Jake Livermore: 'Special' England moments will boost my West Brom career

'Buzzing'’ Jake Livermore says his England call-up has boosted his confidence and given his Baggies career a shot in the arm.

SOCCER :  English Premier League - West Bromwich Albion v Arsenal
Jake Livermore of West Bromwich Albion.

The 27-year-old was superb against Arsenal at the weekend, two days after his recall to the national squad was announced by Gareth Southgate.

And the central midfielder, who says playing for England would be ‘special’ after the past two years he’s had, reckons Albion will benefit from his time away.

“It certainly gives you a nice buzz,” he said. “It gives you that added confidence which, as any player will tell you, is something you can’t put your finger on. It definitely gives you a lift.

“My club football is my bread and butter and the club have put faith in me by bringing me here and I need to do all I can to repay that at every opportunity.

“To be honest my main focus was trying to cement a place in this (Albion) team and do well for my club.

“Anything on top of that was a bonus, and it certainly has been. So yes, it was nice to have a decent result off the back of the call-up.”

Livermore joined up with the England squad yesterday but he hopes this boost is not just a one-time thing. Although the January signing is surprised it has come so early in his Albion career, he’s eager to get a chance against either Germany or Lithuania this week so he can do enough to keep his place in Southgate’s thoughts.

“Hopefully I can get into the next squad,” he said. “That’s the idea.”

In 2015, the midfielder tested positive for cocaine but he escaped the usual two-year FA ban because of mitigating circumstances. Livermore had turned to the drug after his son died during birth.

“Any game when you represent your country and put the shirt on would be absolutely fantastic,” he said. “If you look at where I’ve come from in the last 18 months or two years it would be a special moment.

“Whether it’s in a friendly or a qualifier, just to try and get a good performance in any way, shape or form.”

Livermore isn’t the only unusual name in the squad. Sunderland’s 34-year-old striker has also been included, to the delight of Albion’s midfielder who played alongside him at Tottenham Hotspur. He hopes both of them can justify Southgate’s decision.

“It’s great to see Jermain back in there,” said Livermore. “It looks like he has freshened up the squad with some different players and hopefully we can go and prove him right. I was there with him for a long time, and Kyle Walker as well."

Tony Pulis was the man who delivered the news to him at Albion’s training ground last week, but the Baggies boss also gave his £10million signing a word of warning.

“The manager called me into the office and said ‘congratulations, you’ve been selected to go away with England. And be careful!’”

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Comments for: "Jake Livermore: 'Special' England moments will boost my West Brom career"

Jack the Hat.

Well done Jake, you have earned some respite after all you have been through. Enjoy your England involvement and I hope everything bodes well for you.


Dave Gilberts old sock's

Fair play Jake,

I thought you would be more trouble than your worth but how wrong was I, people deal with life's crap in all manner of ways and to be where you are after your troubles is truly commendable, keep it up and good luck with the national team. COYB

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's true, I remember you condemning him before we'd even signed him.

Dave Gilberts old sock's

Anyone can make a mistake old bean, and I'm man enough to admit I made one with Livermore.

The Real Bully Hoo.

That's fair enough, I've made plenty of mistakes in my time especially when I was younger. The trouble with you is that every time you jump in with both size nines and slag people off before you consider giving them a chance.

Perhaps this could be a moment for you to reflect and try giving others a chance to prove themselves before you go on the offensive. You might have less apologising to do, although you haven't actully apologised to him have you? You've just admitted you were wrong but then mighty oaks from little acorns and all that.


Yep...he did....and hammered me for defending him.

Jack the Hat.

Watch your step ref :

Ghanaian referee Joseph Lamptey has been banned for life for 'Match Manipulation' by FIFA. He awarded a penalty in a world cup match for hand ball when the ball actually hit the player's knee.

This sets a new presidence.


brandhall baggie

I actually met this guy when he was at Tottenham on business and he is a humble guy, if you listen to his last interview after this call up he is another player grounded and chilled, let's hope he gets he a start and stay safe clear of injury. Its nice to have these quality players who thank the club for their opportunity, clearly as TP has said. He only wants 18 top professionals out the 24 the other 6 are going to be up and coming players TP wants involved in the squad to boost their belief. We are getting there, we all hope that we can bring those players in as I am getting cheesed off with them disappearing to other so called "bigger" clubs, if they want to play WBA is the place to come and get involved not sit on the bench! Good luck JL you deserve this chance grab it with full gusto!!

Ant Baggie

Great news and congratulations Jake. All the best, enjoy it, you deserve it.


So chuffed for Jake, but wished Dawson was with him - bet Southgate does too after Saturday! But I'm sure his chance will come.

CantelloRocket 78

I've watched Jake during interviews, and his body language suggests he's a little uncomfortable and uneasy with the attention - deep thinking and introverted people can bottle up emotions, and beat themselves up with imagined guilt, so he's no doubt had to fight his demons.

A fresh start with the Baggies, plus the England call-up, should do him the power of good - he's a talented and very committed player, deserving of his latest rewards...

We Only Need One Half!

I just hope he gets to play, rather than just being a passenger like Shhhh was.


The criteria for getting in the England team used to be that you were a good footballer


The criteria are still the same......so....

it is......he is.......pleased for the bloke

The Real Bully Hoo.

Yes Andy, seeing a player come to the Albion and his profile rising enough for an England call up will do us no harm in persuading other players to sign either.