Roy Hodgson backs Stale Solbakken as Wolves boss

Stale Solbakken’s shock appointment as new Wolves boss was today given an enthusiastic seal of approval by England manager Roy Hodgson.

Stale Solbakken’s shock appointment as new Wolves boss was today given an enthusiastic seal of approval by England manager Roy Hodgson.

The two were manager and captain 12 years ago when they led FC Copenhagen to the club’s first championship for eight years in Denmark.

They have remained firm friends ever since and outgoing Albion boss Hodgson admitted he was delighted and impressed by Wolves’ decision to give the 44-year-old Solbakken his chance in English football.

“I’m delighted because he is a good friend but also because I think it is an excellent appointment,” said Hodgson. “And I think it is a good, exciting move by Wolves. It’s not an appointment many would have expected from a part of Europe from which English clubs do not usually recruit.

“But I can tell Wolves fans they have hired a superb coach – Stale is a bright, young and impressive coach with good ideas and I am confident he will do well.”

It was Albion’s destruction of Wolves at Molineux which triggered the events which brought the club to yesterday’s announcement.

The sacking of Mick McCarthy followed the Baggies’ 5-1 derby defeat but the appointment of Terry Connor as interim manager has failed to yield a single victory in 12 games and brought relegation.

Hodgson was planning to speak to Solbakken during his final weekend as Albion head coach, the pair having become close when the Baggies boss took charge at Copenhagen in 2000.

That campaign finished with the club becoming champions for the first time since 1993 but Solbakken’s playing career was ended by a heart defect discovered when he collapsed in training.

“When something like that happens, it naturally brings you closer together and since then Stale and I have been good friends,” he said.

“But he was terrific captain for me, a fine footballer, and my assistant in that season at Copenhagen.

“I left after that and Stale took over and went on to have the most amazing success. Five championships in six years – that was a wonderful effort.

“He is a fine coach in my view with good ideas. I congratulate Wolves on an impressive appointment.”

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Comments for: "Roy Hodgson backs Stale Solbakken as Wolves boss"

wolf at Gate

I for one are already looking forward to next season already,those who know him seem to rate him very highly, and my Norweigan friends are very impressed with Stale.

Dare I say it, well done Steve Morgan !

Bearwood Wolf

If the england mgr gives the thumbs up then its good enough for me!

Looking forward to a new dawn at Wolves!

SydneyWolves AU

I am 100% behind this, a bold new era, can’t wait for the new season.

Judge him when he has build the team in his image – not with MM’s and TC's left overs.

Management style change – Tick

Young hungry manager with new ideas – Tick

Manager with international experience – Tick

New playing style – Tick

New players playing a different way – Tick

Now go and look in the mirror and ask yourself who of all the available mangers would come to the club – you may have your dream picks, but that is all they are -they won’t come here.

Roll on the new season - a new dawn.


Bicester Mike

To those moaning and winging so called Wolves fans please note RH's comments(an impressive coach)

To the genuine Wolves fans let us all back our new Manager and his team that is the least we can do.

To me M & M deserve merit with this appointment.

Time will tell if it is the correct one.


I'm surprised at the amount of negative reactions i've seen on notice boards in the past 24 hours, given that we have little idea what he's capable of (championship-winning and relegation, obviously). I'd rather nelieve (hope) that Mr Morgan DOES actually have a clue what he's doing this time, and give a fresh-but-experienced younger manager the benefit of any doubt. It's got to be more positive that hiring many of the same old names on the managerial roundabout (and I DO have my left hand fingers crossed as I type this).


TC backed Roy Hodgson for the England Job. Roy Hodgson then backs Stale Solbakken for the Wolves Job.

Can anyone else see a rather worrying trend developing here?


I'll take that as a glowing endorsement!

Who can forget Hodgson's words immediatly after the Baggies game...

'Be careful what you wish for'

...and true enough, his words foretold weeks of complete chaos and farce following Micks sacking leading right up to....erm...yesterday!

Here's hoping these words of encouragement to Wolves act as a bit of a prophecy too!

Hampshire Wolf

Good luck Stale, and best of luck to Roy in the England job too,it would be great if they both turned out to be great appointments, I believe they will. Onwards and upwards! Up the Wolves


If he's learned from Roy you'll be OK.Say thank you to your Premier League neighbours :)


The club needed shaking up, and this appointment will do just that. I don't expect radical changes will take place overnight, though, so we must be patient and give our new manager the benefit of the doubt.


Anyone else sense a touch of AVB about this appointment?


Let's all get behind him. Let's be patient and give him time. He will challenge this under-performing squad of players so success may not be instant. Let the players know they owe us after an inept season. Less newspaper spinning and more action on the pitch. Now we have a new man in, let's have a deep, open and honest autopsy on how the season went so wrong.


24hrs on after some negative comments from myself i am really starting to get excited by this guy...he seems to be the no nonsense up and at 'em sort of bloke we love..not concerned by the Cologne shambles that was a basket case long before he welcome to Wolves Mr Solbakken me thinks exciting times ahead!


TC will still be coaching the first team, as he has for the last 13 years.

How are we going to get change with all the old guard still on board.

Let’s hope when Stale gets his feet under the table, he’ll prune all the old wood and start again. Still, anything is better than Mad Mick and TC


Havard Flo, Jesus Sanjuan, Serge Romano, Isidro Diaz, Cedric Roussel, Silas(!!!), Guilherme Finkler, Denes Rosa and Isaac Okoronkwo, Stefan Postma, Temuri Ketsbaia Jelle van Damme and of course the Saudi Arabian 'Pele' Sami Al-Jabar...

All touted as smart pieces of business - hidden gems - stolen from under the noses of other clubs. All hopeless failures....hmmmm


Very impressed with this appointment. I think we have found a hidden gem. Ok people may say winning 5 leagues with Copenhagen isn't impressive as the competition is similar to that at Scotland where as if you are the big fishes its harder not to win the league.

HOWEVER in the champions league could you really see celtic or rangers getting a win against utd and draw against barca?! Not likely so with the team he had this should not be ignored. Seems very capable to me and I am already looking forward to going back to the molineux where I have dreaded going for so long.



I am pleased we have gone for somebody who has potential to change and improve Wolves, after all thats what we have been asking for. Keeping Connor makes sense too. He was given a very tough job in his 13 game stint as boss, a job nobody else would touch ( I accept he was no good at it ). Terry Connor clearly loves Wolves and should not be made a scapegoat for this seasons mistakes.

Lets get behind the Wolves and hope for an exciting new season - at least we may start signing players from outside Ireland, and lets hope our scouting department gets a major shake up too....


I'm amazed at some of the negative comments being left on the other stories concerning Stales appointment. I can completely understand disappointment because someone’s favourite choice of manager wasn’t chosen, but to be wanting this man out before he has started is nothing short of bonkers!

Those that are focusing on what happened with him leaving FC Cologne have you taken the time to look at what was going on at that club when he took over?

Did he take over a successful and then take them down? NO

Did he spend a large amount of money on players? NO

What details do you actually know about the circumstances of his time at FC Cologne?

He took over a side that had not been back in the Bundesliga very long and had always been flirting with relegation

I don’t know too much about this guy but I know I’m willing to give him a chance and am optimistic.

Let’s not be getting on his case if we haven’t won our first 8 games of the next season or if Ward/Henry/Stearman (whoever it is that isn’t your favourite) is still in the team.

Let’s just get behind OUR team and OUR new manager and give I’m a good chance.

This could be the start of a bright new era for Wolves and I for one am looking to it.

The past was stale, the future is Stale



You do not get a team to the group stage of the champions league without having something

about you. Come on the negative Wolves fans, you wanted change,a new direction, you now have it. Congratulations to the board for a very brave appointment. The negative minority

you would not have been happy if they had put Yode in charge, smell the coffee and get on with it!!!


Will people please stop moaning! No 1 wanted Bruce and the wish came true, No 1 wanted TC as full time manager and the dream came true again. Now Wolves have appointed a manager know 1 knows about and their still moaning, i dont think it would have mattered who Steve n Jez had have appointed, certain so called fans would have moaned. Give it a chance AND if it dont start off all rosey dont shout for him to be sacked, things take time. Rome wasnt built in a day an all that. Now get behind the team you love or shut up! I so hope this proves all the moaners wrong but they will show their ugly head again when things take a turn for the worst unlike Wigans fans!

liverpool wolves

anything is better than nothing all we can do is support our club like we have done in the past through thick and thin remember where we were in 1986.


Bravo let's getthe guy here....this is going to work. Pity for the sad cases who seek solace in neagitivity.


It's come over ya

Whinging and whining

Consider fine dining

As mushy pays and ketchup

Listen up

Brave new world

Beyond Bilston and Benidorm

Fear of difference

Self con

Grow up

Move on!


Pity they didn't make this selection a dozen games ago!


Can anyone tell me what sort of manager he is. Does he like playing attractive football. If so i am right behind him.


The sheer quantity of negative comments on this appointment is an embarrassment. This is a great appointment, we are lucky. Everyone should just stop complaining and support our great club.

Suddenly I am looking forward to next season!

Thanks jez and Steve. Finally, good news.


Alan Ainger

Well i hope our new manager does what everybody is saying about him,like playing football on the ground and not just hoofing the ball upfield,and lets hope he can sort out that dire defence of ours!!!! Welcome to our club Stale Solbakken and lets get started on a new era UTW Alan

bilston wolves

well done steve morgan for keeping this manager close to your chest n getting the best man for the job and ill love to see him build his own team n make us as we was years ago top flight contenders

sale the viking

Ifor one am all for this guy have read loads of reports on this guy from denmark and all give this guy a glowing report. they have made it clear that wolves will be a big hit in denmark with some fans already talking about coming over to suport the wolves and sale.get your season tkt now! looks like the molineux is going to rock.


Danny Wolf

He has a large pot of money to make the squad his own. The club debts report was published this week and we're still the only club in the Prem with no debt, which is fantastic.

Too much deadwood at Wolves but a big squad is needed for the Championship and this squad is better than the one that won the league 3 years ago. get rid of for starters:




Egg Jonsson

Roger Johnson


no 15 herewegoagain-perhaps we're in for a

change then!!!

wimabigclubweam-get back to the baggies site..


I think we have to give some credit to Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey for both an imaginative and decisive appointment.

While we were all not expecting an appointment to made until the play-offs were over, they were busy working quietly in the background. This is in stark contract to fiasco in February when they embarked on a ponderous process to find someone to take charge following McCarthy's sacking. At least they seem to have learned something.

From various sources, it appears that Solbakken is not only quite a character, but a knowledgeable and respected figure on the continent. Hodgson,s comments endorse that view.

Exciting times ahead I think.


Let's hope he goes from zero to hero!


I like him.... The Norwegion who led us out of the Woods...

The more I see and hear I feel good, better times are on the way.

He feels like a Leader to me, and I feel Steve Morgan is now really growing into his role, the right Chairman for a club of Wolves heritage and tradition.

In a few years we could be looking back and seeing this time now as the turning point for our club, the time Wolves once again became respected and contenders for a bigger stage.

Once of course we negotiate our way back from the Championship, get that winning mentality going again. Make the fans proud again to be seen in the gold jersey.


bemused wolf

Like 99% of fans I know nothing about Stale but there are always people who will criticise things they know absolutely nothing about. We need Stale to succeed and I'm sure he will receive unanimous support but I also think the fans will need patience. May not be an immediate return but when we do we shall be a stronger side. Obviously Steve Morgan took professional advice on this appointment and wonder if this recommendation came from Hodgson ?

yorkie wolf

We have to give the guy a chance good grief whats the matter with everyone? I have a lot of time for RH and he was my first choice for the England job a very good coach. he has worked with this guy so he knows what he's worth and thats a good enough endorsement for me. I'll judge him with a half term report and final end of season assessment. I hope all the whingers will do the same,



Solbakken was the one to take over for Drillo Olsen as Norewgian National Coach beofre he went to Køln.

A massive signing for Wolves and he will give the fans the results they want.

Solbakken is a man for the future as well. Well done Moxey and Morgan!

Sussex Wolf

Great appointment, well done Steve and Jez, a breath of fresh air, and some positive vibes after a depressing season. I sense the media are not happy about this appointment. Looking for another fiasco, or one of their darlings to get appointed, and not happy to have been caught napping by the speed and quiet of his hiring. Let's ignore that and get behind him, as he will surely need time to fashion the kind of team that will reach and better the results of his side in Copenhagen.


24: He plays 4-4-2, zonal marking, quite direct (but not long balls, though), counter-attacking football. I would definitely say he's got an attacking mentality. I don't know how that fits with the way the Wolves players are used to playing, Solbakken might need a bit of time before the squad becomes familiar with his tactics. Even though I sort of hate him for knocking out my team (Rosenborg) in the laste stage of the CL-playoffs, I have to say he's a very good manager. Denmark has got a good league, a couple of years ago they had two teams in the CL (Champions League - in case you Wolves fans don't use the word enough to abbreviate it:)).

Norwegian West Brom fan

Must say that I hate this apointment. Simply because I wanted him to go to us at West Brom. I thought it was a chance for that since I has played (and learned) under Roy Hodgson.

As a coach he is very much about posession football and a strict zonal defence system. I havn't sees so many games so I can't say to much about it really. It is altough as a man-manager, motivator and developer of players his qualitys is most known in Norway (he is educated a teacher). It is said that he is very good at beeing both a mate and one of the lads, and also the boss. He knows in wich situations he can join the boys for a beer - and when to be the authoroty.

He also like to hear what the players think and take their opinions in consideration. (A famous story in Norway is from the time when Solbakken played for Wimbeldon under Joe Kinnear. At half time Solbakken criticised his managers tactikk and asked him to do changes. In some way Kinnear listned to him: He took Solbakken off the pitch...)This isn't Solbakkens manager style. He gives players freedom with responsibility.

The Championship is a hard place to get sucsess, and it is impossible to say how it will develop. But if I was at Wolves fan, I would be happy. This will probably get a new wind of enthusiasm in to Molineux. It's a chance to build something new. It's a risky choice, but this is maybe the time for such a choice. For us at West Brom it's more importent to take a safe choice so we can stabilize us even more. I have always had the dream of Solbakken going to The Hawthornes - but now that will never happen.


I can only repeat the greatest worry is the board, not the new manager. I hope he proves to be a great success, and I'm feeling optimistic about his future.

But where I have nagging doubts is because of Morgan and Moxeys track record. They said they would wait until after the last game before appointing a new manager. Now they jump in and appoint someone ahead of TC's last game in charge.

Morgan and Moxey also supported a struggling

manager in Mick McCarthy throughout most of this season, even though it was blindingly obvious he needed to be replaced at the end of last season.

So! While I have nothing but good vibes for Stale, I am concerned that his appointment was made by the short-sighted (or alternative agenda?) Moxey and Morgan.

In this respect, and as I said before, I hope Stale stamps his authority upon the club. If he gets what he wants, great. If there is friction between him and the board, then we can assume the old mentality of Moxey and Morgan has not changed. And that speaks volumes for the future of the club.

paul p

lets give this guy a go, he has pride and passion, and wolves need both at the moment, let him shape the team how he wants it, let him do things his way, give him the scope to be successful, every manager wether in the prem, or the championship deserves a chance, so give stale that chance, if he fluffs it we know who is to blame, but if he is brilliant and takes us back to the EPL at first time of askin, everyone will be singin morgans name!!! so i say this, from the fforde's to fordhouses, lets give him all the time he needs and back our new manager


The key word is patience. NONE of us knows if he is a "hidden gem" or not. He is in place and the next phase is how the playing squad develops over the summer. We must make sure Moxey and Morgan back him and that we will support him and wish him luck. We were too patient with McCarthy we must make sure we do not now become too impatient with him. Lets await developments.

Cornish Wolf

?? Does he speak English ?/

Up The Wolves

Cornish Wolf

The only reason I ask is that he will struggle in understanding most of the fans at The Mol if he does!!

Again, Up The Wolves

steve hill

yes well done steve morgan and jez moxey..good appointment staale only became available recently..theyve clearly been doing their homework.. I dont accept the negative comments about danish football..i seem to remember their national team was rather good a few years back.. And yes ..good performances in champions league arent a fluke..

Bunghoolioo Wolf

Was in a bit of disbelief yesterday when the mother in law text me with the new appointment. For a while I though she meant ollie Gunnar but then realised she didnt. I'm looking forward to a nice change of tactics. Seems from an Article i read he loves 4-4-2 so should suit some of our lot. It also said not so hot on fitness so maybe that's why tc ha been kept on etc. our team always looked pretty fit if nothing else. I'm right behind him. A brave and bold choice. Let's be honest I don't think any of us were thrilled with the likely lads who were being touted. Hughton and poyet would never have come and curbs has been out of it for years. Holloway is a space cadet, Stale is as good as any. And who knows we might get a few golden nuggets from Germany and Norway. We could do worse.

I'm quite excited. Doom mangers should jog on as usual. One chap who said stale out yesterday on here. Are you a complete moron? Unfortunately so many of our so called fans are just that. Get behind the team and the new man and roar us back to the prem. anything else and you ain't wolves. Simple.



Cor wait for the fixtures for next season, lets all have a positive mental attitude. UTW.


At last, 'THE VIKING' invasion we can all welcome.

I can picture some Bilston Del Boy cornering the market in horned helmets and busy getting them sprayed Gold and Black ready for the first home game.

Although historically questionable a sea of these in August would make a pleasant change from the negativity of recent months.


4th Generation Wolves Fan


We would do much better if the numpties on match day stay quiet.

Wm. Shakespeare


This manager whose called Solbakken

he won’t allow standards to slack`n

if players credentials don’t suit his essentials

Then he`ll quickly send`em a-pack`n

This man who is Star-lay Solbakken has a stick that he`s goin` to start crack`n

He means it for sure so performances poor


This chap that we said is Solbakken will stop players press talk a-yack`n

He`ll do allthe talkin or they`ll be a-walkin`

Cos he doesn`t want them a-quack`n

This new fellow, Star-Lay Solbakken likes play that is much more attack`n

So those who want liftin` and won`t put a shift in

Will find their careers start back-track`n

Have I mentioned Mr Solbakken who doesn`t like play that is lack`n

He wants winning ways to bring back happy days

To Mol` and ensure no more sack`n. !!!


wednesfield wolf

a great appointment, think all clubs have negatives and positives, and this guy i am sure will be good for wwfc. utw

The Flying Winger

I wish him the best and hope he can bring some much needed discipline to our team and staff.

The 2 M's have conducted their appointment very well after the debacle so not surprised the appointment was already made.

Although the decision to appoint Connor was a huge mistake, they obviously took time to tell him of the decision.

I disagree however leaving him in the set up, if that is the case.

I am so disappointed to see two senior players interviewed saying who?, it had ben reported so they had time to find out, there attitude says everything how this club has slipped.

Grace told us a few days before

He has a huge task, however we can now look forward to the favourites being sorted out and players picked on merit.

A new style of play and tactics, however it will still be down to the board if he succeeds by way of investment in playing staff, and moving on players who have been left to drift on loan etc.

So a big good luck to our New Manager and well done to the board in appointing him early.

Most fans inc myself have had their say about the appointment, now is the time to give full support to him for the battles ahead.

Out of Darkness Cometh Light

Sue, i cannot believe you didn't win fan of the year, you would have received my vote!!!

The Norwegian

Being a Norwegian I know Stale Solbakken quite well. This is a very very good move by Steve Morgan, and I do not think you will be disappointed.

Stale is and has been, along with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the absolute best manager prospect in Norway.

He was appointed as Norway`s national coach a year ago and was meant to be starting this autumn. But he had a clause in his contract that if a big club came in for him he could terminate his contract before he even had started his work as Norway manager. So he did, and went to Cologne last year.

At Cologne he met a club in financial crisis, and got zero money to spend. He actually did not buy any players in his year as head coach (because he wasnt allowed) and therefore he could not build his own team as he would have liked. He could only bring in a couple of very fringe players for free.

Stale is a type of manager who is very well respected by the players. He is on good terms and often on the same "friendly level" with the players, but he is also very demanding and strict when needed.

If I would describe Stale in one word it would be ambitious. He is a very ambitious manager, and would want hungry and ambitious players as well.

I congratulate Wolves with this appointment, just such a shame that my team from City Ground did not react to his availability...

The Norwegian


No 15, you've named a bunch of players there not previous managers. Sometimes players don't work out, fact. At our club and every other.

Your negativity makes no sense in this case. How you can compare a managerial appointment with a bunch of players is beyond me. Moronic stuff.

Give the guy a chance.

Vijay Wolves

After the last 5 years of a bit of the same old with Big Mick! Not complaining though, what he did for us has got us into a very strong position, but it did become a bit boring, not the Wolves i grew up to!

The last few days have got me all excited again! Been trying to read everything i can about the new Gaff, and i haven found anything i dont like! Highly motivted, not shy to make the big decisions! And best of all! He loes attacking football! The only thing thats went a bit missing with mick at the end!

Anyone who is moaning does not have a clue, this is the stepp that i hoped and dreamed wolves would take, always thought they would never do it! Hands up! Steve u have only made one mistake as owner so far! And u dis that mainly due to the boos of the faithless! Hope he gets a chance! I can feel tingles already!

Feels good to be excited again! UTW

Chertsey himalayanwolf

This is a bold move! and a welcome one away from the tired old list of candidates which have been on the radar since mm was sacked! So Steve Morgan has appointed a relatively unknown from absolutely nowhere in the reckoning.we can be 100per cent sure that stale solbakken has been recommended to wolves and Steve Morgan,I wonder who ?


15-herewegoagain. Here's hoping your one of the season ticket holders who didn't renew ! A bright new era ahead I hope if we can keep people like 15 away


Im a season ticket holder, and Wolves have needed this change of direction for a few years now.

We are a big club, we have a young and talented manager who wants to drive us forward.

Have wolves ever recruited a manager who has taken a small team into the last 16 of the Champions League?

That is after coming through the same group as Barcelona, and drawing 0-0 at home to them!

If you are moaning that you have never heard of him, surely that says more about your football knowledge?

Sir Billy Quiet

Much more positive reaction now the negative Numpties have had there all too predictable whinge.

I know nothing about the guy but he has my 100% support as usual.

The SS has arrived at the Molineux!


I'm inclined to agree with all the positive comments. It's a very bold and decisive move from the board. Appointing Solbakken at this point in time can only be a good thing. First off, we have to establish which players are leaving the club i.e Jarvis, Fletcher etc then find out who wants to stick around for the ride. It's pointless having players around who don't want to be playing in the gold and black.

We have to focus on bringing in players who are up for the new challenge ahead. It looks like it's going to be an interesting summer in the transfer market too. I'm quite certain we can expect a mini influx of scandinavian players on the molineux books!!! Keep the faith!

West Kent Wolf

Quote I have seen just now

He is also set to bring in longtime assistant coach Bård Wiggen from his days at Copenhagen and FC Köln.

out of darkness

Sir Billy Quiet

Much more positive reaction today now that the negative Numpties have had their usual knee jerk reaction - maybe they will be so disappointed that they will find another team to support - I doubt it.

I dont know this guy other than what I have read in the last few days but he will get 100% support from me.

Morgan has acted quickly and made a brave decision.

By the way no one has fully out lined TCs future role at Wolves.........he thinks he is staying but the new Manger will ultimately decide his future coaching staff once he has got his feet under the desk.

And if I was a Wolves player I would be keeping my mouth shut and looking to work hard in pre season because this guy will be looking at them with fresh eyes - no player is guaranteed a future at Wolves.

Fresh start fresh ideas - Wolves fans can look forward to an exciting few months.


a welcome appointment and a brave one, one that's to be supported unequivocally...a word of caution though. His time as Koeln manager in Germany is less than impressive, in spite of having to contend with lots of off field problems he couldn't save them from relegation. his quote from a German newspaper about his time at Koeln is telling ; "there were days when I didn't want to get out of bed..." I hope he can deal effectively with issues at Molineux and expel any disruptive influences before the new season gets under way. and we all know who iam talking about????? don't we???

Tony S Freiburg, Germany.

kentish wolf

at last we might be doing something right out of darkness cometh light

cavan wolf

German footballers dont take kindly to outsiders telling them how to play football,especially Norwegians,as they see themselves as superior in football terms,could have had a lot to do with it,in only his 2 nd in charge they where looking for him to be sacked,Brave decision by Morgan and Moxey hope it works out its obvious they have done their homework on this guy,

cut out the negativity,the club in in good hand.

come on the WOLVES

Stale Custard

HOOOOOOFFFFF!!!!!.... Enjoy guys.


Kenny Hibbitts Left Foot

Well my first reaction was who????? and why haven't we waited and interviewed other managers!!! but i am starting to warm to the idea, its good to have appointed someone different and by all acounts he is different!! Little bit dissapointed that T.C is still coach, but maybe in time Stale will get his own guys in. Now Mr Morgan give the man some money so he can field his own team not MM cast off's and get rid of all the deadwood!! Not renewing my season tickets but i will be up when i can to have a go in the shiny new stand (hope the caterings better than in the Steve Bull)

Come on me Babbies

P.S....Poglatrots your verse is awsome man, you are a word warrior!!!



Don't forget that Polish plonker Frankowski,and that Austrian KFC chef bloke Maierhoofer.

Paolo Rossi of Essex

No.15 - Surprised Rafael Villazan didn't get a mention, or are you to young to remember him?

No.22 - What have you been smoking buddy?

Good luck, Stale. You have my unequivocal support!!

The Wright Stuff

I like the fact that the outgoing Albion manager says Stale is a good appointment. Roy knows a decent leader when he sees one. He's even taken that lot to 10th! We are a well-run club. We'll be back.

Nuneaton Wolf

15 - those were players, this is a Manager, or do you not know the difference?

Filthy Wolf

I am shallow and think this is a fantastic move by Morgan.

We are a club with it's best history 50/60 years ago, relegated BOTTOM of the league, worst goals conceded record and we appoint a manager with Champions League experience.

Considering what we could have had - Bruce and an out of touch Curbishley or Wilkins, I think this is a sound move. Give him a chance.

wembley 74

Well i did say a long time ago regarding managers that we'd tried just about everything. Ex England managers (Hoddle, Taylor), Hurt sacked managers hungry to get back to the premier (Jones, McCarthy), Assistants to failed managers (Lee, Connor), Up & coming aggressive young Scots with a bit of Fergie in them!(McGhee) None have worked at all so i said the only route we have yet to take is a Continental coach. Not a famous one who we couldn't afford but maybe someone just under the radar. A new Wenger or a Mourinho. They're out there i said we just need to source the right one. Ask the right people, do your homework etc. Well now we have so let's just keep our fingers crossed Morgan's got this one right and who knows where this road will lead us. Particularly pleasing are Roy Hodgson's wise words (as usual) which should put fans minds at ease. Roy always chooses his words carefully and if thinks it's a progressive appointment that's good enough for me.


A postive move from the management this appointment could be very good.

Newark Wolves

Get behind the new manager and give him a chance - WE ARE WOLVES !


All the negative posts are probably from the same people that wanted Ole Gunnar as next manager, well let me tell you that 5 Danish League titles is far more impressive than 1 Norwegian league title. Think we may have uncovered a gem here ....


I for one am pleased with this appointment not just picking one from the managerial merry go round eg. Bruce etc. or the amiable but clearly clueless TC

He's bald, he's stale,

he drinks Black Country Ale,

Solbakken, Solbakken

(Hipflask, 2012)

I must admit the sacking of Mad Mick with no replacement was foolhardy at best but if we are honest had we progressed from the team that got promoted? Life is about tekking a few risks, I am off to live in the states anyway so good luck back in my smelly old home town I will be watching from afar.


This man has a winning head, temperament and will tolerate no nonsense. He is young,hungry and "new-minded" for a manager, and will sort out our defense in a proper way. Learned his def. play from "the mad" professor Drillo - Norwegian Team Manager and an expert on def. organizing. Still, for a Norwegian:-) he his into more play offensively, and is good at buliding team spirit. Playeres not fully committed will be leaving... The temperament is ok, and somebody will get their asses kicked this pre-season. In Germany he was never really given a fair chance. No money, no new players, and the most demanding press/public in Jerry-land! Jerries tend to play man/man defensively no matter what the coach tell them, and they never commited themselves to Solbakkens ideas of modern football. Good and modern choice for Wolves. Exciting - and will add lots of interest to my old gold club from the Scandinavian Fan Base!!:-)

Ulf the Wolf

I am a Norwegian Wolves fan, and I have been so ever since 1960 when my father showed me the English 1. division table in a sports newspaper. Wolves were on top, and they became my favourites immediately. Since then I have followed them in their ups and downs, watching them on TV many times, and visiting Molineux - my theatre of dreams - twice together with my sons.

I rejoiced to see that Stale Solbakken is the new manager. He is a great coach and I think he could take the Wolves back to PL on first try. In my opinion, the side`s offensive qualities are good enough, reinforcements are required in midfield, and a new defence should be purchased, as the old one leaks terribly. Then 2012/2013 could be great !

Waggies Left Peg

For all the people who have doubts about Solbakken, you may well end up being right, that is the point, we cannot know for sure, therefore you base the decision on the guys CV and apart from a blip at Cologne it is fabulous. Add to this that Cologne have a reputation as a car crash club who get through managers at an alarming rate, well that tempers those doubts. This guy may end being Tommy Sorenson (remember him Walsall fans) or he could be Arsene Wenger,I recall Arsenal fans were far from convinced when he got the job and that appointment did not work out too badly. Give him time and let him bring his own assistant once he has settled down and then we will see.

uncle bob

Not so long ago the hierarchy at Molineux were a laughing stock, now they're looking like they've made a pretty decisive & imaginative move. Kinda makes you quite excited for the Championship next season.


A very bold and courageous appointment by the board. A totally new direction for the football club both on and off the pitch which i for one am really looking forward to. ROLL ON AUGUST AND THE START OF A NEW ERA..........UTW


After watching him on you tube he'll do for me, he's certainly no respecter of Si called hierarchy, I like that!!!!

I disagree with all the posts moaning about him being a cheap appointment as well, forget what happened at cologne this guy has a great CV, I didn't hear too many people outside of Liverpool slagging Woy off after his mare there, some thing just ain't ment to be.

I would imagine the players who have caused the problems in the dressing room have already been identified & will be moved on before Stale gets started.

Good bye Mr Johnson, you won't be missed, not even in the championship, you were only here for the money & couldn't we all tell, you're a disgrace to your profession.


Stale Solbakken is a non-nonsense manager. He says what he means and it's a great appointment by Wolves. Solbakken is the guy that would ask the teacher what everyone was wondering, he is the guy that would say what everyone is thinking. I hooe he will be given time to prove himself. If he is he will make Wolves a stable premier league side.


i have watched footage of this guy on youtube and i like what i see, there is a video of him doing a rollocking (prob 1/2 time) and you can see if he is unhappy the player is told in an angry way with him up in their faces to let them no hes not happy.

just the man i think to put the fear of god into players in a similar way that top managers can get the most of their players.

also has he's played for wimbledon in the 90s and lined up with the likes of vinnie jones you know you have a major team player that will have a team spirit (as wimbledon werent that good but every player played for each other).

big thumbs up and i'm looking forward to seeing him next season at the mol.


Kåre Løveng

Sale the viking: Ståle Solbakken is from Norway, not Denmark.


To be honest i am surprised that Staale accepted the job. Thougt he would go for a top division job.

He is a man of strong opinions and i'm sure he will be a big hit with the majority of the fans. I'm for one is considering a trip back to molineaux (we lost 0-1 to the baggies the last time).

This is a major chance for wolves to have a new fanbase in Denmark and in norway.

Lets get behind Staale and the team.

Up the Wolves


Ståle is good man. Good luck Wolves!

Greatings from Norway

Notts Wolves

I'm willing to give the bloke a try, (even though I have so little faith in the judgement of Moxey and Morgan) but the poor bloke doesn't stand a chance while Wolves have written in their constitution that any new manager must have Terry Clipboard in his team, apparantly it's a pre-requisite to getting the job.


A few bits of info from a a Norwegian.

You are really lucky to get Solbakken as your manager, and I cant wait to follow Wolves the next seasons.

Solbakken is known for being a non bulshit guy. He say things as they are, and doesn't come with lame excuses when something goes wrong. He's really liked by the media for his humor. But to the most important info. He's know for being a team builder and to play entertaining offensive football is an important part of his philosophy. At the same time he's a tactical genious, which is clearly illustrated by his achievements in Champions League. I believe that he not only will get Wolves back in PL the first season, but also that he will get decent results when they get back to PL. As i said. He's a team builder, so if he is given time he would really give all the supporters a team that is better than ever.





Pity they didn't make this selection twelve months ago.


Lucky Wolves!

As a Norwegian I must say you've really found gold.

The most talented man in the wardrobe. He really knows hos to set the flame in a group. Professionalism!

He'll be a revelation.

He has pedagogical education and knows how to run and lead a group.

Cologne has been a mess for a decade and even Mr. F would have trouble turning that wreck.


per otto olsrud

It really warms to see your positiveness. May this be the turning point for our beloved Wolves as you say.

Ståle will appear with authority, smartness, guts and a brilliant humour.

Guardiola got it in Copenhagen:

Hid first team Hamkam really got it after first half in this cup match:-)


I agree that the only way we will change is if he brings his own team with him,..if we keep TC, Tony Daley etc if will be more of the same, as the players are that close to TC it will still be "jobs for the boys" mentality,..

J♣ck the Hat.

At least he's starting on what is arguably wolves true level, unlike Terry Connor, he was thrown to the lions.



Morgan to MoxetNO NO NO

I said Solksjaer.

Silver Wolf

Like a few others I'm surprised and disappointed to read numerous negative comments. It's a new start, and Stale Solbakken is a far better bet for my money than many of the old names floating about.

They'll be there in years to come when some of them will have managed a dozen clubs or more, and won little or nothing, but spent man £m's along the way.

I genuinely believe this fellow can break out of the awful hoofball tactics we have been obliged to witness, after all Swansea and Norwich don't use it and their squads have cost nothing like Wolves has.

I'm looking forward and I only hope those players who came out strongly for Connor, and Connor himself, can TRULY get behind the new manager. Any sniff of residual dissatisfaction that the totally raw stand-in 'manager' wasn't gifted the job for which he has never attempted to gain any training, will need to be rooted out. Maybe Solbakken should read the back numbers of E&S and move on those players who tried to get Connor appointed, and put the man himself somewhere where he cannot be the rallying point for malcontents. Wolves don't need them, a bright new dawn awaits and everyone must play their parts, genuinely!!

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