Wolves fear worst on Kevin Doyle

Wolves were today fearing the worst over Kevin Doyle with the star striker facing the rest of the season out.

Wolves were today fearing the worst over Kevin Doyle with the star striker facing the rest of the season out.

The £6.5million man undergoes scans today on the medial knee ligament damage that caused him to limp out of the Republic of Ireland's 2-1 Euro 2012 qualifying victory over Macedonia in Dublin after 17 minutes.

Doyle's injury to his left knee was caused by a bad tackle from behind by Nikolche Noveski and the initial prognosis from Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni wasn't good.

He said: "It's his medial knee ligament. I think he may be out for one or two months, so it's a very serious injury.

Wolves now face an anxious wait to discover the extent of the damage to Doyle's knee.

Chief executive Jez Moxey said: "We've been in contact with Kevin and his knee is hurting.

"He's the consummate professional and we're all concerned for him but we have to wait to see the extent of the damage, which we hope to know as soon as possible.

"Of course it would be a massive blow to lose him, but we've got two other high quality strikers in Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Steven Fletcher."

But Moxey insisted Matt Jarvis, who could make his England debut in the Wembley friendly against Ghana tomorrow night, would not be withdrawn because of a risk to injury.

If Wolves did pull Jarvis out, he couldn't play the next two club games under FA rules designed to stop teams withdrawing players from playing in friendlies.

Doyle, who has missed just five league games this season, looks to have sustained a similar injury to Karl Henry, which kept the captain out for eight weeks.

Although his chances of playing a part in Wolves' survival bid look slim, Trapattoni was confident that Doyle would be fit for Ireland's return game in Macedonia on June 4.

The Italian said: "I hope by May or June he can come back and we can have him for the match in Macedonia."

At least there was brighter news for Doyle's team-mate Kevin Foley, who took his solid club form onto the international stage in his first competitive start for Ireland.

Trapattoni said: "Players like Foley - players I have been questioned for selecting - played very well."

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Comments for: "Wolves fear worst on Kevin Doyle"

Doylers Agent

Stupid International matches at this time of the season. Lets hope that Jarvis will be ok


Losing Doyle will be a blow for the run in, especially as he is playing really well. Although we have ideal replacements in SEB and Fletcher.

we dont need them

Well here we go why play stupid unwanted internationals, all what happens is injury to players we need more.


Fletcher or SEB have impressive strike rates this season but I believe that they are best used as a partnership. At the end of the day every game we have left is definitely winnable and as a result we may have to now go 4-4-2. It will probably mean Milijas being sacrificed though and he would be unfortunate!

As for Foley being picked. He is easily good enough for the Republic of Ireland.

All the best Matt Jarvis for tomorrow. I have total confidence in not letting England down!


STRIKER? isent that sombody who scores goals,never mind you got super Seb.


Great, thats all we need! Its not like our last 7 games are important or anything is it!!

I'd be bringing back Sam Vokes asap..we're going to need all of them at this rate, I can just see Jarvo getting crocked too before the week's out.


Gutted for Doyle - and it is an obvious serious blow to our battle to survive in the Premiership. Time for Sylvan and Steve to step up and remind us of why we admire them so much - this is their chance to establish themselves. Go for it lads, earn the glory. In the meantime, recover soon, Doyler. UTW


Why was Doyle allowed to walk half way round the pitch, if the injury was so bas, Surely this would have made it worse??

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Come on SEB.

Time for Fletcher to show how good he really is.


Make no mistake about it, this is a major blow to us. Doyler is a key component in the way we play and the system, as last year, is starting to reap dividends again.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that he is back before the end of the season but, given the terrible luck we seem to have had all season with injuries, I'm not confident.

I like SEB but, perhaps, this could be the time for Fletch to show whay we paid the money we did back last summer?


A major blow, but unlike last season we do have alternatives in Fletcher and a much sharper SEB

I wouldn't bet against Ward being picked though!

south bank dave

Terrible news for us, Doyle hasn’t got a lot of goals this season, although 8 in all competitions is still not bad to say he had an injury at xmas time too, but he brings so much more to our team than goals, his hold up play is one of the best in the league and is work rate is the same.

Its time for SEB and Fletch to step up plate and show us what we know they can do. #4 I know what you’re saying, I also think they play better as a partnership but our defence has been so poor when we’ve played 4-4-2 this season, so I’d stick with 4-5-1 and it’s up to Mick which one of them plays.

I think if we can beat the blouses, Sandwell and Blackburn we will survive, I just pray Jarvis and O’Hara don’t pick up an injury otherwise then we will be in trouble.

#5 – jog on son, you’re obviously a Sandwell fan who is papping yourself about your horrendous run in, now stop surfing the net and get back to your school work before you get a telling off young man.

Cuddly Dudley

I don't think ROI players and fans would think a European qualifier was an unwanted international, but, the Ghana friendly certainly is. Injuries are part of the game and we now have to just get on with it.

Holding the ball up like Doyle probably means Fletcher rather than SEB will start the games. We are now going to see what he's made of.

I'd leave Sam Vokes where he is and recall Sam Winnall for bench duties, although we may now see Griffiths. Both know how to put the ball in the net and could be very useful impact players even in the Premiership.

What an irony for certain Wolves 'supporters' on this site if Griffiths came on and scored for Wolves before Torres did for Chelsea. £50m v £150k..... I'd love it !

Sir Billy Quiet

Mick has been building a squad and now the Numpties know why!

£6M for Fletcher as cover may look like a good investment now.

Happy Clapping all the way to Newcastle on Saturday.



International games programmes must be looked at again.

Reduce domestic league season for an uninterrupted continuous eight months and play all international games for two months thereafter. This gives two months recoverry time for all internationl playesr.

It looks as if we have lost our leading player for the rest of this "fight for your life" season. Who compensates us for losing our players and more importantly (heaven forbid) if we lose the ultimate fight of survival?


You have to play the strongest side now and for me that doesn't include Ward starting infront of SEB or Fletch, still go 4-5-1 with O'Hara feeding and making the runs to feed the striker, if needed go 4-4-2 last 30 mins...


jez moxey junior

If the quoted stat in the article is correct (Doyle has missed only five games this season), straight off the top of my head, we won at least three of those (Stoke, Blues and Liverpool).

Although I agree that this is a blow (Doyle's return to last season's form in recent weeks has, at least, contributed to the team's strong showing during this period of time), I think Fletcher could be a more than adequate replacement as a lone striker (what he lacks comparatively in the ability to hold up the ball he makes up for in terms of added goal threat).

This said, Mick may well opt to 'go two up top' now and assuming that this means Fletcher and Ebanks-Blake then I'm not too concerned.


Now we will see if the magician rates seb or fletcher as forwards over magician junior (Steven Ward)????????????


Anybody who watched match will know the original injury was sustained some five minutes before that challenge, when Doyle challenged for header in the box. Doyle stayed on clearly limping around the pitch who's decision?! Im sure we'll never know.

Its all part of having talented players representing their country, we have to live with that.

What we can't deal with is unneccessary decisions of players continuing when injured.

Trappatoni or Doyle?!


Just when everything was going so well but it's a chance that SEB and Fletcher will relish. Both seem to have been itching to get off the bench. Now it's their oportunity to take responsibility to score the goals that will keep Wolves up. UTW


Major blow for our survival hopes, just as I was starting to believe! Hope Jarvo doesn't get crocked or that will another disaster, we have the strength in depth that we didn't have last season so

Hopefully Doylers boots can be filled to good effect by Seb or Fletch, the games we have left are all winnable but this will have knocked our confidence make no bones about it. Let's just hope we can maintain the performance levels we enjoyed before the international break. We had the momentum then and we need to hit the ground running in terms of getting a result on saturday, all the best Doyler for z speedy recover, in the mean time Wolves you know what you gotta do! Up the mighty wolves!


This is very sad news for both Doyle and Wolves. We don't have a direct replacement for Doyle, as both Fletcher and Ebanks-Blake don't hold the ball as well. It means a re-think on formation, tactics and personnel.

I tend to agree with others who have posted comments, that it's probably going to be a Fletcher/Ebanks-Blake partnership in a 4-4-2 system.


Fletcher should play now in our usual 451 formation. Ebanks Blake is a good striker, but he won't be as useful as Fletcher as a lone frontman. Fletcher is nearly as good as Doyle at holding up the ball & will score more goals. Stick Fletcher up top against a Newcastle team in poor form & we will win 2-1 I predict!!!


Well i9n view of the Doyler situation it's time to roll our sleeves up and get on with it. Black Country ay we?


The last thing i said on my message was 'But all come back without injuries'? Whilst its an honour to have our players,playing at International level, there is always that worry they will pick up an injury. I feel gutted for Kevin as he's worked his socks off for us again this season has the lone striker. But they say every cloud has a silver lining, so perhaps its SEB/Flecther's turn to show what they can do in the last 8 massive cup finals we've got left. The one thing thats different with the three strikers is they are very different in their style's of play, whilst KD is top class at what he does for us, i do believe SEB/Flecther will score you more goals? I think 'IMO' that SEB is a more natural goalscorer than KD, i also think SF is also a better finisher in/around the 18yrd area, but i also think SF could do a similar job to KD and would be better than SEB doing that role? But has an out-out goalscorer i believe SEB is 'our' best striker. UTW:

Robin Brittain

Although an Albion supporter I hope that both clubs can survive this season but what happened to Kevin Doyle at the weekend makes it more difficult. Why the Premier League allows itself to be dictated to by the FA , EUFA and the FA on playing all these qualifying matches and friendly matches at a critical stage of our domestic season is beyond me. It's the Premier League mostly then the Champions league that people want to watch. It's time that the Premier League told the bodies when they can play their matches not the other way round. I am surprised that Sky and their advertisers have not complained as I don't think many people would have bothered to watch the international fare shown last weekend. Bad luck Kevin let's hope you recover quickly.

Colin Peppiatt

So, who will take over being the 1 in our 4-5-1 formation? Fletcher? SEB? No, it'll no doubt be Stephen Ward, and if it is, we are definitely on our way to Brighton next season. And sadly that will be without Jarvis & O'Hara.


Of course its sad when our players get injuries but now is the time for SEB and Fletch to show how good they really are as many here say..Its a tough descision to be made by Mick if go 4-4-2 with SEB/Fletch together as a team(I think would be a dream team btw) but of course dont wanna lose Milijas in midfield..but maybe Karl Henry is needed for defensive duties this match, although i know Milijas can take a more defensive role too.

Anyway we never give up and will not this time either!



Sir billy quiet, for god sake grow up!!!!!

6M for a cover player is absolutely pathetic!!!

And because you are a blinkered Mick lover, don't for one minute Mick will pick SEB or FLETCH before LOVE CHILD WARD!!!!! just watch,that will be just typical don't you think?

I do believe you don't think anyone else has an opinion. God knows what its like to live with you!!!!! LOL

I would like to see :












I think this could work well, if need be, bring on SEB and go 4-4-2 if needed, but that aint gonna happen course WARD has to play some part for some reason???? god knows why???


Sir Lupi

Id bet a penny to a pinch of poo, Mick will play Fletcher wide and drop Hammill.

Sir Billy Quiet

28 You are having a laugh (spelling)

When has Ward started as the lone striker ahead of Doyle, Fletcher or SEB?

Mick tried to play 4-4-2 at the start of the season and has now switched to 4-5-1 - Doyle is first choice striker so Fletcher is back up? no matter what he cost.

I do agree with your team selection for Newcastle.

Ward is a great player to have in our squad, he comes in does a shift, in any position, and never complains about being on the bench.

If that makes him Micks Love Child I hope he has got another dozen on the way!!

Try Happy Clapping its the way forward.


Filthy Wolf

Mick - Fletcher. Top scorer but never seems to start. SEB - finally found his feet but also seems to be a bench warmer.

Doyle WILL be missed but he never scored enough anyway.


You can see it coming a mile off Steven Ward up front on his own!!!


Trapatoni wants him back for their June qualifiers! We wanted for our game at Newcastle on Saturday! Good luck with the rehab Kevin.


13 Sir Billy Quiet

Anybody that thinks that losing Doyle is not a major setback is deluded,when we play 451 Doyle is crucial as he holds the ball up so well and brings others into play.You may say that we have Fletcher as cover but how many games has he played this season hes not match fit and it may take 3 or 4 games for him to be at his best and we havent got the time.Mick may now be forced to play 442 which would be a risk away from home,lets just hope that Fletcher can hit the ground running.

Moxey's hair gel

Now Now.

it is a blow, but why does every column end up in an argument about Ward. But, having said that, let me add to the discussion.

Anyone remember when he first came, he looked great up front and was a real poacher. Better than Fletcher or SEB, no, i dont think so, but not a disaster either and depending on how we go at the opposition i think he is an option.

The trouble of "Wardy" is that he has played at left back, and left mid and everywhere else for the team and ofcoarse does not look spot on there as he is, a striker. He is a 100% player, and pretty decent too - and you lot should get off his back - he is still harder working and more gifted than 90% of the players we have had in the last 25 years even if he isnt Roy Keane, Steve Bull and Bryan Robson combined.

Up the Wolves.

Doyler, completely gutted. Our star man. It is a blow, but we are a team right!

Come on you Wolves.

Craig WolvesFcHughes

Stephen Ward the replacement for Doyle i bet!

Fletcher and Ebanks-Blake can do the business though.


Sir Billy Quiet

34 Wolfhound

Where did I say that losing Doyle was not a major set back?? deluded me? no just a Happy Clapper.....

What I said was that paying £6M for Fletcher as back up may turn out to be good business.

Fletcher and SEB will be flying in training this week and grab any chance given to them with both hands, neither has moaned about being on the bench and now they will get there chance.

And if Stephen Ward gets selected to play up front on his own ahead of these two I will be the first one calling for Micks head next Monday!!


Farmer Ted

28 Y A A L

Whilst I agree with your team selection I disagree with your opinion. With Doyle up front in a 4-5-1, where would you have played £6m Fletcher ? 4-4-2 hasn't worked for us.

Now your 'cover' player has a chance to prove himself, cos IMO he'll get the lone striker role with SEB as the impact player.

One more thing, if I may. Avoid the tiresome cliches of 'love child' 'muppet' and 'happy clapper' it puts you in the numbskull category and spoils any valued point you are trying to make.


balanced comments No.12.

Would people have internationals plaYed exclusively in the summer when players need an earned rest?

Doyle is a dignified Paddy and long may he remain playing for the gracious Greens {who have recently beaten England at both CRICKET AND RUGBY}.


Ward is the man to go for as lone striker. He will be able to hold the ball and play in Jarvis, Hammill, O'Hara and Milijas. Fletch/Seb can come on if we have to chase the game.

Lets's not kid ourselves - losing Doyle is serious. More pressure now on Stearman and Berra to keep us in the games - they can and will do it.


wolfie rich 32

Sir Billy if a player does not moan about being on the bench then it doesnt show much ambition does it?

Doyle is a HUGE loss, and i would say he is our best player with Jarvo

Agree with other posts SEB is not good enough to play upfront by himself, i would go with Fletch

Looks like Jarvo will get his chance tomorrow due to capello testing out different players, praying he doesnt come bk injured either!!

Saturday wont be an easy game, newcastle at home were 4 nil down to arsenal and got a draw out of it, so we cant think they will roll over


Had it. Neither fletcher nor SEB good enough for premiership or have the interest in a relegation battle like doyler does. mad mick will now see the money we spent on fletcher was yet another waste.


The ROI manager come out and said how he hopes Doyle just recovers in time for their next qualifier in June, no apology or sympathy to his club or to Doyler. Along with Zubar out for the season aswell now, just as key players start to return and we come into form we lose two of our best players.

Foley is a quality right back and he is the ideal replacement for Zubar. Fletch and SEB are better goalscorers but Doyle has many strings to his Bow that we will miss.

Good luck Jarvo for tomorrow night. Team for Toon:













SEB and Fletcher will do us good....No worries. Doyle has been a great professional;) Keep the faith ;)....UP the Wolves!!!!

Solano Wolf

37 Sir Billy, a monumental statement that last sentence in your post. I have faith in Wolves if it weren't for Mick McCarthy. All the numpties will be watching for your post come Monday


When you lose a player of Doyles capacity its hard to replace. There is no like for like replacement. The sheer running and effort he puts in is matched neither by Blake or Fletcher.


5 goals in the league this season is not prolific and as much as he does off the ball it has been slamming it in the net sometimes what Wolves have lacked. We now have midfielf players that can do Doyles running, Hammill and Jarvis and O'Hara can do the extra running Doyle was, maybe having a finisher of Blakes ability up front for the crosses is not a bad thing. Out of Darkness Cometh light and if Blake scores a good few between now and the end like i suspect he might, maybe a blessing in disguise.

Get well soon Doyler!!!


The team will rally. Mick will get us across the line. Most posting feel Luke I do, that we will find a way. The spirit is great right now, and that will be our foundation to move on from Kevin's injury, to find another way to survive, and we will!



gutted for him and us..I think we will really miss him.

Well said Robin Brittain nice to know some fans show some respect unlike Jack the hat and Sunderland coaches thingy. I too hope with both stay(well sort off).


I seem to remember SEB playing the lone striker before to good affect when Doyle was out, can not remember which match !


Fletch to start up front, in 4-5-1 with current midfield.

If SEB needed, go 4-3-3, with Hammill coming off. We need to keep three in the middle of midfield because we cannot afford to expose Berra and Stearman.

As you say rich5wolves, "Out of darkness cometh light!"


35 - yeah I remeber those games ward had, all 2 of them!!!

U joker..........


Doyle is quality and brings others into the game , SEB can't do it on his own, Fletcher is too inconsistent. Doyle's work rate causes teams problems and creates chances for us. Compare our potential strike options to most other premiership teams and its easy to see why we're in the relegation scrap. Which prem teams would swap their strikers for Fletcher and SEB ?


I am gutted by Doyles injury.. I hope Wolves put a claim in for sompensation if we get relegated.. 40 Million would be the cost at least.. Similar happend in the past with Sheffield United.. I do hope we get some sort of compensation as it is not fair to lose a player to injury this way...

kenny hibbitscorcher79

bad news about doyle, but hey, hopefully fletcher or seb can capitalise on the crosses and through balls from , o hara/hammil/jarvis. and milijas can carry on shooting on sight. and number 5. 40 coaches to sunderland, if your a tesco fan, i dont think you have the money to hire 40 coaches and if your a cheeky geordie, your jibe about strikers reminds of a certain s.g.bull, remember him and his 4 goals at st james's?? thought not. utw

i dont know

Wolfman,,,you say ward is the one to go for, i think you know nothing he is second division at best as soon we sell him the better and get rid of the crab as well.


Let us please keep this in perspective. Firstly this injury could have happened 5 minutes into the Newcastle game. Secondly - In the close season I was looking very closely at the type of players that we were trying to sign and I said then - If we are to go 442 we need to strenthen the whole team, if we are going to stick to 451, we need a quality striker as cover - we signed Fletcher! IT WILL BE 451 at Newcastle and we will be all right!














no.55-who's crab ? oh I see jumping on bandwagon are we.


One man does not make a team,unless your talking along the lines of a cantona,christine ronaldo,or a messi.For all the effort monsiuer doyle puts in,his strike rate is not great.I would much prefer to see him playing just off the striker.Think this role would suit him perfectley.I hope I'm proved right at the weekend on the issue of one man not making a team.We would not be in the position were in now had it not been for horrendous luck and injuries combined.If you are like me and loyally follow the wolves,you would know this.Heres looking forward to the last eight games,because were in a rosier position now than ever before.Wolves Ay We

Colin Peppiatt

Ward hold the ball up? He can trap it further than I can kick it! It should be Fletcher, with SEB supporting from the bench. The one good thing is that Doyle doesn't score as many as he should, so perhaps it could even help us survive if SEB & Fletcher step up to the plate. You just fear Mick will play Ward.

PJW Holland

History repeats itself. Wolverhampton Wanderers stumps up the salary and the players spend all their time on the sick... due to their "international" commitments. This at a time when Wolves need every hand to the pump.

Stoke on Trent Wolf


Has to be the consensus starting line up doesn't it? Be nice to have a bit of a SEB cameo from off the bench.

Josh Wolves



OMG we are going to miss all his goals

The Real Lincoln Wolf

55. I don't know. Love your post. Been saying the same thing all season. Welcome to the numpty club. We'll see off the happy clappers yet..............

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