Wolves' bid for Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson accepted

Stale Solbakken was today on the brink of finally completing his first Wolves signing after Lillestrom confirmed they have accepted a bid for £2.4m-rated striker Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson.

Stale Solbakken was today on the brink of finally completing his first Wolves signing after Lillestrom confirmed they have accepted a bid for £2.4m-rated striker Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson.

Agreement on personal terms should be a formality for the 21-year-old Iceland international, pending a medical, with reports in Norway saying he will sign a four-year deal.

Breakthrough arrived after the weekend when the deal appeared to be in danger of stalling over Lillestrom’s demands to keep the player for another three league games, one of which is against second-bottom Fredrikstad.

And they look to have been granted their wish – at a cost to their insurance, covering Wolves if Sigurdarson is injured in the meantime, some sources suggest.

Lillestrom are third bottom, the relegation play-off place, and they want the 6ft 1in frontman to boost their survival bid in the second half of the campaign, which restarts on June 30.

Sigurdarson, who has been heavily scouted by Premier League clubs including Everton, is set to become a Wolves player on July 13, when he is due to play his last game against Tromso.

Lillestrom sports director Torgeir Bjarmann said: “We have received a bid from Wolverhampton for Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson.

“After some dialogue at the weekend, we have accepted the offer.

“It’s now up to Bjorn to agree personal terms with Wolves, and pass the medical. If it’s all right, he’ll move to England.

“The transfer will happen after the home game against Tromso on Friday July 13.”

Of the on-off saga which culminated in Sigurdarson tweeting he was “mentally broken” after claiming he was being forced to stay, Bjarmann said: “It ‘boiled’ a little after the meeting we had last Thursday, but over the weekend has been positive dialogue.

“We wanted him to stay for as along as possible but after Tromso, he will be Wolves player.”

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Comments for: "Wolves' bid for Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson accepted"


briiliant news.......now if we can keep hold of fletch and jarvo and get rid of stearmam , berra , elokobi,SEB, we will walk the championship


Something to look forward to - beginning of a long and fruitful relationship hopefully.


Great sign of intent! And it's nice that despite trelegation wolves have still opend the cheque book before a player is sold. Things are starting to look positive!!


Let's hope SS + BBS = PL.

Stale Bread

Signing a striker from Lillestrom who are third from bottom, Priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bewdley Wolf

No ambition, Solbakken out, 2 M's must go, sack the board........

Sorry, just fast forwarding to the comments from some of our 'fans' after the first game of the season if we're not three up at half time at Leeds.


This has to viewed as good news as it ends the uncertainty regarding the deal.

He sounds like a really good prospect, but we will only know when the new season starts.


Fantastic signing! Now lets get this Henriksson fella!

Norway Wolf

Just a first step from Staale, his personal skill is defence and we can expect some changes there, as the current defence at Wolves is is pathetic and is the reason that we are in the Championship this year.

Bård Wiggen was brought in by Staale to handle the attack and it seems most likely that he will be joining Wolves as well.

Out of Darkness Cometh Light

balham wolf

Back of the net!

If this is really a done deal well done to the management.

On a slightly negative note however, no doubt Fletcher will be off. I can live with this as long as we get the right money which I believe is the same mind set as the Molineaux top brass.

On wards and upwards...


Some good news from Wolves, this is a rarity in the last 6 months. He looks a promising player on youtube, as good as we can expect now we are in the championship, just hope we start reading more positive headlines, instead of what we have had for 6 months, the whole club become a joke, bereft of a real leader.


Back of the net!

Ståle strikes and scores – and he hasn't even got on the pitch yet...


Great news! , one for the future, the implication is however that Fletch will be on his way soon, Seb and Siguardarson should be potent enough for the championship though.


I was ridiculed by Everton fans on another site when i said he would be a Wolves player by the 14th July and would cost 2.4 million.

They said why would he go to Wolves, a small club, when Everton have bid 4 million and give him Premier football.

Well guys, i need say no more....


good to ear they finally getting somewhere with this deal ill be more happy when i see him holding a wolves shirt i really hope this doesnt mean the end of fletch and wolves keep to there word of fighting to keep fletcher i want to see wolves squad get stronger not takke one step forward two steps back

kenny hibbitt scorcher 78

good signing, young,quick,pwerfull,yet to be tested in the english leagues, but hopefully will complement wolves other strikers...fletcher,ebanks blake,doyle,winnall.

if he was good enough for everton to be interested, he may be good enough for us.

now for some defenders,and hopefully bring back frimpong. utw.

Shrewsbury Wolf

Good potential signing !!

But please let's hope we have a few more, nothing worse than banking our hopes on one player, too much pressure on him (and us)

Looking forward to a few more signings - PLEASE !!

Mr. Perspective

Great news and a positive start for Solbakken. He's got his man and by all accounts this guy is a real propect, and a great aquisition bearing in mind the kind of attention he was attracting.

I'm excited to see how he gets on in a Wolves shirt next season. This will soften the blow of any of our top players leaving.

Uncle Bob

"The transfer will happen after the home game against Tromso on Friday 13th July.”

LOL, that's doomed then!

chris hoggard

I suppose the happy clappers will be Bjorn Again.


Great signing for us hope fletch stays now good pairing up front or even ebanks blake


@5 Stale Bread

So by your logic, we should sell Fletcher and Jarvis because we finished bottom.

A player who scores goals in a struggling side is a godsend, especially if you are a struggling side yourself.


If Everton wanted him he wouyld be an Everton player. I don't believe the 2.4 million - Moxey nver pays full price so it's prob around 1.5 million. Don't write off Seb - he was great in the championship and he's a better player with prem experience. NOW WE MUST SORT THE DEFENCE. We will probably be able to score everygame so we need a reliable defence to get the 1 - 0 s all promoted clubs need to churn out.

A new team is born......THE S n M's Solbakken, and Morgan and Moxey.

gold guvnor

This is brilliant news, lets hope he can stay injury free for his last few games...

Ive worked alot in Norway over the last couples of years and watched a fair few games during my time over there and this lad has bags of potential. I know its not the most competetive league around but Bjorn stood out in every game i saw him play. Hes tall, quick, strong and technically very good, most Norwegians compare him to Zlatan Ibrahimović at a similar age. The potential he has is massive....happydays indeed!

Morgans Red Face


Get back on your sandwell town site, you tesco scallywag

wembley 74

(5)Stale Loaf. You appoint a coach who has never managed and has been been, well let's say 'let go!!'from every club he has coached. He is probably going to appoint your 3rd ex Wolves player as coach Kevin Keen (Venus & Downing being the other 2) and he is already talking a 50+ points haul next season! No pressure there then? NOW THATS PRICELESS!!!


Excellent news .... let's hope we can keep our star players.

Wolfman Jack

Good. Now can we have the Czech right back, the Greek left-back and the two Croatian centre-backs please ?

Jez (not Moxey !!)

Before we convince ourselves that our problems are solved, let's put this into perspective.We are on the verge of signing a forward who plays for a Norweigan club struggling to avoid relegation. We already have the forwards to get goals in this division. We need a complete replacement of the back four not another untested striker.

Stale Baked Stollen

Bewdley Wolf (No. 6) v.good post - pmsl - sadly for some it is true

No. 5 - you are either an baggie or a bore? So glad you don't sit next to me and me have to listen to you whingeing the whole time. Do you derive pleasure from being a pessimistic misery?

Positive signing - hope he has a friend who plays centre half who can come with him!

SteveL Biles

If what I have read about this young striker is true then this warm, fuzzy feeling in my stomach could be good news. Sorting out our defensive frailties is next. I look forward to the new season with anticipation.

Sussex Wolf

Great news, and hopefully a sign of more to come. Have to accept at least one of existing strikers will leave, and at least one of our more valuable assets, since it's likely the sales funds will need to cover any signings in the Championship. Interesting to see a slightly more open approach to the transfer news as well - the club did not wait until the medical and personal terms were settled before making a statement. Unusual for us, and perhaps a new approach...

New broom stale

Andy Johnson goes on a free, and we go for the Northern Iclandics unknown, and totally unproven, I'm happy that we are doing business, and I will get behind the team whoever plays, but lets tell Stale that our last Manager filled the team with utility Irish men that were not up to the job, please no more of this kind of spend.


yes number 5...just like you have appointed liverpool's number 2, who have just had their worst season for donkeys years.....now back to the darkside with ya.....


andrew stephens

Blimey,a replica shirt with his name and number on will cost about a hundred quid !!!

moaning minnie

Lets not forget he is playing for a team 3rd from bottom of a league thats the same standard as the conference.

barry chuckle

14 - the club decides who they sell to - if Everton really had offered £4m he would not go to Wolves, the player doesnt decide where he goes. Clearly Everton thought better of bidding!


He's class in fifa 12, lets hope he's the same in real life.

Big Kev

The defence has to be the priority now. We need 3 defenders at least. Ward, Stearman and Berra weren't good enough in the Championship last time!

Duke Dingle

5 stale bread - come on mate, stay on the Tesco message board. I know it must be hard to take having the novice Steve Clarke (ha ha ha)to lead you to relegation next season but don't be bitter.

Lets hope this lad lives up to the hype, I remember high hopes for other strikers in the past (Freddie Eastwood springs to mind). To be fair judging by the YouTube videos and his record of 7 goals in 11 games in Norway we could have a class player here. Just get the defence sorted now and shut stale bread, astleisgod and the other sandwell numpties right up.



hopefully it means the end of doyle not fletch


If he was any good, why hasnt he scored enough goals to keep his present team up? Also, plenty of time for other teams to come in and hijack the deal with better wages....just saying

milenium man

A leap in the right direction. Can Stale sign two additional Nordic players? It will be the making of a new beginning, in creating a TEAM; not a group of individuals.

I do hope Bjon settles into his suroundings.


North Hampshire Exile

On the surface a good young striker - let us hope he is a huge success with Wolves and not another false dawn as in the highly rated Tomasz Frankowski. In truth I can't remember many overseas players proving that successful in the 40+ years I have followed the team.

This may change with a foreign manager in place he will hopefully have a better first hand knowledge of players outside the UK. THe Wolves scouting set up hasn't delivered much quality in recent years?

On a separate note, I think if Wolves retain SEB he will do well in the Championship - this is his level and he has a proven record, he just isn't a Premiership level striker.

Let's concentrate on off loading the team of those who can't help Wolves go forward - Ward, Berra, Elokobi, Foley and Hunt to name but 5. Fletcher will probably be sold but providing we keep the quality players particularly Jarvis, Kitely, Doyle (despite a poor season), Henry and Hennessy.

Looking forward to an exciting season and winning promotion at the first time of asking.


Get rid of SEB ??? - the man who got Wolves out of the Championship last time - the Golden boot two seasons in a row in the Championship before Wolves promotion. Fletcher will be leaving so will Jarvo - with my best wishes and thanks for what they have done, Accept it and move on. Do you realy think if Fletcher was staying we would have signed another striker, Bring back Hamil from loan at Boro, perfect replacement for Jarvo,bring in some decent defenders and we will be fine but please Wolves do not get rid of Blake, he deserves our loyalty


Set to be a wolves player on friday the 13...fingers crossed then!!

luke skywalker

I'd be happy to see SEB move on and play BBS alongside Fletch or Doyle. A real coup to entice him to Wolves when Prem clubs were seriously sniffing around.

This Markus Henriksen guy also looks very, very good - pace, skill, vision & a cracking shot. would love to see him in an attacking midfield role at the Mol & O'Hara can move on, if he still wants. Then its time to sort out the defence - 1xLB & 2xCH.

Mills Wolf

Im putting my neck on the line here but... Bjorn will become a Star in the future !

This guy could be the best 2.4 million we have ever spent, cant wait to see him in action in a Wolves shirt !

Down side of this, it spells the end of Fletchers days at Wolves as its a sweetener before the sour me's thinks.

Expect to see lots of changes before the start of the season !



One for the future? We want to get promotion straight away! Remember Eggy!


Haven't seen him play, so cannot comment on the value of the purchase.

Also, one summer a swallow does not make (think I've said this before). It's down to other players we sign, or develop, that will interest me.

Ergo, my advice is this: Don't go writing out your betting slips just quite yet.


Great news but lets get rid of the dross such as ward srearman elokobi fist then the rest of them later.

Old Golds Worth More

5, The only thing priceless is your comment. So by your criterior Fletcher shouldn't be signed by any decent sides as he played for a team that finished bottom, so he must be rubbish!

13, Why by implication should Fletcher be on his way then? We have a lot of strikers who could go i.e. Doyle, SEB, Vokes, Griffiths, in fact none of them may leave (though I admit thats unlikely).


PS. Read this morning that some doctors will not be putting in a shift on Thursday, but will still get paid. I can think of a few players who do that on a regular basis.


A step in the right direction now lets get rid of the dross thick mick brought in and also lets hope all the in mick we trust fans stay away.


I like the way Solbakken works, I feel wolves will mine a deep vein of Scandinavia talent.

Better days are now here.


Spirite wolf

Derrywolf how can you say get rid of SEB you must be mad, in a good team in the prem and given regular starts he would score goals. Can't argue with the rest.

My worries is this lad has never played at anything like the level he will be expected, let's wish him well and fingers crossed but not at the price of getting rid of SEB who scored bagfuls last time he was in the championship.

He certainly isn't a replacement for Fletcher either, i just see him as a impact sub at first.

unit 32

good forward to have , but how many striker do we need ? the boss should start to look at the back four and build from there thats Way we want down last year to many goals let in


BSD - hahahahahahahaha

I must shout.

I must say say if we had Mad Mick was here he would have gone elsewhere - goodbye to him and hello to Stale.

I must say if we build with quality WOLVES team worth they weight in EFFORT of GOLD then we will win this Champions League with ease.

We are going up and we will win a cup - so please WOLVES register for EUROPE!

So bets on!!!!!!


JIWAL - same reason Fletch couldn't keep Wolves up?


Q; Which Wolves manager was a member of Booker T And The MGs?

A: Stale Soulbackin'.

I thank you. Here all week.

know it all

As i told you in the week, he is ours !!!! I should work for E&S

Bemused wolf

57 Spirite Wolf.Think SEB could do a great job for us. All that needs to happen is for him to lose a stone or two, Stale to explain to him the off-side law, try and improve his first touch and how head a ball. Then he will be a fine player.Four years is a long time.


43 Jiwal-don't...


About the defence, yes, very poor last season & went from bad to worse but!.....I believe that even with the same defence, given correct coaching, to a system that works,the defence could yet prove to be worthy of the shirt! Let's see what the boss does, but don't write them off yet....

keep the faith, keep believing.


Good news in that we got our man. The manager can take a bit of credit here - very determined from the off to land him and did so, that bodes well for the future.

£2.4m question - How good is Sigurdarson? We'll just have to wait and see - but give him his chances.

Brownhills wolf

It's good he is starting in the fizzy league which should break him in nicely.

Does anyone agree with me that SEB shold lose a few pounds? as he looks too porky.

We should be cautious about mocking West brom and their new manager as Stale has not proved owt yet!

J♣ck the Hat.


On 10 January 2011, Clarke was appointed first team coach at Liverpool by Kenny Dalglish,[15] after Dalglish had replaced the dismissed Roy Hodgson two days before.[16] Clarke was credited (alongside Dalglish) for turning Liverpool's season around, having a points average of around 2 points per match from his arrival, coupled with an improved defensive record. On 12 May 2011, Clarke, as well as manager Dalglish, signed a three year contract to remain in his current role as first team coach.

On 14 May 2012 Clarke offered his resignation to Liverpool following the sacking of manager Dalglish and Liverpool's 8th place finish in the 2011–12 Premier League. The club declined the offer but on 6 June 2012 following the appointment of new manager Brendan Rodgers, Clarke left the club.

Thought you lot needed updating on Steve Clarke.



Having seen Bjorn in action on youtube clips I was reminded of Steve Kindon!


It sounds ok but what i have seen in the euros i thnk it is time to get rid of he irish plyers that mm bought in with the exception of foley and play him at right back !


This is good news BUT, it's no good being able to score 4 goals if we concede 5 and at present we have NO defence. I hope Stale will be allowed to address this lamentable situation. It's up to the M's.

Old Golds Worth More

61 Pete,

Short post from you wasn't it?

I know, its because "Time is tight"!

esso Ian

On the BBC sports site everton are putting a 3 million bid in for him.So we will wait and see what happens. I fear the worst !!!


5) Listen Steptoe... you have a number 2 in charge. Your centre half has gone and central midfielder and centre forward want out too. A relegation battle awaits!


34 - so Andy Johnson goes on a free to link up with his old manager at aclub that pays WELL over the top wages. Yes Siggy isn't proven yet but he's also 10 years younger, let's plan for the future not go back to the bad old days of buying old players looking for a last payoff


issa nissa

feed the sigg feed the sigg feed the sigg and he will score feed the sigg and he will score


This guy scores late goals and looks "bullesque"on video.happy days.

Sir Billy Quite

Vindaloopi - In Stale Solbakken we trust.

Forget your past negativity otherwise you will be miserable for the rest of your life.


Alan in Cyprus

I agree with Stalebread @5.

There must be better players knocking around our own Leagues.



@72 Old Gold

Don't worry, I have Stax more.

Duke Dingle

Jack the hat, how much money did Liverpool spend last season? Nowhere near the amount Sandwell will spend this term.

A relegation battle is on the cards for you pal.


@68 Jack The Hat

Jack, when you are copying and pasting from Wikipedia, you need to remove the numbered source citations, or else, well, we know that you are copying and pasting from Wikipedia. It's not a credible source, and the knowledge is not your own either... No way to win an argument, that!


@79 Alan In Cyprus

And why do you believe that? Is it just a belief, like some people believe in fairies, or do you have any vestige of reasoning to back it up..?




@ 68 I bet you did before he took the job. I for one was well aware of his credentials.

Sir Billy Quiet

PeteNuts - What about that striker at Huddersfield - Jordan Rhodes. He is probably a better player knocking around in the lower leagues and would only cost between £5-£9M......

Oh I see the point you are making better players in our league cost more money - therefore if your new manager recommends a player he has watched regularly and that player is young and ambitious and is going to cost less than buying players from the 1st Division then only a fool would not back his manager!

I am sure Alan in Cyprus just likes to support other posters and bet he (and Stalebread - an Albion fan) can't name 3 better prospects that we could snap up for the same money.


From Wikipedia.


On 18 June 2012 Sigurðarson's club officially announced that they had accepted an (undisclosed) bid for him from English side Wolverhampton Wanderers. If Sigurðarson is able to pass a medical and agree personal terms with Wolves he will become their player after Lillestrøm's fixture against Tromsø on 13 July, on a four-year contract.[5][1] As a result of Sigurðarson's signing, many major pundits have suggested that the Championship title is as good as Wolves'."

Admittedly, I added that last sentence myself.

kenny hibbitt scorcher 78

petenuts, as usual your on form. but can you please lay off jackthehat as he is still in shock at steve clarke's appointment and really wanted a world class trophy winning manager.




As I've said before, if we'd have been offered Clarke last season I'd have snapped the offerer's hand off. But really, copying and pasting from Wikipedia in an attempt to appear smart... Tut tut...

@86 Sir Billy

I think what I was saying, or what I am going to say no, is that there is no logic in "buying British". Because, well, we tried that, for the most part, didn't we?

Old Golds Worth More


Stax? I think you've been eating to many "Green Onions"....lol


jack the p**t, are u sure u ay a secret WOLVES fan cus u seem to take a lot of interest in our beloved WOLVES, or is it that the news out of the poorthones just bores u.

Laingholm NZ Wolf

Now some new defenders pleae!!!!!!!!!



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