Matt Jarvis pledges Wolves future

Double Player of the Year Matt Jarvis today gave Wolves a huge end-of-season boost by declaring he wants to stay at Molineux.

Double award winner Matt Jarvis of Wolverhampton Wanderers with his Supporters Player of the season award and Players Player of the season award

Double Player of the Year Matt Jarvis today gave Wolves a huge end-of-season boost by declaring he wants to stay at Molineux.

The England international insisted he wants to remain a part of an exciting future at Wolves after winning the Player of the Year award from fans and players at last night's gala end-of-season awards dinner at Telford International Centre.

Jarvis has already been linked with moves to Liverpool and Villa this summer after his dazzling form led to his first England cap against Ghana in March.

But the exciting wideman, who turns 25 on Survival Sunday when Wolves host Blackburn in their winner-takes-all clash, wants to stay to help the club grow in the Premier League.

"It's a club with a great future so why wouldn't I want to stay here?" said Jarvis.

"Of course I'm happy here - I've been enjoying my football. If it wasn't for playing here then I wouldn't have been able to do anything that I've achieved this season. It's a fantastic club and hopefully we can stay up at the weekend."

And Jarvis wants to make his double award a treble by helping Wolves clinch a third successive season in the Premier League.

"It would be a lovely hat-trick to celebrate the awards by staying up, because that's what we all want," he said.

"It's a massive game for everyone and we're all looking forward to it.

"There are no nerves - we know if we get a win on Sunday then that's it, we've got another season in the Premier League, which is where everyone wants to be."

Jarvis has won player of the year and goal of the year gongs at former club Gillingham but admitted this campaign has topped everything.

"It's got to be my best season - so many things have happened, it's been like a rollercoaster and I've enjoyed being on that ride," he added.

"Hopefully it will end the way we all want it to and we can all enjoy our holidays."

Jarvis was delighted to be crowned with both awards but especially pleased to be recognised by his fellow pros. "It was fantastic to get both of them - the fans have watched us all season and it's great to get the plaudits from them, but to get an award from your team-mates as well, it's fantastic to know that they think I'm the best player of the season," he said.

"They see me every single day so it's a great honour from them."

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Comments for: "Matt Jarvis pledges Wolves future"


Very well done Matt, please accept my congrats also.

Nice to see a young man with principles and loyalty in this day of greed, but then we've got a whole squad of loyal and principled players that Mick to his credit has accumulared.

Good luck on Sunday boys, one massive effort, full concentration and we are there. Celebrate desrvedly after the game!

Stephen Burt

Great news. Matt Jarvis, Wolves and England legend in the making.

Mike Buckmaster

Congratulations Matt, well deserved.It is very rewarding for all Wolves fans to see such loyalty, so thank you. A big pat on the back to Mick McCarthy and his scouting team who brought him to Wolves.

Now let us finish the job of retaining Premier League football and ask all fans to give 100% vocal support on Sunday. My wife and I will be in the Jack Harris shouting our support.WOLVES FOREVER!!! (A SUPPORTER FOR 58 YEARS).

Cuddly Dudley

Well done Matt, it's been fully deserved. Just need to help roll over Blackburn to finish 15th now.

Chicken George Ndah

this is fantastic news......lets ensure our premier league survival on sunday and quash any chance of summer moves for our best players such as Jarvo and Doyle etc...

Up the Wolves!


Well done Matty Jarvis, a quality player who wants to stay at Wolves as we have to have one of the brightest futures in the Prem.

We are the ONLY CLUB with no debt in the Premier League and and we have the second lowest wage budget after Blackpool. We have a new super stadium starting work on Monday and the 3rd youngest squad in the Premier League.


Arne Darvin

Well done young man! Thoroughly deserved. The question is, will he start or make a super-sub appearence????


Well done to you matty Jarvis, what a fantastic season youve had, in fact on reflection i believe if we win on Sunday and finish 15th it has to be deemed a very successful campaign for us, a much more competative league than last season and a higher points total, yes it hasnt always been pretty or much fun to sit through as a die hard fan but ultimatly its progress.....Rome wasnt built in a day and all that! if we do saty up and i believe we will, we must strengthen the defense , i dont think we need to spend big but a few quality signings in choice positions will do us wonders! come on me babies....up the mighty wolves!!!!

Bahamian Wolves

Congrats Matt, had so much pleasure watching you this season, my thanks. I watch football in a sports bar here will all sorts of fans and they all say they would love to see you in their team, as most are Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool fans this is a great compliment.

Also it is great to be a life long fan of a club with integrity in an increasingly selfish short term world. Please Wolves do not sign any prima donnas.


Well done Matt, like you say its nice to get the award off the fans, who are not fools, they know who the best player is during the season, but its even more special when your fellow pro's vote you the best player too. I like your attitude about where you've come from to where you are today, to many young players come from teams like Gillingham, to clubs like Wolves, then get involved with England, and suddenly they think they've reached the top? But its only the start, as you've got to play at the top of your game week-in-week-out to play for the very best teams,like Man U,Chelseas,Man C,Arsenal,and still not guaranteed a first-team place? Stay with Wolves because at least you will play 95% of the matches during the season, and deveolp into an even better player, but go to either of the teams above ,and you will be lucky to play 50% of the games. Look at players like Barry,Milner,Adam Johnson,SWP,all very good players,but how many games have they played since moving to 'big' clubs? You could go to one of them and end up becoming a forgotten player,which also means NO England call-ups,you've proved even playing at Wolves, you can also play for England? But its good to see you 'commit' to Wolves like Steve Hunt also did. Always remember the old saying 'its better to be a big fish in a little pond, than a little fish in a big pond'??? YOU LADS CAN/WILL DO IT ON SUNDAY: UTW:


Well done Matt, we have four wide men of quality. Jarvis,Hammill,Kightly and Hunt.

We now need 2 new centre halfs and a left back.

Time to off load




Craddock ret.




plus one or 2 others

Players and manager to look at

Big Sam


Warnock Stephen not Neil



Mills (Reading)


Rons Flowers

Top Man, well done Matty and those who voted for him

mick will save us (I hope)

Fully deserved, matt has been progressing as much as this club has, and its nice to see players such as Matt show such commitment and loyalty. I think credit should be shown to Mick aswell for the character of players he signs. Its only 7 years ago that we had another player of the year that refused to play for us when we got relegated. I think its fair to say that we have come leaps and bounds since those days.

Froggy's Doctors Notes

Nice one Matt.

Where's all the whingers and clappers, I've missed their ludicrous banter this lunchtime.


Froggy's Doctors Notes

There's one straight in at #11.

Waste of typing mate, Morgan says no new manager and no major funds.

I know I'm not the only, can we please start a no to Big Sam campaign.


Mike , why stress your a wolves fan for 58 years, im only 19 so obviously i cant match you, does it make you more of a fan than me?

mick will save us (I hope)

BIG BAD TELFORD WOLF - I also think its good progress, and on another positive, it is clear where we need to strengthen, and if we do, theres a good chance that allot of the points weve dropped in the dying minutes wouldnt happen next season allowing for more progress.

knocker - I dont think Blake should be sold. He has done well this season with a limited number of games played, and if we did we would have just 2 senior strikers and ward. If we are going for quality not quantity, i dont think we can afford to get defenders midfielders and attackers next season. Besides Blake is a better goal scorer than most, as proof, he has has got a better goals per minute average than a certain Peter Odemwingie.

Alex Rae's Butler

Signed by 'The Muppett' for 750k.

Oxford Wolf

Good news, but with such a massive game coming up why are they all having a gala dinner this week? Surely that should have waited until next week - when we will have something to celebrate properly


Always liked him but faded recently but still class and works hard to help the full backs. I reckon though that Fletcher could have won this with more games under his belt. A class scorer!


#11 Knocker

You have some correct points..I give you right about Samba, Tomkins and Yakubu..all great quality. Big Sam would be like sticking with Mick, so its no improvement. IF we change manager I want O'Neill.

Also I want SEB to stay cause he is also good player. Mancienne will probably be overpriced so I say dont buy him.


anybody got a spare ticket for sunday cash waiting. thanks. utw , well done matt. come on me babbies can already see the gold flag flying high on sunday evening.


Also wanna say fantastic season MATT JARVIS, and we are pleased to have you in the team. Always running up and down the pitch nice to see..Good luck on sunday

Sir Billy Quiet

Matt is the sort of quality player we will need on the bench next season in case Stephen Ward picks up an injury........LOL

By the way I see Wolves are one of the best run clubs in the Premiership - another blow for the Numpties, by Sunday evening the 3Ms will have proved to be successfull in all areas of football management! (yes stopping up is success to Wolves at this time).

Happy Clapping is the way forward.



Well deserved award to fine player and sportsman. Never seems to complain or cause trouble, just gets on with it. Some of the so called super stars should take note.

Whether or not he is selected to play from the start on Sunday, I have no doubt that he will be play at some stage.

Ye Olde South Bank

Yet more 'congratulations' from me to you, Matt, and fully deserved, too.

What a fantastic young winger he is. Those of us who remember watching Waggy in his prime probably haven't been so excited since Matt Jarvis -and Michael Kightly, to be fair- burst on to the scene.

And how refreshing is it to see a young, accomplished player like Matt paying tribute to the huge part played by his club, Wolverhampton Wanderers? I was wondering if his full, England call-up would turn his head, but clearly not.

Stay at the Golden Palace, work your way into our history books, become a Molineux legend and be remembered for all time by an adoring public. You have the talent do it and that's what it's all about, Matt. Ask our Bully.

Poorthorns ONLY 18,000 home fans

Well done Matty, let's carry this forward into the Blackburn game and get back to your best form!


Matt well done mate.Steve bull had the chance to go to coventry city in his day and didnt.And now is loved by all wolves fans because of his loyalty.And i hope for more good seasons to come


Absolute professional. The progress he has made since he joined us is a credit to both Matt and our coaches. The cross he put in for the winner at Sunderland was absolute text book stuff. Lets just stay up and sure he will be better still next year.

PS Alex Rae's Butler - long time no see - the light side has nearly won (fingers crossed)

Think Big

Sir Billy, I work with Stoke fans - they don't see just staying up after a season long relegation battle as success.

They see getting to the FA Cup Final, qualifying for Europe and a Top 10 finish as success - this is what we should be aiming for!

Will we achieve this success under Super Mick? Perhaps - I would give him until end of November then pull the plug if we are in the relegation zone again.

No doubt we will survive on Sunday.......


OK he wants to stay and that's great, but we have strngth in depth on the left wing in Hunt and we need to spend a fortune on the defence. It might not be his decision... :-(


Imagine how much of a birthday it would be for Jarvis, if he could score the winning goal against blackburn to keep us up!


Well done Matt you're a great pro and seem like a lovely young man.


Sir Billy

Where did you get that Wovles were one of the best run clubs in the premiership then?

I'm intrigued as to how you are measuring it.

I know we are debt free, but that's about to change, with the £15 million debt to build our stadium.

But, I feel we can thank Sir Jack for being Debt free. After all, he sold the club so that Morgan was forced to put £35 million into it.

Without that, it would be a very different story indeeed.

Mind you, I bet Sir Jack's not too happy Morgan's wasting so much on bulldozing a nearly new ground!

Let's hope we are in the prem next year, otherwise we might be echoing around our new ground in the chumpionship.


@ #30 Think Big..

come on mate as i said in my earlier post...Rome wasnt built in a day, in this league youve got to walk before you can run. this is only our second season in the prem(this time around) and we are trying to establish ourselves before we start to take the champions league by storm! i think your expecting to much to soon. the honours and the glory will come my friend...all in good time of that im sure...have a little faith will you. as i said earlier if we stay up we have to regard the season as a success. its as simple as that. up the mighty wolves!


Sir Billy

Success is not just stopping up. Might be to you and a few of your other amibitionless mates working at the council, but most of us would like to see some progress on and off the pitch.

Me personally, I want to know why no one is coming through our youth policy when I walk my dog passed the magnificent training facilities we have down at Compton. So much money spent, for so little reward.

I also want to know why so much money has been spent on a squad when the first team is almost entirely made up of the same team that won promotion from the championship two years ago.

Finally, I would like to know in advance, what is a measure of success at Wolves from Morgan. Is it merely survivial, or is it that need 2 more points than the previous year to have made 'progress' in this league.

Because, Moxey suggested that we should be aiming for a top 5 finish, which, even for a muppet like me, seems a wildly optimistic, but, Europa place would be a nice target, for now.

But, which one is it Moxey and Morgan? is it a top 5 place as Moxey suggests, or is it 2 more points than last year as you yourself have suggested morgan?

Alfred Camilleri

Come on No. 11 Knocker. Do you think SEB and Mancienne have passed it as Wolves players? I don't think so. And some of those you like to join us are only average players. Samba is attracting Arsenal for the price of 10 million. Yakubu is now on the way down while Tomkins is not the player many make him.

I think Shane Long is s good shot amd if Reading stay in the Championship he may like to try the Premier. He is Irish and knows Doyle, Hunt, Foley and Ward, and he looks to be in the McCarthy mould that is young and hungry.

Anyway hope we will remember next Sunday as Super Sunday as the match against Blackburn is similar to the Play-Offs Final.

welsh wolves

wait til the offers come in?

We'll do well to keep him i think.


My Kent connections, Gillingham supporters, are also proud of your achievements - as are we. Well done, Matt. UTW - will be there on Sunday.

wanderer in eire

since last season I have wanted mick out and a while back it could very well have been a great decision.I do feel that win sunday and "MICK" yes you read correct "MICK" could just could end up being the "MANAGER" that we are looking for.

This will give "mick and his crew" an amazing boost and beleif which would enhance his reputation in every quarter.

So I declare we win on saturday "MICK"as to stay.Go down then he as to GO.

ireland wolves

Well done Matt fully deserved, the only shinning light we have had this season, happy birthday for sunday, goal or two would top a great season for you and it would make our day....


18Alex Rae's Butler

May 19, 2011 at 1:14 pm

Signed by ‘The Muppett’ for 750k.

Yeah same muppet who signed Mouyokolo for £2.5m - kinda negates your argument!

stop taking a cheap snipe, take off your rose coloured spectacles and just let Jarvo enjoy his glory!


Does anyone know if new strip is being worn on Sunday?

The Real Lincoln Wolf

Well he was hardly likely to say "Yeh I can't wait to play for Liverpool" now was he?

He'll be gone before Xmas mark my words

Percy the Wolf

JlNever doubted you would get this vote Matt. What a decent guy (and damn good player) you are. Wishing you what we all hope will be the happiest of birthdays on Sunday. In fact it will feel like all our birthdays if Wolves win!

Good luck lads - we trust in you!



Sir Billy, Just got to have your little 'Rose Tinted' snide comment, it fits you very well.

Couple of points on your remarks....Those figures would look a whole lot better but for the Dross purchased last year, can't even remember what they look like, can You? Ghosts, which will without doubt be a financial loss.

I wonder what the P&L would have shown had we not had a Financial Angel. In recent years I can only recall one other club fortunate enough to have much of their debt written off by a benefactor. Let us all hope we stuff 'em on Sunday.

On the form shown over these last two seasons, the wage percentage is more than generous or could it be that by comparison with the rest of the EPL the salary structure truly reflected the mediocre results.

Anyway Sunshine, have a wonderful summer break, hoping to see you in this place next season.

kev in mallorca

17 mick will save us {I hope}

Even right to the end you lot come out with the most pathetic boasts!

Never mind casting admiring glances at us just concentrate on your own club.

Anyway the pastry on our pies is 1mm thicker than yours, so beat that if you can!

na na, nana na!


Brian Law Bus Driver


You've wanted to sack him all season and now the outcome of just one game is your basis to sack him?

What complete nonsense.

Plus if you bother to read the other stories, up or down Morgan is keeping MM. At least you didn't ask for him to be replaced with Allardyce.

Old Gold's Worth More

Well down Matt Jarvis, now give us a birthday present by beating Blackburn. On 2 other subjects, why are we having yet another new strip? I think they are just a way of getting yet more money from the fans. And on the note of money, its great to see that we are the only top flight club not in debt. The Baggies are 2nd in the list owing just £10 million, while Chelsea owe £700 million plus, Man U nearly £600 million. These top teams (who buy themselves success i.e. Chelsea and Man City) should be banned from all european competitions till they get their finances in order.


RichWolf64, as far as I'm aware the £16m for the stadium has already been ring-fenced and is being paid for by cash we have in the bank from Morgan's takeover. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure we will still be debt free.

I remember Mick being questioned for selling Michael McIndoe and replacing him with Jarvo for about the same if not less money, rather shrewd bit of business! Well done Jarvo, well deserved.

kev in mallorca

Again just to let you lot know the mods are not letting are reply's to your petty little jibes through!


Working and Proud


Your comments about Council workers is typical of readers of a cetain daily paper.

You constantly 'slag off' fellow Wolves Supporters that don't agree with your 'expert' opinions.

You will have egg all over face come Sunday evening when Wolves have stayed up- this will be deemed a success by Steve Morgan.

You criticised the Club for not siging 'big' in the transfer window- look at West Ham.

Steady progress will mean 48 points next season!!

Alex Rae's Butler

Scotwolf1 - it wasn't a snipe at a particular person. McCarthy gets very little praise for the successful deals he does do.

Re Mouyokolo, the guy has been full of injury all season and I really do not see how can you judge him yet ? Remember Milijas last season ? Look at the improvement in him this year. Why was Wenger looking at him before us ?

Sir Billy Quiet


Just to let you know that I have never worked for the council but like all the workers in the public sector I admire their dedication and hard work.

They always 'put a shift in' ask Mick!


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