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Dave Gilberts old sock's

Never mind government contracts, this is West Bromwich Albion football club and if we're not top of his priorities he may as well sell up and let us grow without him.COYB


Really......he's a business man with multiple interests that enabled him to earn / garner enough money to buy us. He seems on the level and wants us to progress - he's employing the right people in the right places in order for us improve so what's the problem???

The long term will happen when it happens but for now I think we're in good hands on and off the pitch so lets enjoy the victory against a side that used to eat us alive....and now, like a few others, they don't.

Smile for goodness sake

Dave Gilberts old sock's

The report clearly says he purchased the Albion in the hope it would secure government contracts in China, although I'm not 100% sure i understand what that means it would suggest we are secondary in his thoughts and the fact that the January transfer debacle was no different to Peace's reign only fuel's the flames, I so hope I'm wrong but time will tell, : ) and as requested, here's a little smile.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Were you or were you not one of the posters constantly calling for JP to sell the club to somebody with more money?

In which case who would your preferred buyer have been?

Presumably a businessman with a large fortune who was so obsessed with WBA FC that he would be willing to put all of his other businesses on the back burner while he devoted the bulk of his time and money into the Albion.

Last question now and this should be simple to somebody with your knowledge.

Just where do we find somebody like that?

Dave Gilberts old sock's

Yes bully I was, but not just money,they also needed to have ambition and a stubborn willing ness to put our club on to the next level, we may have found the very man for the job but only time will tell.

Jack the Hat.


His business is his main priority if it wasn't he couldn't have afforded to buy our club, lets get the priorities right for starters.



Key talking point from my baggy missus is where are all the fans going lots of empty seats when playing well against big club.

It pains me to say it but the top midland club not playing to full stadium why ?

As for west midlands football it's collasping on its feet the top league is dominated by london - Manchester-liverpool we need all our teams to help break this monopoly.


Probably a good reason would be ticket prices, Adult £39 and kids £25 out of reach for a lot of people and when the game is on TV and 12.30 Kick Off.

I for one won't pay those prices and only take the kids to Cat B games which i feel are reasonable.

Sad to say it but i can also watch every game with a paid IPTV sub for £8 month in HD.

The Real Bully Hoo.

The words nail and head come to mind there mate. The West Midlands is not a rich area and those prices are prohibitive for families. The Albion need to look into this problem or we will pay the price in the long run.

I'm a STH and I know that cheaper tickets upset some other STH's but that's something the club will have to risk. We need the kids coming in and to do that we have to make sure the kid's parents can afford to bring them in.

Jack the Hat.

James McClean : Big player with a big heart says all you need to know about him.



Thats prior to his IRA comments then Fella ......