Wolves battle to keep Kevin Doyle

Wolves were today fighting to hold on to Kevin Doyle as Everton weighed up a £6.5m move before the transfer window shuts tomorrow night.

Wolves were today fighting to hold on to Kevin Doyle as Everton weighed up a £6.5m move before the transfer window shuts tomorrow night.

Molineux sources insist there has been no contact from Goodison yet for the Ireland international, who has recently been out of favour.

But they are aware Everton have been watching Doyle for up to two months, and have the funds after the sale of £5m Dimitar Bilyaletdinov to Spartak Moscow.

The Toffees have also been linked with Rangers’ Nikica Jelavic. But Rangers, who reportedly rejected a £7m package from West Ham for the Croatia international, want £8m, and Doyle could be the cheaper option.

Any overtures from Merseyside towards Doyle could explain the dip in form he has experienced in recent times.

Boss Mick McCarthy desperately wants to hang on to the 28-year-old, especially with no chance of buying a suitable replacement before the window shuts, and feels he can recapture his best form.

Wolves have lined up Newcastle’s Leon Best on loan to bolster their strikeforce.

But they know the temporary arrival of a striker who has slipped down the pecking order on Tyneside isn’t going to appease the fans who are worried at the lack of transfer activity since the arrival of £600,000 Eggert Jonsson and Emmanuel Frimpong on loan.

Nicky Maynard was linked again yesterday, but the club insist that link is being driven by Bristol City, who are anxious for a sale as the 25-year-old is out of contract in the summer.

“We are still hoping to bring someone in on loan,” said chief executive Jez Moxey. “But it’s proving very difficult.”

Doyle is unhappy at being left out of the team and is desperate to recapture his form which has dipped since he signed his four-year contract in October to keep his Ireland place with Euro 2012 looming this summer.

Wolves, meanwhile, are trying to push through two outgoing loan deals as they attempt to bring in Best, who played throughout Newcastle’s 1-0 FA Cup defeat at Brighton on Saturday.

Striker Sam Vokes was today poised to join the Seagulls on loan for the rest of the season as midfielder Adlene Guedioura prepared to join him in the Championship for a temporary stint with an unnamed club.

Vokes was in the stands at the Amex Stadium watching his new club’s success over the Magpies on Saturday.

Two second-tier clubs are interested in Guedioura, who has slipped down the pecking order after the arrival of on-loan Frimpong.

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Comments for: "Wolves battle to keep Kevin Doyle"

Dominic jones

if we could shift doyle for 7 mill for doyle i would be delighted. However, we would have to find a replacement which looks unlikely.

Matthew bates a Middlesbrough impressed me yesterday, could solve our defensive woes !


No substance to that report at all! Are E&S just intent on winding fans up?

It's all rumours and nothing more

tamworth wolves

Guedioura and doyle out, craig gardner and kenwyne jones in, that will do nicely!!!!

More importantly, left back to compete with ward and centre half to replace berra.


Try Welshpool Town,you could get a couple of players from them at good money,or iff their wages are to high try poundland,,maybe even call into TG Hughes and get a couple of cheap TVs for the corners of the Golden Palace,we must be the only Premiership club with no big screens working..No ambition,we are were we deserve to be,,at the bottom of the pile.

Carver Wolf

“We are still hoping to bring someone in on loan,” said chief executive Jez Moxey. “But it’s proving very difficult.” Translated into wolves fans language: we are selling doyle with little or no time to sign a quality replacement so you will have to make do with some cheap loan signing if your lucky, but hey hoe its bonus time in a couple of months when the company results are announced!!!!

Southbank Tom

Would be glad to see Doyle go he's a waste of space and will never push Fletcher out while he is fit. Vokes will be an important player to us in a few years if we keep him. However i think that Guedioura could do a job for us in the midfield and why Eggert is not making match day squads i will never know. Fletcher and Best up front sounds like a very nice strike force COYW!!!!


'we are still trying to bring someone in on loan'

says it all, one more player to a side that is obviously not good enough.

Think I'll keep my pennies in my pocket thanks...


There is absolutely nothing to worry about and it's a completely pointless article. We're not going to sell him this late in the window not without a definite replacement lined up and certainly not for the same amount we paid for him. Moxey isn't that stupid and knows that as soon as we sell him any targets we got lined up will jump in value. Everton don't have much money so they are unlikely to put forward any more money and Doyle has got 3.5 years left on his contract so he'll find it very difficult to force a move himself with only a day or so to go.

Maybe if a decent offer came in at the start then yes we could have spent the money on tightening up the defence. Selling him now would mean having to sit on the money until the summer and put us at more risk of relegation.


At the end of the day Doyle is now looking a patch on the player that kept us in the league the first 1 1/2 seasons we been in the premier league.

But at this point in the transfer window and with the lack of ambition the club seem to have at this moment in time can anybody see the board or MM stumping up the cash to bring in a striker that is any better?

Were being linked now with a striker who has managed to play well for 1 team in his career! Leon Best has played well for Newcastle cant knock the lad for his goals for them but look at the amount of teams that he has failed to make a impression at.

We as a club need to be showing as much ambition on the pitch as we are with the stadium and training ground.

Wolves are in desperate need of new faces before transfer window closes tomorrow but we as fans have to be honest who would want to come to our club with the decline we are currently in.

Bush Babbie

I hate to say it but I would take the money for Doyle. A great player but he's here to score goals. Don't think it'll happen due to having no cover. Would rather see a return on SEB tbh. Guedioura is an attack-minded player so doesn't seem to fit in with Mick's tactics. Defensive cover should be the priority imo. UTW


Mr. Morgan, I've said this before and I'll say it again...... STOP MOXEY FROM SPEAKING TO THE PRESS!!! Every time he opens his mouth he spouts utter tripe! Please.....for the sake of our sanity!

Northampton Wolves

Not happy about the rumours on Leon Best.

Read the Geordie sites about how they rate him.

Them boys deffo know their football and most of them would drive him here.


Sell doyle, guediora and hunt.

Buy Kenwyne Jones, and a quality winger that can compete with current ones. And a new defender to replace berra.


whats happened to the 4.5 million war chest


Have no issues with moving Doyle on. He is a very good player but does not score enough goals. If we can get what we paid for him lets do it!

Can't understand Guedioura does not play, as he is one of the few players who can create from midfield. The rest of our midfield are solid grinders who are good at breaking up attacks but hopeless at creating anything for our forwards.

I n my opinion it is time for an overall of our playing staff anyway as we need fresh legs and impetus if we are to stay up.

Need a result tomorrow night!

Wolfie Lee

Is Leon Best really any better than Kevin Doyle? To be linked with the likes of Best and Lovenkrands (which I read the other day) clearly shows just how our management team are setting up ready for the Championship. What ambition does it show the fans when we are trying to sign Newcastle United Reserves. They are above average championship players at best. I would rather see us give some of our youth team players a go than throw money away on panic buys.




It is quite clear over the last week to see who is mainly to blame for Wolves current predicament - Morgan and Moxey. Loan signings... why? Moxey has said that we had money available in this window. We were linked with Diouf of Man Utd and could not guarantee him first team football, if we had him on loan? Well Man Utd have sold him for £1.5m, so why did we not sign him - if we were that keen on him?

Trying to do things on the cheap yet again and therefore it will be another annual struggle. The only thing that can save us, is the kinder fixture list left. Played all the big 6 away and also played Spurs and Chelsea twice!


Roughly translated.

Come & get him Everton, you can have him for less than you'll have to pay Rangers for Jelavic.

I think this has been on the cards for a while, hence his poor form & his omission from the team.

Yet we can't even be bothered to source an half decent replacement the 2 from Newcastle we have been linked to just smack of desperation.

Well done Moxey & McCarthy, but hey, money talks as someone has already said it will be bonus time soon, keep feathering your own nests!!!!!

We are in a right mess!!!!


Let's get one thing clear...

Doyle has been brilliant over the last 2 seasons. Remember he's played nearly all his matches as a loan front man and to me, he's burnt out and needs a break.

Vokes will never make the grade at this level. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

Ebanks Blake has proved he isn't going to make the grade either although I'd take Ebanks Blake over Vokes any day.

So I would look to get rid of both Ebanks Blake and Vokes myself and get in at least one half decent replacement. Of course, it won't happen so we must hold on to doyle.

Personally I would play Doyle as an attacking midfielder, sitting just behind a front two. His skill level and workrate is second to none in this team and he would be a great player in that role.

The Flying Winger

Why keep him, we don't play to his strengths, we don't play two strikers.

No doubt he will do very well somewhere else.

We can then use the money to buy a CB and Midfielder!

Something I said at the start of the season.


Best of luck to Doyle if he does go. I think all his talent has been coached out of him. It's embarrasing to see MM shoutting at him "Go on, Doyler" chasing balls he has no hope of reaching. I don't think MM knows how to play Doyle anymore. Have you seen the stunning goals Doyle has scored for Ireland. Why hasn't he EVER scored any like those for Wolves???

A better coaching team, headed by Moyes could be what Doyle needs.


Doyle may well be out of form at the moment but he is still a top class player - hence the Everton interest. Unless Wolves can sign an equivalent player to replace him in time, there is no point in considering selling him.

If Fletcher were to get injured, the only option we have is Doyle, possibly playing with Ebanks-Blake.

The decision to loan out Vokes and Guedioura makes sense, although I would prefer that they were both sold. Vokes has only marginally improved in the 3 years or so that he has been with the club. Guedioura is far too inconsistant.

As is usual in the transfer windows, the majority of deals seem to be done on the last day. It would not surprise me to see a few more Wolves players sent out on loan including one or two academy players.

If the club are going to sign someone either on loan or permanantly, it needs to be on the basis of being better than what we already have, otherwise it would be better to wait until our fate is decided in May.

rich dudley

this is the reason i'm an armchair fan....if the club has no ambission then why should i...when that new stadium is built the birds in the area will be delighted about all the extra space they got...cus were never gonna fill it while fans like me stay away.

Bojangles Wolf

21... Completely agree... However we both know that if he goes the money wont be reinvested

Tomorrow night with no new signings... Im backing Andy Carroll to find his scoring boots... Hes got a point to prove and wolves are as flat as a pancake at the minute... I hope im wrong but we will see and its just the kind of thing that would happen to the wolves.

Wouldnt mind seeing Leon Best on loan... he can score goals in this league... wouldnt be my first choice by any stretch but he can get you a goal when you need it!

Come on Wolves... Lets get a couple of quality boys in by the time the window shuts... Just pay the cash!!!

Bojangles Wolf

Albrighton Dek...

Hand on Heart can you say that Vokes has been given a chance to improve... He hasnt!


He wont go to Everton. There close to signing Jelavic from rangers.



No19. Absolutely spot on

This article is different because it is a leak from inside the Club .. Deliberately aimed at generating interest and a sale of KD in the frantic end of window panic phase.

They have clearly decided to sell him. Regardless of your personal view on the merits and timing of this decision, be totally sure that this a total shift change on the Clubs stance on Kevin Doyle from previous windows.

Kevin Doyle is now for sale

South Bank

Lets be honest who would want to join our club,3rd straight season in a row we are fighting for our lives. All the decent players with ambition will over look us. Had the club made steps forward on the pich it would have opened up a lot more doors in the transfer window. Also SEB and Vokes are as good as you will get at Championhip level which most of us know thats were we will be next season,so no point in selling them. Fletch and Doyle wont hang around if we go down and i cant blame them.

Robert Perry

Shouldnt we be trying to bring in a decent defender?


If we could get £6m for Doyle and splash the cash on Kenwyne Jones, I'd be very very happy. We need someone with some muscle up front to get on the end of all the crosses, free kicks and corners we do very little with... our own Demba Ba

Doyle is a nice guy but the lack of goals is too big an issue...

Danny Wolf

I can't see Doyle leaving at this late stage and he is obviously frustrated with his form but to me is a player in the hole in a 4-4-1-1 behind Fletch.

I actually think Leon Best on loan is a shrewd bit of business, his Premiership scoring record is very impressive and if he doesn't come up with the goods we send him back to the Toon.

The reason I have lost a bit of faith in Mick and Connor is why they not brought in a replacement for Berra? He is clearly out of his depth as the penalty given away against Villa suggests, Carlos Cuellar from the Vile is what is needed

Well, we have played the top 6 away and Spurs and Chelsea twice so the fixtures are as kind as they possibly can be and with Foley and Kites returning and O'Hara, Zubar and Frimpong to follow we could and should see a far better 2nd half to the season. If we don't...then it is time for Mick to go. Next 3 games are HUGE!

malcs wig

does it really matter because we are relegated anyway, can anyone honestly see where the next win is going to come from

Fed Up Wolf!

Change the record Jez! Bringing any player to Molineux proves difficult because the club wants to pay peanut salaries and no decent player will play for that.

On another point, it was said only last week that Diouf (Man Utd) was considered on loan but he would have been behind Fletcher, Doyle, Ebanks-Blake and Vokes and could not therefore be guaranteed a starting role.

Well lo and behold what has happened since?

Diouf has signed for Hannover in a permanent deal BUT Vokes has now gone to Brighton on loan.

So what we were all told was total cobblers - and I wonder why?

Will the club now be bringing in a striker or not or once again will it be just rhetoric?

Mind you, knowing this club they will be bringing in a Greek for they have become accustomed to striking over the past year and would not cost very much either considering their country's financial position!


Still working on a loan signing............

Mick has funds to spend, but cant spend it as the quality of players around cost more than the £2.50 given to him.

However, i would love a manager in charge who is banging on the chairmans door for all the funds he can to strengthen the team, not just happy with the budget he has as stated the other day.

Can see it now:

Moxey and Morgan, "heres your budget"

Mick, "Im well happy with that"

result = Sign nobody. Hmmmmmmmm

Having said that, Frim Pond Ting Tong was a great signing on loan, another along this mould would be fine by me. Just a bit gutted we always say we want to conclude business at the start of the window and here we are struggling to get loan players with a day left.

JJ the original

We only ever really play one up front anyway.

One less tactic for clipboard to worry about.


wolves want buy anyone,who wants to come to us ,when we are going down thanks to the 3 mms sack them all had enough angrywolf

gold guvnor

I think its unlikely wolves will sell Doyle at such a late stage but if we do i think a bid for Wilfred Zaha from palace would be a good option. Fits the young and hungry mould, bags of pace (we aint had a pacey forward since the rat Camara) and has plenty of tricks in his locker to beat a man. A center back is more of a pressing priority though, poss a loan of Bassong from Spurs?

This is wolves though so i doubt there will be much happening on the transfer front at all...

Praying for atleast a point against Liverpool...


Don't sell him Wolves. We are are a thin squad and can't afford to lose a quality player like him. His form will return. His partnership with Fletcher has to work or we are for the drop.

angry wolf

As you will all know I am no wrap for Kevin Doyle, I have never rated him as a premiership player, and especially not a striker, however, do concede that he works hard with little or no success. I have found Doyle fall's to the turf far too often screaming for free kicks etc, and there has been more than one occasion where he has dived to secure a penalty.

I would let him go without another thought, but we all know, its not going to happen, and all of this is newspaper hype at the end of the transfer window.

Does anyone really believe that Everton are interested in an out of form Doyle, best suited to the Championship ? I don't think so. I will never understand why we continue to send Volkes out on loan, a player with some potential for the future, and there are others that could be named that having come through our Academy,are never given a chance with the seniors, and despatched as soon as McCarthy sets eyes on them

Its a very sorry situation at Wolves who with the present management will be playing Championship football next season. One wonders how long our Mr Morgan will wish to be associated with losers, not too long I suggest, and predict a change in ownership will be on the cards. A change of ownership will mean a change of Manager, and it will be then and only then when McCarthy departs Wolves, or what's left of Wolves.

Be assured, McCarthy is going nowhere this season, he still has several of the allocated "nine lives" to play with, courtesy of an owner that in my opinion, has really lost any interest that he ever had in Wolves, as a substitute for his beloved Liverpool.

I despair for the players, I really do, playing their guts out every week led by an over rated blow hard of a Manager, and a board that seems to possess a could not care less attitude....If only the owner could have seen what most of us have seen for months and months, that the 'muppet' is dragging the team to relegation.

Its a sad state of affairs that Wolves are blind to the trend and action taken by other Premiership clubs when the team can't win. They analyse the problems and take appropriate action, and if the Manager is responsible, they make the necessary change. Look what has happened to Sunderland and Blackburn and several others, why the hell is McCarthy still in the chair ?

I give up !!!


Doyle's position regarding his Republic's striking role is not as clearcut as it was, therefore he will be far from happy with his current place on our bench. He may well have his head turned towards a move. For us, it would be suicide for it to happen now with only hours left to the end of the window. Looks likely in the summer though, don't you think?


Wolves obviously want to sell him think it goes back to the Chelsea away game when he did not travel & think he must have had a disagreement with Mick. We know exactly what happens when that happens Halford etc.In my opinion the most skillful player at the club and no wonder he cant score goals the way Wolves set up.As the Ireland manager says " he plays for Wolves in the desert on his own".




Balham Wolf (15) You are so right... We need creativity. We also need forwards who make intelligent runs into the box and not just wait arouund for something to happen.

I have looked at the rest of the games and can only see us picking up 14 more points unless we start to beat teams like Liverpool. It happened last year with wins against the top four but does anyone expect that to repeat itself. I really am concerned. Losing to Villa really was a blow and should we go down I hope Henry will have the decency to stay and get us back up.

Thank goodness Craddocks back. We only have a defence when he's in it.

James Grainger

Have no problem with Doyle going but why on earth would you loan out Vokes and bring in Leon Best on loan. Makes no sense whats so ever

Realistic Wolf

No fresh faces of note, no ambition, no hope and no chance. Our usual absolutely pathetic activity in the transfer market speaks volumes.


Angry Wolf (40).....A post of despair but I do not think for a moment Morgan will go. He'll never get Liverpool and I feel he loves Wolves. I also feel that his patience with Mick is running out.

In terms of Doyle, he has largely been an advanced midfield player who occasionally gets a goal. Playing him and Fletcher is crazy as they are similar players and all great teams have variety up front.

I too am irritated by mick not giving Vokes a chance. He would provide variety but some youngsters are edging their way in and perhaps they would flourish in the championship prior to our early return to the 'top draw'.


Taxi for Doyle, while we are at it, see if we can get a group discount and get a minibus to take Mcarthy, clipboard and moxey!!

dont fool me

Another con

we wont sell Doyle and all the happy clappers will be going wooohooooo we kept Doyle.

same old rubbish every time.

In the summer they said we wont spend all the money as we need a war-chest for January.

now they are saying we can't get anyone.

so why save money in the first place.

board = business, houses, catering.

fans = football


Here we go again ficticious rummours to try and curry favour with the fans. MM and Moxey know they have lost the plot so pretend that Everton want DOYLE. If I was him I would jump at the chance because MM has ruined him with the inept football we are playing.

He also wants to move GUEDIOURA on because he must have said to MM when are you going to give me a chance in mid-field insteas of your favourite HENRY.

To add insult to injury he puts KEOGH on the bench and he has shown his class by going to several championship team and no one wants him speaks volumes about MM's ability as a Manager.

Why he has not been sacked is a mystery, it must be nepatisum with his neighbour MOXEY.

We need to replace BERRA so why has he not recalled Danny BATTH from Shef.Wed.where he has been outstanding.

Every other club give there youngsters a game but not MM its my team and I will play my favourites and I don't care what the numpties think.



41 - solent

agree 100%

You can just see us selling Doyle, Fletcher getting injured in training after the window closes and being up the proverbial without a paddle.

If Wolves sanction a move, presumably on the basis that "he's a lovely lad and he'll get a better chance to be first choice for Ireland in the Euros by regular starts", then it will be abundantly clear that all concerned with WWFC are acting without the clubs best interests at heart. All the doom-mongers on the internet chat sites will be 100% justified and the relationship between fans and the club will take a sharp turn for the worse.

It's bound to happen then!


meant to add: Amazing how the lack of signings news is being kept quiet by this Doyle speculation. I wonder if Wolves leaked it themselves. We know how good their PR spin can be.


If Mr Morgan had of become the owner of Liverpool would he have sacked the manager

before they dropped into the relegation zone

or would he have stayed loyal to him,i don't

think so,and whats happened to the six million pound war chest.


Been watching highlights on ESPN.2002/3 Premiership season,Commentator---Sunderland brought in Mick Mcarthy as new manager however he FAILED TO WIN ANY of his 9 games in charge(nothing new).

2005/6 Season Sunderland have managed just 1 point out of 18.

Sunderland sack Mick Mcarthy after gaining just 8 points from a possible 84. 37 games in charge 2 Wins.

Now we expect, need 7/8 Wins from 16.

With a win ratio of just 19% in his 135 games as a premiership manager it would suggest the odds are heavily stacked against MM.

Morgan and Moxey it seems are already preparing for another long stint in the Championship and so long as we are in profit sod the football side of the Business.

chris hoggard

Nothing changes.Just hanging on in there until the inevitable relegation,if not this eason then the next.No ambition to take us to the next level.Three seasons of good profits in the Prem and all we can hope for is the loan signing of a squad player.They should be ashamed of them selves.Problem is none of the people that count are Wolves fans,they have other priorities.




I would agree with 23 Albrightondek that Doyle is a class act although hes lost a bit of form of late,lots of strikers lose form and then regain it we should stick with him Moyes obviously thinks hes worth £6.5 mill and hes a manager I trust ,we are in dire trouble and a relegation battle for survival and if Fletcher picks up an injury of which hes is injury prone then we are down to the bare bones Best would be a poor replacement for Doyle he cant hold the ball up and doesnt score many goals a bit like Harewood last season,if Moxey has his way we wont be spending any of the supposed £4.5 mill warchest but will end up with a surplus he can bank,not much use if we are playing in the Championship next year this management has no ambition and it cares about one thing only lining the pockets of its Directors do you think that for one second if Morgan had taken over Liverpool he would have let them fall into the bottom three work it out for yourself what he thinks of Wolves.


#26 Bojangles Wolf

In my opinion I would say that he has had more than his fair share of chances both at Wolves and elsewhere.

Whenever I've seen him start games for Wolves he has only disappointed and usually (if not in every case) been substituted.

The main reason why he has been sent out on loan five times (Brighton will be sixth) was to improve. In that time he's only scored a handful of goals in the lower divisions. If you can't score goals in the lower divisions, what chance in the Premiership?

The loan move to Brighton is a good one for all concerned. They are a footballing side playing for under one of the best managers outside the Premiership. If he's ever going to make an impact and improve, it will surely be at this club.

My view is that he will end up as a journeyman footballer plying his trade in the lower divisions. But I would love it for him to prove me wrong.


How times change - I remember the feeling last season when Doyle was injured for Ireland after the Villa away win and we thought that had doomed us to relegation! A decision to sell him other than in forced circumstances would have been unthinkable.

He is a class player going through a very lean period - and the tactics we employ haven't helped him. A new manager (whether at Wolves or elsewhere) could breathe life into him. He looks like all confidence has gone this season.

He can still be a big player for us and I would keep him at the moment.

It will be interesting if he indicates that he fancies a move / hands in a request. That would indicate at least some discontent in the dressing room.


#40 Angry Wolf - Spot on mate. Absolutely summed it up perfectly. A sad state of affairs indeed.

steve bull wolf

let him go and for gods sake get players in always last moment with us well mr morgan will be happy Tuesday night have his red shirt on under his coat












I don't subscribe to the thoery that the club are actively seeking to tout Doyle's availability in the hope of a last minute move; that's more likely to happen in the Summer, along with 4-5 others who can reasonably be expected to bring in decent money. That'll ensure that the club can turn a profit next season in spite of (impending) relegation.

Not that the club are helping themselves with their astonishing inability (or unwillingness) to address, either in terms of words or actions, the crumbling relationship between the fans and the Molineux hierarchy. Early Bird ticket sales are likely to be the next big slice of bad news, and that'll no doubt make it all the easier for Moxey to justify an end of season Fire Sale of our better players.

north st born

53 fully agree with you spot on compton was the jewel in the crown

Gavin Caddick

i will be glad to see the back of him my so called mates keep saying i look like a fatter version of him.MICK OUT!

Staffs Wolf

£6.5 million which means we make jack squat on the deal we paid for him! Get Maynard in ASAP, something tells me he's going to click in the Prem.

Not sure about Gardner, seems he doesn't want to play for us, so I wouldn't touch him with a barge pole!

Another forward and versatile defender has to be the priority surely as our first choice midfield of Frimpong, Kightly, Jarvis and O'Hara if they all stay fit will surely to god get us climbing the table!

Alex Rae's Butler

Malta 'statto' Wolves is back.

McCarthy became Sunderland manager when they were in the Championship with a bobbins team. He had them promoted to the premiership in double time, with a squad of toddlers he purchased from Toys R Us and lower leagues, for the equivalent cost of a KFC bargain bucket and lottery ticket.

In terms of investment, he was give nothing, zero, nada, niente, by the Sunderland board to keep that team, average age of 7, in the premiership.

Sunderland fans are also still very appreciateive of McCarthy, and if you'd ever been to see us play at the Stadium of Light under MM, you will have seen the great reception he receives on every occassion he goes back there.

If you dont like McCarthy, thats fine. If you're unhappy with his win % or transfer activity at Wolves that's fine as well, but dont tell half the story of his time at Sunderland to justify your dislike of him - it only makes it look like you've got an agenda.......


Expect fireworks tomorrow if we lose to liverpool and havnt signed anyone! There is gunna b a bad atmosphere n think mick will go if we lose! Obv that by wolves not spending any money is because morgan does not trust mick! Time to go now mr mccarthy! Thanks!!!


i read on sky sports that celtic are on about signing hunt .... good ridance if you can afford his wages, runs around like a headliess chicken, also wolves are on about signing maynard ...yet more spin and bull from our board, leon best ?? wtf ? get a grip who are the people on the 'wolves board ' / anyone know what ,other that morgans business, who and what they actually are because im getting to a point where as well as the 3 ms i will start singing sack the board !


Sky Sports report Celtic are in for Stephen Hunt as well. This would be excellent biz, since we have enough cover for wide players.

If you check the records, this is how Doyle performed at Reading - a slow decline into not scoring (not even getting in scoring positions)

If we can offload these two, the money generated (plus a top-up from the 'fund') should allow us to get someone to complement Fletcher.

Maynard? Not proven at this level but might come off

Kenwyne Jones? Looks OK occasionally but drives fans mad with inconsistency and apparent lack of effort

Leon Best? Not great but is used to our type of play. On loan he'd be better than what we've got

The best bet to create a bit of havoc up front for Fletch to feed off is Andy Johnson, but will he come for the money?

The 3 MM's have got one and a bit days to make the right call or we're back in the Championship.

If that happens, we need to appoint Steve Evans as manager. Things will never be boring and predictable again!


True Doyle as not scored the goals we all hope for, but lets face it anywhere else he would be given 3 times the service. Remember the last centre forward we sold to Everton for peanuts inside 3 years he had won the League , FA Cup and European Cup Winners Cup a Mr Andy Gray. Sell Doyle and watch him net prolifically elsehere

Pembrokeshire Wolf

Apart, perhaps, from Fletcher, I think that Kevin Doyle is the only player we have with real quality. To sell him would be crazy. I'll lose all interest if they do it


Let him go along with MM.Championship here we come.


you can just see it now though cant you, : we dont sign anyone yet we beat liverpool, all the morons will say ' told you so' and everything will be rosey....mmmmmmm all this will do is paper over the cracks and the only people that will be smiling will be morgan and moxey as they would think that they have 'got away with spending nout' in the window

roll on tommorrow evening if we havent signed anyone significant i for one will start the protests and i couldnt give a flying fig who slates me whether it be on this board or at the ground, feel free to come and 'talk to me about it tommorrow night' you wi;ll see my and others responses, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THE SPIN,LACK OF PROPER TEAM INVESTMENT,BONUSES,SCAMS,BACK STABBERS,BROKEN PROMISES,BULL,DRIVEL,MOXEY,MORGAN AND MICK YOU ARE ALL RUINING MY/OUR CLUB LETS START THE BALL ROLLING TOMMORROW ITS GOING TO BE FIREWORKS AND I CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stephen Hunt linked with Celtic. I for one would be very happy with this as he is a liability and we have better players. He is past his best, so move him on!


Alex,just like MM you have learned nothing from previous experience.And i know several Sunderland lads who thought he was clown.

Regarding the stats you dont like being shown the truth do you.


These aren't good times are they? Nobody in the top brass at the Mol seems to care! Moxey is just clueless about football, whereas Morgan's heart lies elsewhere. Just wonder if Rob Plant can't put any feelers out for a rich bankroller. I'd have thought he'd have some contacts.

Wolvo Wolf

The vultures are circling!

Following the story on Doyle, Celtic are rumoured to be after Stephen Hunt with a final day transfer bid.

Who next I wonder - Hennessey?

Terry's All Gold & Black

40 - Angry Wolf

Spot on !

I agree with all you say about Doyle and if the reports are true I would snap their hands off and take the money - but I don't think it will happen this window. I predict that Doyle will stay until the summer (happy to milk his new 4 and a half year contact) and I also predict that Doyle will make little difference to whether we stay up or go down over the next couple of months - whether he plays or not.

I am astounded to read other people's comments like "Doyle is a class act although hes lost a bit of form of late". "A BIT of form of late" ??? He is NOT a class STRIKER and he's scored 16 Premier goals over THREE SEASONS. Running around on the wing and falling over does not constitue a class act. Playing him with Fletcher or anyone else UP FRONT will never work because he is NEVER UP FRONT.

Also spot on about Morgan and his long-term desires. He's not interested in Wolves as anything else than real estate and would never have acted the same way had he bought Liverpool. He would have got rid of McCarthy long ago if Liverpool had even ventured anywhere near the lower half of the table.

But McCarthy is safe because he goes along with Morgan's Wolves policy. He knows he will never be anything other than a Championship / bottom five Premier manager and will take Morgan's wages indefinitely to stay so.

Morgan, Moxey and McCarthy's pockets are safe and they are laughing at us all the way to the bank - and watch out for the lack of bonus announcements at the end of the season.

Sedgley Old Gold

What a load of rubbish. Nowhere in that article is there a direct qoute from the club. Its just pure speculation from Twitter.

The only way that it can be true is if Moxey/Mick have another striker poised to sign. And to be fair, I would sell and bring some fresh ideas/players into the team.


BY the way alex,Read my post 54 again.MM was appointed manager of Sunderland during the 2002/3 season when the were a PREMIERSHIP CLUB,get your facts right.


You might agree you might not but heres how an outsider sees it.

1) Firstly whether its true or not it would be madness to sell doyle for man power alone, Fletcher is by far your best striker then you have three (now 2 because vokes has gone on loan) if heaven forbid your main striker gets injured that leaves you with 2 strikers meaning you are forced into a 451 formation to keep another striker safe on the bench. Not something a club like yourself wants to do with the games dwindling down now.

2) If you were to sell and say get 5 million (the money everton recieved for the sale of bililetinov) it would need to be invested wisely and now. However to buy a striker with premier league experience for less than 5 million in january is very unlikely so you would be signing a championship player. It can be hit or miss signing championship players in january as they have little or no time to bed in and make a stamp. However the 2 most viable options would be Billy Sharpe and Nicky Maynard. Either is a quality signing on there day however Maynard has pace to run off another big striker something which wolves have lacked from what I have seen. However Sharpe has the finishing and hold up ability of that of doyle. Something which MM may find attractive.

3)MMs tactics are that of a scared man he seems to settle rather than gamble until all appears lost for instance look at the sunderland and swansea games. MMs team seemed free and unleashed the moments after everything seemed hopeless. Mcarthy has clearly become more scared of relegation than up for a fight to push upwards.

4) I feel sorry for doyle and slightly confused and maybe this is something a follower of wolves can help me with. When I watched kevin as a youngster when he first came from ireland for reading, he was a striker who played on the shoulder had the pace to run at a back four and scare them to pieces I actually remember thinking that at the time my own club should sign him as we 3 or 4 slow strikers at the time and his pace and finishing ability were just what we needed. However you watch him now and he is the more typical Heskey striker holding the ball up for another more pacey player like himself 6 years ago i.e. Your wingers. There is no logical reason I can see why he should change he has not lost that pace through injury like michael owen has.However I still feel sorry for Doyle as he has become the but of some wolves fans in a similar vain as Heskey when a year ago he was the savour regarded as the heart of the club.

But hey what do I know I am just the outsider

The Crunge

Do we still hold Peter Knowles` player registration? Well, because.....


67,Alex MM was appointed Sundeland manager in March 2003 when they were a PREMIERSHIP side.

chris hoggard

No77, I am disappointed at our ongoing failure to sign quality,but it ain't true is it? This is miles better than the Bhattis,and we could do far worse than Steve Morgan.He just needs an old gold and black heart transplant.


I agree with what most were are saying,Morgan does not care about Wolves or their fans,Moxey talks a load of crap and McCarthy cannot handle the big league.This is the third year for us in this division and we are still going backwards.Morgan,get a manager in now not wait,sell the club if you can`t cope,sell Doyle for what good he is,get rid of Henry who is a disgrace to the shirt,sell Hunt and Elokobi,Vokes is at the age where he should be holding down a first team place if he is any good.It really is wake-up time so stop lying to the fans Morgan and get things moving.

London Bloke

Why all the fuss over Doyle? The only other mention of this possible deal is a couple of lines on the BBC Sport website so it's hardly big news. If he goes he goes.

@35- if you value Frimpong then use his proper name rather than making up silly names which just prove you to be an ignorant fool.

@74 Streako- have you had your medicine today? Calm down. Fireworks- oh yeah, big deal, what difference do you think you or any other fan will make?

I hope Vokes likes Brighton, it's clean and interesting, unlike Wolverhampton. And they play much more attractive football.

Big Georges Left Bicep


Swap Doyle for Jagielka...


Another piece of spin straight out of the Molinuex press office;How dumb do they think we are? Fact is Everton are to sign Jelovic for £6m ish, half what WWFC quoted them for FLETCHER the man they had been watching, not Donkey Doyle; The fact that Doyle is playing rubbish is nowt to do with anything but the fact he has had his skill/desire/confidence trashed out of him by the coaches/manager at WWFC; But at least the club can say, "We kept our ex-star striker,it's like having a new signing", knowing full well no cash will be spent this window;





Filthy Wolf

Considering we just signed him up for a long term deal I think we would do well to sell him now. And 'too late' to replace him? What tosh.

He's a hard worker but the whole point is he is supposed to score and he does not.


If I have upset anybody over the last few months with my comments - I am sorry? but at least you know what it is like to be on the end of nasty over the top comments, maybe you will think before making them as I am sure it upsets the players, Mick he is tougher! but I have come to the conclusion that it is a waste of time answering the comments off so called "fans", I agree with Mick - you are all numpties!

Dave O

20 Richwolf64

Brighton have got a good up and coming manager Gus Poyet and are playing good football, and he wants to play Vokes. We have a dinosaur who would rather play Ebanks-Blake, Doyle or Ward up front instead of giving this kid a chance. Poyet is a man on the up MM on the way down and taking us with him. I know who's judgement I would rather trust. Vokes was a highly rated youngster playing for and scoring for his country until MM and TC destroyed him


It wouldnt suprise me if Doyler left tbh

Nor would it suprise me if we didnt have a back up plan!

Its the same old excuses every year, it is difficult to get people in in this window, clubs dont want to let players go etc etc

It's really funny though isn't it how other clubs seem to pull out the signings which make a difference to there teams!

Fact is, when your offering peanuts u get monkeys!

It's not a dig, tis Fact!!


#74 - streako

I do admire your enthusiasm to get the club where it should be and yes it is a very frustraiting time to be a wolves, maybe a little protest would be of some use to kick the 2 M's up the back side (not including MM because I think his hands are tied by the board). But your posts still have an undertone of violence and this will get you nowhere, done properly maybe they will notice you?....

But i think the numpties and happy clappers can all agree that the appearence of a lack of movement in the transfer window is worrying, considering the supposed 'War Chest' available. I hop ethings ar emoving in the background but I would say 70% of me thinks.. No it ain't.

We'll see Tuesday night what happens. I reckon with Liverpools wins over the 2 Manchester sides they will be a little tired and it could be our night a draw maybe even a late winner?

Streako I will look out for your protest in the stands.

2-1 Wolves =)

Moxey's hair gel

It is so depressing being a Wolves fan right now.

Lee Bailey

Past caring now. This team that McCarthy has put together is simply not good enough. Hope we stay up but can't see how that will happen. Can't defend for 90 minutes and can't score enough goals= Going Down, and we've once again got a lop sided Molinuex albeit a better one than last time but with no chance of filling it to watch this dross.

No season ticket for me next season.

Sir Lupi

Maltawolves: The only stat surrounding Mick that matters to me, is that under Mick, Wolves have won the Championship and are in their third consecutive season in the Premiership, albeit by a whisker!

A feat the Albion are yet to achieve and a stat that oficially recognises the massive progress Wolves have made since MMs arrival.

So, Maltawolves & fellow Wolves fans alike, we should show some respect to Mick no matter how frustrating things are at present, as in my lifetime, we have never had it so good.