pretence that "we will do our utmost to keep our best players" is going to be just that - a pretence. And there is no indication of any intent to reinvest the money in replacement players.

Wolves supporters are being mugged on a serial basis. Mid table mediocrity at best for the foreseeable future.

Good £10 investment Mr. Morgan


And so the fire sale begins. The new season's starting line-up will be unrecognisable at this rate.

Defence of Kites

Saw him out in Birmingham a month ago and he said he really wanted to stay at Wolves and help them get back up, so dont think it is down to him. Also know from a good source that SS wont play with wingers hence Jarvis,Hamill and Kites being sold and confirmed that the squad from Saints on sat was the core for the rest of the season. Dont be surprised if you see Ohara and Zuber leaving soon either.


Lets be honest did anyone really expect Moxey to keep his word about selling the quality in our side he made promises about not selling the stars to protect season ticket sales.The transformaton to a mid table championship side will be complete when he sells Fletcher and Jarvis.

Clapham Wolf

If the Olympics shows you anything, it's how sorry, mercenary and commercial football in England is.

In athletics, people compete to win and their ultimate prize is being at the peak of their sport. How many players could you say that is true of in the premier league?

Villa lost Stewart Downing after nurturing him back from injury only for him to have one good season and leave when a bigger club came calling.

It can be no surprise Kightly has no loyalty. None of them do. They're only loyal to their crass and tasteless monied existence.

I'm pretty surprised an astute manager like Pulis is considering buying him. I never saw outstanding premier league quality from Kighlty. He constantly gave the ball away and I can only assume he's being bought as cover for actual quality premier league players like Etherington.

Stoke, Sunderland and those mediocre mid-table teams are a sponge for average quality players who go one of two ways - they do well and then go on to another club or they fester on the bench and return to a lower league club. They're not clubs players commit themselves to - they're just stop gaps.

I don't think Kightly will succeed. I htink he'll be a benchwarmer at Stoke. His desire for Premier League football is comedy because I doubt he'll start 1 in 5 games. Still at least he'll have his bright green range rover with his initials woven in to the headrest which is probably all he realyl cares about anyway.

steve bull wolf

well mr morgan/moxley spent around million and a half maybe 15 million in at the moment no one at the back in you have got the club in your heart think not


If what fans are saying is that Sollbaken likes to play without wingers we will be a one trick pony easily undone when sides realise this is the way we play.

Stoubridge Wolf

Didn't realise Kightly had a long throw?

Hope you end up warming the treatment table at Stoke for two years too given your level of loyalty to our club.


some of the experts on here are really clueless apart from one who seams to know how our new manager likes to set his teams up,he do's not use wide players as for him being injury prone how about that idiot we had from Villa, barely played for 5 years we got him fit and he left us for Coventry.

We got solbakken the club

Sorry but there's no angry reaction from over here. Seems a good bit of business to be gettin 3 mill for a fizzy pop league one trick pony , who spends more time talkin with the press than he does on the pitch. There was a period halfway through the first season in the prem when I thought he'd got his own column in the E&S but was givin the ball to full backs all the time. Still ,he "put a shift in" to get us promoted so he gets a pat on the back for that.

Don't wanna lose Fletch cos of his guarantee of goals, but 15 mill is a hell of a lot of cake to take to the party from just two players from a relegated club . When the gaffa sold Guedioura he replaced him quickly with Tongo,so with all these scouting missions goin on who's gonna bet against a bit of the same with these two. Solbakken knows what he wants and seems determined to get it ,so let's just sit back and enjoy the ride. Be strong,be bold,the futures old gold.

Au revoir our kid...


Think weve had the best of Kightly - obviously needs must with his contract running down . Sad though as I thought he would stay and repay fans sdupport for him during the p[ast 12 months injuries etc

Compton Wolf

Everyone is blaming the board for this. But if a player has decided he wants to go and play premiership football then there is no point in hanging on to him. We need a united team, not a team of "I dont want to be here, I should be in the Prem" players.


I went to th game at saints and we was pathetic going forward and looked desperate in defence. Losing kites , jarvo and fletch will be a disaster. But I feel the real problem we are going to have this season is stale's way of making the team play. This narrow game he has Been talking about on the wide home pitch is going to make us look stupid ,judt like it did at southampton . I think the manager more than any player staying or leaving is going to be the big problem. And I would say it to his face if I could get to him.


I am sure that Mr Moxey would love us all to believe that this has all been instigated by Kites. I feared this would happen with some of Moxey's comments he made towards the end of last season.

For those of you who are questionning Kites' loyalty what about the club? - he cost us next to nothing compared to some of the expensive mistakes we have made and was a key part of our promotion season , so with some decent performances last season and with way more ability than the majority of our first team squad, why has he not been offered a contract extension?

I for one will be very sad to see him leave.

Billy Bothered

Solbakken doesn't play with wingers - our midfield will be narrow and contain at best one wide man taken from Hunt, Forde, Sigurdarson or Ward.


I hope something is happenning that we don't know about....otherwise this is a joke!!


very angry to be honest

we paid his wages for 2 yrs while injured , gave him his football league chance and this is how he repays us

very disappointed in you mr kightly - we deserved better

lee bolo

What's all the fuss about? The guy obviously doesn't want to sign a new contract, we have to get some money for him, with only a year left. He wants to play in the Prem now, in preference to helping to get us back there. NO, there is no loyalty in football, who ever thinks there is is living in a long bygone age. So get real, look forward and support the team that turns out against Leeds on the 18th. Like it or not, they will be your beloved Wolves.


If Kites has engineered this move away then he has now got zero respect from me. If the club have pushed him then it is madness, ok if SS watched the DVD's from last year then Kites did nothing, but someone hand him the DVDs from the championship a few years ago when he was awesome. All decent attacking options are leaving the club when the mediocre players remain.

Adlene, Kightly, Hammill, Berra & Jarvis (probably) go... Edwards, Hunt, eggy johnson, Stearman, Roger Johnson stay.

Is that not weakening the side?

Some are obviously down to contracts etc but come on wolves what are you doing?

Gornal wolf

Y are ppl blaming the board for this???? This is SS, he doesnt play with wingers.

People moan say we hav got ro get rid of MMs plays so AS can mak is impact, well nt just the bad players were MMs. U want SS to play attractive football well that doesnr include wingers we hav tryes that and it got us no where.

Just hav trust in SS and the club.


I wish him all the best. I have enjoyed watching his return and can understand his desire to play in the Prem.

Dave O

Only one person to blame for our situation

MR JEZ MOXEY please go before it's too late


Money comes into it too, doesn't it? If your wages are reduced due to relegation clauses, and then someone comes along and offers to put you back to where you were before financially and offers you a three year contract, what do you do? What would we do in the same situation?


gutted.....mind you if they get six games outa him on the trot theyl be lucky...when he is fit thou hes electric

The Steve Bull!!

Why are you idiots blaming Moxey?? Injury Prone Kite can't cross a ball and gives it away too easily, Kites wants to play for a Premier club like others would and double his wages too etc. We are a Championship club now and will take Stale 12 months to get the team he wants, he's only been here for 5 mins for God's sake. Why keep stearman, Elokobi, Edwards Ward and Eggert Johnson i hear you say?? Cause nobody wants them that's why as we would sell today if we could... Up the Wolves!! In Stale we Trust...Give an injury prone player another 3 year contract. Yea right lol

The Steve Bull!!

These players got us relegated and kites has hardly played for us. Get rid and start a fresh...


Season Ticket for Sale, Great seats right behind Directors Box, its the only chance you will be able to look Morgan in his eyes and ask him what the hell is going on,every half and full time.? Not to fussed about whose is coming or going player wise, i would just love to be able to see some kind of strategy forming.Two weeks to the opening game and i presume we will be shopping in the bargains again. I really am falling out of love with Wolves and i think football in general. Those who have sat by me for the last 10 years have not renewed and i really am wishing i hadnt. Think it may have something to do with seeing normal Elite sportsmen and women do ing what they love at the Olympics.....not wating for their next move or payday like our lovely footballers .

fat boy jamie

Any chance of getting rid of O'hara, ward, hunt , steraman, foley and Berra aswell

Fozzy Bear

Half the posters blaming Kightly and the other half blaming Moxey (no surprise there then)

If the E&S copy is to be believed it looks like it was instigated by Kightly who wants Premiership football, so lets blame McCarthy and Conner.

Would have thought DVD monster Stale will have had a say in it and whether the players Wolves are letting go would have fitted into his plans.

In the light of these departures it'll be interesting to see what happens with Fletcher and Jarvis.

The window is open for a week or two yet so those defenders we want in (and out) need to be a priority, Mr Manager.

bonkers wolf

Get rid,

new broom , not good enough in my opinion anayway otherwise we would still be in the premiership!

lets build a new wolves, thats not filled with overated players who think they are better than they really are.


Injured more often than not. Good amount for him. Im more concerned about our style of play than anything else. Seems bizarre. Ive got Leeds tickets and starting to worry.....

Spanish Wolf

Well annoyed with both Kightly and the club. But, like Chad (103), States if Kites is after security for himself and his newborn child, then you'd go where you are being offered a long contract, with pay rise, with signing on fee. Unfortunantly, economics outweighs sentiment.


In reality all we are watching is the fallout of a disgracefully mis managed season by Moxey and Morgan.

It all started with a ludicrous decision to only add Roger Johnson to a side that was dreadful the Season before, and only avoided relegation through others greater failings.

By the end we'd:-

Spent 600k in the Jan window on a player not ready for the Prem,

Sacked our Manager AFTER the window shut.

Become the laughing stock of the Prem, & were ridiculed in the Media, with the 'not for a Novice farce' 'Led' by Moxey, which resulted in his Novice Bro in Law looking like a Rabbit in the Headlights, as we never won another Game

The fallout from all this, is key players from our young n hungry strategy, either in the final Year of their contract / desperate to leave.

Obviously the average ones that no one wants, will stay put

Kightly's decison is sad and inevitable part of modern day money driven Football.

The fact that we will lose Him and our other best players is the fault of Moxey.

We can only hope Stale has a 'Plan', because his CEO certainly doesnt.


I am as much as everybody gutted to see Kites going but there are reasons behind this and we must have faith in SS. He has a way he wants to play and wingers are not a key priority at the moment. What he is doing is making sure we will be compact as he knows the defence is weak. I'm pretty sure he has some interesting targets lined up. Rome wasnt built in a day and neither will our team be but rest assured SS has a master plan which I will be backing.


Gutted. Thought Kites would want to stay with us to re show the faith that the club had in him.

In the championship kites was much better than Jarvis, and I think he probably would have been at the very least as good in the premiership had it not been for all those injuries.

If we are selling Kites and Hammill, and it looks likely that Jarvis will also go, we will be left with Hunt on the wing, which means when the managers narrow approach isn't working, we wont have any other options. I really cant see the logic in letting him go considering the situation we are currently in, but then again, I don't know all the facts.

I was quite excited for the season to come, that excitement is decreasing by the day, but hopefully Solbakken knows what he's doing and will give us a nice surprise.


OK, a number of critical points.

Firstly, every player at the Molineux wants to play Premier League football. The difference is those who are prepared to stay and fight for it, and those who want a quick return. So, until Kites says he wants a transfer, let's not accept any rumours that it is he who demanded this move. I'd rather hear him in his own words why this is happening.

Secondly, the price. The price is not right. Yes, he has had bad injuries, but now he is fit and playing, should we let him go for such a pittance? What next on the club's agenda? Perhaps Moxey will open up a stall in the open market and flog off some other bargains on the cheap (please, no jokes about Stearman & Co.).

Thirdly, what is the intent of this club? We are seeing the best players being touted as being up for sale at the right price, but what will we be left with? The only players we are prepared to sell are those worth keeping, while we get no offers for those we do not want.

I suppose it's anyone's guess what sort of a team we shall start the season with. I feel apprehension, but I do hope that will turn to optimism. And unless the club produces good football and good results, all hell could break loose.


Theres alot to sort out at wolves, over sized unbalanced squad,it will take Stale quite awhile to sort the team out.

Kightly wants to go, let him.Hammil not good enough, to many light weight players.

How many Prem teams play consistently with 2 wingers? None.

Not many teams play that way anymore because it doesnt work in modern football.

Theres a difference between a winger and a wide player.

spanish ray

Where`s the loyalty Kites? The club stood by you for two years,looking after you ,paying your wages whie you were injured and this is how you repay them?Secondly,why Stoke? it`s hardly a career move is it?


Don't forget your keys kights you ungrateful git...


Really disappointed at this. We've stood by him through all his injuries, and this is how he repays us. He owed us at least one season.

Hopefully this paves the way for Zeli Ismail to break into the first team.


No 7. If Kightly goes he has no morals.

If he doesn’t want to go but the board want to sell him, what is he supposed to do?


So glad i never renewed my season ticket moxey out i say


Funny how everybody who was posting "Stale WHO?!" when we appointed him are now telling us all about his preferred tactics and formations when the only games he has managed in thus far are friendlies where you experiment with different systems and personnel.

More than the board, the players and anyone on the payroll at Molineux, I would say that the keyboard warrior contingent of Wolves 'fans' are the REAL problem at our club.

I can't believe some people are actually calling for the head of Solbakken in this thread. What planet are you on, seriously?!


This has got to be the end of the road for me.

Our best player at the end of last year, sold for a paltry 3 million (now that he is fit).

We are on a downward spiral. Why cant we give him a contract to stay. This is the pits. i just wish i had listened to my mate and not renewed season ticket. Last season for me!!!

All the best Kites. Lucky Stoke to get a top class player for peanuts.


After we nursed him back to health paid his wages, chanted his name from the terraces, this is how he repays us thanks for nothing and enjoy warming Stokes bench for them.

these players contribute to your relegation then do a runner

every dog has his day hope yours is soon!!!!

Copenhagen Wolf

I watched Solbakkens Copenhagen team through all the years. Sometimes it played with traditional wingers, and sometimes it was more narrow. But no matter what, his Copenhagen team set the record for most goals scored by a league winner, ever so he obviously knows how to create a team that scores goals, wingplay or not.

Nigel Sharratt

So Kites is going is he? I think it is fairly obvious that Jarvis and Fletcher will follow and of course Berra has said he wants to leave as well.Does Christophe know something we don't? Actually I think not, we all know what's wrong. Did we realy need a new stand or a new defence? I am not one of the doom and gloom merchants but really what we are seeing is the result of lack of investment last season.Was the club really determined to maintain its Premiership status? We went down with a whimper. We had too many players who were mediocre. Now we are faced with selling off the best of the bunch. The Manager has to rebuild his squad. Does this face look bothered? Not at all, I renewed my season ticket but can honestly say that after 50 years of supporting club through all the dark days this owner so beloved of Martin Swain has, I fear, other interests at heart - namely hs own.Anyone want to buy a house at Compton?


If this deal goes through it will be very interesting to hear what exactly has happened. It has been widely reported that Berra has asked for a move. If Kites has asked for a move, why hasn't this been publicised ? Sounds more likely to me that the desire for the move is coming from the club and not the player. Kites commitment to the cause at the club, even whilst playing when obviously lacking match fitness at the start of last season, can never be doubted. How many players pushing for a move and knowing that a deal was on offer, would still play at Telford on a Friday night, scoring two goals. If he wanted out, he wouldnt have played let alone scored two goals. If this goes through then the floodgates are really well and truly open. I bet the Bank Manager is rubbing his hands in aticipation !!!!

Dave Maiden

Don’t want to believe it, m big concern is for a team last year short on creativity we are selling our creative players like Hammil, Kites and Gued…players that can change games or win games single headedly. Likewise I can see some sense in that its 3m for a player that is injury prone, has only shown some signs of being a decent premier league player and he could have walked for nothing next summer. I can only real accept his sale if it means we can then keep Fletcher and or Jarvis.

Gutting thing is, if I had to answer the question. Name the wolves player most passionate about the club, the fans and playing for Wolves I would have said Kightly.

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