Graham Dorrans joins West Brom injury list

Midfielder Graham Dorrans today gave West Brom another injury scare ahead of their Premier League game at home to Everton on September 13.

Dorrans is a doubt for the clash with the Toffees after returning from international duty with a heel injury.

The 27-year-old has been ruled out of Scotland’s Euro 2016 Qualifier against Germany on Sunday after suffering the injury in training.

He returned to Albion today to be assessed by the club’s medical team, but is already a doubt for the Everton game.

The fresh blow for Baggies boss Alan Irvine comes just 24 hours after goalkeeper Ben Foster returned from England duty early with a thumb injury.

Foster is also being assessed by Albion medics but he, too, cannot be certain of being ready to face the Toffees.

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Comments for: "Graham Dorrans joins West Brom injury list"

John B

Our luck is not getting any better at the moment. Lets hope some of the other boys will be fit for the everton match

youngand hungry

Scotland got no chance of qualifying now .

CantelloRocket 78

It seems to raise regular controversy these days - club or country?

Years ago, football clubs in this country were 'fairly' evenly matched, so the likes of Man.U. and Villa slipped into the third division during the 70s, and before that, I can recall Northampton Town climbing from the fourth to the first division in consecutive seasons-

players were also mainly British, had modest salaries, and the prospect of playing for your country - or even going all out to win a Cup competition - was a great attraction and motivation-

unfortunately, the top levels of football have now become 'big business', with multi-million pound turnovers, and the knowledge that failure to stay in the top division can instantly plunge clubs into deep financial debt, and threaten their very existence-

so if key players get injured whilst on International duty - or miss league matches whilst involved in foreign tournaments - with the possibility that this can to some degree contribute to the player's club facing the threat of potential relegation - will there be sympathy or compensation offered up from the football authorities??

The debate will no doubt still rage, unless someone can suggest a situation that pleases everybody......whatever that may be........

Captain Mardon International

I have lost that buzz for International football myself. I remember taking days off work just to go out all day when England played.

The premiership prize has taken over that importance scale now. Just retaining a place in the Prem is an achievement in itself.

youngand hungry

they are dropping like flies , at this rate you will have more away fans than players .

Captain Mardon International

It's lucky we're able to have signed the players we have. Just imagine if we couldn't afford to.....

Kev the Rev in LA


STEADY SON! hold your nerve.



personally i hate the international breaks, firstly england arent much good! but secondly 9/10 clubs end up with two/three more players on the treatment table in our case two important players,

on to another subject i was talking to a friend about this morning, i hear jeremy peace has said that the transfer window should be extended until the start of the season (which is slightly hypocritital as we signed i believe three after the season began) what hes saying is on the right lines but i think its the wrong way round.

i cant for the life of me think why the premier league begins so early most top leagues in thw world have the extended break so their players are fit for the new season, the first four games of most premier league seasons are like pre season games where players are still finding full fitness yet if the season started sept 1st this is avoided and better sport is played in my opinion

then again seeing how the f.a deal with work permits and our current national side i dont think its going to happen


Baggie B and B

Not sure it`s hypocritical mate, just working within the rules as they stand currently, but he would prefer if the rules were changed.


hi wba,

too me it is he wants something to happen that he himself clearly does is hypocracy, had it been the way he wanted we wouldnt of signed blanco or samaras


I find it crazy to have an international friendly less than a week before a Euro qualifying match. Cahill could now be a doubt for the next game and, we were particularly woeful in the friendly, so to be going into it without one of our better defenders is ridiculous.

Now we have Ben Foster and Graham Dorrans injured, how many more by the time the internationals are finished.?


Captain Mardon International

Woeful is the right word there mate. I turned it off after 30 mins and washed up.

youngand hungry

you do the washing up ?

forget that pint mardy , I don't drink with blokes who wash up , do you do the hovering ?

The Real Bully Hoo.

Just had a look at the Steve Madely Q&A. Well done to him for giving decent answers to one or two really dumb questions.

Two very funny pots regarding Karl Pilkington though.


Calm people, remember we have numbers in midfield who can play instead of Dorrans, so not that much of a worry, me thinks.

Captain Mardon International

I aye worried capey. Where one door closes another opens, Gardner is there and looks alright too. He is a player I have wanted at teh Hawthorns for years.

Jack the Hat


I have posted to you on the Jeremy Peace blog but after the logged in sign showed up for me yet when I finish my post and send it the new "You must be signed in to comment ". Obviously The mods have a new postal ambush in place so I'm taking it my ban still stands and they won't allow me to say worrow, sorry.


P.S. Cyril, you may not read this but they will.


on a slightly different injury issue, looks like odemwingie is out for the season, and at his age could be a long way back

youngand hungry

is he ?

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