Jonny Evans: Tony Pulis handled 40 points 'nonsense' perfectly

Jonny Evans says Tony Pulis's measured response to back-to-back defeats gave Albion the confidence needed to stun Arsenal.

SOCCER - Premier League -  West Bromwich Albion V Everton
Jonny Evans.

The Baggies boss called a special team meeting after the 3-0 defeat away at Everton to remind his players how much they had achieved this season and urge them to ignore any outside influence.

Albion and Pulis had come under scrutiny after losing two games in a row as soon as they reached the 40-point mark, but on Saturday two Craig Dawson headers and a poacher's finish from Hal Robson-Kanu gave them a huge scalp.

“We knew people were questioning us and people would be throwing out ‘they’ve slackened off since they got to 40 points’, ‘they’re on the beach’ and all that nonsense," said Evans.

“The manager brought us in on Monday and we all thought we were going to get a dressing down about the last two games but he didn’t.

“He just put them aside and said ‘we’ve got 10 games to go, let’s go and enjoy them, pick ourselves up and go at them’.

“I thought it was excellent the way he did that. As players you might think about the last two games but he just put it to the side and just carried on and we picked ourselves up."

Pulis heaped praise on his squad for proving the doubters wrong, and explained that they needed some words of encouragement to stay focused.

"It was just a case of saying ‘Listen, we’ve done absolutely fantastic this season and even if we lose the next three or four they’ve still done brilliantly'," said Albion's head coach.

"They do listen to the media and social networks and things like that and there was a little bit of criticism going about. I just wanted to clear their mind."

Evans admitted the team had under-performed against Crystal Palace in their last game at The Hawthorns.

“It’s human nature sometimes," he said, "We were on a good run and it’s not always possible to keep that up. Then you go away to Everton, who are a very good side,

“But it was important to put that right and we’ve worked hard all week. We were fairly confident going into the game."

Albion only had 23 per cent possession but they had four times as many shots on target as the Gunners, and the team were confident they would threaten from corners.

"Sometimes you’ve got a psychological feeling going into a game and especially from set-pieces," said Evans.

“Dawson scored two and we worked on that in training. We knew he’d have a free run into the box and ‘Daws’ is very good in the air.

“They play a zonal defence from corners. So sometimes the lads on the six-yard box try to get a block in to stop the player getting a run.

“But Daws seemed to have plenty of space. They probably didn’t defend that as well as they should have."

Arsenal fans flew two planes over The Hawthorns on Saturday, one in favour of Arsene Wenger and one in protest against him, but Evans confirmed the Baggies were unconcerned by that sideshow.

“I didn’t even know," he said. "We weren’t aware of that but you’re playing against a very good side and no matter what type of Arsenal performance you get you know you’re going to have to run a lot and be fully focused.

“Even in my time at Manchester United they were one of those teams that could always punish you if you weren’t playing 100 per cent in a defensive manner in terms of staying with runners.

“You have to make sure there were no lapses in concentration."

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Comments for: "Jonny Evans: Tony Pulis handled 40 points 'nonsense' perfectly"

CantelloRocket 78

So there you have it - Jonny Evans, the Baggies vastly experienced ' Player of the season ' says all this ' 40 pts and they're on the beach ' is absolute nonsense, and that TP advised them at the meeting to ignore all such negative stuff being spouted on the outside, much of it from our own ' fans ' on the internet.

Positive, united support - or negative, destructive vibes - our choice as fans, helping or hindering, which will it be...??

Jack the Hat.

Tony Pulis is right to discount the silly accusations as most are spawned out of frustration after a loss anyway and not really meant by most fans when the accusers calm down by next morning. Other fans have question marks against their allegiance, carry on moaning and believing their hurtful comments are helpful, I don't believe they help the players one iota. Good job the players are man enough shrug off the continued insults by these so called fans ( Mboy comes to mind here ) with the blessing of their boss and get on with their work by blasting the Gunners.


Ant Baggie


The bitching and name calling on this sites uncalled for at times.

People's views are sometimes taken out of context.

The lads deserve a lot of credit, they were brilliant the weekend, enjoy it.... we're having a great season.


A few days ago we had Fletch saying how Tone reminded of the professionalism of Fergie, and now we have Evans saying how good he is with the players. And this coming from 2 amazing pros who aren't 'yes men', who don't have to butter-up the coach in order to get in the team, should surely be enough to put any doubters of TP in their place................but they probably don't rate Fletch or Evans either.


The best reply would be to hit 50+ points.


The Pulis knockers will just move the goal posts (again) and say the target should be 60 points and a cup run :-)

Dave Gilberts old sock's

I assume from your barbed comments you wouldn't want a cup run then.

CantelloRocket 78


I know exactly what you mean mate, regardless of what we achieve, those who dislike TP and don't want him here will continue to criticise and attack from every possible direction, either the man himself, or even those that back him.

I like your obvious sense of humour, as clearly displayed by the little ' smiley '....;-)

The Real Bully Hoo.

How dare you attack the Pulis haters with barbed comments rvd. They are gentle peaceable souls who wouldn't dream of spewing hate and bile all over site.