Wolves taking time on new manager call

Wolves are set to play a waiting game in their manager search.

Wolves are set to play a waiting game in their manager search.

Terry Connor’s contract as boss runs to the last game of the season on May 13, but Wolves want to take all the time they need to make the right appointment.

That means any decision on his future may well have to wait until at least May 19 – the date of the Championship play-off final – as the futures of more than one manager could be shaped by the end-of-season showpiece.

Connor remains in the spotlight as he is currently in the job.

But, with many fans against him keeping the job because of results, the club is also looking at outside candidates for life after relegation, with managers of Championship experience under consideration.

Long-serving Connor has support in the boardroom and in the dressing room and the club are anxious to continue some sort of continuity.

The players today vowed Connor will improve results if he keeps the job. Midfielder Dave Edwards said: “He’ll turn results around because if you look how he’s developed over the 11 games, he’s learned so much.

“Whether it’s with us or someone else next season, he’ll be a great manager one day.

“You can see we’re moving in the right direction, but he hasn’t had enough games to turn it around.”

Edwards feels no-one would care about the club as much as Connor.

He said: “Look how he’s carried himself in interviews – he has great dignity and you can tell this club means the world to him. The boys are completely behind him.”

Left-back Stephen Ward  believes Connor will turn results around, in the long run, given the chance.

He said: “Look at some of the performances – we have been unlucky not to get more positive results.

“We have shown real togetherness and ability to battle.

“Being relegated is disappointing but he’s kept us smiling.

“We could have lost by six or seven goals on Saturday, but we had a go. He just needs time.”

Ward added: “I don’t think anyone would have any qualms if TC got the job.

“If you ask the players, he’s done great things and he already knows the Championship.”

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Comments for: "Wolves taking time on new manager call"


Ward added: “I don’t think anyone would have any qualms if TC got the job."

Are you for real?? I want a manager to come in and stop all this rubbish the players talk in the press. Someone who will demand you perform better on match day or face playing in the reserves.

A manager who can motivate his players, organise his players and buy decent players he hasn't just looked up on Youtube......... lol

Sorry but if you think no-one would have any "qualms" you are mistaken.

The Usual Suspects

What is this ??? The Players having a TC love in??? TC needs time??? Time for what??? Is the club going to stick with TC because the players say so??? It gets worse each week and It beggers belief!!!

Peter Adams

Stephen Ward most of the Wolves fans would have qualms!

chris hoggard

Time and tide wait for no man.What we have is a total lack of ambition and a disrespect for long suffering fans.How many times have we heard it all before,'we will get it right in the long run.'As for Ward's comments ,results will be improved.Well 3 points out of 33 is a pretty low base.If we appointed the hot dog seller you would expect some improvement.


Why don't these clowns just shut up! Wolves PR this season has been a disaster & i am sick of hearing crap from some of our players,if they did as much training hard as they do spouting drivel maybe we would of stayed up! Rant over now hurry and get this god awful season over! Oh & for what its worth its still NO wins under TC,yes lets give him the job full time.


The players are deluded as well.

We were 3 nil down after 15 minutes on saturday. Defence is woeful.

Also some of the performances have been awful, a couple of 5 nils in there.

Why do they keep calling him TC, he is the manager if nobody noticed, if we get Connor as manager then we are doomed to mid table obscurity. As no new players will want to come.

Also why is it only the likes of Ward and Edwards saying how good he is.

I feel sorry for the way, TC was left in this mess, but surely the board have had months to sort this out now.

But no we are taking our time, a bit like the team on Saturday. Taking their time to wake up.


Isnt it funny how its always the rubbish players that are in the press calling for TC.

Probably because they all know that when a decent manager is appointed they will be shown the door. That means you Edwards, Ward, Berra, Foley etc etc

No Ambition

Get shot of Connor, not wonder players of Dave Edwards ability or lack of it, want to keep him.

Moxey & Morgan would be advised to see what has happened at Villa, when the board went against the vast majority of fans and appointed Big Eck.

And don't think of using Connor as trojan horse to appoint Megson.

The board have been warned - show some ambition and get Keegan down there - I would love it !



He conducts himself in interviews like a bafoon. He looks like he about to cry.

It's an absolute joke if he is still there in any capacity next season.

That goes for some of the players too

Mr Fantastic

Can anyone really trust the chuckle brothers to make the correct appointment ?


Utter tripe from the players as usual. Methinks that some of them are scared of having to train hard, missing their golf days, being dropped, or even being sent out on loan (because no one will buy them)if a new manager comes in. Dave Edwards and Steven Ward are so far off the mark it is not funny. And with strong support in the boardroom (i.e., Jez) do not be surprised when he (TC) gets the job. I can see it all now - "We condcuted intensive searches and none of those available had the credentials of TC. So we have the best man". Heard it all before......

Jonny Lever

Heard all this nonsense a few long weeks ago. I am sick to the back teeth with all this " finding the right candidate " rubbish.. All this matey boy TC nice guy cosy club life ,It's like a flaming' Infants School.Somebody here needs to grow some balls.

Sort it out Morgan.


I think everyone needs to chill out a bit, what are the players supposed to say? "yes, we agree with the fans 100%, Conner is useless and we want him out"

Not going to happen, no one has said he's got the job, so just wait and see, they're only getting behind the guy in charge. Lay off a bit.

The Flying Winger

Well not unexpected news, however I would have expected Morgan this time to try and get it right by not adding to any speculation.

Why would we want some sort of continuity after the last two mediocre seasons inc this last appalling one?

What we want is a new broom with fresh ideas, coaching skills, man management, and who is prepared to shake this lot of underachievers up, bring in new players and yes actually play them.

Someone with some passion and who can conduct himself with the Media in a professional way.

No wonder the players want Connor, I bet the Sponsors and any sensible person outside their bubble don't, the man has been a disaster under McCarthy and with his own opportunity.

Ward has long been deluded with his comments and now joined by Edwards,

Matt Jarvis will go to Man U for replacement of Giggs next season.

When you thought there couldn't be any more deluded CEO,'s up steps the FA to appoint Hodgson, well I guess his CV did say Thrashed WWFC, can't blame him for that.

Just shows how Our Club and England have no desire to become footballing giants again,

Sad Days, however "Out of Darkness Cometh Light" One Day!!!!

vespa wolf

All the players are worried about is if an 'outsider' comes in the new mgr may be able to see that they are able to 'put a shift in' but he will probably be looking for football skills, etc!!!

The play worry about being sold 'cus they know they'll end up at Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster (no disrespect to any of those clubs)

Gordon Bennett

For goodness sake ENOUGH!!! Will somebody shut these players up. How on earth are we playing better when we concede 3 in 15 minutes. We need a manager who can come in and change the back 4 and boot them out of their complacency.

The search for a manager should be going on now. What are Morgan and Moxey doing? We all know managers aren't all free at present but there is no indication that anyone is even on the case at Wolves. We will be pipped to the post for anyone decent as usual.

If a new manager wants to bring in his team then that is what has to happen surely. You cannot say to someone new that Connor is part of the deal. I am finding this whole mess more unbelievable as we go along.

Of course the players want Connor, they are in the team aren't they, and anyone new is going to want to make changes.

Please God find Mick a job so that Connor can mopve on with dignity and let us start our fightback with a fresh pair of eyes.

Where are you Morgan, you wanted the club so sort it out. We need to know what you are made of.


Get rid of TC and all the lazy useless players, who want TC to get the job so they can remain on easy street.

New blood needed get Ian Holloway in as manager, he'll play entertaining football what our fans would love to see for a change.


Dont supprise me all the players wanting T.C to stop. Sign he's made training easier, they get an easy ride if he stays manager!!! We need a fresh start it's just going to be the same old next season else...


Oh Please TC, Surely you cannot be the manager next season. You are a trainee manager - we need a proper Trained manager with experience. Go and do you job training somewhere else. This is not a YTS scheme.


More rubbish coming from the players - especially two, that are lucky to be in the team! Firstly we have gone 11 games without a win, so it is blatantly obvious that if he stayed in charge, we would win one soon. Furthermore, we are dropping a league and therefore have more of a chance of winning more games in a lower league? Irrespective, it is quite clear to see - after 13 years of being here - TC has no clue on organising a defence.

lye chris

Get your money on it folks Ian Holloway from Blacpool is coming should they fail in the play offs. Unfortunately there is no plan B so should Blackpool get promoted we're stuck with Conner. Don't think holloway is a bad shout promotion/not a bad fist of it in prem onlimited resources/play offs in three seasons not a bad pedigree and an entertaining team to watch he'd be my choice.

Andy Bolt - Sydney

It's great to see that all the players backing TC are the ones who have to worry about being Fu Of.. sorry moved on to another club...TC is a nice bloke but that's where it ends, time to bring in someone who will take no prisoners on the pitch...Allways gold and black...!!


Makes you wonder just what this club is up to??

What has been needed for the past 2 seasons is a manager that will come in with new ideas, get the players out of the comfort zone and develop a hungry squad of players with the desire to succeed. These players have let the club down the supporters down and themselves down and need to go ASAP


Can someone at the club get a grip on this situation where players are in the paper every day giving their opinions. Does the club have a PR dept? If so, what do they do all day?

To be blunt we are not interested. We've had more talk talk talk from this club than we can handle. Pity there's not been the same amount of talking on the pitch this season.

This TC love-in is just embarrassing and infuriating.

Has TC tightened up the woeful defence? NO

Has TC made us harder to beat? NO

Has TC brought about an upturn in results? Emphatically NO.

Is TC cheap and available? YES

Says it all. Sorry, he seems a lovely guy with Wolves truly at heart but enough is enough. He's coached these players for years and is part of the problem, not the solution.

jackery jones

Edwards supports the appointment of TC & says: "You can see we’re moving in the right direction"!!!!!!!!

This sort of nonsense from the players must stop.

It seems it is just the nucleus of the Championship-winning team that want TC as manager.

Jackery Jones


Forgot to add - Dave Edwards your comment of "Look how he’s carried himself in interviews – he has great dignity and you can tell this club means the world to him. The boys are completely behind him.” First, you are a buffoon with the IQ of an amoeba. His interviews are pathetic and embarrassing. Second, the sooner you are gone with him to MM's new job (please hurry up and get one Mick) the better.

wolf abroad

Yes TC has done brilliantly, look at all the things he's done.....oh that's right he hasn't done anything. I take very little positive from the swansea game, 3 down in 15 minutes, at Swansea. How do we expect promotion when the defence is clueless?

Oh and hiring TC will also guarantee an empty stadium. So yeah he's the perfect choice! I wish the players would just shut up, everything that comes out of the club these days is complete madness and I swear they are just trying to further infuriate the fans. GET REAL


We are just getting deeper and deeper as a laughing stock.Connor for the job---NO.What makes him think things will change if the job was his.Nothing at all has changed since he took over and will not change under him in the future.Ward and Edwards have to speak up nfor him because they know a new manager will not be keeping them and a few more.Moxey should also be out his knowledge of football is zilch all he is good for is book-keeping and nothing else.Morgan really has to wake up and get things moving in appointing a new manager,a manager who has the ability to build a Championship winning team and to get back to the Premiereship first time.I believe that Chris Hughton could do this as could Alan Curbishley.Why wait for other clubs to appoint them or is this one of those ploys to say "there are no managers to fit our requirements" so we decided to stick with Connor and this way we do no have to pay out money that will go towards our new stand.Come on Morgan show you care and don1t forget,we don`t want Megson,Bruce or Ince.


Londonwolf, how about the players say nothing at all and concentrate on what they are paid for..........just a thought.


I firmly believe that the players want TC to stay because they are getting an easy ride of it. 'TC has made training more enjoyable...''He's learnt so much...''look how we're progressing...'. I don't want the manager of my club to be best buddies with the players!!! Half the players big him up because they know that a decent manager will see that a large portion of the players are awful and will be got rid off in the summer. The fact that one of the players suggested that we could have been 6 or 7 down to SWANSEA but for TC is an absolute joke.


There are a number of things wrong here...

1.) Dave Edwards said he has learnt so much in 11 games! Unbelievable. So Wolves chose TC as manager so he can learn rather than actually find a person who will keep us in the PL. The only thing he has learnt is how to get relegated.

2.) As long as the players keep smiling its OK to get relegated is it Wardy?

3.) Nobody would have any qualms with TC being manager?

Are theese comments for real? TC is totally out of depth as manager in the PL or the Championship.

We need a manager who has proved pedigree of getting out of the Championship and working with tight budgets. Then when that is achieved see if this guy can keep us in the PL!


Whether or not Connor will eventually prove to be a good football manager is one thing, but at the moment he is not instilling much confidence amongst the supporters. For one thing he does'nt look comfortable with the media - which is something that comes with the job.

Ian Holloway is mentioned in one of the daily papers as a possible target if Blackpool don't succeed in the play-off's. As Holloway and Connor have worked briefly together in the past, maybe a compromise solution would be to get them to work as a manager and coach respectively.

That way the club might have a better chance of retaining the best players through loyalty to Connor, while bringing in a fresh approach from Holloway.

More Disbelief!

Yes lets wait! Roy Hodgson going to England job, lets give the baggies first option on managers and we'll see who is left? History repeating itself? Some people never learn!!


What a joke! Edwards you need to get out more!

Like the rest of the squad they have been molly coddled with the big loving hand of Mcarthy and now TC.

This is the very reason why the club need to shed this image and attitude and get harder.

Did you see Fergy and Mancini last night?

Now that is passion and committment. All TC does is nearly weep in front of the camera!

Got an issue here's a tissue! No time for sentiments. It is going to be tough in the fizzy so lets not get all misty eye'd thinking we are going to come straight back up or it is a god given right......it ain't. If the team, especially the defence is not sorted we will get slapped just as much.

Ian Holloway has been mentioned, okay he did Blackpool well and got some decent players in Charlie Adam for one, Cambell another.

Just hope that our loyalty is mirrored by the players and not bleet that they want away. As Joe Mercer said, 'Gentlemen you got us into this mess, you can get us out of it!'

You reap what you sew!


not a enough time on is current record we will get 12 to 14 points next season but tc will find some positives when we go down again next season with the likes of sterman ward edwards quoting tc is the man for the job is the only chance there will have to put a wolves shirt on again get a new manager in so he can kick some asses and clear the dead wood out now


Thats it I have heard enough of this TC as manager PR malarky!

This is an insult to the majority of Wolves fans! To say TC has done anything good of note is a complete joke!

Results do not lie. 3 points out of a possible 33 is not any progress!

The majority of blame for this has to go to Morgan and Moxey as everybody knows, even them two!

TC should have done the right thing and have been honest to himself and Wolves fans and just said he is not qualified for the job!

With 13 games to go we still had a chance to stay in the PL. But the Morgan and Moxey team totally messed it up royally!

cornish wolf made in willenhall

That pretty much confirms TC is our manager next season. Moxey will play the waiting game pretending to look for a manager and then when everyone is snapped up TC will be revealed as the best candidate.

I bet the baggies wont hang about now it looks like Roy has got the England job. But they have someone who knows about football making the decisions and not an accountant.

If TC does get the job I hope he can surprise us all but I cant see us getting above mid table in the championship. There are to many teams in that league now with premier experience all fighting for promotion.


Well well mr ward speaks out again missing daddy isnt enoughh for him his singing the praises for his new step daddy shock , well what can I say wardy you are the reaso n we are going down you clown they no you are not a left back naturely and big george do us all a favour less talking and more action on the field you muppett every club player gets pass you piece of cake do us all a big favour join daddy and take connor with you, come on morgan connor his not the man we need its HOLLOWAY IF BLACKPOOL FAIL TO GO UP PAY COMPO IF NEEDED HIS A LEADER AND MOTIVATOR HE WOULD SOON CRACK THE WHIP ON WARDY DOYLE O HARA ETC, REALITY CHECK CONNOR 3 POINTS OUT OF A POSSIBLE 30 PLUS WOLVES JOB A BIG FAT NO CHANCE i will stay away like others if he gets the job its always about the cheap option and moxey his bro in law come on morgan you have 410 million use some of it Holloway please

Realistic Wolf

So the board want continuity. Well with charismatic TC they will certainly get it. A continuity of the same MM style garbage and losing syndrome. If it wasn't so serious it would be funny, then again we are a laughing stock to the media already so continuity there as well. Mr Morgan you are very quiet to put it mildly ....


This must stop. Not one fan wants TC to get the job and his permanent employment would be an insult to the paying customer. I want a manager who the players dont want, someone to kick them into shape and stop this pally behaviour that is coming across in the news everyday. Time for a clear out of many players as well as coaching staff. The boatd have had since February, how long do the clowns need? Watch Albion make a swift and decent appointment. Hate to say it but the lot down the road make us look a shambles.



David 1

Shut up Edwards no wonder you want Clipboard to keep the job as for some reason he wants you in the team. Go find yourself, the boy Wardy, the Frenchman and whatever Stearman is a new club preferably Albion because you're all terrible players with no ability whatsoever. Mindless idiotic statement from a squad woefully bereft of flair and creativity 3 points from 33 doesn't lie Connor is RUBBISH and his interviews are laughable and embarrassing!


big george should be left back not you wardy its only because micks contacting connor to play you each week youre hopeless,

I could play better than you wardy get real I bet you cahill or pienaar and jelavic will run rings around you, you wont stand a chance bring back hamill adlene and big george along side zubar, sign Thomas ince and matt phillips and george boyd along with holloway has manager


Everytime i read TC i think of the cartoon Top Cat and most of our games have been like one cartoon after another. It's time now to get this club sorted, get a new manager and players that believe in the club so that the fans have something to cheer about next season.


Away from the whole TC and player love-in thing.....

I would hope Wolves are playing a waiting game at the moment regarding the manager. That is the right thing to do until the remaining ups and downs are known.

Roy Hodgson's imminent appointment as England Manager does nothing for our chances of landing Chris Hughton in the summer. Even if Blues don't get promoted, I fancy West Brom and the chance to get back in The Premiership will be too good an opportunity to turn down. Hate to say it, but he'd be a great appointment for them and you can bet Dan Ashworth has him on his radar.

Then there's Ian Holloway, who won't want to consider anything other than getting Blackpool back into The Premiership at the moment. Same can be said for Big Sam (whether you would want him or not). If West Ham miss out I think Sam will probably get the boot anyway.

Holloway is certainly a motivator and would be like a breath of fresh air, not sure he'd do much to improve our defence though.

Big Sam has the local boy angle and plenty of experience, but his style of play is not exactly progressive.

Hughton would have been my shout but can't see it happening. Intriguing, so much may well revolve around these forthcoming play off games.


What astounds me how fans are so fickle, the fans now calling for TC's head are the same people who were calling for MM to be sacked! The things that makes me angry is that the silent majority are ignored the very people who would have welcomed MM to at least stay until the end of the season. The board just seemed to jump on the bandwagon and listen to the loud mouthed minority, look where that has got us! Remember the white banner at the WBA game asking for MM to be sacked, where are you now?

Lets be rational over the decision for a new manager and look at the overall picture rather than a few results.

DXB Wolf

Our three players of the season - Ward, Edwards and Doris all making claims for the great TC to keep the job...hmmmm


Will this season ever end?

I dont actually care who leaves the club to be honest. They can all go, they are boring us with their performances, and have also bored us silly with the drivel spouted off in interviews.

Get a director of football in to sort this shower out from top to bottom!


Blake's Heaven

Can someone please confirm whether Morgan still exists or are they just wheeling out a lookalike for match days. I've heard a rumour taht he has gone to sunnier climbs where he can ride on Shergar along the beach and then at night have a few beers with Lord Lucan.

Come on Morgan show some bottle and explain what is ACTUALLY going on because the more you dally then the worse it will get; you got us in the mess, now tell us how you propose to get us out of it.

Molineux will be a sad and half empty stadium next season if you don't get it right.


Hello... hello... HELLO!... HELLOOOOO!!! Can anybody in the club hear me, hello-hello-hello-hello. Hell-low, hell... low, hellll, lowwwww... Could you wake up from your slumbers please, 11 matches, plus two weeks before them, plus half a season of direness before that... plenty of time to WAKE UP and work on what to do about it. Hello...

wolf at Gate

Morgan & Moxey fiddle while Wolves Burn !

Please just be proactive and sort this out, as for Ward & Edwards, they should be able to perform under any manager - they are professionals perhaps they are concerned that a new manager will find out their lack of ability !

Danny Wolf

Why dont TC go elsewhere and take Ward and Edwards with him? Everyones happy.

Ian Holloway for me. If he gets Blackpool promoted though, it won't happen and you can never write off one of his teams even though West Ham must be favourites. If not Holloway then Malky Mackay or Eddie Howe.

A younger Manager with fresh ideas playing football the right way. If we can sort our defence out we have too fire power for the Championship with Kites, Jarvo, Fletch, Doyle, Seb, O'Hara, Hammill etc


Any decision may have to wait, until May 19th after the Championship final? Does this mean that one of the four managers in the play off final's are in the frame for the managers job at Wolves? Malky Mckay,Sam Alladyce,Chris Houghton,Ian Holloway. However i still think TC is the front runner,he's got so much support in the boadroom, and everyday in the E & S different players are backing him, and knowing SM/JM, they will say well he's got the total backing from the people who matter the most, and thats the PLAYERS. He would also be the cheaper option, plus he would keep ALL the present backroom staff,which again would keep SM/JM happy, saving them time on interviews, but more importantly MONEY. I hope im wrong, and that they could be looking to recruit one of the four named above,or my first choice last season of Gus Poyet and Ray Wilkins as his no2, also Mike Stowell as GK coach. Or as i said a couple of weeks ago try a punt on Paulo Di Canio,he's done a great job at Swindon, on limited resources,got them promoted, and always played with 'flair & passion' and he could be a decent manager in the making. And Graham Turner as either COE or DOF. UTW:

David 1

And Ward you clueless idiot "“I don’t think anyone would have any qualms if TC got the job." Only 25,000 fans but that doesn't matter does it cos the clubs never been run on behalf of the fans. Just in favor of no-marks like you total lack of respect for the fans with statements like that.


Simply put - 3 points from 33.

Does this not speak volumes?

TC is an idiot, the players love the idiot because he has no backbone!?

I wish someone could explain to me why richard stearman plays every week!! That should be enough to get him the sack on it's own........


why on earth is this stuff being broadcast other than to wind the wolves fans up even more ,

moxey still pulls the strings and the club will save millions by keeping connor in charge so its pretty straight forward TC will be the manager next season , you fans are deluded if you think otherwise,


What makes this the biggest joke of all is that our friends down the road already have contingency plans in place to replace the prospective new England manager.......24hours!!


No doubt we (Wolves) will be further shamed soon as WBA take there pick of available managers and further show us how it is done properly when coming to appointing a new manager. Makes me sick that the Baggies are in the press about how well there club is run and proffesionally. Also making us (Wolves board) to look like amatures!!!

Have to agree with most comments on here that the only players that support TC are the ones that need to do the most work.

Robert Perry

NO no no!! We need a complete clear out of the backroom staff and that includes Connor!

Loyal Wulfrian

I believe the only reason these players want TC to stay is that they are frightened of change, they are happy to take their vast amounts of wages each week, doing something that the rest of the fans would love the ability to do.

They know that if a half decent manager came in things would change and some of these players would be out and if they were lucky they would play for a team with less training facilities a smaller stadium etc.

The Wolves in the past have always managed to get well known managers, two ex England managers included. I fear that if TC is retained we will still be the laughing stock of the football world.

Bring in Curbishley before someone else gets him. (WBA)


Can we all please stop refering to Top Clown as a manager! I could have come in and got 3 points out of 33! And please somebody stop the inept players sucking up to him, its embarassing to read your only doing it because he picks you every week, and the clueless clot only does that cause mick tells him to for gods sake! Is it true that jez's mrs is his sister in law? If so this may shed some light on the blind devotion shown towards this imbucile! Wiy hodgson aint even left albion yet and they already have a plan fir the next manager, nearly 3 months since they sacked mick and were still being led by a clown with no sign of change On the horizon. Please put us all out of our misery mr morgan and speak up!


Will the following personnel please leave our Club as soon as possible.

In order of priority -

Clueless Connor.

The useless Ward.

Headless Chicken Edwards.

Comic Horror Stearman.

Big George.

Mercenary O'Hara

Mercenary Johnson.


Mr. Mediocrity Henry.

None of you are anywhere near good enough for the Championship, never mind PL.

And the more incompetent you are the more you talk to the Press.


37 replies to an article that states nothing...

oh and all those who are fed up of reading the daily interviews from players in the paper, the answer is simple.....dont.

simply telling them to 'shut up' from the comfort of the internet is like shouting at the t.v., pointless.

what the club can do next season is ban the clubs staff from media totally, and then you open up a can of worms.

utw. my bet is curbishley @9-1.


E&S plz do a poll on.. Should TC be installed as wolves boss permantly.

I would like to then print the result on a huge banner ready for sundays game!

Im serious by the way, if the people at top do not read these pages like they say they dont they really need to be shown some hard evidence on how the fans are feeling about the possibility of TC in charge next season.

If you take the 10% of idiots from down the road that will vote i think it will be a pretty good gauge of the thoughts of the majority of wolves fans from far n wide.

So E&S over to you.......

My guess is 89% NO 11% YES with 10% of them being sandwell fans.

Ill start the process.


Oilman Wolf

This comment makes my blood boil,

'Long-serving Connor has support in the boardroom and in the dressing room and the club are anxious to continue some sort of continuity.'

I take it from that then we can assume that if Mr. Monotone isn't our Manager next season he'll certainly be part of the back room staff.

I was quite pleased when I heard the Holloway reports being rumoured but I doubt he'd come without wanting his own people behind him.

Paul Franks on WM keeps mentioning Lee Clarke but surely he wouldn't sever his ties with Terry McDermott in favour of TC.

The only continuity to be relied and acted upon should be that of keeping the fans coming through the gates on matchdays. Reports like this only make me fear more fans will be requesting refunds before the season starts.

Jez and Morgan will be made to look the fools we have discovered them to be when Jeremy Peace shows how you recruit a new manager without all the sideshow of incompentence that went with our recent 'search'. And saddest of all is that we will have to, as reported yesterday, have the last pick of any potential candidates who are / were out there due to our boards incompetence 11 games ago.

I try my best to keep out of all this and feel a fraud as I have not renewed for next season but I cant help worrying that due to the bemusing comments that keep being made by our players and the board that this is going to be a long hard journey back to the PL.

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Even Hoddle would be an improvement - that's how bad it's become!


I don't believe this! Have they all gone mad at Molineux? What the hell do they mean 'take all the time they need'.

There will be probably four big midland clubs chasing new managers for next season. Do they think Albion, Villa or Birmingham will be taking their time? My bet is that they already have their targets in mind and already speaking to them.

Molineux management should ALREADY have a plan for next season. They should ALREADY have a manager lined up!

Whilst I fully understand not wishing to announce any management change untill season end, This taking their time attitude is just taking the p*ss.

And what bizzare planet is Edwards and Ward living on?

Luck? The best teams create their own luck, and how much time does Conner need? Hes been here 13years, surely in that time he must have formulated SOME idea of how he wants the team to play.

I'm going for a lie down!!


Its clear we have sown very little but have we been stitched up


These Players should keep their mouths shut do they think the fans are stupid.the statement they make about training being a lot easier says it all.the fans have been short changed and deceived Steve Morgan should make a statement and apologise to the fans for getting it so wrong knowing full well that we would end up in the championship.the management needed to change but it was the wrong time to change it leaving someone with no experience of rescuing the slide

all the fans knew it why not the top brass

Jamies Left Peg

Yes we are progressing....

Only conceeding 4 instead of 5!!!!!!!

Required - 1 x Manager with a footballing philosophy

- Coaching team with same philosophy




"Wolves taking time on new manager call"..........The chairman and CEO seem to take their time on everything else and look where we are now. Complete jokers :/ !!!!!

TC isnt good enough too manage wolves....FACT.

Ye Olde South Bank

"If you ask the players, he’s done great things", says Wardy. What "great" things are they, then, Wardy? Go on...name one.

You lot should keep your self-serving gobs shut after the tripe you've served us this season. We all know you're in it for a continuation of Easy Street.


For the players who are likely to stay, it may be a case of "better the devil you know" than accepting a new face . As I've commented before, this smacks too much of a comfort zone that needs to be eradicated if we are truly to progress. Squeaky bum time for the fans I fear, we are going to have to be patient for at least another couple of weeks, it seems.


Dave "You can see we're moving in the right direction" Edwards.

Really Dave? Staggering.

Jez (not Moxey !!)

And still Morgan doesn't utter a word !

TC=Totally Clueless

I do wish these clowns would just shut up!

Ward wants us to look at some of the performances? I'm sorry but I never want to look at performances such as Fulham (away) and Blackburn (home) ever again!

3 points from a possible 33 (with none of these games being away at one of the 'Big 4'!) tells you all you need to know about how good a job this Clown has done. I'm convinced that, even under Mick, we would have got at least another 5 points than that!


Wanstead Wolf

If TC had been able to sort out our moronic defenders, I'd say gaive him a crack. But no sign. My 9 yr old son is a defender. I tell him not to ball-watch, so ghe doesn't ball-watch.....


We have all seen TC's 'impact' on the team.

1 No galvanising of players immediately after MM went

2 continuation of shambolic tactics, poor defending, impotent build up play, lack of efforts on goal as per his coaching for years

3 3 points from 33

4 Relegation without a whimper

5 getting walloped for 5 or 4 goals

6 his yes boys speaking drivel on his behalf



It is a bit late to turn things around now, we are relegated, we wanted things to turn around months ago, not the last match or two of the season. For me any player who wants to keep Connor also needs his head checking. The likes of Edwards can pack their bags, it seems to be the ones who have not pulled their weight who back him to be manager. Maybe another manager would see through you Edwards and send you packing to Scunthorpe.


an Holloway tipped to take over, Morgan rates him, is he mad?


hahaha oh my gosh, they really know how to get us wolves fans in stitches these days! I agree with 13 londonwolf (to an extent)... You never know WHAT is gonna happen down at the wolves, they may already have someone lined up. I just wish someone would come out and clear all these rumours up, because we are tearing out hair out, and nothing has came out of anyone up at the top!

Fozzy Bear

Fools rush in and embarrass the club even more.

Not talking about the players, talking about a lot of the posters on here.

The E&S have made up a story based upon TCs contract expiring, some rehashed sycophatic drivel from players and possible targets of Championship managers involved in the Play offs.

Not one word from the men that matter !

Admit it E&S this is pure speculation to keep the pot boiling.

The above quote of "fiddling whilst Rome burns" and similiar. Do you REALLY believe Morgan and Moxey have done nothing about next season's manager ?

Do you think they would dare not have a plan in action after the humblings of February. Get Real !

You say the players quotes are embarrassing and annoying (which they are) well so is the garbage being written by a lot of you.


The club want some continuity? Well TC has been coaching here for 11 years. Where have we got to? Most goals conceded of all 92 clubs, officially the worst top flight team in Europe, club record for most consecutive home defeats, club record for games without a clean sheet etc. etc. no wonder they want to continue with that kind of success, imagine throwing all that away!


Looks like Moxeys second choice manager will be Wurzel Gummidge if he loses in the playoffs and Connor as his assistant with the two clowns at the top we will have a full blown circus no wonder Moxey recently said "were not just a football club" I know what he ment now.


Why do we have to wait for the play offs to be over CURBISHLEY isn't involved - I know that ALAN CURBISHLEY will give em all a kick up the backside they need and sort it out from top to bottom and he would have the support from us fans straight away unlike TC who was part of the problem not the solution and is too pally with the players. Why do we have to wait appoint Curbishley now his CV is intact and he has chance to look at the players in training and 2 matches left its an absolute no brainer!





The fact remains that if we had appointed no one as manager and just stuck a scarecrow up outside the dugout on matchdays, we'd only be 3 points worse off.


80 shacklewolf So what is it about attractive attacking football and proven promotion record about Holloway you don't like?

cornish wolf made in willenhall

Strange how Jarvis did'nt say one word of support for TC in his interview. I guess he aint worried about keeping his job at wolves like the others stuck in their comfort zones. If he had quality players around him and a defence he would be even better.


I hear Connor has ordered recliners and carpet slippers for the first team players at the training ground so they can feel more comfortable.


Wonder if morgan will be on the pitch after the Everton game sunday??? Or will he bottle it like most the players have this season??


Oh and one more thing, IF Mick McCarthy thinks he has 'unfinished buisness' in the Midlands then bugger off to Coventry they could do with a manager AND coach.

old gold

you will have all our season tickets back if they keep

him, we had the love in with muppet Even thou

he had the worse record of all the manager in the premiership. time to start from scratch there is so much wrong at the club out of what

15/16 players brought in how many are better than what we had 2/3 at most even that 8/9 never got a chance the club a joke sought it out morgan NOW.


What is Ward on?? I think about 15,000 supportes would have "qualms" if TC was appointed.

We've already been through one unmitigated disaster this season looking for a manager. I don't care if the Fat Controller et al take until June to appoint a boss, as long as it's the right one.

And Edwards is right - TC will be a great manager one day, but it won't be at any decent level of professional football.

Why doesn't the Press Office at Molineux stop our players, staff etc etc from making stupid comments to the E&S and winding everbody up.

We're relegated and we move on. As part of that we need a manager with proven experience at Prem / Championship level. End of, Mr Moxey.

Now go and do your job for a change and find what we need.


mr Morgan the silence is deafening , your business is going down the pan . and the only one`s who care are the fans, WHEN are you going to speak to your fans /customers .

a manager in any business is judged on results points (football) profit in the outside world of business.

all the players like TC why ? , he is not there to be liked , the love in from the players who have failed us yet again , beggers belief, the only reason they want TC to stay , they know any other manager will bomb them out of this wonderful club within weeks .

TC JUST CLEAR OFF and take your mates with you , you will soon all have another job with MM.

i also read that the club have written to all the supporters who renewed , thanking them , in any other business the CEO would be asking those who have not why and what is needed to bring you back , no suprise Wolves have not so far


As a marketing professional and a Wolves season ticket holder - this PR from the club is getting worrying. I think they are slowly feeding the idea that Connor is staying.

Which from a sporting an business point of view makes not sense at all. So they did a big comeback in the friendly v the mighty Swansea big deal. I wanted that comeback against Fulham or Blackburn, QPR the list could go on.

Betting still has him (Connor) as a massive outsider 16-1 , with Clark as favourite at 3's.

But worrying none the less.


well wolves needs a clean sweep of a manager and players . of course the players want TC as manager as they are shit and he is too

I could have done a better job ?

Iam a wolves fan , i was a proud one , but im distgushed now anyone remember the bhattis

i do and we dont want too go there again , but if we dont sort thinks out it could happen again,

Who Runs the club Mr Morgn or Mr Moxey ?

I Hope Mr Morgan says what his plans are on sunday after the match because if he doesnt the club needs, someone who does


the signing of a top new manager is what the club ,players and supporters need to give us all a lift after the last 3years.Conner as had his chance and blown it,along with several players in my eyes.The sooner the deck is swept clean the better, we need a leader of men not a scape goat,this is needed for the club in general not just the team.Unfortunatley i feel the powers that be have not got the nouse or want to bring in such a character as this will involve spending money of which does not seem to be forthcoming on anything other than the ground.SPEND UR MONEY ON PERSONEL NOT BRICKS....UTW

Dave O

Wolves prepared to play the waiting game for new manager.

Looks like they will wait until the last minute before they announce a manager unwanted by the customers, not leaving the enough time for the customers to claim a refund back on their mis-sold Earlybird Season Tickets (Guaranteeing 19 PREMIER LEAGUE matches)

Just a thought


Morgan what are you waiting for you must be the biggest lauughing stock in all of the board rooms of the Football League including the Lower Leagues.You have no idea how to run this club and most of all you have got no bottle,so please give Sir Jack back his ten Quid and get out of town.My advice to you is if you want a hobby go and buy LEGOLAND.

Brian Thomas

There is a hidden agenda behind Mr. Morgans regime. Take a look at Darlington F.C. Great Stadium, rotten team and now they are out of the Conference, the owners want to turn the area into a housing estate. Think of the profit Morgan would get out of that. As for my Beloved Wolves, of more years than I care to remember, this Season has been a heartbreak but, Morgan and Moxey will not worry about that

Championship Wolf

Terry Conner has not improved our defence,the system is the same as Micks.

whoever plays at right back thinks they are playing centre half (Zubar,Foley and Stearman)are like moths to a light bulb to run into the 6 yard box,Graham was on his own for the 4th goal Saturday.

the only way this system is to play 5 at the back if Ward is going to go bombing up front every 5 minutes.

Conner should be sacked for not even trying 5 at the back,i believe we would have stopped up if we had not conceded so many goals set up from broken down attacks.


Now that Matt Jarvis has stated his pride in the Wolves shirt can we take it for granted there's no question he'll be wearing one next season?


Yes, we are improving.

Yes, TC seems like a decent guy.

Yes, players are happy with him.

Yes, it's just cost us £30m to find this out.

So far.

Bewdley Wolf

All this is to soften up people to the idea that Terry's here to stay. Which may not be a disaster as the current squad is easily capable of getting promoted. The big problem is long term - If he gets us promoted the club will argue that he has a chance in the Prem, and we are back to square one.

Morgan has talked of a long term vision but his actions have not supported what he says. Minimal investment in the team and management structure but massive investment in the ground and at Compton has increased the capital value of his shares at the cost of the team.



Ian Holloway sounds perfect for us. Not happy to sell star players but still gets Blackpool to the play offs. The bit that bothers me is him not being happy with how skin flint the bord are with giving him transfer funds. All sounds a little too familiar to me. What shall we do me babbies, sign him up to get us up, then look to Curbs to keep us there? All sounds too ridiculous to me. Speculation is cheap, why doesn't Moxey get into it? Personally I see West Ham getting third spot, way they've been playing I'd go for Big Sam if they don't make it. Two fat men might do better than one!


We are going to leave it to late again cant this useless management see this again,we are penny pinching again couldny care less anymore i will keep my money in my pocket from now on you can go to hell morgan, moxey, and the idiot.


82Fozzy Bear Well said, why do people react to this media rubbish

They appointed Connor until Wigan gameTheyd look even bigger fools to replace him now

We're down let things take their course, the new manager is already lined up with his agent. Trust me


I see a statement from WBA along the lines of ''a club is only as good as its long term planning'' and an open admission that they have drawn up a short list of candidates.



I am totally fed up with all this new manager talk. The players keep telling us that they're to blame when the results go wrong, so it doesn't really matter who's in charge next season. If you actually believe the players when they say that TC is blameless for an appalling run of results, you begin to come to some truly hilarious conclusions. Are we now to apply the same theory when results are good ? Does this mean that Clough, Shankly, Ferguson, Paisley, Sir Alf, Stan Cullis etc. had nothing at all to do with the successes of their clubs ? Logical, innit ? In fact the Busby babes weren't the Busby babes at all but just the babes when results were going wrong. It's all down to the players. This now means that Morgan can go ahead and appoint anyone he cares too. How about Mr.Bean, Ann Widdecombe, Boris Johnson, Robert Plant, Dangermouse, Simon Cowell, The Yorkshire Ripper or Dolly Parton ? Wardy and the other lads will still be saying the same things. Welcome to the funny farm.

Filthy Wolf

So often in the debacle which Moxey called 'looking for a quality manager' we were reminded how well Albion approached the issue. They are about to do it again. What's the betting they have someone lined up? Also if you were a candidate for Wolves or Albion which would you pick - Chumpionship or Premiership?

Moxey needs to get his backside in gear and sort it out. Curbishley and/or Wilkins or at worst Bruce, but I would imagine they will be in line at the Baggies............

Wolf in Costa Rica


In latin america there are a lot of very good fortune tellers. I have consulted one who has told me that TC will be appointed manager by the end of May and wolves will be fighting for survival in the bottom of the league next season.


By their own admission, our workforce (players) have under- performed.

Why should they have a say in who is to be their next manager?

burntwood wolf

i think TC and all the players need to take a step back and reflect what has gone on this season, TC not a manager , Ward and co please keep your thoughts to yourselves or we will never be back where we belong (back in the premier)



Tell me if it is true that the majoity of fans on this site are wanting managers who are expected to fail getting their respected clubs promotion.

Sam Alladyce

Ian Holloway

Chris Hughton (understand the deal is done now to take him to WBA, not after play offs)

Whoopee lloking forward to TC already.

TAXI Stadler and Waldorf.


46- Rob- we wanted MM to go because his tactics and purchases were atrocious. Likewise his abuse of the fans unforgivable- but what do this board go and do? Appoint his clone!!! Of course we are not happy, we had a belated chance to rescue the season, but we chose not to sack Mad Mick early enough, already had decided not to continue upgrading the ground and showed that the decisions were all about money.

This board cannot run a p up in a brewery! As for the silent majority- it is your fault that Mad Mick stopped here so long, if you had opened that mouth of yours earlier and called for his head, instead of deluding yourself in your sycophantic praise of Mad Micks achievement in getting us promoted, the board might have acted sooner, in the best interests of the club.

Sadly, it seems we have become fans like our football- bland, passionless and boring.

Dyzasta Strykes

What are they smoking ?

Im 42, fat and disabled... but even i would fancy my chances of getting past our defence !

TC may be a nice guy but hey my wife is lovely but that doesnt mean i want her managing my football team !

M&M please please please save our club ( or just p*** off and let someone who cares take over ! )


What a total joke we have become ! I'm Sick of all these below average 'put a shift in' players talking rubbish every week in the press !

We all know they are in there comfort zone and dont want the boat rocked by some new big bad manager coming in !

If Conner gets the job down here they may as well haul up the white flag now, and start knocking down the pretty new stand they have just built for scrap value !

Absolute muppets !

pye green wolf



Can anyone explain why I am seeing PETER REID high on all the beeting sites as the next Wolves Manager- surely someone is having a laugh?


Look at the performances we have been unlucky not to get more positive results, really? What planet is Ward living on? We have been truly abysmal. Nothing against TC but if he gets the job i will be utterly amazed at the incompetence of the 2 Ms. Holloway, Houghton, Poyet, Di Matteo any would be welcomed by me.

Palmer & Parkin 4 England

What's Ward on about, plus his mates at the lovey dovey playground.....sorry training ground. TC's kept a smile on everyone's faces. What's he doing.....Tommy Cooper impressions ! I know if my boss doesn't think I'm getting results, he ain't cracking jokes I can tell you that much.

Oh yes also results will come. Of course they will. Never sack the chap and I suspect we'll win a game one day (pre season friendly at Telford perhaps).

The players are in Cloud Cuckoo Land !!!

Smerrick Eric

"Yow can't just goo round tappin' up other Club's managers", said Wolfie, "it aint civilized. We sacked Mick before we started huntin' round. Done it proper, like"

"Proper ?" scoffed Baggy, " they'm still loffin' in Upper Gornal. A right pig's ear Redrow and PieMeister made of that lot. Any road up, we dain't sack Woy, he's gettin' the Big Job, so we'em entitled to take our pick

Hughton, or Holloway, Alladyce or Malky"

"It a' right, yow should at least wait 'til the playoffs is sorted. May 19th ain't that far away FGS", replied Wolfy.

"That's what we'em doin'"

"YOW'M DOIN'?" laughed Baggy, "yow reckon one of them's gonna join the Wulfies ?"

Wolfy shook his head, "No chance, too ambitious. The Wolves board have been thinkin' it through since February. If the Villa's down, old Pie Chops reckons May 19th could be just the right time to get Alex McLeish on the cheap"

pye green wolf



Can somebody at the club, ie the PR manager or even one of the M's please shut the players up!

Ward, Edwards etc need to shut their mouths and get on their knees and beg for the honour of being able to pull a Wolves shirt on again. It was their job to perform and win football matches and they have failed miserably.

In any other job they would be appraised each year and a performance review would maybe highlight how poor they have been.

All this drivle about TC this TC flamin that by the players is nothing more than attempt at keeping in the comfort zone and make sure they have a job next year. These players are sub standard and they flamin well know it.

All these people are the reason we are in this position and they come out expecting us to be grateful to have them, well we're not grateful we've had enough so shut up and get lost.

Stephen (I BACK OFF & DON'T TACKLE) Ward needs a reality check that WE are the club, not him or any of his sub standard mates. If you really have pride in this club GET LOST!

You haven't met any of your targets this year so the people who are accountable should be sacked and we move on.

If 'TC' (God I hate that abbreviation) gets the job and nothing changes I WILL NOT attend any games even though I have my season ticket until it does change. I'd prefer to go and watch some non league football where the players really do care!



No. 67 Garry - Brilliant! I'm going for a lie down too!

Maybe Connor needs another 13 years to work out his best 11!

HA HA! Very funny indeed ! :)


Does anybody know if you can get a refund on your earlybird season ticket for next year?

If so, when is the deadline?

Because if TC is the manager next season I want my money back.


62-PJB. Do you attend games, ..... EVER? Whilst I can agree with you on some of the names, Henry is the one player we really miss when he is not there. If Henry had played against the Baggies there is no way on this planet that we would have shipped five. Where he sits in is exactly where the Baggies ran us ragged. No 5-1 scoreline, and, McCarthy stays until the end of the season. He stays we would have had many more than three points from a possible 33. (Still not certain we would have survived, but certainly wouldn't have gone down without a whimper.)

As far as who we get in as the new manager, it doesn't matter. Give him two losses, and the folks on here will be on his back, You could bring in Ferguson, Wenger, Mancini, or whoever you want, and this lot would be on his back within ten games, unless every one of them was a win, and we were ten points clear at the top of the league.

They say, "play the kids." Why,? So they can ruin their careers before they start? First mistake they make, and it will be abuse, abuse, abuse. Unfortunately, we have what we deserve. Say what you like in reply to this. I do go regularly, and see and hear what the mindless minority serve up. We have players that dare not try anything different, as they know they will be slaughtered if it doesn't come off. That's the reason I enjoy going to the away matches. The supporters there are much better than the numpties that berate OUR players at home.


It's not really about the next manager, it's about the regime he will have to work under.

It's like a horse race and the next manager will be the most handicapped of all those at the club. So can we expect any manager to succeed at the Molineux while the current board lays down the law the way it does?

We witnessed a fiasco during the last attempt to recruit a manager. I doubt if things will improve until things change at the highest level.

So name your next manager, and good luck to him - but don't expect miracles.


111 - Pinky -

Funniest comment yet! My money's on Dolly Parton!

No hope Wolf

Message to Morgan – please, please put an end to this embarrassing situation that is making my club a laughing stock. It is your duty as owner and time for you to put an end to this debacle.

What we have currently is an under achieving overpaid CEO, a Manager that thinks things have got better under him 3 points out of 33! And a group of under achieving players that are now spouting off that training has improved!

Welcome all to planet Wolves so out there with the fairies it beggars belief.

Time for silence is over Morgan, you now need to speak out and give us (your paying public) some hope for the summer.

London Bloke

111 you have hit the nail on the head. I love the idea of Ann Widdecombe and Boris Johnson in charge, after all they probably have more managerial talent than the present crew.

And please E&S can we have a translation into English for the entries at 35, 38, 43, 94,99? Really, a whole season has gone by and nobody's spelling or grammar has improved at all. Very poor.

Western Isles Scot Wolf

Still maintain wee Gordon Strachan is the man.

His rigid health regime, ordered disciplininary methods and low tolerance of excessive clubbing and boozing would lick the Mol squad into shape in no time. I can't help remembering how he outfoxed the wily old Walter Smith et al during his hugely successful stint at Celtic. I say give him a chance (with new backroom colleagues naturally). Ian Holloway if not.


Where is Steve Morgan?

Has he vanished? Is he the new Doctor and gone off to fight some inter-gallactic war in the Tardis?

Does he exist? Did he ever exist? Does Darth Vader really own the club and the public personer is the face of what we call Morgan?

Is that Bigfoot ive just seen around West Park?? No surely not. Maybe that was Steve out for a walk but in disguise.......... Who knows. Could be.................

I wonder if we are going to invest in a quality manager in the Summer........... I know, I know, thats completely unbelieveable.


128-lincolnwolf, I believe you can get your money back on the grounds that it was sold to you as a Premier League season ticket. Check your email.

Send In The Berras Elokobis Wards Stearmans

I think Smerrick Eric might be right we're hanging on for the Villa to sack McLeish. Could be a great appointment no compo even if he's got Villa and Blues relegated he's got Blues up as well. Come on Big Eck.


I think TC is a good man. He is a good assistant, but we saw he was unable to save WW.

I have some names for next season, such as Poyet, Holloway (if Seasiders will stay in Championship) and, why not?, Paolino Di Canio.

Please keep Kightly!


Rule of thumb is that coaches do not make good managers.The 'football graveyard' is full of coaches moving up to manager and failing.Just look at Wolves folly with Sammy Chung and Colin Lee.Ian Holloway has been mentioned as a possible contender.On the plus side he has won a lot of friends by the pleasing to eye style that Blackpool have played.On the minus side,he has not got a good track record with the other clubs that he managed.ie.Bristol Rovers,Plymouth Argyle,QPR and Leicester City.What i feel is needed is a young and hungry manager with a fresh objective eye.The person who fits the bill is Lee Clark.Up to press Morgan and Moxey have not displayed inspiring leadership.I have my doubts that M & M would take brave and courageous steps and are more likely to take the cheap easy and expedient option.ie.Connor.


The Championship is still a very tough division to be in. We desparately need a proper experienced manager if we have any chance of comming back up.

TC must go. He has brought uttermost shame to the club. He is the worst manager a club could get and I dont think he is capable of bringing us back up.

Top Numpty

Eh up, I see that Wardy fella's at it again. "The fans only see the results" Dear me yes Mr Ward & they haven't been too impressive either have they? But hey, so long as you, overpaid & overrated, have a good time in training, what really does it matter what the fans see or think?

What I see is the Championship looming because of poor management, poor players and above all, poor results, but hey again, what do I know, I'm just someone who helps to pay your wages with my own, Dohh! Silly old me.

quality counts

He is the ideal choice for Moxey and Morgan, cheap and dispensible if required ro move him back to assistant

Silver Wolf

This nonsense is being orchestrated by someone, it's cloud cuckoo land thinking. You couldn't get rational people who have just observed one of the worst efforts the Prem has seen, and knowledgeable of the closeness of the MM/TC pact, to go along with this.

Quite frankly, it is worrying to say the least, and just adds to the misery of the wretched season about to end. If the players along with the CE are not being censured then they are effectively speaking for the club.

I know some of the things that have gone on during the past few seasons (and this one in particular), have reeked of incompetence, but this is breaking new ground. For heaven's sake SM bring some sense to the situation and ease the minds of thousands of supporters. For a start you could shut your players up - they are hardly the flavour of the month already, and none should be confident they will be staying, not after what most of them have dished up since August last year!


i like abeer with my mates and slag the wolves off. any chance of a new contract ? oh by the way i dont want to be captain ! roger and out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Articulate Wolf



You wrote

'The things that makes me angry is that the silent majority are ignored ... The board just seemed to ... listen to the loud mouthed minority.' How do you know the majority are silent. Have you conducted a scientific survey? Whilst, like the rest of us loud mouthed minority, you are perfectly entitled to your view, please explain how you can speak for the silent majority if they keep their thoughts as silent as you imply? The silent majority can never have their opinions acted upon if they are not prepared to express them.

Nice Guy

Only read a few comments, but it's enough to justify to myself why I have not renewed my season ticket. I'm tired of all the miserable moaners in the North Bank. Maybe its their age and the fact that most of them are clearly below par in most respects. TC would get us automatic promotion, but when you yourself are inadequate its nice to blame someone else.


"Long-serving Connor has support in the boardroom and in the dressing room and the club are anxious to continue some sort of continuity."

“Look at some of the performances – we have been unlucky not to get more positive results.

“We have shown real togetherness and ability to battle.

“Being relegated is disappointing but he’s kept us smiling."

Sorry everyone but I just had to copy these out to make sure they are real. Continuity is THE LAST thing we need!!!

Have we really been unlucky recently I would say not at all!

He's kept you smiling has he, what is he a clown? I don't think happiness for the players is the aim is it?, successful performance is, just ask any half decent manager. If players are happy as a bi-product fine. Matt Jarvis is a player I admire a lot but even he has got it backwards its not whether they still have pride in the club its whether the club and particularly the fans still have pride in the players and officials that counts.

Captain Birdseye

124 Eric

Brilliant, but, not so funny if it come true


The players want him!Because he is a softee. The CEO wants him!Because he is a cheap option. The Chairman wants him!For the same reason as the CEO The Board want him! See the CEO and Chairman. Tim Nash wants him! Martin Swain wants him!Because they DO and he is a NICE GUY!!!

The SUPPORTERS DON'T WANT HIM so it is mind over matter. The first lot don't mind and the supporters DON'T MATTER. Welcome to an EMPTY stadium Mr Connor and your mates.

Say's it all really.

Wolfies Mom

This is so frustrating I could scream. By the time the two M's have scratched their heads and lapped up the sun at an unknown holiday destination all the good Managers will have gone and it'll be TC agaon for next season. (Not that i'm not convinced that they have not given TC the nod already hence the newspaper headlines). What I cant understand is the silence from Morgan. Its as if he's burying his head in the sand and hoping it will all go away. As for Moxey I think he'll go for the cheap option of no compensation ie keep the same old same old.

I've seen my beloved team drop down the leagues once in my lifetime and nearly go out of business and I dont want to see it again.

M&M. PLEASE do not sleep walk into the abyss. Open you eyes and do whats right. Loyalty is an admirable quality but not when it could mean extinction.


I heard that conner is after macarthy as his first team coach.(I thought he`d already got him).

Loyal Wulfrian

The club want some form of continuity!!!!

If Wolves continue like this we will be in division two in a couple of years, unbelievable.

irish wolf

I taught this article was the funniest I’ve rear on E&S yet then I go on to read where Ward wants to keep the record of playing every minute of the premiership this season ,,, Stephen if you read this there`s no other left back in the club (and at that you’re not even one)to replace you so don`t get to big headed, you aren’t no world class act


there's a fantastic job for MM and TC at the Poorthorns, what a fantastic move that would be and just think they could take @@@@ lickers like Edwards and Ward with them becuase they sure are too good for the Chumpionship. I mean Edwards is now a better pundit than Gary Neville, he knows TC is a great manager, he knows Kightly has played well for six games and therefore he will be a superstar next season.

maybe Moxey and Morgan could make a takeover bid for Albion...

In over 50 years of following Wolves I have never seen or read such garbage. Players used to do their talking on the pitch guess our guys can really multitask. just a shame they are c@@@ at the main event ie playing football.

Rafael Villazan

I'm afraid to say that players like Stephen Ward and Dave Edwards have a vested interest in backing TC as the new manager: they know that they are more than likely going to be out the door or if no sellers appear - destined to be squad players under the new regime.

However true it is that the team spirit is great and that training has been freshened up by TC, I'm afraid results make any such comments meaningless.

As regards pundits like Robbie Savage arguing that TC should get the job because he obviously cares after a couple of near-tearful post-match interviews, I'm afraid Savage is merely seeing a reflection of himself and how he would like to be treated, himself. Once again, TC's results make any such comments meaningless.

We all know that it is time for a new broom and to be honest, losing some of the players we'd rather not, may be the opportunity for new faces to flourish.

Here's hoping for a forward-looking manager who sees things differently and can make a real difference to the team.

Bold and Glack

The board want continuity after 1 win in 22 games, 3 points out of 33 under Clippo, 8 home defeats in a row, 70 odd goals conceded and 24 points in total.

They must be completed mad.


150 Wolfie's Mom

Why can't you understand the silence from Steve Morgan ? They gave Conner a 13 match contract which could even be construed as an extended trial, by some.

Why would you expect them to undermine him ? Even you imply misguided loyalty on their part in your post. You can't have it both ways.

Why are they lapping up the sun in some unknown holiday destination til all the best managers have gone ? Could it be the silence is because they are talking to the best managers whilst TCs contract is running ?

Finally, I'll ignore the TC already given the nod and the hackneyed old accusation of Moxeys cheap options, but, one thing I will pick up on. The Club that plummeted to the depths of the old Fourth Division is VASTLY different from the successful, but, temporarily misguided Club we have now.


Stop joining in this mob rule mentality and give things some thought.


Question What does number 13 (yrs) have in common with initials TC and relegation ??

Anyone superstitious ??? Well I am NOT !!!

HARD FACTS Since being promoted Wolves have consistantly played teamsters out of their natural positions,(Foley,Ward,Stearman,etc) and showed little evidence of any progressive game plan. Also playing Doyle alone up front

with no support caused his loss of form. The blatant failure of midfield close support play (exept O`Hara when fit) exposed lack of attacking strategies, resulting in low goal scoring results. When coupled with frequent back passing and then goalie hoofs,resulted in quick ball returns and all put pressure on uncertain defence. End product relegation !!

N.B. at last Kites,Doyle,Fletch,and Jarvo, are playing front line together, they are all fine players, and why not play Adam Hammil at right side midfield behind Kites to link up. Jody C. back as captain and help with team selection. Three subs to play last half hour

for fresh legs, and to give them playing time.

Management must take responsibility for the eventual results, but huge change needed for fans confidence to return, if not, fiscal `in the black` can quickly turn to `in the red`.

But no guarantees whoever comes in, "Many a tear has to fall,but its all in the game" THE BEAUTIFUL GAME Cheers all.


Sandwell line up Houghton and us TC. Just shows where we are at right now and sadly, things look set to get worse. TC has been at the club for an age, we need new blood, fresh ideas, tactics, approach etc. I have never been a fan of TC's coaching and hoped he would have left years ago with the previous managers. Can't believe they want to just carry on and not learn from their previous mistakes in order to take this club forward!!

Chillo Wolf

Has Grace posted yet? I could do with a good laugh.

What pearls of wisdom do you have for us today Grace?


Ward is entitled to make a comment! I wonder how many of the "mouths" on this page will be there on Sunday, the majority on this page are premiership fans only with no or little bottle to support the lads when they need us most.

Whoever is the manager should get our 100% whole support - if non of you can give it then you know what the second word is - mind you we only have to go back to the day's when we were relegated through the leagues to see how the "fans" jumped ship! and now they are back bleating about who the manager will be, we have around 10,000 good time charlies who only support the club when the going is good, but as soon has it gets rough they "RUN", and you go on about the ****** up the road! learn what the word support mean before you start criticize those who care about the club.


Realist and your ilk - take it you won't be there next season? 12,000+ of us will, because we put our money were our mouths are and not bleat on, good riddance I say - see you in the premiership with all of your premiership only mates.

Loyal Wulfrian

Now Roy Hodgson has got the England job I have heard that MM is going to WBA and taking TC with him LOL


JIWAL - in response to the other thread

I will happily swallow my pride (I assume that this was not the skill you thought I should learn from you) and admit that I thought we'd be OK this season and I was wrong (obviously!). Despite the repeated 'we only just survived and only signed one player' line, I felt that we were a good team for most of the second half of the season and that RJ would be an excellent organiser at the back. I feel that in various ways our luck ran out.

My point is that always continually whinging (for those who don't know where your archaic moinker came from) and occasionally being right hardly makes you a genius!

For the record I think we will at least make the play-offs next year,although only if we appoint a real manager in the next month and keep players except Jarvo and Fletch!

steve bull wolf

mr morgan thank you for makeing a joke club thank for putting connors in thank you for not opening your mouth laffing at last home match when rest of us were sick going down thank you for not doing something before ie sacking mick thank you for all the bull ie waiting n manager how come other club get someone within a week and we take for ever thank you if you are thinking of putting 3 points from 30 connors full time in short you are the joke mr morgan join the batties i detest you for doing this to our club ok you own it but its our club


Will somebody please shut these idiots up - we are fed up with the constant crap coming out of the club.

Of course the players want him to stay as manager. He is one of them... a buddy... good ole TC!! Well that is the whole crux of the problem... they're all too pally.

Lets get a proper manager in there. One that will kick the soft sods back into shape. None of this "We love TC 'coz he's made training easier and more fun"... You dont get paid to 'have fun' you get paid to win matches!!

I wonder how they would actually get on if (and it is a very big 'if' now coz they've missed the boat) the Wolves bought Curbishley in as manager and the players started calling him 'AC' - he'd have 'em out of there in a shot.

With the exeption of a couple of players, we have a dressing room full of soft, pampered 'buddies' who are happy to just have a kick-about every game and have fun. Well Wardy and crew- if you wanna have fun and have a kick-about DO IT DOWN THE PARK ON A SUNDAY - NOT AT MOLINEUX WEEK-IN WEEK-OUT!!!

Wolves needs some backbone - and to be honest i have given up on us every growing one whilst Moxey has anything to do with this club

Rant - for the moment - is over!


JohnWolf,if you could put your money where your mouth is you would be a millionare


Ward added: “I don’t think anyone would have any qualms if TC got the job.

Qualms n. pl. Sudden feelings of sickness, faintness, or nausea

Must be different to the qualms I've felt since TC got the interim job.

Regarding the 2 later articles:

1. Stephen Ward’s Personal Target Tuesday 1st May 2012, 1:15PM BST.

'The 26-year-old left-back is Wolves’ only player to have figured in every minute of the Premier League campaign so far.'

Or to put it another way:

The 26-year-old left-back is Wolves’ only player to have been fully responsible for every disappointing minute of the disastrous Premier League relegation campaign so far.

Coincidence? And how far did the writer have to trawl to find a photo of Wardie tackling? I must have blinked.

2. All change as big four plan way ahead

Tuesday 1st May 2012, 2:00PM BST.

What a difference in perception between the two reporters:

"At Albion, sporting and technical director Dan Ashworth will be presenting his list of potential replacements for chairman Jeremy Peace’s perusal as we speak."

"At Wolves... Steve Morgan hoping for a more efficient replacement process this time around."

Lot's of speculation about the short list for TC's replacement. Probably as accurate as the 'Harry for England' stories. The only positive thing is that hopefully all the "TC for Messiah" tripe will be just as inaccurate.


Lifelong Wolves Fan (Longer than Statler and Waldorf)


159 Brightonwolf

FGS can't you differentiate between media speculation and the real world?

Who says the Tescos are lining up Hughton (not Houghton) ?....and who says we are lining up TC ?


Did you believe Freddie Starr really ate a hamster ?


Any player who thinks Connor is good for the managers job should be sol! If they think 3 points, no wins is good God help us. I am sure Mr Morgan would not Connon invest 0.01p of his money


86 Balham - Gus Poyet......Ain't gonna happen!

chopper clamp

johnwolf dont you think we have been rubish this season? & realist has a right to post

bob sedgley

lets just lay off tc we know results havent been good.but i for one think the team have been more entertaining than with mm.lets face it tc didnt buy berra stearman ward foley johnson x2 .its hollaway for me



Come in the hogshead Sunday before the match.

I'll have some pearls of wisdom for you, do good they'll send you to sleep, promise.

See you there.

chillo wolf

Come on Grace tell us why we got relegated again ...

chris hoggard

On a more positive note,I think the 12000 'thank you'letters are a good idea.If nothing else it is a good start . The cynic in me says they are about to reopen the Early Bird, and wanted to show some appreciation to those of us who have parted with our money some months ago.


Even at their most vitriloic in the full-flight of local derby rivalry and hostility, fans of West Bromwich Albion never go so far to outrage, anger, insult and offend fans of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC...

...as the players and board of Wolves somehow always manage to seem to do.

Terry's All Gold & Black

It will be interesting to see if all these players who are backing Connor for the job long-term turn down the chance of a move to another club should one come in for them (highly unlikely in many cases) because they want to stay and repair the damage with him.

Of course not! Every one of them would be off like a shot if they were offered the chance.

We need a cupboard full of new brooms if we are to do anything to repair the damage done over the last three years. I for one do not put it down to this season alone - we have not moved forward in three years but have gone backwards each time.

Every fan could see it happening except the bricks builder and bean-counter. Is it a coincidence that these begin with "B" just like Bhatti? I'm not saying that Morgan and Moxey are AS bad as the Bhattis but I am saying that at this moment in time they are not much better.

Watch through the summer as one by one the eligable managers are snatched up and we end up with ------ the board's choice all along. For Connor read "conned".


The Tesco's lose their manager. Within the hour the chairman makes a statement re contingency plans etc etc.

Our chairman SACKS the manager some 2 months ago and what do we get? Zilch, nowt, nothing, sweet FA.

That's how to run a football club and treat your customers Mr Morgan. It is called RESPECT.


162 Johnwolf. Where did you get that figure from. Last time I looked they had attained that even with the early birds!!! Oh I see you must have included the "away" supporters from Barnsley and that ilk. Gotcha now.

caribbean wolves

TC for me. Nine years Championship experience, four in the Prem. Developed great players, eg Lescott, Keane, Kightly, Jarvis etc etc. He will have learnt more about being a Manager in the last ten games than most will learn in a lifetime. Knows the club inside out, loves it like I do and he has a Championship winning team already, he really does with a few additions. Time some of you lot grew some ba**s and stopped crying like babies, We got relegated, get over it.


157, 169 Bertie - Relax, ES said it, so it must be true AND of course I don't believe Freddie bit ate a hamster but Ozzy did bite of a budgies head.


Paolo Di Canio please....come to Molineuez and wake up these dozy gits.


13,bang on. Come and tell the truth Mr Morgan. Most of the players we have out on loan, as well as some new experienced quality, well help us with this next fight.

Goodbye TC. First team squad, well over half of you aren't good enough, and we'll see this in close season, when clubs don't come in for you.

Chris Hughton now please. Bring Holloway in, and we won't come Mr Morgan.

The Worthing Wolf


I cannot believe the absolute tripe that issues from the club, players and some on this forum

Fact - MM should have been gone by Christmas at the very latest

Fact - The owner really does not have a clue , I would be surprised if he ran his company like he runs the club !

Fact - TC should never ever have been given the job

Fact - Four or was it five out of twenty of the worst ever premiership managers have managed our club

Fact - time to get a progressive manager who tries to play 21st century football and not the drivel we have had to put up with even if it means a few years more outside of the elite league.

Mr Morgan - Wake up and smell the coffee whilst you still have the beans !!!

Keith Bradbury

Seems like those moaning not only want to be rid of TC but half the players as well. Pity we can't remove those fans.

The Flattened Elephant & Castle

Ward and the gang obviously want Tezza (best mate) to be the boss so that the Notorious lazy gang can continue their comfort zone laid back embarrasing antics and then spout out how well things are going when we get a shoeing week in week out . TC will then spring to their defence and say its looking good I need more time and be oblivious and unconcerned as we fall like a lead balloon Down the divisions .

TC your a nice bloke but your married to Mick so do one ASAP.

Whey hey!

No. 165 if you really do feel the need to post, some basic grammar would be much appreciated. Youve written possibly the longest sentence in history. The poor quality of your posting is too much. Is it any wonder we are referred to as thickos?

1959 WOLF

So he is turning it around eh?

Three years in the Premiership and still turning round.

Does that imply McMuppet was either not turning or turning in the wrong direction? In any event is this an admission at last that he was rubbish?

Have Swansea needed turning round?

Shipped three goals in 15 minutes and this is Connor improving the squad?

How many years has he been here and he is still learning? How many more years does he require to learn - finally when we are in the Blue Square league?

Agree with other posts here, the players are backing him because a new manager might make them pull their fingers out or they will be shipped out to the Dog and Duck in the West Midlands Pub League.

I wager he will be appointed and Moxey/Morgan will gamble that the gates don't decrease.


It's a pity some of the Wolves players did not play as well as they can talk,then the Club would not have been relegated. Time for a clear out both staff and some players and a time to rebuild for a quick return to the top table. As for Terry Connor He was placed in a very difficult position after Mcarthy was sacked,and had he not accepted the job then that would have given Moxley and Morgan grounds to thinking he was not being loyal to the club. Terry Connor was not ready or experianced enough to take on the role he had been thrown into, and as all can see his appointment was a very big mistake the club made.Left with a bunch of Mcarthy purchased players that were not capable of premier league status no one on earth could have stopped the club heading for relegation. Now Morgan and Moxley sort it out and do it right this time, or you will be faced with a lot of empty seats next season.

Sir Billy Quiet

The basic truth is that the vast majority of supporters have no idea about the running of a football club and even less idea about the selection of a football manager (Utd fans would have got rid of Ferguson after 6 months).

We all have opinions, which is great and the debate is never ending.

It makes me laugh that some posters seem to find great joy in writing negative uniformed tripe about the club they claim to support.

Apparently if you actually support the Wolves these days you are classed as a Happy Clapper by some E&S posters.

Swansea was a great match and underlined our problem for the last three seasons - we need a centre half - MM signed Johnson to plug the gap, the supporters rejoiced at the signing - how wrong we all were.......

Its easy to be clever after a decision has been made.

Looking forward to the Everton and Wigan games and next season won't come soon enough for me as I love watching the Wolves.



I really wouldn't bother trying to goad me.

You've probably only ever been to half a dozen games.

Keep bleating there's a good boy

crystal balls

my predictions for the next few months and the new season…..

may 13th terry connor relieved of his duties.

may 14th the two m’s start interviews.

june players and club staff on holiday.

july 16th players return for pre season training.

july 23rd wolves appoint alan curbishley as manager.

august 12th wolves win thier first match.

nov 19th after some insipid performances, and with wolves 3rd from bottom, curbishley reacts angrily to home fans booing him and the team……

on the express and star forums, JIWAL,FLYING WINGER,SPANISH RAY,WANDERER IN EXILE,WANDERER IN EIRE, and all the other realists are offended by curbishley referring to them as internet trolls and numpties….. utw.

Read more: http://www.expressandstar.com/sport/wolverhampton-wanderers-fc/2012/04/28/swansea-wolves/#ixzz1thMUQXau

Karl Hodgetts

Bruce has not one chance of the Albion job, he buys lots of stellar type players but he always creates a muddle of a team, with not one jot of team spirit, hopeless

Holloway can be a bit of a Hand Grenade which is not what is required, Curbs is probably your man, but what has changed to now make him say yes?

Albion with be either Houghton, Martinez or for me a wonded but very Premiership hungry AVB

What next for Villa n Blouse

An interesting few weeks coming up


These forums are turning nasty. There's a lot of childishness being displayed. Sadly, the most childish of all seem to be those who see absolutely nothing wrong with the club.

Let's take an imaginary situation. Wolves are down in the Football Conference with the same manager we have now, the same board set-up we have now, and most of the same 'loyal-to-TC' players.

Those who think there is nothing wrong with the club will still be saying that TC is 'turning it around' and needs more time. Jez & Co. will still be trying to justify bargain-basement football, and the players who are not good enough for the club will still be supporting TC as manager.

Fantasy, obviously. The only exception are the supporters who cannot see what is wrong with the club. They would still be saying the same things.

I would repeat what I have said before, don't paint everyone with the same brush. Yes, nobody contributing to these forums has any mangerial experience of running a football club. But nobody needs that experience to qualify their criticism of the club.

If I go to a restaurant and I order fillet steak and I get served Spam, I complain. But the proverbial 'happy clappers' at the next table will no doubt be saying that I should eat up my Spam and support the restaurant's ethos. They will childishly criticise me for daring to question the credentials of the restaurant and call me a traitor. They will then go back to their own sub-standard fare and happily gobble it up regardless of the fact they are being cheated - because they only want to appease the restaurant's managers and owners.

It reminds me a little of Fawlty Towers where Basil Fawlty doesn't like anyone with a strong opinion of the food they serve. A smack across the head, snide remarks, etc. The only ones who don't complain are the two old ladies who suck-up to Basil. These are representative of the 'happy clappers' who accept anything put in front of them.

The lesson here is that it is not the club as a whole that is at fault, it's the way it is run. Nobody wants this club to suffer, but at the same time, nobody wants to be told that Spam is fillet beef. Get my point?

Here's to a successful and wonderful future for the club - with all the loser's in the club packing their bags and leaving ASAP.

SBQ Probably Gave His Teacher An Apple Every Day Like The Good Little Boy He Is

wolves fans know nothing about the running of our club says mister perfect wolves fan sir billy quiet. he also says what we write is uninformed tripe. is that so? if fans know nothing about the club then it includes you as well dont it? so how can you say what we write is tripe? we might be right and you might be wrong but you probly didnt think of that. clubs love happy clapping seals like you. fans like you keep useless clowns like mccarthy and connor in jobs. lets throw you a fish and you can clap even louder. leave the real supporters alone because you wont shut us up. get back to that silent stand of yours so we can chuck you another fish. and dont forget to take moxey a nice red apple when you see him. theres a good boy.

Colin Dodd

Just looked through the list of proposed candidates for the Baggies manager, on the on line poll.

Amazingly, there is no mention of McCarthy or Connor. Does that tell us something?


164..Noisy... thank you for a well reasoned reply. I have just got my tickets for Wigan and will enjoy our last game for a while in the PL

I think the Chump will be harder than ever to get out of next season, as such, I don't see us in top 6...but I do hope I am wrong!

As for my moniker, there is a very good story that is associated with how it came about

If you have read my last ever drivel in ALOB, you will see where it came from

Managers? hmmm.... I'm worried as to who we will get and who actually wants it

I said before, I say again...Ruud Gullit please, and lets show some ambition


193. I think you should change your nom de guerre to:-Load of Balls.

or TESCO man. whichever you think is appropriate.


191- I disagree.

We have needed a LB and two centre backs the whole time we have been in the Prem. we had no need for a RB until Mad Mick persisted in playing Foley out of position.

You are right, most if us don't know the first thing about running a football club- you are very entitled to those bragging rights considering you were a key critic of those of us who were calling for MM to be sacked earlier in the season or the back end of last season.

However, many of us could see that MM had lost the plot with his tactics snd purchases. Many of us could see that we were in severe danger of losing our Premiership status and many if us were discussing who should replace MM.

Sadly, those of us who voiced our opinions on here were derided as numpties or mindless idiots!

I hate to say I told you so, but many of us saw the writing on the wall and would have made positive changes at an earlier stage to try and prevent our relegation.

Wolves fans come from all walks of life- many run their own business, work in large companies, own and run large companies. It is not inconceivable that some Wolves fans could have improved the running of Wolves plc.

Certainly, from my own position, I know that customer service and retaining a quality product is key to retaining custom. Customer service at Wolves is a joke.

You happy clappers have a lot to answer for.


Re: My last post, #195.

Perhaps we should get in someone with the same character as Gordon Ramsay. You only have to watch his Kitchen Nightmares USA programme on TV to see he gets straight to the point, and mostly manages to salvage lost causes. A footballing version of Gordon may be ideal.


I told you in an earlier post about my cat....

I sat it down in front of the latest EPL table, Man City top, Wolves bottom....

He lifted a paw and motioned for change of manager and clear out of non performance players. Even my cat knows what should be done.

He knows about these things, he reckons TC has had more lives than his nine. A smart cat, what is jez phone number?


Do you think all these messages of support gets through to Morgan & Co?

Here in Cyprus where I am based seeing my team week in, week out, who I have supported through the good and bad, I can honestly say this must be the worst team since the Dougan era. When are the people who run the club going to wake up? If they cant do the right thing get out NOW! Enough is enough.

Wolfman Jack

'...he hasn’t had enough games to turn it around.”

If I recall correctly it took John Barnwell precisely one game to turn our season round when he was appointed.


This is my assessment of the situation.

Connor is in a no win situation

Mick should have been sacked last summer before the start of the season or well before xmas.

If TC got the job it would have given him a fair chance to show whether he could cut it over at last half a season rather than just 13 games.

Moxley would like TC to stay on, as it means he doesnt have the pressure of identifying and bringing in a successor and its also much cheaper.

The players dont want a new manager, as I'm sure there would be a big shake up,with new players coming in and many would be moved on.

But whats good for the club?

I think for this club to be competitive in the championship a new manager needs to be appointed by end of May. It must be an experienced manager who have won promotions before and can handle the pressure. Having said that I would also shortlist Paul Ince as he knows the club and could handle it.

Bringing in a new manager quickly will help to keep some of our best players and will stablize he club.

I dont think we need to start all over again and completely change the squad and the type of football we play. I'm thinking more like Chelsea,stoke than swansea.

We just need some fresh ideas and maybe it is time for TC and some of the other coaches to move on.


182 Brightonwolf

Ozzy actually bit a bats head off ......and had to have rabies injections as a result

You need to try some other newspapers


206 Bertie

Really!!! And You need to get a sense of humour..!

200 She Wolf Great post.


195 Away Wolf - I think your argument that the unpleasant side of this board is with the 'happy clappers' is disproven by the very next post.

198 JIWAL - although I have most of the first 100 ALOBs I am afraid I feel part of the reason it finally closed. Boards like this have effectively replaced my need for a wider view of fans it provided. I would like to thanks Charles Ross for his many years of dedicated work. He was one of those guys who strangely seemed to get older over the last 25 years whenever I saw him, even though obviously I have not aged at all. I am sure your story would bear repeating on here on a quiet news day (there seem to be many of these!)


1. TC is a decent bloke but NOT for Wolves after 13 May.

2. If we haven't got a plan already then I don't know how Morgan and Moxey ever got to where they are now!.

3. Albion are likely to get the best candidate ahead of us.

4. If we then are left with M&M appointing players favourite TC as our Manager next year ALL the fans should boycott at least one game.

5. We need a clear out of players: Edwards, Foley, Henry, Johnson at least.

6. Pick the best from the young lower league guns and build.


Re: Noisy, #208.

Actually, you are wrong - as are most of the pro-Establishment (pro-Jez, pro-TC, etc.) voices.

Yes, #196 was something to comment on. But the response contained therein was a reaction to the usual childish criticism put out by the supporters of the Establishment.

Perhaps the author of #196 was replying in that way because a childish sounding response is the only way of communicating with the likes of SBQ?

Shame this city does not have two footballing clubs. We could have one which is continually failing for the 'happy clappers' to support, and one for those who want their club to be the best in land - and does what is required to make it the best.

Moving on ... You may think that some, or all, of the anti-Establishment contributors who submit to these forums may be members of the green-ink brigade, but I would rather read their comments rather than those written by people belonging to the coloured-crayon pro-Establishment community.

After all, it's better to voice one's honest opinions, however objectionable they may appear at times. Rather that than sheepishly, and willingly, swallow all the propaganda put out by Jez's 'Molinista'.

wolves ffffcccc

Oh No.. TC has given his approval to the appointment of Roy Hodgson as England manager.. we're doomed!!

Thanks TC, just waht Roy was waiting for!

Ye Olde South Bank

Just a thought...

As it's Local Elections day, couldn't Wolverhampton City Council have included an extra ballot paper to decide Connor's future? We could've placed an 'X' next to:

(A) Terry Connor MUST stay! In fact, give him a pay rise! I love this footballing genius! It's entertainment par excellence! Hell, send me his autograph! You're awesome, dude...let's go destroy the Championship!

(B) Terry Connor MUST go! Sack him today, if not yesterday! What a hopeless clown! Be sure to deduct a large portion of his salary for embarrassing us nationwide. You can send him to Outer Mongolia for all I care, but outer space would be better! Hell, I'll supply the damn rocket!

(C) Terry Connor always cuts such a sad figure, the poor boy! TC deserves a break from all the beastly, unfair treatment he's been getting of late...even if we can't win to save our lives. Renegotiate his salary, but give him a job as some sort of expensive Tea Lady to the new Boss. He can't do any harm there, bless him!


When TC took over from Mad Mick there were plenty on here started calling him Top Cat... is that the shortest lived nick name of all time ??

Just a thought.







SBQ ~ Mister Perfect Wolves Fan Fan

Awaywolf #210. you got your assessment bang on. best to comment on SBQ in childish terms coz hes a big kid at heart. SBQ might be a wolves fan but he dont show other fans respect if he doesnt agree with them. he tells fans to go support the trolls down the road and calls them numpties just like mccarthy. who does he think he is talking to fans like that? he takes after his best mate thick mick mccarthy for being arrogant. then SBQ tells us all what a great fan he is by supporting the club with happy clapping. i got news for you pal coz real fans get angry with all the crap we have to put up with and you wont shut us up GOT IT? we care about what those muppets are doing even if you just wanna stay quiet and happy clap your way to div one. if you dont like what you read then stay away. this forum is for everybodys views whether you like it or not sunshine. get your head out your ar## and stop patronising us by tryin to make out you and your fellow happy clappers are the backbone of wwfc because you aint and never will be sunshine. moxey loves blind loyalty from mugs like you. be a happy clapping seal if you want but dont expect us to follow like sheep. dont forget to take moxey an apple and ask for a pat on the head like that goody two shoes little boy tristram fourmiles.


191 sir billy.

a lot of fans with basic business experience would have a lot of knowledge of how a football club is run.e.g ticketing,marketing,sales,maintenance,catering etc.

But that aside football is quite a simple game and fans like you try to make it seem really complicated.

Fans are negative because over the last 2 seasons they have seen poor quality football for the good money they pay. (wolves fans do watch swansea,arsenal,man utd,city games and can tell the difference you know)

They have seen their team lose 42 games.

They have seen their team concede at least 2 goals a game.

They have seen the so called experts flounder.

First with Mick and his poor buys and poor decision making, particularly with the defence.

Next with Moxley whose amateurish attempts at recruiting a successor to Mick made this club a national laughing stock.

The worst thing is that most fans know that had mick been relived of his duties last year and replaced with an experienced manager you or I might not need to be putting these posts up.

ashley wolves

iv given up on the people that run the club, there clueless.


Been away to Ireland for a week so not read many of the latest bloggs, seems like nothing changes still the same old same old.poor old SBQ getting it in neck all the time just for being a supporter!

So sorry to here about Jody's child hope he gets better soon.


at this moment i hope all wolves fans will unite in support for jody craddock and his family. the wellbeing of a football club bares no comparison to the wellbeing of a young child and his family, especially a family that has already suffered the loss of one child. jody has been a loyal and honest servant to the club, at the moment i cant think of anyone more deserving of our support at the moment


Here's one for you...

When was the last time Wolves won at Molineux on a Saturday afternoon?

This in itself is an indictment of all concerned with the club


...and may God bless and smile upon the Craddock family


Are these players for real, look at the improvements we have made over the 11 games they must be joking what improvement in fact under TC we got worse, face facts you idiots you are as much to blame as anyone for taking us down so shut up and but up.

As for the club we know need a Manager with Championship experience, no we don.t we need a all round manager.


wishing craddock and his family all the best with his son. god bless. WWFC For Life.

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