West Brom legend Ally Robertson: Tony Pulis is right, Ben Foster should be staying put

Ben Foster's antics on the wing towards the end of the Liverpool game may have been entertaining, but I agree with Tony Pulis.

SOCCER :  English Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal
Ben Foster

Call me old fashioned, but he’s a goalkeeper, so he should be staying in the goal.

In the end, it could have been three-nil because Liverpool missed two sitters while Foster was mucking about.

If Alberto Moreno hadn’t suffered a nosebleed when faced with a open goal, then the game would have been dead and buried with a few minutes still left to play.

Unless the goalkeeper in question is 6ft 9in and a genuinely good header of the ball, then there really is no point.

How many goalies have scored from going up for corners in the 25 years of the Premier League? Because I can’t think of many.

If that had happened while I was playing, I would have been screaming blue murder at him to get back in his box.

And based on what Pulis said after the game, I doubt we’ll ever see Foster do it again.

This is nothing against Ben – who has been one of the best players of the season and one of our most consistent performers over the past few years.

I would argue he’s the best English keeper playing at the moment.

It’s obvious he went up there to try and score, and it probably comes from a burning desire to win, but in my opinion, when you play the percentages, it does more harm than good.

And if the team want supporters to believe the intensity is still there, then they should treat the remaining few games with the same professionalism they have the rest of the season.

I don’t personally subscribe to the notion they’ve downed tools since hitting 40 points.

Having spoken to a couple of the more experienced players recently, I’m convinced they’re just as desperate as the fans to reach 50 points for the first time.

We may have lost the last three games, but we didn’t deserve to come away with nothing from the home matches with Southampton or Liverpool.

We may not have deserved to win either, but losing both with the number of chances we created – particularly against Claude Puel’s Saints – was harsh.

You can see the players are still trying, the team spirit feels different to last season, there’s a better camaraderie.

They’re going to need that in abundance, because we’ve got a slew of tough games to finish the season with.

And if this group of players is going to be record breakers, they will probably need to pick something up against either Leicester, Manchester City or Chelsea in the coming


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Comments for: "West Brom legend Ally Robertson: Tony Pulis is right, Ben Foster should be staying put"

We Only Need One Half!

Much as I respect Robertsons and Pulis's p.o.v. I disagree, with such a short time left on the clock I think Ben done exactly the right thing when all things are factored in i.e. stage of season, importance of game etc etc., and as for "I doubt we’ll ever see Foster do it again." what about the same scenario in a knockout Cup game?

Unfortunately due to having a prior appointment I actually missed it because of leaving early for once on 88 minutes, and didn't see it till I watched MOTD, just my luck, grrrrr.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi mate,

I think Ben's the REAL ' sicko ', throwing himself at the opposition defence for corners, sliding tackles on the wing - get him under control.....!!...:-)

CantelloRocket 78

So Ally believes we're NOT ' on the beach ', that he knows first-hand the players are still pushing hard, and that we were unlucky to lose our last couple of games-

if people wanna disagree with him, it's their choice I guess...

Ant Baggie

Alright lads,

Yes having the good fortune to have been there to have witnessed Foster doing his rush back golie antics, some might say it was risky, bold perhaps, and amusing in a way. Fair play to him though you could just see him think right sod this I'm gonna try and help the best i can, it was actually heartening to see him have that attitude. Fair play to him.

Heath Hayes baggie

At one nil down in injury time id rather see us going gung ho for an equaliser throwing the keeper, manager and kit man into the opponents box trying to get a goal and losing 2-0 cos they hit us on the break than sitting back and doing nothing

Happy Baggie

Its true not many goalies have scored when going up for corners, but their presence definitely unsettles defenders who aren't tasked with marking him - that can make opportunities for other players to score in the mayhem, and I bet that HAS happened quite often due to a keeper going forward.

Also there is no real difference between losing 1-0 and 2 or even 3 nil, unless we need goal difference at the end of the season.

Baggie 68

Ally and Tony get a life.

We were losing not winning with minutes to go a couple of more goals was neither here nor there, our madcap fantastic goalkeeper was the most entertaining part of the afternoon.

How can anyone complain about Ben Foster who has done more than any other player to keep us where we are now, I think he was trying to show the other players to pull their fingers out and score an equaliser.

Tony you are letting the job get to you lighten up and do a Dilly Ding - Dilly Dong every now and then and put some fun into the training schedule.

Keep up the good work Ben, you are better than Joe Hart anyday You Rrrrrrrrrr Great.

C'mon you Baggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If I recall.....the great Dane of Manure used to jog up front and cause havoc and whilst defenders were watching him....others scored. The daft thing is he went up, caused havoc and then ran back and tried to out some tackles in as well.

The daft thing is as Ben ran up I shouted louder, as did everyone else, so in that moment it worked on more than one level. Other players seemed to garner themselves and the crowd got much louder. I'm not saying go up for every corner but if we're behind......why not??

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