Moxey in denial as Matt Jarvis talk hots up

WOLVES today responded to the growing speculation surrounding Stoke and winger Matt Jarvis by insisting there had been no contact from the Potteries.

WOLVES today responded to the growing speculation surrounding Stoke and winger Matt Jarvis by insisting there had been no contact from the Potteries.

The rumour mill went into overdrive at the weekend after claims on website Twitter that Stoke had lodged an £8m bid for the winger. But chief executive Jez Moxey denied there had even been any discussions.

Speaking to the Express & Star, Moxey said: “They haven’t even spoken to us about him.”

Like team-mate Steven Fletcher, Jarvis has plenty of Premier League admirers.

There were reports three weeks ago that West Ham had bid £4m for Jarvis but these were strongly denied by Wolves, while Premier League newboys Southampton have also been linked with the one-capped England international.

Stoke boss Tony Pulis admitted his interest in Jarvis back in April before the two clubs played each other in the Potters’ 2-1 win.

“We inquired about Jarvis, but unfortunately the deal had already been done,” said Pulis. “He’s a very good player.”

Pulis tried to sign Jarvis after Wolves agreed his £600,000 transfer with Gillingham in 2007.

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Comments for: "Moxey in denial as Matt Jarvis talk hots up"

steve manns

it boils down to matt in the end, love him to stay but prem is the promised land....c,mon u wolves!


Eight million? Take it. Especially if they're willing to chuck in Matty Etherington as part of the package.

No Ambition

In JAZ we trust !

Stale Bread

Just a matter of time but the transfer fee will be considerably less than 8 Million. Forget the bluster from Jezza, he's going!!


I am sure that Stoke would not be much of a career move especially if he wants to break into the England team.If he and Fletcher stay at Woves that woud be their best option.

chris hoggard

Sir Billy,Cannot reply on previous post.I do not think they are doing anything improper.But I am pointing out the football club made over £9million profit in the last accounts.When consolidated with the Wolves property business ,the profits are reduced to £2m.The accounts refer to accelerated depreciation,ie to cater for reduced life of existing stands.What I am saying is if we were not redeveloping the ground a longer less costly view could have been taken on annual depreciation costs.If that had applied more of the profits could have been used to improve the playing squad.Where the club,in my opinion ,have tried to pull the wool over the fans eyes,is in saying the ground redevelopment has not reduced the amounts available to spend on players.Like you all I want is Wolves to be successful,you do that by building a football team first and redevelop the ground afterwards.This is especially the case when revenue from Sky is so lucrative,over 4 times greater than gate money.PS Sorry for the typo on aside.


Cant see Jarvis staying but Fee of 8 Million would be excessive!!!!!!


He can double his wages if he leaves and a new long term contract and same for Fletch, it's not up to the club...

See you Matt!!

David 1

Please don't accept anything less than 10 million.


hope jarvis stays,but if he does go we have a ready made replacement in nathaniel mendez-laing, who is good enough.

watched england outclassed last night. well done italy. utw.

golden numptie

We should simply tell Jarvo he is not leaving. He will be vital for us this season. We could not stand in his way if a top club came in and then only at the right money - todays market 10-12 mill. Stoke??? no disrespect but laughable.

Armenian wolf

It could be good deal if they agree to take Roger Johnson too!

Farmer Ted

If Stoke are prepared to pay £8 million for Jarvis I'd take it.He's been good but his form has fluctuated over the last couple of seasons. Hammill has the chance to shine and if we buy a proper left back Ward can do a job out on the left.

Petenuts. Wouldn't want Etherington. There's a good deal of baggage attached there.


Play hard ball an get as much as u can moxey cuz that is all you are bothered about

Sir Billy Quiet

PeteNuts - Whose offering £8M? who have Stoke contacted Mick McCarthy?

We should put him on Ebay!


BSD. I'm always right when Moxey is always wrong.

Moxey says No,

I say I say clubs have already spoken.

Mad MOXEY says we must sell before we buy so books have to be balanced so if Stoke want to pay top Dollar so lets do bsiness.

I cannot see this load of waffle talk in the E&S reports.

Jarvis will be sold as he is worth some gold and others will follow.

Stale needs the cash to make his team, so lets stop beating the bush and talk to all clubs who are willing to pay a least £10M bucks with adds on if they sell on.

I am fed-fed up of all fans and players moaning about should I stay or go. STOP! Talking and do the walking as business is business at the end of the day.

Stolar needs to get in the fast tarck if promotion is to be sealed.



Stewart Downing £20M, Matt Jarvis £8M,


Staales Syrup!

Rumour wagon plows on over matt Jarvis. Is the English prem the promised land? After last nights woeful lacklustre outclassed game

I think not! Our best is not good enough on the world stage quite clearly as we were shown how to play possesion football and slick moving.

Jarvis is a good player and would serve us well in the fizzy. I hope he is not sold along with Fletch. As Moxey has said we are in a good financial position, although this cost us our prem status, we do not need to sell the family silver ware!

Hopefully we will get rid of the already quoted deadwood when Staale sits down at his desk and takes control.


Balham Wolf

Take the money and run! We have Kightly and Hammill.Now we need 10Mill for Fletcher and we can hopefully then buy a really good centre back and a creative midfield player.

Job Done!


After the poser in the pink boots(Ashley Young)performances in the Euro,s,surely Jarvo has to be worth at least £8 mill.

Love him to stay,but you cant deny him Prem football after the service he has given us.

Think he could do better than Stoke though.


This is a Wolves leak to try and inject soeme upward momentum into the auction for this player.

Along with Fletcher, He will definitley leave.

I just hope we achieve a nosebleed price for him.

A I have stated before, Come the start of the following season (2013/14) these players will cost more.

Every Premiership Clbb will have an EXTRA £25 million guaranteed TV Revenue then. And just as with every other stepped increase in Media Rights income, it will ALL be spent


Take it and give them Ward and a few other, we run this club, wont say players.

Also see if they would take the Clown he could soon get them relagated, with his record of managment in the Premier. Maybe they would also want Moxey back,!!!!

seems that the great manager Mad MM still has no offers, what is happening, according to some Wolves Fans he was the best.


I am fairly certain that both Jarvis and Fletcher will go and it needs to be a minimum £18m but we could get up to £22m. I believe we have enough wingers here in anycase - Hammill, Kightly, Hunt, Gorman, Mendez-Laing and Ismail. Replacing Fletcher is another issue altogether!

The priority has to be much needed defenders and a central midfielder, as O'Hara will be on his way!


This isn't much of story really.

The main transfer activity usually takes place after 1st July when the official transfer window opens.

Speculation about players goes on all the time, but usually that's all it is. Managers from other clubs may express their admiration for players, but that does not mean they are going to bid for them.

I have still not seen any direct quote from either Jarvis or Fletcher expressing a wish to leave the club. The unknown factor here is what our new manager wants.

Waterside wolf

Haha love the headline- moxey in denial.

That man is in denial about a lot of things....

Moxeys denial usually means its a fact that it's gonna happen.

Either way I wish him the best and hope he achieves success, not sure if stoke is the right club for him. He's too small for them. And too talented.

Anyway 8mill will go a long way to rebuilding the team. Which is already well under way. Bright times ahead.



Aus Wolves

Mate, good luck, you deserve a decent side, I wouldn't miss the boat! Anyway the transfer fee you will receive is well worth. Good Luck and we'll miss ya!


more pr bile from our beloved ceo, moxey why not be honest for once in your life ? why dont you just say yes he is being sold for amount of money instead of all the bull we are familiar with...... sold for undisclosed fee ... you heard it hear first !


When we end up selling Jarvis,Fletcher and Doyle...which we will. I won;t blame the players , they have a short career, and dont want to waste a year or three in the Chumpo with us

Instead, all you Mick lovers, blame him for the three poor season we had in the PL , a relegation fight each year, and 45 million wasted along the way

For every Jarvis there is a Halford and a Moyokoulo, But no, all the numpties wanted "merlin" to stay...and thanks to you, we now have to sell our best players

Geoff Dunn

Jez Moxey may have denied that any bids have been forthcoming for Jarvis but will he deny this?

According to another newspaper report, Moxey has renegotiated ALL the players salaries DOWNWARDS from their PL level. This now means the transfer values of players such as Jarvis, Fletcher, Doyle etc will also be less as their contracts are not so valuable. Our 'friend' Roger Johnson is one of those players who have agreed to have their salaries cut and that means he 'could' remain a Wolves player next season?

How does that appeal to Wolves fans I wonder?

Finally, the club I know has said it does not have to sell any player but then player's always have the final say on that score. If they want to move on, they usually do!


Does the new manager have any say in whether or not we should sell or try to keep Jarvis? Surely, if Jarvis is prepared to stay & Stale wants him to stay, then we put a ridiculous fee on him & put off any suitors!

Filthy Wolf

Jarvis at Stoke or West Ham and his career would nosedive. I feel if a serious offer comes in from a 'big' club he might sit up but I get the feeling that like Fletcher unless Moxey starts getting itch knickers when a big offer comes in, they will not move.

luke skywalker

If true, £8m + Etherington - yes would accept that, albeit with regret. Jarvo playing for Stoke just doesn't feel right

Finchley Wolves

we need to stay strong :)

we should try keep them, in turn that will drive up the price. . . . who knows - we may get an offer we cant refuse.

Coopernaut USA

Don't see how Jarvis will fit in with Stoke's style of playing.


Why would Jarvis or Fletcher stay at Wolves to play in the Championship, on half the reward they had been receiving.

Lets face it most of last Season must have felt like a joke playing under madman McCarthy, and the reminder of the season under Conner.

I would think that these two skilled and highly talented players would want to be part of a far more professional outfit in the Premiership.... Will these players leave Wolves ? You can bet your sweet bibby......Its a no brainer

up the junction

Its a sad fact that our two real players, Fletcher and Jarvis will be head hunted and likely they will go.

Surely someone like Moxey should be attempting to offload the deadwood on the Wolves books as soon as possible.

Players brought in during the McCarthy reign such as Doyle, Hunt. Johnson and O'Hara must be off loaded as there is no room for these out of form misfits in the new Wolves.

Maybe we can trade them all as a job lot, in exchange for a half decent defender

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Hope we can keep Matty but dont think we will. But there are some exiting links with young Scandanavian players that we may see a new era under SS, LETS SET THE CHAMPINSHIP ON FIRE WITH EXITING ATTACKING FOOTBALL!!

Come on me Babbies

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Nice to see no baggies on here today thouhght i was on the wrong thread the other day (rumour transfers)!!!!!!!!!


Hold out for £10m, could make the difference of promotion or not and thats worth more.


2 - Pete, do you honestly think Matt Etherington would want to come to Wolves after the disgraceful way our fans cheered him getting injured the season before last at the Britannia stadium, singing "You're not going to Wembley" at him?

I can see a cash + player deal happening, but not with Etherington, personally. Pulis will probably try and get shot of the likes of Tonge and Arismendi first!

Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

OOOOPS, Apologies, why do posts dissapear like that sometimes???


PeteNuts - I know all these dealings are complicated by each club's position, but if Downing was worth £18M ish then I am sure we could get more than £8M - I'd rather keep him. I very much doubt Etherington will be coming the opposite way either (although I would be delighted)


Read the statement from Jez Moxey PeteNuts there has not been an offer and even if there had been 8m is a joke in todays prices for a player that can turn a game round like Jarvis can and does.


bile bile and erm yes more bile yawn from moxey just get on with selling them for god sake we all know they will be sold for undisclosed feed giving you and steve a nice little proffit so just get on with it

morgan wheres the real money gone ?


Having watched the garbage that Ashley Young served up in the tournament I'd have thought Jarvis will have an eye on that left sided spot. For that he'll HAVE to play in the PL. Good luck to him.


Would prefer a one year loan deal like Ben Foster.


Next he'll be denying he spoke to the E&S.


Come on Matty anyone but Stoke surely your sights are higher than that


Tonly dont know we are relegated

I can't pluck up the courage to tell him

when we got liverpool,

when we got that lot up the road, he keeps asking me,



Moxey? Denial?

Surely not.

I've NEVER seen these two words in the same sentence in my life, nor did I expect to.

I'm so shocked i'm going to carry on doing my work.


remember jez you said we dont need to sell hold on to them


yeah £6 million plus Matty Etherington will do nicely!!

Sir Billy Quite

sd - you really don't like the Wolves do you?


Jarvis, Fletcher and O'Hara will all probably be off. All will be for undisclosed fees but the club will get £20-25m. We have plenty of wingers - Hammill, Kightly, Gorman, Hunt, Mendez-Laing and Ismail - but will need to get a proven striker and creative central midfielder plus an entire back four!


He's not good enough for Stoke. Where are Wolves?

Percy the Wolf

Think I agree with PeteNuts on this. Of course I don't want Jarvis to go, but £8m would be pretty good considering what we bought him for....and if we got one of their better players too (which I see is not implied anywhere apart from PeteNuts)!

On another note, I went with some mates to watched West Ham last year when they played Barnsley in the cup. Frank Nouble was up front - he was dreadful. Willing to give him a chance though of course.



Nothing less than 12 million, sell Fletch if its money your after.

Why sell assets when you will be required to plug the gaps at a similar price or higher once promoted again?

I think the aim this season is to keep the squad together and to let the manager get the best out of them and best appraise them.

The squad is good enough for us to get promoted and we should only spend when the gaps have been properly identified.

I do not feel that Mick got the best out of the players.


3-sd i totally agree mate we all know jarvo and fletcher is gonna go so i think moxley should just be honest an just put us out or misery we have signed strikers so fletchers future is obvious and another good point if matt or fletcher have any loyaltys to wolves 1 year loan deal is the way forward but at the end of the day were not talking ronaldo and messi so if the price is right selling matt an fletch aint the end of the world i still think a fit micheal kitely is better than jarvis anyway and id like too see more of hammil as well life goes on onwards an upwards


Selling to your arch Staffordshire rivals must be very annoying.


If Jarvis had been playing for a non struggling side he would be in the England team. He must be better than Young and Milner who acted as 12th and 13th men for Italy.

Lets get rid quick and use cash to pay the bucks to get in real quality. Kites will do a job for us and maybe Mick's 'unchosen' ones will be given a chance at last.Seb will do fine and even Vokes will contribute. And might it be the kids are really good? We would never know with Mick....

With maybe £20M for jarvis, Fletcher and Henassey and the parachute cash, we just need a manager who knows how to spend well. mmmmmmmm come in Stale.......All yours!!!!

SnM's rule supreme......Stale, morgan and Moxey


sd - what planet are you on! of couse it will be an undisclosed fee that's what "both" parties insist on and surely it is Jez's job to get the most money he can for any player - I suppose if you were in charge you would let everybody know how much money we had so that they could put up their prices for players we went after.

Has for profit??????????????? so you would sell at a loss! just about sums you up.Get back to the baggie page!

PeteNuts- there has "been" no offer so how the hell can they throw any player in? another media led fan! bah,bah, bahhhh.

Tonto? following the crowd are we, god help us next season if you lot are anything to go on, Wolves fans you aint.


astleistheking - yeh like missing an open goal at a world cup match!


if jarvo wants to leave i doubt we'd miss him that much has we have quality replacements without spending the transfer fee.




All of these can play there and I'd prefer Hamill to Jarvis any day as there is more quality on the deliveries from Hamill and he can shoot much better and is also a stronger player.

I'd love him to stop but I think we won't miss him as much as most fans make out.

Fletcher on the other hand is irreplaceable at present but I think we have the quality to run the wing play with whoever we play has we got some good wingers coming through and some already in the aquad.


English Exile

No 13 astlewastheclown.

Not really mate for 2 reasons

1) Wolverhampton is NOT in Staffordshire.

2 Stoke are in the Premier, so they are hardly rivals.


Jarvis and others are leaving anyway so get the best price we can for them.Unfortunately i feel that the majority of income received for them will not be reinvested into the team.


If moxey had anything about him, he would insist these players stayed till at least january. And if we were not in contention then listen to offers. This squad bar the new boys got us in to this mess, with the help of mad mick and terry the clown, they should stay and get us out of it. Jarvis would be mad to go to stoke, they finished just above the relegation battle,because theyve been found out. surely relegation candadiates next season.So come on jarvo, fletcher repay us fans with some loalty.

Big Bad Wolf

@13 Since when has Stoke been our biggest rival? Your lot fear playing them far more than we care about playing them! Don't you always say they're your 'bogey team'? Typical garbage comment from your lot.


13 astleistheking at least we wont be selling to you


Post 14 the thing is the 2m's will give him birdseed to spend the word scrooge comes to mind with morgan, he and moxey are laughing all the way to the bank fact .... Sold for undisclosed fees mark my words !


13.So is grovelling to your Brummie friends to get a decent keeper. Something you haven't had for years.


Good luck Matty thanks for the memories especially your goal against the Vile.

Wolves will be ok with Kites & Hammill on the wings........6 strikers waiting to put their crosses away..... woohoo!


Turn3rwolves, I keep asking you, who is MOXLEY? You must be an avid wolves fan with your fascinating knowledge. Keep Jarvis and Fletcher, get a brand new defence and we're up! Simple as that, no really it is that simple.


Moxey has tried to hoodwink us so many times that I don't believe a word that comes out his mouth

The deal is probably already done.

Sir Billy Quiet

Sd - you don't understand do you? if you want to know the transfer fees of any players (in or out) take a look at the Wolves accounts - its all there in Black and White. Undisclosed fees allow both clubs time to sort out the FULL details of the transfer (appearance, win bonus etc) which can take months once the headline figures are agreed.

You just don't like the Wolves and your constant negative posts are more boring than watching Spain pass the ball 700 times or England try and defend for 90 minutes.....

Sir Billy Quiet

35 Wolf - Examples of the 'hoodwinks' please?

chris hoggard

To Sir Billy Wright to reply, I tried to reply to your post elsewhere on depreciation ,but it evidently got blocked,John Terry style.My point is without the ground redevelopment, a longer term view could have been on the rate of depreciation.This would have left more money available to strengthen the playing squad,and hence maybe avoided us getting relegated.That way we would have earned more Sky money and been in a better position to eventually undertaken infrastucture improvements.That's wright ain't it.

chris hoggard

Sir Billy, Sorry another typo, I mean't a longer term view on the rate of depreciation.

Sir Billy Quiet

Chris Hoggard - I take your point but don't agree with it - the rate of depreciation for an asset is set by previous conventions so Wolves are working to pre set guidelines.

Yes, I agree that they can 'operate' within the guidelines and 'shuffle' money around but the investment in the Ground is, I believe, financed outside of money for team building.

To clarify if Morgan had not spent the money on infrastructure (long term projects) then that money would not have been made available by Morgan for team building. This investment in the ground requires to remain on the balance sheet in the long term underpinning the value of the club and yes protecting Morgans investment (if he could ever find a buyer).

Unfortunately for both of us we don't own or run the club and Morgan can do it the way he wants - at the moment other than the manager fiasco - I am happy Morgan is taking us forward (OK relegation is backwards) in the long term.


sd-you love the word bile you've used it to other posters and now Moxey, bile=sick bit over the top!You've used it to Sir Billy and Sue on lots of occasions,it's getting boring now!


4) I would worry about your own team. A totally unproven manager and unsettled players. At least we have got players worth £8-12m. The only one that you have near that bracket is Mulumbu, as Odemwingie is getting on. Now jog on like a good boy!

chris hoggard

Sir Billy, They work within conventions for sure,but just for the record the last published Director's report for Wolverhampton Wanderers Properties Ltd states,amongst other things,' a result of the expected shortening of the existing stand's economic life ,an additional significant charge has continued to be provided for in the Profit and Loss statement to reflect the necessary, accelerated depreciation'. This of course was a major reason the £9m plus profit made by the football club was reduced to circa £2m when consolidated with Wolverhampton Wanderers Properties Ltd.


79 - don't waste your time mate. sd uses the word bile in almost every post even though he clearly doesn't know what it means. I substitute bull in my brain when I read it, although I don't usually bother as he never actually makes a rational point - he just spouts bile.


Can't you all read Moxey's reverse psychology in this? First of all he lets loose the story that Wet Spam want Jarvis for £4mill, so he gets all huffy, blows his chest out and says no way. He then gets the fans to bicker and argue about how much he should be sold for ( the consensus seems to be about £8mill)...then, if he gets 9 or 10mill for him, he gets a pat on the back, and even longer at the club. In reality, and after seeing Young's disastrous "performances" for England...Jarvis has to be worth at least £15mill which most PL teams can afford with the new TV deal. So Moxey sells on teh cheap, and still looks like he has done a good job. Sorry porky , but I don;t fall for this !!

JtH Headmaster.

Good grief how many more nom de guerre's are Jack going to use? Stale this! Sd,etc.

Northern Wolf

64 - English Exile

Not really mate,

1. Wolverhampton is, was and always will be, in Staffordshire (Staffs by boundary, Black Country by the grace of God)

2. Stoke are not our rivals because they are tin pot, have no history, have only had 2 good players (one was 50, the other George Berry) and will go back to nowhereland obscurity when their foreign money runs out. I can't even raise myself to dislike them - it's somewhere between apathy and pity.



You might finally be the "big club" you long to be, might be the biggest team in league one before too long...

Afganistan bob

Why does the player have the choice if the price is not right we keep the player I would expect 10 mill for Jarvis plus add ons and 14 mill for fletch plus add ons they both have long contracts so they should stay......! The deal with Johnson well I'm not a fan but I believe give him another chance to try to redem himself as if we all honest he's not that bad a player him and Barth in the centre with foley right back just need a left babob aye one of the academy is ready....but what ever happens utw

Sancho Panza

Before the gerrymandering of the 70s which put BOTH towns (amongst others) in-to the new county of West Midlands, BOTH towns were in Staffordshire. The Black Country isn't (and never was) a county and has no official borders as a result. Whether or not Wolverhampton falls in-to anyone's (imagined) borders of the Black Country, is an irrelevance as to what county the town/city is in. Wolves and West Brom were both in Staffordshire and now neither are.

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