Wayne Hennessey says thanks to Matt Murray

Stricken keeper Wayne Hennessey today paid tribute to his guiding hand in his battle to return to first-team football.

Stricken keeper Wayne Hennessey today paid tribute to his guiding hand in his battle to return to first-team football.

Hennessey, recovering from cruciate knee ligament surgery, is spending the summer working in rehab to take up a role in the new Stale Solbakken era at Molineux.

But Hennessey has found companionship from one man who knows only too well what the Welsh international is going through – Matt Murray.

Two years after his injury-enforced retirement, Murray’s presence at the Compton training ground is as valuable as ever with his old junior partner grateful for the support. “Matt has joined me for some of the gym sessions as well as the additional swimming – the big man has always been brilliant for me,” said Hennessey.

“No matter what happens he is always at the other end of a phone and in what has been a tough period for me, he has been there. He’s been through the same injury as me, knows all about it and understands what I’m going through.”

Murray, who is preparing for a career in coaching, is confident of last season’s Player of the Year making a full recovery. He said: “Wayne has reacted brilliantly to this setback and I can’t believe how positive he has been. And Wayne is a good healer. He hurt his shoulder at Bristol City and came back well, and has done his cartilage in the past but recovered strongly too.”

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Comments for: "Wayne Hennessey says thanks to Matt Murray"


good luck wayne, can someone also teach him to command his box, and actually come out and catch the ball.....utw

J♣ck the Hat.

It's O.K. all the Dod-Heads are on our site, I'll tell them they have a new blog to bore them to tears.



Hopefully Hennessey will come back earlier than expected, but not too early so Premier League teams can put in a bid for him


Two great pros. Matt Murray is an absolute class act. This injury which plagued us as a club so much years ago seems to be much less career threatening these days and I am sure Wayne will be back by Christmas.

Even on here nobody can make this into a negative surely ....


I still feel that twinge of regret that one of the best goalkeepeers the club has produced.

Nice to see Matt still has a positive and professional outlook, despite his misfortunes. He would have been in the England reckoning for 2012. When he did return from injury after such a long time, he looked as fit as a fiddle and back to his best.

Still, another quiet day for E & S, which is understandable given the post-pre season lull in activity.


Mills wolf

Big matt, should be made our goalkeeping coach, leant his trade from one of the best in Bobby Mimms & knows all there is to know about injuries positioning.

Think he'd help Henners in his command of area where it was one one Matts stong points and henners weak points....

mr smug


millionaire prat speaks to over hyped goalkeeper in the gym... exclusive!

Kevin Asley's Sick Note

Shame for big Matt , would have been England goal keeper for years. Nice to know there is someone helping Wayne get over such a serious op. Let's hope he is back soon, although he may not get his place back straight away, I always liked the look of Ikeme so lets see who gets the nod under the new gaffer. Good luck in your recoverey Wayne.


matt murray ledgend would have been englands no1 if it wasnt for injurie


Hopefully there will be a better outcome from the injury than was the case with Murray.

The injury is a mixed blessing for Wolves. He will probably miss the first few matches of next season, but at the same time it may deter other clubs from bidding for him.


Good luck Wayne, we need you back fit and well the earliest.

Matt, thanks for everything.

Up the Wolves.

gornal wolf

no 1. go crawl back under a rock ! what a foolish comment

Golden Wonder

Agree with the above posts that Matt would have been England goalkeeper if it weren't for injuries.

As much as i rate Joe Hart, he would have been second choice to Matt as he was that good.

Stale the Viking

Get well soon and agree with Khs he needs to command his box more.

Golden Wonder

As soon as i pressed submit comment, Jack the Hat appears as if by magic.

Haven't you got enough on your plate on your own site with your cheap as chips appointment.

Mills wolf


Bjorn Sigurdson agree's move to WOLVES !

On his way for a medical....


Mr smug what a plank you are......


13 - gornal

1 turned into 7 mr smug but either way your comment is much too kind. Sums up a certain subset of posters on here I'm afraid. I'll give him the benefit and hope it's a 9 year old Albion fan who hasn't learned better yet - sadly I'm probably wrong.

Old Golds Worth More

On a different subject,

3 hours ago Sky sports news channel was showing on their ticker tape type news bit at the bottom of the screen that Bjorn Bergmann Sigurdarson has signed for Wolves. I can't find anything on the web (including Sky's own sports/football page) about it though, strange!

Old Golds Worth More

Update to my last post.

If anyone can read Norwegian, then the below was on lillestroms club site, note todays date! Looks like a fee in the region of 2.5 to 3.0 million Euro's.

Publisert 08.06.2012 kl 15:50 Oppdatert 08.06.2012 kl 17:55

Sky Sports melder fredag ettermiddag at klubbene er enige.

RB-sporten får fra sikre kilder bekreftet at Wolverhamptons interesse for Sigurdarson er reell, og at det pågår diskusjoner mellom klubbene. Men ingen bekrefter at klubbene allerede er enige om en overgang.

– Det har jeg ingen kommentar til, sier Wolverhampton-manager Ståle Solbakken til Romerikes Blad.

Sigurdarson har tidligere uttalt at han godt kunne tenke seg å spille under Solbakken i Wolves. Dersom klubbene blir enige om en overgangssum, er det mye som tyder på at 21-åringen vil velge Wolves selv om andre klubber skulle være villig til å betale det samme.

Det har ikke lyktes RB-sporten å komme i kontakt med Sigurdarson.

Selges for 23 mill.?

Diskusjonene dreier seg trolig om en salgssum i størrelsesorden 2,5 til 3 millioner Euro. Det tilsvarer mellom 19 og 23 millioner norske kroner. Sannsynligvis vil ikke LSK være fornøyd før det nærmer seg 3 millioner Euro.

Have we or not

Have we had a fee accepted for bjorn, or are people blowing smoke!!!!!

I'm told it was on sky sports news but can't see it anywhere?????


Once Wayne is úp and running'again,i think that he will be on his way out to a bigger club.


13. Likewise for No.2, no need to spout your drivel here Jack. you've got a new manager/head coach whatever you want to call him just concentrate on your 3rd and final season in the premier league

bideford wolf

1 4 and 7 go do somthing that does not involve footbal

Macey mardygit

I agree with all thats been said about Matt, we never got to see his best that was still ahead of him. But what we did see was enough for us to know he was going to be England's number 1 for a very long time.Just imagine,Matt number 1 Hart number 2. How unlucky are we and England.as for Wayne i hope he gets fit again and challenging to play in the 1st team.Ikeme as been unlucky as well,when Matt was fit he could not get in or only occasionaly.When Matt was injured he was on loan, maybe now he will have a good chance to shine and be like a new signing for us.COME ON THE WOLVES.


If anyone should know about being injured,it has to be Matt Murray.

God knows he made a career on the treatment table.

For me,to be a legend ,you have to actualy play,not lay on the table,ala Murray.

got a point tho!

13.... Bornal wolf, no. 1 has got a very good point tho..........



Nail on the head mate. 13 go watch a game you will see what he means.

Love these Wolves fans. DO YOU EVER GO????

If you did you would hear every single fan saying what No1 did.

Great keeper in the making but needs to command more. DeVries will be all over him next season.


What's that tesco prat with the hat ranting on about with his comment OUR SITE

The E&S is a Wolverhampton newspaper who very kindly let Sandwell people post on its site because they aint got their own.


Sigurdarson having a medical at wolves is he any good


29 Dave

where has this great trend of suggesting people who have a different opinion must never go to a game? I saw Matt Murray being a crucial part of our promotion campaign under Dave Jones, not to mention the penalty save in the play-off final. He was absolute top class as a keeper and is a top bloke. And yet you come on here to agree with a guy who calls him a PRAT.

Go on - justify how Matt Murray is a prat!

I said that surely nobody could make this a negative, but a few of you still manage.

If you want Wayne to come off his line more then you can make that point, although there are many great keepers who don't. He made a few mistakes and dozens of top draw saves last season. De Vries looks a decent keeper,but I still think Wayne will be first pick when he is fit again.

kel bloko wolf

dont no how good he is goalkeeper not our prob its the rest of deffence needs help.

Staales Syrup!

21# Translated your report on google translate. It states that Staale stated 'no comment' when asked about Sigurdarson transfer. But it is repoorted that the clubs are discussing a fee of around 2.5 to 3 mill for him. He would like to play under Staale. But it seems that apart from that he has not signed yet but as they say the news may be old and the very latest is he could be on his way for meds and personal terms.

lets hope. It also intimates that Staale is scouting other potential targets from some of his old clubs!

Things seem to be looking up!



Matt Murray - highly praised and once seen as being a future England goalkeeper by Ray Clemence no less (one of our greatest), fully in agreement with what we all have always said. (Off the cuff conversation when I met him on holiday - he didn't have to say it). Ignore the likes of Mr.Smug.

adiee and debs wood bradford yorkshire wolves

please can we have matt murry even though he has retired we are dam sure he is better than the welsh wizard and how can he be a good goal keeper when he let 73 goals last season please sale lets have a new goalkeeper