Wolves beat AFC Telford 2-0 in pre-season friendly

Michael Kightly scored twice at Wolves' pre-season-friendly with AFC Telford last night, giving fans a reminder last night of what they might be missing if he is allowed to leave.

Michael Kightly scored twice at Wolves' pre-season-friendly with AFC Telford last night, giving fans a reminder last night of what they might be missing if he is allowed to leave.

Playing in a support role to lone striker Frank Nouble, Kightly ran the show as a stronger-than-expected Wolves team containing seven full internationals at various stages controlled much of the game against their Blue Square Bet Premier hosts.

Dave Edwards should have given the visitors the lead with a header after 50 seconds, but Telford defender Dan Preston did just enough to put him off from Stephen Hunt’s cross.

At the other end, Steve Jones blazed over after Wolves’ trialist keeper Marian Kello flapped at Nathan Rooney’s corner.

Slovakia international Kello, who has been Hearts’ first choice for the last two seasons, lost out again under challenge from Phil Trainer for a high ball only for Jake Reid’s lob to sail over.

Kightly punished Telford when he buried a first-time shot after 11 minutes when Danny Batth at the far post headed Hunt’s deep free kick back into the danger area.

Trainer was inches wide from 30 yards before Telford were unlucky not to concede a 23rd-minute penalty for a shove by Will Salmon on Matt Doherty.

Soon after Salmon hit the outside of the woodwork with an angled shot.

After the break, Wolves continued having the best chances and Frank Nouble twice fired wide on the angle prior to the hour before Kightly stabbed home on 66 minutes from almost on the line after substitute Jamie Reckord hammered a volley into the box from Hunt’s chip.

New Telford striker Kieron St Aimee was denied when Kello smothered after Rooney’s cross on 75 before Wolves were denied another penalty after Preston appeared to send Hunt sprawling.

Telford (4-3-3): Young; Salmon, Preston, Blackburn, Valentine (C Smith 86); Trainer (J Smith 58), Rooney, Davies (Brown HT); Jones (Roberts 85), St Aimee (Hubbins 75), Reid (Spray 62).Sub not used: Briscoe.

Wolves (4-4-1-1): Kello; Foley (Kostrna 62), Batth, Berra (Ebanks-Landell 62), Doherty (Reckord 62); Hunt, Jonsson (Milijas HT), Edwards (Price 62), Hammill; Kightly; Nouble. Subs not used: Ihiekwe, McAlinden, Cotman (gk).

Referee: S Barrow. Attendance: 692.

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Comments for: "Wolves beat AFC Telford 2-0 in pre-season friendly"


I'm a little concerned that Kightly, Foley and Milijas are not with the 1st team squad at Southampton. If Hammill and Berra are 'transfer listed' does this mean theat the above also do not have a future at the club?

I think we really need to keep Kightly and offer him a new deal in January if we're near the top of the table, can a guy with his injury record afford to run his contract down?

Filthy Wolf

Berra WANTS to leave. It shows the power of positive thinking by Wolves fans.

Course if anyone WANTS Berra will be another story.............

John De Wolf

There's no point selling Kites. He cost £75K! So what if he leaves for free next year. I'd rather he helps us get promoted, surely that's better then cashing in on him for a mere £2M? If we go up, then he'll probably stay as well. Hopefully Stale can see his importance to the team and he stays.


Presumably the medical staff must have a good understanding of Kightly's situation and if they consider it OK, shouldn't the club offer him a contract extension? I'd like to think that he will stay for the coming season and prove himself the player we know he can be when fit - but one can understand him wishing to secure his future for the next three or so years rather than having uncertainty. If another club offers him that security and we don't, I fear we will lose him - and who could blame him? We all need security and stability in life.


Out of all of our (probably) departing players I would be the most disappointed to lose Kightly. With the big money generated by losing Fletch or Jarvis we can at least buy quality to hopefully replace them.....probably not the case with the amount generated by the sale of Kites :(

codsall wolf

went last night. kightly looked fresh and came more into the game and played with a beaming smile, hammill was ok in parts but wud'nt release and got a rite mouthfull off nouble


Ps the day I arrive from oz I'll be hit footing it straight to the Derby game....now there's dedication! Any suggestions on the best boozer to whet the proverbial whistle before the game?


Another useful workout, picking up pace for a stab at the fizzy pop, can't believe Chris (the shirt puller) Berra wants to leave, the cheek, remember u are partially responsible for this mess, 3 mil bid from stoke, TAXI, FOR BERRA


Are we mad to even contemplate selling Michael Kightly? A fgew year ago we were a one man team ad that was MichaelKightly.

Giv th lad a good ne contract and keep him.

golden nuggett

And the reason the two buffoons have not offered Kightly a new contract months ago would be?

Perhaps the clue is in the word buffoons!

Booze up and brewery springs to mind.


It looks as though Kites is on his way out of the club, playing with the second string and not in the squad for Southampton today. I dont understand what is happening here, at the end of last season Kites was saying that he wanted to stay, have he and Stale had a falling out?


jez we must keep the star players at all cost, and contracts must be put in order now then the manager will now what players he is working with


Kites should not be allowed to leave! This is leaving me puzzled on his day one of THE best players in the championship...I know he was injured but 90 mins last night means it wasn't too bad..I know the squad has to evolve but not at the expense of Kites he should be one of the 1st names on the sheet! I trust the manager but let's hope it was down to the fact he wanted to give him a full 90 mins rather than anything more sinister...by the way he is a natural in the behind the striker role.


not sure what is happening at wolves the club said it wonts to keep star players if thats the case just tell bidding clubs DO ONE NOT FOR SALE at all cost make your mind up jez/stal

Bicester Mike

I also want Michael Kightly to stay. I hope Wolves see sense and give him a new contract.

He is without doubt one of the better players we need to keep.So come on Wolves and do the right thing and give him a new contract.


Certain players know the truth about moxey hence they are being sold, people itk will know the truth about why he left stoke and why they wanted him out, trust me whilst he is here we wont go any where , dont be fooled by all the pr , new stand,wv1 bar etc..... Its all about how much wonga they can make and to hell with the fans !

Gordon Bennett

If we let Kightly, Jarvis and Hammell leave then where is our threat down the wings going to come from. We stormed the Championship with our flying wingers and what are we left with, Hunt and Edwards? Surely to goodness we could sign Kightly up after all the investment in him when he was crocked. It's the dross that needs to go.


Kightly is over rated didn't od it in the prem only a decent championship player at best

and before you lot get on your high horses here is a FACT, we never won a game in the premiership when he played.

Silver Wolf

Kightly, Fletcher and Jarvis would make a massive hole in the best team we can put on the field at present. The £20m we might get for their sales, wouldn't be much use if it arrived too late for the start of the season.

I hope we aren't getting out manoeuvred before a ball has been kicked in anger, not after last seasons fiasco at the same stage ......!

However, if Ståle is happy with things, we have to be, so all we can do is hope.


Kightly only flickered at the end of last season. We all love him for the player he was and would love him to get back the form of a few years back.Stale will see him objectively as the player he is NOW. He is a useful Championship player perhaps. I do hope Stale is healing the rifts of player unrest last season.It pains me that there is no discussion of this openly to re-assure us things won't all go pear shaped the moment WW are tested (and believe me, they will be tested)


Kightly,Jarvis and Fletcher should not be allowed to leave if we want a team that can compete for promotion anything less and we will be lucky to finish in the top six,we will see what the managements ambitions are the next coming weeks but I shouldnt hold your breath based on past performance.


If Southampton and Stoke are ready to bid 3mil for Berra I will drive him there myself. We won't sell both Hammill and Kites.

The money should be coming from Hunt, Berra and Eggert and Milijas. I think Kites, SEB and Zubes need to see how they get on with the first couple of months of the season before talking about new deals.

Apparently we are in for Savic which would be a fantastic signing and we have been linked with Oviedo the left back too.

Leeds (A)

De Vries











Old Man in Old Gold

Kite's was given one brill' pass from Frimpong and oozed quality. Give the lad the right support and there is no-one in the Fizzy pop to touch him. Sign him up or be sorry!!

Fozzy Bear

10 Golden Nugget

What the hell is that post all about?

Explain yourself. Booze up and brewery?

Maybe the new manager doesn't want Kiteley for footballing reasons, maybe the Club don't want him for medical reasons, maybe he will earn a new contract. You don't know any more than any of us do!

16 SD usual moronic garbage

Wolves are magic

Can't believe we haven't already offered him another contract...

If Kites was playing for another club and we saw him being sold for 2m we would bite his arm off for that silly price, without a second thought. He is easily worth as much as Jarvo, if not more.

Optimistic 0 v 1 Pessimism

Come on Moxey, get it sorted.

I can see it now, we sell our 3 best players Fletch, Kites, Jarvo and then buy in worse players and stick the rest in the bank or facilities with a team stuck in the Championship for years.

Play up the Wolves!!!


Berra can go with my blessing!. only glad that I will no longer have my heart in mouth as he defends each and every corner by wrapping his arms around his opponents chest. The man's a trier, but a liability. Thank you and goodnight.


Amusing that wolves have taken doumbia. Taking the leftovers and scraps from Ashworth's table eh Moxey. Any original thoughts ? Actually more chance of success taking Dan Ashworth's throw aways.


if stale keeps ward then i would rather stale goes

English Exile

Merry Christmas.... it came early this year when Berra said he wanted to leave...

Farmer Ted

Does Kightley playing against Telford mean he's on his way out ? Maybe, maybe not.

He came quite good in a awful collective team performance under Conner, but, he has a very poor injury record.

The signs are that we have a good manager so you can't praise and support him one minute and then criticise him the next for getting rid of Guediora, Hammill and Vokes. None of which in his opinion (mine too) are of the required standard.

I find it intriguing that Hammill and maybe Kightly are being let go. Could it be Jarvis is staying ? Moxey is always public enemy number one with many Wolves supporters, but, he's said our top stars won't be sold. He may be a master of spin, but, he doesn't lie to us. Player power may yet win, but, let's see if he's true to his word.

I don't accept the abuse a number of posters have thrown at Berra. IMO he would have been a very useful Championship defender. All the calls for Danny Batth are great, but, he's untried at this level and I just hope halfway through November those calls don't sound hollow.

One thing I'm sure we all agree on...come on Jessica clinch that Gold tonight !

Wolfman Jack

Could it be that the income from selling Kites, Hammill etc will be used to fund wages to keep Jarvis and Fletch ? Don't want to see Kites go, but rather him than Jarvo and Fletch.

Windsor Wolf

Not surprised Berra has asked for transfer, Stale is making them play the ball out of defence which he is uncapable of doing. Best go and play hoofball somewhere else and where he can go up for corners and never win one.


Kightly is a great player (better than Jarvis in my opinion - and i really want him to stay at the club. I know football is a mercinary sport these days - but Wolves have stuck by Kites for two nightmare injury hit years.... no if he wants away from Wolves now at this point to further his Premier League career then i personally think its bad form on his part and a kick in the teeth for a club that supported him through the toughest time of his career.

I dont expect him to be eternally grateful bt he should at least be willing to give us one full season - sign a contract and THEN let us sell him for a profit if we do ot get straight back up.



Never be the player he was. Sell Sell Sell. Prob play 3 games and be out for 20. As for Berra go now and pull shirts anywhere else.


19. Agree with you.

Lots of departures already and impending departurss (Fletcher, Jarvis, Kightly, Berra, Hammill, Hennessy when fit etc.) being mooted but nvery little sign at present of any quality like for like replacements. We will be left with all the dross - Ward, Henry, Edwards, Stearman, Hunt, Johnsson & co. The statements from Moxey / Morgan at the end of August will read - "They wanted to leave and we havn't had the time to find replacements".

No ambition for the football club but lots of money in the bank for "projects". Mid table finish predicted. Supporters being milked.

chris hoggard

Silver Wolf, Trouble is £20million will pay for an awful lot of bricks, and Steve Morgan is just itching to go ahead with phase 2 of the ground redevelopment.As you predicted the team without Fletcher,Jarvis and Kightly was well beaten at Soton.Two years ago the Saints were two divisions below us,but their new owners have concentrated 100% on the team unlike Steve Morgan who seems more interested in the infrastructure.The Southampton owners didn't get a debt free club for a tenner either,they had to fork out paying off debts and still they managed to get their team to the Premier.We need to see more intent from Steve Morgan and less complacency from Jez Moxey.


Kiteley must not be let go. On reletively low wages.

Not like Flecher and Jarvis.

Why is Berra going and Roger "Kenny Everett" Johnston staying?

Never mind we have Tongo Diambe who rejected Arsenal for WBA, who rejected them to play Championship football with Wolves. Do me a favour.

George Elokobi to fight for place, Frimpong a man of the past, Craddock given new deal, De Vries going to Liverpool . Sam Vokes released. Hamill going.

TC still in Place.

No change on the Board.

Stadium development stopped.

Karl Henry remains maybe as captain.

Guardiola gone for a song.

We still have stearman though who was always a championship player.

Why let Foley Milijas Go?

Silvain to shine in Championship?

Crocked Scandinavian in. ?????? TBC

Wolves need a minimum 6 signings. Lets see who comes when all the hoo Haa has stopped.

Laughing stock again

Stale Stollen unproven.

Hedge End wolves

I know it's only pre-season but just watched a poor wolves team lose 2-0 to a 2nd string southampton team. If that narrow formation is the way we are playing this season then we are sturggling. Need the wide men.


Leeds on the horizon and it's not looking good .

What the

Paid £40 in tickets to go to southampton to see a poorly organised FIRST TEAM. complete lack of shape and formation.

Wardy out of position for 90 mins and waving arms at team mates as if they in wrong.

Now find out more of first team in second team for Telford game.

Cheers Wolves for nothing as usual, at least it explains why we offered nothing at southampton.


Nouble playing as lone striker.Sounds like the Wolves tactics haven't changed.ONE UP FRONT DID NOT WORK before.ONE OF THE MAJOR CULPRITS FOR LAST SEASON IS ON THER LIST.I would be happy if there were a few more before i am convinced about the new regime.


Hm, hopIng he stays through a full season, plays to his potential, avoiding what seems to be his biggest issue...incessant injury! If he can avoid the long layoffs and absences. helps generate goals for a promotion hunting side, then all this talk about selling him will get sorted, and the contract thing will sort itself out.

Come on, Kites, do the business and help take us back up!


The Doogs Droop

Maybe we Ain't goin' to play with wingers any more? ... all down the middle with tikka takka style spanish play like Stale said a few weeks ago?

Barca neve cros form the wings (too much chance of giving the ball away)

If this is true all the wingers will be shipped out as they aint needed.


Afghan Wolf

I am not concerned if Kightly goes, injury prone and did very little in the premiership last year. He needs space to play and when marked tighly gives nothing to the team.


not really wwfc related, but here goes.....

mo farah, a somalian trained in the usa wins the 10,000 metres gold for team gb in london!!!!!

whatever next? eleven brazillians playing for team gb, so we can get through the effing penalty stage of a football match.



dont forget we still have to get rid of the dross ward stear man elokobi berra


wolf dont you remember he was injured for most of the year you idiot

Staffs Wolf

Kites has gotta stay, he can terrorise the Championship. Certainly he should not be allowed to leave for the joke of an offer put in by Stoke anyway!


Why is anyone "concerned" that Kightly, Berra, Foley, and Milijas are here??

I would be quite happy to see that whole team listed above move on.

All were awful last year. Milijas should get a chance but he is getting older and they wont throw a huge contract at him so now is the time to cash in.


Looks as if the Kightly transfer to Stoke is now a done deal for around £2.5m. Don't think this decision has much to do with Stale as Moxey was making noises about him finding a new club months ago. Personally I am disappointed that there seems to have been little or no inclination on the part of the club to offer him a new contract.

With the start of the league season less than 2 weeks away and Kighyly, Jarvis & Fletcher all unlikely to figure our strength in depth looks woefully short.

Never mind more funds going into the Bank of Morgan.


Great to be amongst Wolves' fans v. Southampton - but as far as our football went, it proved to be a non-event to be honest. We offered very little. I left afterwards feeling a bit empty and now feel concerned about the season ahead. Still, it was a pre-season game, so I'll try to contain my worries. I'm sure the situation regarding Kites, Fletcher and Jarvis can't be productive in the dressing room, and with Berra openly wanting to move on, plus new management, we probably need to see more water flow under the bridge before we have any idea of what lies ahead for us. Che sera and all that. - UTW


I would be very disappointed if Kightly goes,which looks very possible at the moment. I think he owes us another season being as we stuck with him through all his injuries.

Farmer Ted

45 khs

Not really fair critcism of Mo Farah. He moved to Britain when he was 8 after fleeing war torn Mogadishu and was sent by British team officials to the States for specialist training from marathon man Salazar to enable him to acheive what he did on Saturday night. He's a product of our state school system and can rightly be called British. Unlike some of the other 'plastic Brits'. Women's triple jumper Yamile Aldama to name but one, who has already represented Cuba and Sudan in previous Olympics. How does that work ?

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