West Brom 1 Derby County 2 - Report and pictures

Two stunning Derby strikes in the space of three second-half minutes dumped Albion out of the FA Cup, reports Matt Wilson at The Hawthorns.

Matt Phillips had given the Baggies a deserved lead 10 minutes before half-time with a clinical finish following a Richard Keogh mistake.

But Darren Bent equalised against the run of play in the 51st minute with a stunning strike from the edge of the box before Tom Ince won it three minutes later from a free-kick.

Tony Pulis made four changes, handing Everton loanee Brendan Galloway his first start since September and bringing Jonas Olsson in for the injured Jonny Evans.

James McClean got a well-earned start ahead of the out-of-form Nacer Chadli, and he switched Boaz Myhill for Ben Foster in goal.

But it was Derby's number one Scott Carson who nearly handed Albion the lead in the fourth minute, when he kicked the ball straight to Salomon Rondon.

It was a howler from the former Albion keeper on his old stomping ground, and only went unpunished thanks to a superb block on the line from captain Keogh.

Derby started the game lively, both on the pitch and in the stands, but Albion were threatening from set-pieces and were causing problems in the County box.

And the hosts started to see more of the ball as the game settled down, pressing the visitors high and forcing them into mistakes.

It paid off in the 35th minute, when James McClean's energy forced Keogh into a mistake on the edge of the box and he gave the ball straight to Phillips.

The winger still had plenty to do though, and he drove towards goal with purpose, feinting to shoot with his left before curling a clinical finish past Carson with his right.

It could have been two just minutes later when the goalscorer surged down the right flank and beat three defenders before pulling the ball back.

James McClean stepped over it and James Morrison manouvered himself into a shooting position before shooting over.

Derby's calamitous defending continued after the break, and Rondon outmuscled Bradley Johnson on the edge of the box before shooting wide. And Albion were made to pay for those wasted chances.

Not long after, Bent struck an unstoppable shot from the edge of the box that drew the Rams level. It was a bolt from the blue but it woke the visitors up and three minutes later they were ahead.

When the in-form Ince burst down the right he was shoved over by James Morrison 25 yards out before he could get his shot away, but the former Blackpool winger got up and dusted himself down before curling the free-kick into the bottom corner.

Boaz Myhill was rooted and the Baggies were stunned. They had been on top for most of the game but now they were losing.

Craig Dawson nearly drew them level just after the hour mark but his header at the back stick hit the post and bouncd clear.

In an effort to avoid defeat, Pulis brought Hal Robson-Kanu and Nacer Chadli on for two defenders, but even though the Baggies piled on the pressure, they were unable to find an equaliser.


There was arguably more riding on this game than any other so far this season.

Lose a league match and you can recover a week later, but lose in the FA Cup, and you have to wait a whole year before your next shot.

With relegation a distant concern and the Baggies on red-hot form, particularly at home, where

they had won four out of the last five, this was the perfect chance to go deep in the Cup.

The second-largest Hawthorns crowd of the season turned up, and even though that was buoyed by Derby's 5,200-strong support in the Smethwick End and Albion's competitive ticket pricing, it still proved just how important today's game was to the fans.

Before kick-off the feeling was a mix of excitement tinged with dread because recently, dreams of Cup glory have been snuffed out early.

This season's limp exit in the League Cup at Northampton Town followed last season's stuttering FA Cup run that ended in a dark day at the Madejski Stadium as Albion weren't only knocked out by lower-league opposition, but a so-called supporter struck Chris Brunt with a coin.

Fast-forward a year and the mood couldn't be different. Tony Pulis has won round the fans and there is confidence coursing through the team.

But the fans were right to be concerned. Albion were cruising thanks to Matt Phillips's fifth goal of the season and they were pressing Derby high and forcing them into mistakes.

Fletcher, McClean, Morrison and Phillips all flooded forward with intensity and it was McClean's energy that forced Richard Keogh into a mistake for Phillips's goal.

For some reason Derby continued to play it out from the back and the Premier League side should have been two or three up by the time Darren Bent equalised, but they were punished for wasting their chances.

Bent's was against the run of play, but it sparked County into life and three minutes later they led.

Ince's free-kick was superb but there will be question marks over Boaz Myhill, who remained rooted to the spot as the ball flew inside his near post.

In the past four years Wigan, Hull, Aston Villa, and Crystal Palace have all reached the final. Pulis did it with Stoke in 2011, and he wanted to do it with Albion this season.

The Baggies huffed and they puffed, managing 23 shots and 15 corners during the game, and even finishing with more than 50 per cent possession. But it wasn't to be.

Albion are still going well in the league, and are on course to break the 50-point barrier for the first time in the Premier League. But that will be of little comfort tonight.

Key moments

03 Huge chance for Albion when Scott Carson kicks the ball straight to Rondon, but a superb block on the line from Richard Keogh denies him.

35 GOAL ALBION - McClean's pressing forces Derby into a mistake and the ball falls to Matt Phillips 35 yards out. He drives towards goal and curls a clinical finish past Carson.

36 Surging run down the flank from Phillips, and he pulls it back. McClean steps over it, before Morrison shoots just over.

51 GOAL DERBY - Darren Bent equalises with a stunning strike from the edge of the area.

54 GOAL DERBY - Tom Ince gives Derby the lead with a free-kick curled into the bottom corner that leaves Boaz Myhill rooted.

62 Craig Dawson hits the post with a header at the back stick.

90 Nacer Chadli clips a ball into the box but Carson tips Rondon's header over the bar

Man of the match

Matt Phillips - Was superb again and didn't deserve to be on the losing side.


Albion (4-2-3-1): Myhill, Dawson, McAuley, Olsson (Chadli 78), Galloway (Robson-Kanu 67), Fletcher (c), Yacob, Phillips, Morrison, McClean, Rondon. Unused subs: Foster (gk), Wilson, Field, Gardner, Harper, Robson-Kanu.

Derby County (4-3-3): Carson, Barid, Keogh (c), Shackell, Hanson (Pearce 81), Bryson (Vernam 88), De Sart, Johnson, Ince, Bent, Camara (Vydra 86). Unused subs: Subs: Mitchell (gk), Guy, Russell, Weimann.

Referee: Jonathan Moss

Attendance: 25,288 (5,200 Derby)

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Comments for: "West Brom 1 Derby County 2 - Report and pictures"

Tim Buzaglo

After comprehensively beating Stoke with our B team I hoped to face another premier league minnow like the bagis in the 5th round.

its a shame its not to be due to their capitulation against the might rams.

So bring on Chelsea, Man Utd or City and I'm sure our young guns will give them a game.


Keep on hoping soft lad that the right numbered balls come out next season for us to meet, because that's the only way yo lot will have a chance to play us in the next 10 years! Dream on.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi Tillie,

no problem mate, our silly little childishly obsessed ' usual suspects ' have waited a long, long time for something to cheer about, the F.A.Cup's there for the chance of lower league clubs to attempt ' Giant-Killing ', it takes their minds off their woeful league status, and gives them an exciting day out-

bless 'em - small things and small minds, eh...?


Tiny Tim's not been on the site for ages and yet today and yesterday he's been all over it so either...

A) mommy has given him back the computer....

B) He's been released from his incarceration in an Amazon factory....


C) His infatuation with Cheese and Rocket has reached levels that can't be contained...

either way...his next cub game is in what division and against who whilst ours is above him and against.....you get the point...


Hi ya Rocket - least he hasn't called you "baby" tonight - must have gone off ya.......sad day all round I'd say..

CantelloRocket 78

Hi mate, I noticed Timmy - who used to be Capt. 'dumb - was posting his garbage elsewhere on this site during the middle of yesterday's games, confirming that he's obsessed with us, and is more concerned with the Baggies than his ' own ' club, who he probably never even watches - just a sad, spineless troll, clearly lacking a life...

Wee Magic Johnston

Where's my frickin' post gone?????

The Real Bully Hoo.

We're in the silly season again I think mate, mine keep going missing a well.

Jack the Hat.


Not very often does a giant killing club win the F.A. Cup, savvy?


Dave Gilberts old sock's

Were not going to win the league so the cups are our only realistic chance of winning something, well done pulis, no doubt on some kind of bonus for our finishing league place so got no interest in cup competition regardless of what he says, the sooner the board get shut of you the better, DISGRACEFUL, at fifteen quid a ticket the ground was almost full but I doubt many of them will be at the next game thanks to the over cautious Pratt !!!!!


Pulis has done a great job since taking over. He's done it whilst certain fans have berated him using borrowed London press fueled misconceptions. He's built from the back and now our league form is undeniable. Yes we've gone out of both cups disappointingly, but we battered Derby today and they had a very lucky game. It is unlucky that we had to play a local rival with more motivation, but we should still have done something with the game. As it goes, I'm no where near as gutted as I was after the reading game because we have good league form to look forward to. That will attract players to the club and therefore progress the club further. Throwing mud at Pulis will only get your hands covered in cack, and no one listens to a man covered in cack.

Boing Boing

Dave Gilberts old sock's


Yes mate we battered a championship club 1-2 at home, and lost !!

Have you ever stopped and thought how dull life would be if we all had the same opinions, being 50 years of age and a baggie since the age of 7 gives me the right to speak as I find or see, you like pulis but I dont, I like football but it seems your happy to watch a dull boring anti football that pulis is famed for, I have no problem with that as its your choice, however, it seems you have issue's with people that think differently to yourself, I have a list of similar people inc Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Maggie Thatcher etc etc, my grandad fought a war to give me free speech and the choice to live my life as I feel fit, the fact that you find that wrong speaks volumes of the person you are.

The Real Bully Hoo.

A good balanced view Baggieinmanc where you don't attack anybody as you're accused of.

You are guilty however of looking at the positives which apparently some of our fanbase won't allow.

CantelloRocket 78

Personally, I find someone who continually and relentlessly badmouth's a Head Coach in public - regardless of what he achieves or displays - in a blinkered, bigoted manner, and basically tells others that he knows best, and people not agreeing with him are ' brainwashed happy clappers ', who ain't got a clue, broadcasts EXACTLY what and who he is........!!


Like an old sock your argument is full of holes, and stinks to high heaven!

Dave Gilberts old sock's


Please see above !!!


Think you're the new me!!

Tim Buzaglo

WHERE are all the bagis fans are they hiding after the Derby hiding ?

Cradley Wolf

Oh where oh where can the baggy boys be

oh where oh where can they be

they're all drowning thereselves in the Sandwell cut

Cos they lost 2 - 1 to Derby..............


Cradley...the new Wolvo Coleridge. Oh I'm sorry, I've just gone a thousand miles over your head and you're spinning in confusion like a blue bottle on it's back. Listen, cut the attempted poetry, enjoy your victory, but don't let yourself down any more than you just have by becoming another of those idiots which your own Shewolf has already apologised on behalf of.


Take a breath........calm down.....

I see the chuckle brothers are in again.....

and you play who next...

Saturday night on channel 5...well done!! for a club born in 1986.........


The Wulfie poet to compete with Billy Shakespeare. Cor !


Have you considered therapy???? I mean your next game is in what division??? and we're above you so......

go back into your bedroom and hand the computer back to your new uncle.....


Hi Andy - your well chosen words of 'bedroom' and 'hand' are precisely how these no-mark loners will be celebrating tonight.


Naughty.....funny but naughty.....


Andy - You know you love it!


On a crappy football day.....some comedy gold (not old gold though)......no worries....rays of light mate.....

We move forwards.......a top 8 finish is our aim

oh Timmy.....that's a top 8 finish in the top flight were as a top 8 finish for you would see you still, next term, below us again......

down down......deeper and down.....


I never thought I'd ever see the day Wolves fans we're celebrating a Derby win against the Albion. I think these two misunderstood the headlines.

Boing Boing


How disappointing to go out at the first stage again, what should have been an easy home tie, the form we've been in and we lose 2-1. How we need a clinical striker who can score regularly. Disappointing.

Cradley Wolf

lol lol lol

Hey Jack Guess What......


Tim Buzaglo

AT the alibum

wherre ar e they


We wont be playing you for a while, you should be worrying about QPR, Cardiff etc. A win in the 3rd round doesn't change your league position.

Like the Derby fans today, obsessed with a team they weren't playing

Jack the Hat.


Just look up and you will see us in the greed league where you won't be for years to come.




Are your fingers really sausages?

Jack the Hat.


Nice bit of giant killing by your team.

Gorra loff ay ya?



out-of-form Nacer Chadli?

He hasn't been given a run since his injury, and has been playing out of position to accommodate Morrison. Brunt has created the balance recently, today with no Brunt we had no balance and Morrison created nothing - we need to look at him now, not the player of 3 years ago. Every ball was put to Philips who worked hard all afternoon.


Matt Phillips was MOTM but Yacob wasn't far behind. On a separate note, it's amusing how these Wolves fans have crept out of the woodwork to comment on us after their rare win. They just don't get it do they? While they're toiling away in the lower reaches of the Beezer Homes League, or whatever it's called, we're reaping the riches offered up in the elite league year after year.

biggest club

You dingles have beaten a crap stoke side ,how did you get on against the mighty qpr or Cardiff , one day you might be back in the best league with your foreign speaking manager , oh yeah I also recall the mighty Barnsley battering you at home lambert wont see the season out and you will still be in the lowly depths of the league



You may feel disappointed with this result, but you have bigger fish to fry. Europe beckons. Ignore our village idiots, we have the same on our site from some of your idiots when we lose.


Cheers She - always a lone intelligent Wolves voice in an otherwise wilderness of baying no brains.

CantelloRocket 78

Hi She,

yes, unfortunately every club has it's ' unwanted element ' of juvenile eejits, just a sad fact of life in our society, but fortunately there's those people and fans such as yourself who show much more intelligence and maturity - thank the Lord for that...!!

Albion lacked a cutting edge today, Derby scored two impressive goals, so you take it on the chin, and move on-

well done to Wolves, a great result for you, and it genuinely gives me pleasure to know you'll be smiling this weekend, you've had your share of lows, so you have to really enjoy the highs...


Even Wolves fans think Cradley Wolf is an idiot so don't take any notice of him.Let us bask in a bit of glory for a change.


well said sue, and bask on x.

Olly the cat

Hello Baggies. Pay no heed to the Wolves fans who have nothing better to do than berate you after losing. We have to put up with their idiocy every day on our website. Fans should concentrate on applauding their own team when they win, not other teams when they lose. Best of luck with your attempt to secure a place in Europe next season. Bring me back some duty free!

Jack the Hat.


Then bask on the dark side.


Jack the Hat.


That is the beauty of the F.A. Cup, the giant killing acts i.e. wolves and Derby.



Yes, Albion were beaten by a team possibly heading for the Premier League; Stoke weren't.

Football is what it is; Derby took most of their chances we didn't. A lack of composure in the final third had a lot to do with it, but Derby marshalled their box well at set pieces. Heard some fool on the radio slagging off James McClean and of course Tony Pulis - somethings never change.

CantelloRocket 78

Well it's clearly a disappointing result, although we had more than enough chances to win the game - as it says elsewhere, 23-6 shots at goal, 15-2 corners, but fair play, two strikes out the blue did the damage, and Scott Carson picked today of all days to play a blinder-

that's the Cup competitions for yer, such things create much of the general interest in 'em, so we now focus on transfer activity this month, and pushing our way forward in the league, which is always of paramount importance...


I can remember many years ago when we had Paul Chricton in goal (poor spelling).......he had an 18% clean sheet record for us so we sold him to Grimsby........we played them next season and he played a blinder.....Carson did that today after a shaky start.

Oh well....we can (cliché alert) concentrate on the premier league.....which is above our near neighbours......

The Real Bully Hoo.

Well done on winning the battle of the Potteries. I'm sure you'll go on to win the Cup now.

Take The Blinkers Off

Well, to all intents and purposes, another season just died. No top 6 finish, No relegation. But, I'm sure the boring, self-righteous "Committee" members will be on here shortly, making their excuses.

To be honest, I'm surprised E&S just don't shut this site down, the "Committee" have driven more people from this site, it is literally just them peddling the same old, same old. (Boring)

Well done the Wolves, hope you get Derby next. What an Irony that would be.

CantelloRocket 78

Nowhere near as boring as what we often see on here - those that turn up ' for the first time ' with ' new ' usernames, slagging off the club and regular posters, whilst their own entire contribution adds up to one post whinging and attacking other people - oh the irony of those that can't see past the end of their noses...


I'd not read the word "committee" on here for ages......those were the days eh.

The season hasn't just died mate as we've still got a fair number of games to go. We're still on for a top 8 finish with a fair wind and some luck. We have a damn fine manager and an improving squad of players that, with 1 or 2 additions this window, could yet achieve a record points haul in the modern era.....and we've new owners that seem to buy into the ethos of the club and what TP wants to achieve here.

Yeah....the season just died. Not for me.....oh, just for the record, people die. Animals die. Living breathing things die. Football seasons go well...badly or just peter out. Personally I think we've only just started phase 2 of the TP evolution.

Enjoy the rest of your day


bet you didn't expect the committee to reply that quick? I really hope the season doesn't fizzle out, but we still need another 11 points till the season gets to that stage

Jack the Hat.

In answer to the above and their like:

So the Dog-Heads finally exceed their hang dog form and like Derby have all their luck in one dollop. Now the near suicidal country bumkins from Staffud think they are Premiership material even when they are fighting relegation from the Chumpionship.

They are jealous of the Albion and hang on to their delusion habit that they are still a big club, how pitiful.

They should keep looking up to our great modern club and aspire over many years to come to be just like the Navy Blue and White stripes. I bet Stoke had a good loff at the Money Shop logo on their shirts that they wear with such delusional pride.

Gorra loff ay ya?

Albion are eighth in the Premiership, eat your hearts out mutts.


Medway Baggie

Did anyone count the strides the ref took setting up the free kick that led to their second goal? It's something I often do and the ref took thirteen strides. I'm not sure if the wall had been at the correct distance whether it would have made any difference.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

The Real Bully Hoo.

Also Medway it was taken about 10 yards in from where the foul was as it was about 5 yards in from the line and from there he'd have had no chance of scoring. But the scores in the paper so it doesn't matter now, onwards and upwards.

We Only Need One Half!

Have you changed your mobile number?

Medway Baggie


Nope both phones are still the same numbers.

Golf One Charlie Bravo Kilo

We Only Need One Half!

Lol, I text you yesterday whilst in Halfords telling you where I was and asking for a wave, and I got back the message "who is this" and when I replied Wonoh and CR all I got back was a "?"

oh the indignity of it all ;-)


They moved it five yards, he took 15 steps so unless he's got short strides that's a 20 yard advantage. We were still arguing it when the kick was taken


Dunno what it is but our cup performances in recent years whoever the manager has been abysmal,oh well we can concentrate on the league now and watch the dingles get knocked out In the next round utb.


Amazing how the dingles come out the woodwork ok they've had a good win but there still languishing in 16th place in the Micky mouse and are the lowest placed west mids team apart from Walsall get a grip I mean you ain't gonna win now are you !!!!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

It seems to have given the Pulis haters a new lease of life. The first 2 I heard on WM on the way home couldn't wait to have a go. Sample.

Caller. "Typical Pulis again, too negative."

Paul Franks, "But you had 15 shots in the first half."

Caller, "Yes we need to take the game to the other team more."

There was lots wrong with today's performance but trying to blame the manager for being too negative is ridiculous. We played with two wingers, a CF and a number 10, with the fullbacks overlapping at every opportunity. We could easily have gone in 5 or 6 up at half time. You can't blame the manager when chances are being created but nobody is putting them away.


I think that "Ben" was watching the match from inside a toilet cubical ... Utter nonsense from the little twerp.

I've seen criticism of the team selection, Myhill isn't a Premier League 'keeper, etc. These so called 'fans' need to get over themselves.

TP has noted that our squad is ageing and lacks quality, so why slag him of?

I totally agree with your assessment, TRBH.

CantelloRocket 78

It's interesting that some of the ' anti-Pulis brigade ' who've often ranted on here, were asked who they wanted to replace TP if he left, and after lengthy spells without as much as a response, I recall three names finally surfacing - Michael Laudrup, who said publicly a long time ago that he was only interested in going to a top European club, Roy Hodgson, who was angrily attacked on here 2 or 3 months before leaving us, for playing ' boring, defensive football ', and Eddie Howe - who's club are below us in the league, and who ' rested ' his entire team yesterday, then saw Bournemouth humiliatingly thrashed by Millwall-

I guess when some are asked to ' put their money where their mouth is ', you find they often have empty wallets...

We Only Need One Half!

I heard that numpty on WM Bully, its hard to believe these callers after the run we have been on dont realise just how schadenfreude infected they come across.

Talking of numpties, anyone know of what happened to the top knot ninja whinger who did that "song" claiming we all hated Pulis and it was time for him to leave?

How saft must he feel now lol.

The Real Bully Hoo.

There was him and a similar one just after WONOH so I doubt they'd actually been at the game anyway. The one after was asking why Chadli had been left out for Morrison, so I'm guessing he hadn't been at last Monday's game either or he'd have known. As Bob says above they're complaining about Myhill not being a PL keeper but Bent's shot would have beaten anybody and the second was down to the wall although I haven't yet seen it on TV but perhaps they think we should get Lloris in as our second string. I really don't know what world some of them live in.

We Only Need One Half!

Just one of those games where we could have played till a week Wednesday and it was never going to go in, its not like the chances were not created, ask any bookie what the result should be when one of the best teams in Prem at corners gets 15 against lower league opposition and see how many would have bet on Derby to win?

Scott Carson had a blinder, I remember when he played for us he couldnt take a goal kick without it going out for a throw in more often than not, dont think he did that once today.

Disappointed? yes because I love the Cups, but at least with our current surge up the table that could still take who knows where at least this season its not all over, just yet, and may even prove ultimately to be to our advantage.

Danish Baggie

Well, you could say Derby did a Baggie on us. 23-6 shoots at goal, and 54-8 crosses. How often have we done that to other teams ? With theese stats, we should have won, but didnt, so move on - I will for sure. Always easy to blame resting this or that player, but v Hull, our arguebly best player Evans went, and the game changed in our favor, so you never know.

From what I read, ( first time I couldent find a stream ) it looks like Olsson and Galloway had bad games and I think Olsson should be allowed to leave if he wishes.

And dont give the Dingles a hard time. They been waiting a long long time for this, so just let them let off some steam. I would, if I were in there situation ;-)

And as Albion are Albion, dont count out a result in London next week.


Beaten by an average Derby team,and for me the match as a whole had very little quality in it , and what little of it their was came from Derby.In conclusion there's not a snowballs chance in hell of West Brom playing in Europe next season unless it's pre season

Jack the Hat.


How do you Know, has your beer gone off.



I remember when we had a great FA Cup tradition!!!

I was otherwise engaged at short notice yesterday so didn'the go to the game so I will not comment on the result or performance. HOWEVER, if I want to see if we are taking a game 100% seriously, I only look to see who is picked in goal, as keepers DO NOT need resting!!!

The Real Bully Hoo.

They do need to play occasionally thought to keep their sharpness.


Overage players can be used in the Under 23 games if required/necessary.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Read what the professional think about that standard.


So what? I have now seen the goals and it is my opinion that Foster wold have done better with both goals. Pleasee also inform me why Derby did not feel the need to rest Carson when this game should have meant less to them than us. Many thanks.

The Real Bully Hoo.

Myhill is a good keeper who has never let us down when called on. Is he as good as Foster? No although some on here in the past have disagreed with that.

Does that mean he should never get a game when Foster is fit?

I think if that was the case he'd want a move and if we can't keep a reserve keeper happy and our first choice picks up a serious injury as Foster did last year we would be in trouble.

It's all subjective but then so is football. To say that Tony Pulis wanted us out of the cup is in my humble opinion rowlocks. Why would he?


Can you please point out to me where I have said that "Tony Pulis wanted us out of the Cup..."?

In my opinion, he wanted to win with an under strength team. Unfortunately, you are less likely to win with an under strength team.

Many thanks.