Jeremy Peace pays tribute to Terry Burton

West Brom chairman Jeremy Peace today paid tribute to Terry Burton for bridging the gap between the Baggies boardroom and the team.


Peace insists former Wimbledon manager Burton has become a key figure at the Hawthorns since joining in June as the club’s new technical director.

And the 61-year-old has also received backing from Richard Garlick – the Albion director he partially replaced.

Burton, who served briefly as a coach at The Hawthorns under Roy Hodgson, returned in the summer when Garlick, who had replaced Dan Ashworth as sporting and technical director, was moved to a new role as director of football administration.

Peace said: “Terry will explain things in football terms for us on the board so it actually does make sense.

“And he will always do it very thoroughly so we actually do know why decisions have been made.

“We might have a bit of a gap without that individual there. I have found it really good.

“During the summer Terry would come out of the offices at the end of the day (looking at potential signings) and he would be knackered. He would be tired and white!”

Garlick, who remains in charge of negotiating transfer deals with agents and players, is delighted with the new arrangement.

“I get on very well with Terry, he and I speak regularly and we have offices next to each other,” said Garlick.

“It gives us a football person on the board, rather than only lawyers and accountants.

“Terry has got the gravitas and the acceptance on the football side of things so he can speak with Alan Irvine and the coaching staff. Terry was able to go and say ‘listen guys, we are doing this, this, this and this’.”

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I think it is working really well .........................

CantelloRocket 78

Yet again, JP's speaking openly about issues affecting the Baggies - he's obviously looked at previous feedback, and is now working hard at creating a new set-up and a fresh approach-

it's natural and important to praise his staff, and create a good atmosphere within the club, so I can only see it as beneficial that we support him in his venture-



Hi Cantello.

Reference JP

It`s amazing the changes that have taken place from a PR and dialogue through the media standpoint, since Martin Swain Arrived at the club.

It appears to have gone full circle. JP annoyed many fans (myself included) at his apparent impunity toward the fans, and their need to know at least something was happening. Even a one line statement would have sufficed at times. He seemed more inaccessible than Kim Jong-il

The reason is almost certainly that JP feared being totally misquoted, that would have further damaged an already aloof image.

And now we have regular comments from him, is because he has installed a ex journalist that he trusts to portray his words accurately. Liking the new open Jezza!!

CantelloRocket 78

Hi Forever,

when I recently mentioned a 'new team' behind the scenes at The Hawthorns these days, Martin Swain slipped my mind - it all makes!!

So if they fix Jez up with TV interviews, I'll be expecting a well-polished head, and a gleaming smile.....:-)

Jack the Hat

Burton is a segment the Board has been lacking, he brings the voice of football into Boardroom discussions and this type of input can only help the board to arrive at the right decisions in that field. There are many lower clubs using the Albion way as a template for their own benefit. Albion are the way forward for these clubs as you can see the way wolves have come on recently. They had a manager now they have a Head Coach for one example.


The Real Bully Hoo.

And a director of football Jack. What's the old saying.

'Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.'

Seems like only the other day Jez was saying, 'they wouldn't do an Albion.'


Except we didnt. We play a different system, have a different idea on scouting and wage structure... we chose to do one thing the same... a gead coach. Wow. Of course boggies were the first sports team in the world to use a head coach... it's not an American sports trait that was copied by south american teams then european ones.

I think he meant we wont spend on players that are unproven out of fear. I am sure the world's greatest african footballer will score... I mean he only averages 10 a year but he was worth every penny. Helped you against the swans.

Jack the Hat

Raised from the dead by Albion,

Except we didnt.

But we know very well that wolves have copied our every move since the double drop, so don't be shy there are no F.F.P. fines for copying better ideas from your neighbours, keeping up with the Jones's it is called. Go back and you will find Albion did it before your club a apart from building a brand new white elephant stand.

Gorra loff ay ya.


youngand hungry

looks like he is getting ready to sell up .

Jack the Hat


But Moxey was right, they haven't copied us by returning to the Premiership have they, chose to do the Double~Drop instead.

Gorra loff ay ya.


P.S. Okay you've got me, I know it was before they started aping Albion but I couldn't resist that jibe.

youngand hungry

your silence didn`t last long did it jack ?


Bully,Jack, kev, fellow baggies, our clubs template is championed by , no other than FIFA, The FA too, they say, I quote, "West Brom in short, is that is a well-run English club, run by a long-term perspective in mind, without incurring additional costs beyond the club regardless of the results could handle.", now you couldn't get a better endorsement, hey lads, and for gods sake watch your syntax, and disambiguation. What is a gead coach? Answers on a postcard, boing boing

youngand hungry

but you still not won a game , everything is fine though .

Captain Mardon International

Agreed Jack. He brings the experience and knowledge needed. Garlick may drive a hard bargain in the contract side of things (and seems to be doing very well at the moment), but as he said Terry is a lot more than just an accountant or a lawyer. Sounds like a good partnership in the making.

Up the baggies I'm off for a pint!

youngand hungry

mardy , what was you doing at Wembley in 2005 ?

Jack the Hat

Captain Mardon,

Worrow mate, What with our gang of three Irvine, Burton, Garlick, Albion are covered for all eventualities below board level. I have visited a bird of prey sanctuary today and had a meal at the New Inns, Wombourne. Beautiful day out with plenty of seating scattered around for the use of. I could only manage one pint of beer.


youngand hungry

jack try going to the poorthawns , not a beautiful day out but there will be plenty of seating , and you might see the now near extinct baggie bird .


Cheers, CMI, me too. boing boing


I think it is more to do with the manager/head coach fitting the job roll. Some, like Fergie, wanted to control everything and he did very well. Some can't do that as they need to focus on certain areas.

and actually wolves are using the KJ's old mentor's template.

Also lower clubs? Personally I would copy the template of a club that had a bad season and a really bad start to the new one. We already did that and failed on an epic scale for 3-4 seasons. I would suggest you look at Wolves set up and see the differences.

It is good that your board is trying to bridge things. Have a good season.

Captain Mardon International

Fair comment, I don't actually know how the wolves are set up tbh? I caouldn't even name more than 2 players in your team either.

Elaborate for me how wolves are set up please.

youngand hungry

bet you couldn`t in boggies team either mardy .


CMI, ask the Bhatti bros, or Sammy Chung, Mad Mick, Clipboard O'Connor, Cheer up Mark McGhee oh what can it be.

Kev, The "Hit Them With Silence" campaign, love it, sounds a proper slogan. boing boing


Its good that JP is openly talking more frequently at the present time,with the squad going through such a rebuild as it has. With us not having such an ideal start as maybe expected it is right to show the unity in the club, and everyone in support of the club.

Times like this a united front is needed by club and fans alike.



I hear what u are saying Colin, reference United front, how ever, in the yo yo years did we stop supporting the Albion, Some will cry im not going up again , but they always do, I agree , stick together m8. boing boing


Fair play to JP, has addressed most of the criticism from last season. Burton in with Garlic, no last-minute panic buys, more openness with the fans, and taking ownership of last year's "mistakes". Lets just wait and see if the AI gamble pays off.

Jack the Hat


Everything in football is a gamble as you well know but both clubs should do well this season. I know Albion will.


youngand hungry

well done tommy that was a great tune .