Wolves interview Terry Connor for manager's job

Terry Connor has had a formal interview to remain as Wolves manager, it was revealed today. He had a meeting with owner Steve Morgan yesterday.

Terry Connor has had a formal interview to remain as Wolves manager, it was revealed today. He had a meeting with owner Steve Morgan yesterday.

Connor was summoned to the chairman’s Carden Park hotel complex in Cheshire.

It raises the prospect of the 49-year-old being offered the job permanently, despite a series of defeats that has seen the club crash out of the Premier League.

The future of the long-serving coach is expected to dominate discussions at tomorrow’s scheduled Wolves board meeting.

He has already been told to make all preparations for pre-season training and last week he travelled with first-team coach Steve Weaver to Holland to scout a potential new signing.

It is understood Mr Morgan is keen to hear what plans and budget Connor has in mind were he to stay in position beyond the final game of the season at Wigan on Sunday.

Connor, who was handed the job to the end of the season, is the first candidate to be formally interviewed since he was thrust into the hotseat on February 24 following Mick McCarthy’s sacking.

Keeping Connor would provide continuity but concerns remain about the team’s poor defensive record with Wolves having conceded 30 goals in his 12 games in charge so far.

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Comments for: "Wolves interview Terry Connor for manager's job"


"Connor was summoned to the chairman’s Carden Park hotel complex in Cheshire. It raises the prospect of the 49-year-old being offered the job permanently."

No it doesn't. There's not really a story here as such, other than he has met with Morgan. More inflammatory reporting.

Even by Morgan and Moxey's standards of incompetence it would beggar belief if they jumped to appoint Connor now and not wait to interview others post-Play offs.

My main worry is that they may be so shell-shocked from how badly they handled it all last time that they take the easy option and go for Connor. Please No!

A bucket load of goals conceded, not a single victory and a pitiful wimper of a relegation should say it all. I still think Poyet and Wilkins would be good, but doubt the Board are ambitious enough and no doubt would resist having to pay any money for anyone.

wayne souhbank

Please say that iam dreaming we wont have any fans at the games next season if connor gets the job.

Connor for England

What a. Choice of manager. I bet the budget was the main discussion how cheap he can do the job because he is not big enough to demand we keep our best players and get rid of the rest. Eddie Howe has got to be onterviewed along with solskajear


I really like Terry Connor. He seems to be an extremely nice man who evidently really cares for the club.

Yet, he is conclusively not (in my eyes) the man to take Wolverhampton Wanderers forward.

We faced a huge decision in February; we either had to place faith in the old regime, hoping it would reignite the team as it had done so well in the past few seasons, or draw a line under it completely - getting in a new man and building from there.

We did neither and, as a result, whimpered towards the end of the season, being all but relegated with 10 games left.

Surely Wolves will not appoint the man at the helm throughout this - however genial that individual may be - as permanent manager?


If he is offered the job i am going up for a refund on my season ticket,complete joke of a decision.connor must go


will the last person leaving molineux please turn out the lights. utterly, utterly unbelievable.


Is steve morgan having a laugh or what?we got made a laughing stock with the timing of mm sacking and now this.What happened to the "this job is not novices".We want a manger with hunger and experience!

gold and black army

cheap cheap cheap


Nothing against TC but the performances he has delivered are not what we need. If we change nothing then don't expect different results!!


I like Connor as a person but is Morgan deliberately trying to ruin the club . Why when loads of managers would kill for the job would you even interview a man who did not win a single game

Paul the Wolf

So the Baggies yet again show us how it is done, they interview Claudio Ranieri and we interview Connor, it really shows the ambition.

Sir Billy Quiet

Another E&S story designed to get as much negative response as possible.....

TC has had 13 years at Wolves and deserves the opportunity to put his plans to Morgan.

His not my choice, but then I thought Taylor and Hoddle were great appointments and doubted McCarthy could get us up - what do I know?

What we don't want to become is a Blackburn Rovers 'fans' chanting abuse when the players needed 100% support - pathetic.....



Ferndown Wolf

The clubs PR mafia have been spinning this for the past week to soften us up so its no great surprise Older fans like me will remember Sammy Chung Can you get an Early Bird refund?


Salt in the mourning

The early aftermath

Yawning wounds

Bare we

Baggie Ranieri?

For us more scary

Though imbued with honour

Il Connori

Morgan's story

Building around

From within

Scant understanding

More mourning

The death of possibility

F.C. Sin

'ere we go ag'in


5 wins from 37 games and relegation, why would Morgan wish to continue that???????


i've never posted on the express and star because i've never got to the point of been that frustrated on a article on the E&S. But what the **** is going on with our club, have we not been embarrassed enough this season with out condemning us to the championship for whats going to look like a very long time the way our club is being run! If this goon gets the job i wont be returning to the mol for a very long time, this has gone beyond a joke..

steve brown

no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no NO!!

What are they thinking?

knocker knowles


NO, NO, NO, NO, NO !!!!!!!!!!

Morgans Red Face


If you appoint this clown, my season ticket is coming back.


Shambles. If he gets the job you can stick your season ticket Morgan! God im livid!!!!

Black and Gold Army

No surprise thought all along he will continue in the job.This will go down well with wolves fans not!!!On what basis is he allowed to carry on his record is terrible and even though hes a nice bloke his results speak for themselves.Middle of the table nxt year me thinks!


give the bloke a chance...hes only been in the top job 5 mins

TC=Totally Clueless

If they appoint this clown, then they had better be prepared for the biggest ever fans back-lash in the history of the club! Morgan's white elephant of a stand will not even be half-full and the new season will kick-off against a background of vitriol.



Quote from the Wolves web site regarding Darren Ferguson hasn’t got enough managerial experience to be considered for the post yet and wrote the rumours off as “nonsense”.

So what experiene did the clown have when they put him in charge, I also see on todays E&S they have interviewed TC for the post, so GOD help us next season we have No chance with this clown in charge, NO wins form his time in charge but plenty of goals against.

Its about time the board started to listen to the fans, and bring a good manager in now so he can sort out these so called players,and get rid of the rubbish now, they have let the club, fans down.

If TC is in charge next season at least we will have lots of room in the place.I will never vist Wolves again, I have supported them now for over 60years through the good time and the bad, but this year has been hopeless, big pay and no PRIDE in the OLD GOLD colours.

Mr. Perspective

I'm not one for all this pitch fork and torches witch hunt malarky, but if Connor gets the job there will be, and in my mind has to be, protests against the decision and the direction that the chairman and board are taking us.

We have been going backwards all season, and this has a hell of a lot to do with the decisions made by the board / chair, so they MUST realise that a change of tact is required.....they simply cannot continue down this gardne path that they have already taken us halfway down (down being the operative word there).

If they appoint Conno this is exactly what they will be doing, and they will have proven beyond any reasonable doubt they they are unfit for purpose. They and the club are already a laughing stock, the fans have turned and will continue to in their droves, how much more persuasion do they need that their current way of thinking is not working?!

Laughing Wolf

It’s now officially our title

‘Welcome To The Comedy Club’


No wins since he has been in charge says everything about his ability.Says it all.You will put this club in a no win situation if you put this joker in charge,poor start with him in charge will put us back years.If he is left at the helm god help us,just shows how much ambition we have by interviewing him

We only need one half!

in the words of John McEnroe, "you can not be serious!!!!!"

just when you thought your season couldn't get any worse your board puts the topper on it!

feel for yer, I really do.

Loyal Wulfrian

We almost landed on Planet Earth, but looks like we flying back towards Fantasy Land.

Someone please tell me I am having a nightmare.

Surely this can not be happening.




I may be alone, but i think TC will take us back up if he is given the job, good luck Terry

essex uni wolf


I would have thought if TC was the man for the job we would have got some sort of result whilst he has been in charge but nothing, maybe the players think there onto an easy thing with TC in charge and the board will not have to spend any money and we will be back were we started a rudderless ship going nowhere fast.

jason o

league one after next season then had enough now

Alan in Cyprus

Please don't do this to our Club. Sunday showed how much we care for the club in adversity. This, surely, will be one step too much for many loyal, hard-working fans.

Mike Pearson

One wonders how much of this report is fact as opposed to fiction. If true, it sounds really depressing- surely a clean break is the best way to go to allow a fresh face to come in to evaluate and develop a new plan of action.

TC is like the old family pet that has been around for too long and, ergo, is unable to effect a radical change due to familiarity and insufficient respect from the squad and the staff. A dispassionate review of players and staff, including the scouting structure, is urgently needed and it is hard to see this happening with a guy who has been too close to the players.


Well at least if we get Connor we will hang on to our top players..!! ooo, Wait a minute..


"Another E&S story designed to get as much negative response as possible…..

TC has had 13 years at Wolves and deserves the opportunity to put his plans to Morgan.

His not my choice, but then I thought Taylor and Hoddle were great appointments and doubted McCarthy could get us up – what do I know?

What we don’t want to become is a Blackburn Rovers ‘fans’ chanting abuse when the players needed 100% support – pathetic….."

A common sense view!

Kent Wolf


No Ambition

Noaaaaaa !!!!

Oh well that's £500 saved.



4, 11 and 14, spot on all of you. What happened to waiting until the end of the season? We all know where this going with the constant stories about the "improvement" under Connor. This is clearly an example of Orwellian 'doublespeak' as the stats don't lie and show that the performances have got considerably worse, from a very low base to start with!

As suspected for a while, these clowns Re killing the club I love and is breaking my heart. Enjoy the Championship my fellow supporters, it will be League 1 the season after.

Morgan out

Moxey out.


Just when you think it cannot get much worse...

Kford Wolves

Morgan out! Venky's in!


So much for no action untill the end of the season!

I have been a big supporter of the 3 m 's in the past but the events of the past few months ave changed my mind totally

If wolves is run on proper business lines ant chief exec who presided over such a fundermental cock up would be fired

So which is it Mr Morgan

Proper business or old pals club?


Everything they have said recently points to this happening.........

I have a season ticket for next year again, but will do my best to get a refund if this happens.

This would really cause further unrest amongst fans. Cant even believe he has been interviewed.

Bewdley Wolf

It would be hard to imagine anyone with Terry's CV getting anywhere near an interview with any other club. 3 months experience, no wins, a handful of draws and a lot of defeats and horrible performances.

Much as I love the bloke he has had 3 months in which to show at least a glimpse of what may be achievable but the whole period has been disastrous from beginning to end.

We saw what the players are capable of for about half an hour at home to Villa, and whilst that was exceptional it proved that they COULD play, it needed someone to drag that level of performance week in week out, Mick couldn't do it with all his experience, why would a novice do any better?

And if the players respect him as much as they are now claiming, they would have bust a gut on the pitch for him, and with the odd exception they have not.

This is a crucial appointment for Morgan and he needs to get it right or I fear the worst.


This is a joke yeah ?

If Connor gets the job never mind getting a refund for my familys 3 early birds we will stay away from the club until this shambles of a BOD sell up and leave.


Morgan if you had ambition then you'd appoint a world class manager instead of constantly going for the cheap option. Also you could at least get a footballing man in with at least some knowledge of the game instead of keeping faith in the fat controller.

( you never know, Liverpool might end up firing king kenny ;p )

If TC get's the managers job then i fear for Wolves. I expect them to drop down a few more divisions as a result.


At last - it makes entire sense for TC to be given the job full time.

Look at the improvement over the past two weeks - had he been able to deliver the ratio of points we had got from these over the whole 12 matches so far, that would have been an extra 8 points and we'd be second bottom going into the season finale with the chance of a win at Wigan and finishing third bottom.

He has had a major positive influence on the players as well. Hunt was reported to be enjoying the less strenuous training sessions. Recognised international players have been singing his praises - Ward, Edwards etc. - and they know much more than we can ever do.

TC for the permanent job makes absolute sense. I just hope that Jez and Steve don't interfere and let TC make his own appointment of coach. MM.


And further more to my post 19, those 5 wins were under a manager Morgan sacked for not being good enough, but he was still better than Conner!!!!

And I don't want McCarthy back either.


Your headline must be a joke or a misinterpretation of the reason for the interview. Surely, it was a post mortem on TC's abject failure as a manager over the past weeks rather than for a permanent post.

It is about time that Morgan et al got serious and started interviewing proper candidates for the job such as AC before he gets snapped up by another club.


If the board take Terry Connor on or extend his contract as Manager or assistant manager - same goes for Steve Weaver. They will lose the fan base and the fans will revolt and call for them all to leave. This could be devastating for the club. To Mr. Morgan: Confidence is at an all time low so give the fans what they desperately need and rightfully deserve. Change.


This is all part of the process- nothing new or scary about that.

I personally would not call TC a clown or similar as he is a descent guy just doing the best he can for our club.

Would I want him to get the job permanently, the answer is NO!

We need a whole new start, a manager has to be brought in to provide new ideas , bring in new players , sell those who (a) don't want to stick around, (b) we can sell at a descent profit i.e. Jarvis and hopefully Doyle (c) are just not good enough i.e. Berra, Cradock, Johnson, Stearman, Hunt .....

Gus Poyet would be my choice.

kev in mallorca

Who Are WBA Anyway??????????????

I was going to take the ssip out of the member of MENSA who trying to impersonate you on one of our site today but after this story I haven't got the heart, I couldn't kick anybody while they were down.


Sir Billy Quiet

I don't think you can blame the E&S for all the negative response I think there are a few other reasons.


Bojangles Wolf


They should only be meeting with him to discuss his exit strategy... and give him a box in order to clean his desk of all his clipboards from over the years...

SOOO glad i didnt renew my Season Ticket!

I wont be attending Molineux again until this regime has long since dispersed... Im on my way to the Bucks Head or Aggborough next season.. wash my hands of this mess!


Last week you published..

'Wolves are taking their time to try to make the right appointment and want to get the season out of the way before starting the process in earnest.'

Today you publish the above news, does that mean they are not taking Terry Connor seriously or we cannot believe anything that comes out of Molineux?


Wanted to post a response to this article but am really struggling to find the words without resorting to expletives.

Surely,surely the club must also listen to the fans with regard to an appointment and not just the players who like him (obviously a soft touch on the training ground), or Moxey who is determined to find a cheap option at the expense of any success.

TC is a nice guy, but nice guys don't win anything. Our record since he took over speaks for itself. If our 'stars' want to leave they will do that regardless of who is in charge - and we will probably get a pittance for them in the close season.

Put my faith in the club by taking up the Early Bird offer but will demand a refund (the T&Cs state renewal will admit purchasers to all Wolves Premier League matches) if things don't change.

Dave Webb

Possible starting 11 for next season:

1. Russell Howard

2. Russell Brand

3. Frankie Boyle

4. Dara O'Brien

5. Noel Fielding

6. Stephen K Amos

7. Tim Minchin

8. Sean Lock

9. Lee Mack

10. Jimmy Carr

11. Alan Carr

Subs to include Lenny Henry, John Bishop & Ricky Gervais


Can just see it now:

"We are not interested in Darren Fergie cause he does not have enough experience. We have therefore decided to appoint Terry Connor who has had 13 games of Premiership football experience, winning 0, on a 4 year deal."

What is the thinking behind the scenes?? It feels almost like a bunch of children are running the place. I cant work it out at all. We are as bad behind the scenes, worse in fact, than we are on the pitch.

What chance.....................

Ye Olde South Bank

Considering Moxey and our dewy-eyed sycophantic, butt-kissing players have all been singing TC's praises, I'd say hearing of his interview is no shock whatsoever. Appointing him permanently is another matter entirely. I mean, surely Morgan aint THAT crazy?

Nah, I refuse to believe it.....


Connor as manager is a slap in the face for all fans if its announced I will definately be handing in my early bird for a refund as will my wife.


I havent renewed yet purely on the basis that I want to know what is going on with the club.

Morgan or his puppet Moxey didnt have the cahoonas to face us, and fianlly tell the fans what was going on after the game against Everton.

Every year for as long as i remember good season or bad, we always had a Players player, Young Player and Top goalscorer awared, and a few words of encouragement for next season.

Not this time, good old Morgan and Jez clapping the team off, and then TC is the first person to be interviewed for the job....do me a favour.

If he gets it and we dont see some marked changes in the backroo team, then i wont be renewing for next season.

Were already down on ticket sales, so that must tell the "faceless" board that all is not well on the home front.

TC next Wolves manager = 15k a week at Wolves....count the pennies then Steve!!


Brilliant news.


Its all part of the co-ordinated spin plan

The aim is to make us all more appreciative of the actual Manager coming in, and the Peanuts of a Budget he is given to work with

'Could have been worse ..it could have been Connor' is how they want us to think

Pathetic.. yet True


Moxey quashed rumours recently about Darren Ferguson saying he had not had enough experience and yet they talk about Connor being Manager whos experience is 12 games or 4 points from 36,the reason why is because he will be very very cheap and is Moxeys glove puppet.


' Lets pretend we have a new manager', 'Lets pretend we can win a game' and 'Lets pretend we have a board with vision'. The trouble is that is all I can see it being. Joke

Silver Wolf

Relegation, relegation,

seems Wolves' background policy,

Looking forward, do they plan for

just one drop or two or three?


If Connor is appointed this time next year we will be looking forward to division one football with crowds of 10,000.


Oh Dear

The board don't seem to be learning from their previous mistakes.

TC comes across as a very decent fella, but we need a very decent manager & this job is way too big for him at this stage of his career.

Why are they listening to players who appear to be only interested in remaining in their comfort zones, by backing him for the job???

This is not what us very long suffering fans want to be hearing at the moment.

Very worrying.

Scott Edwards

I think Connor is a good coach, and will turn out to be a succesful manager similar to McDermott.

Thumbs up from me. A Wolves season ticket holder for 19 years.


There cannot be a grain of truth in this report as it would sound the death knell of my beloved Wolverhampton Wanderers & would end my love affair with this club i've supported for over 60 years. Please God dont let this disaster happen & hope that Morgan appoints a CEO & manager that has the ability to get us back to respectability again.

David 1

Please say this just another case of the E&S winding us up. That being said I've had a bad feeling about this for a few weeks. Ever since we picked up a point against Sunderland. As much as I disliked Ward, Edwards, Stearman, Henry etc.. coming out and saying Connor is the man I believe their opinion to be irrelevant. We should have a strong enough board to listen to fans opinions. It's not just on here which I admit is full of doom and gloom myself often included, but it is in the stands I have not spoken to a single fan who believes we should Keep Connor on nor should we have ever employed him in the first place. It shows a total lack of respect if indeed they employ him shown towards the fans which no-one needs reminding without whom the club would not exist. Let's just hope this is a formality to give Connor a chance and then say thanks but no thanks otherwise there will be a lot of season tickets returned mine included.


26) Top Clown has been in charge for nearly a third of a season and based on current form, in the whole season, he would accrue 12 points. The man has been here for 13 years and still cannot sort out the defence. Molineux will be half full, if he gets the job.

There are plenty of managers out there and Moxey and Morgan need to appoint the right one and start paying back the let down fans for this season's debacle!


I'm kind of enjoying the Pantomine that is , Wolves FC.

The root cause of all our problems is JEZ MOXEY. Until he goes, the club will carry on like this.

Moxey measures success by the clubs bottom line, that is to say, profit. Nothing else matters to him.

Connor is a cheap option.

Would we of wanted to get rid of Mad Mick for Connor? Of course not.

However, this headline is just cheap, low grade, Journalism aimed at provoking a reaction and selling newspapers.

Ignore it, it means nothing.

Sir Jeremiah of Moxey

Right, you lot need to start to understand football the Moxey and Morgan way.

Firstly, do not accuse us of planning to fail. I can assure you there is no plan for anything anywhere except houses. Oh, and if, as we expect under Mr Connor we rapidly advance to the Conference we can build sheltered housing for retired football failures on the old Molineux pitch.

You complained that we did not win anything. Wrong. The Barclays Wooden Spoon is sitting nicely on its cheap acrylic stand under a 30 watt bulb in my office and looks lovely.

You keep saying that the lovely Mr Redrow O'Scouse is only interested in money and housebuilding. Well, it's not only him, there's me too and to be honest there's more money in houses than in football in the Conference so that's what we're doing.

You accuse us of not trying to recruit a new manager. We did try. Gertie from accounts stood outside the Job Centre for 3 days with a sign round her neck saying "Manager wanted for WWFC" and all that happened was people ran away screaming... no ambition, that's them.

Ok, so finally, Mr Connor has been interviewed and we will not announce him being given the job as Manager until you are all on holiday so the fuss dies down quickly and it's too late to get a refund on your ticket. So there. We are the bosses and we'll do what we like and you so-called fans can go take a hike. Expect nothing and you'll be right every time.


To much emphasis is being placed on getting the right manager to make this present team a winning side. MM could'nt do it, so why think that TC can. What is needed at Wolves is a more solid backline (the goal keeper does most of the defending) and a good striker. Spend money on a few decent key players, keep the good players we have, get rid of the dead wood and give Terry Connor a full season to prove himself. Sounds easy !!


I hope this is a joke doing the rounds.Morgan wake up get a proper experienced manager,pay him a decent wage for doing the job which is to get us back into the premiereship first time.Now the sad news is it is going to cost a few bob which we know will hurt you but NO MORE CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.Connor must go along with Moxey and several of last terms players.This is it Morgan if you care about the club and don`t want to keep showing contempt towards the fans do something positive and you will get loyalty.


What do you have to do to get shown the door at Molineux??? His record is a disgrace he was part of the management team that got us into a mess and then the Manager who took us down. Without a win, 3 draws against 3 teams with nothing to play for. In the matches that mattered




Man U


I could go on, what was the outcome again - oh yes we lost and in 3 of the instances were totally outplayed.

If they want to sell season tickets they need a new manager - the majority will not buy into Connor - the pressure on him to get a good start next season will be huge. In Management terms the appointment makes no sense. Lets hope its just it is just the E&S stirring it again

Spirite Wolf

Firstly we were lucky not to lose again the weekend 2nd best.

It will be interesting reading the comments how many people will actually return there season ticket. I never renewed 2 yrs ago after seeing MM spend millions but still had the team that won the championship when the club/team should have been evolving and now i pick games. I've seen us 4 times under TC and shudder at the thought.

Let's hope common sense prevails and a new management team is brought in. Did anyone find out why Curbishley nver took the job?

Bojangles Wolf

And he still has a 0% win percentage!

as for the draws let me explain...

1. Newcastle- His first game the players would of tried to impress... had it of been now they would of slaughtered us.

2. Sunderland... Nothing to play for by the time we played them so we get a point

3. Swansea... As Sunderland

4. Everton... As Sunderland and Swansea

Had these teams had something to play for the would have beaten us.. ALL of them and Clueless will still have been saying im the right man for the job!

My Head Hurts

When he took over the players said he was the best choice as someone new coming in would take a few games to get used to the players. Last week the idiot came out & said with the way things were turning round another few games & he could of saved us !! I wonder how his best mate Mick is feeling with TC constantly harping how much training & performances have improved since he took over. No passion against Everton & a 4 each draw against a promoted team who were already safe doesnt fill me with much confidence. We will be 5 games from the end of next season & he will be wittering on about how if the season went on a bit longer we would get promoted as we were finally getting used to the Championship... GET HIM OUT

Penkridge Wolf

Welcome everyone to the Comedy Club!

So Connor and Weaver travelled to Holland to scout a potential new signing - Maybe it was Jan Vertonghen???

Morgan is keen to hear what plans and budget Connor has in mind were he to stay in position beyond the final game of the season - Does this mean that the 'novice' has the necessary experience now that he didn't have some time ago?

As for 'TC's' ideas on a budget, about £3M for any transfers and a salary of £5,000 per week should be about right!

And finally, Connor is the first candidate to be formally interviewed since he was thrust into the hotseat on February 24 following Mick McCarthy’s sacking - So he's got the job then!

Connor's cheap, won't make stupid demands for a big transfer budget and most importantly knows the players well and everyone at the club gets along like a 'house on fire'! - Sounds like the 'new' manager will be named very, very soon.

If this happens then Morgan and Moxey need to take a long hard look at themselves. They may be businessmen of various sorts but football minded men? They are certainly not, for who else would have disgraced and embarrassed the club the way they have done and no doubt will continue to do so?

No committed Wolves fan that's for sure!

Redrow O'Scouse

Stop moaning. It's bad enough that my favourite team were beaten by Chelsea in the cup and are going to be beaten again tonight without you all going on about a cheap coach with a history of failure being selected as Wolves manager.

And the person who suggested that Connor would be made coach by having his teeth removed and seats fitted is just cruel..


I'd like to be a fly on the wall during this interview. Really cannot say more than that.

I'm just waiting for the outcome - and the fallout when the fans hear the decision.


ARE YOU NUTS!!!!!!!!

norman Bell's butler

If Connor gets the job, thats it I'm going to watch Stafford Rangers.

The Real London Wolf

I agree with #2, #15 and others of the same persuasion.

Of course TC, as acting manager must be interviewed.

He also seems a likable, honest guy who is a good "Second in Command"

However, let's take away all the emotion and say "Thanks" to him for trying to rebuild the team after the events, but look for a more experienced manager who can take us forward.


thank god the board dont listen to the clowns posting on here tc should be given the chance in the championship he as my vote

Sedgley Wolves 73

OMG - Enough is Enough, How much more does Morgan and Moxey think us loyal wolves fans can take.I have nothing against Conner, the only reason why the players want him to stay is that they want an easy ride and the only reason Moxey and Morgan want him to stay is because he is cheap etc. If the 2 M's keep this up they will be lucky to get 14,000 down the wolves next season when my beloved team is sitting mid table- My club is turning into a joke. It would suprise me if Morgan renamed the ground " The Redrow Stadium" :(


this has got to be a joke? morgan and pieman have finally lost the plot. here,s a guy who as no wins from 12 games as taken 3 points out of a possible 36 and the worst defence in the epl and these idiots have interviewed him for the job on a permanent basis. well this really shows a total lack of ambition and a total lack of respect for all wolves fans who have had to put up with this utter dross all season. if this article is true and they do appoint connor on a full time basis morgan will see the biggest backlash since the bhatti bros in the 80s. this is the final insult in a complete joke of a season in wolves history. for your sake morgan i hope you dont go through with this appointment your not really at the top in favouritism with any wolves fans at the moment and this will only add insult to injury . hope you know what your doing because this could be a financial disaster for you.

Codsall wolf

The only way clipboard will be at the club next season is if Darren Ferguson wants him in his backroom team.

Several bookies have stopped taking bets on the Wolves manager job after several big bets were taken on Darren Fergusson????


we make the Club what it is... your LOYAL FANS... if it wasnt for us there would be NO Wolverhampton Wanderers...to all the board LISTEN TO WHAT ALL YOUR FANS ARE SAYING .....

Conner HAS TO GO NOW!!!!!!!!!

appoint him and i want a refund on my EARLY BIRD.....

....LISTEN TO US....

Paul SIA

'Out of darkness cometh light'

But there's not even a flicker here or in previous stories.

TC by all accounts is a nice bloke, but not a manager of even a Championship team. He get on well with all the team and jokes an laughs with them on the training ground but thats been proved not a formula for success, or at least not the whole formula. We need a new broom to sweep clean, TC's not going to get rid of his chums on the pitch, we need someone without any emotional ties who can do whats needed for the right reasons. And have Morgan & Moxley not learnt anything? When they got rid of McCarthy a few suggested they had a plan and replacement in the wings. And what happened? They made us a laughing stock and ended up taking a desperate and cheap route and look where that left us! In a previous story it mentions 'Wolves are taking their time....want to get the season out the way before starting the process..' !!!!!!

Why wait?!?!?! We need to get someone in now to shape the team, sell the dead wood, and identify targets. The Tesco lot are after a new manager and what if Blackburn decide for change and/or QPR/Bolton. If Morgan's not willing to spend, even though we'll get parachute payments and some key players will go in return for some millions, we wont be first choice for anyone decent. It'll be the same all over again, a few potentially decent candidates come and go via Waterloo Rd and then in August they'll announce TC's staying. Oh and does anyone want to buy a new house in Tettenhall?


This situation is self inflicted. There has been no serious protest against the ongoing failure of the Club at all levels this season. For those (the happy clappers) who crticicse us for airing "neagative" views, look where your inertia has got us. Relegated without as much as a whimper and looks like more of the same next season.

Again on Sunday Morgan came out in his true colours. Too yellow bellied to face the paying public in person and make some sort of commitment to the Club and it's supporters. I reaay think this guy is deluded enough to believe that 25,000 people will continue to turn up if he appoints Clueless long term. If so Mr. Morgan you are in for a surprise.

PS. To those above who are querying ST refunds look at clause 2 in Terms and Conditions, your Early Bird guarantess your admission to 19 Barclay's PREMIER LEAGUE home matches.


52 years yesterday I started supporting The Wolves, never have I felt the way I do, living in Cornwall I spend about £200/250 on every match my wife and i go to , if this pantomime goes on I for one will spend my money on other things that bring me happiness , never will stop keeping the faith , but , you all know the rest.

Bicester Mike

I wrote to Steve Morgan after TC's appointment.

I said that I personally have nothing against TC nor am I a racist. However, I pointed out to SM that in his building business the foundations of any building have to be spot on. Compare that to football you build from the defense. When TC worked with MM our defensive record was awful so what was going to change. He did not reply personally as he had received so much correspondence. I did receive confirmation from the Communication and Marketing Manager.

The time has arrived for fresh faces and I hope SM takes that on board and acknowledges that it is the people who pay to watch the team that keep the club alive.

TJS Baggie

Can not believe it !! This can not be true. Some things you would not wish on your worst enemy....................even Billy Davies would be better or Phil Brown

Surely your board see that one relegation is enough!! We want to have you back for derbys in a years time in the prem, not hoping you can navigate round 1&2 of the cups to play us. Rivals need to play each other

Hopefully this is just poor lazy Journalism from the E&S but as often poor journalism does its got a response.

pye green wolf

just rung the ticket office you can get a refund for early bird season tickets just finished my e-mail requesting my refund and the reason why.they then e-mailed back saying someones going to phone me to have a chat before reimbursing me hopefully its moxey or morgan and they can give me the reasoning behind the clubs totally inept recruitment procedures.i can see molineux looking very empty next season

Who are Sandwell Albion anyway??????

57. The bloke from the Balearics.

You will notice that I have now found the true identity with my "new" nom de guerre.

Does that sound better?

On the Tom O'Connor interview all I can say is "OH MY GOD"

It is little wonder that the Sandwell lot take the ssip!!


just seen the billboard.i seriously thought the news agent hadnt changed it since febuary.


99 - please return your season ticket - we are desperate to not have fans like you! cant wait to get rid of the negative 5,000!!!!

Rocket Ron Amphlett

This has to go down as one of the biggest E & S jokes of all time. T C nice guy as he might be, IS NOT up to the task of bringing back future glory to thi s club. The same lame ducks ( mm's favourites) continue to be picked, continue to under-perform and continue to NOT get results. The team can not defend ( no personel changes ) can not score goals ( no personel changes ) midfield doesn't create ( no personel changes)Thank god the season is finished, next weeks result is totally immaterial for both sides now that Wigan are safe. Let's see if there are any changes of personel next week.... I think probably not.

The whole of the backroom staff needs a dam good clear out, along with the dross from the first team squad, and new blood brought in, especially a NEW manger with NEW ideas, and a NEW way of playing, so that PRIDE can be brought back to this GREAT club. So I call upon Steve Morgan to make the descision, and do what IS RIGHT. !!!!! No to TC, No to Steve Bruce and any other of the failures that have previously been mentioned.


no where in this article does it say they have offered connor the job! you all need to calm down and wait. I agree that he isn't the man for the job but he got an interview not the job, Steve Bruce was given an interview but not the job


Well well. When TC was appointed for 13 games I posted here that it was the initial move to making him permanent and I still stand by it. Absolute disgrace. How can anyone with such a track record be appointed. This Board are incompetent mupppets


This is a wind up, right!

Or maybe doing the right HR thing, must canvass internally.

Lets hope that is what it is....

The Editor

Wait, everybody

There's a word missing from the headline:

"Wolves interview Terry Connor’s for manager’s job"

It should read:

"Wolves interview Terry Connor's dog for manager's job"

They may as well. Could it do any worse? Might have trouble holding the clipboard, but there's always the iPad...

Sir Lupi

It is alarming how slow Wolves are to appointing a new coach.

Albion, Blackburn and possibly Bolton/QPR have now joined the market and will all be fishing in the pond for a manager. We could of appointed a good candidate by now, it would appear like we will have to compete with any of the above now in the race to get the right manager.

Whats the old saying, you snooze you loose!

Wake up Morgan and get the right man in now!


Probaly the real truth is that they cant attract a top manager because of the restraints put on the job by Moxey and Morgan no decent manager worth his salt will have any time for this pair of idiots who have totaly mismanaged this season and made themselves and the club look like rank amateurs.

1)You must have Connor as assistant

2)You will have no say on transfers in and out.

3)You will keep all backroom staff.


Wow 100 comments in a hour - popular idea. We were sort of told (if you believe anything that comes from Moxey) that fan pressure changed their mind on Bruce. In that case snowballs in hell have more hope than TC.

Most confusing of all - Morgan wanted to know what budget he would want? Is this how it works? Is the cart supposed to go in front? Does he just want a manager who says - I've spent £2.50 and I'm happy with my squad? Have we been here before?

Former happy clapper in a mixture of anger and despair.


goodbye season ticket im going to get mine refunded tomorrow


They were very QUICK to deny the Ferguson story. If this one is denied as quick then it is E&S FICTION if they don't then it is E&S FACT.

Don't hold your breath though! I think hais position as manager has been cast in stone for MONTHS. Another "Executive" decision from that wonderful CEO Moxey. You know like the Hoddle one etc etc.

Green Nigel

My 43 years of visiting Molineux has ended.As I now live in Somerset,it ain't worth the fuel cost,let alone the match ticket price,to watch Stearman fall over again.

Thanks for the memories.


I am so glad I did not renew! If Connor gets the job then it is glaringly obvious that they want it done on the cheap, they have no ambition whatsoever, and we have all been taken for a ride! Even the TV pundits say that he would not get the job due to his track record. We are possibly being softened up by the spin doctors from Mol more than likely! It is early days yet so lets see what happens over the next few weeks! But the signs are not good.

I know of at least fifteen mates who will not be going next season if he is in charge and i would say to the owner be prepared for a massive request for refunds!

Cheap skates!


number 99 ,

spot on

the " happy clapper brigade " or the so called " yes men " are responsible for the demise of this club.

they will accept any s*** that moxey and morgan throw at them,


if only we'd had steve bruce init


number 104 ,

you are a round door handle


This is an exceptional piece of leadership. Many will remember how well we performed in the old 3rd and 4th Divisions, so TC can take us there so that we can have success at that level and fill our new stand. Is the Sherpa Van Trophy still in existence ? No of course not, it's now the Roger Jonhson's Paint Trophy.

Yes, tell me - sarcasm is the lowest form of wit but that's just how I feel about my beloved club right now.

mick the miller

............... the nightmare just goes on and on and on and on and on .............

I cannot believe that any club in any division in any league would consider employing a guy who hasn't won a game in 3 months. And why do people keep going on about TC being such a nice bloke?? What relevance is that. Sick of hearing it. Been watching the Wolves for 50 years and cannot remember feeling so low and despondent.

Wolfman Jack

TC may be a nice guy, but nice guys get nowhere in the cut-throat world of professional football. Historically, Wolves two most successful periods were under managers that the players really didn't like - Stan Cullis and Bill McGarry. Think on that, Mr. Morgan.

The Flying Winger

I thought Moxey's comments were very poor if he and Morgan have to see TC to get his thoughts and find out what went wrong, then they know even less than I thought they did.

Maybe he has instructed him and the players to stop giving stupid comments to the press.

However I cannot believe Morgan will make the same mistake in this appointment and I wouldn't be surprised if the deal hasn't been done to bring someone in.

Moxey says he wants to return to the PL, dont we all and if it hadn't have been for the two of them keeping McCarthy last season, we would have probably still been there.

McCarthy of course waisted most of the money Morgan gave him, which in itself should have meant he was sacked.

TC is a novice and will always be, hopefully he will join McCarthy ASAP which he has said he wants to.

Steve Bull Stand

Steve, Jez - As it was your decision to sack Mick (righty, but months too late) and replace him with the only person guaranteed to be worse, can you advise if the fans voice is being heard? Terry Connor may be a nice man, but he has been a disaster as a manager and should not be part of the rebuilding job at Molineux next season. I have to be honest and say you are one poor decision away from being as embarrassing to Wolves as the Venkys are to Blackburn. And they have only just been relegated, with Steve Kean getting more points than Mick before he was sacked, and more than Connor over the last 12 games!!


I also hope we don't appoint Connor but i think it's very unfair to call him a clown, he showed in a lot of interviews how passionate he is about the team and I think it's very unacceptable to call him a clown and clueless.

It doesn't matter who we appoint there will be some fans who say we won't be back or I'll ask for a refund so all I say is that's your choice but I'll still go whoever is in charge, I'm an happy clapper don't ya know!!!


Don't need to. Already made my decision after many, many years as ST Holder. And I think you may find that there will be more than 5,000 with a similar view. And who are "we"? You can only speak for yourself. Whether you like it or not free debate is the right of everyone.

Enjoy watching thge grass grow youself if you wish.


Stop panicing everybody, Morgan only wishes to be seen to be interviewing Terry Conner.If he did`nt,he thinks we would have another pop at him, and he`s desperate not to drop any more clangers. He will seek a Manager from the championship,and he might have to look no further than Birmingham.

kandie wolves

the way it looks now we will be in this mess for another 19 years if tc isOmanager we may be on a big relegation battle next season think on mr morgan

April Fools!

61 - Dave, you are worse than Connor.. No place in the team for Jimmy Cricket or Ken Dodd!!!! DISGRACE.

Stourport Wolf

Has it reached the stage that the fans need to consider forming AFC Wolves?

What planet are Morgan and Moxey living on?

Golden Blunder

You can't have it all - we won't get new players and a new manager..

New manager is no.1 priority.

Most of the criticism of the squad is that they are 'championship players' - this is okay now as that is where we are.

What we need for next season is a great manager to get the best out of them - I think we have the players for next season just not the manager - all resource (effort and financial) should be spent on this.

Then, the season after, spend all the money on boosting the squad for the premiership...


Not even in the days of the Chorley defeat and the Bhatti Brothers has there been so mush despair surrounding Molineux!!!

That's it. I'm not giving the Wolves another penny of my hard earned cash. Tickets, replica shirts, drinks and food at the ground, forget it Morgan! Not to mention the petrol for the trip up the M5!!

"Out of Darkness cometh Darkness!!!!"

No Ambition

Re Post 106 I can only assume pablowolf is Jez Moxley or an Albion Troll.

Think you'll find you're in the minority, online polls suggest 95% don't want Connor.

Appreciate you're impressed with his record so far, how many wins has he chalked up ? I'll tell you a big fact ZILCH !!!!

The board should look at Villa where they went against the vast majority of their customers.

The fans always WIN !

ken wolf

# 121 . Whats wrong with a round door handle ?

Love your neighbour and maybe enjoy sport , at whatever level .


calm down , calm down lads and lasses , carnt you see no further than the end of your noses? this is just another example of the Express and Star stirring up trouble again.

Loyal Wulfrian

I think the tactic by SM and JM is to batter the fans into submission

Why doesn't someone from the board speak to us??????


Ive been going since 1978 and this would be the worst decision i can remember.You are thinking of employing a bloke who hasn't won a game.Moxey you keep saying we need someone with experience!TC has got none!This would be financial suicide,four of my family go regularly if you appoint this man we will not go again until you appoint someone worthy of the job of my GREAT club.The players are only singing his praises because they are all in the comfort zone and their jobs would be safe!Division 1 here we come.Grow a pair Mr Morgan sack Moxey and Connor and have a complete overhaul on the way we play football.

southern wolf

T C might be a nice bloke and might love wolves but he has a 0% win rate he can,t possibly get the job,if he really loves wolves like we do he should step down after the wigan game!


just do as you said when you sacked Mick get someone in with experience and start again. This squad of players is the worst I've seen for years. Promotion next year? you must be dreaming! we may loose our stars? what stars!

The club keeps putting it's head in the sand and thinking this is a blip and we'll be ok next season. Morgan and Moxey WAKE UP!!!!!!!!



1. Connor is to be appointed and this is part of a 'softening up the supporters' strategy by dripping things out.

2. Morgan & Moxey knows how much this is going to wind up the fans and are plain enjoying it (after all someone has give the story to the E&S).


3. The PR dept just don’t realise what impact these pro-Connor stories are having on the fans and so haven’t snuffed out the 'Connor for manager' rumours like they did the Ferguson ones.

I just can't decide which!!!

SL3 nomore

If he is appointed Wolverhampton Wanderers will cease to exist in 12 months time.


4 draws, 8 defeats - sounds like a good CV to me! WHAT ARE WE DOING ? Nice guy but not the man for the job of WINNING games !


It looks like the end of the stretch of 55 years of me watching first team games at Molineux creeps closer. 'The world does not end with a bang, but merely a whimper'. Thank you Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey for destroying my lifelong passion.


Nothing on the official Wolves site, so probably another E&S attempt to wind up us long suffering fans. No wonder I've stopped buying their paper.

As much as I hope I am right, there is no way even the Fat Controller would be stupid enough to advise the Board to appoint Clipboard as manager for next season. But then he was stupid enough to give the South Bank to the Baggies...........

The biggest problem I foresee is not TC being appointed as manager, which won't happen, but part of the deal being that he has to be kept on as part of the backroom staff. We've had 13 years of mediocre footabll at this club and Connor has been part of every minute.

Morgan - you didn't have the balls to do a speech on Sunday and

Stafford DeWolf

Sounds more like a "Terry, what do you think about working with a n other" type of interview ?


Arrrrrrrttttttagh I hate groundhog day


Moxey's hair gel

did you see Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire?

- would imagine its that kind of lunch (at the start of the movie, you know, when he is fired).

good message for Morgan though -

Show me the Money!


what an insult to the fans!

I am extremely livid, if terry gets the job i wont be watching wolves next season, we are a joke football club now, run by a clown chairman, a ceo who knows nothing about football, and a coach who cant pick up his players for a win!

its a disgrace to the fans, a utter disgrace, MORGAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Fedupofitall! Bigbill

Well God help us!! If any of this E&S rubbish is true we're in for a very dismal and disappointing Championship campaign. TC is clueless and,sadly,been used by SM and JM - as he has been from the start. I was at Scarborough years ago when we were in the old 4th division and quite frankly I can see us dropping like a stone with TC in permanent charge.What has happened to my club!! Led by greedy,selfish men who DO NOT have the club's interest at heart only their own inflated egos and business interests. I'll be there in August but will many others join me? Can't be bothered to write any more too angry and frustrated - out of the pan into the fire - crazy!!


TC went too holland on a scouting mission , I hope he didn't forget his Woggle!!!!!!

Or was he just on a duty free run for ROG?


Don't worry everyone! I've just seen Fabio Cappello ordering a Zinger Burger in the KFC...... Probably.


I think he could do a good job!

Danny Wolf

Has the Club said that he has been 'officially interviewed?' No. This could of been a meeting to say he he definitely won't be getting the job for all we know.

We need a character to breathe fresh air back into this club and that man is Ian Holloway. The club is very attractive to a Manager where the club has just been relegated and they're on a low but where cut backs are not necessary to players that he wants to keep.

Re-build and get us back within 2 years building around Hennessey, Foley, Zubar, Danny Batth, O'Hara, Kites, Davis, Jarvo, Hammill, Guedioura, SEB, Doyle, Fletch, Doherty and Forde. Stearman, Ward and Edwards as squad players, the rest can go.


Moxey does not know what is going on! Only yesterday he said there will be no action taken until after the end of the Wigan game. No wonder we are in such a mess. If the report is true is the writing on the wall for Moxey???

Need to rebuild without him and TC

King John

This might just be because they feel obliged to give him an interview.

But if that is the case - why tell the E&S knowing what kind of article they would produce.

It's just more bad PR management for the long suffering fans to take.

we r a small club

No ambition just cheap as chips blackburn gone down after eleven years bolton wigan norwich fulham southampton qpr stoke.all these clubs have spent lots more seasons in premier league than us.just 4 for us in twenty years? We aint got no ambitions just stay in championship.no more money from me.


Must be interviewing Steve Kean as number 2 next with Steve Bruce as director of football to complete the 3 stooges!


Moxey's hair gel - SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!!!

I once did that on the radio in a phone-in, not that i ever call those things but thought it'd be funny. lol

just changed it to show me the money Moxey lol

Bearwood Wolf

I live in Bearwood which is I guess more Albion than wolves or villa but god why are the board even interviewing Connor! My pals don't take the pee no more it's more apathy because what Morgan and Moxey are doing is the modern day Bhatti brothers and before anyone says anything I was there 2 sides closed and they bled the club dry. Surely M&M saw on Sunday the crowd still turn up in their thousands to support the club. But for the 1st time in my memory I am seriously going to cancel my season ticket if TC is appointed. Never have I felt let down IF they appoint him. Steve Morgan is yellow bellied as he can't face the press, Moxey is THE 5th HIGHEST PAID CEO in british football and his cv is woeful! He ought to be sacked! It is far too cosy "job for the boys" at board level. The club is being run down to the ground with a white elephant of a stand which is going to look lop-sided next season. The atmosphere will be poisonous, Morgan needs to grow a pair, get a proven experienced manager in NOW! What is going on! We ain't won a game under connor but they give him a formal interview! I could go on but what is the point. The board have no respect for the fans! Moxey is the root cause of our great club going through the more with his penny pinching ms--management and Morgan lack of footballing nous. The gutless scouse won't even address the fans. Yellow!!!


Mr Morgan: "Where do you see yourself in five years time?"

TC: "Manager of a 2nd division club"

Mr Morgan: "is that club Wolves?"

TC: "Yes"

Mr Morgan: "Ok.... What would you bring to the job?"

TC: "Well, I have managed the team to the same standard as the previous manager for the past few months....

Mr Morgan: "Errrmm, how do you feel you work with Jezz Moxey?"

TC: "I think we have the same vision - myopic I think it was described as."

Mr Morgan: "Right, thank you for coming, I think I have heard enough, we will let you know, but we do have some managers that fail in the play-offs to interview too"

Sir Billy Quiet

If I am not mistaken I think Steve Mirgan is a multi millionaire - to call him a muppet is bit off the mark?

Yes he made a mistake with MM (too loyal) and he has acknowledged that mistake, now we need to get over it and move on.

TC may be the man for the job, after all his due a few wins.......

Mark Jones

With WBA looking towards managers with pedigree, and we end up with the cheapest possible option! TC WILL GET THE JOB BECAUSE HE IS CHEAP......!!!Morgan and Moxey won't employ anybody that would instill any confidence with the fans, or upset our overpayed players, No, stick with TC and see what happens.....league 1 here we come....do us all a favour Morgan, sell OUR club to somebody that will get us back to where we all want to be and keep us there....no ambition, no desire and no ideas....not ony on the pitch but in the boardroom too....God help us! By the way, I'm a nice bloke - maybe i'm in with a shout of the job too!!! Pathetic....can't wait to see just how empty Mol is next season if this guy gets the job....


Answer to "Did anyone find out why Curbishley never took the job?" - He wanted to bring in his own backroom staff. Also, didn’t Morgan express a preference for someone ‘malleable’? I think that means someone who’ll do as he’s told!

Time for a reality check or two, fellow sufferers ...

1. A lot of contributors seem to think they will be able to demand a refund on their Early Bird; good luck with that!

2. There is much talk about who should be made Wolves' next manager - but will there actually be much choice for the club? No 'decent' manager, having watched Morgan's behaviour since Xmas, is going to be interested, especially when there are so many much more appealing vacancies likely to be available. It’s going to be more a case of who WILL come than who we WANT to come. I understand José Mourinho has already responded to Sunday’s chant by declining the opportunity.

3. All this talk of getting rid of half the playing staff because they are remnants of the team that won promotion from the Championship is a bit misguided - for those who've failed to notice, we are relegated, and the task now is to get promotion. A group of players that has already achieved that task might be quite useful!

4. As for choice of manager, if you were a fan of any other club in the Championship looking around for a manager with a proven track record for getting you promoted, you'd go for Mick McCarthy (or possibly Warnock, if you weren't fussy about the company you keep!). No, of course it isn't going to happen, but it puts the situation into perspective, doesn't it!

5. There is a line of thought that says the Championship and Premier League are so completely different, that a different type of manager is needed for each. Who says you have to keep a manager who gets you promoted?

6. Don't believe everything you read in the E&S!


"Keeping Connor would provide continuity" ehh who wants to be continuous losers.. Keeping Connor is like having the flu, then you get treated by a doctor who has an even deadlier virus. We will be dead in the grave, we will be rock bottom of the championship. Before Morgan realises that losers cannot revive a dying club.. Only a man with vision and the appetite for success can.

This is not a job for a novice you swine Moxey...

Old Golds Worth More

46, What, and swop a Chicken for more Chicken? Why not go the whole hog and swap TC for Kean (we might actually be getting the better deal, as at least Kean has won some matches!)

We may be jumping to conclusions, but the bit I find worrying, is TC scouting out a new signing in Holland for next season. Surely all transfer and scouting activity should wait till we have a new permanent manager (and his staff) in place?

on the inside@wolves

Im starting to get really wound up by the MORONS who think that there opinion of "TC is a clown" deserves to be published in the public domain...they are nothing but ignorant moaners who know f'all about football...yes the situation we are in and have been in since the sacking of the Gaffer is not where any of us, including TC and his backroom staff, want to be but we have to look to next season...

TC is one of the most genuine guys you will ever meet...his heart is at the club and he will always have my support and support from his staff...

In my opinion TC should be given the opportunity to put things right and get us back into the Premier League.

The players should be told "if you believe your good enough to play in the Prem, then prove it and get us back up there" at the end of the season if theyve failed then the players should be accountable and proved themselves not worthy to play at the top level.

I am very lucky to be in the position i am within the club and from what i see and here nobody at the club isnt doing there very best to sort the mess out and try to recover what pride we can...

Whatever happens over the coming few weeks managerwise and playerwise, im sure the REAL fans will renew their tickets, if not already done so, and give the team their full backing and not stand outside the main entrance with people who dont even come to the games, they just turn leave the house at the end of a match, walk up the street with banners, and pester and badger club staff and officials...NOT REAL FANS, and these people should be ashamed at the verbal abuse that they think they have a right to shout towards another person...disgrace to football and a disgrace to society...

rant over...

Bermondsey Wolf

Hopefully this is just Morgan going through due process and Interviewing Connor because he has applied for the job.

But then why would he go to Holland and look at prospective signing unless he is built like the proverbial Brick Out House and Conner is looking to stand him on the goal line to help stop us shipping so many goals.Maybe he is going to get the job after all, oh god I have to go to the Out House I feel sick

Essex Wolf

Pivotal point of the next 5 years ?

Our great club deserves the best possible manager we can attract, someone who can rebuild the team, mount a strong challenge for automatic promotion and cement our place in the top league,

not easy,

whoever it is will need experience, excellement man management skills, tactical superiority, shrewdness in the transfer market and an excellent scouting network.

Is this TC?

Attract the best, be the best.

Sadly we are lacking.

Like others my round trip from Essex is getting longer and longer.

Very Sad.


Come on Guys!! don't fall into the trap of the Media spin!!

The club has to interview him because he's the temp manager and it's just the right thing to do as he has been at the club for so long. He will not get the job guaranted!!!

If he does I will support the baggies for a year =).... errrr, no scrap that idea.

But seriously it's just a story to get you all in a state and it is working!

Wolves Fan Telford


What you all fail to see is

1) It's the team and not the manager, if we had a decent team and we were still playing poorly then yes change the manager, but the team is crap, so you are looking for somebody to blame, so you choose, TC or one of heirarchy. (I blame one of the Heirarchy by the way)

2) It was always a plan to come down to championship - more revenue next season when we get promotion - its a buisness thing, thats why they dont want to spend money.

3) And finally - but not least - Us Wolves Fans are the biggest Mugs going because we buy into this farce buisness plan and we have nothing to be happy about these days, wjem are we going to get something back? And you expect us to keep filling up your new seats? For this?


Forever Gold and Black

Paul Reid

Another no story to wind up our "half-wit" element.

Still they bite, so job done E and S !

There is less chance of TC being manager next season than Peter Andre's brain cells accidently bumping into each other.

Norman Numpty

Come on guys don't be upset,

At least the club is not in debt,

I'm sure that Terry will do us right,

At MK Dons on Tuesday night

Come on lads don't be down,

Top Clot ain't that much of a clown,

Give him a chance and wait and see,

Yow must be crackers to be a Wolves fan like me


Calm down. Morgan knows exactly what the fans think, make no mistakes. He will learn from previous errors. TC deserves an interview out of courtesy but WILL NOT get the job.

The meeting would have been a review of the season not just about the job. TC will have given his opinion on each player, including those on loan. This happens every year (I presume). Yes, he will have given his ideas and plans for the future which will have been noted by Morgan. We may even keep some of his ideas.

Don't shoot Morgan just yet but, by all means start loading the rifle.

Surely to God TC's 12-game-interview is enough. No wins in a results-driven industry???!!!

Over to you Mr. Morgan. This could be the most important "football" decision you ever make.

kev in mallorca

Who are Sandwell Albion Anyway???????????

You can look up to us and call us what ever you wish but you won't find it in the Premiership listings. At the moment you'll find us at no10 under the name of West Bromwich Albion but you may find that it's changed next week and we may be at no9,it may be that we end up at no11 but even that's better than some teams who spring to mind.

I know next season you won't have any need to look for us but if you do you'll still have to look in the same place and if you memory is as bad as mine I suggest you jot it down in you diary it's called The Premiership



After radind some of these post's I am really confused re direction of the Club and after Sunday the chants left me really dejected- Oh where are we going-

What mistakes Morgan has made- Getti9ng rid of MM was not wise and that started with his entry into the dressing room-

I have no idea who our next Manager will be it is clearly obviouse Moxey and Morgan have no sense of direction or credeability with the Fans-

I do not look forward to the comming season but really do hope the Management at the club gets it act to-gether or passes it over to someone who can give us back some FAITH

I keep the Faith- Wolves Forever-


If i had bought a season ticket for next year and our stupid board appointed TC i would instantly demand a refund. I have never known someone do so badly at a club and then still be considered for the job. Only at Wolves i guess.

i know what your doing

Morgan and Moxey plan

Say Connor will be manager = fans going mad.

then appoint Steve Bruce or some other dinosaur manager = anyone but Connor, so fans happy and plan as worked.


Hope im wrong and they get a up and coming manager with is own backroom staff,

I can dream :)

old gold

all 8 season tickets in my family will go back.

that a promise morgan you have screwed us fans for the last time, and to all fan out there

this is the only way they will understand if

we vote with our feet, to replace a muppet with

clipboard is the last straw.

Go away SBQ

Would sir billy quiet(post15) please take connors hand and elope to siberia.

You bothe dont have a clue about football. Hoddle , a good choice, you numpty. I KNOW YOU ARE NOT WOLVES! WBA have a forum, why dont you post on there,

Connor has to go, any one who thinks otherwise does ot like wolves or football.

Connor you should be ashamed of your self, you clearly have no clues as a manager , your poor record shows that.....PLEASE WALK AWAY FROM OUR CLUB......


I just cannot believe this tosh - TC is so deluded that he thinks he's sent Wolves fans away happy and content for the summer recess after the last home game of the season an extremely boaring 0-0 ' thriller' with not one Wolves shot on target and wer're supposed to be thrilled with taking our 4th point out of 36 under his watch.

Just what is this man on ! - certainly lives in dream-land - as one of the other lads said - he may be a nice chap - but we don't want a nice chap we want a damn good inventive spirited new Manger which TC is most definitely not . Please go and go now - why are we hanging around were down - lets move on now !!

The Steve Bull!!

It's TC for me Guys...


Morgan, wake up and smell the roses. Will someone from the E&S send him these 180 (and counting) posts. I will follow the many other posters and demand my season ticket money back if the job goes to Connor.

Who R WBA anyway?? are they Sandwell Albion or not?????

I really do think you have lost the plot. You still haven't got my drift have you? Never mind.

It is probably due to the cheap Spanish plonk that's befuddled your mind. Can you get that stuff in Sandwell?


OOOHHHH MY GOOOOOODD..he deserves his P45, NOT A BLOODY INTERVIEW !!!!!!!!!!!!lack of ambition or what ??????


You are all wasting your time.

Disgraceful performances all season long on and off the pitch.

They'll be looking for a manager to try to work with our existing sub standard squad.

I was looking forward to returning to the mol following the departure of ignorant mick - but Im starting to feel the same about Mooxey and Morgan now - they have been taking the p*** for almost as long now...............and this is supposed to be enjoyment????????????


Ide rather wait and pay the extra £80 bucks to renew in July, than take up the early bird I was offered to renew.

Until we get a manager with "experience" yes thats experience Jez, then ill be spending my Saturday's watchin Dudley Town for £3 quid a pop.

Much love......


181-you are the one who doesn't have a clue. why should he be ashamed(connor) he tried he's hardest it didn't work doesn't mean he doesn't have a clue! get a grip....


155 'Danny Wolf'

Spot on Danny! Holloway is the man.

Don't agree though about keeping Stearman and Edwards. They're both useless.

milenium man

If this article is genuine, which I doubt. I cannot foresee TC in the primary role as Club Manager this can only be described as- side side step gone backwards. Offer the chap employment but not as a Manager; next season will be tougher than the last, with more pressure and expectation(s) unseen at Wolves FC in many years.

I have respect for Mr. Morgan astute businessman. The new stand is fantastic. I am sure the stadium could be used as a cash cow to cover overheads for instance; thus enable Wolves to purchase players whom are motivated by money alone.


McCarthy's last 12 games:-

Points 10, Goals for 15, Against 26

Connor's last 12 games :-

Points 4, Goals for 9, Against 30

They sacked Mick for better results!


Ironic that TC was interviewed in Cheshire.

I recall a certain cat from that part of the world. That in turn leads me to also think of the March Hare and the Mad Hatter (I'm sure you know of whom I speak).

I also wonder if they had a tea party at the Carden Park hotel, and if TC is about to lose his head.

Anyone for croquet?!


suppoted wwfc for over 40 years, i wish TC all the best if he does get the job.

looking forward to new season and will get to as many matches as i can (with grand kids in tow!!)

will support club and manager until me last breath.

praise to mr morgan for not putting my club in danger of going bust, watch wwfc will rise again because of this

keep the faith in the long run mr morgan will make us great again, if we all stick together.



It is futile to comment on rumours of T.Connor already getting the job. He is the first person entitled to be interviewed first as this is the procedure. Then it has been said by the board there will be interviews of new candidates after 19th May. So why all the fuss about all these unnecessary comments. We reckon our team have been extremely poor and it is clear that we don't deserve to stay in the EPL. Now a team like Blackburn after 11 YEARS are also out and then maybe the other team also will know a similar fate like Wolves and all of them would have liked to avoid the drop, but that's football when you are NOT GOOD YOU GET THE BIG DROP. The message is clear to the board is a big change is needed and that's why they are taking their time to find the right man and the right backroom staff. Once again it is not easy as there are practically no good candidates and you have to accept this fact. Just look at a team like Liverpool with so much money spent and they are adrift to the leader by more than 20 points. And our team are 19 points adrift of ... Wigan. Unbelievable! We have bought a drunkard, a lazy player in Milijas and useless players like Mouyokoulo, the Austrian player plus others of no value at all. And add to that M.McCarthy has completely discarded the academy at the expense of those nuts he bought and he favoured which in the end resulted into his own downfalling. That's why a change is needed and the board will surely bring the necessary solutions come June.


Anyone cashing in their early bird tickets should think about spending the money on a trip to Wisconsin in the USA.

There they can watch a very good gridiron (I loathe to call it 'football') team called the Green Bay Packers.

Manager? A guy called Mike McCarthy. Obviously, and based upon comparative success rates, no relation!

jolly colier wolves

If they give that idiot the job all is lost and Morgan is just taking the pee

He has no respect for us fans and does not care how the club is run

As long as he gets his building projects done that will be fine for him

He is selling us out we will be in div one by the end of next season

We need a through clean out Connor and all his backroom staff to with money

Wolves for life not for your back pocket Morgan


168on the inside@wolves

Whoever you are at the club and whatever you do there. I hope you leave soon because you are obviously part of the Cancer that runs through this club from top to bottom.

Connor should never, ever, be the Manager of WWFC.

No true fan of Wolves should accept this nonsense.


I hope you build houses better than the run WWFC, because you are very, very poor at running a Football Club and seem unable to deal with real football people.

Waggies Left Peg

Number 168 On The Inside Wolves

I note that you work for the club, is your opinion the official clubs line on the fans, is it reflected by your employer , do you think he would approve of you calling his customers "morons", is this the general feeling at the club about its supporters. I would like to invite you to publish your name on this forum, unless of course you have not the backbone for it. I will be sending a copy of your email to the club for the attention of Mr Morgan and Mr Moxey, then we will see what they think of your opnions.


O.M.G. I am having flash backs I need a doctor for god sake what the hell is going on. Does any one at wolves read all 186 of these comments because they need to sit up and take note of what is going on. The reason I am having flash backs is because I remember and it really isnt that long ago when we had the then john island stand built and as soon as it opened wolves slid all the way down to the then fourth division. O.k we might be a lot richer now than then and we have parachute money to use but I cannot see that if we keep this clown T.C THAT we will see ourselves falling down another league. So it is history repeating itself.

O and if there are any fans left please will the last one turn the light out.

Got to go now as I am of to see the wizard of oz because he helped the straw man he got a brain. So i am going to ask him for one for conner.

He gave the tin man a heart. So maybe he could give Morgan one because he is breaking mine and thousands of wolves fans by keeping faith in T.C


Or will I wake up in a minute and find that I am still in bed.lol

Gaviota Wolf

Hey, c'mon guys, chill. It's the E&S having a laugh at us all. If you don't see this story anywhere else, and I haven't seen it yet, don't jump the gun, huh?

And for the last time Please. No more talk of Gus Poyet. For one thing Morgan hasn't got the balls for a man of his calibre, for another Moxey couldn't handle Gus's style and methods and once and for all, why would Gus leave one Championship club, in danger of free fall, when he's building a future at another? Him and the chairman down there at the Amex have the same vision, I'm yet to believe ours has a clear one at all.


I have now analysed Mr Morgan's modus operandi.

As his beloved club Liverpool are in the doldrums he is determined to bring some parity into the situation.

He has NO interest in Wolves. Once all his developments have been completed he will be gone.

Paul Tamworth







So glad I haven’t renewed my season ticket


Bold and Glack

Refund time.




Fozzy Bear

I'm surprised so many of you have risen to the bait. Steve Morgan and Jez Moxey have been accused by many of not doing their job properly, but, surely you can see it's right and proper for them to give Terry Connor a formal interview...or debrief....before the interviews start for real.

As you can tell from these threads we have to share The Mol with some right dimwits, like the plonker somewhere behind me on Sunday, who after a promising Wolves attack said he was looking forward to Wolves scoring plenty of goals next season against the likes of Doncaster and wait for it....Stockport !

You couldn't make it up, although when I read some of these posts I think you could.

Chris White

Madness or convenient smoke screen for what is actually happening ?

kev in mallorca

Who are The top Midlands team anyway???????????

Sorry mate,I just don't know what you're talking about.

I feel like the Wolves team when listening to their manager.



163 Sir Billy Quiet.

"If I am not mistaken I think Steve Morgan is a multi millionaire – to call him a Muppet is bit off the mark?"

How does this disqualify him from being a “Muppet”.

I have worked for two multi-millionaires and both were self centred egoistic Muppets who gained their wealth off the back of others, took all the credit when things were going well and like Morgan were strangely quite when things went wrong.


If this is true i will have my money back and i will never go to wolves ever again end of hope they go bump a disgrace wish this owner had never come


More spin!!

"The winner will be revealed at tomorrow’s gala end-of-season awards dinner at Telford International Centre, after the club decided not to present the award at the last home game against Everton on Sunday following the disappointment of relegation".

So the presentations didnt happen not because of M & M having no testicles, it was so the under performers can have a jolly night out (or cram 2 nights out into one in RJ's world).

And who will be paying for the night out?? The Club, i.e. us??

Mog the Builder

Don't believe everything you read in the press, even I'm not that stupid.

Bojangles Wolf

on the inside@wolves

You, My friend are a fool!

0% win rate since he took over and he is accountable for the relegation... FACT!

4 Draws against teams that were secure already!

13 years of rubbish football being coached by you got it... Totally Clueless and Friends- Steve Weaver, Tony Daley etc etc!

True fans are hurting, Hurting more than you will ever know... Because our club has become a disgrace to English football... and Terry Connor with his stupid tactics are to blame for it... The very fact that he comes out and says that he speaks to Thick Mick or "THE GAFFER" as you call him should mean he is nowhere near the club... Morgan and Moxey got rid of Thicko Micko cause he couldnt do the job and then by turning to him, Totally Clueless has 100% undermined Morgan and Moxey... Unless as i very much expect there all in it together... Now i have heard from one of the players that Thicko Micko has taken training on more than one occasion since he was relieved of his job... This again is NOT ON!

It seems like if you work for wolves you are part of this Love in... we dont want to know about that, we want to turn up knowing our team will fight and give there all for the club- None of these players (except Fletcher some times, Kightly and Hennessey) have this season under Clueless or Thicko... This is why we need to sweep the place clean... New blood, new invention and new ideas... Yes keep a nucleus of the team... Henry, Foley, Kites but add some new invigor because without it you will lose the fans and this club is not stustainable on 4500-5000 home supporters and it will go that way because the massews are getting restless!


Will Moxey have his salary cut by 50%, like the players and will he take a bonus for this season?

"Muppet Morgan" please reply, if you have the "bottle".

pendeford wolves

The only reason the clown would get the job is if they are planing to shut the club down morgan must have something against the wolves .He as been doing the job since feb with no wins why would you even consider him. The club keeps making mistake after mistake.This could be the end of our once great club


Nick Barmby is available


195-well said, nice that somebody doesn't resort to name calling and throwing the towel in, we need supporters like you and sue, who support through anything, the likes of us have been here before.

London Bloke

168- if you are on the inside then get to Morgan and Moxey's offices now and tell them to make sure Connor is not appointed. Nobody cares any more that he's a nice bloke or deserved a chance. Most of the fans on here except the Albion fans want a completely clean sweep and new faces from Moxey downwards. If you can't live with that then don't get involved.


I agree with 198, it's only a poll by the E&S. they're still not sure what the fans think of TC.


4 points from 36 2 clean sheets in the last 5 and unbeaten in the last 2 he is nailed on for the job wot a joke they r makin r gr8 club


196 - great post. spot on.


I do hope this is smoke screen of a terrible PR machine at Wolves or E&S been a bunch of morons in p****** us fans off. All of the noise from Wolves is driving towards this appiontment, if does happen I and many other fans want a refund on the early bird. TC has done nothing to earn this job on a full time basis, sorry TC but the results and performances say that.


168 so only real fans renew ? nonsense !!i live in holland but have followed wolves all my life through all four divisions home and away ! this is the biggest capitulation from a position of relative strength i can remember in my 40 years of support . i tell my dutch friends that you can change your woman ,your job ,your car, your house but not your football club ! its a life sentence !! WE ARE SO BROKEN BY THIS SEASON MORGAN ! SHAPE UP OR SHIP OUT ! simples ! get ian holloway please ! FWAW newbridge massive !

Hell Tel

You wouldn't buy a house of Morgans with foundations like he has built at Wolves would you?

168. You are so full of Bullsh.. I can smell it from here!

McCarthy lost the dressing room but it was Morgan who lost the terraces!!


Nick Barmby has been sacked at Hull City, please God let Mick McCarthy get the job and put us out of our misery! TC for Hull.

If TC gets the Wolves job, I will still be there but I will never buy a replica shirt, scarf, hat,programme, beer or pie again. And I urge everyone to do the same. HIT 'EM WHERE IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


After much deliberation and reading over and over again I have now realised that post 168

on the inside @ wolves is no other than, wait for it------ JEZ MOXEY. Gotcha.


(BANG) this is just the news i was waiting for after all how many other managers out there have got the experience and knowledge of connor the great,all those games and no wins 3 draws 9 defeats and still 1 game left,think about it fellow wolves fans how good can he be for us we will romp the championship with him in charge,now for the real me,DONT even think about doing this morgan aint you already done enough damage with your timing of mad micks sacking without rubbing salt into the wounds of us wolves fans if you appoint connor dont even think about showing your face at the molineux you will be hounded out so on your head be it you have been warned,WE ARE THE WOLVES,\wwfc/

Who R WBA anyway?? are they Sandwell Albion or not?????

The Balearics man. Who are they then??????????


Nice bloke but so was MM. If appointed I know of at least ten supporters who will not renew their tickets. Sorry but we need a hard line manager preferably with experience. Please Mr Morgan and Moxey get into the real world and if you do want to make money out of the Club via property development that's fine but get the priorities and the team right first - it is first and foremost a football club with an underperforming team and weak manager neither of which are currently good enough to get promotion back into the Premiership. This could well be my last season after 50 years I really am fed up with coming and having to face constant embarrasment. please don't let us down again!!

Paignton Wolf

I thought Shakespeare wrote A Comedy of Errors.M M could'nt get them to win so how do you expect a carbon copy to do any better,same

tactics same team.Please try and get Alan Curbishly in if he is breave enough to take the job on and give him the funds to strengthen the team.


Where's Smethwick Eric?


The very idea that a winless, clueless manager is even being considered is an INSULT to the fans. Why do us Wolves fans stand for it! They are mocking us!


Now that the season is nearly over, let’s take stock of the situation.

Morgan and Moxey should be charged with dereliction of duty while custodians of our great football club.

Mad Mick should be charged with bringing football management into disrepute.

Top Cat should be charged with bringing coaching into disrepute

All four are totally incompetence in their own field.

All four should be barred from going within five miles of any football ground in this country.

Mad Mick and TC are now unemployable. How can anybody with half a brain employ the worst manager and the worst coach in Premiership history.

Morgan should stick to building projects.

Moxey should go back to selling snake oil.

old chap


kev in mallorca

Too many Questions anyway????????????

The answer lies at no10 in the current Premiership table.


Welsh Wolf

Stop all the worrying, Hull City have sacked Barnby and looking for a new Manager. There is an out of work Manager from Yorkshire (Gues Who) and if he is given the job will be looking for an excellent coach who likes his methods. So if T.C. is sent for by him Wolves can look elsewhere. Lets hope M.M. is Manager of Hull City then.


Why bother with the interview? He's getting the job regardless isn't he? The end of Wolves, very sad.

Sir Lupi

On the inside@wolves

Your not really on the inside are you.

The players have already proved they are not good enough for the Premiership by getting relegated, so I don't understand your logic at all.

Its time for the board to make their move before all the other clubs lining up new managers do.

I just hope Wolves don't miss the boat.....again, where might we of been if we'd of drafted in O'Neil at the start of the season??

Not in the Championship, thats for sure!

Richard Wolf

Tell me that this is a joke please. We are labeled a comedy club and we will never be any good with the two clowns incharge. TC is a good coach not a manager. How can they even consider him after the last results. At this rate we will have the best empty stadium in the conference. I think I'll apply, I'm very good on Football Manager.


on the inside@wolves - an insider would not say what should be said to the players. Your rant is very inconsistent im afraid.

I am a real fan who has renewed his ticket. I want a MANAGER in charge of the team. Someone who will not take the underperformance of his players so lightly and accept such rubbish which we have seen this season and just possibly, an ounce of tactical knowledge.

If you are an insider, you are involved and not a REAL FAN. Real fans have nothing other than what they want to give invested in the club. They go because they want to. The fact that there was an 18% drop in season ticket renewals should tell you something is wrong shouldnt it?? Or are those 18% the only people that have been unhappy this year??

Im not happy and I renewed!



E&S - if this is some sort of poll please get this loud and clear - We want a change - a new manager with new ideas and some track record of playing attractive football.

To appoint Connor would be an even bigger mistake than sacking McCarthy in February.

Brian Greenfileld

A shocking decision the first time that cost us Relegation. Never again. Get Curbishley or Steve Bruce.

Chillo Wolf

No real story here...

He's been in charge for 12 games now and been with the club for many years. Therefore a meeting with Mr Morgan is only fair and just.

Now if he was to get the nod after a zero percent win ratio then that would be a story. Nice bloke, not his fault we got relegated as this is Mad Mick's squad, thanks but no thanks



Nobody out side the offices of Molineux wants Connor.

M & M will not be in office by Christmas if they make this awful mistake .

The smart guys up the road;;;yes you know who I mean are laughing at us with their Tesco carrier bags & thinking we are gone as a football club...because we will be finished for many a year...Southampton.Charlton & Sheff Weds... their chairmen went for a cheap option & it cost them millions years ago .

I would take ANYONE at the moment with two exceptions TC & Megson ..yes I would even take Bruce,Strachan,Keane or Brown if we cant have a proper up & coming manager that we deserve ....Anyone except the numpty in charge at the moment.


despair are the only words i can say. why oh why have the fans voiced there oppions on here but said nothing when it mattered on sunday. the way we were treated on sunday, was nothing short of a disgrace, i was hoping for a backlash in the ground but nothing. in hope i then went around to the main entrace, expecting a baying crowd, but again nothing. do fans realy think moxey or morgan, either read or pay any attention to these pages....NO they dont, so now weve missed the boat,they have got away with it and if they want to appoinbt the clown, they will.

10000 at the molineux!!!

Im sure this is just E&S tryin t sell more papers but if morgan does appoint Totally Clueless errrrm TC then my family will seek a refund and we will not go back till morgan n moxey leave the club!!!

Talk about keepin it in the family morgan!!

10000 at the molineux next season!!! Fact

Kev B

I don't know why I feel the need to look at the E&S website each day as if any of this stuff is true it just makes me more depressed about the whole Wolves situation. I actually think that someone at Wolves is slowly pressing the self distruct button, if this guy Conner gets the job I think next season will be a massive flop.

The other story tonight from Karl Henry saying it has been his best season so far in a Wolves shirt just sums it all up for me!

Get rid of the lot & start again, from a angry ex season ticket holder who will not step foot in Molineux again if they employ the baffoon Conner!

Chris Chilton

TC : TOTAL CLOWN - 4 pts out of 36 then tells us we should be happy in the Summer recess after that 0-0 thriller - with not a single shot on target - reward : 1st interview for the permanent Wolves manager - what the hell is going on ?



on the inside@wolves There must be a gas leek or something at Molineux. Everyone at the club seems to suffering with delusional memories. We had the same rubbish when McCarthy left, everyone makikng out he was wonderful. The facts speak louder than your loyalty. McCarthy and Connor together have the worst records in premier league history.

Why on earth should we stick with a management system that obviously does not work. Wake up and take a look what all this is doing to us genuine fans. It is making is sick inside what is happening to our club.

I have a saying, "Only fools stick up for fools". If you back the management system we have now. You should leave the club yourself when they go. You can be loyal, but you do not have to follow blindly out of misplaced loyalty.

David Page

We need a complete overhall. Once we got in the premiership the whole way of play was based on defence. No creative midfielders were signed. one striker and then another. If we dont score goals we loose. if expensive strikers dont get the ball they cant score. Connor maybe a great coach but is he a tactician who can work out how to beat teams?surely we need a manager who can play good attacking football and not just defend for our lives and hope we get the odd goal to win a game.


If only Morgan and co could see it , they have the potential of making wolves a great club again (something we really havent been since the 1950s!) Get a decent manager with a good record, a few excellent players (even though it means big spending ), try out the up and coming youth, AND IF YOU WANT TO KEEP NICE TC ON...give him assistant manager or another position ........

I HAVE A DREAM.......wolves straight back to premier, top ten finish and within 5 years champions league place.

Come on mr morgan show some ambition ..or sell up !

Injured Wolf

Division 1 here we come!....yet again cutting back on costs.

Is it really that hard to find a decent manager?

I wonder what Sir Jack is thinking of this farce!

If Birmingam fail to go up get Houghton in!


168.......your full of it, yes and i do mean ....



So you are on the inside of this shambles are you? Well I think what is going on here is total incompetence. I have put thousands of pounds into supporting this club over the years and have already renewed my ticket for next year. Do not have the arrogance to say that people like me are NOT REAL FANS. We are entitled to say what we want because we put our money where our mouth is week in week out, year in year out. Is arrogance a key prerequisite for anyone who works for Wolves these days? The whole lot of you should be paraded through the city centre and tarred and feathered. You have brought shame on the Club and the City.


BSD. He always right, so right, he has no left hand. Hahahahahahaha!

Listen lads - it's all media play, the man we want is high on the agenda of other clubs, we need TC Terrible Choose (get it - Terry Connor - TC, Credit to me only, as me the author and first user)to pick up the pieces until the new man arrives in town.

You see guys to many clubs looking for the similar type of manager, we need to keep our cards close to our chests and let TC carry on with pre-season. Our world class man in the can will arrive after the EUROS- trust me!

So let the Terrible Choose carry on until then as when Mr WOLVES comes back into town, all the people will frown with Sir Morgans decision.

We expect TC to put on the TCP.

Yes - you lazy WOLVES players you all owe at least 1 season to the fans in the Championship, so get ready to rumble and fight for the cause.

Sedg Wolf

How many times do the fans need to say.

We need a complete fresh start - The Whole setup is stale. The players need fresh voices. The fans need fresh ideas even the coaches could do with a change of scene.

For gods sake Morgan and Moxey stop being so pig headed and listen for once!

Tividale Wolf

168 On The Inside@wolves

You know,from what you have said, you may even be the devil himself - Moxey.

You have a point saying TC shouldn't be called a 'clown'.Thats disrespectful to clowns.I prefer to call him 'the inept one'.One part of the double act has gone (thank god), now we have to get rid of the other.This is why us 'Morons' as you call us, want him out.He has to take a large part of the blame of why we are relegated.So, he may be a good guy, but that doesnt mean he's good at his job.As a coach its his responsibility to try to get the best out of the players and improve them,by that i mean positional sense,movement,awareness, hunger, desire.You don't need to have International players to have a solid defense so long as everyone knows their jobs.George Graham always used to build his teams from the back and they would practice morning and afternoons until they got it right.I haven't seen us perform anything like adequate all season, an average of two goals per game put past us, fact.Undoubtably more if Hennessey hadn't pulled off some fine saves.Now i know people will say it doesn't matter who is in charge if the players are poor anyway, but those players make the same mistakes week in week out which a good coach will put right.Now he wants to become manager?? No, i'm sorry he doesn't stand out for me as a leader, whenever i hear him i think he's gonna cry any minute. i don't believe he deserves another chance, he has had 5 years, now is the time for fresh ideas.Personally i would have liked to see Dave Jones back, i thought he was treated harshly at the time of his sacking,but as thats a no no then Lee Clark and Terry McDermott would be my preferred choice.


Alan Curbishley PLEEEEEEEEEEEZEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give him EVERYTHING he needs...NOW !!!!


Whoever is appointed Wolves manager, I will continue to support the club. If it is Terry Connor, so be it. But he is not my choice. My worry about him is that among other things (which have already been mentioned on here) - he will be indebted to SM for the job to the extent that he will be unable to "flex his muscles" and make the demands other managers would make. He would be in SM's pocket, as it were. I am prepared to eat my words, but I don't think it should be Terry. What I will concede is that after what JM/SM said about him at the time, they had no choice but to interview him for the job. It may not mean he will get it. Having said that, I return to my other scenario that they will give him until Christmas to show what he can do. Congratulations Wigan and well done Dave Whelan for holding your nerve. Dave Whelan = real football man.

RiGhT sIDe 1987


Hopefully you'll get the axe with Connor.


BSD- terrible choose(did you mean choice) , my sides are splitting ..not.


TC - Nice man poor coach. The players take the p** out of TC behind his back and do very little at their trg sessions (which translates to the poor performances we see) whilst they plan their exit from the club. Some good guys but have been poorly prepared and led for a long time so we'll be left with the dross in the main if the management dont get a grip.

Golden Wonder

Kev in mallorca. Go back to worrying donkey's or whatever you do over there.

I like a few others am surprised at the reaction to this story. They already said that TC could apply if he wanted to and they were keen to hear his views on what is needed on the playing side of things.

He was always going to be in pole position to state his case for the job after spending thirteen years at the club. It doesn't mean he is going to get it and i still maintain he won't get it.

What annoys me more is this gala dinner tomorrow. Why?


Really? Give up. My old man will kill me but i feel my heart filling with blue and white rather than the famous gold n black. Please sort it out



That's 7,000 more than you got every week when it got tough in the early eighties...so i admire your optimism.

In the end every club finds its natural position i guess.


Clippo the Clown, formerly of Billy Smart's Circus.

Nice chap.............but terminally useless as a manager, I'm not convinced about his coaching abilities either.


What exactly has TC done wrong,

he inherited a rubbish team, (MM's /board Fault)

A team that cant defend (MM's fault)

He has picked the team i would of picked in nearly all the games from the players that have been fit and available to him.

He almost broke his heart when we were relegated, (again not his fault, at least he cares would MM have been so emotional, i doubt it)

i for one would give him a go next season


I never understand some people you read a snippet in the paper about TC being interviewed and all hell is let loose. Why not wait and see what is going to happen and then let fly if you have to. Its all paper talk at the moment look what happened when McCarthy was sacked and who the papers said was going to be our manager.

Who R WBA anyway?? are they Sandwell Albion or not?????

Golden Wonder. He lives in Dudley. He hasn't fooled me, he lives next door to that chap with a cap!!. Can't you see the similarity of their post's?


Thank you to whoever put on about getting a refund on early bird. I honestly thought that we would have a real shake up-change of manager and weeding out of players.However if this doesn't happen then it seems I have a get out clause.One major problem is that this summer is going to see a number of managers leaving clubs and unfortunately unlike us fans the best ones don't see Wolves as a good option. I think Dave Jones would be good but can't see him wanting to come back. Bet Sheff weds do OK next season.


"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo job for a novice" - Jeremy Derek Moxey.

12 games as manager of a professional football team is a novice in anybody's language.


G 12 W 0 D 4 L 8 Win% 0.00

Terry, the only thing that has ended the season on a high at Molineux was the roof of the Stan Cullis. Thanks for your efforts but please do the honourable thing and continue your management training somewhere else. Good luck in the future.


Lifelong Wolves Fan (Longer than the Desperate Duo)


As number two to Mick McCarthy,Terry Connor must take a lot of the blame for Wolves' relegation.Four points out of thirty-six speaks multitudes.The 'rule of thumb' apart from a few exceptions is that coaches don't make good managers.Don't Wolves learn from their past folly.ie.Chung,Lee.I suppose if Connor gets the job and is told there is no money available for players he will be telling us that he 'has the players to do it'.

Chung,C.1976.Somethings do never change with this club.

Stan the Man

Chuckle brothers our running our great club in to the ground, I have to say the people that are saying Keep TC are you really wolves fans? maybe go back down Hawthorns.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

I was down for the Everton match and can honestly say that, despite all the previous concerns about poor defending, even more blatant was the lacklustre effort up front. Wolves never even looked like scoring. If this is TC's best attempt at turning things around,I have grave doubts for next season if he in still in command. I say again, go for Gordon Strachan.


What no one has come up with at the moment is that Everton had two good goals disallowed on Sunday. TC record would have been worse had they been allowed.

If this man is allowed to carry on I think I'll kill myself

Wolves for ever


Brilliant appointment if the board pull this one off and manage to get T.C. to stay on as full time boss. If we could vote T.C. would get mine, love it!


Gutted to say this, but my lad and my ticket will go back.

Mr Morgan, I don't know what your agenda is, but we are confused. Make a positive/quality appointment and back them, to get us back out of the mess that you have contributed to getting us into.

graham byles

Knutsford wolves

Read them all,door handles need to support the baggies,Morgan Moxy Conner, Conferance here we come like a stone!!!!!!!!!


laingholm NZ Wolf

Wow! 276 posts on the basis of yet another short on fact E&S story!

Wait till the next headline where the groundsman and cleaning staff comes out in support of TC remaining as manager saying hes the nicest man around the club, always picking up after himself.

Of course this could just be part of the MM master plan where we will be happy with anyone else they choose regardless of their "experience or track record".

As long as they can do it on a budget your local school football team may struggle on!

Mills wolf





The ONLY meeting he should be having with Morgan is to pick up his last pay packet & a P45 !!!!!

Season ticket will be mailed back on the same day if wolves appoint this total novice

E&S find a REAL story to report on, as this cant possibly be true


That consensus is 'Terry Connor is useless' comes as no great surprise.

Perhaps, in commenting, I'm showing my colours as a conspiracy theorist, but to even consider this loser for the job by granting him an interview.

Fat Controller, the pie man clearly has an agenda and I am now starting to suspect that the business model being handed down by the Scouser involves covering Molineux in foundation concrete and building far more profitable new homes upon it.

So, let's start thinking of names for the obvious new housing development...

Little Mersey-Upon-The-Cut gets my vote.

Crappo Wolverhampton Wanderers (which they are making us) does not.

Old Gold Portion of Chips

In response to the headline ........Why ?

Jimmy's Page

Fear not fellow Wolves fans - I've Heard it on the Grapevine that VP Robert Palmer is coming to step into the breach to save our beloved club.

I was talking to a Black Country Woman and she said she had seen Robert with a Black Dog on his early morning walk going for a Misty Mountain Hop. He'd just come back from Kashmir on a Night Flight and it was In The Evening, In The Light. He confided to her, 'I was thinking of Going To California as I've been a Fool In The Rain. There has been a Communication Breakdown and some people have been left with a Custard Pie on their faces. There has been no Celebration Day this year - I know there are Good Times Bad Times, but Hey What Can I Do? The only pleasure I get is a Hot Dog at matches now. How Many More Times must we endure this rubbish? But, I Can't Quit You Baby, I'm Gonna Crawl I gotta dig deep in my cash reserves and get us a good team and Bring It On Home.

He said his Dancing Days were over and he'd even thought Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and was all set to be Over the Hills and Far Away, but he pondered about it, went for a couple of pints at the Carouselambra, thought about everything that went on between the Four Sticks, thought of Friends and knew Wolves are For Your Life. He said he's spoken to Moby Dick(JM - he did like to Ramble On), Poor Tom, had a Boogie With Stu, said Hats Off To (Roy) Hodgson and said,'In My Time Of Dying Since I've Been Loving You, Ten Years Gone. That's The Way I feel but now I want to give you All My Love. This year we've been Trampled Under Foot, Down By The Seaside, Black Mountain Side every which way but loose and What Is And What Should Never Be'.

He continued, 'It's Nobody's Fault But Mine! I've had a word with Dalglish and it's South Bound Suarez (wink! wink!)'

He left her with this thought, 'Although it will be The Battle Of Evermore - Your Time Is Gonna Come'. He continued, ' Darlene, Baby Come On Home you've got the Hots on For Nowhere and we can Rock And Roll. And off they went to their Stairway To Heaven.

Robert Plant - Thank You

wolves 1

I have followed Wolves for over 50 yrs, and never have I felt so low or so bitter.

For the second time in recent history we had a golden opportunity to really move the club forward, and look where we are. Had we appointed the biggest Wolves hating Albion fan in the world they could not have sabotaged our club more effectively than our so called management.Now they appear to be considering TC as a permanent manager,based on what exactly, do they not realise that all that outdated hoof it up the field stuff we've been resorting to for the last 14 yrs stems from this mans coaching ? the clue is in the title coach , that's what he's been doing for the last 14 yrs,and you seriously think it's going to change if you make him manager.

Lets put it in terms Mr M might understand if a chap who has been laying bricks for 14 yrs can still only manage to lay 200 wonky bricks a day despite going to college etc etc then it aint going to change because you give him a new JD and a wage rise.

Here endeth the first lesson !!!!

Windsor Wolf

Budget Terry thats the most significant word. Just tell them you don't want any money and you will make millions selling those bunch of unacheivers and the job's yours



chris hoggard

276 responses and still counting.On Sunday they didn't manage one effort on target.The point we got was our first this year at home.Our record this season must be our worst ever in top flight football,ie worse than when we had a season in the top flight in the Bhatti era.So when people say it is worse than the Bhattis,in that respect they are correct.In his programme notes Jez Moxey stated that we should have no doubts that Steve Morgan is very ambitious for our football club.Surely we need a fundamental change at managerial level not more of the same?If Steve Morgan really is ambitious ,now is the time to show us.The deafening silence on Sunday was misguided and not encouraging.

The Doctor

Someone said to me that TC needs to manage a club in the lower leagues to learn his trade. But his record is so bad that I don't believe there is another professional football club in England that would take a chance on him - except for Wolves it seems.

old bush wolf

Mr morgan please take note of Aston Villa, This is the situation that arises when you apoint a Manager that no one wants, your club is rotten to the core, T C is a decent man but im afraid not a wolves manager, we need a fresh approach to our football but in all honesty its not just the players who need re educating, its our fans as well, imagine if we played like swansea after 4 passes someone would shout hoof it, its about keeping the ball lads it really is!!!!!!!!!


Are those on here calling for TC to be kept because of his love for the club REAL fans?

I cannot believe that a man who has undoubtedly seen us through the most mediocre 13 years of football methods and coaching and has the worst record of any interim Wolves manager in history should be given a chance because he is loyal and loves the club?

I have been a season ticket holder for 25years and have renewed for next season, but TC is NOT good enough. End of.

Yes, he is a nice bloke but nice blokes finish last, as aptly demonstrated this season.

We need a thorough change of backroom staff at the Mol at least from Clipboard downwards but hopefully Fat Controller downwards.

This club is riddled with nice "yes men" who will achieve nothing.

Albion are the best Midlands team at the moment and they hammered us 5-1 at home. As a true Wolves fan this alone consumes me. I want us back in the Premiership, beating the Albion and battling in mid table like Stoke have been doing (admittedly not this season, but they have played in Europe).

Let's start getting realistic here - Connor goes, his assistants go, Moxey goes and we start afresh.


Not even the Wit brothers, ( Dim and Half ) would pull this one. Nice guy but not up to it.

Connor Believeit

If appointing TC is part of Morgan's "vision", he should have gone to Specsavers.......

Morgan should have "the bottle" to appoint a new and exciting up-and-coming manager with fresh ideas and with a positive approach to the game....or has Bodger stolen the bottle?

The reasons are clear-

We CONNOR defend.

We CONNOR mark attacking players.

We CONNOR create from midfield.

We CONNOR shoot properly.

There's a bit of a theme here.......???!!

CONNOR CONNOR manage my team any more - PLEASE!

I have supported the club since 1960 and,

like many others, if TC is appointed, my money for a ST will stay firmly in my wallet.

Gone to manage England

"Calm down dear it's only an Express & Star article".

Have to say full of admiration for the passion shown on this page but it looks like Morgan is just trying to offer Connor some other role within the club as reward for his undoubted loyalty....but don't worry he won't be the big cahuna next season!!!....Good luck for next season....


Its got to be Terry Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He has spent 12+ yrs of hard graft changing the mindset of Footballers who turned up at Wolves to play proper ,quality,mind bending,out of this world,FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cannot understand why he is not the new manager of ENGLAND.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



first thing to say s this just an E&S headlinee.

But behind it i see some loyalty and respect which you dont see at other clubs.

Morgan looks like hes giving Connor ever opportunity to prove to him that he has what it takes.

On the flip side morgan also needs to be interiviewing other candidates as this is a very important appointment for the club.

kiwi wqlves

276 posts on here!!!

The way the season has gone we have a bigger crowd on here than at the mol!!

Chorley. Bhatties, a s**thole ground falling to bits. Do we have to suffer ALL that again?

To the E & S editor,did you work for Murdoch or the Sun? You lot are winding us up!!

99% of posters on here want whats best for WWFC, what does WWFC want for us fans?

Do they even care. As for 'TC', he is part of the problem. MM's right hand man, he is as responsible as MM. i came to the UK recently watched 3 games, lost the lot! Thanks for the great memories TC,JM.SM............... NOT.

Glen Eden NZ is a long way from the MOL so don't go to many games.

Suppose I will have a lie in now,not getting up at 3-4 am.

Supported Wolves home and away for over 40 years. (used to live in Aldridge nr Walsall) Not going to even look on my computer Sunday morning for the results!


what on earth is morgan and moxey doing I know keeping it in the family absoulate joke the pair of them, tell you what Morgan if you dont enquire about Holloway after tommorows match you are a absoulate fool cant you see this clubs needs new flair and attascking play Holloway is your man if blues win, stop thinking of the cheap option and listen to your fans HOLLOWAY HOLLOWAYS WANDERERS ARMY NEXT SEASON NOT DES O CONNOR WHO ONLY MANAGES 4 POINTS EVEN IF WE BEAT WIGAN STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGTH TO BE MANAGER NEXT SEASON ACT NOW OR LOSE YOUR FANS NEXT SEASON MORGAN YOU DISGRACE WOLVES IS A GREAT CLUB BUT YOU ARE TAKING IT TO THE GUTTER DEREK DOUGAN WHERE ARE YOU WHEN WE NEED YOU NEVER BE ANOTHER DOUG, SIGN BECKFORD FROM LEICESTER OFFER THEM DOYLE OR GET YOUR CHEQUE BOOK OUT FOR HIM

110% wolves

Oh what a funny dream i had i had a dream that Terry Connor was interviewed for the Wolves job

May as well give it to my dog at least he will chase a ball all day

And for all you muppets who keep saying i will be there who ever is in charge Well you are keeping the lunatics running this asylum

Vote with your feet as an empty ground would meet with swift changes

Johnny Richards 1974

E&S certainly know how to stir it.

TC does not want the job, he and steve Weaver will remain at Wolves as reserve team & academy managers.

An appointment will not be made until June at the earliest lets get it right this time M&M.

Managers come & Managers go Ronnie Allen was in charge for my very first Game, can any one tell me how managers up until now?

The main thing is Wolves will still be here!

Wanderers till i Die!


He's Gorra Goo Tom! Gorra Goo!

168. what's wrong worried you'll lose your job if a new coaching team are bought in? are you even a Wolves fan or just an "employee"

i suggest all those wishing to obtain a refund of season tickets do so if TC is given the job, make sure you explain your reasons in a detailed letter to get you points across as just moaning to the people in the ticket office will not reach those that should hear what you have to say.


I don't believe it!!



Seriously in 13 years as coach, assistant team manager and now manager do you not think TC would have had no involvement in what players were brought or the coaching of the defenders? Also its not just about picking the players its having a system to play to, having tactics TC has no more idea than MM.


No, No, No...


This story had got to be written by a Baggie!!, let's look at the stats 13 games played, 3 points, the worst manager record in prem league history and the man to make Steve kean look like Einstein!, they were gong mad in Blackburn last nite, oi northeners, try being a wolves fan!!!

Im a wolves fan, I will always be a wolves fan, but right now, I'd rather take the missus shopping that watch "top cat" and his team, it's that bad!

Chuckle brothers take note, we are not angry they we are down, we are furious how we have gone down, utter joke

Wolves till I die!


It really does pain me to say it, but I'm hoping for a Wigan win on Saturday. In fact not even a Wigan win, a demolition of the egos, incompetence and complete blindness that has enveloped my club.

Only then maybe the board will see what everyone else save those inside Molineux that inhabit this bubble that means they are impervious to see the bleeding obvious.

If Connor gets the position long term I see us going down the same road as Blackburn.


163 Sir Billy Quite. Multi millionaires cannot be muppets eh? Have you heard of the financial crisis? Multi millionaire bankers, financiers, mortgage providers in this country and across the pond dropped us all in the brown stuff, but perhaps your appreciation of current affairs matches your understanding of football.


Sir Billy Quite 163 . Multi millionaires cannot be muppets eh? Have you heard of the financial crisis? Multi millionaire bankers, financiers, mortgage providers in this country and across the pond dropped us all in the brown stuff, but perhaps your appreciation of current affairs matches your understanding of football.


167 On the Inside

If I was you I would start looking for a new job because when we get relegated again next year with Connor in charge there will be no money and no fans fact.


I see the 3M’s are back at Wolves;

Morgan, Moxey and Mismanagement.


#168 on the inside@wolves - your rant just reiterates why WWFC are in such a mess and will continue to be in such a mess without a clear out!


Dont laugh chaps, but Sammy Chung is still alive. He couldnt do any worse could he?? And my dad brought a car off him as well, and he gave me a signed pic of the 74 League Cup team.

Barmby for the Wolves perhaps. (Couldnt play could he lol) Or how about Steve Kean? (Not only Wolves who install a novice, and a club owned by ppl who know nothing about our great game)

Wolves Manager Update

Wolves Manager Update 27.01 is ready to install. The update addresses customer issues and tactical vulnerabilities. Wolves recommends Wolves Manager 26.01 is removed prior to installing the update due to incompatibility issues.


This is great news. Please ignore the numpties and get TC in! In Moxey we trust!

Marty West Auckland

Please NO!!!!

Kick him out.

and 90% of the players with him especially the ones who are backing him. The reason they are backing him is they know that they would be surplus to requirements under a decent manager.

A total revamp is required asap.

The Flying Winger

More from the mad house, Edwards today says

TC is a great bloke and tactically very good.

He has my vote!

Err, we have been relegated.

Sir jacks son

Anothet PR disaster . Why give the story out until you've appointed him. You're treating TC like an idiot . This is some desperate attempt to show you are making a decision. 300 supporters before me think this is wrong.

Yee gods will they never learn.!


I'm still clinging onto the hope that Morgan & Moxey rally can't be 'that' stupid.

Can't help but feel we missed an opportunity on Sunday to let them know how we really feel. The gallows humour is fine to a point however I can't help but feel that M & M will take the absence of any real stick as a signal that they've got over the worse and can take the cheap option.

If they do then I'm done with it all.



Sir Billy Quite

309 - Bilodave

Steve Morgan built his business from scratch - he is not a muppet or a fool.

He has also underpinned the financial investment in Wolves.

When Sir Jack wanted to sell the club there was only one creditable buyer - Steve Morgan.

Sir Jack could have sold to a range of dodgy characters thankfully he chose to protect the future of Wolves.

Yes, we have been relegated but the over reaction by posters on here is pathetic.

The posts on here do not represent the majority of fans - witness the lack of protests on Sunday (a few half hearted chants from the South Bank).

Yes, the majority do not want TC as the next manager - but then the majority were happy with Roger Johnsons signing and the appointment of Hoddle, Taylor etc and of course the majority wanted MM out.

If only we had a mangerial candidate with Premiership, Championship and International experience...........Oh for a candidate with MMs CV.

tipton Mark

This is an insult

if he is appointed then i want my season ticket back

he is no manager

get in someone who knows how to manage and MOTIVATE our so called "stars "

the fat controller is doing a good job but this episode has let him down

Get a real Manager and team of coaching staff

O'Driscoll took Doncaster from extinction to a good standard in the championship with no big money buys PLAYING FOOTBALL and he is a Wolverhampton lad


Re: 315.

Haha! Taking it further ...

I use ESOS 9.05 (Express & Star Operating System)

Can you fix my PC too? I keep getting pop-ups from the my OS telling me that Wolves Manager 26.01 cannot be removed, or updated.

I never accepted this piece of 'junkware', and it was installed without consultation. It is persistently refusing all attempts to remove it.

I would use the update recommended, but I am told by the Molineux that they do not support the update, and that I should continue to support the old programme.

My only option now is to refuse to connect to the Molineux server and find another more reliable one.

Filthy Wolf

Let's hope it is a courtesy with Morgan telling him all the reasons he CAN'T be manager. Just start at 1 and get past 300 in these comments if you need any help, Steve.


Oh dear it is now all over the nationals.

So for all us No No's there has got to be some substance in it. God help us!




Glad to see that my Uncle SBQ is happy,

he came home on sunday and I have never seen him so happy with the draw, oh yes I have when fulham hammered us , oh and the Baggies,

never mind Uncle you have them on tape so you can keep happy all summer.

Idiots like you have destroyed ouir club, you accept failure as success, you fool.

SBQ's son

Dear first cousin (once removed).

Why did you call my dad an idiot, as a family member that's not very friendly, you idiot. Dad is always happy (once removed, from hospital). I will not let you in our house to watch any more tapes, especialy dads favourite at Chorley, that was one of the very happiest days in his happy life, it almost beats the day when he got the Bhatti's autograph. Dad says he is happy for you because you have become one of his favourite negative numpties.

Mike Malick


Amazing post,Dude.Good job you eventually got Sir Robert's name right.


323 tipton Mark-does this mean you haven't got it?



Jimmy's Page


Yup, sorry - I should have proofread before posting. How on earth I put Palmer instead of Plant...Doh!!


SBQ Son, you forgot to mention the relegation from Div 1 to Div 4 your dad is still celebrating those years, does he still have the picture of the ground with just 2 sides open, and the crowds of below 10,000 he was always on the phone to my DaD about that,never seen him so happy, and also he still talks about, the best day ever when he thought that we had gone into liquidation, he even got drunk that day.


ianclarke-you think Henry is hopeless,I think you know nuffin!!!!


I for one want to see all the west midlands teams in the premiership, I enjoy all the local derbies, yes of course I want Albion to win those and finish above you (it would be an obvious lie if I didnt say that), but I want banter not hatred.

On that basis I think you are all overreacting. Your ownership can't be so stupid to appoint TC permanently. This is just him showing appropriate respect to a long term club servant, who did OK in his previous jobs but just wasn't up to the promotion to manager that he himself even never sought. There is no reason that a successful businessman owner would succumb to such insanity, I don't believe for a moment that will happen.

I predict that the 2 Ms will get in a hungry manager, probably from a championship club, and likely one that has played for Wolves at some time and has some connection to your club.

Surveying the possible candidates that has to put Dougie Freedman and Darren Ferguson at the top of the list. I fully expect you will appoint one of those two in May or June.


I think you lot are quite pathetic about sir Billy, you think you're funny!! you're not.

Ye Olde South Bank

A nice, new video of the new North Bank, folks. I'm sure it leaves us all glowing with pride knowing that Molineux will be amongst the best Championship venues. Warms the cockles of your heart, it does. Out on the pitch is another matter entirely, though.

Sorry to say, but I agree with one or two fellow posters who saw Morgan as "yellow" for not addressing the fans on Sunday. Sure, it would've taken real guts; sure it would have been embarrassing for him....but he had a responsibility. A responsibility he shirked. He put his own pride before that of the supporters' welfare. His audience desperately needed to hear something positive. We needed to hear an acknowledgement of failure and receive an apology of sorts for undelivered promises. We needed to know that our owner cares in the truest sense. Morgan needed to command respect and instil faith in a battered and bruised fanbase. Instead, we got nothing. Worse still, however, we read of Connor being interviewed for the Manager's job. Honestly, you aint got a lue, Wolves, and you earn every bit of scorn directed at you by your apathetic, disgruntled fanbase.

What a cowardly end to our home season as the usual, time-honoured post-match events are conveniently taken off the menu. This is a club in hiding. This is a club full of little boys, not men. Ask yourselves this, Wolves:

Do you REALLY deserve the endlessly loyal, faithful and committed support you attract? I'm beginning to think you don't. You take far too many liberties with those that love the Gold & Black and, one day, you'll ultimately pay the price for it.


SBQ. I wasn't attacking Morgan I was attacking your assertion that multi millionaires cannot be numpties which self evidently is crass.

By the way "Training as a site engineer, in 1974 Morgan borrowed £5,000 from his father to buy his then employers, Wellington Civil Engineering, which was on the verge of going out of business" Not exactly doing it all by himself was he? £5,000 was a huge sum in 1974 no doubt interest free! I don't believe he is a fool but he's shown more than a few signs of it this year.

SBQs Mick McCarthy CV

embarrassing league points records with sunderland and wolves.

worst home records in donkeys years with sunderland and wolves.

talks to dissenting fans like muck in the gutter.

threatens to fight anyone up for a bit of a ruck.

dinosaur football belonging to 1970s.

snow on the ball when it finally comes down.

worst defence at wolves for a whole generation.

practically the same championship winning team in the prem after 3 years.

cant sign continentals and make em a success but loves the irish boys.

good players have skill coached out of them after arriving.

made Jonnson captain and broke team spirit.

no success at all in anyin cup competition after 5 years because mick likes under strength teams (like old traffordgate)

presides over worst home loss to the sandwell trolls in decades.

converts a striker to fullback, midfielder, anywhere but goalkeeper coz wardy must play.

made wolves a national laughing stock game after game.

no plan A. no plan B. no idea.



Connor is definitely not my first choice, neither is he my 150th choice; he's a very nice man but nice men get trampled on in football. For or those 'fans' that would give there season ticket back based on a managerial appointment, what kind of fan are you. I'll be supporting the club who ever is in charge and whatever league we're in I'll be at molinuex.

SBQ's son

PJW aka first cousin. Of course he has, as you well know, they both keep going on about it when they are together. Yes mom tells me about that day, they went into liquidation themselves, bitter, mild and scotch she tells me. After that he was never the same, but just keeps on clapping. Happy days aye, never mind we may well be enjoying such times soon, especially if TC gets the job.

The Magician

322 Sir Billy

I don't usually resort to insults but you, Sir, are an idiot of the first order.

pye green wolf



286 you dipstick !! while your knowledge of zep songs is reasonable , i dont remember robert PALMER ever being frontman of the band or indeed vp of our club !! NURSE !HE IS OUT OF BED AGAIN !!




just how cheap is tc?i bet hes cheap enough for moxey and morgan.


1959 WOLF

If Connor gets the job we will be watching Wolves on the cartoon channel. Ye gods, has it come to this?


207. you are spot on, and I have the emails from the club to prove you can have a refund over them getting the term and conditions wrong on next seasons early bird.

But what has really annoyed me is that they havnt made it public knowledge, and infact Moxey has said you pay the early bird and take your risks, but as the email I recieved from the club states,...they are infact in talks with trading standards to clarify this position, but until then you can get a refund on your early bird,...but again this is being done without publicly letting supporters know, and if the tradings standards find in favour of Wolves the refund will close without 90% knowing it was even available, I for one dont want to give my money to a club that is underhanded and shows a total lack of respect for its fans. I will pick and choose from ow on when I want to go.

Nick Wolf

The lunatics have taken over the asylum! Give me strength! I've just read the Dave Edwards article backing Uncle Terry! (what a surprise we aren't allowed to add comments)What is going on at the Molineux??? I'm sure the Baggies have tunnelled under the ground and fed a pipe into the board room and dressing pumping out mind altering gas. I really am dumbfounded and lost for words. I take it Wolves aren't too fussed about alienating their fans!



Hey wht aren`t i in there?

Ad mant

Wots the cheapest option. ahh. Conner it is then.

Jez' fat salary first. football a distant second.


so after some awfull decades of football the the dingles want a trophy winning manager, who will bring a modern ,entertaining style of football to the custard bowl??.

i guess you will be waiting another 19 years.

while the proud throstles will be reaching for the upper echelons of the PREMIER league....


El Lobo

Steve Morgan......phooeey, "I grew up as a Liverpool fan and I’m well divorced from that."

No Steve, I don't believe you. Not in the slightest, slightest. A leopard can't change it's spots and a Liverpool fan can only ever be a Liverpool fan, same as a Wolves fan can only ever be a Wolves fan. Any other way than that points to a fickle f*ckwit of a fan. We know what motivates you pal and it doesn't bode well for Wolves.


I think the big lads would agre that I should be offered the job.



The best qualified man for the job is the Archbishop of York.

As things are the team hasn't a prayer's chance of revival.

Time for a change of direction,

Then just imagine the conversation in the dressing room. Not a single Anglo=-Saxon four lettered word, only a friendly discussion of the thoughts of St Thomas Acquinas.

Heaven only knows, then they might be upward bound. !.


Ole Gunnar Solskjær: ~ Norwegian Coach [Expensive, will bring his own people in].

Stale Solbakken: ~ Norwegian Coach [Cheap, will accept Connor being thrust on him].

No guessing which option Tweedledum and Tweedledee will go for.



So, it's a done deal then ?

A sacked manager from a relegated club?


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