Wolves sell Guedioura to Forest for £1m

Wolves today recouped £1m from the sale of Adlene Guedioura to Nottingham Forest – and insisted the deal left all parties happy.

Wolves today recouped £1m from the sale of Adlene Guedioura to Nottingham Forest – and insisted the deal left all parties happy.

The Algeria international’s exit guarantees Wolves a seven-figure sum and he has signed a three-year contract.

Guedioura, 26, became Wolverhampton-born new Forest boss Sean O’Driscoll’s first signing since his appointment as manager five days ago.

The midfielder, who was into the final year of his contract at Molineux, was paraded at the City Ground yesterday afternoon after rejoining the club where he made 19 appearances on loan last season, scoring once.

His departure has sparked a mixed reaction among Wolves supporters, with many disappointed the midfielder didn’t get more of a chance after playing just 38 games since his arrival, initially on loan, in January 2010.

Supporters also speculated on whether boss Stale Solbakken had approved the deal. But chief executive Jez Moxey today insisted the transfer had the Norwegian’s full support.

“The manager makes the decisions on the buying and selling of players,” Moxey told the Express & Star.

“He had watched videos on Adlene in action and decided this was the best course of action for us.

“We need to change the team and he was one of the players that were possibly going to be sold.


“They wanted him, he was into the last year of his contract, he wanted to go and we were happy for him to leave provided we got the right money for him.

“Everyone – us, the player, the manager – was happy with the deal.”

Guedioura is the third player to leave Wolves in the past two weeks after Nathaniel Mendez-Laing, who joined Peterborough for a six-figure fee, and Leigh Griffiths, who rejoined Hibernian on loan until January. Sam Vokes has also been put up for sale by the club, while a £1.8m bid for Ronald Zubar from Besiktas has been turned down.

Signed by Mick McCarthy from Belgian club Charleroi, Guedioura started just two Premier League games in 2011-12 for Wolves.

O’Driscoll said: “When I heard he was available, I moved quickly to sign him. He knows what’s expected. I look forward to utilising his expansive midfield play.”

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Comments for: "Wolves sell Guedioura to Forest for £1m"


Absolute joke. I assumed he went to Forest in the first place after an assumed falling out with Mick. Clearly something else has happened because he's an awesome player that has never been given the chance. £1m as well, its next to nothing.

It's also concering that we have now started selling our better players to other championship clubs. Ones that are a threat to our promotion hopes too.

I really hope we are keeping O'hara and Mijias now because we need mid fielders who actually attack and take shots once in a while. Getting boring and predictable going down the wing all the time. It's sure has been a long time since we had players like Rae and Ince in our team.


Box-to-box midfielder... International footballer... Great engine... Scores spectacular goals... Proven to perform at this level...


Yeah, let's get rid of him!

Oh well, another million in the war chest. Can someone keep a running total of all this? I'm in the Football Manager mode, I want to start earmarking signings.

3-1 V WBA

I take it Solbakken did not watch him v WBA when we won at home and Sunderland at home the previous season when he was awesome and scored 2.

I know thats only 2 games but the boy had loads of potential.

Something is telling me something may have happened behing closed doors.

No call back clause last season? We were that desperate when Henry was out we called back David Davis who was at Chesterfield at the time.


I think we wll rue the day we sold him!

He was a very god player and with the right aount of coaching he would beeven better but

we will never know until he comes to Mol.

I rated him and sad to see him go. I thought

the lies of Stearman, Berra, Elokobi etc would have gone. I am suprised he has gone!

and disappointed.

Be careful whatyou wish for!

Never trust oxey!



Gutted. Understand him wanting to leave. I however will never turn my back on wolves, wolves for life aye we!

Judge Jeffries

Very very disappointed to see Adlene go.

Stale must have a very good shopping list and money from Mr Morgan to back it up.

(especially if this decision has been made on just viewing videos)


Is this some sort of sick joke?

Why sell our best attacking centre midfielder at the club?

Solbakken "watched videos"?

Did he watch the videos of him at Forest on loan?

Doesn't anyone find it a little strange why Forest fans wanted him to sign so badly?



I for one am Livid with this decision. This lad is special. It's McCarthys fault for not playing him. He's got the makings of the next Stevie G in my opinion. Gutted.

Swedish Wolf

Quality before quantity - that's the way to go, Staale. Our new manager, who without a doubt has studied his DVD's well, wants a game with much more ball possession and Guedioura obviously doesn't fit in here. There are more players on that list...

money saving wolf

probably our most combatitive midfielder in the last 2 years

always had drive and determination and would have been a real asset in the fizzy pop league.

still glad I didn't renew

nothing has changed apart from the price of tea and coffee will be more expensive to pay for the loss of revenue from season tickets


Ye Olde South Bank

Never saw enough of him to make my mind up. Still, good luck in your new career at Forest, Adlene -but never at our expense, mate.

DJ Dazzler

So in the videos he didnt look like the sort of attacking midfielder who can score goals that we all know he is??


Discrace! If stale watched the videos then he would have kept him! He was our best attacking midfielder and got his foot it. Wouldve been great for us this season in championship! I am so angry! Out of all the rubbish at our club the first player that goes is one with a bit about him and who is actually good on the ball. Id rather milijas, ohara and henry go instead of him!!


Good luck to you Adlene. Sorry to see you go.

Unfortunately you were never really fitted in with Micks scheme. However now we have to trust in Stale and move forward.


What an error. At the very least he could have been given a chance and sold in the next window?

I can understand selling him for three or four if we had a target in mind, but for one?

He was great prior to breaking his leg and looked like he was back to full fitness. The best Nottingham Forest player last season by far, supporters in my office are over the moon.

Something shady is afoot....

Dudley Boy

Remember, Adlene knows something we don't.....that the squad is rubbish and full of arguing disunity? Another signing who never really got a chance and who, almost certainly, will come back to haunt us!


Good luck Adlene... like so many others, I fear we've missed the boat with you. A bit of me hopes you do come back to bite us, if only to prove a point to past and present management.

nick B

Forest fan in peace....

we all wanted pep so much because he has the right attitude! the way he plays giving 100% constantly, i feel you have dropped a clanger with him boys!

Husky Red

Well, we Forest fans are over the moon. If you have a better midfielder than Adlene you may as well lift the championship winners trophy right now. He got player of the season on fan sites despite coming in during January, scored a screamer against Leeds and orchestrated their biggest loss in the club's history at Elland Road when we put 7 past them.

Astonished you'd let him go. First name on our team sheet for sure. Thanks!


OK as an impact player - but never performed when starting a game.

We have a new manager - we have to trust his decisions.

Hednesford Wolf

Sorry to see him go but would never be more than a sqad plaer coming off the bench. Never in my first 11 anyway. good lck to him at Forest, Big George next ?

Coventry Wolf

Very good player but everyone knows he had a punch-up with Hunty last year. Hence his loan and now permanent move.

Him or Hunty though? No contest – we’ve backed the wrong horse there.


Forest fan in peace, great signing for us he played wicked for us last season, dont understand why he wasnt played at wolves, by the sounds of it the fans liked him.


Relax...wouldnt be first choice if henry and joh both fit and sure Stale has others in mind...from his twitter account u can see he wanted to move so bye bye...



Id love to see what video he watched, because i think someone has done a clever edit if they made the likes of Edwards, Hunt etc look worth keeping and Adlene not!!! .... I rated him.....and listening to forest fans so did they n lets not forget we are now in same division! ....... But who needs exciting, attacking, box to box midfielders with an eye for goal anyway! We can have sensible defensive minded ones instead! Zzzzzzz bore off wolves you have jusy lost a great player!!!

I thought we pay our money to be entertained! Silly old me!

Mills Wolf









Dutch Wolf

One of the few players who showed hunger and I got excited to see playing.

He never really got a chance with us and think his best years are ahead of him.

Real shame and our loss.



"goal scoring midfielder"

"next stevie G"

Are you lot on something??

1 goal in 19 at forest last season? That's 3 goals a season!

Ohara will probably get double that.

Jay jay

Im happy he's gone what's he ever done for us he couldn't cut it in the prem witch is where he needs to do it when we get back there I wanted out soon as he tweeted wolves my past forest my future average player at best not better than o'hara or milijas at creating or setting up goals n can't tackle like Henry or Davis no big loss I just hope he don't get a good ovation when he comes back cause he don't deseve one

It's all about the £££££

Scowling Joe

What a joke!! Our best attacking midfielder, sold to a rival club for peanuts. Whats the betting he puts a couple past us this season.

I blame McCartney for not playing him, Stalbokken for not seeing his ability, and Moxley for the whole mess!! OUT OUT OUT!!

Bully for you

Good on the ball shocking without it . Not that fussed , out with the old in with the new.


On the basis of him thinking Gued is surplus to requirements after watching videos I hope he gets after a proper left back, and a right back that is less injury prone (Zubar and Foley seem to be injured half the season each at least)


Entertaining and I know he was a big hit with the Forest fans, but for me his main idea of how to play football was to run as fast as possible at the opposition goal and shoot once he could see it. He may well hit a 30 yard screamer against us next season, on the other hand I would pay attention if you sit near the corner flags too. Never gets his head up to look for a pass.

O'Hara, when fit, is a much better player and if we keep him he will fit in much better with the way Stale wants to play.


Not a surprise really,appeared to be a far better substitute than an actual starter,would rather see Dave Edwards leave as he is up there with the likes of Rob Hindmarch in terms of ability.

Alf ramseys porn dungeon

The next stevie g? He's nearly 27 and from what i remember had a handful of decent games, with a couple of good finishes. Think we can sign someone twice as good as gued. A fully fit O'hara will be key next season.


Good luck Guediora. It is such a shame that having spotted your obvious talent, MM then failed to showcase you enough.

Forest have a bargain and we don't seem to have a player in his mould to replace him. Please don't say Henry, he was even woeful against Bray!


So the EGG and the HEADLESS CHICKEN are better players than ADLENE!


chris hoggard

'In the last year of his contract'.Just like; Zubar,Elokobi,Berra,Milijas,Kightly,Vokes and Ebanks Blake.One down seven to go? Guedioura is the type of combative midfielder who will thrive in the Championship.He is also capable of scoring a winner in the tight defensive games that are the norm in the Championship.You have to ask have we got a similar midfielder left with fire in his belly ,who will be up for the fight?


Has anyone thought that this instead of a bad decision is actually a good one... He may have wanted to gom himself and had no intention to sign a new contract so we get a seven figure some with just a year left after he cost us very little... Best option maybe??


Not happy to see him leave but if he wants to go its best he does. We should not have lost money on him, bad business, and he may well come back to haunt us. Another victim of previous poor management. I suspect we will not be getting a replacement. I hope I'm wrong but I'm getting a nasty feeling we are going to have to still rely on a lot of players who have let us down and no one else wants.

Ghost of Doog

Was an admirer but he's never been the same since that Villa B...... did him no intention of playing the ball


Forest fan here.

Feel for you guys and genuinely cannot believe that you've sold him to us - not a bad price either!

He was absolute quality for us last season when he came on loan. Tough tackling, gives 110%, box-to-box, loves to shoot from anywhere (won goal of the season for Forest and Wolves!), team player and loved by the fans.

Your management are either plain stupid or must have some mega signings in the pipeline.

I'm a season ticket holder at Forest and, for me, Adlene Guedioura was the best midfielder I saw in the Championship last season!

Anyway, good luck for the season (except when we play you of course) and hope we both get promoted - more Midlands clubs in PL the better!



Forest supporter here. Thank you Wolves. Turned our season around last year and almost singlehandedly kept us up. Oh also scored the Goal of the Season. I heard the fee was half what is claimed, rising to £1m based on appearances. Worth 3x the fee


the classy bull goes on to bigger things, i say bigger in the way of him laying regular will put him in the shop window for a bigger club o snap him up, im my opinion he is going to be a great player and its a shame he was wasted here at the wolves, but still on wards and up wards, i just hope stale gets the chance to get a few players in and moxley doesnt scupper him plans penny pinching....good luck Adlene with your future

Mr. Perspective

I am sad to see Addy go, as he always looked capable of producing something.

Let's look at this rationally though, we have a hell of a lot of midfielders, and some of them will have to go to make room for new signings. Addy has, sadly, always been a fringe player, and it will be these type of players that we will try to sell rather than the first team from last year.

Kights, O'hara, forde, milijas, edwards, jarvis, hamill are all forward thinking midfielders (even doyle could be utilised here). Someone had to go, many will argue it should be one of two of the above, but Addy was, rightly or wrongly, usually behind these in the pecking order.

All the best to him and we (reluctantly) move on.

Filtonwolf (Bristol)

Not happy about this at all. Adlene never had a fair chance. This move worries me and doesn't bode well for the future.


"our best attacking midfielder" say a lot of fans. Based on what- he started 2 games last year and was subbed at HT in one of those. He never played central midfield for us in a 4-4-2 because he would go awol and didn't have the discipline. He always played in a midfield 3 or wide on the right for Wolves. Solbakken has spoken about a disciplined 4-4-2 and keeping good shape so it's obvious why Guedioura has gone, he has no position in a standard 4-4-2. Had lots of potential but needs to play in a centre 3 and be given licence to roam.


Just not consistent enough and has not improved the last years. Would never have taken a place in the first eleven in Wolves.

Bewdley Wolf

Some people have either got rose tinted spectacles or are just looking for opportunities to knock the club. There's no doubt he could be exciting to watch at times but he was very prone to giving the ball away and exposing the rest of the midfield. If the new manager wants to base his game on retaining posession I can quite understand why he's been let go.

Bojangles Wolf

I actually feel a bit sick... could of been a real star for us!

30 yarder into the top corner coming up when we play them then...

Im concerned that whilst we have players the need to move on we dont seem to be linked to much... I Just hope Stale knows what he is doing!

Gornal Wolf

Solbakken has not sold Adlene.

The board has sold Adlene something has happened that we dont know about something which has either upset the board or evern worse the team and now they wont except him back.

If you notice no players have come out on Twitter wishing him all the best for the future or saying sorry to see you leave.

Adlene wanted to leave the Wolves and it doesnt matter how good a player is if they dont want to be at the club they are no good for the club.


I reckon this is one player who had a great future and couldhave torn the Chmionship defnces apart. Pity e never got a proper crack of the whip at Molineux amidst whispers of falling out with one of our prima donners!!


Last year of his contract and wanted to join Forest after never really being given a chance here, can't blame the lad.

Stalle will use the money to strengthen our defence and improve the squad as a whole. I was very pleased to see on Twitter that Stephen Fletcher was so pleased to wear the Captains armband on Saturday and all the boys were congratulating him.

Vokes to go next with Brighton and Burnley interested. Zubar really wants to stay and his Agent is in talks regarding a new contract. I'd love to see Danny Batth start but if he's not going to, it is in both parties interest to get him back on loan at Sheff Weds.


Good luck Adlene, you were great in a handful of games for us. Maybe we should have kept you as the Championship is definately your level of football.

Come on though peeps, some of you are vastly overating this player. He played some good games for us but disappeared in far more. We have a new manager who agreed with other opinion. Can it be a fluke? There was rumour of a bust up in the changing room also remember.


7 Tamworth wolves-do you think he is better than O'Hara? you are joking aren't you? I still think O'Hara is class!

Shewolf-so Henry was shocking at Bray so what? It's pre season lets wait till it starts before you start slagging people off which if my memory serves me well you do a lot off....


Glad his gone , wow scored 2goals as an attacking midfielder that's dreadful at fizzy pop level. Scores about one in 200 efforts from half way line . Never passed had no vision ,we need team players not greedy players , and wow world cup international playing for Algeria , come on I could play for them ,


Let's get real here, Guedioura played less than 40 games for us mainly due to the fact that he was often injured, he was deemed not good enough to get in our injury ravaged and out of form midfield last season and so was loaned out with no recall clause. The guy was ok but nothing more and as for "the next Stevie G", he is not and never will be anywhere near that class. Stale obviously doesn't think he will fit into how he wants us to play next season, he's in the last year of his contract and he wanted to go so I think its a reasonable price to be honest. Instead of everybody moaning as usual, let's see what Solbakken brings in over the coming weeks. Good luck Adlene, another strange McCarthy signing who didn't play much a la Eastwood, Shackell, Hammill, Mouyokolo, Friend, Vokes etc etc etc...


A decision that may come back to haunt Solly a different kind of midfielder not afraid to go forward and shoot, not a good idea to sell to one of our main competitors.

New gold

15 - something shady afoot? Is getting some money in for a player daft when for all we know, that might be the difference that lets us buy someone else or pay the wages that allow us to keep fletch or Jarvo etc. Next to no one of us have seen a game with Stale in charge so I reserve judgement until I have.

maybe we could have got a bit more for him. Maybe we should have hun=g on to him and sold someone else...who knows, but who here can honestly say that Stale is wrong here.

This 'the guy's a muppet etc'stuff that features onthis board each day is just stupid when no one has even kicked a single ball in the Championship this season yet.

Old Golds Worth More

We can sell Guedioura for £1 million, but not buy a much needed centre back for the same amount because his wages and/or bonuses are to high! Griffiths wages are off of the payroll as are Guedioura's now, so why not get this centre back (though its to late now I suspect!)

Bournemouth Steve

Shocking, shocking decision.

I know one player is not the be all and end all of any team and he wasn't even in ours but...

He is quality and I honestly think we could have built our team round him once he'd had 5/6 games of consistently playing.

I like the clean slate that the gaffer is starting with and you have to trust him to know what he wants but I would have loved to see a midfield with 2 or 3 of Davis/Guedioura/O'Hara in - i don't think the Championship would cope.

Hope we don't regret this sale. I'm very sad to see him go.

xchurch son of reg

Nouble, Tank and Guedioura. The wisdom of these decisions remains to be seen, but how much input did Stale have ? In all three cases it concerns me that he may have had little input. Disappointed to see Adlene go, it may well have been his choice. Last I heard he was not on Irish tour and was with the Algerian squad so I don't see how Stale could have had face to face conversation with him. I hope this isn't Moxey and backroom staff making these decisions. Still , one year on his contract probably swayed things.Interesting young and hungry legacy from MM era ; Griffiths,Vokes,Guedioura on their way,to early for Jonsson? Post-MM someone doesn't rate these signings.


Ok Addy has gone ...move on.... What about getting rid of some of the real rubbish, Berra, Elokobi, Stearman, there's 3 that need to be shown the door straight away....Haven't heard any decent rumours of any players coming in yet though??? I for one am starting to get worried! Midfield for this coming season...Milijas, O Hara, Henry, Jarvis (Maybe) Kites? Please Please NOT Edwards....


He was pants!!

Dreadful on the ball and hardly had a decent game for us.

Only those who know nothing about football think this guy was good enough!!

Average championship player at the very best..

Thank god we off loaded him for a few quid. I was surprised we got that for him to be honest!! Good business.


I'm a little disappointed at this sale as I think in flashes Adlene showed signs of being a good player but I really don't think he was ever "the best attacking midfielder" at the club. I'd take O'Hara over Guedioura any day. In fact, I can't really see why so many people seem to be so down on Jamie. His impact in his first half season with us was far, far more impressive than Adlene's and last year he was playing through the pain, having to have injections before matches. I don't know about you lot, but I think I'd struggle to run around having had needles stuck in my groins. On his day Guedioura can be explosive but, as someone else has said, he's hopeless off the ball and his shots, though spectacular at times, are just as likely to hit the corner flag as find the back of the net.

Silver Wolf

The only item I liked in this was Sean O'Driscoll's appointment at Forest. I'd taken my eye off that job and it's good to see a footballing manager back in business. Good luck to him and Forest .... but I hope not against Wolves.

Sedgley Slayer

IF we keep the likes of O'Hara and Henry then I don't think it is a major disaster but would have preferred to see Milijas and even Edwards go rather than Adlene. Wrong decision in my opinion.

Mark wallis

Thanks alot Wolves for this cracking player, we have practically stole him from you £1million is an absolute bargain youuuuuuuu reds


Next stevie g? ROFL! %90 of his shots went 10 yards over, he cant pass the ball further than 10 yards and he just couldnt dominate a game. I understand that he never really got a fair crack of the whip under MM and looking at some of the midfielders weve still got left there are others who i would of liked to of seen moved on 1st but some of the comments on here you'd think weve just sold messi for a million


Decent player but got going when the going got tough, we have to go with the manager im sure he knows best.

Golden Balls

Blimmey, too much moaning about this! he obviously wanted to leave....so let the guy leave....end of! Why keep a player that may be negative in the dressing room and disrupt the younger players coming through?


I doubt Moxey is reading this article but if he is take note. How many fans are praising him on here compared to those who aren't?

It was exactly the same reaction on Facebook too and he got the same response when he went on loan in the first place.

There aren't many Wolves players who would get this much positive treatment at the moment. So what does that tell you? The fans loved him and now you've got rid of him on the cheap.

You've also got Forest fans on here too with a big smile on their faces but in the background they are laughing at us. The season hasn't even started yet and already we are being laughed at. Great.


Speaking as a Forest fan, I am so pleased we have signed Adlene Guedioura… but very surprised that Wolves let him go.

I can understand the anger & disappointment coming from Wolves fans.

He is without doubt one of the best midfielders I've seen at Championship level & easily has the ability & talent to play in the Premier league.

He was awesome for NFFC during his 19 match loan spell & we couldn't believe our luck that Wolves had allowed him out on loan & were even more surprised that he was never recalled to help your fight against relegation.

I think you will see the future NFFC side built around Adlene Guedioura and I fully expect him to have the same impact in the Championship as Abdel Tarabt did at QPR.

Bargain buy at £1m!

Whilst I'm on, can we now have George Elekobi for @£250k as well?

Wish you well, but as you all know the Championship is a tough old league.

Moxey out

I can understand selling him, because I believe he himself wanted to go. But for that price??? Surely a joke..


No great loss and a good fee given he's into the last year of his contract!

Yes, he is a whole-hearted player but his ball possession is awful and ran around like a headless chicken at times (still, that's what some Wolves fans like!).

We have better midfield players in Henry, David and O'Hara, to name but 3, so he was never likely to feature much this term.

We need more of this disposal of 'squad players' - quality not quantity is what we need!


71 couldn't agree more, we can't keep all the players we have far too many. Quality not quantity!


He clearly never watched any videos of him playing for us last season we have been screaming out for him to sign he is the one player every Forest fan to a man wanted in and at £1m deal of the season. You guys must have some awesome midfielders to let this guy walk thanks though.


I did like him but you never knew if he was gonna hit the back of the net or the back of the stand.

Good luck tho and good money for a want-away player.


good luck mate so badly treated... so, know its time to get rid of ward, berra, stearman and the crocked painter... how many games has he played the last 3 years and still pulled a wage, this is why we are what we are...rubbish


If there were a fans league table I should imagine we'd be relegated already.

This is all pointless debate anyway until the season begins and Solbakken has shaped his squad. Give the man one season at the least before you judge him.

Shame we can't trade some of our fans like we can players.


It amazes me still how people at wolves still think £1m is a lot of money, dont get me wrong it is! But in football its equsl to a 10p mix from the shop! I understand him wanting to leave under mick, but he's gone now so errm try and impress the new boss the same way you impressed the fans.....but no you jump ship at the first chance, to the first club that bats its eyelashes at you! Speaks volumes for todays committed players, i just hope fletcher, o'hara and jarvis dont jump ship too because in my mind you owe wolves a lot more than we owe you! Premier league players??? Pah dont make me larf!

Wanderer Will

Guedioura 34 games 2 goals

Edwards 115 games 9 goals

Milijas 62 games 4 goals

O'Hara 33 games 5 goals

You all go on about him being a goalscoring midfielder , he is the worst goals to game ration attacking midfielder we had so shut up now , He's gone , thanks for your service and all the best at Forest but sorry we have better players

Those stats without Jarvis and Kightly who would put Adlene's attacking stats to shame !


when Guedioura arrived at wolves it was what a load of rubbish, why we getting cheap rubbish from abroad for blah blah blah.

now its why we getting rid of Guedioura for hes the best we have blah blah blah.

basically = MOAN MOAN MOAN

when we buy roger Johnson its all great signing hes the best thing since slice bread blah blah blah.

now its get rid of the drunk hes worst defender I've ever seen blah blah blah.

basically = MOAN MOAN MOAN

we still have to many numpty fans, I'm waiting for the time when the numpties say we want Mccarthy back.

well forget it , I like it here in Barnsley :)

Losing Faith

A shocking decision!! it's clear when you see comments both on this site and the fans message boards that the majority of supporters are disappointed with this sale.

Well done to forest for getting such a good deal just waiting for him to score against us (as all former players do on their return to wolves!)

Mark my words an injury free season for him and he'll get 12 goals from midfield!

Poor decision Wolves :(


Not EVERYONE is happy with the deal moxey!!, how funny when I type in moxey into my iPhone it offers me another word MONEY, says it all, brought for 2mil, box to box with talent, sold for 1mil, this deal will haunt us when forest visit us!

U t w


The upshot of all this is the lad wanted to leave and be the star player at Forest.

He had no opportunties at Wolves to shine and was substituted for trying to attack by MM.

Wouldn't you want to leave on this basis?? Good luck to him I say, good player with bags of potential but he has found a club that want him, their fans love him and he will play every week.

Therefore, in my oponion, the correct decision for him and us.

As for everyone who thinks £1m is a joke....... this is a MILLION quid for a guy who has only started a handful of games in 2 years. Not bad, not bad at all.


Disappointed to have lost money on another player; poor squad management. He was a match-winner at times but inconsistent at Wolves. Whether that is Wolves' fault remains to be seen, so many have failed at Wolves yet gone elsewhere and flourished.

Forest fans seem to be delighted with him, however they were struggling against relegation last season until our fringe players helped them out. Proof of the pudding will be in the eating and he'll either be anonymous against us next season or we'll be cursing his departure.

All this talk of O' Hara being better.... we need to get the lad fit for a full season first (and that has never happened in his career to date).


Towards the end of last season Guad obviously played a big part in saving Notts Forest.

Why he was not in Wolves team was a complete mystery along with others like Milijas and for that matter Ismael,Doherty and several other youngsters(Is this wonder kid Ismael real) why not in Ireland squad ?

Obvious nobody wants the so called Wolves super stars, but a player who had great potential and worth at least 2.5 million let go for 1 million, also why sell any young players including Vokes and M.L.

Rather see the young players play and finish mid table than watch same old Dross as last year.

Also on Saturday Kightly might be leaving, on Monday new " man in the hole superstar role" for him.What a load of propaganda.

Why don't Wolves and Express and star just let the results on the field do the talking and not promise any more phantom signings or possible goings.

Give new manager the benefit of the doubt on this one as the player clearly wanted out after the debacle of last year.Even Stale probably couldn't persuade him to stay, otherwise why sell one of your best players for peanuts to a team that will probably now finish above you in the table as a result.

Also Stale has no choice with regard to Roger Johnson.

Nobody will currently entertain him, even on loan. So you have to play him hoping you can sell him later, retire him to train with the juniors or pay him off.

Personally I would end the association as soon as possible, leopards rarely change their spots.

Who is the next player to be sold who we wouldn't dream of getting rid of, your guess is as good as mine.Probably the wonder kid for peanuts, who will then become a superstar.

Probably wont be any we would like to sell like Stearman or Johnson.


He obviously had a point to prove at Forest, being on loan. But now he`s there permanently, he`ll probably sink down to the level of the mediocrity around him.

Onward and Upward!


So at first i thought this SS guy is doing some good... but now? OMG.... UNBERLIEVEABLE we now have NO presence in the central midfield area, with tip toe ohara and only left foot milijas... backwards passing Karl Henry... David Davis should shine (hopefully) but this is a massive blow...

Meh ill be there through the good, so ill be there through the Bad. Mistake: No.1

Neil W

Well done Wolves!!

We have just sold the player who will be the best midfielder in the Championship this coming season.

I, for one, am very worried about Stale's judgement.

This is not a good decision!!


Gutted to be honest, so much potential how Dave Edwards got more playing time ahead of him I don't know

Stale didnt watch him train (as yesterday was supposed to be his first day back) and obviously didnt watch his games for Forest or the cup game against Millwall (what a screamer) but then he did watch the 38 Prem games he didnt feature in

I hope it doesnt come back to bite us but fear it will


It is lookign likely that the team to start against leeds will be the same team as last year + one Icelandic dude on the bench!

There is no point in building a team around the likes of Henry, Ward, Berra, Stearman etc as we will be in same trouble in 2 years time! we need to get rid of the dead wood.

Players like Aide should of been given a chance. It will come back to haunt us when we play Notts Forrest.

Poor Decision.

Dropped a Clanger

Lads you've dropped a massive one here. He is simply an awesome midfielder with great vision and passing ability, all the fans giving him negative comments obviously haven't seen him play too much cos last season at Forest he was absolute quality.

wolves moose

71 Spot on mate

You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink!

Clearly there was something else that Adlene was unhappy about and maybe just not MIck - could it be that TC is still at the club??

To me yes he had talent but he was greedy and wasted many efforts on very long range shots that went wildy off target! I think under a better manager and coach he could have been tamed.

Anyway good luck Adlene


This one caught me surprise. AG was one of our more creative midfielders with pace, vision and some flair. Yes, could sometimes be too over eager in a tackle or two, but felt to be full of potential. Now this?

There has to be some behind-the-scenes motive that Moxey and Staale are trying to hatch. £1,000,000 doesn't seem like quite enough. Hope we are lining somebody jet as good, or possibly gathering a few extra bob to increase Fletch's new wage packet increase!

Anyhow, guess who will probably score for Forest when they play us at the Molineux? That's Right, AG!



frustrating type of player,looked good at times but lacked positional discipline and gave the ball away far to often.To conclude,average championship player and as he is in last year of his contract good decision to sell.


I've put my thoughts about this on the previous thread - many reservations about this deal, but who knows what all the facts leading up to it are. Regarding the videos - there can't have been too many of him to view, unless Stale added Forest videos to his already long list.


A clear out is the only way forward, can't believe the panic when we sell a fringe player from a squad that needs to be quickly reduced. Hope there's more of this to follow. Guedioura was never a consistent performer, nothing to dislike about his effort, but we need some week in week out solid performances and on top of that some skill and guile on the ball - he doesn't give that! He scored 1 in 19 for Forest...and I'm sure he'll end up playing off the bench for them soon enough next year. Lets just hope Milijas, Vokes and Elokobi get some interest too!


Makes sense to sell him as in last year of contract and obviously there has been some sort of falling out (quite a lot of that at WWFC recently!)

However I am very concerned as to the general trend which seems to be developing with our transfer strategy.

So far in 2012 -

In - Eggert Johnsson, Siguardson, Nouble, Tank. Total cost < £3m.

Out already Mendez-Laing, Guardioura £1m+.

Definitely going Vokes £500k.

Almost certainly going Fletcher, Jarvis, Hennessy £25m.

Possibly going Ebanks-Blake, O'Hara, Milijas and anyone else now winding down their contracts.

Staying - all the dross Ward, Henry, Edwards, Stearman, Elokobi etc.

So, as I have intimated on previous posts unless a substantial proportion of incoming transfer revenue is reinvested in QUALITY PLAYERS (and there is little evidence of this happening at the moment) the short to medium term future doesn't look too rosy.

Hope my crystal ball is malfunctioning.

The Flying Winger

Big mistake, he had a longtime out through injury and when he came back was never given the opportunity to establish himself in the team by McCarthy or Connor, like several people I think he did something wrong.

The Managers did not have the ability to manage him and like so many we have let go will come back and bite us.

I am disappointed that Stale did not give him his opportunity, he is exactly the type of midfielder we needed and would have taken Henry's place quite easily.

Must be more to this me thinks.


Mad Mick was forced to start him last season and he got subbed as he could barely pass to a gold shirt. The problem is that he cannot do the same job as Henry or Davis and he is not as good as O'Hara - as a creative midfielder. The midfielder that might find it hard to get a shirt is Edwards?

Based on what was observed on Saturday and who is due to come back, if we were to keep all remaining players, the side would probably be:-

De Vries, Zubar Berra Johnson Ward, Kightly Henry O'Hara Jarvis, Doyle Fletcher

Doherty, Batth and Forde - of the youngsters - are pushing for starting berths though!


total joke ,

he wouldd have been superb in the championship , Forests gain :(

Weary Wolf

@87- the 38 Prem games he didn't play in? I take it you didn't see much of last season yourself, let alone Stale. What SS would have seen was AG's truly dreadful appearances for us(Wigan at home and Man City away, in particular, stand out) in the PL, as well as (i'm sure) his one good game against Milwall.He has all the physical attributes to play a box-to-box midfield role without, unfortunately, the talent to go with it. All the best to him at Forest.He's now an ex-Wolves player, and therefore irrelevant to me.

Alex Rae's Butler

Im a massive fan of this boy. At times I think he shot himself in the foot when he got games in the prem by giving the ball away in silly areas - this is probably why he started far less than most would have liked.

That aside, in the championship I believe he would have been an excellent membere of the squad.

Real shame.

Billy Wright's Biscuit Tin

Thought he was better than he was. Flashes of brilliance but not consistent enough. The right decision I think.

Weary Wolf

Right, I was responding to WWFC1986,who's comment was #87 but is now#92.On another note, the pretend 'Forest fans' are a bit sad... mildly put.


1 goal in 19 for Forest says it all, we have enough midfielders who cannot hit a barn door, goodbye.

Woody from Wirral

He popped up and scored a couple of important goals for us and on his day was one of our more forward thinking attacking midfielders.

He also had an absolute nightmare against Swansea at home and while I was disappointed he never got picked again after that, I could fully understand why.

I think Stale has probably not gotten a fair proper look at this lad and decided that he can do better elsewhere or (heaven forbid!) with what he already has.

Wolfman Jock

Did well to get £1 million for a headless chicken, they're much cheaper at Sainsburys.

Lacked responsibility on the pitch,rouble maker off.


Tasmanian Wolf

Don't understand this at all. Needed an extended run in the first team and never got it


He wanted to go to Forest its as simple as that. Some of fans are dreaming if they think he was a great player, like most of our signings got potential but not quite good enough.

Filthy Wolf

The only worry I have is we have a record of selling players who come back to haunt us, and he will get two chances next season. Liked him, thought Mick did not know what to do with him, and like Milijas he came to us with an international reputation, was a World Cup player and just...........faded under Mick.


If this was purely a Football decision, then its madness selling a Player of this quality to a Promotion chasing Rival.

In the Real Word however, it is about what happens behind the scenes ie Team spirit, Togetherness etc

It is also about the final Year of his contract, and the certainty he would have left us in 12 month for nothing.

As much as we like situations and decsions to be either totally right or totally wrong, they rarely are.

He is a better Player than many left here and will be ideally suited to this level (as he proved on loan)

Yet somehow, it is probably just about the right decision on balance, when everything is taken into consideration.

I think He will be a better PLayer at Forest where he feels welcomed, and its a fresh challenge, on a secure contract, than He would have been at Wolves, where unfortunately there is too much baggage.

Conkers in gravy

What a great deal! £1m for a second-rate player who was a liability in defence, a headless chicken in midfield and has scored three goals since coming to England at a ratio of 0.05 per game.

Wolves have too many players and he doesn't want to play for us. It's a no-brainer. Everyone's happy except the miserable cretins who couldn't wait to find something to moan about.


Solbakken? or Connor who is in charge here at wolves selling your best attacking midfielder aint it about time the muppets left connor moxey henry and ward, Stale dont list listen to connor kick him out should have gone ages ago oh no cant do this related to moxey, might as well sell hamill and big George and sylvan sell all your best players absoulate disgrace adlene had potential surely the manager did not see the dvds ward and henry the weaknesses especially so called left back got past him easy my gran can get past him at the age of 78, big george all the way make him captain play along side zubar and put hamil in attacking mifield role 4-3-1-2 formation sell millijas bring back adlene buy mcglashan from cheltenham and nile ranger from newcastle and sign another goalie because ikeme is no good either,


average player, think stale has identified the players who wwfc don't need.

all the (fans) who think he's the best player in the championship! well you don't know anything about football. as for the forest fans, how old are you? 12?

3 goals in 44 games. enough said.


Dave J

Golden rules for Wolves players

1. If you are in the team and make a mistake then you are crap.

2. If you are in the team then you must be (or now, must have been) one of Mick's favourites

3. If you are not in the team, then you are a world beater and Mick (Terry, Stale) is too blind to see it because you are not one of his favorites or because Moxey wants a bigger bonus and will sell you.

Managers don't deliberately ignore good players if they think they would help the team. Gued had one or two good games (generally as a sub) but more often than not he was a headless chicken and gave the ball away. Forest were crap last season, any one of our so called rubbish first teamers woudl have looked like world beaters in that team. For people to say that selling him is a disgrace is crazy. Sure, he'll score the odd cracker (probably against us) but if we want to improve then we will need better players than him.

Northampton Wolves

I for one wish Guedioura the best at Forest and also O'Driscoll.

Not been as gutted losing a player since losing Lescott, Dean Richards etc.

Think Forest will be a surprise package.

There's normally a Wolves reject that ends up getting promoted.


How could have stale have watched him play because he was sent out on loan wrongly an not given a chance. Utter joke he's a better player then Karl henry


just wonedreing if some of the people on here saying how brilliant he was actually went to the games. He started off well but his last few performances were so poor I would have taken him off at half time. Gave the ball away every time. Some players have to go - fact


Diabolical decision


If you want a laugh, remind yourself of the comments people were posting when we signed him!



Never really rated this guy. Had an awesome debut for us (vs Everton), showed plenty of skill and flair in that game but I saw little of it again after that. When it came to the crunch he disappeared far too often and was carried a lot of the time. Long range shots are amazing when they go in but as someone else said, when the ratio is 200 misses to 1 goal it's actually pretty embarrassing.

He probably had a point to prove at Forest last season but I for one won't miss him. SS clearly has a plan and is working towards it; let him get on with it and stop pining for overrated, average players who never actually made any difference to the quality of the squad.

Ciao Addy, don't let the door hit your backside on the way out.


No.119 Dave J- well said..


He was only a fringe player at Wolves as he hadnt fully regained his full fitness after his broken leg. Guedioura was one of our best players before the Villa game.

Like most fans we thought his loan spell out was to bring him back to his previous excellent form and slip straight back into the team the following season.

Lets hope we land Emmanuel Frimpong or I fear this choice will come back to haunt Stalbokken.

Patrick Gill

Saw Adlene play for Forest when they were away at Peterborough. He played a defensive midfield role, and occasionally made some dazzling runs through the midlfield - these were disciplined and inspired the team around him; a different class to the rest of the Forest team on display. They are getting a bargain, and I can see Forest being a Top Six side in the Championship this season.

And don't be surprised if Forest put in a bid for Elokobi, too. He was only a sub in the game I saw, but when he came on he really lifted the team and made some decisive challenges. Those coming in to fill their squad places had better be something special...

Ste Williams

Why is it that the defence that got us up from the championship is not good enough this time around but people think its ok for a player like Guedioura who is obviously not good enough for the premiership but we should play him in the championship

Double standards a lot of you !

He chinned a fellow player ( Hunt ) on the training pitch , HE DOES NOT want to stay , you hear that moaners HE DOES NOT WANT TO STAY so I'm glad we got a few quid for him , RVP is worth 30m in todays market but because he has a year left on his contract Arsenal only want 20m , some of you are so full of drivvle its unreal !

Wolves have

De Vries with Hennessey to come in

Zubar Johnson Berra Ward , with Batth Foley Stearman Mouyokolo Jonsson Doherty Reckford ( a very good looking left back ) all waiting in the wings

Kightly Henry O'Hara Jarvis , with Hammill Forde Hunt Davis Ismail Edwards Milijas waiting to come in

Fletcher n Sigurdsson , with Doyle Blake Nouble battling for a spot

Change the personnell in that if you wish but there is not more than 3 or 4 sides in the championship with a squad STRONGER than that lot , maybe sell a couple more and get a couple quality players in , I.E if Fletch n Jarvis go we have players already here in Siggurdsson and Forde chomping at the bit to replace them at a lower level , OR we have 20m to play about with

Be positive for gods sake , we have a debt free squad , quality youngsters with a football minded manager in charge , new stadium slowly getting done , state of the art training fascilities and STILL you lot moan moan moan !!!!!


123. Timmiswolf

You have a strange sense of humour. A lot of the comments about the player's ability and Wolves inability to sign Premier League experience are perfectly valid now as they were back then. Have you not been paying attention to what has happened between then and now? Have you been on Mars?

The player failed to be a fixture in the side, but when he did appear looked more enthusiastic and exciting than the rest of Wolves midfield personnel. It says more about the state of Wolves midfield in general than anything else and goes a little way to explain why Wolves were relegated a couple of years later.... Fletcher aside, Wolves still have the same starting 11 now as they did at the time Guedioura was signed.... yet have splashed out £30m in transfers and wasted another £20m on wages for players who never got in the team.


Overrated, he just tried to shoot every time and his passing was not as good as many fans think, and his positional play was poor. He was hard worker but really average in my opinion, if we are getting a million we have done well to get that kind of money since we paid 2 million for him I recall. Also he gives the ball away so badly


To the forest fans if he is quality you must have some crap players! Wolves fans? if you think we have no one else to replace him I think you should look up our players - Jarvo,Kites,Henry,Hammill,Milijas,O'Hara, Davis and Forde (missed a couple) with Price, Reckord and Gorman coming through.

As for Guedioura - all matches inc forest P57 Goals4, now that's what I call world class? lol,did he not play recently for Algeria........at full back? and spends more time on the bench for them, highly rated at international level then!

If you want the manager to bring in "new" players, then let him do it, some players that we will all ask why! will have to go, other wise put up with the players Mick brought in? but don't blame the manager when they don't work out.


I think you Wolves emphasise too much on Gued's shooting! He's sooooooo much more than that. He was a breath of fresh air at Forest last season and along with Andy Reid and Garath Mccleary they kept Forest up and was top 10 form from Feb onwards.

The biggest part of his game for me was that he always wanted the ball. It didn't matter if he was marked because he had the strength and a little shimmy to get away then always find a red shirt. He turned defence to attack with 1st time passes or bursting runs. He made it look like men against boys against many decent championship midfielders.

You build a team around a player of his quality.


Some of the responses are a little OTT, yes he did well at a side that was nearly relegated, yes he clearly has potential but thats about it.

I don't think i'm the only Wolves fan who thinks he's slightly over rated...

Eight clubs in eight years, say no more...

The lad is far too unpredictable and not disciplined enough to play to the standard we are looking for.

In this new formation we are looking to utilise this season, play is going to be very tight, so there is no place for Guedioura - simple a that.

Some of us need to respect Stale's decision and see what plans he has before we start moaning.


well all you numpty wolves fans that prefer mr karl henry have got what you deserve , his falling out started with henry not MM, but for some reason you think henry is a footballer when he is clearly not, adlene was full of energy vision and a willingness to go forward , something we don't see very often at the wolves , what a disgrace that we have sold him instead of letting henry go instead, and as for SS having the final say on comings and goings what another lie, so moxey is telling me that he signed the kid from walsall and nouble and let adlene go ...? NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER ON THAT NOTE !!!!

Jesus H Craddock

1 chance in 50 he would scream into the top corner ... 49 chances in 50 he would give the ball away in a dangerous position.

The fans loved him because he shot from anywhere. The management hated him because he lacked discipline, especially defensively.

He was ideal for the last 20 minutes of a game that we were chasing. When we could take risks.

£1m for a fringe player with 1 year on his contract is good business.

Saw him against Man City in the league cup last year and he was by far our best player and quite rightly earned a start in the following premier league game ... where he was absolutely bobbins. Sums it up.


I imagine we should 'respect' Morgans decision to expand a stadium we couldn't fill in the first place too?

The fact this real footballer had to get behind the likes of Edwards and Henry in our 'all graft but no quality' scheme of the past few seasons is a farce.

I guess we should respect the decision to let Elliot Bennett and Andrew Surman go for next to nothing, both of whom are better off for leaving Wolves... what's the chances of Adlene ending up in the same situation, very high indeed


It's the same clueless fans whoo thought Freddie Eastwood and Dens Rossa we world class players!!

Well those two proved you right didn't they!!


131 - JohnWolf.

Speaking of 'crap' players. Henry, Edwards, Eggart Jonsson!! Three midfielders who in Guedioura's position kept him out of the side all of last season.... and look where that got us!

Talentless tryers with no ability on or off the ball of which Adlene had in abundance, I presume you think the likes of Surman were poor as well until he showed us up a treat after noving.

You need to wake up an realise that the current crop a lot of whom you mentioned are responsible for the embarassing shambles that was last season and all of whom were found out as being way out of their depth in the promised land whilst the likes of Guedioura had to watch from the sidelines as they flailed around aimlessly and failed miserably in their task, so you want crap players look no further than the list you just provided us!

Oxford Wolves

In Stale we must trust.


@Weary Wolf

As a season ticket holder I got to see every home game and went to a fair few away last season, granted his Prem Performances wernt the best, he looked like he was trying to hard to get a starting position and was being played out of position on the right hand side and not in the middle. its not fair to judge someone when there dropped in to 1 game every so often

He has more quality than Dave Edwards and wouldnt over run or miss control something as much as he did and is a different option to Milijas or O'hara there main attribute is passing but dont always seem to work hard (thru injury or whatever other means)

I think he has alot to offer especilly at championship level against the likes of Millwall and could push on to prove himself in the Premiership and was hoping under a new manager he would be given a fresh start as most others have. If he wanted to go theres not much we can do i suppose other than let him go and wish him all the best, i still think he will get a goal against us next year


Sad to see him go but my biggest worry is that he only came back yesterday and forest announced it yesterday so how much did Stale really have to do with it... And my answer is nothing, so more worryingly looks like Moxey is pulling the strings again.... Last thing we need us another yes man


I think he would have been suited to us in the Championship- hope he doesnt rturn to bite us with Forest. Not a good move to sell a decent player to the Divisional opposition.

Bully for you

Proves how poor forest must be if they think gud and elokobi are world beaters my god two average players at best joh twice the player of gudioura.




great comic posts above...lets just see where forest and wwfc finish next season.

stolle salbakans old gold and black army...utw.


We are not desperate for a million so my guess is that theres more to this than people are letting on.We won't have any reason for complaint if the players brought in to replace the likes of Guedioura are basically, better.


why do people keep saying they think somethim

ng must have happened what we don't know about, we do know its hilighted last season when tc took over addy said he wanted more games tc said he couldn't promise that, so he shipped him out on loan it was tc who pushed him that is why we still need shot of tc he is obviously still having to much imput. the sooner mm gets a job the better then he can go with him.


Selling him be4 the the rubbish is a joke pure an simple

Jesus H Craddock

135 Jesus H Craddock - couldn't agree more. Surprised more people can't see this.

Golden Wonder

Have said a few times on here that midfield was a problem for us last season but the reactions to Guedioura leaving is a bit over the top to say the least.

The only time we looked decent was when we got Frimpong on loan who is far from the finished article but still injected some much needed pace and power to the midfield.

Whatever happened behind the scenes, the club seemed keen to get shot of him and i for one won't be losing any sleep over him.

Why is it that all the players that don't get many starts are the best players in some peoples eyes. No the reason is because they are no better than what we already have.


Forest fan, coming in peace. As all my fellow reds fans have commented so far on your blog, i too cannot believe Wolves sold Adlene to us for the £1m that has been quoted in your paper. I can understand the frustratons from the Wolves fans who are angry, sad, dismayed etc about his departure, especially, as has been pointed out to a rival championship side. He was, by far the best player to grace the garibaldi red shirt last season, which in fairness didn't take much given some of the dire performances some of the other Forest players were putting in.

However, if he was unhappy at Wolves, and the comments about him chinning another member of your side would suggest he wasn't happy, then the best outcome for Wolves would be to sell him while he is still under contract. At least you got some money for him. If you had kept him for another year he could and would have walked for free. At least Adlene has now come to a club where he is happy and has great support from the fans.

Good luck for the next season you Wolves, we always get great matches against you guys. (As long as the Wolves get lost in the Forest lol.)


'All parties happy'.I do not think the Wolves fans are happy.Still when did the Wolves management ever consider the interests of the fans.They're just the punters who pay the money to watch them.

Woodcross wolf

I think Mick signed him more for his workrate like the rest of the players he signed. Cannot pay football but will run all day. He should help keep forest in the league but thats about it. Must of been playing the football of his career at forest the way their banging on about him. We will play football next season so he would of been surplus to requirements. Cheers for the million I feel we've ripped you off!!!


It was quite obvious from Adlene's comments on twitter that he had a real afinity with the Forest fans and club and wanted to stay with them.

I think it's a real loss for us and one that may haunt us. I'd much rather he'd stayed.



In Connor we don't.

Old Golds Worth More

If he didn't want to stay, and was entering the last year of his contract, then £1 million for him isn't bad business. Quite frankly every time I've watched him, apart from his enthusism he hasn't exactly set the place on fire, so would have struggled to get into the team. I wish him the best, and thats that he's gone. Now get out there Moxey/Stale and get some quality in, so we can go back to where we belong the Premiership (don't forget, you get what you pay for, so no more monkey's for peanuts please!)


Thought the manager said only the day before he was glad have his full squad together for the first time.clear sign of a player sayin some home truths last season and he gets the boot.clearly its only the two m's that can have an opinion.1 million opinions.that will buy you some more bricks for your houses

g master france

when we have the norwiegen national team reprasenting wolves the championship will be a doddle


29 jayjay yoiu shoukld of gone to specksavers. Your comments on Adelene are ridiculas to say the least.Thanks to mad mick and terry the clown,he hardly ever featured for us.The poor guy was usualy lucky to get the last twenty minutes of the bench, and anyone who knows football or played football ,knows youy can try too hard in that space of time.The guy for me looked the best midfielder at the club,deffo better than Karl the crab,always going sideways or backwards.

wanderer in eire

If one looks at the players we have then ADLENE is v v unlucky to be the first out as one or two others could and probably should haVe been shown the door eg:EDWARDS.

What is true is that Adlene was never really given a fair crack.He played well in some games and found himself out the next.

So one can understand his inconsistentcy in my opinion he felt unwanted by the club.

So his heart was gone from the club so for that reason its a correct decision.


The reference to Sammy Chung reminded me of one of his famous quotes.ie.'I don't need to go into the transfer market,i have theplayers to do it'.True the team did return to division one immediately but back there they were badly out of their depth.With SS i'm wondering if it is Deja Vu.


Yeh, he was ok, but think Forest fans may be getting a little carried away! One clown said, if we've got a better midfielder, we may as well lift the Championship. Why? The guy 'helped' Forest win 26 points in 19 games. That ain't Championship Winners form. We've got better players. The guy's an impact player who will run and run. Let's play with some class for a change. Keep O'hara and he'll make a mug of Adelene in both games. Good luck Ade, you'll need it with Foerst. Plastic Sheiks with 'money to burn.' Don't think so somehow.

darlo wolves

we,ll rip forest apart this season and if we keep our top players we,ll win the championship by a country mile . so adlene as gone so what in stale we trust . wolves ay we.


Guedioura ...a ghost mmm he will come back to haunt us ....what a waste of a taslent that needed harnessing ....good luck to him...who will we get as good for £1 million??


Good player, sad to see him gone! Still rate J'OH and Dave Davis over him though. Saying that 1m is not enough for a player of his quality. Can see him scoring past us next season in a crucial match.

Send In The Berras Elokobis Wards Stearmans

Great news PeteNuts, Wanderer in Eire has got his mojo back and is even trespassing into Bridget Jones territory.

Psalm 23

Term Foot and shoot come to mind!!!!!


Hoof it football, here we come!


Sky sports reported on Monday why Demidov did not sign.......'After talks with Jez Moxey he

decided to sign for Frankfurt' says it all really. That man is again meddling and applying his tight fisted policy. Until he is sacked by Morgan we will not do any good. Same old! If we reach the prem again i fea much the same!.

I just hope that Staale does not get too p....

off with him and walk!


adiee and debs bradford yokshire wolves

So we havin a clear out well good cos for sure well need one Stale needs to get rid off the rubbish the under achievers and those who dont want to serve wolverhampton wanderers and make us great again . We should be aiming at winning the championship and then have a team that is good enough to compete in the premiership and even our so called best players have to knuckle down and show what they are made off cos last season can not happen ever again we were awful the worst we have played in our history so good luck lads and stale .


The link shows how Stale and FCK did play

4-4-2 in Copenhagen 2010.


Staffs Wolf

Disgrace! Who's next? Jarvis for £4 million??


55- Forever

The thing is, when you attend every game you have a good idea of who is and isn't a decent player. Sadly, that is something you obviously don't do and in accusing me of slagging players (which I don't) you have clearly got me mistaken with someone who gives a damn for what you think.

I have consistently criticised McCarthy who led us unnecessarily in to the championship.Likewise Ward, who is shocking and should have been cast out before Guediora. Connor, should be gone and it is likely that O'Hara will go anyway.

For me, Solbakken has to be left to get on with the role of managing. Guediora may come back to haunt us, he may not. Lets just hope Stale has a better idea on tactics and playing players in position than his predecessor.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

Was this move guided by a recommendation from TC ??????? I'm starting to get a bit edgy .


It is amusing reading some of the comments from some of our wolves experts on this board, yes Guedioura was an ok player, but some of you lot have him down as a world beater, which if you cast your minds back, will remember that was clearly not the case. Also, if Guedioura thinks a move to forest is a step up then he is as deluded as some of his fans on this board.He had a fresh chance here and he ran away.

chris hoggard

no123 Timmiswolf,Interesting read,many names have changed.but the same arguments apply; those like me who bemoan our lack of ambition and others who agree with whatever the club says or does.Sadly some names no longer with us ,like Grey Wolf.Pete nuts is very consistent with his correction of people's grammar and humour.I see I had a moan at Moxey's transfer record.I note some thought it would be a bad idea for us to buy Bale and Welbeck .As if we ever would.And someone else predicted the Blues would go bust.The other way of looking at it is in the two and a half year's since then we have had nothing but relegation battles, ending in our worst season ever in top flight football.Yet the club will have received in that period over £80m in Sky money alone.Basically the people running the club owe the fans big time.


i really wish adlene all the best. He just didnt fit into Micks team formation and didnt get the opportunities he desrerved.

This could really backfire on us, as I saw a different side to Adlene as a forest player on loan. He looked good all round.

I would also offload Edwards who is the most limited player we have.imv

I would like to see a 3 man midfield with the likes of henry,davis, miljas or ohara


Shewolf- ok I can assure you I do go to every home match been a season ticket holder for nearly 40 years, can't afford to go to every match! The thing is we all have different views on players some like certain players some don't , I can't agree you seem to suggest Adlene is better then Henry, Henry has played for us for 5 years and Adlene only a handful of games so I don't get that! But that's your opinion so you're entitled to it..

I'm also different to your I do give a damn about other peoples views else what's the point in reading these posts.

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