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Oh yes, can still hear the woodwork rattling from Graham's thunderbolt! What a fabulous night - thanks for the memory.

CantelloRocket 78

Great memories, Tillie.

The tall player to the right of 'keeper Ray Potter is central defender Danny Campbell - at that time, Danny was ' lodging ' upstairs at the Throstle Club ( East Stand car park ), and as my parents knew the Couple who were running the club, I'd often go into the kitchen, where Danny would be having his meals.

One day when I turned up, he gave me a present - two chunky, wooden football rattles...!! - and as a 10 year old, I needed two hands to turn one of 'em, which then sounded so loud and thunderous, you'd think God was!!

Brilliant, mate...


Rocket, you lucky chap - have ya still got that rattle?

I remember actually getting his autograph [along with many others and which I still treasure] as I was one of those kids who'd hang around after the game to scramble for autographs. I remember one reserve game though, where I think Ray Crawford had maybe just signed, and he'd probably had a game with the reserves to get fit [or it might have been he just so happened to be at the ground that day] anyway, I was chuffed to be first in the queue for his signature. But Simpson [remember him?] followed him out of the door and was in no rush to get to his car, because he just stood there and with almost theatrical aplomb shouted "Pens and autographs books please!". Happy days.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi Tillie,

unfortunately mate, those rattles disappeared years ago, and I've no idea where they went to-

as for Terry Simpson, I believe the First XI I recall as a young lad was - Potter, Cram, Williams ( G ), Simpson, Jones, Fraser, Foggo, Astle, Kaye, Hope, Clark-

Gerry Howshall then replaced Simpson, and Tony Brown replaced Ken Foggo.

King Jeff signed about 2 weeks before I saw my first game, and scored against Liverpool in that match, as we won 3-0.

And as my ' second team ' as a lad was Real Madrid - plus I loved to watch Brazil - don't let anyone doubt my love of attractive, attacking football - it's just that these days football's a different animal, and sometimes you just have to adapt, or go under...!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

You saved me asking the question Rocket, I was going to say was it Danny Campbell or Campbell Crawford. I then googled Campbell Crawford and he doesn't seem to have existed. Have I made him up or does anybody else remember him?

I'm on safer ground with Terry Simpson though Tillie, signed from P'Boro' I saw his debut. Never turned out to be as good as I thought he would.


Hi Bully - no mate, yo ay gooin daft, Campbell Crawford was a full back and was at the club in 63, although I don't know for how long.

CantelloRocket 78

Seeing this really took me back-

the first game I can clearly remember as a young lad was seeing us beat Liverpool at home around October 1964, but the first FULL season I watched the Baggies was 1965-66, when we also finished 6th in the league, and scored over 100 goals in all competitions.

After winning the Final second-leg, I climbed over the wall and stood on the pitch to watch the Baggies lifting the Cup.

Fantastic memories...

Jack the Hat.

Great days for Albion those, Wembley became our second home. Albion were in the last two legged final and the first Wembley final regards the League Cup. Chippy Clarke scored two first half goals in the Wembley Final before going under to QPR and we went on the underground to Shepherds Bush and never bought a pint all night, even missed the last train home and managed to kip down in a room with a fire before being kicked out by station staff. What a day that was even though Albion lost. That is the best with London, even if you lose there is a good time to be had.

Next time Albion were at Wembley we were done over by a team consisting of Franny lee and Mike Summerbee.



Jack - I was just feeling all warm and glowing and yo have to bring them memories of QPR, and Man City back, thanks for that mate.....not! I was at both games, both games we were in the lead, and both games I didn't stay to see the cups presented. Too bl***y upset, I was only a kid, and my Dad and me were real bad losers - still are!

The Real Bully Hoo.

It wasn't that bad Jack, there were another 9 as well.


Jack, your'e forgetting the 68 FA cup final, which was after the QPR debacle.

Kev in Mallorca

Glorious memories, enhanced by the absence of "social media".



The League Cup was was in existence for about 4 years before the big clubs entered ( on the promise of European entry). Prior to 1966, it was a Mickey Mouse competition.

I remember standing behind the goal at the Brummie Road end, if i remember right it was 4-0 h/t. The combination of Johnny Kaye and Jeff Astle was second to none in those days. We were regarded as one of the elite clubs in those days, only 4 other clubs having spent more seasons in the first division than us.

Spent the rest of the night in the 'Throstles' club, i think the club steward was Dennis Imms.

The Real Netherton Baggie


Campbell Crawford joined us in 1959 and stayed until 1967. In all that time he only played 14 first team games, then left to join Exeter City.

CantelloRocket 78


having Ray Crawford, Danny Campbell, and Campbell Crawford in the same line-up would've been a commentator's nightmare,

Baggie 68

Oh the good old days. I used to work for Normans furniture shops in West Bromwich and Great Bridge when I was about 18 as a Shop Assistant and as his Carpet Fitter one day Norman took me to a house to fit a carpet for a customer and he had a big grin on his face when he dropped me off and I soon found out why.

The customer was one of my Baggies Idols, Dougie Fraser opened the door Christ I'm fitting a carpet for Dougie Fraser what an honour it was at the time, he was a great tough player and as I found out a great down to earth bloke when I

had finished he invited me to his local pub for a drink at the night I went and he said come and have a drink again I

went a few times but then let him get on with his life with his own mates plus he had a strong Scottish accent that I had difficulty in understanding at times. Memories to treasure forever.

Those were the days when we played good football and had strikers that could score great goals and we went on the

rampage for a couple of seasons as there was no pressure then as there is now, with money being the only goal to stay in the Premier League. It has killed the game and attendances are affected falling rapid as fans think the clubs get TV money now so we can stay at home and watch it on the telly or down the pub.

Great season so far after a dodgy start we must be getting close to or have made another record as a Premier League team with only one striker and more goals scored from defenders and midfielders plus being the oldest squad. If we can get to eighth place like this imagine what we could be like with two or three strikers to choose from.

Cmon you Baggies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think we scored over 90 league goals that season. I used to go up with my uncle. He reckons we never lost for about 5 seasons in any cup competition at home for about 5 seasons on a wednesday night! I was on the pitch after the 1966 league cup final.