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CantelloRocket 78

Just glanced at this ' story ', and immediately saw pieces of negativity and bits that's been endlessly repeated-

meanwhile, the Brum Mail's main story this morning, is-

' Albion's first week season ticket sales are the highest for seven years !! '


The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes I noticed that Rocket. Will that get a mention over here?

CantelloRocket 78

Probably if the second week sales are poor, mate...



keep it shut if you want to fill more seats, 2000 season ticket sales down last season with most of those at Stourbridge, it could be 3500 next season if you keep taking in so much of the players and fans oxygen.

78 given the continued abuse you afford me I'm 70 how about settling our differences in the boxing ring Queensberry Rules I can arrange it at Sean Coopers Boxing Acadamy in Brierley Hill, corner men no family current staff at the club.

The Real Bully Hoo.

You are getting more ridiculous by the day. Don't know which of your many names is the worse culprit.

Apart from which Rocket hasn't even mentioned you here, this is just you attention seeking again.

And no, I have no wish to box you either, because I'm not 12.

CantelloRocket 78

'ello, 'ello,

yer go away for a few hours, and whaddya know, all the trolls, weirdos, and troublemakers come squirming out the woodwork, not surprised it's the same old ' usual suspects '...!!

As for Emperor Shi-Bang, at least half a dozen different usernames this past 12 months, regular threats of physical violence towards posters, claiming to be holed up in a closed-down pub, drinking in another pub in Blackheath he can't remember the name of-

mad as a box of frogs, wot a plonker...!!


Well there's your answer then Cantello isn't it, Go post on your own Birmingham local paper and stop moaning about our Wolverhampton paper.

Exactly what part of that statement can you possibly find wrong ? A simple logical conclusion, is it not?

Anything other than a, 'yes, you are quite right' would be stupid.

cue stupid answer - lol.

The Real Bully Hoo.

I think I might have spotted the fault in your argument. Hereford is much further away so by your reasoning what are you doing reading it?

That apart, this site is for Baggies topics but is open to anybody so what the f*** has it got to do with you what Rocket thinks?


Have to admit I wasn't expecting the stupid reply to come from you Bully but not entirely surprising given the symbiotic relationship you and your mini-me seem to (as the E&S always like to put it) 'insist' on.

I assume from the aforementioned reply you consider that any one who doesn't live in West Bromwich cannot be classed or seen as a genuine Albion fan.

The fact that the 'club' and how it is reported by it's own local newspaper is the issue here has escaped you obviously. The E&S is a Wolverhampton based newspaper, The Brum Mail covers Birmingham and it's surrounds. If the Mail doesn't see one of it's own worth championing (despite WBA being the currently highest placed club in their catchment) that's your clubs problem.

What do you expect from the E&S ??? like I said stupid answer bang on cue.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Before you call others stupid, perhaps you should look your own way first.

The Express and Star may have been a Wolverhampton newspaper many years ago but now covers many other areas including Dudley and Sandwell. Why else would they have a West Bromwich Albion page? It's not your personal paper as your original post seems to infer. You have no right to tell other contributors to go away, hence my reply to you.

Apart from that you seem to assume that the Express and Star "belongs" to Wolves fans.

Of course Wolves is the main team for the E&S, just as Villa and Blues are for the Mail but that doesn't mean that the E&S doesn't need to give fair and unbiased coverage to the Albion. Chance would be a fine thing.

As for stupidity it seems that to quote the old saying, 'foxes do smell their own holes.'


Crikey, is Tim Spiers your lover?

Like it or not, the E&S have covered Wolverhampton and the Black Country for a long time now. Hell, they cover Kidderminster too. Your comment comes off as a child wanting to one-up an opposition fan by claiming ownership of a local newspaper.

If that's all you can throw at West Brom fans, you epitomise your heroes in the E&S sports department.


the point was that CR was slagging off the E&S coverage and saying the Brum Mail was better for WBA. Isn't it logical then that you'd post on the paper that gave better reviews of your club, especially as it's more local ?

Or does sandwell logic differ from everyone else's?


Some of your own fan's seemed to have grasped it by the way , perhaps they don't live in sandwell ?

CantelloRocket 78


the Express and Star had offices in the West Bromwich area for many years, and obviously covers a wide area of this region-

as for the Brum Mail, I mentioned it because I looked at the latest headlines on the ' NewsNow ' site this morning, covering all the media, and only the Birmingham Mail had news of the Baggies season ticket sales, nothing from the E&S, and apparently still nothing, yet I believe they've featured headlines about Wolves selling tickets early, so I wonder why the delay about the Baggies...??

I don't live in Brum, and you don't live in Wolverhampton, so I suggest you stop pathetic whinging about what Baggies fans are saying to each other - now kindly jog on, eh...?

Dave Gilberts old sock's

Large orifice,

All you ever do is slag the express and star off for anything they print but still carry on using their excellent site to bad mouth people and act like you own the place, constantly abusing fellow Albion fans for daring to have a different opinion to your own blinkerd views, one of your pathetic answers to a gripe I had was go support another team, so why don't you go and read the brum mail or its sister paper the black country evening mail, maybe you could pick it up from a newsagents on the way to signing that register you have to sign every day, PS, are you still not allowed to live near schools. Its also rumoured that Len Cantello is appalled you drag his name down to your gutter level by using his name for your vile rantings, now be a man and meet qin-shi who will give you a big Tipton kiss and shut you up once and for all, sleep well my friend.

CantelloRocket 78

Old Socks-

let's face it, the first time you came on here you were ranting about Tony Pulis, blasting arrogant, loudmouthed abusive insults at people you claim never to have spoken to before, and in your own words, the Mods block nearly everything you submit -

and disgusting comments about me ' not being allowed near schools ' shows what a nasty, bitter scumbag you are.

No idea where you were dragged up, but every decent poster can surely see EXACTLY what you are-

repulsive doesn't even come close...


Hmmmmmm , protesting too much ?

CantelloRocket 78


by the way, does the ' other half ' you once mentioned know about your fascination with talking about paedophilia...??

You were the one who originally brought the subject up, when it wasn't being talked about by anyone else.

Maybe it's time to find out why such a subject seems to excite you...??

CantelloRocket 78

Old socks-

so where you come from, they have lynch mobs roaming the streets, and invite people over there to be beaten up - now I'm beginning to understand all about you...!!

When you turned up on here, you were throwing nasty, unprovoked abuse at a whole group of people, in an arrogant, loudmouthed way, and you continue to sneak around the site with vile, violent, and disgusting insults - a liar and hypocrite as well...??

You obviously can't see past the end of your nose, and there's no place for the likes of you on family newspaper discussion sites.

Nothing more than absolutely repulsive.

Stoney Lane

I am late to this debate, but both sets of supporters of West Bromwich Albion and Wolverhampton Wanderers deserve much credit for both the general quality and content in their writing to the Express & Star. Compare to the Birmingham Evening Mail - such anorexic reactions from Blues and Villa fans. I also always look at newspaper sites from 'away' regions. Try two 'football cities', in the Liverpool Echo or Evening Chronicle, Newcastle. Very little comment and most of it puerile. Or how about cities with two rival clubs: Sheffield Star, Bristol Evening Post, Nottingham Post. Hardly a peep. So there is something about the Black Country and their caring, passionate fans that make us want to comment and put forward opinion. All very healthy.

Heath Hayes baggie

Unfortunately you finish where you deserve to finish, all based on points accumulated not because you've been unlucky or worked hard.....pity as we might have been champions if it was based on the latter


Exactly my thoughts, you finish where you deserve to finish despite what Pulis says. Same at Wolves we will finish in the position we deserve to, however Lambert thinks we have been unlucky and are 'close'!!!

Kev in Mallorca

Is it me or is there a menacing gestapo type tone to some posts on here?


The Real Bully Hoo.

Whoops, was that Marshall Dillon taking a pot shot at me or a Jap sniper? Hard to tell sometimes.


Even your own are beginning to tire of the holier than thou attitude.

CantelloRocket 78

So Hereford, you seem to have a lot to say for yourself, yet you never did say when I asked why you were posting many more times on the Baggies site than over the dark side...??

You also made the same vile accusation as old socks, when suggesting I might be a paedophile, yet you know absolutely nothing about me, totally repulsive-

and I recall the time you got completely confused on here, replied to ' someone ' who wasn't even!! - then went into meltdown, with 5 or 6 consecutive rants.

Yep, they certainly HAVE all crawled out the woodwork today, and what a motley, pathetic bunch they are - saddos united...!!


There you are. Strange how Bully always answers the posts aimed for you and vice versa.

Great double act though. Ian and wee Jimmy, Barry and Paul, Rod and emu and now you two. Who's hand's where though ??

The Real Bully Hoo.

He's not one of my own if you're siding with him. Says it all.

Kev in Mallorca

It says more than you will ever know.

Kev in Mallorca




I'll take it your answer is no. in the military we settled our differences like gentlemen in the boxing ring, I forgot your not a gentleman just full of sh-t and hot air, don't forget don't take in too much of the fans oxygen at the next home game or there will be even more empty seats, Ting Tang Wally Wally Bing Bang is what you would have had!!

CantelloRocket 78

Emperor Shi-Bang-

you said you were 70 at least two years ago, then you later said you were ' nearly 70 ', now you say you're back to being 70 again - changing age and name as you go along...? - you also claimed on here to play for Kidderminster Harriers when you were 48, then joined Blues, before going on to play for Stoke in yer 50s - and inbetween served with 22 SAS - that was half a dozen names!!

I'm not really into fighting obsessive, troublemaking trolls, showing mental instability, and living on Fantasy Island - maybe best if the Nurse can calm you down, instead...then you could maybe think about sparing with Genghis Khan...!!


It's rather evident that you're neither a military veteran, nor are you an Albion fan, which leads to the question: why are you posting such nonsense on this section of the site?

It beggars belief as to what you think or hope you'll gain from masquerading as a time-travelling super-soldier. Your illiteracy alone would have barred you from serving any higher than the post of private potwasher.


All we are saying is give peace a chance ( repeat ) .....

Had rubbish day topped by bloody magpies killing blackbird chicks ...peeved off ..

Read thread could not stop laughing ...some seriously damaged and childish people on here but it made me belly laugh.

I want the rights to screen the fight before prime time comes in !

Good luck to Albion and Wolves weekend yes both folks.


oops it was the laughing missus just had a word ..

Good luck to wolves the weekend

Good luck to Albion next week end

The Real Bully Hoo.

Tomorrow's another day mate, think of D-ream, things can only get better. Shame about the chicks. Nice to have somebody putting a sense of perspective on it all. Have a better day tomorrow.

Kev in Mallorca


"nice to have somebody putting a sense of perspective on it all" Hallelujah!!, but still you and others perpetuate it almost every single day, you know my thoughts on Dingle chasing, it's been the same for years and one thing that muddied our relationship was your see sawing stance on the matter, obviously other opinions and posters entered our arena over time but our encounters imo pale into insignificance compared with this daily parc.



Thank you same to you and FYI and others Missus Baggie STH.

Drives up most weeks from Ross on Wye.

There are much bigger issues than which clubs people support or some

people think you support Paris last night .....folks

deu ................

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes mate, I've been accused (again yawn) of see sawing views on inter-acting with Wolves fans.

My stance has never changed.

I enjoy good natured exchanges, especially when they're humorous.

I find the "your club is s***" type of posts boring.

But I feel there is no need in any way shape or form for the posts that accuse others of being paedophiles or threatening violence against other posters

There used to be a poster on here called Lone Wolf and he could work me like a ventrilouists dummy and other reading it must have been laughing their heads off BUT he was funny and it was done in fun, there was never a nasty side to it.

Lone Wolf was worth a million of these idiots.

As you say, Paris and Ugo Ehiogu. Life's too short.

Kev in Mallorca

Trbhoo, I'll carry on being amicable for now.

"my stance has never changed" don't you remember maybe 2/3/4 seasons ago when Dingle chasing was at epidemic proportions and I was championing the "no air" approach while others were adamant it wouldn't work but had never tried it and refused to give it a go.

After a while you came on stating that you had converted to "no air" stance and was finding it a most liberating experience, or words to that effect as I remember.

It continued for several months but you eventually fell off the wagon.

I have come to realise, and admit, that my memory is no where near what it was and if your stance is still "my stance has never changed" I think,. No I'll stop there in the interest my new found amicability.


Dave Gilberts old sock's

To all,

Only the teams that compete for 90 mins 38 times a season deserve to finish in the top ten, Mr pulis teams on reaching what they deem to be safety shut off at said point, they may look like they are trying but if you analise the performances you can clearly see they only reach 80% of their output, this happens far to often to be coincidental and pulis must be held responsible, maybe Mr Williams should price our season tickets accordingly and any game played after we reach safety should be free admission, anyone who disagrees should take the time to muse over pulis record in his last ten games at any club he's been at. Future building my a*se, he couldn't build a sand castle let alone a premiere league club, get this football spoiling dinosaur out of my club and let's progress by playing football people want to watch, my son in law goes week in week out but still has gripes a about our style of play after we have won and constantly refers to being torn between not supporting the club he loves and being bored to death on match days, supporting your club should be a pleasure not a chore.

Its time for change this closed season, PULIS OUT

Kev in Mallorca

I know I don't get to every game but I do watch every game and as an ex defender in my youth I enjoy a good defensive performance, Saturday being a prime example.

I know it's been a hard, but necessary, slog under Pulis but surely you can see progress?

If things go as all news from the club is indicating for next season then I'm sure there will be many who change their opinion, yes there will be a lot of "I told you so's", me included, but for the time being I think it prudent to hold your tongue on the matter, obviously this is only my opinion and not a directive, before anybody adds it to all the other false evidence against me.



Dave Gilberts old socks and Qin-Shihuang OUT

Kev in Mallorca

You never know, give them no air and the might, sadly the opportunity will never arise.


CantelloRocket 78


' Qin ' has been trolling this site for years, and on several occasions threatened posters with physical violence-

' old socks ' has shown himself to be a lowlife, violent thug, who accuses people of being paedophiles, and wants posters beaten up, he's also thrown disgusting abuse on here.

Anyone tolerating this vile abuse should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, and these disgusting, vile creatures have to be banned by the E&S - totally unacceptable...!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.


You allegedly have moderators checking this site.

You have a log-in system that is supposed to be a check on abusive, threatening or other non acceptable posts.

So how is it that there are a stream of posts on here from Herefodwolfie intimating that another poster is a paedophile.

How are two (the same one with different names) Dave Gilberts old Sock's and Qin Shihuong, allowed to make threats of physical violence against another poster.

Why haven't these posts been removed?

This isn't the first time any of these have done this, they all have a history of it so why haven't these posters been removed from the site.

The fact that the posts are left on and the posters haven't been removed from the site suggests that the E&S editorial dept accept internet bullying.

Is that true?

CantelloRocket 78

I was away for much of yesterday because first off, we were visiting my Sister-in-Law, who's been in a state of depression since her husband died last year, and later called in to my Brother, who's had long-term illness, and I look after his welfare.

I came back home, and saw the vile, disgusting abuse being thrown in my direction by what even a Wolves fan has described as ' seriously damaged ' individuals.

I have other matters to attend to later, but am totally disgusted that a local ' family ' newspaper accepts this vile content.

I would urge all decent fans to report these disgusting individuals for abuse, and complain to the E&S, absolutely totally unacceptable.

Thank you.


Just a point of clarification i was born In Wolvo but i am not a Wolves fan.

I have baggies wife and look out for both Wolves and Albion as been to both and used to take elderly Aunty to mid week games until her knees went and it was becoming a punishment at Wolves.

Far to many much more important things in life to argue or unite about.

Best wishes to all for good week peace and ...peace of to nutters spilling bile


Afternoon Rocket - re your last para, did exactly that last night mate, never done so before, but that stuff yesterday was beyond sick, and I can't understand why the Mods have seen fit to allow such to appear.

Take care.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi Tillie,

yes mate, banter and even ' heated discussion ' are one side of the line, but this stuff is way beyond that, vile and despicable ramblings, insults and threats.

These threads can be read by people of all ages, including kids, so it's totally unacceptable, and should be condemned by both the newspaper, and any decent person who reads such content, no excuses, no agendas, just zero tolerance regarding moral standards.

Kev in Mallorca

If you don't give them the time of day they will go away but if people engage, then don't cry wolf, if you pardon the pun.


CantelloRocket 78

The fact that ANYONE can excuse such vile, abusive and disgusting garbage that's littering this thread, and basically claim it's ' other people's fault ' for ' encouraging ' them, is beyond belief.

We have the same small bunch of individuals who repeatedly disrupt, blacken, and intimidate these threads, so any decent discussions are turned into disturbing reading.

As I said, I've now got other important things to do, if others want to drag these threads into the gutter, and some refuse to condemn rants of violence and claims of paedophilia, then I guess such people have to live with themselves.

I need to breath some clean air, away from this odious garbage.


Kev in Mallorca

I think I've been mentioned above with the usual misleading garbage, its the same old same old.

I have no bias to anyone in this pathetic tit for tat, excuse nothing or nobody from either side and as I say expected some sort of misleading reply which I duly got when being accused of excusing vile, abusive and disgusting garbage, I HAVE DONE NOTHING OF THE KIND.

All I said was it's better all round to ignore such individuals, if you don't engage insults with insults then no one will have the opportunity to sink to such depths.

I'm no angel but this is ANOTHER sly, devious attempt by someone who ???? again that's when I shall keep schtum.



West Brom deserve to finish in the top ten' was the title of the article by the way! Such exchanges will simply drive people away from posting although we all have aright to defend ourselves when attacked. I was in the military for over 20 years and I don't remember any argument or difference of opinion being settled in a boxing ring, instead we had discipline and a code of conduct enforced by a rank system based on respect - something lacking here this morning! Onwards and upwards!

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