West Brom given boost in John Terry chase

Albion target John Terry insists he still has ‘plenty to offer’ after announcing he will leave Chelsea in the summer.

John Terry File Photo
John Terry has insisted he still has plenty to offer.

The 36-year-old will end a 22-year association with the Blues when his contract expires, having won 14 major honours at Stamford Bridge since making his first-team debut in 1998.

Terry has been a bit-part player this season, featuring in just five Premier League games for Antonio Conte’s league leaders, and Baggies boss Tony Pulis admitted in March he would love to extend the former England captain’s playing career at The Hawthorns.

Terry has not featured since a 2-0 FA Cup win over Wolves in February, with his last league appearance coming in November.

Other than a loan spell at Nottingham Forest, Terry has never turned out for another side and has racked up more than 700 appearances at Chelsea.

But now the Blues skipper is ready to move on, even if he admits he is unsure what his future holds at this point.

“I will decide on my future in due course, but for now I am committed to helping the team achieve success this season,” he said. “After 22 years there is so much to say and so many people to thank at this great football club. From coaches, team-mates and staff to the fans who have given me so much support down the years, I can’t thank you enough.

“There will be opportunities for me to speak further about this over the coming weeks.

“I feel I still have plenty to offer on the pitch but understand that opportunities here at Chelsea will be limited for me. I’m eager to carry on playing and so will be looking to continue with a new challenge. I will of course always be a Blue and am desperate to end my final season as a Chelsea player with more silverware.”

And that new challenge could be in the West Midlands, if Albion get their way.

“If he becomes available in the summer we’ll sit down and have a little think about what we’ve got and what we haven’t got and then we’ll take it from there,” said Pulis in March.

“That is for the summer, not now. Whether the situation changes, whether other people are involved, or whether he signs another contract at Chelsea, we’ll have to wait and see.”

Terry has lifted four Premier League titles, five FA Cups, a hat-trick of League Cups and the Europa League, as well as lifting the Champions League trophy in 2012 despite being suspended for the final against Bayern Munich.

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Comments for: "West Brom given boost in John Terry chase"

The Real Bully Hoo.

Would he come? I honestly can't see it, simply if a London club come in he'll go there and I would think Bournemouth would be likely as well.

Do I want him? Not really.


He's a big head and appears to be a not very nice bloke, totally different kettle of fish to Fletch.

He's 36.

He might cause problems in a very steady dressing room.


He is undoubtedly a top player even at this age.

I wonder if Fletch is thinking of moving on, in which case Terry would be a new leader.

I think it will prove to be lot's of smoke and no fire but it will keep the journos occupied I suppose.


I personally suspect Terry would be setting his sights on America. The interest from clubs like Albion would be helpful for him to get a get a better deal over there I suspect.

I would rather us be getting younger players in, we have enough "experienced" players as it is, without taking on a Chelsea pensioner.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

John Terry is one of the best centre halves of the Premiership years , up there with Tony Adams and Rio Ferdinand imo , but i cannot see for the life of me why we would want him .

We should be looking at young up and coming players like Alfie Mawson and Harry Maguire .

I watched the Liverpool match on Tv Sunday and frankly i can fully understand why certain factions of our support are not happy with Pulis , lets be honest it just a'int Albion and it a'int entertaining .

Final comment i am not interested in what happens at Villa Park , the Custard Bowl or St Andrews , it has no relevance to what happens at the Hawthorns . Pulis is a decent Manager but is way of playing football is not what the vast majority of Albion fans want to watch . A battle for the Soul of this Club is on , i for one hope hoofball does not win .

Happy Baggie

Can't see this happening. Can't see the point of letting Olsson go to bring in someone like Terry. He may still have something to offer, but he isn't as good as G-Mac or Dawes. My worry is he might be lined up as a replacement for Evans if we accept a big offer in the summer - and that is a big step backwards.

Wouldn't want him here, I don't think he could ever give 100% to another English club, so hopefully he will be off to the US and take the easy money.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

For once i agree with ya .

We Only Need One Half!

Just commented on another thread about this, when this thread would have been more pertinent, so at the risk of repeating myself I seem to recall the same arguments being made for not signing Lescott, the same season he won the Fans Player of the Season Award? and no doubt those vehemently against the idea would have also turned down Fletcher and Kev Phillips?

Whilst I accept ideally you want a youthful team that can grow together, ala Man U's Class of 92, even when that squad stepped up to the Big League around 95/6 it was interspersed with experienced older shoulders such as Bruce, Hughes, Irwin etc to show them the way.

Like all team selections, its a balancing act.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Was not against Fletcher or Phillips my Brother but John Terry ? not for me .

Hope you are well .

We Only Need One Half!

I'm good brethren, hope you are too.


No thanks! Not for me, I don't doubt that he has been a top player for a number of years, even if his best years are behind him. It's the man himself I am not a fan of his character as a person and some of his behaviour that I personally don't like. I have been a critic of him in the past and would feel highly hypocritical if I were to welcome him with open arms to our club regardless of what he may or may not be able to bring to the team. In my opinion we should be looking elsewhere for defensive recruitments ideally at younger players that could improve us long term and hopefully players with the right character that Mr Pulis keeps reminding us that he is looking for.

Osborne's Gloves

Would have a hell of a lot to offer, his advice and guidance off the pitch is worth taking for it's own sake.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

This guidance includes running off with team mates wives/girlfriends i believe .


Sign him up Pulis. Terry was the best defender in Europe during his prime.

Keep Kyle Howkins at the club next season and get him to watch Terry for 12 months.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

WAS being the operative word.


He's still got that knowledge to pass on. In a deep lying defensive line (which Pulis adopts) Terry needs communication skills more than physical attributes.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Not on this subject but it demonstrates what the national media think of the Midlands.

Blues sack their manager and it's barely got a mention.

Blues appoint Harry Redknapp and they're all over it like a rash.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Not unlike Harry with the petty cash tin .


I do hope Blues out him onto a decent B'Ham based tax lawyer. And rumours his dog is in on the contract negotiations had some journalists barking up the wrong tree.....


For the non footballing terms it would be a good signing, gives us great exposure and increases the clubs international following.... but do we really need another old centre back? i'd rather see Dawson breaking into the middle more next season. If Terry joins albion Pulis will play him week in week out. He'll be another Darren Fletcher, won't get droped no matter how horrendous he plays.


Fletcher has been a revelation since he joined, barring a few performances. We aren't a top club with a World-class XI - players will have their off-days but Fletcher has been integral in the rebuild of the squad and stabilising of our position post-Mel/Irvine. Try showing some respect.


I'm sorry but that's wrong. I don't attack players, don't personally insult them. I will however question thier footballing ability if I feel it lacks. Being a season ticket holder I reserve that right. I have a lot of respect for Darren Fletcher, but, in my opinion he's played awful of late.

Perhaps Pulis feels Fletchers organisation on the pitch is too valuble to lose. Players talking to thier team mates, holding lines, organising positions aren't really something you notice as a fan when watching professional football. I get that... but technically when the ball is at his feet he offers very little. I went with a Liverpool fan to the game Sunday. And even he pointed out how poor Fletcher was. Don't talk to me about respect


This is never going to happen for lots of reasons but mainly money and the players ambition to play at the highest level possible.

I firmly believe John Terry will next season be a Manchester United player.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

That's a good call Burnley , did not occur to me but a move to United may well happen .

Dave Gilberts old sock's

John Terry, yet more proof although its not needed that pulis has no idea how to build a good attacking easy on the eye team, at 36 years of age Terry is not a forward step, it could be argued that its a massive backward step and certainly not a good move for WBA, I'm trying to think of a good young player bought through the ranks by pulis but can't find one, I shudder to think of the damage being done to my club by the most boring Albion manager of all time, wake up and smell the coffee all you pulis fans because this pathetic excuse for a manager is killing our great club.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Dave, he is not a pathetic manager , his record at Stoke and Palace proves that , but his style of Football at the Albion thus far is not in our tradition or anywhere near it .

CantelloRocket 78

Hi Max,

I grew up on the Baggies teams of the 60s and 70s, my second and third teams as a lad were Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team, my favourite Albion player was an attacking midfielder, with loads of flair, and I play snooker in the style of ' Hurricane ' Higgins, and of course ' Rocket ' O'Sullivan, so you could say I like entertainment and excitement-

having said that, I've learned to appreciate what's in front of me, and what needs to be done, so at times you need to be flexible.

Ally Robertson said recently that this is the best we've been since the early 80s, so Baggies fans have a tradition over the past 50 years that also includes some previous dire football and dire managers, even the ' legend ' of Gary Megson ground out 17 1-0's in a season - those that shout about our great tradition of top quality football may need to take off their rose-tinted glasses, and genuinely smell that coffee.

Age has made me more ' practical ' and realistic, in my opinion Pulis is doing a job this season at the Baggies that very few others could achieve, as they say, you often only appreciate someone when they've gone.

We really need to be careful what we wish for.....

CantelloRocket 78

p.s. - Pulis not only turned Stoke and Palace around, he did the same with Gillingham, and recently the Baggies-

he was ' Premier League Manager of the Year ' three years ago, and has been named in the running this year.

We don't have a ' pathetic ' Manager, only heavily-blinkered ' pathetic ' usual suspects...

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Alright Rocket

True enough mate , look at the Blues .

CantelloRocket 78

Alright Max,

yes mate, and I'm currently thinkin' about Daryl Burgess sayin' that during his time at the Baggies, he played under a dozen different Managers - some I can remember, and some I just don't wanna remember...!!

I also recall those jolly japers down the road furiously ranting for Mad Mick to be kicked out, they demanded one of the top Managers in the country to ' be brought in ', and they ended up with some bloke holdin' a clipboard.

Maybe we should just have an empty seat in the Baggies office, with a virtual reality image of Sir Alf Ramsey in it, and old recordings of his voice playin'...


Would be a backward step, Shawcross would be a much better fit.

Saint Max of Wall Heath

Rather have Terry than Shawcross.

Smethwick Baggie

old socks stop talking like a pair Mr Pullis job is not to bring young talent through look at his managerial record if your'e one for comparing

you just knock for the sake of it nothing constructive

get a reality check better still support the vile

Saint Max of Wall Heath


Surely all Clubs should be looking to bring young talent through ?.

Kev in Mallorca

Smerrick Keyboard Warrior

"just knock for the sake of it" pot and kettle comes to mind, see you were nowhere to be seen or heard on Sunday, o'stopped behind for an hour waitin' f'ya.

cluck cluck, cluck cluck.


Along with the first call of the Cuckoo comes the first opening salvo of the coming new silly season! Spring is all agog my friends, so let's all go out now and get Kim Jong-un haircuts and join in the frivolities.


This is vexing me.....

As a player the age thing is a distraction argument as GMac is older and playing brilliantly. Can Terry still play at the top level....no doubt about it. Would he be a good vocal presence / performer on the pitch.....definitely yes. Could he help coach the kids....another ticked box.

But we've already got Evans, Dawson and GMac who are good leaders at the back....Fletcher as skipper is blooming good.......and Livermore will be a club legend the way he's started. And as for coaching the kids isn't Big Dave in the setup?? If you can't learn from him then there's no hope anyway.

He'll want top money (we can afford it) but will most likely stay in London or as Burnley posted go to manure before heading off into the Chinese sun set.

And as for his off field antics....his misdemeanours include abusing Americans at an airport the day after 9-11......Wayne Bridges Mrs......convicted by the FA for being a racist......as England Captain didn't he hawk round tours of Wembley if you paid him a big wedge??!!......

The only thing he'd offer us is someone to take the heat of McClean........

Sign Wilson...bring through the kids and look at the released list and those players that go down and need a fresh start but Terry.....nah.....

Move along. Nothing to see here

Smethwick Baggie

on talent development Man City and Chelsea have dominated the FA Youth Cup for years and between them how many of the kids have come through

i know people will say its harder to break into those first teams but i personally think it would be easier to blood young talent around there multi million pound stars than giving them a game with us when every week we need 110% from all eleven players to compete at all

only my opinion

Kev in Mallorca

Big man from Smerrick

cluck cluck, cluck cluck

Wee Magic Johnston

No thank you.

Schoolyard bully.

Big time Charlie.

Move along.

Smethwick Baggie

Kiev the child there you were saying you were old enough to drink

Kev in Mallorca

Thought yo day read my drivel? Yo tell lies as well as hide behind ya keyboard.

Cluck Cluck, Cluck Cluck


Albion are a club with proud history and standards.

If they sign Terry it is a mistake and they have lost their moral compass about from fact i seriously don't think it would improve the team.

He is quite simply human detritis.

old gold barmy army

He would bring the average age of your squad down .!!!!! As Jack The Pratt would say " yet gorra off ay yer."!!!!!

We Only Need One Half!

Yeah, wasnt Irwin 37 (39 when he left) and Ince 35 (38 when he left) when you signed them? two of your better signings I might add, after all they got you promoted to the Prem, hows your current 'young and hungry' doing?

Yeah, you really do have to laff, dont you ;-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

The Terminator!

CantelloRocket 78

I really don't know why they do it, I've lost count how many times these muppets have fallen flat on their faces-

' barmy ' just about sums 'em up...!!


Don't panic We won't see him, he will go to China. Who wouldn't at 20 million a year. That's 14 million pounds more than we could afford!!!


baggie1 i think you got the words to Vera Lynns song slightly wrong. It should be after the last 8 matches. We'll meet again you know where we know when and I should think about another 2 seasons should do it. And with all the excitement about John Terry Jack said that Chelsea had to bring on an old man against us.

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