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The Real Bully Hoo.

Who is your favourite iron man from years gone by? Both Wile and Robertson come to mind and Dougie Fraser but I think Johnny Kaye takes some beating, hewn from granite.

Happy Baggie

Kaye was too early for me (just) but apart from the Wile and Robertson I used to love seeing Sean Flynn And Derek McKinnes get stuck in - also Martin Jol could mix it with the best.


Johnny Kaye was a cynical chopper-down of anyone that came near him in a different coloured shirt to his own..........I absolutely loved him! Lol.


PS - he could 'out sick' Sicko any day of the week!

brandhall baggie

Well there are lots of "smashers" from the archives and Ally Robertson was one for me along with Mckinnes, as for Daws and right back, for god sake buy a proper left back and shift him to the middle, he looks so much more comfortable in that role, then we can see how good AN is can't we in what should be his more natural right footed position of RB. Come on you baggieboys, lets have our first double against Leicester but they are on form and we are not, so who knows where the next points will come from, we can only keep hoping, losing 4 on the trot is not good by our standards even though they have all been tight games....


Jimmy Dugdale, Derek Kevan, Big Dave and john Kaye spring to mind. Pound for pound though i would have to say Maurice Setters.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Setters was just before my time BB, but I've heard others talk about him as a legendary hard man.

Smethwick Baggie

Bully cant comment on Johnny Kay but obviously Robbo was up there for me along with a very tenacious Martyn Bennet

Happy Baggie

Strange that a hoof-ball side only has three players who have won more than 50 headers all season...... it's almost as if we play more on the floor than the press and moaners would have us believe......

Also - according to the story, only "the majority" of players are happy to be on the same side as dawes - so does the paper have any details of players who don't want to play with him, or is it more negative reporting from our supportive local paper ???

Kev in Mallorca

Paranoia is running amok today ay it?


Happy Baggie

Do you ever comment on the actual thread of a story or only throw snide jibes at people on here ?

You are n ere every day but hardly ever comment about the club unless its to moan about the singing or something - most of your posts are just aimed at other posters and if you don't mind me saying, its a bit childish.

Kev in Mallorca

Calm down dow get paranoid, and I don't mind you saying, it your right to comment however you like, oh but please don't take offence at me addressing your thoughts as comments.


PS. But dow ya think it's stretching a little to offer content of this story as proof of "negative reporting", if so dow yo think that is a bit childish?

I also refute the accusation of me being on here everyday, as for aiming at other posters, maybe, just maybe, it's cause I don't like hypocrisy.

Kev in Mallorca

Before I go, just like to point out another inaccuracy,I never moan about the singing, I moan about the LACK of singing, Smerrick exempt, and to prove my point.

I attended Sunday's game with a couple of plastic scousers who travelling back and sat with me in the Brummie, I had no defence when they said after the match that the support from the home supporters was abysmal.

They also agreed with me that our defence was impressive, wish their's was as good and with 3/4/5 good players we could be top 6.



It's his democratic right to act like a simpleton mate.

Kev in Mallorca


Thanks for the permission.


You're welcome.

Ant Baggie

Alright Bully,

No one can question Dawson's commitment, it's great to see.

I'd have to say when I was a kid, and watching the likes of

Robert Hopkins he never shirked a challenge.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes Ant. I don't know if everybody is putting forward players for the same reason.

I mentioned Johnny Kaye because he wasn't a particularly dirty player by the standards of the time but he was like granite and would never back down from anybody.

Some other notorious hard men of the time like Norman Hunter were sometimes found to be not quite so hard when faced with somebody even harder.

Back in the 60's most of the players were fairly hard. To take the punishment George Best and Eddie Gray had dished out to them and keep coming back for more took a lot of bottle.

Big Pete

I was once stuck in the company of Liverpool comedian Jimmy Tarbuck, a fanatical 'pool fan. He got very angry when I said how dirty I thought Souness was and how I would never want him near any team of mine. " What about Graham Williams " he bellowed... any views?

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